Naya Pakistan, where Salmaan Taseer’s murderer is a hero

Published: June 20, 2013

In PTI’s Naya Pakistan, heroes blow up police stations and villains put men like Qadri behind bars. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

It’s hard to know where to begin when a lawmaker in the National Assembly says a cold-blooded murderer should be released. Only expletives follow when you realise it was a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA and former governor of Punjab Salman Taseer’s murderer Malik Mumtaz Qadri is the killer in question. A man sentenced to death by a court of law. 

These are the lawmakers we elected folks. Naya Pakistan has arrived. A country where we try to wash our hands off a war which is being fought on our soil, against our security forces by monsters we created with the money and complicity of the USA and Saudi Arabia.

In Naya Pakistan, a party comes into power, after nearly two decades of failing to gain any momentum, on the back of the supporters of MNA Mujahid Khan, a man who wants Qadri released.

It still surprises me, how Taseer was killed by Qadri who was one of Taseer’s bodyguards, while the rest of his security detail watched, guns in holsters. And then the silence was even more shocking, the silence of those in power then; those wanting to be in power and those planning to sail into power in the next elections on a wave of right-wingers.

Somehow that ugly silence was louder than the supporters of Qadri; the Facebook groups lauding him, the clerics rallying for him and the lawyers showering him with petals. That silence continued as the judge who sentenced Qadri left the country in fear. After all the radicalised crowd which shows up outside courtrooms to support a murder can only follow in his footsteps and do as they believe is just.

But the silence evaporated today, Naya Pakistan’s water just broke. Mujahid Ali Khan just gave birth to the ‘Naya Pakistan’ we should all have expected. And many of us were anticipating this horror show.

The lawmaker’s public stance is very much the voice of PTI, even if Dr Arif Alvi goes blue in the face saying otherwise. The MNA is in the National Assembly, representing PTI.

And seems to me, the PTI’s disconnect with reality is a party trait. Their leader, Imran Khan thinks the Taliban are a peaceful lot and their Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Information Minister Shaukat Yousafzai thinks the war fought in our backyard on our people is not really our war.

I feel for the family of the man who stood for one Christian woman in a country where blasphemy laws are used as a weapon much cheaper to procure than a TT.  We did not do them justice by keeping a lid on the outrage against his death. We didn’t even follow his lead on blasphemy laws being abused. And we continue to not stand by what Salman Taseer eventually died trying – ending the abuse of  the blasphemy law.

I guess as far as telling moments are concerned, everything after his stance, his death and his killer’s sentencing…right up to Mujahid Ali Khan’s demand for Qadri’s release has said volumes.

The manner in which a country rallies behind heroic actions can define it and its people. Salman Taseer was the hero in the story but a loud majority rallied behind Qadri, changing our definition of the word ‘hero’ since anyone who disagrees with the new meaning is also too scared to do anything about it.

In PTI’s Naya Pakistan, heroes blow up police stations and villains put men like Qadri behind bars. How unfortunate for the people of K-P, that it’s the PTI birthing ground.

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Halima Mansoor

Halima Mansoor

The author is a senior subeditor at the Peshawar desk at The Express Tribune. She tweets as @Hmansoor (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • AB

    Yes plz dont let go of any opportunity to bash PTI. Its very professional to write judgemental articles even before party leadership has responded to it. And y shud u ever comment on the time tested antics of “old Pakistan” parties. Afterall they have brought Pakistan to a high place in the comity of nations.Recommend

  • sannia

    we all must express complete disapproval ……otherwise we’ll be facing so many Mumtaz Qadri :-/ n its scary !!!Recommend

  • sannia

    we all must express complete disapproval …..otherwise we’ll hve to face so many Mumtaz Qadri n it’s scary :-\Recommend

  • Farhan

    Excellent piece. PTI wanted to show that all existing conflict is reconcilable and the ultimate villian is the one in power only. All burgers and bun-kebabs united against in a zombified frenzy of hero-worship of everything new and condemnation of everything old.

    This is what real issues are, PTI, Face your inner demons.Recommend

  • Obaid

    bail for qadri, peace deals for the TTP, seems Christmas has come early in terrorvilleRecommend

  • gp65

    A statement made in national assembly by a party member cannot be described as ‘in personal capacity’. It would be different if this is something he said to some friends at a party. Simply saying that this is not PTI party line is not enough to dissociate from this. PTI either needs to get this person to apologize or throw him out.

    For example even in India we have some weirdo who are elected MPs who say things but then they are made to apologize.Recommend

  • Imran

    As a PTI supporter I condemn the comments of the Mujahid Ali Khan. It pains me deeply to see a member of the Parliament oblivious to the actions of a cold blooded murderer. PTI has come out and denounced the statement. Hence, I think it is a little disingenuous to target PTI when the statement had nothing to do with party policy. It is also disingenuous to link the offer to talk with the Taliban with a dastardly act that took place in the heart of Islamabad. Salmaan Taseer died a hero, yet the murderer has not been brought to justice. It was the responsibility of the PPP government to ensure that justice was delivered. Yet, nothing was done because it was politically expedient. While bashing PTI is easy, it does not draw attention away from the fact that the situation in Pakistan worsened many times over during the rule of PPP in Center, ably supported by PML(N). Let us name and shame Mujahid Ali Khan for having no sense of ethical awareness, but lets not take our frustrations out on one party or another. Recommend

  • Safwan

    “Naya Pakistan, where Salmaan Taseer’s murderer is a hero” Wanna be journalist, please. His statement doesn’t represent PTI’s stance on this matter. His statement has been condemned and action will taken against him. Peace.Recommend

  • Safwan

    “Naya Pakistan, where Salmaan Taseer’s murderer is a hero” Wanne be journalist, please. His statement doesn’t represent PTI’s stance on this matter. His statement has been condemned and disciplinary action will be taken against him. Peace.Recommend

  • Foster

    And people continue to defend the party. I feel sick. Recommend

  • S

    Qadri mai not be a hero but netiher was Salman Taseer.

    Blashphamy law must be there! mis use must be stopped just like mis use of any law. If people like Salman taseer are controlled by law, people like Qadris wont have to break law.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ishfaq

    I am not a PTI supporter but in this case I think its not fair to assume one MNA’s speech represents the Party’s policy. As Arif Alvi has categorically disassociated himself and his party from what Mr.Mujahid Khan has said; I think there is no reason to write such emotional piece about it. PTI is a right of the center party just like PMLN, so its quite understandable if some of their members are more Right than Center.
    As for Taliban issue, if all the major and minor political parties and majority of people want to have dialogues with them then this option must be tried. If USA could do that why can’t we??
    ANP and PPP are the two parties that have suffered the most at the hands of TTP but even they support the dialogue option so what’s wrong with it???Recommend

  • wak

    if pak govt can release remand davis then y can’t mumtazRecommend

  • Tahir

    You are over-reacting to the statement….Doesn’t MNA have any right to make any statement you like? Though I disgree with what he said…but liberals such as you are over reacting and that’s why you people are rightly labelled as liberal-fascist or dogmatic liberals.Recommend

  • Ummar

    he was made hero by rana sanaullah and his friend ludhianvi. We shouldn’t lose perspective and join the rat race in grilling PTI. Recommend

  • Ali Akbar

    “Blasphemy Law” has nothing to do with Islam. It is only to give protection to the maniacs who have hijacked the religion and only want to enforce their version of Islam. The guy who assassinated Salman Taseer is a maniac and should be dealt with according to the law..
    To be hanged till death…. Period. Recommend

  • hamza khan

    certainly an unfortunate incident and while the PTI deserves condemnation, i dont know if it goes all the way up the top. maybe it does. but i do condemn this statement. Recommend

  • Usman

    Ok then why don’t the Old Pakistan lovers abolish the law as they have the mandate of the people of Pakistan. Let me guess they WON’T DO SQUAT as the law was put in place by their beloved criminal Zia ul HaqRecommend

  • Waqas

    Wait, aren’t you two years late to the cliches?Recommend

  • kanwal

    Pls dont try to equate MrMujahid’s doing with “giving birth” and “breaking water”. Birth is a most beautiful process and brings an innocent being in the world, making the world more beautiful. What he did was something close to the nature’s calls i would say. :)Recommend

  • Mani

    This is a highly toxic inaccurate character assassination pieceRecommend

  • Effendi

    You summed it up beautifully. You popped the bubble many of us were living in. Salman Taseer was a real hero of this country. Pakistan never recovered from the Qadri mindset. That was the day we, the moderates- the people who like to coexist with others, were silenced by the extremist and terrorists. Recommend

  • Taha

    reminds me so strongly of Khuda ki Basti by Shokat Siddiqui…

    what’s remarkable is that it was written in the 50’s. And after more than half a century our issues remain the same…. Only difference being their intensity is much greater….Recommend

  • Rahul

    PTI is the political arm of Taliban.Recommend

  • Lalai

    The mullahs have screwed up the courage to demand govt. of Pakistan for an apology over the death of one of the worlds most wanted terrorist.
    Quaids residency is destroyed in Ziarat whereas the other one is still safe and protected in India.
    Welcome to new Pakistan. Recommend

  • Notaproblem

    He is a hero in most pakistanis eyes, whether the liberals like it or not. I see no problem with that at all.Recommend

  • Takeapoll

    Most people in Pakistan see Malik Mumtaz Qadri as a hero. Fact, Whether you like it or not.Recommend

  • Imran Ehsan

    What does this blog proves in the end? That PTI is corrupted? First of all which political party doesn’t have a corrupt MP or MNA in it? Dr Arif is clearly saying they are dissociating themselves from that person and sticking to the law. You are worried less about what an less-than-capable MNA said and more about what Imran Khan thinks about Taliban. Have you even seen that interview with the Australian journalist? How he presented his case with numbers and figures (as they say, “Numbers don’t lie”). Hes right about Taliban, dialogues need to be held with proper intentions this time.

    What I don’t understand the most how US and Saudi Arabia fits into your equation? There are always allegation that Saudis are funding terrorism everywhere but nothing has ever been proven. And do you think Saudi Arabia was behind Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s murder as well?
    The problem is not with PTI or Saudi Arabia or USA its within us. And being a Pathan myself I think PTI has been rightly welcomed in K-P.Recommend

  • J

    I really dont understand how can you come to the conclusion of each and everything and predicting this is going to happen.... I dont buy that……Recommend

  • Water Bottle

    It looks like the jailors are making barbecue out of Qadri’s face.Recommend

  • Aurangzeb Khan

    It is ridiculous to think that a poor bodyguard, one of ten, successfully acted out on his own, and the remaining nine bodyguards, who were there to immediately shoot in the direction where the bullets were coming from, stood still.

    Imagine. Would they have simply stood watching, if the shooter was some terrorist? Then why even have bodyguards?

    I have no doubt in mind that Mumtaz Qadri was just a trigger man, and there were some others who had decided to eliminate Salman Taseer. Similarly, all the guards were under orders to stand still.Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    Sinec you brought up Imran Khan in this for no obvious reason, I will write a few facts. I think Imran Khan was the first one to denounce the killing of late Salman Taseer when his family was not visited by even his own party members including President Zardari who preferred to stay in Karachi than attending his funeral. I remember that atleast on 2 occasions giving interview to foreign TV channels, Khan clearly denounced it in the strongest words, calling it inhumane and barbaric.He often refers to the word “Rabbul-Alameen” and made us aware of it instead of “Rubb-ul-Muslimeen “. Its funny because it seems like evey problem Pakistan is facing right now is because of Imran Khan. Half of his haters label him jews, the other half calls him Taliban Khan. Half of them wants him to stay away from Sharia and the other half wants him to stay away from westernization.I think he must be doing something very right so I will keep supporting him,Inshallah. :)Recommend

  • Naeem

    The youths of pakistan who were looking for a “Naya Pakistan” have got fooled.Recommend

  • Nawaz Sharif

    While I condemn the PTI MNAs remarks, but I also find it funny that right on Que..a Blog post appears on ET ‘condemning’ PTI. Kudos to the management of ET. lol !Recommend

  • Asim javed

    HE was considered hero in Purana Pakistan as well by many people .so do not malign the PTI agenda on the bases of one statement, Pti has stated that this was an individual’s statment.Recommend

  • salman

    Couple of quick points.

    1) Because of one person’s statement, you have assumed that this is the stance of PTI as a political party. What’s even more amusing is that you have also posted Arif Alvi’s tweet denying that it is not PTI policy. But you have chosen to ignore Arif Alvi’s statement and somehow come to the conclusion that Mujahid Khan is giving PTI policy.

    2) Our prime minister is also in favour of talks with the taliban (as is the US with taliban in Afghanistan). So will you now come to the same conclusion that any pakistani who voted for PMLN or PTI (1st and 2nd largest party in number of votes) now also support Mumtaz Qadri?

    Please look up the definition of “strawman arguement”. Sorry to say, but you appear to have made quite tenuous links.

    For the record, I voted for PTI, think that the sentenance on Qadri is correct and do not agree with Mujahid Khan. There is nothing in any PTI policy or manifesto that I have read that makes me think that PTI support Qadri. At best, Mujahid Khan has made a very stupid statement and I hope PTI censure him for it.

    Kind regards
    salman Recommend

  • Waqar Ahmed Baloch

    Well done Halima Mansoor!!!Recommend

  • Shazi

    One should not blame Pakistan for someone personal views. why we are always looking for moments when we can degrade and disappoint our people and portray them as we are worst nation in the world.

    what about several of people killed everyday…. and what are our efforts to make things better…
    We all are spectators and always in a race of reporting them at the earliest and making these incidents as headlines… and them start searching for new onesRecommend

  • Muhammad Awais

    One does not have any right to take justice in one’s hand, Judiciary has to make the decision in the regard, Mumtaz Qadri killed the Salman Taseer on religious issue, people of our country have different views on this case. As he was sentenced to death by judiciary then no one can bring him back whether he is MNA or someone else.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You brave person, you have expressed what many of us feel.

    The PTI and Imran Khan as its leader does not have many options to redress this disgraceful wrong. The man has been convicted by the court and is a self confessed murderer, now awaiting judgment to be carried out……… this statement by the MNA looks like a deliberate provocation and if not, the PTI has serious problems.

  • Emm

    The statement has been condemned by PTI. Recommend

  • salman chattha

    Mam it was person stance not PTI now dont misunderstand both thing plzRecommend

  • amna

    Imran khan was the first man to condemn Qadri on national television when PPP’s own PM Gillani were hiding due to fear
    and do read before putting it up, in your ET paper this news is published check this out

    Imran Khan said Qadri shd’ve followed the law bt since he did not, he shd b treate­d like any other murder­er
    Published: January 10, 2011,%20he%20should%20be%20treated%20like%20any%20other%20murderer./

    ET don’t missed an opportunity to post an anti PTI post.
    stop misleading!

    The party has issued a statement of condemnation also check that too!Recommend

  • Yasir

    why hasn’t anyone in PTI forced this MPA to take back his stance on Qadri? Recommend

  • Aurangzeb Khan

    He was an enemy of Pakistan. So much, that people take his killer as a hero, although the killer simply could not have done it on his own.Recommend

  • waheed

    this statment should not be link with PTI, as party leaders have already condemed it.
    and PTI is not any arm to any group. mind it.Recommend

  • Khurram

    Dear Author & Tribune Team

    After reading your article it took me an hour to think what was it all about and what was purpose of posting it. Let me clarify in the beginning that neither i am in favour of killing of sitting Governor nor i am supporting that MNA of PTI.
    If author wanted to justify her subject probably she could have got much of data on that but linking this incidence to PTI probably isnt the right way or i would say it was not the way a journalist should have done. It was immature.
    My concern is not to agree or disagree over the subject but i think we as a Nation should get matured over the issues because that is the only way we could get to the solutions.
    I have got only one justification for this piece of writing to be published and that is
    ” its decomcracy and anybody can say any thing.”
    Else i have been following Tribune since long now and i have gone through very researched and comprehence articles but i have failed to understand that why shall a shallow minded article has gone its space.Recommend

  • reality teller

    Great piece of writing…. We all first should condemn black law of Pakistan which is only used against minorities……….. writer salute for ur courageous writing….Recommend

  • Kashif

    Dear writer .. This is what imran khan said about this issue ..
    So i m sorry but i ll trust him more thn you .. U can though keep trying to twist the facts and blame whole idealogy of pti coz of one mardan mna statement .. If it helps u getting more views , sounding different , if it helps u to earn more .. I m sure khan sb wont mind your article coz hes a big heart person .. Charity is his habbit now .. U can use his name to
    Get your 2 minute fame :) Recommend

  • iftekhar hussain

    I am a journalist working in Dubai. These sort of articles are written to attract comments (mark it in the difference between Times of India and Indian Express, go on see). Well in my opinion if some one writes like Taslima Nasreen the whole world will start writing comments.Recommend

  • fahad

    Simple solution
    PTI ask the MNA to resign ?Recommend

  • Naeem

    @Takeapoll and Notaproblem: Most people in the world look at Pakistanis as a terrorist and the nation as a fanatic religous breeding ground ofr terrorists. Take a poll globally and find out!!!! The world is a global village now and you cannot live in isloation. Recommend

  • gp65

    @wak: “if pak govt can release remand davis then y can’t mumtaz”

    The family of the victinms of Raymond Davis accepted crores of rupees in blood money as per your Islamic law. Taseer’s family has neither been offered nor I suspect would they be willing to accept blood money if offered. What the is the comparison in the 2 situations?Recommend

  • Q

    I see this article senseless! the author seem to be negatively biased towards PTI! if it had been an unbiased article I am sure the author would ve given preference to what ARIF ALVI said rather than Mujahid as he is a senior person in the party! I personally believe Qadri should be hanged but then again that’s my opinion, similarly if someone has an opinion we the so called “liberal society” should start respecting others opinion. Secondly about the Taliban peace talks, if American government and others can do the peace talk, why cant we? People of Pakistan has given these people mandate to represent themselves based on their policies.. give them time! Recommend

  • gp65

    @Rahul: Do check out the song Aalu Anday which was released a couple of years back and it is difficult to find a better song that reflects the present day Pakistan.

    Two lines in the song go
    Ethe Qadri banya nawabe, ethe hero Ajmal Qasabe
    Ethe mullah nasyo hijabe, ethe Abdus Salaam di pucchdo koi nahi

    There is also a placard where it says PTI = good looking JI.Recommend

  • Sidster

    @wak: we live in a world where all nation follow certain law and orders. Raymond Davis followed our rules of qisas to have his case end upon payment. We cannot go back and judge that matter. Mumtaz Qadri committed a crime of muder against a fellow Pakistani. He had a trial and was convicted by a Judge, who lives in a fear of his life outside Pakistan. Now you tell us, what kind of ill justice are you crying about in regards to his Mumtaz Qadri case, when one person is dead and another involve in case is exile from his Birth place due to danger to his and his family’s live.
    May Allah help you guide to right path, Amen. Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    @ Water Bottle


  • Mazhar

    If Qadri was showered with rose petals by the lawyers what you expect. Recommend

  • Water Bottle


    “Because of one person’s statement, you have assumed that this is the stance of PTI as a political party. ”

    It’s been more than a day since the statement was made and no one from PTI came froward to disown the statement.

    If they do it now it’s too late. It’s just an eye-wash being down out of pressure.Recommend

  • Whatever

    Too much of Anti-PTI blogs on ET nowadays….I am amazed how people are diverted and rest of the parties are busy looting this country…..Recommend

  • waqas

    if courts have ordered the death sentence of Mumtaz Qadri then why previous govt dint follow the orders ? justice delayed is justice denied. Recommend

  • Water Bottle


    “Salmaan Taseer never demanded that the blasphemy laws be repealed; rather he spoke against their misuse. He was gunned down because of the misperception that he is anti-Islamic and anti-blasphemy laws,” Imran Khan said

    So, Imran minds Salman Taseer’s murder only because Salman Taseer was not against Blasphemy laws but the misuse of it.

    By logic, Imran Khan would have been OK if Taseer was killed because he was against Blasphemy laws.

    This is what is called fighting for the right cause for the wrong reason. IK says he is against extremism. But to me, he sounds like a real extremist.Recommend

  • Rawalpindi Ryan

    Disappointing is the tone set by this article, one persons statements represent an entire party how? Go ahead, bash PTI as much as you want, time and history are the best judge’s of leaders and their followers.

    Long live Pakistan. Recommend

  • Aurangzeb Khan

    @Ali Akbar: Blasphemy Law is absolutely from Islam. It is ordered in Quran as well as Sunnah.Recommend

  • Aurangzeb Khan

    @Aurangzeb Khan: I meant, Salman Taseer was an enemy of Pakistan, as well as Islam.Recommend

  • Ahmad M. Qamar

    Just because you cannot see any problem with it shows you have lots of problems to deal with. Fear [email protected]: Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    The problem with Pakistan is we all want an overall change. A party member gave HIS views not the wht the party vision….and here start the fiasco…..

    Shame on judgmental people who are not happy with any thing….:!!!!Recommend

  • http://Lahore Salman

    @Water Bottle:
    Bro.. re your comment that it is too late ( which at time of my replying is 2 hours old). Pti has already issued a press release on thursday. It is available on thier website. Now I’m sure you’re you are not going to blame Pti if it is not carried in the papers or flashed across the screen as breaking news :)

    Maybe the blogger can update the article? Recommend

  • mind control

    @All Insafians

    Please check this video on PTI site in which Aamir Mughal, the General Secretary of the PTI Islamabad, is openly calling for the assassination of Salmaan Taseer on December 30, 2010, five days before the said assassination took place.

    Don’t believe me? The said speech remains proudly displayed on the PTI’s own official website.

    So, it is not just one odd MNA. It is the stated policy of the party.Recommend

  • SANa

    Qadri is my heroRecommend

  • Water Bottle


    In that case yes, PTI gets the benefit of doubt. PTI is not responsible for this man’s statement.

    But it is only the benefit of my doubt. The time will tell what PTI is.Recommend

  • Muhammad Kashif

    @ Column Writer and All,

    If we are slaves enough as a nation to release Raymond Davis for cold blooded murder of two common pakistani citizens then we should be unethical enough to release Qadri also.

    What’t the big shame?Recommend

  • orangi gurl

    one man does not a political policy make. If indeed the PTI made a point of order in the NA then at least they spoke out against the idea. If the apologists in the party take a harder stance than only can PTI emerge as an option leader for free thi king PakistanisRecommend

  • arif

    PTI is progressive party it can not be judged by te statement of one memer. PPP leaders are all corupt tollas.Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    “PTI is the politican arm of Taliban”

    Just as BJP is the political arm of Shiv Sena.Recommend

  • Benazir

    He hasnt said it on party’s behalf. It was just his personal opinion. Dr. Alvi has clearly mentioned this already so no point of quoting that statement to defame PTI. Recommend

  • Arslan
  • Umair

    Dear Writer,
    I strongly condemn the statement of PTI MNA, and totally believe in Justice and this man should be hanged. but here is some food for thought: PTI has already cleared their stance so mocking of whole party is not justified, secondly please tell me what PPP did to Raymond Davis, wasnt he cold blooded murderer or because he killed some poor guy so he was allowed to leave ? why PPP/MQM have failed to provide justice to Karachi people where daily 10-15 people lose their lives? or is it that your loved OLD Pakistan where Ziarat residency was attacked and justice was not done? PPP even failed to provide justice to SMBB
    I believe you like OLD Pakistan because PML N presented an excellent budget for rich elites and you are afraid of NAYA Pakistan because then Rich people will have to pay taxes and justify their black money.Recommend

  • noman

    Quoted from the story “how Taseer was killed by Qadri who was one of Taseer’s bodyguards, while the rest of his security detail watched, guns in holsters.”
    Comment: As far as I remember from news reports, it took just about 2 or 3 seconds for Qadri to straighten his gun and let loose a burst of about 30 bullets on Taseer. He then assumed the surrender position or the hands-up position immediately. I can not recall if he threw his gun down as well or not.
    However, the author of the article thinks that his companions just “watched”. This is putting blame where blame is not due. In other words, this is a damned lie. It was his companions who arrested him. What else does the author require? Should they have shot him instead? Should they have been expecting the unexpected attack? Should every security guard be expecting treachery from others of his party?
    This is immature and irresponsible journalism.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    Iam big supporter of PTI but I totally disagree with the demand of realising Mumtaz Qadri. He is a murderer no matter what was the reason of murder.Recommend

  • Water Bottle

    @I am a Khan:

    “Just as BJP is the political arm of Shiv Sena.”

    Why does Shiv Sena need a political arm? Shiv Sena itself is a political party.Recommend

  • BrainDead

    Just to clarify: so you think ppl who commit murder ( under whatever pretext) in civil society do nothing wrong? And by declaring them heroes we should encourage more ppl to do the same?Recommend

  • http://Blog/comments Sultan Ahmed.

    Sdden provocation,
    chances of acquittal can not be ruled out.Recommend

  • http://Blog/comments Sultan Ahmed.

    Case in appeal,
    may take some years.Recommend

  • http://Blog/comments Sultan Ahmed.

    Newly elected government,
    may take some meaures leading to acquittal.Recommend

  • p r sharma

    @Notaproblem: He( Mumtaz Qadri) is a hero in most pakistanis eyes, whether the liberals like it or not. I see no problem with that at all.. Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    “He hasnt said it on party’s behalf. It was just his personal opinion. Dr. Alvi has clearly mentioned this already so no point of quoting that statement to defame PTI. “

    This may mean that the party has no coherent political direction except right-wing religious. Only after a goof-up resulting in frontal attacks from the adversaries, one goes in a damage control mode.
    It is too late now because the pattern has been set by a leadership which hardly is a pillar of maturity. Party’s statements do not carry credibility any longer. Recommend

  • amir

    would it not be justifiable if pti pressurized him to take back his statement as they did in case of javed hashmi ?Recommend

  • Halima Mansoor


    Dear Noman,

    First of all, thank you for reading the blog post and commenting.

    I believe Qadri shot 27 bullets into Salmaan Taseer. In that time, I believe a trained security detail would have responded. Response time for trained hitmen is in the milliseconds.

    So perhaps the rest of the guards didn’t share Qadri’s motive, no one knows. But they did not take a single shot at their companion.

    But again, thanks for your feedback. It is always helpful.

    Take care and happy reading!

    Halima MansoorRecommend

  • http://Lahore Salman

    @Halima Mansoor:

    You make a good point about trained security details responding. However, this line of thought requires further investigation.

    Firstly, which weapon did qadri use? Was it a sub-machine gun? They have notoriously high rates of fire. An uzi for example can fire 10 rounds a second. Lets assume he had a sub-machine gun and he emptied his magazine in 4 seconds. Or thereabouts.

    This would be enough time for a highly trained security detail to respond. But was this a highly trained security force? We need to look into exactly what training they have had and see how good they really were? But more importantly, there security, in all probability, would have been focused on external threats, not internal. Its quite possible that at hearing the initial gunfire the team would have been looking at external threats not considered one of thier own as the source of gunfire.

    But really, the 27 bullets is a red herring, as the first few bullets would have sadly killed mr.taseer. So really the reaction time we have to consider is probably about half a second. Was the team really trained this well. Maybe an interview with one of the security team will shed some light on this?

    Your comments have opened up many interesting and excitng lines to be further investigated. Unfortunately I am just an office worker not trained in the art of investigative journalism. But perhaps you as a seasoned journilist can investigate further?

    I look forward to reading all about it. No need to thank me for my comments…it was my pleasure.

    Best of luck

  • Sheikh Saadi

    @Halima Mansoor:

    According to reports, “The body was later taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for an autopsy, which concluded that the governor had been hit by 40 bullets — 26 were lodged in the body and 14 had exited.”

    Further, “According to police, he emptied his gun, loaded it with another magazine and fired a second round of 30 bullets at the governor.”

    So, not only a trained contingent, but even the notoriously inept ‘Inspector Clouseau’ of Pink Panther fame would have found the time to react. The fact that the other Guards did not react, tells the full horror story.

    And the way the ‘Lawyers’ reacted, put the icing on the cake.

    Mr MNA, is but Season 2 of the horror story.

    Keep watching.Recommend

  • Rehan khan

    Height of naivety! If you think you can incite hatred among the pti supporters for their leader, then you are certainly wrong! Give them a break, many of the mna’s and Mpa’s are their in the parliament for the first time! Having said that, being a die hard pti fan I definitely condemn the mna’s demand, but how can you link it with imran khan and the party? We trust imran khan specially after his Stance on this issue got cleared! Pti itself issued a notice saying that its not the party policy. And this matter was discussed and the MNA was slammed by IK! Dear writer, stop pti Bashing! We have already seen ptv as an example as how the media is playing a negative role to depict pti negatively! Chaos created in 5 years need atleast 5 months to clear up? Can you atleast give the party 5 months! Grow up, an stop pti bashing! Your ridiculous, immature, and disgusting article won’t turn me against my party! IK forever! Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    was this guy “grilled”?Recommend

  • Live and let live

    @Sheikh Saadi

    Thanks for the link.
    Salmaan Taseer did die a hero,upholding minority rights.
    As long as extremists and zealots with their holier than thou philosophies run free here,Pakistan will be known globally as a terrorist state.Recommend

  • Farooq

    Murderer should be hanged asap. Recommend

  • Hassan

    Quadri is a fool, His obvious misunderstanding of the blasphemy law is negligible. Mr Taseer was a brave man. At least he had the education to know right from wrong, unlike the backward pind dweller Quadri, or coward as I call him. Shooting an unarmed man, wow is that what you call a hero?Recommend

  • Izhar Khan

    “Most people in Pakistan see Malik Mumtaz Qadri as a hero. Fact, Whether you like it or not.”

    “Most people in Pakistan see Taliban as a hero. Fact, Whether you like it or not.”

    in sense most Pakistani see heroes who are brutal illiterate, mentally retarded and most of all extremists.Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    @Izhar Khan:
    “… sense most Pakistani see heroes who are brutal illiterate, mentally retarded and most of all extremists.”

    Did you have some one particular in mind?Recommend

  • nadeem

    Very courageous of you, Halima. We have to ask simple question, why the MNA said what he said. Why people think Qadri was a hero.Recommend


    brave and wise thxRecommend