Potatoes – my first love

Published: September 24, 2010

When you grow your own you will learn to fall in love with potatoes all over again

It usually takes two to three weeks for the potatoes to sprout. Once you see the green shoots prepare your plot, container or a bag for planting potatoes.

I have selected a large blue tub. It has enough space for planting 5-7 potatoes.

Here are three simple steps how you can plant your potatoes

1. Fill your container 2/4 with a good mixture of sand and manure.  (60:40 works for me). Soil must be well drained.

2. Place potatoes at 6-7 inches  distance from each other.

3. Cover with sand. Make sure the leafs are visible.

Keep your potatoes healthy

Simply water the plant softly and put it in shade. Now your work doesn’t end here.Each week you will have to add an inch of sand or as needed. The idea is to keep adding sand as the plant grows.

If you are using strong plastic bags or sacks, you will need to roll them down to 2/4 of the size. Make drainage holes and follow the same steps. As the plant will grow you will roll up the bag as much as needed and add more sand.

You will need to do this for next few weeks until the plant turns yellow and then dies. No need to worry, you didnt do anything wrong. I’ts time for harvest!

Trust me, you will fall in love with the potato again when you will unearth this incredible vegetable that you have planted yourself.


Zahra Ali

A freelance writer, gardening teacher and environmentalist. She has been spreading the message of natural living through her blog 'Crops in Pots' since 2008

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  • Mona

    Wowwwwwwwwwww.. that’s good .. I will try Recommend

  • shahbaz

    Nicely written and also a useful tip for the Local cultivators, well

  • http://sadaf-fayyaz.blogspot.com/ SadafFayyaz

    i m in love with baby potatoes…..i guess it is one of the oldest veggie on earth……Recommend

  • http://www.mysticsaint.info Sadiq Alam

    Aloooo! who can dare to ignore them! thanks for sharing the growing of them.

    keep up the good sharings.Recommend

  • http://cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali


    Do try to grow your own this season and send me photos of your plants.Recommend

  • aadi

    v can extract sugger from sweet patatoes..?Recommend

  • omais

    Lolz, Alooozz are back!… i think this blogger is fond of ALOOOZZ and has an establish business nearby Sabzi mandi :p .. Recommend

  • http://cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    @ Omais, I wish !!Recommend

  • abc

    What is 2/4? :P

    Reminds me of the baked potatoes i had yesterday :(Recommend

  • Omais

    @ Zehra . Lol,,,, then Go a head,, trust me, a Great business now a days,, earning more than enuf,, no price control works even ;) … Also, grow some Tomatos,Cucumber, Cabages, Carrots (ooo i luv em) ..

    Pakistan has Best Vegie & Fruit exports…. Full of Taste.!! Recommend

  • http://cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    Yes…indeed its one of the most profitable business these days and the product will always in demand. But dont you think its better to teach everyone to grow crops in their homes? Recommend

  • Noor-ul-aln Hanif

    wow wow :D:D interesting …thanks for the recipe….i love potatoes I love to eat french fries I adore potatoes ;)Recommend

  • Omais

    yeh,, & moreover recession wont effct it ever ;) … RECESSION PROOF business :p……. its a very good idea,, but do u think,, ppl have enuf time to grow at derr owns?.. . atleast i cant manage it to do… yeh ladies can have better time slice… in my early age, i have grown some “Coriander (duniya)” .. some ” tamarind plant”.. it was all so easy and fun to grow ur ownself..

    I wish ppl start taking this “Green Peace” thing serious….. highly crucial situation ….

    one more thing, ur blog “The Gardener’s World” has some problems i guess.. no comment could viewed.. its all blank out therr, even i post one comment and i cant view it… (u better need to check)Recommend

  • http://cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    Yes I also noticed that. I think they also did but I will bring it into their notice.

    About time and gardening… well ,most of the gardeners I know are guys!
    When there is a will there is a way :) One must take out time for gardening. Dont expand it to big scale. May be you can just have a little pot of petunia or something. It feels good when your plant grows in front of you and looks healthy because you took care of it.Recommend

  • rehan

    My 2years stay in Skardu earlier on is being missed badly this year.I had the BEST potatoes ever in my life there!! Not sweet at all,but so so fresh and light. I don’t know if people know that Skardu ‘aloos’ are amongst the best(if not the best)in all of Pakistan.I held one single potato weighing 2kgs in my hand..wow!Recommend

  • Omais

    @ Zahra!,,,

    Guyz like me, hav’nt dat much time to spend 4 dis gr8 activity,, a day is too Short with loads of commitments,, too busy,,, how could one take care of a plant with such busy routine?…. but i wish to do it:).. it really prompt me always… Aahh! i love green….. & for petunia, Nah! i think it will b more fun to grow things which i cud have in my dinner/lunch :p

    i just get some pomeloz 4m da market ,, o i luv it,, tell me how to grow pomelo,,??? Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    Ya pomelo and any other citrus is grown from branch cuttings. You can get the plants too. Usually its not grown in Karachi.Recommend

  • omais

    @ Zahra,

    Who said i am form Karachi??? Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra Ali

    hehe… I just told you about my city:)Recommend

  • omais

    lolz.. ye ye, its same even :p . .

    but really wud like to grow pomelozzz for myself… temme some shortcuts ;)Recommend

  • Hira Zulfiqar

    Same here! my day doesn’t end without potatoes . :)Recommend