Jinnah’s love for Balochistan

Published: June 18, 2013

The events of June 15, 2013 were condemned by almost every political figure in Pakistan but none discussed the reasons behind it.

There have been times in the history of Pakistan when the founding father was manipulated, criticised, misquoted, used, abused and misused by different political parties for different political purposes.

Not very long ago, a prominent political leader questioned Jinnah’s nationality. Fortunately the nation, as well as Quaid, survived the insult, and life moved on.

However, never in the history of Pakistan was Jinnah disowned from his contributions towards an independent and sovereign Pakistan, nor made into an oppressive figure that haunted the corridors of Pakistan’s national history. Even the hard-headed Taliban never questioned Jinnah’s personality and his attitude towards Islam (though he was condemned by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (K-P) former ideological leadership for his alleged secular thoughts). The reason is simple; Jinnah was no dictator.

On June 15, 2013, miscreants attacked Ziarat Residency in Balochistan – a monument associated with the founding father as he spent the last few days of his life in 1948 at the place (earlier a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients).

What is interesting to note here is that Jinnah was an established lawyer and a highly respected international dignitary who had spent over half of his life in Europe (he even owned a small estate in England at a time). Unlike his wife (Ruttie Jinnah) who he sent off to Paris for a change in environment during her last days, Jinnah preferred Balochistan, simply because he believed in Balochistan.

Moreover, Jinnah had a much deeper understanding of the Baloch sentiments over six decades ago than any of the current politicians have at the moment. He received criticism from a few over his decision of making Balochistan a governor general province in early reforms that he responded to in a way expressing his deepest emotions for the province.

Responding to a question in a press conference at Sibi: February 15, 1948, Jinnah specifically voiced his feelings for Balochistan, he dismissed dictatorship of any form and said,

“I take this as flattering to myself that my heart, my soul and my pulse ensure that I shall be very useful to Balochistan in its present condition. There are two reasons for this proposed reform: (one) I want to help Balochistan in every way I can; and (two) things will be done far more quickly.”

Despite Jinnah’s love for Balochistan, by targeting a symbolic monument related to him, the  Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) basically targeted the ideology of Pakistan that they do not believe in.

The negative feelings that Balochistan hosts took decades to build up and, thus, will require decades to be washed away from the minds of the Baloch youth. Pakistan is not in a position to withstand another fall of Dhaka, nor to wipe off each and every member of the BLA through military action.

The solution could be a simpler three points:

  • Hitting the root cause of all of this hatred and exposing the reasons behind the negative sentiment.
  • A nationwide move to re-establish the connection between Baloch Nationalism and Pakistan’s ideology
  • A revolutionary plan to purge the Baloch youth from all the hatred they have been spoon-fed for decades.

The mentioned points might not be an easy task to take up, but are the only probable options we have left since we have already explored our way through many political and military solutions.

Balochistan is a province that feels slighted due to an inferiority complex, and rightly so. How many Baloch national singers, actors, cricketers, anchorpersons or morning show hosts do you see around? Are there any famous holiday resorts Balochistan? Has any businessman ever planned to build a sky scrapper for Balochistan?

Do you see now, how the Balochis feel excluded from the rest of the country?

The events of June 15, 2013 were condemned by almost every political figure in Pakistan, but no one discussed the reasons behind it or how to alleviate the sentiment behind the attack. We have to understand that there is a difference between the misguided youth, freedom fighters and trained terrorists.

Maybe it is time for us to love Balochistan like Jinnah did.

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Ahsaas Wasti

Ahsaas Wasti

Radio presenter, writer, poet and avid reader. He is interested in culture, literature, history and music. He is also compiling his first collection of Urdu poems. He tweets @Ahsaas_Wasti

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  • Iqra Ahmed

    Being part baloch , I will say that the problem was not jinnah but the people after him. Balochistan is the biggest province with its rich resources but in terms of education,health, security, etc…it lags far behind other provinces. Yes, Balochistan NEEDS revolution.The common baloch needs to have a voice.Recommend

  • Dani

    Article’s heading is inappropriate… Its not Balouchistan hate for Jinnah, there are few elements doing so.Recommend

  • Sami

    very rightly written and directions are clear, im a resident of balochistan and i think waqas has identified the right issues.

    but agree with Dani, the Article name shouldnt be Balochistan Hate for Jinnah, its not the whole balochistan but a group of militatnts and nationalists who are doing this and creating distances and hate.


  • Javid Husain

    There is something wrong with us. Do Americans have endless about what George Washington said or meant ?Recommend

  • Muhammad Yasir

    @Iqra Ahmed:

    No doubt ordinary people of whole Pakistan specially the ones in balochistan needs to be heard, but my question is, are these so called Baloch nationalists are the true representative of common balochis. These filthy rich so called nationalists spent all their life being in same governments which are blamed currently for all deprivations of Balochistan. Some were even paid royalties for the extraction of resources as if they were the owners, Have they done anything for the common people , No nothing.

    May ALLAH bless our leaders with intellect to resolve this issue peacefully, May ALLAH protect all Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Stranger

    Please note – India or Indians are not responsible for this ( as they are usually blamed for everything happening in your country) Recommend

  • Baloch

    Jinnah’s love for Balochistan was well exhibited in 27th March 1948. ET don’t delete my comment. Recommend

  • Javed

    @Javid Husain:
    Yes they sometimes do even though he got a dozen of very capable leaders after Washington ask well. Sadly, we hardly got any.Recommend

  • http://17758/jinnahs-love-for-balochistan-balochistans-hate-for-jinnah Akbar Balochi

    The author misses the real point. Baluchistan was not a part of India before independence nor got freedom because of Jinnah. This was an independent tribal area which was annexed by Pakistan without the consent of the people. Then started looting its resources like minerals, gas and taxes. The people who fought for justice was systematically eliminated or evaporated by Pak military. This being the case, whether Jinnah loved Baluchistan or its people does not hold water.Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    Even the hard-headed Taliban never questioned Jinnah’s personality and his attitude towards Islam

    You’re kidding right? The TTP and other local and overseas Pakistani religious extremists, excluding the old JI, have many times declared Jinnah as ‘kafir’ and illegitimate for both his non-religiousness and his sectarian background. Recommend

  • zarmeena

    Jinnah was lover of Balochistan. What a joke! And to tell you what? These incidents were army planned to de-stabilise Balochistan Government. And blame Balochs by placing the claim upon BLA. Recommend

  • Baloch Khan

    Pakistan must get rid off from Balochistan, Balochistan was a state (country) since 11 Aug 1948 when M.A Jinnah delivered his speech Balochistan was an independent state, first Pakistani army operation and Baloch insurgency emerges in 1948. and latter on it is 5th operation and insurgency is going on. we are not part of pakistan at all, if islam is common factor then why Afghanistan, iran and other neighboring countries not joining pakistan or why arubs not joining Suadi arabia?

    we Baloch youth will (illiterate jahil whatever your punjabi danishwar youth call us) no more stay with pakistan, if you want operation kill dump whatever you want you can do, we have chosen our war from 1948 till to date.Recommend

  • Proletarian

    @Javid Husain
    I dont know about the americans but the Soviets used to minutely dissect every statement of Marx, Engels and Lenin. However those three men were visonaries, with a thinking that still seems many centuries before their time, unlike the so-called “quaid-e-azam” who could not transcend narrow identity politics and was extremely comfortable in his upper-class privlidges. He was neither a man of the working class nor a man for the working class.Recommend

  • Humayun

    I wish the ground realities were as simple as those were penned down in the article.

    In general, Quaid-e-Azam in Pakistan means ‘pay under the counter to expedite your legal/ illegal jobs’. Is this what Ziarat Residency symbolized now ? Recommend

  • Aslam Baloch

    There is no doubt that we are supported by Indians and our leaders have never spent a single penny on our socio economic and development. They have been rather busy in accumlating personal armies.
    We baloch love Pakistan and some pockets of resistence is nothing more than petty criminals backed by agents trying to play tit for tat for the Pakistan involvement in Kashmir. Balochistan has always been peaceful and we Love Pakistan. Recommend

  • sumair khan

    the biggest obstacle in the way of development of the region are sardars. they dont want to educate the masses, they want to keep them enslaved and rule the area as personal jageer. they have no love for balochi culture or people. its just for power and rule. thats the root cause of all the problemsRecommend

  • Khalid

    Half Balochistan is Pashtoon land inculding Quetta and Ziarat recent bus bombing and killing of Pashtun girls ,Pashtoon patience may be running out soon. in Balochistan.Recommend

  • riz

    A series of ridiculous comments by the separatists. Recommend

  • Insaan

    Jinnah also loved Bengal, India. He called Muslims to protest as “Direct Action Day”

    The protest triggered massive riots in Calcutta, instigated by the Muslim League and its Volunteer Corps against Hindus and Sikhs, followed by retaliatory attacks on Muslims by Congress followers and supporters. In Calcutta, within 72 hours, more than 4,000 people lost their lives and 100,000 residents in the city of Calcutta were left homeless. Violence in Calcutta sparked off further religious riots in the surrounding regions of Noakhali, Bihar, United Province (modern Uttar Pradesh), Punjab, and the North Western Frontier Province. These events sowed the seeds for the eventual Partition of India.Recommend

  • Uzair Malik

    What about Baluchistan in Iran and Afghanistan? Was it a also an independent state? Just to remind you that Baluchistan is the least developed part in all three [email protected] Balochi: Recommend

  • http://pok darbullah

    Jinnah loved Balochistan, but did Balochistan love Jinnah?
    Looks like a one sided love story to meRecommend

  • Jinnah was a Gujrati ?

    Isn’t it strange that the founding father’s descendants are Indian industrialists .. Ness Wadia dating Preity Zinta etc…Recommend

  • Rashid


    “Jinnah loved Balochistan, but did Balochistan Jinnah?”

    A question worth a million $. Incidentally Jinnah also loved Bangladesh. It’s out of his sheer love for the Banladeshis, that he delivered the famous lecture in Daaca University student hall,declaring that Urdu will be the national language, whether they like it or not.Recommend

  • http://buitems.net/ Luqman Khan

    This hatred in Balochistan should be dealt with before there is no solution left. Jinnah did not put all his efforts to see this day. It was a very sad incident that Quaid-e-Azam Residency got Destroyed in Terrorist AttackRecommend

  • Malik

    @Javid Husain:

    Whenever Pakistan has bouts of depression, they look back to see how beautiful was the Vision of The Founding Father.

    In every op-ed, ever blog post, this supposed Vision keeps coming up, with more embellishment with each telling.

    I have a fear that, by endowing mythical altruistic motives to the Vision of Founding Father, we are contributing to the making of yet another Holy Literature that will brook no opposition nor criticism.

    It always brings tears to oneself when you see a drowning man clutching at straws. Recommend

  • Rashid

    Someone should write a piece on ‘Jinnah’s love for East Pakistan (now BD). That would also help people understand Jinnah’s love for Balochistan.Recommend

  • expaki

    @Ahsaas_Wasti !

    ok it was not good, however now
    instead of rebuilding this thing, WHY
    NOT now build couple of schools or
    arrange drinking water for the kids of
    that part of the country? Because
    water is life and education is
    humanity. give these two things to
    people of that part, which they need
    more than any monument.