Jinnah’s burnt Ziarat residency: A piece of Pakistan died today

Published: June 15, 2013

It is not just about the priceless archives, photos and Quaid’s furniture; it is not about the loss of a tourist hotspot in Ziarat. It’s about preserving the memories of a man who gave his all for our freedom.

Smoke, dust, blood, fire and it is all gone; a piece of Pakistan is dead. 

June 15, 2013 will be remembered forever. Today, the beautiful building that adorns our hundred rupee notes was burnt and destroyed by militants who flung hand grenades at Jinnah’s residency in Ziarat. All the historical photographs and furniture was destroyed. As always, the militants who committed this despicable act of senseless violence escaped unhurt.

Today, a wood and brick building came down, but along with it, our beloved Quaid-e-Azam’s memory too was tarnished.

A quick history check: Ziarat residency was constructed in 1892 with the idea of it becoming a sanatorium due to the presence of a Juniper forest in the area in which it was constructed. Later on it was converted into a summer residence of the Agent to the Governor General. But it being the building where Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah spent his last days is what it makes it truly historical.

Nations all around the world, preserve such places, securing them, guarding them from any calamity – manmade or natural. However, we failed to protect our revered founder’s second last earthly residence.  Jinnah loved the peace and quiet of Ziarat, as Fatima Jinnah in her book My Brother informed us.

Photo: Twitter

It was a majestic building, with so much history attached to it.

Its walls were privy to the musings of the ailing leader who was concerned about the genocide that was occurring along the border; who was worried about the future of the newly created state; who was constantly pondering over who would replace him in the future and whether he would be able to keep the ship of Pakistan afloat.

This, once majestic house saw many leaders arrive, begging for Jinnah’s guidance. Its walls saw Jinnah fighting bravely against tuberculosis, unwilling to give up. The house is now a pile of rubble, and Jinnah’s memory from it has been torched.

Photo: File

The very fact that the founder of the nation’s residence has now been burnt down to the ground- destroyed in a militant attack- speaks volumes about what we as a nation have come down to since 1948.

It is not just about the priceless archives, photos and Quaid’s furniture; it is not about the loss of a tourist hotspot in Ziarat. It’s about preserving the memories of a man who gave his all for our freedom. It is about the preserving the idea of Pakistan, where every ethnicity and religious group is free to live and practice its customs, because this has nothing to do with the business of the state.

Yet, when intolerance and tyranny seeps in, it destroys the ideals on which this state was founded upon.

Photo: File

When people are alienated with daily abductions and killings, then you force them down the path of separatism and this further leads down towards terrorism.

Burning down Ziarat residency was a symbolic act of terrorism – an act by militants to show the world that they don’t want Quaid’s Pakistan anymore. By burning down Ziarat residency terrorists have shown that the idea of being part of Quaid’s Pakistan is abhorrent to them.

The impact of this event is enormous. How many people will go missing? How many schools and pipelines will be blown up? How many innocent people will now be shot in the aftermath?

In a way, the burnt down hulk of Ziarat residency is a perfect metaphor for the state of Pakistan’s affairs.

Pakistan lies burnt to the ground with militancy, corruption and nepotism rife. Maybe in the future, Jinnah’s home in Ziarat might be restored, replicas of furniture installed and so on. It might even look exactly the same as it did before, but will we and our country be able to rise out of the ashes? That remains to be seen.

I hope our authorities will take appropriate steps to ensure the security of all places associated with Quaid-e-Azam. I think we owe him at least this much!

For now, Dear Quaid, I am sorry we couldn’t protect your legacy despite all that you gave us.

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A student of Information Systems Management at Latrobe University, Melbourne. He tweets @Einsjam (twitter.com/Einsjam)

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  • Haider

    it is the duty of Muslim Leauge and every Pakistani to renovate it and make it more beautiful then ever every furniture can be built again and every piece of wood and building can be made again to show our Enemy that we love Jinnah and PakistanRecommend

  • Ali Zaid

    This madness has to end. This is not tolerable at all. These Saudi backed terrorists are not only killing Muslims but also destroying the cultural heritage of Pakistan. If this is the beginning of their new venture, it should not be allowed to continue!Recommend

  • Chengez k

    We shall rebuild it more grand than before…….Pakistan & Jinnah legacy is here to stay!!!!

    Even Holy Kaaba has been rebuild many times by the faithful.

    Enemies of Pakistan will not succeed…..Pakistan ZindabadRecommend

  • Imran

    Jinnah is not just a name limited to a tomb, few buildings & some artifacts from past. It is actually an ideology that strengthens with every single blow. Something that lives in our heart cannot be pulled out with such an ease.Recommend

  • Hassaan Naeem

    Whoever has done this, must be brought to justice at the earliest so that we can show to our kids and youngsters that we are a responsible nation no matter what our enemies and the people who are against Pakistan portray. It is indeed a matter of great concern as to how this happened, though it was never thought that an incident like this could ever happen.Recommend

  • http://google zahrakhalid

    we can never built in that way cause all the furniture has been burnt . action must be taken against it .and severe punishments must be there Recommend

  • Fahad Khan

    No problem. We should build it again like the old building with as much similarity as we can.

    Pakistan Zindabad!Recommend

  • http://zindagimag.com Haris

    A huge irreversible loss of our asset. Its now either against militants or with them.Recommend

  • Seema
  • Luqman

    Politicians start apologizing as usual…since you dont have anything better to do.Recommend

  • Hassan

    “When people are alienated with daily abductions and killings, then you force them down the path of separatism and this further leads down towards terrorism”

    Yes, that’s BLA right there !Recommend

  • Marvi

    We have to reconstruct this building! We may have lost too much but we need to hold on to things that are dear to this country and to the people who have given so much to it.Recommend

  • Faqir Ipi

    The loss/killings of Iqbal grand son or attack on Ziarat , is highly condemnable, but no less condemnable is the death of innocents (in thousands) in Waziristan.

    The media, NGOs, academics and so called civil society unwillingness on Waziristan Genocide is even more palpable.

    How many times have you heard any mainstream condemn the killing of Wazirs, Dawars and Mehsuds due to road blocks, food shortages and other inhumane treatment ?

    Why Waziristan victims are not shown on media and social media just like Iqbal grand son or attack on Ziarat ?

    How many times has the need of a crackdown on the outfits based in Peshawar/Pindi/Islamabad who create justification for Waziristan genocide been publicly discussed?

    There is no way of knowing how Waziristan have been ravaged in our name, in name of peace, in name of Pakistan.

    Media during past 10 years have not shown fraction of killing of civilian innocents, Govt (Pesh & Islamabad) brutalities, secret assassination in Waziristan due to media black out/cover-ups.

    The Waziristan Genocide whether by Taliban, mercenaries, militias, insurgents, or by soldiers of a nation, NATO, ISAF, Drones is terrorism.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    What have the BLA done ? Recommend

  • Water Bottle

    “When people are alienated with daily abductions and killings, then you force them down the path of separatism and this further leads down towards terrorism.”

    Wonderfully said.

    Pakistan should stop these activities in Kashmir immediately, having understood what it does.Recommend

  • Rashiqa

    Yes.. this building has to be reconstructed ..!!!!!! Quaid.. we cant just simply let you go and disappoint you ..!!Recommend

  • mnxa

    How long will we keep on vilifying the culprits in newspapers and tabloids.? How long will the democracy not deign to address the root cause.?Recommend

  • Minha

    Its the same for all.
    Human lives are definitely most important but the difference is, when talking about Waziristan, the world sees it as something Pakistani Government has ‘allowed’. But what about these attacks? The drone attacks is a different story. Drone attack has all the relation to our foreign policy but this attack? Where did we sign an ‘allowance’ for such violence. How can we put such a blind eye to such violences. Is putting blame on ‘terrorists’, ‘extremists’ ‘taliban’ ‘militants’, the best we can do?
    Its not about a building or a person, its about the thinking that comes with it. Our enemies are playing with are emotions one way or the other. But the question is where do WE stand? What are WE doing to resist them? Dont we have enough inertia for them to know that they have to remain in their limits. They can breach our sovereignty in Waziristan, they can blow away our people like pieces of foam, now they can crush our landmarks to debris? The landmark where our emotions are engraved.
    @Faqir Ipi: Recommend

  • Ali Asad

    @Ali Zaid:

    Something we been doing in Syria with the help help of Iran. Isn’t it? ;)Recommend

  • http://ahereticalperspective.blogspot.com Zara Shahid

    What shattering news. This was more than a building, it had symbolic importance. It was a bit of Jinnah that we still had and treasured with ardent devotion. This comes at a time when Pakistan looks like an antithesis to all that Jinnah envisaged for it, when we have one back on his ideals and legacy!

    After the PMLN win in the election i am afraid there is no light at the end of the tunnel. God knows what more will we lose. Recommend

  • Aleena Saleem

    He gave our nation a country to live in and the country couldn’t protect his home in the country.It is a great disappointment that we couldn’t protect his home but there is still a chance to redeem it,we can build it again though it wouldn’t be the same as it used to be,the feeling won’t be the same, but atleast the history will still remain,we will have something to show our childern so i think we sould rebuild it as soon as possibe.Long Live PakistanRecommend

  • http://Malaysia Mir

    TTP and BLA are the same, Our elected government want to negotiate with them.. Nawaz and IK God help Pakistan. We are going to see the end now.Recommend

  • Sidrah

    Pakistani leaders are so adamant in talking to brutal monsters like Taliban and accepting all their demands should talk to the Baloch. They have suffered a lot more at the hands of our forces then the talibani monsters and deserve to be given their rights much more than terrorists. Do Imran Khan, nawaz Sharif have plans to being Baloch into the mainstream? Why are they only focused on accepting taliban for cheap popularity?Recommend

  • Sidrah

    @Faqir IpI
    Why do foreign uzbek, chechens, Arabs live in Waziristan and bomb Pakistanis? What about the genocide that terrorists from Waziristan have subjected Pakistani people to?Recommend

  • Ismat

    “…the burnt down hulk of Ziarat residency is a perfect metaphor for the state of Pakistan’s affairs.”
    Indeed! We let down our Quaid long before this symbolic incident by burning down his guiding principles of “Faith, Unity and Discipline” and by failing to protect the very people he founded the country for!Recommend

  • Meesam

    Bla are terrorists and they must be hunted by the armyRecommend

  • Moeez

    Pakistan muslim league should take action .It is there duty to provide peace in country.I request govenment of pakistan to take action.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Author says “It is about the preserving the idea of Pakistan, where every ethnicity and religious group is free to live and practice its customs, because this has nothing to do with the business of the state.” This was just an idea, don’t confuse ideas with facts.Recommend

  • A. N Baloch

    I think that this building should have been shifted to somewhere there are more patriotic pakistanis living. Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Sidrah: “Why do foreign uzbek, chechens, Arabs live in Waziristan and bomb Pakistanis? What about the genocide that terrorists from Waziristan have subjected Pakistani people to?”

    One branch of your government brings foreign terrorists in Pakistan, some other branch kills them. To justify “war on terrorism” and to keep Americans here to get free money, there has to be some action.Recommend

  • suhaib

    my heart is crying. . .pakistan and jinnah i love you!Recommend

  • ABC

    Unfortunately Balochis do hold a lot of animosity towards Pakistanis. As a normal Pakistani who does not live in Balochistan I honestly do not have any idea what is going on in that province since we normally do not hear a lot about it in the news. Most of the information is censored or understated. I think if it were not for things like Gawadar, BLA, Bugti murder unfortunately most of us would even forget Balochistan existed. It’s extremely sad and more needs to be done about it.

    Baloch people should be given there rights. The agencies should be stopped from playing games with them. If Sardari system is the main obstacle then we should work towards slowly abolishing it and improving the situation over there. But all this would take an honest and courageous government which we seem to lack. Recommend

  • Arifa Mashhood

    Dear Quaid,
    Our head hangs in shame! We did not preserve the country you strived for; We broke it into two halves, then the half left to us was again divided into four bickering brothers; We forgot your dream of a secular Pakistan, instead we persecuted every minority, every belief as we are th supreme! We encouraged bigotry, ethnic killings, we became silent spectators; we made your streets unsafe with abductions and target killings; We destroyed your beloved city Karachi! And now, now like the last nail in the coffin we have allowed your beautiful last abode, housin so many memories, archives, photos, documents, letters, the chairs you last sat in, the bed you slept in, the desk you last worked…..everything turned to ashes.

    Dear Quaid, we are so ashamed, we cannot even dare to ask your forgiveness! Recommend

  • np

    @Imran: “Jinnah is not just a name limited to a tomb, few buildings & some artifacts from past. It is actually an ideology that strengthens with every single blow. Something that lives in our heart cannot be pulled out with such an ease.”

    Yes we can see the ideology strengthening with each passing day:
    1) Hindus and Muslims are 2 different nations
    2) East and West Pakistan are 2 different nations
    3) Shias and Sunnis are 2 different nation

    Lagey raho.Recommend

  • http://www.outlookpakistan.com Muhammad Awais

    Government should rebuild this residency of our quaid, it our Quaid’s memory and how these militants can do all this in our Pakistan and its memories. Quaid live in our Hearts and will forever.Recommend

  • Rashid

    Quaid.. we cant just simply let you go and disappoint you ..!!

    Quaid’s lifelong passion was the Muslims of the sub-continent. If Quaid was alive today, he would have been less concerned about his house would have wept for the Muslims of India
    who also fought and sacrificed for Pakistan’s creation, but we left them behind. To bring them and the Pakistanis who are stranded in Bangladesh since 1971 into Pakistan will be the greatest honour that we can pay to our great leader. Recommend

  • Tahha safdar

    Feeling really sad today, that we gave such a gift to the father of our marion on FATHER’s day
    And for u haters…????
    I want to say
    Fire a rocket in my heart
    Coz thats where JINNAH lives in…
    I am sorry Mr. Jinnah that i am not in a position to do anything against it..Recommend

  • http://www.pashtun.com zaman khan tareen

    we pashtun reject this kinds of acts on our land, remember these peoples learned from kpk when thay destroyed Rehman Baba temple and the great Khwashal.
    if the state brought them to justice, it never seem again. thanksRecommend

  • http://www.pashtun.com zaman khan tareen

    we pashtun reject this kind of acts on our land, remember if the state twisted the hands of militant in kpk when thay destroyed great Rehman Baba Ziarat & the khosahal khan. I think we never seems it again. zaman tareenRecommend

  • Aahjiz BayNawa

    @Ali Zaid:
    These were more likely secular “terrorists,” but some Baluch call them “freedom fighters.” Do not drag Saudi Arabia everywhere. That you do only reflects your mind.Recommend

  • Aahjiz BayNawa

    I think the author is blowing the event out of proportion. It is sad that such destruction took place but it does not hurt the legacy of the Great Quaid as that very much remains in the hearts of Pakistanis. The generations that built Pakistan have transferred their love and admiration of the Quaid to their off spring and this continues onwards and shall not cease. Nonetheless, it is obvious that the place shall be rebuilt and preserved and continue to inspire the people about the ideals of the Nation.Recommend

  • Rashid

    No matter what happens Blochistan will always be a part of Pakistan. BLA indian backed cowards terrorist will be crashed.Recommend

  • Arifa Mashhood

    I have often expressed my views here but you never publish these. As most of it is written from the heart spontaneously, I dont even have copies. However from now on I shall first saved it on word doc. then post so that I can use it elsewhere.Recommend

  • http://Delhi INDIAN SHIA

    Mr. Jinnah’s residency is safe in Mumbai INDIA :-)Recommend

  • Muhammad Aijaz

    This is time for us to join our hands with each other, look into eyes and say it with honest heart that we love this country Pakistan.Recommend

  • Khair Khaw

    “A piece of Pakistan died today.”
    Inadvertently, wittingly or unwittingly, you are adding importance of the terrorists attack. Pakistan is not such a brittle thing as any monument if and when attacked and hurt can lead to ” a piece of Pakistan died.”Recommend

  • Faqir Ipi

    @ Sidrah & Insaan

    For every bomb blast ten people that blame the TTP, monsters, there are twenty that raise the question of foreign intelligence services, trying to destroy Pakistan.

    Neither side has incontrovertible evidence. This circus of unproven allegations flying around like mosquitoes near a swamp suits the elite of Pakistan just fine. As long as nobody has the right answer everybody can busy themselves quarrelling over the specific versions that suit specific narratives. While the mainstream bickers over the details, the incompetent, corrupt and myopic Pakistani elite – be they among the military, the politicians, the bureaucrats, the judiciary, or the religious right-wing – is allowed to enjoy a carte blanche.Recommend

  • Faqir Ipi

    “Waziristan is pristine and extremely underdeveloped, and it holds abundant natural resources, from gold, gas, and oil, to uranium, precious gems, zinc, and copper….Waziristan have one of the hard working human capital and is a huge potential energy exporter whose transformation promises to have a major impact on the regional economy from Beinjing to Dehli to Dhaka. Most importantly, Waziristan is on 3-4 hours drive (if proper roads are built) from Central Asian Republics and it sits on the way of TAPI, making the Waziristan a vital trade and energy crossroads for China, India and beyonf. While US and oil Sheikhdoms along with Paki puppet ruling elites (Generals, Politians, Bureaucrats, Media etc.) are determined and keen to keep Waziristan ablaze for hegemony on energy sector and controlling supply side of energy and therefore oil prices. At same Waziristan Genocide is disrupting regional potential economic orbit. Therefore TTP, Al-Qaeda, Drones and Waziristan are ‘pivots’ to US, Oil Sheikhdoms, and their Paki Puppet ruling elites (Generals, Politians, Bureaucrats, Media etc).


  • Faqir Ipi

    Holocaust and Genocide in Waziristan.

    Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention states that “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: a) Killing members of the group; b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

    The bottom line in any comparative analysis of violent wrongdoing is consequential death.

    By any comparision, there is holocaust and genocide in Waziristan.

    5 year old infants death/murder (4% for Poles under the Nazis in WW2), (5% French Jews under the Nazis and the Nazi-collaborator Vichy régime in WW2), (13% Australian POWs of the Japanese in WW2) and ( 19% Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe) (see “Polish Holocaust (1939-1945)-Afghan Holocaust (2001-)”Recommend

  • Rashid

    History has its own way of extracting revenge. It could even be symbolic. Anyone care to remember the violence that ‘Direct action’ brought in it’s tail. Lakhs of people lost their life, property and honour, million homes ruined. Someone above must have felt sad and angry.
    Hence, his punishment. Allah does not spare even the those who we humans call great. Recommend

  • Sami Siddiqui

    I am saddened and speechless!Recommend

  • http://blah pffffffffft

    I wonder why people don’t read news when it says “Terrorists captured in Karachi american, isreali made weapons discovered” Don’t believe me? Just google “Israeli weapons being used in Karachi” exact wordings… pffft!Recommend

  • Ali Zaid

    @Aahjiz BayNawa
    Brother, supporting the Baluch separatists in Pakistan and Iran is on prime agenda of the evil Saudi-US-Israeli nexus. The mineral rich province has its strategic importance since the cold-war between USA and USSR. An unstable Baluchistan means it wont be any good for either of Pakistan or China or Russia or Iran. Therefore, any move to destabilize Baluchistan has its roots from Zionists.

    @Ali Asad
    I think you are very ill informed. Get your facts correct. Its as clear as a bright day that US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, UK and France are involved in destabilizing Syria. While the Western countries provide intel and logistic support, the Arab traitors provide manpower to Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Al-Nusra Front. And these infidels are involved in worst crimes against humanity in Syria… the Saudi/Israeli backed terrorists are slaughtering Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Alawites and Jews alike in Syria. They have desecrated the holy shrines of Companions(ra) and Grand-daughter of Prophet Muhammad(saww).
    Yes, Iran & Hezbollah are providing resistance to the oppressed people of Syria only for the best interest of Syrian people. Again, i advise you to straighten your facts.
    Most importantly, whatever is happening in Syria is not of concern, we have to stick to our best interests in Pakistan.Recommend

  • sajjad

    one day God forbid we will hear the news that Quid tomb has been blown and we will just say ” second piece of Pakistan just died today”, and will do nothing about it, but will come on the media and wove to rebuild itRecommend

  • Aahjiz BayNawa

    @Ali Zaid:
    “Brother, supporting the Baluch separatists in Pakistan and Iran is on prime agenda of the evil Saudi-US-Israeli nexus.”
    Dear, the Saudis do not support BLA, which is secularist. The attack on this Ziarat Residency has been owned by the BLA, which is basically secular and nationalistic. Please do not muddle facts. Saudi Arabia might be involved or might not be involved elsewhere but here it is not supporting BLA, period.Recommend

  • Milind

    @Author – “Nations all around the world, preserve such places, securing them, guarding them from any calamity – manmade or natural

    No sir!!! Saudi Arabia has been on the forefront destroying its Islamic heritage… It didn’t blink before demolishing the Prophet’s 1400 yr hold house and convert it into a parking lot.
    It did not blink before demolishing the Hijaz Railway Bridge in Madinah (the first railway in Arabia – built by the Ottomans)…

    The only saving grace here is this Jinnah house was blown apart by non-state actors/ renegades… The tragedy in KSA is that the ruling establishment did the dirty work.Recommend

  • Pankaj


    saudia Arabia is not a nation. Its a theocratic conglomerate. Recommend

  • Rashid


    That was an awesome response. A real eye-opener, but only for those Muslims who have eyes to see.Recommend

  • King(Indian)
  • http://India Feroz

    The idea of Jinnah’s Pakistan was burnt to the ground in 1948 with the passage of the Objectives resolution. In 1971 East Pakistan was almost burnt to the ground because a section of the population did not approve of the electoral verdict delivered by the people. In 73/74 tolerance was burnt to the ground when the State intervened to decide who is a Muslim, by excommunicating Ahmadi’s. In 1977 the Judicial system in the country was burnt to the ground by sending an elected PM to the gallows, no one knowing the reason. Passage of the Blasphemy laws ensured that the life and property of the Minorities would be vandalized and burnt to ground. The killing of Salman Taseer by his bodyguard and showering of rose petals on the murderer, burnt both Hope and compassion. What was burnt in Ziarat pales into insignificance, considering the scale of atrocities and tragedies inflicted on the country by its conscience keepers.
    Too late for introspection, I believe ! Recommend

  • Nobody

    Gee wow thanks for the super informative update dude….. while your obsession with all things Pakistani is flattering, kindly go breathe somewhere else please. or don’t. thanks. Recommend

  • Nooruddin Ali

    If anyone has any doubt, open your eyes. This is the cultural and religious war being waged against Pakistan by American, Israeli, and Indian backed militants. Here are the sources: US Congressman Rohrabacher demands referendum in Balochistan, Israeli national newspaper Haaretz continually runs stories promoting independence of a secular Balochistan
    We shouldn’t give any opportunity to an illegitmate minority to intimidate the Baloch people, or other native groups of the region such as Pukhtoons, Brahui, Makrani, Hazara, and along with other Pakistani citizens from other provinces.Recommend

  • Baloch

    Why u people r interfered in free Balochistan in 1948,before that in 11 august 1947 we got our independence ,we r sovereign state and two elected assemblies and even Jinnah is civil servant in Kalat as a lawyer then why he order 27 march 1948 to occupy the kalat state after that till we r slave of panjabistanRecommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    Dont worry though, Jinnah’s house in Mumbai is safe in case you guys wanted to visit the home of your leader.Recommend

  • dukhter e Jinnah

    OH GOD! this is indeed sad. shook me to the soul. i have personally visited this place and it had this unknown intensity in it, one felt like he could actually feel history inside. i cant imagine that piece of heaven is burnt to ashes. our Quaids last residence on earth is nothing but a burnt old edifice? Sad, sad indeed.Recommend

  • Anon
  • Sharon Wilson

    I am shocked and sad to read this. I hope this building can be restored/rebuilt.Recommend

  • expaki

    This was a building and Talibaans are used to living in caves. On their way, they destroy everything, slaughter children, young and old. they have no respect for humanity. Now since
    this building has been blown up, instead ERECTING it again, why not build there a school,
    arrange safe drinking water for the kids of that area. Yaroo, water is life, give this ti children of that part. If life is there and education provided, those kids will make more such buildings.
    On the other hand, you people can name all that for Jinnah and his family to please those who care.

  • Liaquat Raza

    This incident has hurt every one, it is just like when home of our father or grand father is destroyed, sons and grand sons built or upgrade such homes, we fail to even preserve or protect it. The Quaid who left his Malabr Palace in Mumbay. this was jolt to all of us to rise and protect Pakistan, failing which these terrorist will burn our homes and abodes, where we now live comfartably, this fire has to be stopped reaching our homes, lest it swept away every thing Quaid gave us. I am sure from the ashes of Ziarat new sprit and sense of doing some thing for Pakistan will emerge. Pakistan is here to live for ever,
    Pakistan Zindabad. Recommend