Imran Farhat, you are the real hero

Published: June 11, 2013

In the recent two ODI innings in Champions Trophy, you scored two runs apiece. Good show, mate. Keep it up. PHOTO: AFP

 Dear Imran Farhat, you are the true master of comebacks. You have made at least a zillion of them. You disappointed the nation on a million occasions, but you always made a comeback with your head held high.

You epitomise the spirit of “Emir Timur”, who never lost his hope after watching the perseverance of an ant climbing over a vertical wall. However, unlike you, Timur had finally conquered his goal and defeated King Bruce. More of a likeness is prominent between you and the ant, as you are continue to climb a vertical wall of Pakistani batting hopes, over and over again. I am sure, one day you will succeed in your efforts. I don’t think it matters if Pakistan were to lose numerous more games as long as we continue to accommodate you till you get it right.

I remember when you made your One Day International (ODI) debut as a young spirited cricketer against New Zealand, in 2001. You were only 19. It was quite an impressive debut, considering your current form. You made five whole runs before getting out and in the next ODI, you scored another four runs! Since then, you have been showing consistent form in various formats of the game- be it ODIs, tests, or T20’s. In the recent two ODI innings in Champions Trophy, you scored two runs apiece.

Good show, mate. Keep it up.


However, you alone cannot shoulder all the glory.

Let us take a peek at the recent illustrious form of Shoaib Malik; a man who hasn’t scored a single fifty since September 2009.  He, like you Mr Farhat, is also considered as a top-order “specialist” batsman. His last 14 ODI batting statistics read: seven, 23, 34, 24, five, 19, 35, four, 19, 28, one, 43, zero, eight. He too is a persevering “hero”, although he can occasionally bowl and field, unlike you.

But more than your consistency, I must praise the faith and tenacity of your selectors. They have been investing faith in you since pre-9/11 attack times – much has changed in the world, yet you seem to prevail. It reminds me of Einstein’s definition of insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I am sure these selectors are trying to eulogise that theory of Einstein’s.


My dear hero! This nation requires facing an ordeal to test its patience and steadfastness, and you fit the role of that ordeal perfectly.  Otherwise, we had far better players who have impressive domestic records. Just look at the First Class (FC) averages of some of these bright and talented players: Usman Salahuddin (FC average; 47.21), Umar Akmal (FC average; 48.94), Fawad Alam (FC average; 55.96), Harris Sohail (FC average; 52.74) etc. All of them score heaps of runs in domestic cricket against the likes of M Irfan, Junaid Khan, Umar Gul and Asad Ali. Yet they don’t get ample opportunities, thanks to you, of course.

Then, we have even more gleaming youthful talent, such as Hammad Azam, Shazaib Hasan, and Ahmad Shehzad, who get one or two opportunities and are being dropped forever. Perhaps, they lack the “mental strength” and “resources” that you possess.

Look at Nasir Jamshed: I remember he was benched in the recent bilateral series against South Africa after only three failures. The selectors had conveniently forgotten that Jamshed had scored two back-to-back centuries against India, only three ODIs ago. They immediately looked around for a replacement and lo and behold! They called you once again. I immediately looked towards the skies because the Champions Trophy was right around the corner. As a result, today, we virtually knocked out of this prestigious tournament.

We have Hafeez and Nasir Jamshed as two relatively established openers. Moreover, we also have Kamran Akmal: who has been opening in ODIs with a reasonable success. Why would we need an additional opener? Probably because you are a lucky charm, my hero.

I was frustrated with the constant failures of Afridi with bat and ball recently. I was even in favour of dropping him from the team. However, I now believe that just half of “Lala” can perform better than you and Malik combined.


Today, after a tenaciousness of a decade, your average stands around the lofty heights of 30 in 58 ODIs, and 32 in 40 Test matches. Keep trying mate; you are still pretty young, a vibrant 31 year old. When you will be 40, I am sure your average will walk hand in hand with your age. My only worry is that, why the selectors have been so hesitant in making you the next captain. All your children and grandchildren would be proud of such an illustrious career.

Finally, if somebody reckons that our cricket, especially our batting has lost its foothold and has become hopeless, they better take a look at the records of the above-mentioned young domestic players. It is not the players but the management that is playing cricket for our nation.

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Faisal Nadeem

Faisal Nadeem

An electrical engineer with a PhD in Computer Engineering, Faisal Nadeem's interests include sports, art, literature, culture and religion.

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  • TombOfAthena

    He is very consistent in his approach MashAllah. Recommend

  • Sabih Zafar Ullah

    It was Robert The Bruce of Scotland who saw the ant trying to go up not Emir Taimur. A little knowledge is dangerous.Recommend

  • nabeel

    I dont understand aap ko ghussa kis baat ka hai, just go to, search for Imran Farhat, and see in the relation column k in sahab k father-in-law kon hain aur aaj kal konsi position enjoy ker rahey hain.. wouldve saved you a full article.Recommend

  • Sabih Zafar Ullah

    Also, it was a spider. Not an ant.Recommend

  • Farooq Baloch

    Very nice article Faisal, I wish Shoaib Malik got the same treatment as Farhat — don’t you consider him a hero of equal repute and charisma?

    Btw, Kamran Akmal, too, should have been there in your list of these heroes who have killed our interest in the game we once loved.Recommend

  • Sabih Zafar Ullah

    Bruce never in his life had a battle with Taimur. Infact, they lived at different times.
    Gosh! you can’t read 3 words of this lame article without hitting a factual error.. Tribune editors, for you, I have only one word – SALUTE!Recommend

  • Munda Pakistani

    Great Words! however for shameless peopleRecommend

  • The Rebel

    Lol, a great satirical piece. On a more serious note, what has he got to do in order to be DROPPED?! Rather, banished from our national team for good. It’s clear as daylight to any person with even half a brain that the only reason he has constantly been selected over the years is due to his father in law being in the PCB. Why do these people sell our country and their dignities over either making money or being a ‘safarashi/parchi’. More than anything, fingers should be raised at our selectors as to why they took such a depleted batting lineup to England and selected the same tried and tested failures.

    It’s such a tragedy that we have the world’s best bowling attack but an equally inept batting lineup. No idea as to why Umar Akmal was dropped from the team to accommodate the likes of Farhat/Malik either. We need to get players like Umar Akmal, Asad Shafiq (dropped after 1 match), Hammad Azam, Fawad Alam, Harris Sohail in the team pronto and stick with these guys. That’s the only way we we can ever challenge the other teams on a consistent basis and complement our bowling lineup. The players mentioned above have SO much talent in them, now it’s up to the board to harness it. Also, having the players in the team is one thing but properly utilizing them is another. These batsmen should bat at the number which would bring the most out of them. No use of having the likes of Umar Akmal come in at 5/6 when he can face more deliveries and be more of a threat to the opposition coming in at number 4.Recommend

  • Qasir

    Parchi Farhat and what could we say about Malik he is super star they costed us ct13 as simple is that ,PCB plz get some air and what were you thinking while dropping U Akmal and Haris Sohail :@ And plz sir I think you forgot the great knock of Kamran Akmal while you have Riffat Ullah in the reserves and piling up the runs forever :(Recommend

  • adeel

    good one Nadeem.Recommend

  • Omer

    Not that it has much bearing on the general theme of this blog but he scored 20 (and not 5) in his debut ODI match against New Zealand. Recommend

  • IZ

    What sado-masochistic impulse drives you people to continue to follow Pakistani cricket? I stopped a couple of years ago and I am so much happier for it. Recommend

  • Umair

    Sohaib Maqsood, Afaq Raheem n Navid Yaseen also has 42+averages in list A n close to 50 in FC!!! and players like Asad Shafiq, Malik n Farhat touches 34-35 in domestic cricket still they get selected again and again !!!! Iqbal Qasim dont have any vision unfortunately to say :sRecommend

  • ERUM

    Pakistan Cricket is a complete failure now. We’ve to make big changed in the management otherwise it’ll be a great loss for us!Recommend

  • Adil

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah:

    The article is not about history, its about cricket. It does not matter if it was Robert, Bruce, Tom, Dick or Harry. The message is clear here, and the writer has successfully communicated his view. Recommend

  • Saim

    He has been consistent in domestic cricket. And cmon, Fawad Alam? Really? Are you kidding me?Recommend

  • threatning

    Great words, appreciate your thoughts, you have given words to all my anger against his comebacks again and again.Recommend

  • Cricket Fan

    The greatest injustice is being meted to Abdul Razzaq who, despite performing extraordinarily whenever given a chance, is unable to find a place in the team. And this injustice is going on for a long time now. You won’t able to win matches consistently unless you eliminate corruption from the system.Recommend

  • Pakistan

    Nice articel but Hafeez,Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akmal are also heros of same calibar. May be someone argue on the name of Hafeez because of his bowling but he is playing as speacilist batsman who can bowl too so if he is playing as an spinner then he should bat at no 6 or 7.Recommend

  • Typical Desi

    “I was frustrated with the constant failures of Afridi with bat and ball recently. I was even in favour of dropping him from the team. However, I now believe that just half of “Lala” can perform better than you and Malik combined.”
    Does this hold any meaning ? If so, I am so dumb to get it!

    For God sake, can we keep Afridi away from Pakistan cricket ? We need sensible cricket at national level, not just hypes and prays! Recommend

  • noni

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah:
    Oh come on mate, he is not talking about history here. This is exactly how the knowledge in itself is dangerous, you lose the perspective and context. Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    Sarcasm at its best !Recommend

  • Danish

    A very interesting piece of satire, and ironic too. Keeping Bruce and Timor controvercy aside, of course. “ET Editors plz!”Recommend

  • shakir

    Nice, whole nation feels #@%#&%£ at the moment.Recommend

  • Shamy

    Lol ! :)Recommend

  • Zaida P

    Or was it an Ant that saw Bruce climbing the wall…? No matter who climbed the wall, Imran Farhat will definitely not climb the wall to international stardom. Recommend

  • Charlie Chapatti

    Imran Farhat obviously deserves to open for Pakistan nobody else can wear a bandana like him.Recommend

  • Haris

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah:
    You missed the “real point” as conveniently as Imran Farhat misses an inswinger…Recommend

  • Talha Rahim

    You have summed up all my recent facebook statuses in this writeup and the bottom line nailed it l!!! great workRecommend

  • Nabeel Ahmad

    My All Praises to Author….. how brilliantly he has summed up.. true picture…
    i havnt read such true reflecting picture of pakisatni cricket artical in recent times Recommend

  • ahsan

    Good research before producing this master piece. I must say Awesome!Recommend

  • Imran

    Please shift P.C.B to Islamabad. Recommend

  • sani

    awesome article bro. Hats of to pakistan board for slecting him even after these failures i am pretty sure wahab riaz would score much more then him if tried as an opener. Seriously he is one of those batsman who i enjoy getting out… Recommend

  • Shahid

    I do not understand why Riffat Ullah had not played for Pakistan yet. And heroes like Imran Farhat,Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akmal are playing regularly for Pakistan. Recommend

  • shakeeb

    Very nice article..splendid smash by words on both facesRecommend

  • Abdul Rehman

    I think now its time to bring the Razzak back. He is an amazing match winning player. i remember last time he played against SA, he scored a century and we won a match that was almost out of our hands. Recommend

  • http://Islamabad Khan

    So much surprised that the writer is unaware of the fact that Mr. Ilyas, a former selector and a well connected man is Imran’s father in law. Recommend

  • Aatif

    Salute to Misbah too, who put no influence in team selection and is happy with what so ever parchi selection he is provided – just to save his captaincy – huh.
    But he will have to face the consequences, some day upon arrival at some Airport.Recommend

  • Abrar

    Sold Farhat so well I wish this piece doesnt cross the chairmans eyes. Farhat would be captain well before hes through the article.Recommend

  • Uzi

    I was at the stadium yesterday. People started chanting ‘PARCHI PARCHI’ as soon as he came to bat. Petty much sums up his entire career.Recommend

  • Khan

    Ahmed Shahzad was dropped just one game after scoring a century against West Indies. Tour before that he scored a century against New Zealand. While Imran Farhat has scored only one century since his debut in 2001Recommend

  • Realistic

    a perfect article! i hate this PARCHI! :@Recommend

  • Amir

    At least, he deserve the credit of being the only Pakistani Cricketer, to be consistent with his form :)Recommend

  • Sharingan

    Wow … The only thing missing from this article was a “Yo Mama” joke … :/Recommend

  • H

    Masha Allah, Allah nazar se bachayeRecommend

  • http://kolkata antanu

    I think paki cricket can still be served by afridi..razak….and oh. ..only I pakiztan a player with the calibre of umar akmal is sidelined and farhat and maliks are in.Recommend

  • sharjeel Ahmed

    Pakistan cricket is so full of talents that if they put a age factor in place even then we are in good shape. I think any one who is 30 years of age shouldn’t be playing.
    Then the career average should seeps in. Any one with a career average of under 35 after same number of matches should be asked to go home or try his luck somewhere else.


  • Fudge

    Thanks to these great players, Farhat, Mr. Mirza and Kamran that I am NOT going to watch Pakistan V India game in protest. It really hurts to see Farhat occupying a spot when he has been a complete failure at international level.

    An article on cricinfo mentioning Pakistan’s great trio as the latest joke in international cricket.

    Please get rid of these parchi-Farhat, Mr. Mirza and Akmal. They have destroyed our team and have taken away our passion for the game we once so dearly loved and that once was a vital part of our lives. This is a serious issue. Recommend

  • Darwin

    This is called the power of in-laws. loolRecommend

  • Sohail

    Hey Guys

    I have just heard that PCB have a solution:

    They are going to make Imran Farhat Captain. Then no one can blame him for a lack of runs, or poor fielding – He is there to lead the chosen few!!!!Recommend

  • Fudge

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah:
    Nobody really cares about your rant, ants, spiders, Bruce or Emir Taimur. The point being that the writer has done a great job in helping me let my frustration out about the legendary Imran Farhat and this is all if you like…. factual, and the blog itself is brilliantly well-written.Recommend

  • Sohail

    The editors used the wrong picture:

  • hamdard

    Pls note mr farhat is from the largest province and hence cant be removed from the team….as it is the right of ppl from that area to make up majority of the teamRecommend

  • Madeeha

    can’t agree more with the writer Recommend

  • Mir samad khan

    yes you r right,all these are the selector failure ,afridi,shahzad, younis and razzaq much better then farhat and malikRecommend

  • Muhammad Awais

    He made only single figure runs in both matches, we don’t even have a good opening pair and this person instead of playing like a opener use to play a test match in ODI. He disappointed the whole nation seriously.Recommend

  • Hammad

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah:

    Robert the Bruce saw a spider not an ant. While ive heard of the ant several times i can only recall the observer as “a king”.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Very good but you missed some very good domestic players.for shoaib malik i must say the sohaib maqsood of wapda is the best replacement and for kamran M rizwan of SNGPL is the best .player available.I always like fawad alam because he can score 50 even in every second match.forget about his style but this nation criticized him alot which was very sad..Recommend

  • Zahir

    Because of this “hero” i have stopped watching “Pakistani” cricket, even when he makes 50, its the worst 50 to watch in cricket, and am amazed that selectors prefer you in all 3 formats. . Recommend

  • HisbanMemon

    This article should be sent to Muhammad Illyas (father-in-law) pcb’s selection commitee and to all those who think imran farhat should be in the team b/c the writter has given the corrwect stats so now they should realize their mistake and not select imran farhat next time b/c the players like farhat akmal and malikRecommend

  • sherrry

    loved it
    u said it allRecommend

  • Hafeez

    Great article….At least somebody is consistent in team…Recommend

  • Mohsin

    It was King Bruce from Scotland and It is Shahzaib Hasan not Shahzad Hasan.Please do some research before writing the blogs.Recommend

  • YC

    Wow, excellent blog!Recommend

  • khan

    Excellently written.Recommend

  • Torontonian Desi

    Who’s following Pakistani cricket? As a Pakistani, I have to say, Indian cricket has become more worthwhile to follow. I bet some “patriotic” Pakistani will diss all us other Pakistanis (including expats like me) for losing faith in our boys in green. To that person, I say…..when these guys will start playing like professional cricketers, we’ll start respecting them like true fans.Recommend

  • Khurram Mehmood

    Back to cricket people…, I have always wondered WHY our youngsters including Nasir Jamshaid, Umer Amin, Ahmed Shehzad etc keep looking and talking to non-striker after each n every ball… I believe this is also one of the factors affecting their “natural gameplay”… Come on, they are all professionals, playing international cricket and have a building career ahead of them. They’ve gotta go out n express ‘themselves’. I saw this thing in rest of the teams, SA, WI, IND even the Aussies, doesn’t matter if u’re a debutant or have 100 matches under ur belt, just be urself and concentrate on ur game. Secondly, if you see videos of Saeed Anwar opening for Pakistan, he was defensive for just around 20% of the innings, rest he would attack and as an opener you are supposed to attack. Whereas the young lads these days they ‘ll take around 9 solid overs to get settled on the crease and then they’ll get out.. Management should be sacked and the new management should involve atleast on senior “successful” former cricketer to explain the tricks of the game. Imran Farhat should be banned from playing any sort of cricket in Pakistan… Recommend

  • Anjum

    That was the story of a spider and Emir Timur’s was related to an ant….
    You were right a little knowledge is dangerous as in your [email protected] Zafar Ullah: Recommend

  • http://abudhabi Haider

    ” It is not the players but the management that is playing cricket for our nation.”

    I just remembered the dialogues from Django unchained where Decaprio insults Django in a wicked manner on the dining table after knowing the fact that the two were just deceiving him.!

  • Ray

    Afridi and Ilyas have a history: Ilyas has often opposed the selection of Afridi in the side but that opinion has ballooned in recent months. Afridi accused Ilyas of promoting his son-in-law Imran Farhat, while Ilyas responded by saying Afridi had pushed unfairly and persistently for Ahmed Shahzad, Fawad Alam and Shahzaib Hasan.

  • erum.shaikh


    Thank you for pointing out the mistake. The error has now been rectified.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Thanks again.

    Kind Regards,
    The Express Tribune’s Blogs desk.Recommend

  • MAK

    It doesn’t matter if an ant, spider, Timor, Bruce or Jon Snow and Ygritte along with the Wildlings climbed the wall. The article is true to the core with sarcasm at its best. Great write-up, mate.Recommend

  • M Zahid Akhter

    I would to add something in this article… You haven’t mentioned the Great professor himself Hafeez if you look at this performance from the tour of South Africa he only played one steady inning which was in one 20/20 match where he was the captain. Now what does this tell you about his mind set. If you look at both his dismissals you can see his body language his commitment to the team and to his Nation. This also goes for our wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal. Been a senior member of the team you should show some commonsense what to play and when … both of them are also culprits for losing then lack of intent to occupy the crease to give a stand to give us a flight chance. Recommend

  • Mubarik

    Guys! Shoaib Malik was the one who put Pakistan to victory in 1st T20 against India alone and also contributed to win two ODI’s against South Africa, if you remember, not so long ago. I could not comprehend why Shoaib Malik is being targeted with Farhat and spare the performances shown by other batsman Hafeez and Kamran. Infact Kamran got relieved as he can open the innings. Lame!. I second what @Pakistan said about Hafeez. He is playing as specialist batsman and same as Kamran but look at their performances? Recommend

  • Barrister

    Faisal, your article was a great read. Hope it catches the eye of the selectors. Recommend

  • Noman

    @Typical Desi:
    Dear, do u think Imran Farhat, Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal, and even hafeez who scored his first international centuray in his 65th international ODI are playing sensible cricket, Afridi is just a threat to others, his presence in team keeps the marals highRecommend

  • majid

    zabardast… nay mere dil ke baat keh dee…exactly millions of pakistani hav same opinion like u dear…i think until unless we sue imran farhat he will not leave the team…should request cheif justice to remove him as soon as possible :)Recommend

  • Adnan Hasan Syed

    Yeah it shows from the fact that you are still following cricket blogs!Recommend

  • Nasir

    A big thanks to PCB and Selectors for proving Pakistani cricket will not change, How dare we even think of it!! Recommend

  • Sufia

    Excellent article, loved the satire.


  • Zeeshan

    I think u miss Kamran Akmal big time! Recommend

  • Hassah Shah

    Good one !. Sometimes I feel I can perform better than some of these national “Heros”. Recommend

  • liaqat

    i liked the article even tho it might be abit wrong,

    still the main facts are their that the likes of Farhat and Malik have made things worse,Recommend

  • Uzair J

    It was extremely sad performance by all the batsman apart from Misbah and Jamshed. Removing the senior players is not the solution but playing a team with a perfect combination of senior and new comers is always an ideal situation. Considering the example of India, no matter how much we curse the IPL but considering the amazing talents they are providing the Indian Cricket. Even India were having the same problems in the batting line up like Gautam Ghambir and Sehwag, they were replaced with some quality players who have actually performed in the IPL. Considering the situation of our domestic season, each year the format and formula of the game changes. How can one expect to extract good replacement once the domestic platform is not consistent.

    Considering our beloved Captain although, he played well in all aspects of the game but that was his individual performance why did he not play from the front? If he were in a good form. Leadership is all about leading from the front and have such a personality that opposition actually feels the threat. Does it feel the same from Misbah think about it? Do you think all the team members under him are happy with his leadership? Recommend

  • Abbas

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah: That’s why it is called sarcasm… Recommend

  • Abdul Mannan Nasir

    He is In The Team just Because of is Father-in-Law Mumammad ILyas Current GM PCB. Afridi’s captaincy was sacked just because Afridi dont want Imran Farhat in Team.Recommend

  • sak

    Yah true relations and favoritism kill the talent and nations. but we not gonna stop destroying nation. Recommend

  • Faisal Nadeem

    You sir have taken the anger of the entire country and hurled it on those who deserve it. I salute youRecommend

  • Asif

    Well said NadeemRecommend

  • Talha

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah:
    I think the proof reading was done by Imran Farhat on this !Recommend

  • Person

    i would like to get it across that Pakistani cricket fans are absolutely sick of seeing Imran Farhat’s smug face over and over again. You are talent less and unworthy of being a part of this team. Your performances have been atrocious and you are an awful cricketer. It is no secret that your father in law is a part of the selection committee and that is how you get in. Your selection is a display of corruption and lack of merit within pcb and if this continues it will lose the people’s trust and its credibility. Dig deep and find some dignity if you have any and get yourself as far away from this team as possible. Also ask your father in law to start doing his job honestly.Recommend

  • Khan

    I agree with almost all of the writer’s opinion except about Afridi, All these guys have around 1 or 2 years career, they need time to get their form back and then how long will they perform?
    Instead if selectors give chance to new talent maybe they will not perform initially but there is brighter chance that they will perform in future .
    Whenever Afridi performed it was not a critical position for Pakistan he did not prove him as match winning player, so give him a chance in England where bowl has uneven bounce and seem would be a wrong decision.Recommend

  • Mo

    Hahah just criticize and that’s all we do. So what if he made a small mistake. Just get the point @Sabih Zafar Ullah: Recommend

  • ismail ansari

    i remember PCB warned misbah and afridi before S.Africa tour for good performance and they took it seriously and perform good specially misbah performance was very well. but how many times this MR.HERO IMRAN FARHAT got chance and he never did well, now its enough. please stop playing with our cricket. i appeal our new govt. please do something for our cricket because this is one of the few reasons of happiness for this miserable nation.Recommend

  • K-amps

    @Sabih Zafar Ullah: Different story mate… Bruce had the Spider, Taimur the ant. You are right, a little knowledge definitely is a dangerous thing.Recommend

  • Pacifica

    Greater mystery than Farhat is that Misbah is the rock of the current Pakistan batting line up, but still the fans deride him as Tuk-Tuk.Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    Saturday- he will be zero.Recommend

  • Drama Pakistani

    Excellent Article ! let me give my playing XI as well as the replacement.

    Nasir Jamshed
    Mohd Hafeez or Ahmed Shehzad
    Umar Akmal
    Asad Shafiq or Umar Amin
    Kamran Akmal/ or any other Wicket keeper
    Misbah ul haq / Shahid Afridi
    Harris Sohail
    Hammad Azzam
    Saeed Ajmal
    Mohad Irfan
    Junaid Khan/ Wahab Riaz or Umar Gul

    We can replace Misbah with Shahid afridi and move him down the order

    My Captain at the moment has to be shahid afridi and kick hafeez out . no more dirty politicsRecommend

  • Fakhar

    Satire at its best. What an article. Even better than any article of

    Loved it.Recommend

  • Hassaan

    Awesome articular… i still believe tht Lala wud have been in the team, no one is his replacement… only his presence can make a huge difference… till the time he is at the crease, the bowler’s worry stays big….. may Allah help us…Recommend