From your alliance with JI to Fauzia Kasuri, PTI you have disappointed me

Published: June 8, 2013

I feel that your disregard for the situation and a 17 year devotee of your party shows how much the priorities and ideologies have changed in Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Mr Imran Khan,

If it wasn’t for you, I would not be as politically aware as I like to think I am today, and for that you deserve complete credit. You have inspired a generation, won a province in the process and risen as the saviour to many citizens of this country.

As of a few days ago, I was one of those citizens.

I have been proud of being a part of the Tehreek-e-Insaf campaign for the 2013 elections. Going personally to hundreds of houses, volunteering at poll stations, campaigning across the city and attending rallies – these are things I would not have found interesting last year.

You rose as the option to the change that many sought. However, I have to say with a very heavy heart that you have let me down. The post-election attitude of being defeated, power struggles in KPK and certain coalitions have made these very shaky weeks for your party.

For starters, Sir, the promise of youth empowerment drowned with the installment of a senior-citizen and five-time assembly-elect as the chief minister of KPK, the biggest position your party had to fill.

As for the Taliban, Sir, I have always had an ideological difference with you over the issue, but I decided to give you the benefit of doubt. I realised there was no harm in letting you try, and negotiations might achieve things I could not foresee. But I can no longer support a party that seeks to negotiate with terrorists that have killed my fellow brethren and is at war with the armed forces of my country.

To establish that you have no clash with the Taliban in your first few words after being given control of KPK took me, and a portion of your supporters, by surprise. It takes a certain level of naivety, Sir, to be that apathetic to the ideological clash between the Taliban and the people of Pakistan. More so, after they have been responsible for severe bloodshed in my country, blood that will be on your hands if these men are not held accountable post-negotiations.

On the topic of ideological differences, I have also been very disappointed with the decision to form a partnership with Jamaat-i-Islami. It is evident that parties on the basis of religious segregation are not the solution to a progressive Pakistan that you have put so much effort into.

Recently, Sir, I have followed closely the case of Mrs Fauzia Kasuri and have been extremely frustrated and let down at how the PTI leadership has managed the situation. While I agree to the claim that Fauzia Kasuri did not merit a seat solely on reputation, the inter-party elections ranking her fourth in Punjab case was never brought forward by you or your party.

I feel that your disregard for the situation and a 17 year devotee of your party shows how much the priorities and ideologies have changed in Tehreek-e-Insaf. I have also been let down by the supporters, and some relatives of party members, who took seconds to start criticising Fauzia Kasuri on Twitter.

To treat such a senior member of your party with such disregard shows the lack of maturity existing in the party.

Your struggle of 17 years has been aided by the members that have sided with you ever since. Mrs Kasuri has been dedicated, loyal and firm in supporting you, evident by her recent decision to sacrifice dual-nationality coupled with the monetary and labour contributions she has endowed to the party and its cause.

It was now time to give back.

The problem that most PTI supporters and leadership failed to understand was that the struggle was never for a seat, it was for recognition and merit. The reply we sought was not for you to award her a seat, but for you to be able to address her concerns rather than apparently try to drive her away by being indifferent to her concerns.

I waited for you, Sir, to come on television with Mrs Fauzia Kasuri announcing to have settled differences, that was the involvement and dedication we wanted to see from our kaptaan.

I hope you or one of your party representatives takes out the time to see this, and you realise the responsibility on your shoulders to deliver to the people of Pakistan. It is not only vital for the future of the country, but for the faith of the populace in the democratic process that you deliver.

I wish you all the best, for Pakistan’s sake.


A disillusioned ex-PTI supporter.

Read more by Ali here.


Ali Rafi

A student of Economics/Political Science at the Lahore University of Management Sciences.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Noman Ansari

    Regarding the alliance with JI, what did you expect? How else could they have formed a government in KP without clean sweeping the seats?

    Be practical man.

    As for Fauzia Kasuri, have you read PTI’s official statement?
    Please, for your reading pleasure:

    A little research, please. Recommend

  • Nawaz Sharif

    LOL. I was wondering when ET would publish a disillusioned PTI ‘supporters’ blog. And as expected here it is. Recommend

  • Mrs. Chishti

    1) Where PTI has brought in an elder experienced CM for KPK, you need to also see that PTI has also brought in the youngest MNAs into the pariliament as well. You must realize that the CM of KPK is a position with great responsibility, & it is a very delicate procedure to lead the government there successfully, especially since we HAVE to make an alliance with some one to be able to form the govt there. CM of KPK has the experience of how to lead that govt with the coalition partners successfully. Promise of youth didn’t mean that IK promised the CM positions to the youth. Good Experience & merit for running a successful govt cannot be ignored and put aside for the zeal of bringing in the youth just for better optics.

    2) The negotiations did not even begin, and the criticism has already begun, this is the immaturity that exists in Pakistan’s politics. No one disagrees that obvious differences exist in the thinking and ideas of the militants & other pakistanis; however, how many soldiers and citizens have to die before you realize that just military operations isn’t the option. IK never said that we would ONLY negotiate. He said negotiation must be PART of the process of clearing the area of militants. Negotiations are always done at the end of all wars and treaties are always signed at the end of all wars. How is the violence supposed to end when there is no talk between the parties that are fighting? Are you saying that you would rather accept unending violence vs. trying to negotiate to bring peace?

    3) Your objection on forming an alliance with JI isn’t strong at all. As every Pakistani knows, it is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, not Secular republic of Pakistan. The entire constitution of Pakistan is based on Islamic values. So there is no point in objecting on the existence of a party who wants to keep Pakistan as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Secondly, PTI needed an alliance in KPK, otherwise the govt would not have been made by PTI. Moreover, JI must accept our mandate in order for them to be part of an alliance with us, so it will be PTI influencing the JI more rather then the other way around. An alliance was needed, & JI was the best option available.

    4) In regards to the case of Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri, everyone keeps repeating it is never about a seat, it is only about recognition, & when asked Alright what kind of recognition? The reply obviously is recognize her as an MNA! so its not about a seat then? ridiculous! Moreover, IK always planned on having Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri in the parliament. When she was put 4th on the resv. seats list, the idea was to ensure her presence in the parliament, obviously no one was expecting to win less then 20 seats or so from Punjab. The resv. seats list was made in March and given to the ECP at that time. Mrs. Kasuri was aware of her position on the list. The list was made based on the criteria of not just loyalty, or the number of years worked, but also taking in to account the quality & the category of work that would be needed for a successful lawmaker.

    5) Laslty, everyone MUST respect Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri, her sacrifices as well as her efforts in helping PTI with the fund raising and the campaigning. She has herself defined herself to be more of a social worker rather then a politician, and I know she will continue to serve the people of Pakistan well in that field; however, if she decides to return, most welcome as well. Any complaints of the Intra-party elections must be investigated thoroughly and amendments must be made to not repeat them in the future. Recommend

  • Aftab Hussain

    Completely agree with you regarding Fauzia Kasuri. The treatment she received was shocking, especially from a party claiming to be different like PTI. Eager to hear what Imran Khan has to say after his recovery. I very much hope powerful influential are not allowed to take over PTI and it’s core supportersRecommend

  • Adil

    Lets agree to disagree!

    I’d like to know whether you have ever visited KPK. Had you done so, you would have known that the social and political sitution of KPK is much different to Punjab and Sindh. Here people are not liberal enough and they think that this is the right alliance to go with. So better to respect their decision.

    Regarding Fauzia Kasuri, i do consider that the association should be considered heavily but i disagree that it should be the only thing to consider. If you have have read the recent press release by PTI,, you’d have got the better idea of the picture.Recommend

  • khurram kaleem

    its tip of an ice berg!

    PTI is hijacked by N.G.O s surrounding IMran KhanRecommend

  • Arain

    Nobody really cares y’know.:SRecommend

  • Tassadaq butt

    if PTI join with JI so what a big deal.Why she so disapponted.She is narrow minded.
    We not need this kind peoples with Imran Khan’ Recommend

  • Khan

    I fully agree with your assessment about poor PTI’s treatment to Fauzia Kasuri. I was very surprised and disappointed by the indifference of IK towards such a senior and worthy leader and particularly declaring that she was not even the founding member! For many of us, she being with party for 17 years through thick and thin, she is totally qualified to be founding member. However on the issue of Taliban and KPK CM, I don’t agree and this is in fact a common misconception.

    Taliban are fundamentally killers who has no respect for human life. They are the cancer for the society. However that said, pursuing the same strategy to fight them will not work as well. I also believe the dialog are never going to work because Taliban simply don’t want peace anyways. However it is very important for the government to re-establish themselves on morally correct side before anything else can happen. The offer of dialog and peaceful approach is therefore correct way to go.

    There were a lot of mid level leaders who had no where to go in the previous 2 parties. They had to fit in their culture even they had different ideas. In my view this leaders were not necessarily the evil but the evil was the party leadership. I am willing to give them a chance.Recommend

  • Unknown

    Merit is more important than personalities. PTI worked on merit and you and Mam Kasuri wants favour against merit. Sorry PTI is not an ordinary partly like PMLN, so will never compromise on principals and meritRecommend

  • kanwal

    I am coming across too many disillusioned ex PTI supporters who used to bash me mercilessly or just acted indifferent when i asked them to talk to me with logic and proper arguments, one by one. Now, they are beginning to see what a lot of the people of pakistan have been saying all along. IK is just a beardless molvi practically. Recommend

  • Go zardari go

    Good luck in the Noon camp. Voters come and go no need to come on here and whine about it. Personally didn’t really like kasuri that much even when she came on tv shows she always had absolutely nothing to defend the party with. Recommend

  • kanwal

    IK’s complete indifference in his world cup speech to the team who won the world cup with him (and yes, it was team work, not IK’s magic wand) and made his dreams come true, must be remembered. It just shows his nature basically. Recommend

  • Sidster

    There are other options for Mrs Kasuri to gain a seat. Mrs Kasuri thought that she deserves a reserve seat but PTI thinks otherwise. To be elected on reserve seat, you must be breaking barriers of difficulties in Social, Economical and Political sphere. Fauzia Kasuri does not faces any of the barriers that would hinder her from running for a by election seat. Imran Khan ran for four seat and won three seat. She could have been a candidate for anyone of the Seat vacated by Imran Khan. Imran khan would have gladly come to one of her rally to speak for Candidacy. She chose to leave because Imran Khan id not interject on her behalf. PTI is a Political Party and not a Family Party like Nawaz League.
    To run KPK, Imran Khan had to make alliances. JI, and QWP are the only sensible parties with majority of Party objectives same as PTI. Drone Attack, Corruption, and Law ans Order are on top priority of these Parties.
    I did feel diappointment regards to hearing news of agreement between Candidate running in Lower Dir and Upper Dir. PTI’s invo;vement in signing agreement was a poor judgement call by local leadership. PTI’s party member should have protested for the rights of 130 thousand female voter. I understand that vote rigging is an important topic but PTI response to agreement in Lower and Upper Dir did not justified them to point fingers at MQM, PPPP, PMLN and JUI.
    Taliban are a reality that we as Pakistanis have to deal with in near future. There is always a Carrot and Stick approach to negotiation, but to implement the technique we have to have essential Services working cohesively together. Carrots in these case are the less prison time a person will recieve for cooperation. Relocation of the Resident and new Identity for a Taliban who leaves the Organization. Part of Sticks could be played by Police and intelligence services, who should work to distinguish cases of taliban terrorism Vs a lone suspect with a personal vendatta. Public Prosecution Office should be prepared to submit a challan to court regard to offense committed by an offender. Courts should be staff by proper personel to look after paper work and intransit prisoners while awaiting for their cases to be heard.
    I may have gone of the tangent but it felt so good to write these comment on your post.Recommend

  • Janan

    if she is such a revolutionary, why bother and care about a mere assembly seat? why this much nagging and wailing? doesn’t revolution mean sacrifice. And how come she gave up her commitment of 17 years just for a mere seat? Pathetic. This really shows her real commitment.Recommend

  • Siddique Malik

    What made you think earlier that Imran Khan was not an apologist of the Taliban cult? He was singing its praise even when the cult was blowing up buildings and markets full of innocent Pakistanis. If you are disappointed in him after the election, I am disappointed in young people like you who got carried away by a manipulative demagogue.
    Siddique Malik, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Recommend

  • Disgusted

    Imran Khan is not scared of the Americans, the establishment, the PML(N) or the PPP. Yet he’s scared by the mullahs of Pakistan, so much so that he could not stop himself from bad-mouthing a persecuted minority. He doesn’t want their support, but Jinnah did, and got it too!


  • rashisd saleem

    dear its not 1st day you give everything to new faces its process he brings youth out of homes and now few of them are in assemble in next step few will be ministers so this is process to empower youth this is baseless to critise mr khattak choice alot of new faces even dont know how to move motion and how to handle assemble process now they will learn under mr khattak and next time they will be much better than this time and about fouzia kasoori dear you saw a post against her but why not get posts like me and other who are fighting for her in party and always post respect for her so dear stop being biased thanksRecommend

  • rashid rauf

    Dear Ali ur article surprise me u r too young to know abt JI i beg Imran frm ages never go wid JI bt dnt no y he never listen JI origin is ikhwan e muslimeen n jst yesterday wiki leaks dat iran is involve in Egypt crises i said dat in 2001 n JI Iran fundedRecommend

  • zubair

    PTI did not have the required number of seats to make the governmet so they had to engage coalition partners, hence the blame of coalition goes to the people of KP for not giving him simple majority. Secondly see the clarification about fauzia kasuri whereby PTI has mentioned she was 4th on the list issued before elections. Further,I believe fauzia kasuri has been emotionally charged and blackmailed by people like u for not making it to the assembly.Recommend

  • khadija

    I dont think you are still politically aware as you claim to be .Imran khan was pro negotiatinons with Taliban and in favour of alliance with JI before elections.And he has said many times that he will not interfere with the intra party elections and every one should obey the rules.I dont see any contradiction.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    While I agree to the claim that Fauzia Kasuri did not merit a seat solely on reputation, the inter-party elections ranking her fourth in Punjab case was never brought forward by you or your party.

    Why the hullabaloo when she was as you admit not on merit. What the point…?Recommend

  • ashar

    Sometimes I feel what happened with IK was not an accident.Recommend

  • Haaim

    Full of ambiguities. Not a supporter but some status quo element. God forbidRecommend

  • Ayesha

    I don’t understand what u are trying to say,ok u want him to be a superman.just give some time.let him recover first from his injury.he was not indifferent with FK matter.he tried.if she did any thing ,she did it for Pakistan.not for IK.our efforts are to make strong Pakistan ,doesn’t matter which party u belong.if u want appreciations and rewards for your efforts then find another party.and about negotiation with taliban ,what are Your suggestions.i think by talking each other u can solve the problem and dissolve the issues.Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    “IK’s complete indifference in his world cup speech to the team who won the world cup with him (and yes, it was team work, not IK’s magic wand) and made his dreams come true, must be remembered. It just shows his nature basically.”

    A very profound observation @kanwal:. His statement was very telling. To top it off, the subterfuge offered later by IK, you can’t beat that. Thank goodness there are a few stages left to reach Lallu Prasad’s level. Recommend

  • Bitter Reality

    If a member who was loyal to the party for last 17 years and used to defend and propagate it on every platform either social media or electronic media, does not deserve a seat on merit.
    Then PTI must redefine what merit is??
    Its also a matter of concern even such a devoted and loyal member was kept on fourth in party elections, I thought Intra-party election of PTI was fair???
    PTI simply a hijacked party now,,,,Recommend

  • RizwanKhan

    Be disappointed when PTI doesnt deliver its promises. If you are disappointed just over mere allegations hurled by some member, then fault at your part. Believe in walk the talk, principles; not personalities.Recommend

  • Fizzah

    If you have read his book.. He states that he played the world cup for the sake of the Hospital and was so over-joyed with the victory that completely forgot to mention the team, and regretted it severely afterwards. IT doesn’t show his nature, wo bhi insaan hai farishta nahi. Recommend

  • Bushra A

    Spot on!Recommend

  • True Karachiwala

    There are two political love triangles presently in our country:


    PML N JI


    I think JI and Sherpao are making fun of PTI at the same time.Recommend

  • Bushra A

    Turning a deaf ear won’t solve any issue- utterly disappointed by the way PTI leadership handled FK issue. Did any one read the official response on you must be kidding me, It’s a joke. The funniest was ” FK met with women of sharif family” lol . Show some character please . I wonder if Ms Mazari drafted the responseRecommend

  • True Karachiwala

    IK created a new political dynasty “Khattak family” by awarding CMship to expert turncoat, and 3 reserved MNA saets for women to Mr.Khattak’s very close relatives.Recommend

  • Dr Ahmed

    The blog is mere anti-PTI propaganda on the web. The blogger isn’t a supporter to begin with. If he was a supporter, an active supporter, he would’ve had some presence on the social web in terms of support like the majority of PTI supporters. He’s either a propaganda tool, a fake ID or an undecided and disillusioned kid that has no real grasp at anything.Recommend

  • nafsiyat

    It is important to realize that PTI and IK have been, in recent months, the objects of a great deal of idealization by many people in Pakistan. A number of such followers have desperately clung to them as the only life raft when all else around them is felt to be drowning. In such situations, all the feelings of mistrust and hostility that the group might also have towards the party and its leader get repressed and these often get displaced on to other individuals/parties outside who are seen as all bad in contrast to the all good PTI/IK. Such situations are actually inherently unstable and very intellectually and emotionally disempowering for the party faithful and they never last for too long. Sooner or later the idealization breaks down. Some issue arrives ( eg Fauzia Kasuri, JI deal etc etc) which can be seized upon, and then just as irrationally as the leader was idealized, the leader now gets attacked. People feel “genuinely” let down, betrayed, hurt. Of course political leaders unknowingly and knowingly collude with creating such idealizations, as PTI/IK have done all along. The alternative to all this is to see PTI/IK with both their strengtht and limitations, which means recognizing all their contradictory positions, and then if one wishes to support them, do this at the reality based level, holding them accountable should they start departing from their positions. This is hard work, easier said than done. But there can be no other way if we are to bring about lasting change and not just create personality cults.Recommend

  • Author (OP)

    @Dr Ahmed:
    The author’s social presence can be seen at @Aleerafi on twitter.

    Let’s agree to disagree on most contradictory issues, the fact remains I hope PTI goes out of this mess, and hopefully with Fauza Kasuri back in PTI, nothing would be more satisfying. The problem was never for a seat, it’s not about putting personalities first as some say Fauza Kasuri has done, but I believe it’s a matter of what you believe in. PTI has stood for merit over the years, to sideline a woman of her caliber is to against it. Even then, the follow-up posts by PTI first removing her status as a founding member, then adding to claims of her joining N when she had herself said she wouldn’t and then abusing her online was not something I would want to be associated with. But in the end, I do hope PTI solves this with both their integrity intact.Recommend

  • momna

    Firstly i would say that PTI is a party with positive change its not an ordinary party where one can easily dismiss the merit criteria,secondly it is the decision of FK to leave the party so IK is not forcing her to stay in this party and he is doing an appreciable job by permitting her go, i wholly agree with the point that ‘merit is more important than personalities’.We all will see the change soon in KPK just keep yourself honest towards pakistan and Pray for PAKISTAN..Recommend

  • Amber Fida

    I disagree with you. The situation in KPK is quite different. It is important to form a government with them. You can’t bring change suddenly. It requires time plus one has to fit in their culture. As far as Fauzia Kasuri is concerned don’t you think media is giving it hype to damage the reputation of PTI? PTI is the only party that has sensitized and created political awareness. Every one plz be aware of this anti- PTI propaganda that is present on all social networks.Recommend

  • Aim

    Well you are simply staying away from facts, the most irrational and unprofessional attitude and step that was taken was by Fozia K. Sorry but that’s the truth.

    Crying over and over again on national tv? You aren’t even strong enough to go and have one to one talk with IK. Why you didn’t say a thing then and there at the time of infra elections and during the process when she was called at no. 4

    It’s truly a shame the way she reacted.

    17 years 10 years and 5 years
    That’s the bench mark for giving a party ticket?????

    There was no other was but to join JI, PTI didn’t win 50 seats but just a few, be mindful!Recommend

  • Agha

    Kill them or talk to them. Do you have an alternative? Why don’t you confess that your security forces have been a soar failure when it comes to Taliban? And if someone wants your people to be safe and your army to be back to the barracks, you think your ideologies are being compromised.

    Ms.Kasuri has been a huge asset to the party. Her worth is far beyond a national assembly seat. I wish she would have realized that. By the way, do you know how many people are with the PTI for 18 years without a ticket? IK would have become a prime minister long ago had it been after seats and all that. But he knew the worth of his ideologies that was way beyond a seat or even prime minister-ship. Recommend

  • Taha

    much as I disagree with PTI ideologically (having never been a supporter), letting Fauzia Qasuri or anyone else, for that matter, go is solely a party decision…
    and personally I don’t believe it was on ideological differences that Fauzia wasn’t awarded a seat…
    as for the alliance with JI, that was always going to happen! they were the first party, and only mebbe, PTI considered seat adjustment with openly even before the elections. So for those of us who didn’t support PTI from the start that was a reason to not support PTI but not for the PTI supporters all of us knowing full well that that was going to happen… where’s the disenfranchisement?Recommend

  • Parvez

    This is playing out like a third rate soap on TV.

  • Bisharat

    “The reply we seeked?”

    Who edits these? A 10-year old? It should have been “The reply we sought…”Recommend

  • Bushra A

    Mr Rafi,

    I commend you and other bloggers/writers who have addressed FK’s issue . PTI does need some reality check. This whole fiasco could have been avoided by some responsiveness from the leadership of PTI. We have been subjected to all the bad press that came as a result of this.
    On a positive note, IK’s latest tweet indicates a deal is in the works, I guess better late than never. And now can someone please remove that factual clarification from PTI’s website. That needs to go ASAP and they seriously need to open up a position for editor / professional writer to draft the content that goes on the official website.Recommend

  • Hareem

    In response to the caption that expresses disappointment at “alliance with JI”, I think the author needs to look at things from a not so self-serving, ultra-modern perspective . JI is the only party whose members are free from any criminal charges and whose honesty is undoubted. Its Islamic views might not match yours but it was the only party which was corruption-free and thus suitable to form govt. in KPK with. Would you have preferred a coalition govt. involving PML-N and JUI instead?Recommend

  • Bushra A

    If FK comes back in PTI(which I think she will) it will be
    Interesting to see Mazari n Kasuri getting along keeping in mind the show of affection towards each other in last few days specially the foot in mouth kind of statements from Ms Imaan Mazari.Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    “This is playing out like a third rate soap on TV.”

    It is in the very nature of soap, specially with this cast of characters, what else did you expect? Think, there still a lot to unfold.Recommend

  • True Karachiwala

    JI is the only party whose members are free from any criminal charges and whose honesty is undoubted.

    When IK makes pitfalls you say after all he is human not an angel. While JI which is just a “political partner” you are giving them a certificate of “undoubtedness”.

    BTW, its your JI from whose leader’s house in Rawalpindi an AlQaeda member was arrested by agencies. Did that ALQaeda entered lawfully ? Was that Al Qaeda member was not involved in terrorist and anti state activities against Pakistan ?

    I do not what are the criteria of PTI and JI to judge lawful and peaceful persons ?

    Please be cautious in making comments.Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    @True Karachiwala:
    “……what are the criteria of PTI and JI to judge lawful and peaceful persons?”

    Was it not the youth of JI who roughed up IK at PU Campus, Lahore?Recommend

  • True Karachiwala

    @Abid P. Khan:

    very well reminded. PTIans should revisit that saga. Recommend

  • Arslan

    Mr. Imran Khan is a promising figure no doubt about it. But he is not a solution to everything which we face today. If your 8 year old son is misbehaving you cant accuse I.K or PTI for not bringing the CHANGE. We have to rise above and be a nation Think like a nation and not vote to support 140 billions investement in a 40 km circle like we saw in Lahore. But think of Pakistan as a whole.
    The birth of PTI is courtesy Mr. Zardari implemented policies and Mr. Nawaz support and silence toward them and letting the nation suffer and suffer for the last 5 years. The sweep which PTI delivered in KPK would have continued in Punjab if it would have not been for Mr. Shabaz Metro Bus/ Underpass/ Flyovers and the power of vote of rural (Villagers) population in Pakistan. There mandate we respect and submit to there choice but there is no doubt that voter of PTI is someone who is either able to think for the betterment of nation irrespective of the facilities they receive in there city or either someone who is educated and can fore see claims of building Motarways from Karachi – Peshawar and Running bulet trains from KHI- PSH not to mention Gawadar port/ Iran gas pipeline/ Hydal power resources/ Firm foreign policies.

    Which in 45 million people voting population turn out to be a mere 20-25%.

    The Tsunami which I.K and his party has successfully delivered is

    “Have’s are standing up for the support of Have not’s”Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    @True Karachiwala:
    “very well reminded. PTIans should revisit that saga.”

    In old age one is likely to suffers from bouts of amnesia. However, among the young it is a bit unexpected. Recommend

  • Zaki Ur Rehman

    Dear have you even bothered to read the PTI press release in this regard? It highlights her stature in the Party clearly but it also discusses Fozia Kasuri’s immature attitude. If she claims that there are some members of party holding dual nationalities then she should come forward with their names. Merit must be equal for all but still, considering her devotion to the Party, PTI swept loads of her acts under the rug only to avoid a confrontation. Serious Party leaders do not quit over a disagreement on just one seat. Furthermore, if she truly believes in the Ideology of PTI, why has she even bothered to contact PMLN? Is this because they are offering her a seat in the National Assembly.Recommend

  • True Karachiwala

    @Abid P. Khan: All guns blazingRecommend

  • Muhammad Awais

    After seeing the defeat, the only work that PTI members can do is switching the party. Ms. Kasuri is right becuase Imran khan did this wrong by doing alliance with JI. Recommend

  • Rehan khan

    @ashar: dude mind your words. You’re no one to pass such statements! Recommend

  • raza

    JIs nominated minister for finance is amongst the most honest member of current assemblies. He served as Sr minister in mma govt and there are no allegations whatsoever on him. We must show respect to others ideologies and see things from a more wide lens. JI is the party which can be relied upon. We need to understand that youth is important but also acknowledge experience. Ji is experienced and proven honest. Ik fully understands this and will not be diverted by those who lives in fantCies. Pakistan is Islamic republic and will inshsllah remain ta qiamat.Recommend

  • aq

    Does IK didnot know that JI and religious parties were against creation of pakistan and has destroyed pakistan unity and has blackmailed every politician in the name of islam. IK did not have guts to stand up for ahmadis when molana diesal challenged him. He once said that he will speak for every citizens of pakistan and stand up for justice for every community. But he is under big influence of extremist ideology and thats why he associated himself with JI. He has to dissociate himself from these blackmailers(JI and other religious parties) to succeed otherwise he and his party is doomed.Recommend

  • ab

    passing judgment in only a week?Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    “Does IK didnot know that JI and religious parties were against creation of pakistan and has destroyed pakistan unity and has blackmailed every politician in the name of islam…..”

    When IK’s parents left their home in India to settle in Pakistan, it is not necessary that they were JI members who stood against the formation of Pakistan. Perhaps there is statement by him saying that he was for a separate homeland, for Muslims. Recommend

  • Cidra

    This seems logical to me and though i am not interested in politics but i can analyse that all of this make perfect senseRecommend

  • asmaa

    I am relieved to know that at last our leader tried to redress the grievance of Ms Fauzia Qasuri,her loyalty,devotion,dedication and level of commitment all are above
    board.Our party has yet to gain roots and strength comes from people like her who does not take the credit of others’ sacrifices but know how to sacrifice herself.What the enthusiastic youth of our party need to learn is respect for all and the use of decent language for we have to set the high moral standards for the bright future of our nation and PTI has a long way to go. Recommend

  • SyedPk

    @ Noman Ansari,
    I thought Imran Khan said that PTI would not make coalition and would prefer to sit in opposition if does not get a clear majority !Recommend

  • Whatever

    Another Anti-PTI blog by ET!! YawnsRecommend

  • Syed Muzammil

    Well after reading alots of comment in favour and against PTI. I want to ask one question, Pervaiz Khatak deserve to be CM KPK? and by any means people are defending him, but what about his wife, his brother’s wife and niece. Do all of them deserve to be in assembly on PTI’s reserved seats.Recommend

  • Asjad

    Political immaturity of PTI n its followers. People who knew even a little bit of Pakistani politics, they knew this would be the outcome.Recommend

  • True Karachiwala

    @Syed Muzammil: Bro you will never get answers to these questions from Chairman IK to PTIan living on MarsRecommend

  • Shayan

    @kanwal: How would you define a “Molvi?”
    You see siding with JI is something a religious extremist or fundamentalist would do? Does that mean that you question the masses of people who support JI because they have a different ideology?
    Differing with your ideology does not make a person wrong…it simply means that he does not agree with you.
    JI was the best option available in KP
    “a beardless molvi practically” Oh I see the “logic and proper arguments” there…Brilliant.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    The Talibans have defeated sveral Empires now and remember, it is the people from North who have time and time again invade the Indian subcontinent and they are about ready to repeat their history and have no intenion to return to their bunkers again. The name Khan with Imran should tell you . the guys relation with the Talibans! These people demand appeasment or confrontation? Imran Khan has choosen appeasment. The rest is a diversion and should better be put in the PTI complaint box.
    The majoity of the people want unity and peace and this is why the new majority ame about!

    Rex MinoRecommend

  • Ahsan Raza

    From outset, PTI set the standards for all political parties to an extreme ideal level, but started doing the “practical” and “pragmatic” politics, before elections. In same time, kept criticizing other parties for all the ills of traditional politics. I was disappointed from IK before the elections, and I’m sure he would disappoint all his “fans” when “tsunami” would be passed..

    In matter of Fouzia Kasuri, I would say, IK was wrong about Shireen Mazari, and he is wrong about Kasuri too. She was a devoted, vocal and popular member of PTI. Maltreatment of her is not only discouraging for other PTI women, but also for political women in general, who are or want to come to politics. Surely, if parties prefer influential electable not workers, its not worth it.
    @Noman AnsariRecommend

  • aq

    History is enough to prove that whosoever associated withJI would lose in end. Wait for your [email protected]: Recommend

  • aq

    IK has associated himself with a party who were against Jinnah and creation of pakistan.Recommend

  • bigsaf


    But that’s the thing about JI. So yes, you do have to question such people who align with such ideologies, which indeed can be very detrimentalRecommend

  • Shahid

    Fauzia kasuri is a noble lady. Worked very hard for PTI. I did not like the way she spoke against PTI. It was real bad on her part even if she was hurt. But past is past. Now it is time to come back and work for your own party again. IK no doubt is today’s Quaid e Azam.
    Look how he has already brought a revolution.
    Still corrupt remains corrupt.They will bring the change??? what a joke. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    I can’t believe the ET moderator censored even the relatively mild, yet very important sentences from my last comment, which is left without context, and must question the bias and irrational censorship. I really do want someone from the ET staff to address this.

    If you are uncomfortable in discussing the nature of religious parties or ideologies, or an avid JI supporter, please excuse yourself from moderating this forum.

    I am reposting the censored sentences here:

    They are a religious fundamentalist party. They are not moderates and beyond being just conservative, and publicly have supported extremists


  • mrs ahmed

    @bigsaf: you cant be more trueRecommend

  • Muhammad Ramzan

    what else you expect from IK??? look at the world cup winning speech (team was totally ignored), he begged money when younger sharif was in hospital for cancer surgery but sharif’s were his favorite target in election, note his (and his mumy daddy inqlabis) language. most of his support comes from DHA and alikes, where most of the corrupt resides. isn’t is trust gap (deficit?? that most corrupt people are support a man always speaking against corruption?Recommend

  • http://. Abid P. Khan

    “…..They are a religious fundamentalist party. They are not moderates and beyond being just conservative, and publicly have supported extremists “

    Every word you say is true, could be elaborated even further by making it less charitable. Past deeds cannot be improved by a whitewash today, i.e. as said in Urdu, by throwing dust in the eyes.
    ET subeditors who may be working at odd hours and under stress, each one of them cannot be expected to perform with exactly the same solicitude all the time. They too deserve some slack. Recommend


    I feel Imran has to be transparent with the process and prove it to the world that PTI as a party is fair. I am keen to say to PTI supporters to calm downRecommend

  • Beep

    Excellent piece. The Kasuri thing and the JI thing can be condoned, but to not have a problem with the Taliban? the people stoning our women, executing our choildren, bombing our cities, and shooting our citizens? IF you are trying to get the Taliban sympathizer vote then shame on you Sir. And to anyone defending Imran’s political strategies, please recall the kids the Taliban skinned a few weeks back.Recommend