Pakistan, where humanity is dead

Published: June 16, 2013

Pakistani's have become so desensitised, they lack humanity. DESIGN: IMAAN SHEIKH

A few years ago, my aunt was driving with my uncle sitting next to her. They were in the service lane, and wanted to change lanes when my aunt saw the car next to her trying to make a turn too. She thought that the car was turning in another direction, and so, decided to proceed with the turn.

However, things didn’t work out in her favour and the two cars collided. In the accident, the other driver walked out without a scratch while my aunt was badly injured with blood oozing down her arm.

After that came the traffic fights.

People crowded around the cars to watch the spectacle. The driver kept on abusing my aunt and kept asserting that it was her fault. No one in the crowd had the empathy to see how badly hurt she was. My uncle ended the fight having assessed that both cars were insured and that they would have to head over to the emergency room to tend to my aunts wounds.

Two years later, a friend of mine was driving in the US.

It was foggy and she couldn’t tell whether there was a car was in front of her nor not. She ended up rear-ending the car and it suffered severe damage. The entire incident shook my friend up to the point that she went into shock and was just glued to the steering wheel, completely unresponsive. The American, whose car was hit, came over to her and the first thing he asked was,

“Are you all right?”

It was clearly her fault that the car was so badly hit but still the man had the common decency to care about her well being first. When the police arrived at the scene, they first assisted my friend and rushed her to the hospital as she was still in a state of shock. The man whose car was hit dropped all charges. This is what a glimpse of humanity looks like.

The wide majority of people in this country lack in displaying such a trait.

I, myself, was shocked at how insensitive the people of Pakistan have become. Recently, my uncle was admitted into a well known hospital in Karachi. He was very agitated and required two family members by his side. The doctors had permitted him to have two attendees, even though the rule of the hospital was that a patient could only have one attendee at a time. When his condition got worse, I broke down crying.

The guard there, completely unmoved by my tears, kept saying,

“It is the fault of you and your family that your uncle is so sick.”

He repeated this for over 30 minutes and then continued with,

“He was fine before and now you people keep disturbing him; he is going to get even sicker.”

Sure he was a security guard – they aren’t very well educated in this part of the world, but do you really need ‘education’ to feel for another human being? Do you really need to be literate to console somebody during their time of sorrow?

When I was visiting London, the guards there would politely ask me to step aside or guide me to where I needed to go. One guard in Saudi Arabia even gave me his slippers to go to the bathroom when I couldn’t find my slippers in the Ka’aba. They are also not very educated, so then what is the difference?

The difference is in the cultural values we are taught as children. How often does our society promote the concept of being sensitive to others’ emotions to our children? How often do we, as a society, publicly condemn those who are cruel towards other people?

We, as a society, have not only become ill-mannered but have also become desensitised towards others.

So the next time we talk or interact with someone else, we should realise that we are the representatives of our culture. We should show the world that we are not without gentility or as uncultured as many countries perceive us to be.

After all who we are, is judged by how we treat other people.

“A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Farah Naz Ata

Farah Naz Ata

A Masters in Economics and a freelance writer. Her interests are books, movies and music. She tweets @FarahAta2

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  • Raymond Davis

    Pakistanis have become barbaric inhuman cockroaches. The mob murders of the two boys in Sialkot proves it. Recommend

  • Turbo Lover

    Very shameful what we have become.Recommend

  • Saad

    It feels like you’ve seen too little of Pakistan, and too much of ‘the-rest-of-the-world’.Recommend

  • san

    We are no human any more. Just look at our history. We are barbarian from day first when Mohammad Bin Qasim lands in subcontinent followed by super hero Mahmood Ghaznavi with his seven time wonders et el. Recommend

  • Hassan

    Bravo! A well-written piece. Seriously, we need a colossal change of mentality before we can start economic or social development… sighRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    As much as I’d like to protest, and dismiss these as personal experiences that do not reflect on the general state of the country, I’m unable to do so.

    Pakistan is like the infamous [Stanford prison experiment][1] running on a national scale; the contagion of incivility and ignorance; jettisonable ethics, adhering to which involves a major risk to your personal prosperity and well-being.

    The first step is denying ourselves our favorite pass-time of scowling at the West’s alleged moral degeneracy until we start addressing our own.


  • J

    First of all very well written nicely done…………….. Second I am not surprised… How can you expect from a person who dont have jobs, food , schooling, how they will behave...? You highlighted countries like Saudia Arabia, UK and USA, they are highly educated countries comparing them with Pakistan that how we tolerant are will be wrong..... Pakistan is like any other third world cannot expect to have social values before economic change. You can tell a human being to behave well he may do and you dont give him the job he will either end up dying or doing wrong things……Recommend

  • Muhammad Ishfaq

    This is true really,, during my random visits across the country I have made another very interesting observation; that apparently uneducated people who are not well brought up,, didn’t have the good luck to attend prestigious schools or any type of school for that matter GENERALLY turn out to be more gentle, more civic, more humane than most of us educated lot…
    Visit any village or some God’s forsaken, far off, little known place in Pakistan and you will notice a very visible difference in the behavior of people around you… I can relate so many examples, but the point is that there is surely something lacking in our urban, sophisticated culture,, something amiss in our education system… that’s instead of making us more tolerant, more graceful, more civil than our village folks is turning us into urban guerrillas
    Why is it so?????Recommend

  • Parvez

    You seem to have reached a weighty conclusion from a few minor incidents. I do understand what you are trying to say but to generalise it to the extent that you have, is a bit excessive.Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    @Hassan: Thank you :) I agree with you completely. Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    I agree with most of you that the people from the U.S, U.K and Saudi Arabia belong from a developed country but the people the gaurds there, the people there were as uneducated and poor as an average Pakistani. I have seen how the poor live in Saudi Arabia, they have worse conditions then we do. Yet they can show some human decency. I am not saying whole of Pakistan is like that, some of us are very nice but incidents like the sialkot killing and others can’t really be ignored. Recommend

  • Mirza Kashif Baig

    First of all, as a Pakistani I would like to apologize on part of my countrymen, for the insensitive behaviour that they displayed. Having said that I must say that it is not justified to judge an entire nation on the basis of a few unfortunate events as these events do not highlight the culture and people of Pakistan accurately.

    First and foremost everyone needs to understand that Pakistan is in a state of war with extremist elements as a result of which its people are economically socially and emotionally affected due to which certain people do not react positively but that does not represent the entire nation.

    The Pakistani nation is represented by the fact that we are fighting terrorism head-on, and regardless of the losses we have suffered we have the will to go on. Despite of the bombings that destroy our homes, we have the will to rebuild our lives and after facing all kinds of evil we have the hope of succeeding. Regardless of dangers to our on lives we still seek to help those affected by acts of terrorism. I believe this does translate in to humanity.

    Ms. Farah Naz I sympathize with you completely but you are making the mistake of comparing an underdeveloped country at war, to developed nations who are not much affected by this war, also I think that you have judged too quickly.

    I hope your future encounters with Pakistanis are better than the ones mentioned above and that you reconsider your stance. Recommend

  • Flowers

    This horrendous description of insensitivity would no doubt be correct. I wouldn’t debate it. However, believe me, in the West they aren’t a bunch of benevolent angels either. Fury during traffic accidents, or even traffic mistakes, are like a cup of tea. The impersonal and distant attitude in hospitals & clinics is a widespread trend, particularly in welfare states. A new immigrant might initially be overjoyed at the prospect of getting “free” treatment. But study the downside of it with endless waiting times for every single diagnosis you need coupled with the no-nonsense approach of the medical staff and you’ll feel you’ve been let down badly! Many hospitals and clinics carry warning signs for outpatients who throw tantrums will be handed over to the security. Family values barely exist. In middle-class or poor homes, children are generally expected to leave home after 18 irrespective of whether or not they are ready to live independently. They support themselves by doing odd jobs. Those who pursue higher education, study in the morning and work in the evening to finance their education. It feels anything but gentle! What goes around comes around. Consequently, elderly couples who are frail and ailing can expect nothing from their adult children. If you are over 65, you get a stroke and you can no longer stay alone at home and take care of yourself, you have just one destination – the nursing home. Not to mention of the loneliness and often, emotional and physical abuse, seniors suffer at the hands of the nursing home staff. If they’re lucky with “caring” children, those children may visit their parents once a month or once in a couple of months. In most cases the elderly are simply dumped in nursing homes with little expectations of family care or attention. Now, isn’t this strange? If you slip and fall on the sidewalk, half a dozen people might come along to assist you .. no doubt about that. But those same people don’t care a fig for their own parents and grandparents who are left in loneliness to fend for themselves. Excuse me, but is this sensitivity and tenderness? Doesn’t charity begin at home?

    It’s normal for Pakistanis who do not live abroad on a permanent basis to presume that life in the West is a bed of roses with angelic figures gliding across gold-paved sidewalks. They need to wake up from this reverie. Pakistan is simply an extension of the compassionless and callous human society that stretches all around the globe. Being obdurate and stony while interacting with each other is inherent of human nature and goes fare beyond Pakistan. Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    @Mirza Kashif Baig:
    Frankly, I have met people in Pakistan that are very much friendly and considerate but they are quite few. I agree that we are a country at war with terror but that doesn’t mean we become barbarians. This is happening in industrized cities that are not that much affected by terrorism. And just because there is terrorism, it means that we forget our basic human sympathies and feelings and hurt who ever we please? I don’t say that the western countries have the best human beings and all of them are polite but many of them are. Its the police’s duty to first help people and then prosecute unlike the rules here. All I am saying is instead of justifying the behaviour we should try to change it.
    Even Muhammad Ishfaq has a good point why are village people much nicer than the urban cities? And I agree with Faraz Talat as well. Recommend

  • Rukhsana

    I love that you have raised awareness that we should start becoming more civilized. Also, we should also see ourselves through how clean we keep our surroundings.We throw trash, where ever we please and even if we keep dustbins for people to use,the next day some one steals it. We should start becoming a little more civilized so that we can become a developed country some day. Recommend

  • Mr. USA

    Well you haven’t seen whole Pakistan or USA i guess. Otherwise you couldnt have written this piece of article. People of all kind exist in USA so as in Pakistan. Ever heard of gangs, triads etc in the US? what they do. How an average US citizen behaves when they are drunk. i can give so many examples when Pakistani’s are more tolerant than US citizens. You cant call whole Pakistani’s barbaric or inhumane due to some filthy people. Same goes for US. So please keep your personal views just into your head. before pouring them into these sort of blogs. Recommend

  • ptr

    May be this behavior is justified as this is how frustrated nations behave’ Recommend

  • Mirza Kashif Baig

    @Farah Naz Ata:
    I would like to point out that in order to correct anything we need to understand its root cause, I merely highlighted the issues that are fuelling such behaviour and these issues can not be ignored while one analyses such a situation.

    I assure you that I do not wish to justify these actions but only wish to point out that when frustrated, even the best of us find it difficult to think straight. For instance, take your own example, you were hurt to see such behaviour and as a result you claimed that humanity is dead in Pakistan, a very strong statement made on the basis of relatively minor incidents, as highlighted by Parvez.

    As Mr. USA pointed out that there are all sorts of people everywhere in this world, what you have highlighted is human behaviour in response to a particular stimulus, and it should not be generalized as the characteristic of one particular nation.

    The behaviour you have pointed out is unacceptable but still it does not provide enough evidence to call a nation barbaric. You are judging an entire nation on a few incidents while disregarding the sensitive issue the nation is faced with. So it can be said, that in a way, you are being insensitive as well. Recommend

  • Naila

    I think the title is very harsh,such happenings can b part of our society but we can’t generalize on their basis.Recommend

  • Shahid

    @J: Actually, economic values are based on social values. Not the other way around. Economic development follows from a stable society that believes in progress and the rights of everyone, not just a small minority. Recommend

  • Shahid

    @Mirza Kashif Baig: Excuses, excuses. Recommend

  • Hamid Khan

    I’ve lived in Pakistan for first 26 years of my life, and guilty of having seen very little of it, beyond Karachi, which happens to be the hub of economy as well as intolerance, frustration, badmaashi, illiteracy (not in a sense of ability to read but to behave) and so much more. Yet I can counter with a several examples of where I experience or witnessed cases which took me by awe entirely. Be it a traffic accident, a hospital emergency, retrieving someones lost possessions, buying someone free food and the list goes on.

    Thing is, as pointed out in few of the comments, there is a massive, massive difference in the conditions of the countries you quote and those of our own. Here in Canada, a country almost infamous for its politeness, it’s considered common decency to hold the door for the person walking in behind you even if they are several metres behind. It’s still something am getting used to, the culture as a whole. But then it’s thoroughly sad when some of our own still appear to be behaving in the exact same ways whenever they have the slightest chance. For me, it all boils down to this, what are YOU doing about it? You can only ask yourself that. Each one of us, wherever we may be, in whatever capacity.

    In totality, I do agree partly with the gist of your message, but the title is not only hurtful, it is utterly false and miles from the truth. I wish for you and all of those thoroughly disappointed in our country and fellow beings to meet the few right people, and be inspired to become more like them and not judge a nation based on limited incidents. After all, that conflicts with the very conclusion you make yourself, don’t rush to be judgmental. Recommend

  • papi

    is that why they sue after car accidents in US?Recommend

  • Gp65

    @Faraz Talat: Thanks for the URL on the Stanford experiment. Was very interesting. A coincidence that I noted is that that experiment also started on 14th August.

    @Parvez I do not think that the conclusions have been drawn simply on the basis of the 2 experiences that the author quoted but based on her overall life experiences. She is simply quoting these instances to support her conclusions.

    I do not know life in Pakistan as in at an individual family level. So let me ask you this- is there inherent merit in what the author is saying or is that not the case – the couple of examples she gave notwithstanding. Not a sarcastic or rhetorical question – asking because I value your opinion.Recommend

  • Arain

    I agree fully to what the author has said regarding the desensitization of Pakistani’s.

    However, even so, I would like to point out that bad as we all may be, the people of U.K and U.S are by far worse. Personal ExperienceRecommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    @Mr. USA:
    I am sorry to say but your such comments show exactly how rude people have become. I f you disagree, then fine. There are different people every where, what we are looking for is for humanity amoungst our people. ‘keep your views in your head before pouring them in these sort of blogs’, wasn’t polite to say to any one. Recommend

  • Maria

    You obviously haven’t seen much of the US or lived in the US very long. I can assure that there are stories of inhumanity, insensitivity and and cruelty that would be unheard of in Pakistan. Yes there are insensitive people in {Pakistan – poverty does that. However you are truly naive of the world around you if you don’t see that horrors go on in other countries, even neighbouring India which are unheard of in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Nikhat

    Its the pakistanis who are suffering in the hands of terrorists though the terrorists are themselves Pakistanis.
    i dont think the guard was impolite he was just being sympathetic in his own way. its our culture to blame people without rationalising. blaming game is everywhere . whenever suffering happens people either blame God .,doctors, and others for no apparent reasons.
    we Pakistanis watch lots of sufferings on our medias that has desensitised us but I know people even the illiterate ones who were ever ready to help the strangers. i think beside terrorism there is economic reason people react badly when they face some type of their monetary loss. No doubt its a very pathetic situation but instead of blaming Pakistani nation you should try to understand the circumstances they are living in. people have become intolerant no doubt but there is reason behind it.Recommend

  • Malahar Sindhi

    Awesome Article. You spoke my heart. I wonder why our society is unfortunately heading towards more uncivilized, and inhuman conduct? Where is compassion, kindness, good will, emotional warmth and humanity? We claim to be Islamic country but our behaviors are so bad and inhuman. Why are we so show off, and intolerant people? Without humanity and compassion, there is no difference between beasts and humans. Recommend

  • Sidrah

    A country where media gives more importance to a wooden structure than innocent girls brutally butchered by terrorists cannot be inhabited by humansRecommend

  • Zara

    Yeah Right….. US has humanity that’s why they use Drones to kill us ….Btw what else do you expect from a frustrated nation Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Pakistanis are a breed of their own….and quite an insensitive and inhuman breed if I may say…The interesting thing is that many Pakistanis think of themselves as the best muslims in the world whereas in reality they are probably the worst muslims in the world. No wonder they are not given visas to most countries in this world and wherever they go they show their traits and cause problems for the people of that country. Just like in your case your Pakistani friend caused problem for the poor American guy. Recommend

  • Manzoor Ali

    Very nice a article! i agree with you now a days people are so rude especially the people of urban areas of Pakistan, but when you go to the rural areas you can see the people are so friendly and help each other. Recommend

  • Aamir Waqar

    Great article!! something we need to write, mention and read out loud to the society which has lost all sense of basic humanity and decency. On the roads, you can easily say about Pakistanis, “A nation in a hurry to reach nowhere”. The depression, frustration and negative mindset has left nothing but a society of literate illiterates, humans of that race which hardly exists anywhere else.
    I remember old times when PTV used to air small clips about good habits, civic sense etc. Those habits used to prevail not because of PTV but because of people learning from them. Its time that before we start building new roads, metros and all we start rebuilding the nation. A two lane city street will be enough for the existing traffic if people are learned enough to use them. Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    I would like to point out that writers don’t pick the title…I had ‘where’s the humanity?’ as a title. Recommend

  • Arslaan

    It’s clearly the people who are nasty to other people are responsible for ruining the image and reputation of a country. There are bad people in every part of the world irrespective of their caste, religion, color, ethnicity, nationality etc., and their incessant lousy behavior forces the victims to stereotype them.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Gp65: As I mentioned in my comment that I understood what she was saying but I felt she painted the picture with a very broad brush. I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow some one else wrote a blog showing a diametrically opposite picture.
    Yes, there is much bottled up frustration in the people, for may reasons, that manifests itself in the manner described by the author especially in the larger cities. This a societal problem and should not be acceptable but it is understandable.
    On this topic the author has wisely avoided and what is unacceptable is the religious intolerance that exists, more so within the factions of the dominant religion. When seen in the light that it is all but a play of politics and power with religion being the vehicle, it becoms a bit clearer.
    I’ve tried, hope it makes sense to you.

  • Sami

    Dear Farah,

    I am sorry , im not agreed with your point of view, u said ‘Americans are more civilazided and quoted two similar incidents there and here.
    First, you have generalized too much, generalizing one incident over a whole nation/pakistan is not fair….But what i feel that, pakistani, if do not have that much eduacation are enriched with culture and values. what if an american do similar type of treatment to ur aunt? than all american need education lack humanity etc etc.,
    ur second statement about the Guard.. im not convinced ,
    Ur blog lack energy and content..i m sorry i have to say that again. plz put some convincing arguements so that we are convinced

  • Sami

    well said saadRecommend

  • JA

    I confess that many times I have I been inconsiderate, rude and insensitive. But it is the life we have lead. The power outages. The endless waiting to get anything done. Incompetence everywhere. The corrupt officials. This just wears you out and I get angry easily.Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    Thanks to all those who appreciated my work :) Recommend

  • Khalid Malhi

    Deeply shocked by the little girl stories of misbehavior of our national,but i think she is alien to the and does not know the cultural heritage we have and how people help each other in the need of hour, well they gather around whenever they are needed to the help the wounded and even take to hospitals on their own,other day when cylinder blast occurred in a children van the teacher in the van gave her lifr while saving little children can’t the writer see such heroic acts of our people but because she is more impressed with culture of the west she finds few incidents to quote in country of 18 million.She must remember our cultural behavior towards humanity is different we do not put our mothers,fathers,uncles,aunties in homes we keep them close to us.We do not kick out our children when they are 18 years.Our children are not allowed to drink and do sort of in human acts which are done on the roads of the west may i ask is that you call humanity.The children are free to do any thing no bondage between the parents they like puppies when grown leave their mother.So this is you call humanity.80% of the children born in west do not know their father name well here 100% children know who their father is.Girls are free to mix with any one they like just like dogs meet their partner.So the writer eyes are closed towards the inhuman behavior indebted in the society of the west.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Parvez: Thank you. Yes it does make sense.Recommend

  • Muhammad Awais

    Excellently written, indeed there is no humanity in Pakistan and whenever a accident takes place crowd gather only to enjoy the scene then they start blaming each other along with abusing this shows that how insensible people live here.Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    @Khalid Malhi:
    With all due respect, you and many others take things too personally. Its about basic courtesy that you see in the streets and that you want to see in an average person. Its about how you treat strangers, It’s not about how we treat our children and parents, that is a cultural difference. Family togetherness is a wonderful thing about Pakistan. By the way have you visited the abandoned mothers in the Edhi centre lately? If you would take each and every aspect and compare it with foreign countries then its an unfair argument. This article is about basic manners. Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    @Aamir Waqar:
    Great point about the PTV programs. That is exactly the kind of awareness we need. Recommend

  • Stop complaining and moralizing, change yourself to have more empathy, and perhaps things will improve over time. Your anguish is understandable, but your simplistic comparisons of Pakistan with London and America are not appreciated.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    @Khalid Malhi

    Girls are free to mix with any one they like just like dogs meet their partner.

    I have a female dog, I don’t let it free. I tie it up or keep in cage all day. I dont let it free to mix with other dogs and I decide which male dog my dog should breed with. So by your logic are Pakistani women like my dog?

    Learn to respect women. Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Whenever I see an accident I stop my car to see if I can help in any way. I have a selfish motive behind this. Should something like that ever happen to me, I would expect others to help me in the same way that I helped a stranger in his moment of need.Recommend

  • Spigot !

    My sympathies for people who had bad experiences but it is not justified to label it with ” Pakistan, where humanity is dead “. I can give you numerous, hundreds of examples from my own personal experience where people went out of the way to help me and my friends for instance ( in Pakistan ). It is utterly polluting to say that the humanity is dead in Pakistan in general when we have people like Edhi for instance who are an exemplary figure.

    I had been living in Europe for some time now and I can give you many examples of my bad experiences here and that too just because of my color. We should be happy that we do not really have racism in Pakistan where just by mere color of your skin you are treated differently :)

    By comparing Pakistan with highly developed countries where people get basic education easily, you are comparing apples with oranges my friend.

    Last but not the least, there is ALWAYS more to be thankful for in our little homeland :)

    God Bless you!Recommend

  • Nobody

    You stole my words,Frustration &Humiliation is part of our daily can you expect somebody to be polite standing all day along and earning not even enough to take care of himself Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    For your information I have been to a few African countries who also do not have the basic amenities just as Pakistan lacks, but their people are very polite and friendly. So your argument that pakistanis are rude and unsympathetic because of their problems, falls flat. Get to the core of the problem- that Pakistanis have an attitude problem be they rich or poor. Most well to do Pakistanis are worst in behaviour. Its got to do with the society where there is no empathy and everyone just wants to step forward by pushing others behind.Recommend

  • Rana Amjad

    You are wrong since you are comparing us with humans! Have you heard what Sir Syed Ahmed said about Muslims of Indian sub-continent, he said in sheer frustration because Muslims were just not interested in education in spite of establishing an Aligarh Muslim University even by putting Muslim the name of the institution. He said that if Darwin’s theory is correct, these Indian Muslims might become humans one day. So first we should become humans!Recommend

  • Reality check

    I think you are right. People in pakistan have lost human connection to one another. Everyone is happy in his own backyard and most people in pakistan do not have any emotions for general public on the street. All this degradation has taken place in the last 20 to 25 years. I can recall that when I was growing as a child in 80s in central punjab , we used to go to even our distant relatives and spend few weeks without any problem. Now I do not see people visiting their own relatives and when they do, they have to get back to their homes before the evening. When this is the case among relatives these days , one can imagine the connection that pakistanis these days would have with a stranger. Recommend

  • NS

    What a true picture of what exactly is happening in Pakistan, I bet each one of us have countless examples to prove how insensitive we have become.Recommend

  • Nimra

    Its disgraceful how much as human beings we have degraded ourselves! Sometimes I just keep on wondering for hours & hours what’s wrong with us? The only thing that comes to my mind is our selfishness and hunger to keep ourselves really happy while we are least interested what others are going through, as if they have no sentiments of their own ! our apathy and extremity of desires might make us worse than animals! Or should I say we already are !Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Spigot !: We should be happy that we do not really have racism in Pakistan where just by mere color of your skin you are treated differently :)Recommend

  • Daud

    Agreed! The writer compared very nicely our social character with other civilized societies. No doubt our social character has been changed negatively with the passage of time but there are many internal and external elements which are plying vital role to spoil our society. Recommend

  • Insaan

    my uncle was admitted into a well known hospital in Karachi. He was very agitated and required two family members by his side. ….When his condition got worse, I broke down crying.

    One has to be very careful in dealing with such people. It is useless to argue with such people.Recommend

  • Mariam Ayaz

    @Spigot !:
    Haven’t you seen racism in Pakistan? Each province prefers their own people. It is about basic manners and it has nothing to do with education. We as a society should play our parts and correct those who behave inhumanely with others in basic every day settings. Racism is another issue my friend, you are comparing apples with oranges my friend. Recommend

  • Farah Naz Ata

    That is the motive I and many people have that when we are nice and helpful to others than we may be helped some day too. Aside from that we have a religeous duty to help and be polite to other people. Thank you for your comment :)

    @Spigot !:
    Thanks for the blessings. Recommend

  • Rana Amjad

    Daud, please face realities instead of excuses!Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    Agreed. Mohammed Bin Qassim was just a conqueror who wanted to expand Hajjaj Bin Yousuf’s empire. Mahmud Ghaznavi was nothing but a robber and a looter. That is all history.Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    @Mirza Kashif Baig:
    Pakistanis are not at war with the extremest elements, but they themselves are the extremist elements.Recommend

  • SZ

    @Farah Naz Ata,

    Farah, I empathise with you. It is not easy to keep hopes up when one sees total apathy taking firm roots all around. I believe it has less to do with education and more to do with the examples that are set and the examples that are followed. If society displays a caring and compassionate attitude, that care and compassion WILL carry on.
    However, I don’t believe empathy has completely vanished from our society and our people. I study, train and work with some of the most dedicated, supportive and empathic people at Therapy Works Karachi and our aim is to create, nurture and instil empathy, positive regard, support and awareness in our society.
    All is not lost. There is always hope, just be one of those who keep hope alive.Recommend

  • RB

    @Gratgy: I have a female dog, I don’t let it free. I tie it up or keep in cage all day.

    And how would you feel if someone tied you up and kept you in a cage all day long ? You are no better than misogynists who think women should be kept on a leash.Learn to have some respect and consideration for those that are dependent on humans and cannot voice their pain and suffering. Really, humans (if you can be called that) like you should never be allowed to have pets or even allowed near animals.Recommend

  • Mahnoor

    “Pakistan, where humanity is dead” this is not true. There are good and bad people everywhere. You cannot simply blame pakistanis. Recommend

  • Gratgy


    Sir, Do you understand what a hypothetical example is? Do you really believe I have a dog and keep it tied in a cage? So all that you understood from my comment is that I have a dog which i mistreat?… Sigh! FacepalmRecommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Sad incident !!Recommend

  • Another Pakistani

    In Pakistan, traffic is the best way of venting frustration. So yes, people fight on the smallest of things on the road here. But even on the same Pakistani roads, you will find random people helping you out if your car gets a tire punctured or your engine gets dead due to over heating or some other reason. I believe we still have some humanity left in our DNA.

    Pewasta reh shajar se, umeed-e-bahaar rakh!Recommend

  • RB

    @Gratgy : Sir, Do you understand what a hypothetical example is?

    And you, sir, really need to learn how to give a hypothetical example.Recommend

  • csmann

    Male chauvinism showing in some of the comments,and typical denial Also the favorite pastime of pakistanis- USA-bashing.Carry on!Recommend