Where is Mazhar Majeed?

Published: September 22, 2010

The match fixer who made headlines earlier this summer has suddenly disappeared

On Sunday August 29, we were introduced to Mazhar Majeed, thanks to the oh so credible British tabloid, News of the World, as they cooked up and ‘revealed’ the story of the Pakistan cricket team’s involvement in spot fixing. Almost a month after allegations that turned Pakistan cricket upside down, Majeed, the main man or the middle man, is nowhere to be found. A realtor, a sponsorship agent some of Pakistan team members, owner of a football club and an alleged bookmaker as well.

Impressive credentials, are they not? Yet, made a fool of.

After an undercover reporter from a British tabloid allegedly spoiled Majeed’s bid to make millions on the last Pakistan versus England Test at Lord’s, Majeed was arrested on charges fraud. But the troubling part comes later. He was released bail the next day and then arrested by the customs department and then bailed yet again.
Then next Sunday, another scandal rocked Pakistan team’s tour of England. A video showed Yasir Hameed ‘innocently chatting’ about match-fixing to strangers who included the same undercover reporter. Pretty intelligent of the opening batsman. If this was not enough, yet another media report tainted Pakistan, this time over winning a One-Day International.
Then came calls to ban Pakistan from international cricket from Sir Ian Botham until the charges are cleared up. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? But in between all this, the man responsible, aka Majeed, rests in peace. So where is he now? Wait, he has been reportedly pictured by tabloid again, trying to sneak into his mansion. Why has remained hidden from the spotlight while the three cricketers have been ‘mentally tortured’ and then suspended and face further questioning? It’s time the cat is let out of the bag.
I don’t mean to argue that our cricketers are not guilty or not to blame. They might be. But until that is proved beyond all reasonable doubt, they are innocent. Their defensive demeanour following the allegations, however, suggested otherwise.


Bilal Memon

The author is the business editor of The Express Tribune.

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