Kalabagh dam: PML-N’s solution to our energy crisis?

Published: May 29, 2013

Many in Pakistan are supportive of the Kalabagh project, as this dam will help to utilise surplus water of the river Indus and it happens to be one of the most investigated projects in the world. PHOTO: FILE

Many in Pakistan are supportive of the Kalabagh project, as this dam will help to utilise surplus water of the river Indus and it happens to be one of the most investigated projects in the world. PHOTO: FILE Many in Pakistan are supportive of the Kalabagh project, as this dam will help to utilise surplus water of the river Indus and it happens to be one of the most investigated projects in the world. PHOTO: FILE Many in Pakistan are supportive of the Kalabagh project, as this dam will help to utilise surplus water of the river Indus and it happens to be one of the most investigated projects in the world. PHOTO: FILE

Pakistan, after the elections, is once again faced with perhaps the most divisive political issue- the construction of the Kalabagh dam. One of the many expectations from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is to bring to life the Kalabagh dam; a subject that has been brushed under the carpet for a long period of time.

So, the questions arise, will Mr Nawaz Sharif be able to address this issue through consensus among the provinces? And, will we as Pakistani citizens for once rise above our internal conflicts and work towards our collective development?

It cannot be ruled out that the Kalabagh dam issue is ridden with conflicts, with the province of Sindh at the forefront of the opposition and Balochistan also spelling out its reluctance. The reason behind this resistance has been clearly highlighted by Sindhi and Balochis. They fear that with the construction of the dam, Punjab will unlawfully divert the water to irrigate their own land, leaving the other lands arid.

Their stance is quite clear; they want the site of the Kalabagh dam to be shifted away from Mianwali. I am not denying nor challenging their demands. My contention is that if a nation is within the grip of unprecedented and acute electricity shortages which does not only hamper economic development but also takes its toll on the people’s daily lives, the construction of the dam should be made a priority.

Agricultural sub-committee of the Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also emphasising the need to undertake Kalabagh construction work. It is believed that only through Kalabagh, the country will be in a position to safeguard its agricultural based economy which is adding 26% to the GDP, and livelihood of 52% of the total population is dependent upon it.

Moreover, many in Pakistan are supportive of the Kalabagh project, as this dam will help to utilise surplus water of the river Indus. It also happens to be one of the most investigated projects in the world. It has not only gained financial support from the World Bank but also from many international agencies.

Yet, this does not allow the construction of the dam to escape criticism from people who hold to the view that this dam will displace a large number of people and inundate fertile lands in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. Their apprehension stems from the fact that many acres of land could be lost due to water logging in Mardan, Swabi and Charssada.

One of the fears is that if Kalabagh is implemented, there will be no water available for downstream Kotri in the future leading to a chaos in the delta and the katcha areas of Sindh. The sea intrusion caused by this dam is also predicted to cause heavy financial losses to the Sindh economy. These fears are relevant but it is also important to remind us that Pakistan spends $7 billion yearly on import of fuel for operating thermal power units- let’s say if Kalabagh is built, the country will be absolved of this burden that has strangled the country’s economy.

Kalabagh could actually help Pakistan get out of its circular debt.

Some argue that Diamer Basha is of more relevance for Pakistan, even though I do not completely disapprove their stance, I still believe that Kalabagh is far more superior to Diamer Basha. Kalabagh being located in Mianwali District, is easily accessible and close to the network of power transmission that is certainly not the case with Basha located 197 miles upstream of Tarbela which is quite difficult to access.

The mean annual river flows at Kalabagh is much higher approximately 90 million acre feet (MAF) compared to around 50.53 MAF mean annual river flow at Basha.

One of the main reasons why Kalabagh should be given priority is because it is almost ready for construction and if proper work is undertaken this projected can be completed in six years meanwhile Diamer Basha’s construction period may exceed ten years due to difficulty in accessing the location.

The crucial factor that points in favour of Kalabagh is the low cost that this project entails. Cost wise, Diamer Basha is substantially more expensive than Kalabagh.

It is true that both Kalabagh and Diamer Basha are indispensable for meeting for accelerating electricity and water requirements  in Pakistan but Basha certainly fails to be an alternative for Kalabagh as it is only the latter that can provide hydropower and irrigation water that is required in the coming years.

It is vital for the government of Pakistan, PML-N, to start taking the long awaited steps needed to lead Kalabagh Project to its completion. Although, nothing has been done in the last few years to build the consensus of the provinces over the Kalabagh dam, let us hope that PML-N in 2013 puts it act together to get this consensus.

It has been proposed that a “Dispute Resolution Commission” consisting of politicians, engineers and people who are actively involved in keeping the Kalabagh issue alive should be set up.

The aim should be to propagate with facts and figures among the people of Sindh that they will be the maximum gainers if Kalabagh Dam is built and will be its worst victims if it is not built.

It is crucial for Pakistan to determine and sort out the real causes of opposition to the building of the Kalabagh Dam and take concrete steps to address them. Perhaps, it is mandatory to discuss this issue more openly through talk shows and debates on the media and at other forums.

Sara Shujat

Sara Ali

A lawyer, researcher and human rights advocate, currently working in a think-tank based in Pakistan. She enjoys reading and writing and wants to publish a book before she hits thirties. She is in to swimming, playing instruments, art and aspires to join theatre in future. She loves travelling!

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  • fari

    inspite of all the facts given above sindh will be opposing this dam even as IRSA HQ is now moved to ISL … Opposing the dam construction seems to be the life line of selffish Sindi Politicians ….
    pak will continue to rub its toes in future due to such idiotic n behavior (God Forbid) but i my self hv seen this pethatic attitude by sindhis .Recommend

  • Quraysh Khattak

    This is a dead issue. Three provinces have rejected this project.Recommend

  • Saira

    A very nice piece of writing KalaBagh dam is right now the first and most important need of Pakistan because electricity shortfall has reached to 4000 MegaWatt 7000 MegaWatt and there is no other option it will take time to be build but still there would be a hope and people opposing this dam should live one ot two( or like in many villages 3) summer day with out electricity generators and UPS so that they can get a little bit idea of why this dam is so important for people like us.Recommend

  • ahmad

    If you even ask an engineer who is from Sindhi background, he will support the project. We need to get out of local politics and think for the benefit of Pakistan. Recommend

  • Linchpin

    It is a political issue that is stuck in a world view of the 1980’s. Most of the politicians who oppose it are people who have been in politics since the 1980’s and they think that Pakistan and the world is still stuck in the era we knew 3 decades ago.
    Much this world view was based on ethno-provincialism. This is all that the politicians can offer since roti, kapra, makaan has not materialised for 4 decades. For a third rate politician it is much easier to be against something and install fear in people than present a vision and inspire people.
    Technically it makes sense to go ahead. All professionals no matter what province would agree. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    ET – Publish some nice controversial blog na……….. kuch interesting ho jaye please ….. Recommend

  • Sane

    Kalabagh dam has been politicized so much that now it is a dream never to come true.Recommend

  • gujranwala789

    Kalabagh dam is an issue of Saraiki speaking areas of punjab. No one in rest of punjab is interested in this topi drama of kalabagh. Even in southern punjab areas , ´the retired army generals who get 100s of acres of land in that area and big landlord feudal are lobbying for this kalabagh dam. It is not punjabis issue as true punjabis in pakistan lahore and gujranwala divisions will not benefit from it due to geographical reasons , our rivers are ravi, chanab and jhehlum.Recommend

  • areluctantpakistani

    The issue with Kalabagh is reality is not the flow of water or the electricity generation capacity (which to be honest is not the main reason for our energy woes at the moment – and Rs. 800 billion of circular debt will not disappear because of Kalabagh anyways), the issue in fact is the massive mistrust by all other provinces of Punjab.

    Considering what happened in East Pakistan which dared to ask for its rights and thus challenged Punjab’s power, I believe it may be best to shelve this project whatever the other benefits maybe. Pakistan will not be able to survive another province breaking away.Recommend

  • Riaz Bhutto

    If Nawaz Sharif impose this issue then it will be harmful for PML-N, SINDH, BALUCHISTAN & Khyber Pukhtunkhwa never accept this methodology.Recommend

  • MMH

    It is simply worrying that as Pakistani’s, we decide to ignore our own brothers concerns.. Let me be mindful of what you have written, although I agree on your statement, Pakistan needs Kalabagh Dam.. But not at the cost of it being separated.. Why do I go to such extreme?? Pretty simple, it’s due to trust deficit between each other.. Like it or not Punjab and people living in Punjab are most disliked by the remaining proviences.. Mostly, due to its betrayl, lieing and ignorance of remaining of Pakistan… Let me be very clear, Only Punjab is NOT PAKISTAN.. Recommend

  • SAF

    Thanx for such a nice article…!!!
    I have been researching on the subject as well…Kalabagh Dam is only a politically motivated issue…I have a complete document on political problems linked with this issue…There is nothing wrong in its engineering side…We can only hope for something better on the issue…Recommend

  • Shan Junejo

    Dear Miss Ali,
    I am pleased that you have such a burning interest in overcoming the present power crisis, as most of us do, regardless of our provincial residence, ethnicity or geographical location.
    There are a few points I would request you to consider when you bring up the subject of Kalabagh Dam:

    One of the reasons that all the smaller provinces are suspicious of this project is that the Punjab has been and is stealing water for a long time now. The Chashma Link canal was to be only operated in flood situations but is now operated on a perennial basis.
    The Kalabagh Dam was being pushed for the purposes of power generation, but when Sindh and Baluchistan provisionally agreed to it’s possible construction if the site was moved where a irrigation canal would not be possible, the fig leaf of power generation fell away. This exposed the real intent of the backers and further cemented the view point of bad intentions of the part of the Punjab. The KPK, incidentally, was not interested then or now for any dam that reduces the amount of arable land in their province.
    The Indus Delta eco system provides protection to millions of people in Sindh who have lived there far longer than any lands you may want to cultivate in the Cholistan. Your idea that millions of Sindhi farmers should be pushed to starvation so that lands that have never been in cultivation in the Punjab can be brought under cultivation is the biggest form of ethnic chauvinism I have yet to encounter.
    If you would bother to read the Kazi report on Kalabagh Dam, you would clearly see that there is only enough water to fill the Dam every seven years if normal water is provided to those who are receiving it now. Thus, if you are in favor of building this dam, will you also insist that the Punjab take the water needed from it’s own share during the periods (normal water years) that have no flooding?
    There is a reason why a U.N. protocol exists to protect the rights of the Lower Riperians. This is exactly the point we are trying to make with Indian construction of Dams in Kashmir.

    I too am a Pakistani Ms.Ali, and would like to keep this country in one piece. This project is ruinous to the fabric of a united Pakistan.Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)


    U have no idea wht u are talking about….Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    @Shan Junejo:
    but when Sindh and Baluchistan provisionally agreed to it’s possible construction if the site was moved where a irrigation canal would not be possible, the fig leaf of power generation fell away. This exposed the real intent of the backers and further cemented the view point of bad intentions of the part of the Punjab.

    A baseless farbrication..as being R&D Engineer and Project Manager in Energy sector your point is completely unvalid….although I am not a dam constructor but basic of the field never changes….

    The reason why the dam is this way divided is because of its feasibility report made by ENGINEERS and not politicians………The dam location cannot be changed…and has nothing to do with politics…

    yes people in south Pakistan are not interested in the Project because it will benefit Punjab more….but will also help other provinces of Pakistan….
    To overcome our energy demand either Pakistan has to build a dam or a Nuclear reactors…..there is no other choice…coal and Renewable energy (wind and solar) cannot become the backbone of our generation….
    In simple words…either nuclear or HEP, both have harmful effects to the ecological system but if you want electricity than you have to give this scarifice……otherwise be happy with no electricity….
    Kalabagh has no engineering issue..the problem is, we as Pakistanis are divided which is causing the whole issue….and I must tell you till you wont make HEP dam or nuclear PAKISTAN WILL REMAIN IN THE DARK..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)


    completely true…!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Hamza

    It does not matter what punjab, kpk, sindh, balochistan say

    PAKISTAN SAYS THAT IT NEEDS KALABAGH DAM and so it shall be done

    Country before any province Recommend

  • Junie

    Kalabagh deam should to be not contructed bez it is destruction of three province for one Punjab province.Recommend

  • Xnain

    @Shan Junejo:
    The Sindhi politicians (including PPP) have consistently cashing in on the issue. Even I recently heard senior PPP politician Khursheed Shah sahib using KBD and anti punjab sentiment in his political camplain. Whats more ironic is that Sindhi nationalist leaders have now started to campaign against any dam on Indus river and have also started to object Bhasha Dam. The problem is that there is no sane voice in the province to counter them. While KBD is a done deal, the behavior of Sindhi politicians have been facilitated by the locals since even both Sindhi speaking intellects and columnists have broadly failed to break the paradigm of looking beyond Sindhi nationalism. Recommend

  • Yasir Mehmood – Civil Engineer

    Kalabagh Dam is most convenient from construction point of view. The terrain of the area is such that due to the bottleneck effect surrounding the river the width of the dam will be minimal resulting in minimal construction costs compared to Bhasha. Currently, immense difficulties are being faced in the construction of Bhasha 1. due to non availability of infrastructure in unfriendly terrain 2. Special underground arrangements have to be made for electricity transmission lines (further increasing costs) as they sag under snow (which lasts a good time of the year in GB). With regard to complaints of water being diverted to Punjab, telemetry (satellite operated) systems can be used to check the exact quantities of water being supplied to Sindh and Balochistan to ascertain that they receive water as per their share. Now with regards to apprehension of KP the bottleneck effect which I mentioned earlier can be responsible for submergence of a good area of Nowshera district under the reservoir but in 2010 floods similar phenomena was responsible for its flooding : http://reliefweb.int/map/pakistan/pakistan-district-nowshera-2010-flood-extent-20-nov-2012. As far as royalties on electricity generation is concerned , it can be settled once all stakeholder sit on the table.Recommend

  • Haider

    I totally agree with Mr. Shan Junejo.Recommend

  • Parvez

    It was never about the project’s physical viability. It was at first a question of lack of trust and many felt this was justified, now it has been politicised to such an extent that the issue is as good as dead.

  • Truth

    @Shan Junejo

    tell me where you want Dam to be, on coastline of Karachi, this is a well researched and debated project between engineers. So nothing with happen to water going to sindh. Recommend

  • jhelumi

    Nice article,but it would be very difficult for PML N to carry out any development regarding the Kalabagh Dam.

    Pakistan,right at this moment,is not capable of any new pandora’s box. Recommend

  • Karim Khan

    What a baseless propaganda article! By benefit of Pakistan, you obviously mean Punjab. This one-province’s dream will never come true. Recommend

  • http://lahore K. Salim Jahangir

    We need to have a live presentation/conference on TV of/by experts(Mr.Shamsul Mulk former chairman WAPDA must be present in the team of experts from all over Pakistan) & those politicians who are vehemently opposing this project .This exercise has not been done for some obscure reasons.Those who simply reject the project have no argument.Rejection by Provincial Assemblies is nothing but politics & cannot be accepted any more.The PM may please consider this proposal to get over this pending issue as soon as possible before we are left with not even a drop of water.We have enemies within…..very unfortunate !Recommend

  • http://lahore K. Salim Jahangir

    People, who on every national issue threat that Pakistan will not be the same if their views are not accommodated, better change this style of argument. Pakistan is not a piece of glass that someone will throw on the floor & break it,please don’t bring the example of East Pakistan.That was a different ball game & can still be debated.One has suggested a solution to Kala-Bagh Dam in this column,hope it is posted by ET. Recommend

  • Khurram Awan

    @Quraysh Khattak: All people are united against Punjab because you cannot stand the prosperity of Punjab and want to make us weak and that is your ultimate aim but it will never be fulfilled.

    @gujranwala789 Hey kid educate yourself first. Seraiki is just a diaelect and there is no difference in a Jat of Seraiki speaking region or of Other regions of Punjab. Also on the water of Punjab every region of Punjab have equal rights. It is totally unjustified that Central Punjab took the whole water of Potohar and Southern Punjab regions when Water must be distributed in an equitable manner. Recommend

  • Mughees Ahmed

    totally agree with the writerRecommend

  • Ahsanullah Mehsud

    i wonder why Punjabi’s insist on constructing a controversial dam when there other venues to build dams. Kalabagh is not the only venue. for the 30 years Punjab is violating water distribution formula at chasma near d.i.khan. the accord was to provide kpk with two rivers and Punjab with one. contrary to the formula what Punjab did the let kpk so for to have single river and that too quite small in size than the agreed size. and Punjab is drawing more water contrary to the agreement.

    Kalabagh has short life span and the construction is very high. while Basha has hundreds of years life span. than why not complete basha to end crises. Recommend

  • saif ur rehman

    I think govt should coordinate with china and iran as they are also willing to invest in case of electricity, so most of the problems and conflicts will be solved.Recommend

  • Linchpin

    This is not about Punjabis, Lahore or Gujranwala. It’s about Pakistan. Just because you don’t directly get your 50 cents worth in “true Punjab” whatever you imagine that to be it does benefit millions of other Pakistani people weather they are true or false in your ethnic universe.Recommend

  • S

    One of the fears is that if Kalabagh is implemented, there will be no water available for downstream Kotri in the future leading to a chaos in the delta and the katcha areas of Sindh. The sea intrusion caused by this dam is also predicted to cause heavy financial losses to the Sindh economy. These fears are relevant but it is also important to remind us that Pakistan spends $7 billion yearly on import of fuel for operating thermal power units- let’s say if Kalabagh is built, the country will be absolved of this burden that has strangled the country’s economy.

    Seriously, you know ALL the facts and figures yet you want other provinces to accept this ?

    Sindhis will NEVER accept this! Kalabagh should not be built!Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    @Shah (Berlin):
    I don’t know what kind of engineer you are, but the issues highlighted by Shan are completely true. The issue is not about the engineering feasibility of the dam, but is about the net results from its construction. First of all the world has now come to a conclusion that large dams are a detriment to the ecology and the people of the area. Secondly the Indus does not have surplus water as the Punjab has been depriving farmers in lower Sindh of their fair share of water for irrigation. If this dam were to be constructed, the water would be used to irrigate arid land in the Punjab at the cost of fertile cultivated land in Sindh. At the same time with the reduction of flow of the Indus into the sea, there would be intrusion of sea water that would render land in lower Sindh uncultivable. The mangrove eco system would be lost and their would be food shortages.

    Kalabagh dam is all about the interests of the Punjab versus the rest of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    It is not a question of looking beyond Sindhi nationalism, but is a question of survival for the people of lower Sindh. For the sake of irrigation of arid land in the Punjab, you want to deprive the people of Sindh of their livelihood.Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    Why do we need a dam anywhere? These large dams hurt the ecological system and destroy fisheries.Recommend

  • Qaisrani

    @Khurram Awan: Saraiki and Sariakis have nothing to do with Punjabi langauge and Punjabis. Keep the muntra that Saraiki si dialect of Pubjabi with you: have you ever seen any Punjabi speaking Saraiki in Lahore or Gujranwala??? They pretend as it has been langauge from Mars.

    @Gujranwala786. I am happy with your hatred towards Saraiki and being so bold. We donot need Kalabagh dam but let all the Punjabis residing in Saraiki wasaib to settle in Gujranwala and Lahore division. Take your Punjabi generals with you who have occupied Saraik Wasaib’s lands.
    Punjabis have stolen Saraiki Wasaib’s water by signing “Indus water treaty” with India. Canals in Saraiki Wasiab present desert look for 6 months while all the canals in Punjab are overflown.
    Bifurcate Punjab; we have enough of this economic, cultural, social and political exploitation by Punjabis.Recommend

  • Ali

    how about wind and solar energy?Recommend

  • http://hasnainyousaf.blogspot.com/ Xnain

    @Raja Islam:
    “For the sake of irrigation of arid land in the Punjab, you want to deprive the people of Sindh of their livelihood.”
    Basha Dam is in GB, not in Punjab……….Recommend

  • nida aftima

    @Quraysh Khattak:
    our industry is at the verge of its xtint, if n stepp will be taken then our industry will b finished which means millions of people will lose their livelihood and situation will b not less than disaster so present govt should seriously think abt this…..Recommend

  • http://lahore K. Salim Jahangir

    @Ali:Why didn’t previous government thought of it? They put every thing under the carpet,made money & are now cosily ensconced. Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    Dont get stuck into KB Dam, If it has become a stubborn bone of contention, parallel alternative dams should be found.
    Why dont take positively, dam will save Sind from floods and give electricity revenue to KPK, dont provoke provincial bigotry, we are all pakistan.
    Water reservoirs can be dug on flat lands also where water may be stored in rainy season and channelized through canals. This will save from floods also.
    New technology can be used by building turbine/power houses on run-of-riverRecommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    Why provoke provincial bigotry, that is why we are lagging behind in work, we all are Pakistan, in any project see how many no of ppl will benefit, how much GDP will raise, but we create hill out mole by hate & vengeance.
    Why overlook positive side, in rainy seasin every year millions of ppl, cattle, crops are wasted, instead this water may be used for benefit
    Adjustments may be made in project, like flow of water to Sind may not be disturbed. Obstinate no is not positive & patriotic attitude. Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    Almost all rivers ultimately flow to Sind after Panjnad Barrage at Bahawalpur, so in that way all dams were detrimental to Sind, even Tarbella, Mangla. Why KB Dam has been made issue.

    The background fact is our polititians of past had made this issue by conspirative instigation of India (who was jealous of our progress), Ghafar Khan and some Sind Fundamentlist Parties, they were against recognition of Pakistan even.

    Be rationale and united, leave obstinate following of old rivalaries, come to terms which regard mutual benefits. Youth should pay attention to overall progress, there is no restriction whether you want to live and earn in Punjab, Center, KPK, etc, etcRecommend

  • Shan Junejo

    Here you go: http://tribune.com.pk/story/559935/theft-unearthed-sindh-losing-share-as-water-goes-missing/

    How can anyone expect a trust based mechanism to evolve when this is happening. Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    @Shan Junejo:
    Good, this is gradual improvement, What is good for whole country is good for all. Government Planning is made keeping in view, maximum population be benefited and GDP increases.
    Are we just 2 provinces of same country and same religion or India & Pakistan that we cannot trust each other. Sindi, Pathan, Baloch & Mohajir vegeance ag Punjab or interse, has become tradition maintained by wicked politicians & their innicent followers, it should be burried now. World is making progress and we are quarrelling, India has built many dams since then.
    And Lahore is not going to be irrigated by Kalabagh Dam, there will arid & barren areas of deprived and underprivilged Baloch/Sind/Punjab&KPK, the real geographical center of Pakistan. Situation have changed since Ghafar Khan, KPK would get hydel profits, if KB Dam is built, not Punjab. And electrity will be distributed to all Pakistan. Then why all abuse Punjab, it has become a tradition.Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin
  • Shan Junejo

    Just in case none of you caught this: http://tribune.com.pk/story/559935/theft-unearthed-sindh-losing-share-as-water-goes-missing/

    How can one expect anyone to support this dam when this is the way we are treated?Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    @Shan Junejo:
    Dear Shan, you will fund arguments either side like advocates in legal trial,
    For a moment forget there are diffrerent provinces, Sind, Punjab & blah blah.
    Just one Pakistan, then you will be different.
    Be Rationale, Leave you obstinate stance, Without Hydel power you cant get cheap electricity, whereever you build dam, you will cry, all rivers fall in Indus and Arabia Sea.
    Else let people burn in load shedding and die in extra water floods but never never let it save for better use.
    Nothing comes free without sacrficing some, you cant have cake and eat it too.
    Now its upto you to exagerate loss over benefit.
    Despite these enviromental issues etc, in all world, dams are built, only we are too bitter against each other and let world laugh on us.Recommend

  • Azmat Shah

    Every mega dam project is to be built with a huge financial and environmental cost. To reap the benefits, you have to pay a price- its as simple as that. But the problem in this case (or at least the perception) is that the financial and environmental costs are to be shared by the 3 smaller provinces and the benefits, at best will be shared among the 4 provinces according to their respective sizes, with panjab getting most of the share. I think that if they agree on a formula that the electricity from the project will be given at subsidised prices to the smaller provinces and ensure Sindh and Balochistan that wathey will get their fair share of irrigation water. Will panjab take the lead on the issue and show magnanimity by floating this idea. I guess not Recommend

  • Shan Junejo

    @Jamshaid Mohsin

    Dear Mr. Mohsin,
    A little sweat never killed anyone but hunger does. Just two questions for all of you supporters of this project:
    1. If it is meant to be for electricity, why does the Punjab lobby insist on a irrigation connection?
    2. Why are the livelihoods of people in the Punjab more valuable than those of Sindh?

    Kindly spare me the sanctimonious lectures on the betterment of the whole country when clearly the benefit is lopsided at best.

    This was exactly the attitude which landed us in a situation where half our country broke off in 1971. Have we to repeat our mistakes to learn them?Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    @Azmat Shah:
    Now another issue, small province want subsidised electricity.
    Subsidy is already being given, Sind is being provided mostly thermal power yet he is being charged average rate throughout Pakistan.
    When Sind is in floods at whose cost it is settled. Sind should pay the loss he would save from floods when dam is built. No I wont assert, but i can argue if i beleived provincialism & intend to put hurdles in progress of Pakistan
    Why don’t you leave the Provincialism, resources are for human beings not for land, where there are more humans they need more food and rsources etc..
    As discussed, a dam’s main product is surplus water mngmnt, water will not be channelized to Lahore, the areas to be irrigated are of deprived/underpivilged areas.
    Some selfish politicians have also sown seeds of racism within Punjab even, those beneficiaries are also against Punjab, so they are our brothers.
    I would stress, just forget provinces, go for human beings.
    Forget Sindh, KPK, Baloch, Punjab or Mohajir Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    The main purpose of dam is surplus water management.
    The maiin beneficiary of irrigation is not Central Punjab or Lahore.
    Those being benefitted are also against North Punjab so they are your co-vengeance brothers so dont resist if some under-prviliged areas of DG/DI/RY Khans are irrigated
    Hydel power is by-product of dam, you let the water go free or put turbine wheel.
    Real users are irrigated areas, and they would use water not Lahore..
    If Govt pays cost to KPK, subsidies also, then why not produce thermal power and let use the water only for your deprived brothers of DG/DI Khan.
    Every province clever politcian has make their followers to be run after Punjab, like Truack’s Red Light, infact they are themselves exploiting their Haaris and diverting your attention to Punjab. Baloach Sardars don’t let build schools/colleges. Sindhi waderas have maintained unfair employment, grant usurpation and police admin system. They ruthlessly kill punjabi guests in their areas while Punjab never does so.
    I would assert just keep aside Sind, Punjab, KPK blah blah, all country is yours
    @Shan Junejo: Recommend

  • Azmat Shah

    @Jamshaid Mohsin: We are all pakistanis. Its easier to say then to actually put it to practice. Easier to say that everyone will get equal benefit from it. My arguement is that whoever is to endure maximum loss should get maximum benefit as well. If you memory serves you better, you would remember the wheat crises a few years back. KPK suffered an acute shortage of wheat but our very own Khadim-e-ala punjab banned the inter-province movement of wheat between Panjab and KPK. How many of you used your brotherhood rhetoric at that time in favour of KPK. Please dont take me for a bigot. I have spent most of my life in Panjab and most of my friends are panjabis too, but your arguement doesnt hold water Recommend

  • Jamshaid Mohsin

    @Azmat Shah:
    You remeber the event of wheat stoppage( i can count many such for Sind, KPK, or Balochistan, and Khi, killings, onions stopped, pipelines & tracks sabotaged etc, etc) and wheat was being smuggled to Afghanistan, you presented the event out of your vengeance.
    Just consider, if others show un-ending stubborn vengeance against Punjab, how long can Punjab bear, then you would say look Punjab also raining slogan and forget that your own attitude first, like MQM is blaming others that our man has been killd but forget that how many they had killed and started racial hatred.
    Can you argue for people without naming provinces, where there are more people, those areas should be attended or where we can generate more GDP by little investment.
    I wont argue any further, whatever you may infer,

    Asslam o Alackme.Recommend

  • Fatima H.

    Pakistan has to tread very carefully in building the Kalabagh Dam when it comes to respecting the rights and demands of the lower riparians because of its implications at the international level. Pakistan’s main argument with India over our shared water resources is India’s lack of respect for lower riparian rights (i.e. Pakistan’s right), and if Pakistan goes forward with the construction of the Dam with great dissent from the other provinces, it sets a precedence for India to violate our lower riparian rights. The issue is a complex political one at the international level as well.

    The Sindhi’s fear of Punjab taking the lions share of water is well-founded, and if anything, should be the basis for comprehensive land compensation packages, and a rigorous plan to ensure that the benefits are spread across Pakistan. Having said that- the Sindhi’s don’t realize that Punjab is the bread basket of Pakistan and thus deserve the larger share of water withdrawals from the canals. Agricultural land is far more fertile and fit for crops in Punjab than Sindh- and if the Sindhi’s envisage turning their desert into an irrigated crop land, the environmental consequences of such massive land transformation are harrowing.Recommend

  • Hafiz zafar sharif

    Dear all readers,

    I hope it is very good for all of you to first read the indus water treaty of pakistan with india. any one can tell me ravi and sutlej flows in which area of the pakistan. my opinion is in punjab what is your? . on which basis the water of ravi and sutlej taken from the punjab now the no river water for the people of these areas. best solution is break the agreement with india and you know what will happen? less water will be avialable in indus river and water will avaialbe in ravi and sutlej and issue will be solved.
    Any one can tell how many dam consturted on pakistan water by india, any protest from Sindh, KPK , Balochistan and Even punjab province. According to my information 17 dams?
    One dam in pakistan not acceptable but 17 by india no problem?
    Dear all readers any on can tell me 7 demerits of kalabagh dam?

    Please think if dam will consturct no problem of load shedding and there is no way to stop the water in the dam after filling it. Recommend

  • http://yahoo Ali

    Antwerpen: An EU Based International mediator Mohammad Faisal revealed in his interview that triangular USA, India and Israel are against the building of Kala Bagh Dam.
    They had signed an agreement during March 2001 that no big Dam should be built in Pakistan, so that the economy of Pakistan may not be improved. Certain Pakistani Politicians are included in this conspiracy and they had been heavily compensated for this act. Sindh nationalist leaders, Khyber Pakhtunkhwah leaders are getting financial benefits from this treason.
    Talking with UNN correspondent Barber Azad he said the current situation, if the Sindh-Tas agreement is strictly complied with and if this process is rigorously monitored, it will be impossible for India to block Pakistan`s share of water.
    The international guarantor of this agreement, which was signed in the 1980s in order to give a legal form to the use of river waters by Pakistan and India, was also chosen at that time. The World Bank was its guarantor. Pakistan has been complying with this agreement since the very first day, but India had not been able to abide by the terms of this agreement.
    During 2008 when Pakistan government has refused to build the Kalabagh Dam India started building Kargil Dam, because if Pakistan does not build any dam then India will be open to do so and they are building Kargil dam buglihar dam and hundreds of other small dams. Kargil Dam is the 2nd largest dam in the world. By changing the name of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwah, Government has laid down first brick for the freedom of frontier.
    These are the words of Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan Peshawar. Mohammad Faisal also declared that Asfand yar Wali has said that if Kala Bagh Dam is built he will announce the independent Pukhtoon Khwah. Now, decision is in the hands of public, whether they accept or reject these Kind of Politicians who support US agenda Recommend

  • Sami

    @Ahsanullah Mehsud:
    Brother I like your logical comments that it is agreed for two rivers on KPK Side and one on Punjab but issue is 1) lack of irrigation structure and please don’t bash Punjab Punjab has’nt tied KPK politician last 30 years not to make their irrigation system. There seriousness can be seen they didnt made any feasibility yet 2) Southern KPK don’t get benefit from the Basha. I not saying myself its word of one most educated and twice chairman of WAPDA Shamul-Malik and please dont say Shamul-malik is punjabi blood he is pure Puktoon but one with logical and highly educated.

    Reason, Two river system cannot be used by KPK is because irrigation system can not be develop on the lower basin of the indus river in KPK side because height at that level is 100 to 150 feet above. Now as per KPK politicians Water coming in Kalabagh will rise and Nowshera will be Sink into water if that logic is true then all of the southern KPK can get water in normal day no height issue be problem for irrigation. But the ANP and other logic fail over here.

    Till the time KPK does not make or provide alternative route for irrigation for the water it cannot use the water and as Per Irsa any unused water will be divided among other provinces and that how Punjab is getting water but don’t forget Sindh and Balochistan also they get the share too.

    Why Kalabagh is good for KPK ? 1) you can claim the water of the two rivers as per accord because water into the left canal will irrigate the southern KPK and southern KPK Irrigation will be develop because of the left Canal.
    2) there is 8,00,000 Acres of Land not getting cultivated becasue of no water in southern KPK that can used to grow field and provide more food security to KPK and the country.
    3)Bringing business and Jobs in southern KPK mean more prosperity.

    Hope it answer your question.Recommend