Samina Baig and Mirza Ali: Pakistan climbs Mount Everest!

Published: May 20, 2013

Samina Baig and her brother Mirza Ali made history by climbing the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Amidst the hue and cry about rigging in elections, the political topsy turvy and the mercury rising and crossing the boiling point, there comes good news for Pakistan. Samina Baig and her brother Mirza Ali made history by climbing the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen.

It is also a moment of great pride not only for Pakistan but also for India and all those who want peaceful relations between both the countries, as Samina and Mirza had in their team two Indian twin sisters, Nughsi and Tashi.


All four of them were aiming to hoist the Pakistani and India flags together at the summit and spread the message of peace and friendship.


The expedition kicked off from April 1, 2013, and ended on 19 May, 2013, at 7:40am. Samina became the first Pakistani woman mountaineer to scale an eight-thousander, and her brother Mirza Ali became the third and the youngest Pakistani male to summit Mount Everest (8848 metres).


It’s a proud moment for Pakistan and India both, so let’s forget all the differences and unite to celebrate this historic moment. Let’s also hope and pray that this news will bring new life to the dying tourism industry of Pakistan.

Our country possesses plenty of potential tourist attractions, from fine examples of Mughal and Buddhist architecture to some of the world’s highest mountains. We have snow-peaked mountains and vast deserts where people live in a fascinating, rich culture. However, in recent years, convincing foreigners to come visit Pakistan has been an uphill battle. To tempt people from other countries to visit Pakistan would be more difficult today than to outline a workable peace plan between Palestine and Israel.

The government has to take special measures for providing relief to tourists if it wants to boost the tourism industry in Pakistan. It is quite possible to attract foreign tourists to our beautiful Northern areas once again if government shows its interest and will. Only a little bit attention of on their part can make this country once again a hub of foreign and local tourists, and eventually this can make Pakistan economically well.

This positive news will send a good message to all those who want war and not peace between India and Pakistan. If four people from these two countries can scale the towering, mighty Mount Everest by uniting, there is no telling what we can be capable of in uniting on a larger, international level.

I would like to congratulate both the siblings on this wonderful achievement. Pakistan is proud of you! Keep making history and bringing many more positive and proud moments for this nation.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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Daniyah Sehar

Daniyah Sehar

A Lahore based amateur photographer with a Master's degree in Mass Communication and English Literature, Daniyah is a freelance writer and tweets as @DaniyahSehar

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  • Sumair

    Congratulations! A monumental achievement! It has always been my dream to climb mountains but never got to do it…..great to see a Pakistani woman achieve this! Wow!Recommend

  • Rahat Latif

    from Nagar to Nepal .. True champions .. It is proved “Femininity can defeat Fragility”Recommend

  • Altaf

    Hats off to the daring Boy and Girls of the Pak-India Subcontinent!
    Himalaya and its highest peak belong to the subcontinent and so has it surrendered to the joint expedition. How true was Iqbal when he said:
    Aye Hamala Aye Faseele Kishware Hindustan— Teri Peshani ko jhuk kar chomta hai Asman Recommend

  • Adnan K

    Congratulation to both Pakistan and India for working in tandem and scaling Everest.What amazinging positive story among the doom and gloom media stories we read everyday. Lets aim to have more please positive news in our print media and the news channels.Recommend

  • Waqar Rizv

    Samina Baig is not a Pakistani please be realistic. She belongs to Gilgit/Hunza. When it comes to making records you acknowledge them as Pakistanis but while elections even Samina Baig’s CNIC along with all the people of Gilgit-Baltistan were rejected saying’ You are not a Pakistani Citizen’. She is the pride of Gilgit Baltistan. Read More…

  • nomi

    Excellent work guys. We are so proud of you. Thank you for flying the Pakistani flag on the Everest !Recommend

  • Daniyahsehar

    @Waqar Rizv:
    What policies Government makes and what politics they play , if we indulge in that it will be long discussion. Point is Samina is a source of pride for women and I myself fighting over women rights, feel proud of her achievement . Let us celebrate her achievement and success and lets not make a battle ground or reason to fight over. Is it necessary to spoil whatever little happiness we are getting ? Lets be happy and celebrate it . If you will look for reasons to be unhappy you will find them in plenty. Please grasp this moment of joy , lets feel yourself too standing on top of Everest ,It is not the mountain we are conquering but ourselves! Recommend

  • Sanaa Khalid

    @Waqar Rizv: Explain the Pakistani flag then?Recommend

  • Parvez

    People who climb mountains must definitely be made of some special material that lesser mortals just do not have………..feats like this can only be called amazing.

  • Asim

    Author: Very good thoughts indeed. If the terrorism situation eases and the positivity between the 2 countries improves, there will be a gush of visitors who would want to visit each other.
    After a ‘feud’ , when 2 parties make up, the friendship becomes extra-nice; with both parties going the extra mile to be extra nice.Recommend

  • Daniyah Sehar

    @Waqar Rizv:

    What policies Government makes and what politics they play if we indulge in that it will be a long discussion. Let’s not spoil this moment . Samina is a source of proud for women and I myself fighting over women rights, feel proud of her achievement. Let us celebrate her achievement and success and let us not make it a battle ground . We have very few happy moments and we should not spoil whatever moment we get. Lets grasp it and feel yourself standing on top of Everest , the harsh nasty cold wind trying its best to sweep us off our feet but
    it is not the mountain we are going to conquer but ourselves! Recommend

  • Sajjad Haider

    @Waqar Rizv: leave that for Samina and Mirza to decide whether they want to call themselves Pakistani or not. Infancy I have heard Government is confering many rewards on them and in my humble opinion they should advocate GB issue and instead of taking those rewards should just ask for resolving this issue . Recommend

  • Sajjad Haider

    @Daniyah Sehar:

    Absolutely agree with you we should not spoil such moments and definitely such moments are a test for us . We should rise above all differences and should unite to celebrate . Recommend

  • Sajjad Haider

    And congratulations to both Pakistan and India Recommend

  • Fudge

    @Waqar Rizv:
    so why is she holding the Pakistani flag then? Did Pakistanis force her to do this as well?! Not being able to vote is very wrong but please don’t try to hijack such an achievement to further your political agenda and the bias you hold. The Government is wrong not the people of Pakistan.

    Instead of declaring her a non-Pakistani when she clearly, proudly associates herself with Pakistan, why don’t you try to raise the issue instead of hijacking her identity. Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Excellent work….!!!!!!Recommend

  • Ehsan karim

    Thats the point my friend we call ourselves PAKISTANI and love country but PAKISTAN dont.Recommend

  • Waqar Rizv

    @Sanaa and All those who say ‘ Why She’s having Pakistani Flag in her hand?” The answer is very simple. Cuz all the people of Gilgit-Baltistan love Pakistan so i do. If I say she isn’t a Pakistani doesn’t make me Paki hater. The only point is that the people of Gilgit Baltistan should be given their rights. I want to ask you all, is it fair that in normal circumstances I’m not considered a Pakistani citizen, take the example of Voting. But when I do something extraordinary like Samina did, I’m portrayed as a Pakistani. Grabbing a flag doesn’t make her a Pakistani though she loves Pakistan and wants to be a Pakistani. Read the history. She belongs to a disputed land. Won’t you guys speak for her rights? or only hijack her achievements?

    And @Daniyah I didn’t agree with your blog but i do agree with what you said in the comments. God Bless YouRecommend

  • Waqar Rizv

    @Fudge: I’m not blaming Pakistanis but Pakistan’s policies. I’ve right to express my views independently. I’m not intended to offend anyone and I’m not from any political or religious party that I would try to politicize it. Recommend

  • Mohammad

    @Waqar Rizv:

    Than she has no right to hold Pakistani flag after claiming the Everest.. she should hold Gigit-Baltistan flag instead and shouldn’t have had her badge of Pakistani flag.

    What are you trying to prove? Samina is a Pakistani…and that flag proved it, unless she come up with a different opinion. Recommend

  • Sane

    Great Pakistanis. I salute you both.Recommend

  • Beelam Ramzan

    Wonderful Achievement by Nughsi and Tashi and Samina and Mirza . God bless you and you keep on achieving more heights !Recommend

  • Beelam Ramzan

    @Waqar Rizv:

    I understand your concern and anxiety but like the author says lets forget all the differences. This news is like a breath of fresh air lets enjoy this glorious moment. Pakistan is equal to You and Me UNITED !Recommend

  • Beelam Ramzan

    @Daniyah Sehar:

    Highly appreciate your comment . We should really focus on conquering our ownselves. God Bless you !Recommend

  • Spigot !

    Go climb ! Stop using internet already :DRecommend

  • Fudge

    @Waqar Rizv:
    Point well taken and understood. Recommend

  • Rajendra k.c

    Twin sisters become first twins to scale Everest !!! Bravo – Tashi & Nungshi I salute you !!!

    As people from various walks of life went to Johri village to congratulate their parents, Col Virendra Singh Mallik and Manju Mallik, on the achievement of their 21-year-old daughters, there was talk that this was perhaps the first time in the history of Mount Everest, that twin sisters had scaled the peak simultaneously on the same day.

    However, Tashi and Nungshi, are not the first women from the state to have set foot on the highest peak of the world. Others who have done it earlier, include Bachendri Pal, who was the first women mountaineer from the country to climb the mountain, Sumanlata kuthiyal, Savita Martolaya and Kavita Burathoki.

    Please follow the links for the pictures and news on Facebook page –

  • rehan


  • RAV

    Samina and Mirza Both belong to Ismaili Community .. Proud to be Ismaili !!!Recommend

  • Raju

    @Waqar Rizv:

    Bro I agree with you Mirza and Samina is pride of GB . You are doing great effort by raising this issue on every forum . Gilgit Baltistan under the de- facto administration of Pakistan has no identity, no constitution, no system, no free expression, no impartial judiciary, no free media, no free movement, no human rights, no rights of vote and no freedom of expression. Recommend

  • Raju

    Gilgit Baltistan ZindaabadRecommend

  • ab

    unfortunately there isn’t any substantial coverage. Recommend

  • Daniyah Sehar


    Here is a Quote from Mirza Ali ‘s Blog :

    We would like to take the opportunity to thank the entire Nation for appreciating and encouraging our “First Pakistani Gender Equality Mt.Everest Expedition 2013” success. Since our mission is not just to reach the highest mountain heights but the mission of our expeditions are deeper, for Gender Equality and empower women through adventure sports and encourage and promote outdoor sports, give awareness and work on tourism. Before going on every expedition, we prepare detailed plans A, B and C, according to that we take the decision.
    Our Mt.Everest Expedition on Eve of the 60th anniversary of Mt.Everest since its first ascent back in 1953, we had the great honor to represent our fatherland Pakistan on this international mega event, I privately organized this expedition, with the kind help of our New Zealand friends, Jennifer Kent, Joy Deerness and Arthur Smith – their financial support made it possible for us to represent Pakistan and its green flag with the first Pakistan girl attempting the tallest mountain of the world. I did this effort without any support from Pakistan, since I love my country and have the passion to do something for my country within my capacity and my friends help made it possible that the first Pakistani woman, Samina Baig could hoist the Pakistani green flag on top of the world.I take the opportunity and request every organization and media house to be patient for our detailed informations and please DON’T MAKE ANY STATEMENT WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION prior to our return. Please you must not give any wrong information. We will explain every thing in detail in our upcoming press conference when we arrive Pakistan soon. Every statement and information is our copyright, so please wait until we are back in Pakistan. Thank you for your patience. Thank you again for your appreciation. Pakistan ZindaBad!!! Mirza.


  • Daniyah Sehar

    Like I said earlier What Government does and what Politics they play at higher level that is altogether different discussion . I have received many emails , a few tweets and messages telling me that they are not Pakistani Citizens but belong to Gilgit Baltistan . I understand these issues and really want a solid positive solution . We belong to each other and we should shun any effort to create any rift between us . United we are stronger Divided we are not !

    And here’s an other quote from Mirza Ali’s Blog :

    I since Im not in Pakistan right now, I can’t vote. But even in Pakistan, the people of the Gilgit-Baltistan province are excluded from the elections, we can’t vote for the parliamentary elections, which is shame! We are not considered or not yet fully empowered as Pakistani, we can’t vote and we don’t have any representative in the Parliament and Senate. But still we are proud Pakistanis and love Pakistan. And every one in Pakistan should love Pakistan!


  • Daniyah Sehar

    @Rajendra k.c:

    Yes Sir you are right Indeed Tashi & Nungshi are the First Twin sisters to scale Mount Everest .another interesting fact was that their Sherpas who happened to be brothers were also Twins .Recommend

  • Sher Baz Hiroshima

    Dear All ,

    Wonderful Achievement by Samina baig and Mirza Ali. God bless you and you keep on achieving more heights !Recommend

  • Xavier Desrosiers

    Pakistani mountain tourism….Recommend