Yes, Insafians, you are being ‘sore losers’

Published: May 15, 2013

The ‘party of change’ has acted like a protest movement till now and the protesters do not seem to have a clear understanding of how things work in post-colonial developing states. PHOTO: AFP

The historic elections are finally over. A significant majority of Pakistanis exercised their right to vote for their favoured parties and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has emerged as the leading party in the national assembly followed by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Predictions made by most analysts have been proven wrong in the wake of elections as Imran Khan’s PTI has emerged as a big political force winning a considerable number of seats in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and in the national assembly. At places where it did not win, it emerged as the runner up with a sizeable number of votes.

A lot of Pakistanis cast their votes for the first time in their lives and PTI was the clear favourite of the urban middle class educated Pakistanis. As the results started pouring in, however, there was a widespread display of shock and dismay.

Psychology tells us that the first stage of grief is usually denial. Here, this manifested in allegations of massive rigging by the youth on social media.

This anger and denial was channeled into hatred of the winning party and all sorts of disgusting memes appeared on the internet in the last 72 hours.

The following are some pictures that showcase the ‘sore loser’ and utterly disrespectful attitude shown by a majority of PTI fans.

1.  This map was widely circulated on social media.

It depicts the point of view of PTI supporters and how they perceive Pakistan as a whole. If anything, it essentially represents the original apolitical side of today’s youthful PTI voter whose hyper-idealism remained confined largely to their urban hang-out places and was rudely awakened by the pragmatism that is bread and butter of electoral/constituency politics.

2. This picture reflects the people of Punjab, who according to PTI fans, prefer qeemay walay naan (bread stuffed with minced meat- a popular meal) over ‘truth, justice and wisdom’.

Just because someone exercised their right to vote according to their will, does not mean they are greedy and stupid.

This is a shameful expression of anti-Punjab bias shown by Insafians.

Ironically, PML (N) won more seats from the districts with top 10 literacy rates in the country than any other party. Lest we forget, the reforms in education system done in Punjab in the last five years have been highlighted by the World Bank.

3.  This picture spells out the words, “I belong to a dead nation”.

It depicts the loss of hope by disgruntled and self-righteous followers. All the hype and media glitz surrounding the election campaign deluded voters into a false sense of infallibility and the loss of hope is a result of a failed ambition, particularly in Punjab.

Educated masses should know that persistence and hard work leads to change. Rome wasn’t built in a day and this attitude of giving up promulgates a very negative message to the youth of the country.

4.  This is a screenshot of a message written by a PTI fan to Mr Nawaz Sharif’s daughter.

Here, the author mocks her and her father for providing taxis to unemployed people. Now what is so bad about helping the less fortunate?

This is also the case with most other urbanite PTI fans who think giving incentives to the downtrodden masses (i.e. the actual majority) of Pakistan is shameful. Sadly, this shows that this young generation has A LOT to learn about politics.

Is this the sort of bullying they want to see in a ‘Naya Pakistan’?

5.  A fake column was written and attributed to a leading writer in Urdu Press, which alleged rigging on part of PML (N).

It was later clarified by the writer that he never wrote any such column. This has been a trend with tweets too by some famous journalists. They were manipulated on Facebook and later turned out to be completely fabricated!

I understand that supporters are upset that their hero Imran Khan did not come to power, but isn’t releasing fake tweets and columns taking it a bit far? Talk about desperation for attention! Better was expected of the educated class.

I can’t even begin to mention the countless abuses and cuss words hurled at anyone disagreeing with PTI’s narrative on social media. If you exercised your right to vote for PML-N, you are automatically labelled as a nihari loving paindoo. 

Why? Do Insafians want a “Naya Pakistan” where people are not given the right to differ from the mainstream opinion? Pardon me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the purana Pakistan?

Furthermore, numerous caricatures of Nawaz Sharif and his family have been tossed around on the internet, crossing the barrier of decency by a mile.

The modern, educated and upper middle class supporters of the ‘party of change’ should not be disgruntled with the fact that Imran Khan is not prime minister. The mere fact that a large number of previously apolitical people are willing to claim their stake in the system is reason enough for hope.

Attacking people and insulting them is not a change and I strongly condemn this sort of bullying.

The kind of change one should aspire to is a gradual change, patient change, and practical change. Idealism often tends to be rudely awakened by the bitter truth and we must cope with it. Only hard work, persistence and shrewd decision making can make democracy the best revenge towards corruption, nepotism, and misrule.

So, to all the disheartened PTI supporters, your party did not lose; in fact, it did very well. Buck up and keep vying for change in a way that is tolerant of other peoples’ choice.

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Abdul Majeed

A final year medical student with interests in history, political economy and literature. He blogs at and tweets as @abdulmajeedabid

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Saad

    As an unspoken rule, when you post screen-grabs from social media sites, you ‘black-out’ the names and pictures of people. Privacy.

    As far as the article is considered, this is very poorly written. You could’ve talked about so many things, and you go talking about Internet memes and pictures. Kudos to you, ‘writer’.Recommend

  • Sa

    “Do Insafians want a “Naya Pakistan” where people are not given the right to differ from the mainstream opinion? Pardon me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the purana Pakistan?”

    Wonderfully written. Can’t say more. And write more. Thumbs up!Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    So what if someone robs you tomorrow at gunpoint, and you protest. Would that classify you as a sore loser?

    You know why you guys stick to the mantra of ‘sore losers’ and ignore the actual evidence of rigging? Because your arguments don’t have a leg to stand on, and you use ‘sore loser’ as a crutch, much like a person who can’t debate because he lacks verbal ammunition, uses curse words. It is juvenile.

    This blog is a gross generalization. You are grouping the worst among us with the best among us. Shall I group every PMLN or MQM supporter who is a psychopath with the normal ones?

    Here is the common thread between all of you apologists. You won’t talk about the evidence of rigging. It is a complete and utter denial.

    I would agree with us being sore losers if we couldn’t accept the results in free and fair elections. A sore loser is someone who loses in a free and fair fight and then whines.

    This is an extreme example, but in the height of racism in America, lots of black athletes were robbed of their victories because of biased juries.

    Would you call them and their supporters sore losers for protesting?

    I am sorry, but ‘insafians’ were robbed in certain polling stations because of rigging. In Karachi I have countless first hand accounts of this.

    If you are so correct why won’t you call for a recount of polls? Why aren’t fingerprints being verified? What makes you so afraid? Why are you denying the core of the issue and attempting character assassination?

    Protesting is a democratic right. That’s how it works. We are fighting for you also. Recommend

  • mkz

    “It depicts the point of view of PTI supporters and how they perceive Pakistan as a whole.”

    DEAR LORD. You cannot think this. A map being shared with less than 5% of the population and hardly a dent in the PTI movement does not represent every single Insafian. It does not portray how PTI views Pakistan. Please think about what you are asserting.

    No. You do not get to say things like this an get away with them.Recommend

  • Fatima Awan

    Totally agree with you. Thank you so much for writing this. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    The other day I went to get my car fixed. I spoke to a lot of mechanics in the area. Many told me they voted for MQM others said they couldn’t vote for PTI because they had to live in the area.

    One of the hardest supporters of MQM told me, “I voted for MQM freely but I will admit that there were a lot of unfair tactics happening from my party. So what? It happens.”Recommend

  • fari

    calling these goons insafians is and insult of the word itself .. i am sure in next term thy will be eating burgers some where in Fata :) cuz as per some of my na-insafian frndz people of KPK do not give consecutively vote to one party .. .. May be this time KPKs wanted to try some burgers :)Recommend

  • Sarah

    what is your point seriously…..leave the social media propaganda and activities aside…what else do you have? what PTI “sore loosers” as you claim..want is pretty simple…they wanted a free and fair election….everyone,,,i repeat EVERYONE, knew that PTI can not win altogether…but the way they are shown the doors, is not acceptable…this is more about our civic right to vote. no one is denying ky PML-N has done nothing for the nation….they had to do the roads and taxis ..cuz that was their JOB …what good are they for , if they dont work for welfare of the nation!

    what PTI has tried to achieve , without any power or seats in hands…it tired to build a nation, it tried to tell you the importance you hold in this country of approx 14 crore or so…..and it told you that we as a nation can work to achieve what others have done….its simple…

    Whatever is hapepening on social media…let it stay there…who can say you are doing it for the sake of few bucks…cuz thats your job to do! so let’s not make assumptions…agree that there was a huge rigging in this elections,,,,and we should work towards having a clear cut way next time..thats it!Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Why? Do Insafians want a “Naya
    Pakistan” where people are not given
    the right to differ from the
    mainstream opinion? Pardon me if I am
    wrong, but isn’t this the purana

    Ummm… you yourself are admitting that the Insafians have a ‘mainstream’ opinion.

    Can you tell us if Insafians by your words are ‘mainstream’ how they were outvoted in urban cities such as Karachi and Lahore? Get real. Recommend

  • humera

    I am an INSAFian and I couldn’t agree more!Recommend

  • mkz

    As much as your point out and vindicate PTI supporters, please do the same for other parties.

    A balanced opinion will be truly greatfuly recieved. Thanks.Recommend

  • Muzaffar

    you showed images as if they were distributed by PTI officials. Thousands of random images like these exist on the internet, they are not PTI policy. Why associate them with PTI ?

    very irresponsible journalism by the writer and ET for publishing this nonsense. Shame!

    and it would be great if you had shown all the rigging videos that are also being circulated on social media as wellRecommend

  • AK

    Good one. Glad that someone spoke up. Now get ready for Tsunami of trolls :)
    all of these people had to come out and deny the things associated with them.
    PS: not all insafians are bad..Recommend

  • Humaid Merchant

    While you’re trolling Facebook and Twitter why don’t you share the numerous images/videos/content which prove that rigging actually took place? Think the only one in denial is you who seems to be envious that PTI has a stronger social media presence than other political parties online. The majority of voters out there accept that PML-N did emerge victorious as they did achieve what they did through a landslide majority. But no-one can deny the mass rigging that took place during these elections, some of which can be directly attributed to PML-N, a la the DHA S Block, Lahore debacle where PML-N “supporters” restricted anyone else from entering the polling station. Its this wadera attitude and blatant disregard of law which is being so ardently protested, which is one of the fundamentals of the naya Pakistan that Imran Khan speaks so passionately about. Unfortunately for us, we have become so used to corruption and malpractice in our government, that we choose to adopt a “mitti pao” attitude whenever an unpleasant issue is raised or brought into the limelight.Recommend

  • shamaAhsan

    Honesty is the first thing for a leader, PTI leader is honest, no question my brother.
    I am least concerned to politics & the development & whatever going around, i am living a peaceful life Alhamdolliah, but i am speaking only for the sake of those people who don’t have education, food clean water. Wake up people… khan is not a price tag, he is there to help you people!! that;s Naya Pakisatn.

    please don’t spread hate & racism. We are not Punajbi, Pathan, Sindhi or Blouchi. We are all one, we are Pakistani’sRecommend

  • paindu

    Ill come back to this story in 5 years, then we’ll see if the insafians were acting like “sore losers”, or whether they were just ahead of their time, and totally RIGHTRecommend

  • Patriot

    You written an article most based on the attitudes you have observed on the internet. Election results show clearly how what you see on social media can not be generalized on the population. Your piece although raises a valid opinion, fails to provide an objective analysis because these “sore losers” have atleast taken the pain to protest rather than sitting and doing nothing. Its about time we stop name calling and focus on the integrity of the country.Recommend

  • imtiaz

    With all due respect Mr. Writer there are hundred of evidence that cannot be denied which shows clearly how main stream parties of previous Govt. utilize govt resources for result in their favor and ECP and Care taker govt did nothing neither court taking any notice of so solid evidence from urban/rural area of punjab to sindh. And regarding post PTI fans doing against other party u can easily see on social media how fans of other political party targeting PTI with false accusations. U cant just target PTI on social media issue. Recommend

  • Usman

    I am PML-N supporter but I am also aware that people sell their vote for things like Biryani ki plate, Thandi Pepsi and Qeemay wala naan…. u can’t stop it…. We are not yet ready for change…. Yesterday I saw some picture on social media saying “Purana Pakistan sambhala nai ja raha aur Naya Pakistan banane chale hai” and its true…. Recommend

  • Bilal

    Fake Tweets & Column snaps not OK at all, but hasn’t author just picked up a few of such cases and gone on to justify the perception that elections were not rigged rather its just the lack of acceptance of results from PTI supporters which is making things look murky.
    Sorry but indeed this is the NEW Pakistan where the genuine voters have come out on streets as against past where only paid/ forced political workers used to come out to fulfill leadership’s agendas.Recommend

  • Patriot

    You have written an article mostly based on the attitudes you have observed on the internet. Election results show clearly how what you see on social media can not be generalized on the population. Your piece although raises a valid opinion, fails to provide an objective analysis because these “sore losers” have atleast taken the pain to protest rather than sitting and doing nothing. Its about time we stop name calling and focus on the integrity of the country.Recommend

  • Water Bottle


    “you showed images as if they were distributed by PTI officials. Thousands of random images like these exist on the internet, they are not PTI policy. Why associate them with PTI ?”

    Please read the article 10 times. The author did not associate these images with PTI. He associated them with the followers of Imran Khan, who call themselves as Insafians. Ugly word. like typical of the subcontinent, trying to ape everything western.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The fact that Nawaz Sharif would be the next head of government was known some five years back, let us not forget the friendly opposition and nura kushti that transpired. Five years of loot and plunder is difficult to gloss over.
    The end result was more or less known but the means by which it was achieved has left a bad taste is the mouth.
    As for the PTI, you are absolutely correct, they were expected to come in third ( close to second ) and this was a political landscape changing event and must be recognised as such.

  • Imran

    I can’t blame much the immature and brainwashed tots & teens who are just following the footsteps of their leader. This & much more is expected of the crowd who follows a leader who is heard saying “mein sher k tikkay bana k khaaun ga” & “yeh balla phenti bhe lagay ga”…….Recommend

  • Noorie Zaman Khan

    Bravo.Now get ready because PTI supporters are going to bully you. But we are with you :) Recommend

  • Sufia

    @Patriot and others who say that at least the sore losers have taken a stand:

    There are processes in place to register complaints agaisnt rigging and unfair practices. Why not go through the proper channel if you feel an injustice has been done?Recommend

  • Mango

    Your article is based on observation on social media and your respoonse to insafians is similar to the thos eon social media. No valid argument.You are completely missing the points and proofs present.
    You could’ve dome better than thisRecommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    Even you have to admit the protest is getting a little silly.

    It makes sense for some NA seat contests in which rigging was evident, but to attribute PML-N’s victory to rigging – a party which has always been the election favorite, and whose win was in no way unexpected – is quite juvenile.

    Just to be clear, I do not favor PML-N and consider it’s victory among the worst of the possible outcomes of this election. But I also know of a world beyond my upper-middle class echochamber that reveres the Sharifs.Recommend

  • Talal khan

    I didnt know if tribunes standards were too low to demonise PTI. I mean there is no cradibility of the claims made by the author. All he has the social media stuff which holds no worth to be used as a source or evidence to justify any argument. The author appears to be completely unaware of the larger problems of blatant rigging in Karachi, but since it is not PTI and the claims are more solid than those on social media, he has neglacted the whole problem and focused on to criticize PTI, unfairly. And above all, tribune has published it. Its just a mere ugly joke.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Loneliberal PK:

    Sorry I am working, so will keep this short.

    I don’t believe that rigging was why PMLN got majority. I just think it cost PTI some seats.

    Overall, I do believe that Nawaz would have become PM regardless, and have been impressed so far by his moves at this third dance of his. His attempt to speak to Imran Khan was a shrewd move. And I am pleased at his attempt at fixing relations with India. Recommend

  • Maria

    yaar ub tum Imran Khan ko Iran Khan likho gay tou koi bhi sore hojaye ga. Or was it deliberate?Recommend

  • AHB

    These pictures are not distributed by PTI officials but most of the PTI supporters are sharing these memes. Some people commented that its not PTI official policy but if leaders of PTI are encouraging them to protest, so people will protest in any way they like. Everything was going smoothly in Lahore but rigging allegations came after announcement of results.Recommend

  • Asjad

    Pakistan is divided between Ethnic Pakistan and the burger Pakistan…devil and the deep blue sea:)Recommend

  • ABC

    Really don’t get this racist attacks on Punjab by some idiots on Facebook and twitter. SS delivered in Punjab last year and he was rewarded for that. It shows people do want laptops, taixs, electricity, food and roads, water supply etc. Imran Khan is someone I respect a lot. His rhetoric of America, India, drones, taliban etc. was something concerning KPK and they thus chose him because he focused on the issues facing them. However in Punjab people faced other kinds of issues such as economy, terrorism, loss of industries due to loadshedding. NS adressed that and won.Recommend

  • Whatever

    If we sit quiet we are tagged as soyi hui qaum, we get up and fight for justice we are called sore losers.
    All these upper middle class so called ‘burgers’ were said to be least bothered class, since they have all the luxuries to lead a comfortable life, and now when this class is out on roads fighting for their right to vote they are being called sore losers.
    ET why dont you publish an article which highlights rigging incidents or even those funny memes which are anti-PTI. Let aside that for the last 2, 3 years I have witnessed memes which are literally insulting our president, why didnt people speak out then?Recommend

  • tanweer haral

    You are a minority…..losing graceful is what IK displayed in cricket field…..hope other Be-Ansafians learn it tooRecommend

  • tanweer haral

    Hamid Khan changed his stance 3 times as he has been unable to find any credible evidence of rigging. I was really aghast reading comments about rigid Punjabis and paindoos by Be-Insafians who probably never ventured out of city to see the miseries of farming community and what do they feel Recommend

  • Abid Iftikhar

    I voted for PTI in Lahore but am sick to the stomach with the manner in which the party’s supporters have behaved since then – without a sense of proportion, and intent on splitting hair and completely oblivious to the effort needed to pull Pakistan out of this mess. This is the very definition of a sore loser, one who refuse to accept defeat gracefully, and I want no part of this.
    Most of all, it’s the self-righteousness of the post-poll PTI that I abhor; it is obscene. I have been to college like everyone else but do not think that that entitles me to belittle those who have not had that privilege.
    If this is indeed what PTI stood far, I am sorry I voted PTI. Hope I get a chance at re-polling. Recommend

  • Ali

    Sorry to break it to you but the reforms were launched by the previous Punjab Government which made it mandatory and introduced free education. During the tenure the literacy rate has gone down. Please research before you write. You are no different from the lot you are whining against.Recommend

  • Beenish

    Call Insafians as being ‘sore losers’ if the elections were fair. Discussing meaningless issues using public platform is just a way to make people loose sight of the bigger picture. The issue at this moment is not what is posted on facebook or what not, its about the credibility of the election comission !! People out there on the streets are fighting for their rights and demand justice which is highly commendable.Recommend

  • ———

    Ridiculous article! Recommend

  • tanweer haral

    Remember Be-insafians who got Fakhruddin bhai appointed and reposed confidence on him so many times…Recommend

  • danish

    elections were fair.. PTI followers should must accept their defeat.. it is not possible to do rigging in hundred plus national assembly and provincial seats.. elite class should must apologize from Pakistani nation , they are using bad words for the whole nation.. middle class and slums also exits in Pakistan and these people has used their rites on the performance of pml(n). we all are Pakistani and this rude behavior of elite class is giving the negative image of Pakistan to the third world. i,m not here for the debate…. rigging has been done by both PTI n PML(n). i ve seen in NA126 how PTI workers were offering 3 to 10 thousand rupees to stamp on bat and how their chief supporter ex uc nazim haji fiaz was arrested by ssp operations because he was captured red handed while putting fake votes in the ladies polling booth.. KPK people has given their mandate to PTI now its the time for PTI to proof his governance and policies. before these elections PML(N) was in Punjab assembly only and they had proof their governance in Punjab by giving 40 to 50 percent performance. people has given mandate to PML(N) on performance bases, and if PTI gives better performance than PML(N) in KPK then i.m sure the next government will be of insafians ..Recommend

  • fatima

    (Y)@Saad: agree!!!Recommend

  • rania malik

    Only one question; you have actually never seen any abusive material from pml N or you are faking it. If u say, i can send all those pics, videos and articles posted by pml N supporters where PTI has benn abused beyond human dignity. Your article is not balanced because u are viewing all things from pml N’s perspective. you are never going to be a good writer or journalist if u cant remain objective. While on the otherhand i being an insafian reject all abusive materials and ideas, whether from PTI or PML-N.Recommend

  • Mirsub Ali Fazlani

    Funny, how nobody got that the map was just satire sighRecommend

  • Aleena

    I’m sorry I usually dont comment on blogs but how are you any different from any of the PTI supporters?? You’re singling out people from the masses and using their views to a-represent all PTI supporters and b-do u want me to paste anti-IK/PTI comments from NS supporters?:P

    please! grow up and take things in a stride. Recommend

  • kashif

    Abdul Majeed, Thank you for highlighting the very inspiring content from social media.

    You have further cemented our resolve in supporting PTI.


  • Bushra Zaidi

    Mr. Abdul Majeed, Thank you for the insight but frankly these pictures or maps could have been created and spread by anyone.In the age and world where anyone can create and spread anything on internet against anyone and where the biggest security systems have been hacked by nobodies. You base your article and its authencity on some pictures i am amazed that at your intellect and your research. Recommend

  • Ayeza R.

    Hahah, the first image you shared is actually made by PML-N supporters in an attempt to make fun of the Insaafians. Clearly, you’re lacking in research.
    And another thing you’re completely missing is the fact that the supporters of the winning party are doing the same, if not more. I have seen countless memes and status updates on social media along with harassment during protests among other things. At least maintain an objective perspective when you write something like this.
    And it is my belief that a nation that is generally very passive, stirring to take a stand for what they believe in is a good thing, and I’m sure you would agree. Recommend

  • Mahwash Badar

    Dear Author.

    Brilliant blog.

    Don’t pay attention to the balderdash.Recommend

  • Khazzy

    More than 100% turn out in 47 areas..!! I’m no mathematician, but how is this free and fair elections, MORE THAN 100% turn our and it does not raise even a slight questionable attitude from those who call PTI “sore Losers”. Time to wake up Pakistan and smell the coffee or chaai Recommend

  • Tayab

    Actually they are mineral water class and do not respect other they come for chatting with each other…They want to promote western culture in the country.Recommend

  • opler

    simply spot on; i also faced a lot of bullying on cyber space particularly on fb just coz of raising questions about imran khan!Recommend

  • FN

    PTI ain’t demanding re-elections. They’re asking on constituencies where rigging was widespread and where PTI has proofs.
    Fair enough I think.

    Ask those people who were threatened to vote for a particular party.
    Ask those who were beaten up.
    Ask those whose polling booths were hijacked.

    People are voicing concern because NOW Pakistanis know their vote has value. Recommend

  • A. Khan

    Abdul Majeed should have focused on why Punjabis did not vote for change. That would be a much more interesting op-ed. Instead he delves on individuals personal views on the election results.Recommend

  • Sardar Shuja

    I have no problem with helping the less fortunate. But the thing is in last 5 years did they do anything for education? Why are we studying? What will be our future? Are there any jobs? Even the graduates are sitting home,waiting for interview calls. You can spend millions on taxi’s but not even a single penny for a university. This country doesnt even promotes education. Maybe its just because the leaders are not educated. Pervez Elahi,whom some consider the worst,is one of the best leaders in my eyes. He promoted education. Didnt waste money for these fly overs and taxi’s. Recommend

  • Haqparast

    I didnt understand why Pti doesnot push itself in balochistan and interior sindh where change was more required,these both areas are govern under sardars,pirs,makhdom etc.results also shows thatRecommend

  • Sardar Shuja

    You have a different opinion about my post. I just want to know in last 5 years,did someone bother building a university in punjab? I guess no. You can waste millions on Tandoor and Taxi’s but not education. Thats the main thing. If you’d keep on launching schemes like these,then where are we supposed to go? Abroad? Why cant we get good education here? You need to balance everything dear. Rather than just focusing on schemes that will benefit you for the electionsRecommend

  • Awanjee

    And they petty broilers keep on whining. Why are you people so deluded?Recommend

  • Namaloon Afraad

    Lolol Express Tribune your writers should know this guy who wrote on Mariam Nawaz’s page is simply practicing the kind of ‘democracy’ you say you’re practicing. Just like what-so-ever political party you’re supporting did by rigging the elections they practiced their democracy he’s practicing his! “Freedom of speech” this is what he is practicing. It is his life whatever he does you’re no one to share this person’s identity like that. When one gives you the taste of your own medicine you start crying about it? Shame on you. Even if he’s wrong you’re wrong to post this screenshot too so my friend I think you’re at fault too!! Just an opinion by not a very die-heart fan of PTI. Recommend

  • Pakistani Ostrich

    I for one never thought that the jalsa attended by the simpletons can translate in to votes. I am glad that the clean shaven taliban IK and their sore losers supporters lost.
    To all the ptis nirales..even the world cup victory led by IK was a stroke of luck….On the IK-lead teams ‘performance’ merit, we could not even have made it to the WC quarter-finals!!
    We got into quarter-final only because england, that needed only 70+ runs to win the amtch that would have propelled them to QF and knock us out, their batting got rained out and they were awarded no points! (ICC changed rules for rained out game after this WC episode!)
    IK was over-hyped balloon full of hot air!!Recommend

  • Tahir

    “Insafians” are not amused by your article. Now hyperactive cyber warriors aka Insafians are going to get you. That’s the only thing they know.

    By the way, your article is spot on. If Insafians want change then they should also respect the mandate of majority. The fact is that Punjabis were not swayed by empty rhetoric of IK. Infact why blame Punjabis when even Sindhiis or Balochis were not bothered to vote for PTI. Next time if IK wants to win from Punjab, he better concentrate on issues facing Punjabis and not Nawaz, drones and America.Recommend

  • Green Tiger

    If someone votes for a kheema naan, what do you call such people? Uneducated. That’s what Punjabi’s did.

    So what’s wrong in the image? Why are you making it an issue out of nothing? Yes. I too felt angry & sad that IK lost the election. People didn’t vote for honesty & dedication but voted for kheema paratha. They would have got corruption free governance, education, clean drinking water, but all they want is gutter. Who can stop people who want to live wretched lives? So be it.Recommend

  • mk

    Who ever wrote this and whoever is liking dis, this is for u…….We r not SORE LOSERS We are actually the Winners Cuz We All Stand United Today n are fighting For Our Rights n This Is The Change Imran Khan was Talking abt n brought in us …….we r not angry that we lost we r angry cuz they won by RIGGING…… loosing is not the issue we r raising, its Rigging we all are standing up against…………we have proves in the form of video clips pics n live witnesses…..this is just one. Story there are 100’s of them……….
    Supporters n Their Leaders Can Call us Mummy Daddy People N Burger Families, Our Leader a Ziddi Bacha n so on…..why can’t we call u Nything…..we are sore losers according to u cuz we cannot accept our defeat wat will u call all those who are standing up against for their rights in Karachi who were not even allowed to vote?…….Yes Rome wasn’t built in a day n I agree that persistence n hard work leads to change but for that u need an honest n hardworking leader to lead u , to guide u all the
    way to the right path! Not those types of leader who had metro bus , under passes n beautiful roads as first priorities where the common man is deprived of basic neccessaties of life like food, water, BIJLI , education n health…….they dunt have cars infact not even cycles to drive on those roads n underpasses…

    Today I Salute U n Thanku KHAN for making us believe in Change, Tabdeeli n Naya Pakistan…..For making us standup for our rights which we have never done before,for
    uniting us all as one nation today, for making us believe that we exist n we matter, for putting fwd the needs of a common man, for giving us SKCMH, For making us a better Pakistani n For Doing Wat No One Has Ever Done For Pakistan n Its Nation ever………..The behaviour of PTI’s TBRs is just commendable how they have been helping each other out is just unbelieveable………..I didn’t c any of Nihari League supporters helping old women, men etc on da election day but I have seen PTI’s Tabdeeli Razaakars Doing that, helping ppl find their polling boths, providing water, chairs, eatables etc outside the polling stations irrespective of the fact wether the voter was a PMLN voter or a PTI Voter where as PMLN supports n party workers just abused n misbehaved with pti voters…….This is Called Change Imran Khan Brought in Us N We will always stand with u Khan No Matter Wat !!! PTI FAMILY IS PROUD OF U !Recommend

  • Loyalist

    @Muzaffar: Much to your disappointment, all the images shared by author were viralled by Official PTI accounts, other than that one guy’s addressing Maryam N Sharif. Only yesterday or day before Fozia Kasuri, referred to the fake column of JC, anchor right away took JC on line and he denied writing any such column. Likewise, Saleem safi’s fake account’s tweets were also viralled and retweeted by PTI senior officials. Sorry but PTI, it’s leadership and followeers are ‘sore losers’. We must agree. Recommend

  • The king is not king

    Burgers dont vote for the Pti; they apparently write opinion pieces for the express tribune. Nothing personal but just the intellectual currents through this piece..Recommend

  • HH

    @Noman Ansari – Majority of this country agrees that it’s everyones’ right to protest against rigging and corruption. However, the way Insafians took lead on this matter, they pretty much insulted rest of the country who didn’t vote for IK. People have this mutual feeling about Insafians being rude, arrogant and distespectful. You cannot change how others feel about your party. Out of all my friends on Facebook, i didn’t see one PPPP or Nleague friend going crazy with their mandate. But I had to think 100 times before posting anything on Facebook, which might offend a PTI follower and whenever I do, I get a backlash for my opinion. Everyone starts telling me how could I possibly not like IK or not voting for PTI. You cannot justify your attitude just by being more arrogant and replying here (posting 3 times). Actions speak louder than words and yes, PTI is making others feel insulted. If that’s the impresion, that’s the impression. Please don’t complain unless you change your attitude as a party.

    On a side note, writer is wrong in mentioning PTI as a mainstream party. Elections proved it wrong. Their presence on social and electronic media made them sound like a mainstream. Still it cannot take people who disagree to their “way of protest”.

    I support no political party, but I do testify that Insafians cannot take a comment which goes against their opinion. They lack maturity and patience.


  • np

    @Noman Ansari: There is no question that there have been videos of vote rigging. The question is, has the rigging been of the order where it wouuld have changed results as PTI folks are claiming? One of the key supporting documents used has been the FAFEN report that there was more than 100% polling in 49 polling stations of the 8118 monitored or less than 0.2%. Well it turns out that even this was not accurate and FAFEN has admited that its analysis was based on flawed data. . Yes 100% accuracy in voting is the ideal but if there is greater than 99.8% accuracy, in a country which has had minimal experience of democracy, does it merit the level of anger?

    Secondly, what do you have to say to the participation of PTI (among other political parties in depriving around 48000 women of lower DIr of their right to vote?

  • Sana Iqbal

    I do not want to get into a PTI v/s PML-N debate. However, I have one concern.

    I understand that a fake column was published under Javed Choudhry’s name and was quoted by PTI supporters. That said, I found many people including Javed Choudhry claiming that PTI got that column published under his name. Firstly, what evidence is there that PTI or its supporters got the column published? Secondly what were the concerned authorities of the particular published house doing. Couldnt they track that the column was not sent by an authentic Javed Choudhry source? I am sure Mr Choudhry must be having a professional consistent personal address of correspondence with his publishing house.


  • Cheryl

    It’s balcoh not balochi, balochi is a language and we do get offended when you call us balochi other wise I agree hundred percent with you. Imran khan is honest and his party members want a better pakistan. Recommend

  • Adil Uddin

    From the article

    This is a shameful expression of anti-Punjab bias shown by Insafians.

    Just today, Imran Khan himself withdrew from two of the seats that he won in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and just kept his seat that he won from Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi is located in Punjab too if I am not wrong. Plus, it’s really interesting the way people accuse Imran Khan of showing prejudice. Sometimes ppl say that IK has a racist attitude towards Karachi and Urdu Speakings, sometimes people accuse him of insulting Pashtuns, sometimes people accuse him of favouring just South, North or Central Punjab, sometimes he’s a silent spectator and supporter of Shia genocide and sometimes he’s an anti-liberal Taliban sympathizer….And now bias towards Punjab where he actually belongs to….What’s next? Blaming Punjab for all the ills, in short.

    Lastly, rigging is/was a fact….there were many occasions where polling stations either not got opened, invaded by armed goons or officials participating in rigging by themselves. There were even occurrences where a winning candidate would receive number of votes that were even higher than the total population of the respective constituency. Which Law of Physics or Chemistry can explain that? Recommend

  • Adil Uddin

    Talking about Social Media, I wonder if anyone who criticizes PTI and Imran Khan, got a chance to see videos and pictures where Rangers were offered bangles by ladies at polling stations, policemen slapping voters, Votes left in open to get rigged, officials getting caught by cell phone cameras, and votes being discarded with or without getting burned. Recommend

  • Waqas

    It’s just sore losers, not ‘sore losers.’

    And this is a very silly article. Yes, you collected all the Facebook pictures and wrote 300 words around them. Good going.Recommend

  • M. Qureshi

    I am a middle aged man and the fervor that I saw in our youth was obvious. PTI is a great and noble party with a great leader. What is important that it believes in inclusive institutions where ALL can participate (just see their education policy). None of the other parties, save a few smaller ones espouse such beliefs. The writer would be well advised to focus on issues rather than on relatively small developments. Furthermore generalizations are harmful. So everyone who joins PTI is a sore loser? How is that possible?Recommend

  • NMS

    haha.dude..just one you are telling me that our nation’s people are wise..when they vote for the same people again and again again while expecting different results?
    Not so intellectual i guess..

  • saad

    People didn’t vote for pmln. They voted against the hatred being spread by Imran KhanRecommend

  • Beenish

    @Tahir: What do mean by “Next time if IK wants to win from Punjab, he better concentrate on issues facing Punjabis and not Nawaz, drones and America”
    Are issues of Punjabis any different from people residing in other areas of Pakistan. IK is a man of principle. Drones just admit it, are destroying our country, IK is the only person who can and has taken a stand on behalf of this country in front of Americans and rest of the world. He will not buy votes by saying what people in your case Punjabis want to hear, he speaks out about the actual problems this country is facing.Recommend

  • Rehan khan

    Poorly written article I must say! Recommend

  • Pakistan Citizen

    First of all the views in the pictures may belong to ONE person but it is unjust to call it views of the PTI supporters.

    As far as being ‘sore losers’ is concerned, I think you clearly messed up your research. Our fight was the right to vote. MANY polling stations never opened on May 11th and that is our fight and protest. We complain of rigging because teams like FAFEN have shown evidence of votes being more than 100% in many polling stations. Tell me how does a station with 10,000 registered voters count 15,000?

    Tell me why NA 250 failed to conduct voting on time and at many places voting at all? how does your article not include this? Why does ET publish crap that is not even correct factually?

    I am a victim of NA 250 station that never opened till 8 p.m. Stood their in lines to do what??? To VOTE, it is MY RIGHT as a citizen of PAKISTAN!!! Recommend

  • resolute

    I voted for PTI but after seeing their conduct in the post election period,I regret my choice.One expected better conduct from people talking of change or changing Pakistan .They appear to be as big hudlums as the ones they were trying to replace.GOD SAVE pAKISTAN!Recommend

  • True Karachiwala

    Aaina dikhaya to bura maan gae ! great write up. BTW please someone show me the piece of paper on which Imran scribbled that PTI would sweep the elections. No big deal, I just want to see Imran’s handwritingRecommend

  • Masooma

    Absolutely silly article. Blog is the next best thing to diss people/parties you dont like. But there should be some sense in it. There are good and bad in every part of the world wether it is families or institutions. PTI protesting is not just for PTI. The day you realize that you will re-consider this very poor article and understand the protests have alot to do with ‘every’ Pakistani’s fundamental right of voting and ‘knowing where their votes went’. They are protesting for free and fair voting/counting. Have you read Chaudry Nisar just lost to PTI after ‘re-counting’. Lets not be all perfectionists in our articles. Its not about PTI winning or losing. Its having a fair voting and counting process. It is clear PML-N has won, however these protests have to do with much more including Karachi polling station issues, and counting doubts on some seats. A few people develop such images, post it online and all of a sudden haters get an excuse to write against. Lets get real people. These images from few people are not representative of all PTI supporters. Bizarre thinking I must say. Proud to be insafian call me burger/or similar. We know who we are in our hearts. Recommend

  • ser

    @Noman Ansari:

    Mainstream opinion as dished out by our mainstream media. Opinion makers are geenrally educated and urbanites and so they represent one sample of population.Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Emotions, emotions, emotions!Recommend

  • Asif

    The entire nation witnessed two big dramas, one was Tahir-ul-Qadri’s long march which lasted for four days and another was the tsunami and naya pakistan of PTI, More importantly its the media which should be responsible for misguiding the voters and creating a hype of PTI’s clean sweep which never existed, i ask all the PTI supporters if Shahid Afridi contests elections, tell me if you are not going to vote for him and make him win. Interestingly these first time voters were the fan followers of IK, none of them actually knew what would PTI do for the country’s ailing economy, PTI had the most dubious stance of fighting terrorism, with no past experience in nation building no track record, the only acheivement of PTI in last five years was record breaking protest, dharnas, critcism, political and character assasination of other politicians and in the end you are not able to even come close of PML-N’s victory, if you double the no. seats won by PTI, you are still down there half way. I pity those IK followers who were considering him next PM of Pakistan, they have been misled by a false projection of PTI’s success.
    So folks time to move on.** Recommend

  • lewanay

    Those pics may be posted and circulated on social media by some RAW, MOSSAD, CIA agents? LOLZ! Welcome to the world of Denialistan!Recommend

  • Malik

    @Noman Ansari:
    Wonderful reply. Exactly what I want to scream in the face of each and every sellout anchor who comes on screen and spews sh!t, Why are they denying something which is so obvious? Do a recount and thumb verification. EVERY thing will be crystal clear. Will that ever happen? A big NO.Recommend

  • observer

    So according to the Insafians banning women from voting and men casting the votes in their place,is not ‘rigging’?
    And, nor is the threat of violence against the other candidates?

    This must be some NAYA kind of ‘Democracy’, indeed.

    Good that the rest of Pakistan has rejected this NAYA democracy.Recommend

  • Muzaffar

    @Water Bottle:
    bhai….what a naive PTI supporter or any other political party supporter writes or says has nothing to do with the party’s official stance. You should only be judgmental about what the Party leadership says. Social media images don’t count, tweets by supporters don’t count.Recommend

  • Abdul Haseeb Ahmed

    What I see in the picture at the top is a guy winning against corruption. What is wrong with pointing out corrupt system’s faults and then celebrating after winning?Recommend

  • Seher

    For all your IK haters – This is NOT about losing. It is about standing up for fairness and justice something people like you have never done and will never do which is why Pakistan is where its at. FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS ARE A DEMOCRATIC RIGHT – why is this statement so hard to understand?Recommend

  • Sardar Shuja

    People are bound to accept whatever the results are. Everyone showed his anger but no use. And they print articles stating sore losers. Hahaha ask them why shouldnt i post a wallpost at mariams wall? Everyone needs education but here you can get taxis. And a new plan to launch bus in karachi. Wow @Sarah: Recommend

  • Midhat

    You do know the meaning of Sore losers Right?? Protest against an unfair contest is called ” bravery “. We anticipated a Naya Pakistan and here it is!! People standing up against the tyrants and cheaters.. Congrats Imran Khan. You did make a Naya Pakistan

  • aaliyah

    Honestly i can’t understand if this article was just written to generate comments, because the generalization is so ridiculous and your arguments so devoid of reasoning that i’m surprised you wrote it. If you want to write an article, do some research.Recommend

  • jehanzeb

    the very instant u start showing memes and facebook posts as your reference for the article; your article fails. Along with a complete disregard for the media banter from the other side u claim to judge the mindset of PTI supporters based on one entity which itself fails to take responsibility of whats posted on it.
    come up with something substantial rather than memes… Recommend

  • Rida Shariq

    First we will cry about how this country needs a rebellion and how none of us are actually willing to do anything about it. Now that we ARE trying to do something about it, someone writes up a piece about how unfair we are to those who have been robbing this country blind. Seriously, Pakistanis, pick a team and stick to it. Recommend

  • Fahad Ashfaque (@fahadjax)

    Very well said. The writer of this article is a ‘sore loser’. He is ignoring the facts on the ground and using some of the naive fans’ account to prove his point.

    To reply to one of his point about helping the downtrodden
    Most of the Taxi drivers in NYC and London who are Pakistanis are from Punjab. We need “education” to turn those downtrodden masses into intellectuals, scientists, doctors, nobel-prize winners. We don’t need to give them cabs or loan to open a flat-repair shop.Recommend

  • Fahad Ashfaque (@fahadjax)

    @Noman Ansari:
    Very well said. The writer of this article is a ‘sore loser’. He is ignoring the facts on the ground and using some of the naive fans’ account to prove his point.

    To reply to one of his point about helping the downtrodden
    Most of the Taxi drivers in NYC and London who are Pakistanis are from Punjab. We need “education” to turn those downtrodden masses into intellectuals, scientists, doctors, nobel-prize winners. We don’t need to give them cabs or loan to open a flat-repair shop.Recommend

  • Syed Faizan Abbas

    This person must mention the ‘true’ PTI sources he has criticized. They are fake images made to ridicule PTI and some onf PTI supporters shared and spread them considering it true but they are false and they have nothing to do with PTI.Recommend