Teen Talwar protests: We are not ‘sore losers’

Published: May 13, 2013

Our leaders have done their job. Let’s take it from here. Let’s show them that we can be free citizens of this great nation. PHOTO: AYESHA MIR

Yesterday evening, at Teen Talwar Karachi, thousands of protestors showed up, making their presence felt for what was at least five colorful hours of dancing and chanting, and calling for reelections over alleged vote rigging.

Not only were there a sea of PTI flags, but national flags, as well as flags proudly bearing the stag symbol of popular independent candidate, Mohammad Jibran Nasir were also seen at the protest. Also, there was PTI candidate DrAlvi, who while chanting from the top of a van scored many cheers with his clever pun, “Is Hal-kay ko halka nahee layna!” (Don’t take this locality lightly – ‘lightly’ and ‘locality’ are similar sound words in Urdu)

Sadly, late into the night, na maloom afraad (unknown people) came to the rally with weapons, using aerial firing tactics to intimidate the peaceful protestors. It was a pity to see this at an energetic rally packed with families, including women and children.

Why certain sections are resorting to violence over peaceful protests is quite confusing, (unless you watched a certain TV address last night) but what is more bothersome is how voters of other parties also seem quite threatened by these protests.

Certain people in authority have accused displeased voters of not accepting defeat in good grace. These comments are quite perplexing, especially with an overload of evidence that rigging may have actually occurred. Perhaps these people in authority are taking things personally, because for them to acknowledge some of the overwhelming evidence would be to admit a failure of ‘free and fair’ elections.

An aerial view of the protest at Teen Talwar. PHOTO COURTESY NADIR TOOSY

As a PTI supporter, I would like to congratulate Nawaz Sharif sincerely. I don’t believe (at this moment in time) that rigging affected the ultimate outcome of the elections.

But why are we being asked to stay quiet, especially by other citizens? It almost seems like some Pakistanis have become so accustomed to the corrupt elements in the system, that denying them disturbs a basic element of their psyche. Others seem to comically think that because the wave has started in the affluent sectors of Pakistan, the protests hold no legitimacy.

Perhaps the affluent in Pakistan are the freest. Consider the farmers and bonded laborers in Pakistan, who are so victimised, they will sell a vote for merely Rs100. These are the people who continue to give old political parties a respectable number of votes, even after such parties have utterly failed during the past five years. Some of these people are little better than modern slaves, and are the folk who free and fair elections should have actually freed.

After the election results, many, including members of PTI, raced to social media to say that we should accept the election results gracefully. What grace is there in accepting unfairness? Correctly identifying a wrong doesn’t make one a ‘sore loser’.

Voting is our basic right. Even if rigging cost any one party 15-30 seats, it has had a huge impact on the balance of power.

‘Free & Fair Election Network’ is pointing out that in NA 242, there was a 186% turnout. Considering that most places had a 60% turnout, where did all these extra votes come from? Were new voters suddenly born after voter registration?

Here are opinions of two respectable Pakistani journalists:

Here is a link to 15 rigging videos. Considering that it is abnormal for someone to have caught even 10% on camera, one can imagine how many actual cases there are:

Well, one has to stop imagining.

According to The Express Tribune, out of 3,500 polling stations checked so far, nearly 700 reported irregularities.

Let’s let that sink in.

700 so far reported irregularities. That’s 20%. Let’s also keep in mind that these are only the numbers reported. Who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes.

If 20% have reported irregularities, how ‘free and fair’ were these elections? Even if one polling station was rigged we need to investigate these irregularities for the integrity of the democratic process in Pakistan. If people don’t believe in the democratic process, then democracy is dead before it starts. Everyone should feel outraged if the alleged rigging took place, not as members of any one affiliation, but as Pakistani citizens.

I have personally had many first-hand accounts of domestic helpers from countless families, who have claimed that they weren’t allowed to vote the way they wanted by force (by na maloom afraad!).

My request to all Pakistanis is that you wake up for this nation. Saying that rigging didn’t take place is to live in denial. It doesn’t matter with which leader your loyalties lie, because in the end your loyalties should be with Pakistan. It doesn’t matter what party you support, or even if your party won, because you should be fighting for your countrymen’s basic constitutional right to vote without being under duress. Free yourself of party alliances and fight for the basic rights of your fellow Pakistanis.

For the people of Karachi, there is a fresh protest tonight at 6:30pm on Shahra-e-Faisal at the Nursery. Another protest is apparently taking place at Do-Talwar.

At Laik Chowk, Lahore, protests will continue today. Meanwhile, at D-Chowk, Islamabad, protests are taking place as a show of solidarity. Now, there are rumors of protests happening at embassies overseas by international Pakistanis.

Naya Pakistan is an ideal that starts only when we want it to. This land will always remain the same. We, the citizens, are the ones who need to change. We must become Naya Pakistan.

Our leaders have done their job. Let’s take it from here. Let’s show them that we can be free citizens of this great nation.

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Correction: This blog earlier had screenshots of fabricated tweets. They have been removed. The error is regretted.

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (twitter.com/Pugnate)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • KA

    accounts n tweets are fake other than Shahid masood so remove it from your blog to make it more credible thanksRecommend

  • Feroz Zahid

    Opinions of Saleem Safi and Talat Hussain are rigged in your posts :). Go see their actual twitter account.Recommend

  • Daniyal Alvi

    All agreed, But the tweets you showed are not authentic. Please verify them immediately. Otherwise the whole article would be put aside and this will claimed as another PTI Trolling. Please.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    Thanks for pointing that out. Only two of the tweets were real. Recommend

  • Bushra

    Dear Noman,

    I counter checked the tweets you posted in your article and they turn out to be forged. Kindly do not put forward lies to support your fight for freedom and justice. It is a humble request. I also voted for PTI so do not judge my remarks here. Fight for your rights but do not find shortcuts as you will only be inviting malice from those whom you use on your way.

    Thank you,
    a supporter of Imran’s vision!Recommend

  • Baffled

    Mr.Ansari , if you are so popular and want a reelection all over Karachi , how about some sit ins in Lines area ( Constituency of 250 ) or in Tariq Road .
    Please spare Sharae Faisal , and let us pass through from our offices .

    We are self made and earn an honest living ,donot have ill gotten wealth like the filthy rich who donot have anything to do but create nuisance . Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    well put noman ansari.its high time that we stop denial of facts.this rigging norm has to change.i am a karachite and a staunch supporter of pti and moreover a supporter for justice.it was overwhelming to see the protest telecast on tv last night .though many like me could not join in (which is quite depressing ) but we show solidarity for the pakistani youth that turned up all over karachi and lahore.this passion should not die out until justice is served.its now or never !!! Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari


    I apologize. I didn’t realize those Twitter accounts were fake. We have amended the blog. The rest of it is fine. Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    @ baffled.in the long term it is for your own good.your comment is not welcoming.u have no right to call anyone a filthy rich.Recommend

  • Mujeeb

    This is exactly what sour losers do. If you have the proof to support your argument, why not follow the process that has been laid out for such things? You believe in the judiciary, right? Take it up there.

    I am not questioning your right to an opinion, I am questioning your right to disturb other people’s life by holding these useless protests.

    My two cents for PTI – Make the government in KPK, run it for 5 years and show everyone how its done!!. Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari
  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    What is this nonsense from the temporary government? How is this democracy? The temporary government ran the elections. Now we know why they don’t want us to protest against rigging.

    This is ridiculous and NOT democracy. Wake up Pakistan. Recommend

  • Baffled

    @afza ,mademoiselle .
    Thanks for being so “concerned” .Thanks but no thanks .
    See …you overreacted .Are u one of them ? :) .I am just exercising my freedom of speech .

    Lets be realistic , you have the right to dream and so do I .

    You want it your way and I mine .How could I just sit back and watch my dream blown to smitherins by a group of hooligans of a particular mindset ?Recommend

  • Saqib Saeed

    I am a witness to all the rigging done by Khawaja Saad Rafiq in NA-125………… Whole of the DHA and Cavalry ground and surroundings voted for PTI and till midnight, despite the massive rigging of PMLN’s workers, PTI was winning. Thereafter, results were withheld and changed.

    There were hundreds and hundreds of DHAites (families included) at Lalik Chowk last night and our ladies were harassed by hired scoundrels of PMLN. and yet people stayed there the whole night and are there even as i write the reply. No more ghunda gardi. No more rigging. We are alive and we are a force!Recommend

  • JB

    Who said that there would be fair elections? When have fair elections taken place ever?
    Its unfathomable that the scores of people coming in PTI rallies all over Pakistan could not get PTI elected. And surprise surprise! PML N chooses to stay quiet over the rigging videos! Recommend

  • sara

    section 144 lag gaya hai. those taking part in rally and protest will be arrested. what is the government so scared of? Recommend

  • Saqib Saeed

    @Noman Ansari:

    Noman. It was pretty obvious. They had to do that since the “Na Maloom Afraad” now forcefully own KarachiRecommend

  • Falcon

    May be the ‘self-made’ person can also take a basic course in education which says that ‘being filthy rich’ has nothing to do with demanding basic rights in a democracy. This is for the good of everyone in Pakistan, regardless of their socioeconomic class. In the end, it is the poor people on the streets that are killed because of ethnic violence. So, to be honest, the rich people might be actually fighting for everyone in this case (just so that you know I am from the middle class, so I am not speaking out of class bias but for pure good of Pakistan and Karachi)Recommend

  • Asghar

    @baffled. The filthy rich as you are calling them aren’t the only ones in this protest. Infact there are probably few of them. Most of these people are from middle and upper middle class who have office jobs as well and work hard for a living, who don’t have the privileges of the ruling and non ruling elite and are tired of suffering at the hands of corrupt governments and institutions. These are the people who pay taxes(The Salaried class does whether they want to or not so please don’t say they don’t).
    Moreover the most fundamental thing in any society is providing Insaf(Justice) which was clearly not given to the people who have gone out to protest. You should be part of this protest against injustice as it affects you one way or the other whether you wish to see it or not.Recommend

  • http://tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Blog backfired and yeah, elections cant be won on social media. pti should learn lesson from their imaturity.Recommend

  • karachiite

    so sick and tired of these “namaloon afrad’s ” (we all know who these are) controlling our lives. sick of the strikes, the killings, the gundagardi . everything ! we all want a change. we want to breathe without their permission. that is every citizens right. they cant forcefully take karachi from us any longer, its OUR city, not theirs and i hope these protests keep going on worldwide long enough to actually make a difference to this system. enough is enough. i am a pti supporter, and i don’t mind admitting defeat as long as its done lawfully and properly with grace, these elections were a joke to democracy. thats all.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    DrAwab: Dharna against ELECTION RIGGING at Nursery at 6:30pm is ON – BRING a PAKISTAN FLAG – this is a fight for PAKISTAN #KarachiRecommend

  • Ma

    @Noman Ansari:
    You keep on giving surprises and then you wriye an article on lack of credibility of mediaRecommend

  • ser

    @Noman Ansari:

    You are a sore loser; didn’t even bother to check tweets. You have no credibility.Recommend

  • Black n Blue

    Dear Nomi,
    I ain’t your fan but I am surprised. I am surprised how all of your article is ignored by readers and the fake accounts are highlighted.
    You are right, the elections were rigged and I don’t mind being called a conspiracy theorist.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    MQM is popular at the grassroots level in Karachi. PTI and JI could not make significant gains in Punjab or Sindh or Balochistan, so why single out Karachi alone? Altaf Bhai is right, if the establistment or the non urdu speakers of karachi (latter part added by me) are not pleased with MQM’s mandate of the urdu speaking majority, then why dont they separate Karachi from Pakistan. I,m sure Karachi will become as prosperous as Singapore, if made independent…just a thought…Recommend

  • Noor

    Protest are part of true democracy dude. Fight for your right is all human basic right dude.


  • Noor

    Protest are part of true democracy dude. Fight for your right is all human basic right dude.


  • Noor

    @I am a Khan:
    Karachi can never be separated from Pakistan, STOP dreaming. Recommend

  • assad

    @Noman Ansari:

    Why demonstrate when the ECP has said re-elections will take place in NA-250?Recommend

  • Karachiite

    Noman Ansari, let me correct you please. There were around 300-400 hooligans not ‘thousands’ as you claim. Please stop giving in antiPakistan and anti-federation non-sense. Recommend

  • Deeply Offended

    @baffled, I accept your plea that Shah Faisal should be kept clear to allow free flow of traffic. But I am deeply offended by your comment – anyone who isn’t SEC C and below is ‘filthy rich’ and well off due to illegal means? Everyone well off today has ‘self made’ roots somewhere – your comment seethes with envy, which is disgusting. Stop thinking that if someone is well off, they aren’t entitled to rights. Rights apply to EVERY citizen, so get off your high horse and, like the rest of us, find a different route home.Recommend

  • Deeply Offended

    @ser He’s apologized and amended the fake tweets. Acknowledge it and move on. Recommend

  • Baffled

    @I am a Khan ,yes…….Singapore or Dubai.Agreed .Recommend

  • http://insaaf.pk Youthiaa

    Immense pressure on us by our leadership leading to do silly things. Please accept our apologize. Recommend

  • Parvez

    The two provinces where rigging was insignificant was KP and Baluchistan,………imagine.

  • Karachi Citizen

    I agree. Accepting the farce of the elections that took place in Karachi is the same as accepting that we will never change the system, that we will continue to let our city be exploited by a don that sits enjoying our live savings in a city far away. This is our city, and it does not matter which party you support, but letting one party win simply because it had the manpower to rig elections is unacceptable.Recommend

  • MZ

    accept the defeat with grace.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    Fafeen has released a list of 49 polling stations with more than 100% turn out. That means 49 polling stations were rigged.


    Now we know the elections were rigged. These are just the polling stations observed. FAFEN is urging ECP to release more polling station data. Election was rigged!

    At least 32 polling stations with
    greater than 100 percent turnout were
    in Punjab, 10 in Sindh, six in Khyber
    Pakhtunkhwa, and one in Balochistan.
    The polling stations with impossible
    voter turnout figures included 19
    female polling stations, 16 male
    stations and 14 combined (male and
    female) stations.


  • fed up citizen

    i have heard that people in PIB colony are already receiving threats and there has been aerial firing in the areasRecommend

  • afza siddiqui

    dear mr. baffled. i was also using my freedom of speech.so you need not get offended.have u heard that ethics matter more than education? your comments show you definitely lack them judging people like this and calling them hooligans and filthy rich.Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    @ assad.do you realize that it is due to demonstration of these protests that ECP has decided to investigate and take action where necessary.if these people had not come on streets and asked for their rights this would never have happened.rigging always happens in karachi but this is the first time people have decided to fight for there rights.
    moreover it isnt just about NA 250.we want reelections all over Karachi and wherever there was mass rigging.
    we all feel sorry for the inconvinience that the office goers have to face due to these protests but seriously arent we used to frequent strikes and unrest in karachi. these protests are staged because people want to change the fate of karachi for the better.it is for the greater good.please understand .Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @afza siddiqui: well said. Had protesters kept quiet ECP would have stuck to its delusional stance.Recommend

  • ser

    @Deeply Offended:

    Get classes in anger management as you seem to be permanently offended. A writer should check and double check facts before writing; so, it matters and shed slight on his credibility. And teh sore losers need to move on. Politics is played in the constituencies not on social media and by writing blogs.Recommend

  • Whatever

    Dirty Politics…..IK, his team and supporters are too naive to understand all the bad games…..
    Every party protest….why is it such an issue when PTI supporters are protesting?
    They speak on social media….they are crticised, they go on roads they face criticism…..
    And once and for all….all PTI supporters are well aware that one constituency will not give them the power…..they are protesting for their right to vote!! Too bad if other parties from that constituency are not concerned…..they have other agendas on mind……Ms. Khush Bakht Shujaat was just out of sight throughout the last 5 years…..so she didnt even care on the election day as well….Saleem Zia and Rashid Rabbani were not to be seen too……Recommend

  • Hardliner

    @I am a Khan:

    How about separating you and your likes from Pakistan instead and sending u back to India where u actually came from??? Recommend

  • Ali

    bribing youth with laptops, giving bheek in disguise of benazir income support, using feudal force to influence the vote of rural population, making alliance with banned extremists to gain conservative support which constitutes a major chunk of pakistan. i consider that more deadly rigging!Recommend

  • Muhammad


    few questions, if you mind answering:

    1- Did you cast your vote?
    2- You talk of representing law abiding citizen, does law allow you to block roads for any cause?
    3- You talk of farmers living slave like life, do you pay your domestic servants handsome, is he/she living a prosperous life above minimum standards?
    4- Did you try any legal route before calling the people on roads?
    5- Can you explain whitewashing done by PTI in KPK, was there any rigging done? of 700 polling stations where irregularitie have been reported how many are in KPK, Mianwali and Islamabad?
    6- Is vote of farmers not valuable? is voting basic right of DHA residents only? Are you suggesting that vote of farers of Punjab should not be counted becuase they sold it for Rs. 100 and voted for same old parties?
    7- Mianwali is rural punjab, did farmers of Mianwali sell thier votes to PTI for Rs. 100?
    8- Are you (PTI supporters) the only wise people and the only faithful Pakistanis?

    (P.S. No I am not supporter of MQM, PML N or any other party, I am a DHA resident, not a farmer, am a “upper middle class”, employee of a big Multinational. Now answer above quetion please.)Recommend

  • T

    While u r at it quoting FAFEN, u might want to check NA-71 and number of seats won by PTI in KPKRecommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    @T: Why don’t you cross check with the seats that PTI won reported by FAFEN and write back to us?Recommend

  • AQ

    Most PTI supporters are experts on online activism but seem ignorant of constituency politics, polling procedures and dynamics. One PTI supporter simply divided total number of winning votes by 36,000 seconds (10 Hrs. x 60 minutes x 60 seconds) and concluded that polling one vote every 5 seconds is not possible – Chain reaction of online activism triggered. PTI supporters do not realize that each NA constituency possess 250 – 400 Polling stations & each polling station possess multiple booths. Casting 500 – 1000 votes per polling station is possible within a 10-Hrs. However, this does not conclude either that the candidate receiving more than 125,000 votes was not involved in systematic rigging

    Each candidate should appoint his / her polling agents at each polling station to verify voter identity and oversee polling throughout the day. This means any NA / PA candidate needs at least 500 trained polling agents (with back-ups), at least 25 volunteers in constituency-based election office and at least 1000 volunteers to manage election camps. Not sure if PTI had these resources on D-Day in various Karachi constituencies. Their rivals in Karachi enjoyed an organized and trained workforce to deal with such challenges

    One PTI polling agent in Karachi found arguing on Facebook that how PTI lost the constituency when result of his and some other polling stations depicted PTI win. This is absolutely possible considering total number of polling stations in NA constituency which may be anywhere from 250 – 400. Consider NA-251 as an example – Gulistan Boys Secondary School (SMCHS) and Quaideen School (P.E.C.H.S Block 6) may depict PTI win with reasonable margin but Mehmoodabad No. 3 and Allah Waley Colony Polling stations may depict completely different outcome. This shows importance of polling agents’ presence throughout the day at each polling station till result is declared

    It was evident on D-Day that INSAFians were over-enthusiastic about DHA / Clifton and NA-250 which certainly created a carnival-like atmosphere in DHA Phase-IV. They completely ignored NA-251, NA-252, NA-253 previously won by MQM and PS-128 & PS-93 by ANP. Needless to mention that one Karachi constituency NA-258 was won by PML-N to everybody’s surprise. While INSAFians were over-focused on NA-250 (where polling did not even start) and Karachi, they were wiped-away from Punjab by PML-N. PTI should come out of their “clean-sweep syndrome” and understand realities that their performance in KPK cannot be termed “clean-sweep” where PTI does not enjoy “simple majority” and are at the mercy of PML-N & JUI-F. In NA, their charismatic leader is at mercy of MQM to be elected “Leader of Opposition” even if they would’ve won 2 – 3 constituencies from Karachi. PTI leadership who are in disarray realized their miscalculation and now demanding re-election solely in Karachi to nullify their incompetence and capture NA-250, NA-251, NA-252, NA-253 with JI alliance which seem to be opportunistic and unfair. Rather than becoming voice of Jamaat-e-Islami in Karachi and inviting wrath of their fresh rival, PTI should capitalize on opportunity to serve Karachi, re-organize themselves and develop robust strategy for upcoming LB ElectionsRecommend

  • Ali Raza

    @Muhammad, Dude you are very right… this nation is very hypocritic.. People can do anything which are in their favor only. You asked very basic questions, let the people answer them and see their response. Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    We are not going back to India because it was our forefathers who made Pakistan and gave it in a tray to you. Got it? Its you and your like that push us to the wall and compel us to think of separation, otherwise we are the most patriotic Pakistanis. and remember 66 years is more than enough time to make Karachi our land. you better get that straight. Recommend

  • ahmad

    @Saqib Saeed:

    “Whole of the DHA and Cavalry ground and surroundings voted for PTI and till midnight, despite the massive rigging of PMLN’s workers, PTI was winning. Thereafter, results were withheld and changed.”

    You do know that Saad Rafique lost in DHA right? He lost badly. According to his own admission, he said that 80% of the vote if not more in defence went to PTI (hamid khan). He also said that DHA is only 10% of his constitutency by population. (45000/450,000). So, after the maths, he lost 80% of 10% = 8% of the total vote of NA-125 from DHA.
    And that FAFEN report states that 49 polling stations had 100%+ attendance. 49 out of more than 8000. In other words. 0.6% of the total.


  • Hardliner

    @I am a Khan:

    Oh really?? Recommend

  • Hardliner

    Lolz ET……. why did you cut short my comment? “I AM A KHAN” needs some answers and need them desperately….. As for u “I AM A KHAN”, u wanna live in Pakistan, live by its rules or border’s on your east!Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    look whos talking.. your like dont even know what ‘living by the rule’ means…you live and die by the feudals…change this mindset, if you want to live peacefully. remember if you want trouble, you will get trouble, if you want peace, you will get peace. Recommend

  • Mohammed Ali Zaidi

    Dear All,

    What PTI have done in Pakistan was great Khan Sahib won the nation by charging the youth after Mr. Jinnah.

    PTI got the chance in KPK now it is the leadership of the PTI present in KPK to make a example of a sucessful government.

    Inshallah we will c the change.

    But what was done in Karachi was totally harsh PTI will win from NA-250 it is my belief. Recommend

  • Gratgy

    In a India- pakistan cricket, when Pakistan wins it is because of ability, when it loses its because of match fixing. Isn’t it alwaysRecommend

  • Nad

    @Noman Ansari:

    Now Fafen regrets its mistake. Were elections only held at NA 250 and NA 125? What about rest of the country? What about KPK? Learn to distinguish between human inefficiency, as was exhibited by polling staff, and intimidation that might have occurred at NA 250. What are u protesting against?Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari


    ECP is considering verifying thumbprints on ballots. The question is why didn’t they do it automatically? Isn’t that the point? At the very least, I hope they can take note of duplicate thumbprints! Recommend

  • Asim

    I think this is not a decision of PML(N) because there’s a time for stable the government Recommend

  • Maryam

    @Noman Ansari:
    just by the way FAFEN regrets inaccuracies in turnout claim


  • Maryam

    @Noman Ansari:
    and if there are no duplications , will you continue protesting ? Recommend

  • Zahra

    If PTI had won through rigging, trust me I would hibernate for 5 years. Is the debate always about a corrupt leader? Or a corrupt nation feeding a corrupt system little knowing that they would fall prey to their “top of the food-chain” Predator soon. Recommend

  • Citizen


    You explain it so well. I wonder if any of these new kids on the block have the depth and patience to read through the whole post and understand the mechanics of the election process. If not they, at least their local leaders like Alvi etc should be telling them not to make fool out of themselves.Recommend

  • np

    @Hardliner: SOrry India is not your jagir that you can ask anyone to go there. You asked for a country based on religion. You got it. Most Indian Muslims within boundaries of present day India actually chose to stay in India. They are as Indian as anyone else. But for those that they left – well that’s what they chose. It was a one way ticket. Waapasi ka rassta khula nahi hai.Recommend