The morning after elections: A letter to my Khan and my PTI family

Published: May 12, 2013

Sir, it is an honour to call you a leader. PHOTO: REUTERS

A sudden lull is seen on social media as the results trickle in. Shock. Disbelief. Disappointment. After all, we were called the “PTI trolls”. Our enthusiasm and excitement, and often confrontational attitude of taking head-on collisions with the old players of the political field irked the intelligentsia and the liberaati. A truly centrist party, we were attacked by everyone: the left and the right.

However, through it all, as a young party, we held each other’s hands and were fueled by hopes of a Tsunami.

PML-N is in a clear lead – no question about it – and we are all devastated, me and my fellow PTIians. A bit sheepish about our often naïve enthusiasm which others mistook for arrogance, I hear the youth, our strongest voters, saying:

“Nothing in this damned country will ever change.”

To all those, I would like to say:

“Look around again; it already has. We are already living is a more awake, Naya Pakistan.”

Not knowing the ultimate result of NA 250, here’s what I saw today in the infamous constituency. Women flocked, empowered by passion, realising they had a say and a role in the politics of this country.


The disabled, the elderly, the sick – everyone knew they had a role to play.

I saw people on stretchers and children on wheelchairs. They were all out to support PTI, that too when we knew we were up against namaaloom afraad.

In a city where we would, once upon a time, take the name of a certain political party in hushed whispers, yesterday we, the women and the youth, battled it out peacefully by exercising our right to vote. We sweated it out for eight hours to cast a vote in the May heat. We remained peaceful and shared water, but did not let anyone break the queue. Our youth realised they were a power and had a sense of ownership in Pakistani politics. We spoke out against hooliganism and intimidation. Hope came alive yesterday.

We have emerged as Pakistan’s second largest party, a force to reckon with. We are the biggest threat to the status quo, with no reliance on replays of our assassinated leaders or laptop give-aways or any prior serious political experience and with a leader who is neither a feudal, nor an industrialist, nor a “seasoned” politician who knows the bad game that politics is like the so-called stalwarts.

All my leader has is a dream and pure ambition, and my heart swells with pride and joy when I call him that. He dreams of an awake Pakistan – one without the status quo that he has managed to threaten; one without disparity between rich and poor. He dreams a dream of a Pakistan where expats long to come back to and the youth does not want to run away from; a dream of justice for every Pakistani: left, right and centre.

Are you kidding me, everyone?

This is a proud moment for PTI. In the face of criticism, opposition, backlash from all quarters and no billions in our accounts to support our campaign, we have become a force that cannot be ignored. We have not used violence or insidious ways to get here. At the most, we said a few irksome things on Twitter and Facebook in our over-zealousness, but used no arms or weapons to force our way through. We are not backed by dynastic political support. We did not dig out photographs of any opponents romantic escapades and use them to win popular support.

All we had was the ideology of our leader and we have stuck to it because we believe in it.

As a mature, aware PTI voter, I believe we did this is for the best: the serious PTI supporters needed this time to mature. The fickle ones will ebb away. What will remain at the other side will be a true force of change.

While a nationwide Tsunami may not be here yet, it would be unwise for gloating opponents to write that off in the future. We have done pretty well for a young party, and the change may begin from our problematic frontier where PTI’s positive impact will, no doubt, be felt. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has definitely arrived and is here to stay.

Above all, we may not have a Prime Minister from our party (yet) but we have a leader who is a hero who wins hearts. Additionally, Imran Khan is now head of one of Pakistan’s biggest and most original political parties.

To you, I say this,

Khan, as you continue to heal and gain strength in that hospital in Lahore, rest well so that we may get ready for the next innings. This is a great beginning. We will see it to the finish line together. InshAllah.

PS: It is a privilege and honour, Sir, to be led by you.

Farahnaz Zahidi

Farahnaz Zahidi

A writer and editor, who has worked as a Features Editor with The Express Tribune. Her focus is human-centric feature stories. She now writes as a freelancer, and works as a media trainer and communications practitioner. She tweets as @FarahnazZahidi (

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  • Umair Aftab

    True & Well Written #PTIFamilyRecommend

  • Haider

    Imran has the thought down just right. But it isn’t revolutionary. It is exactly what the educated population of Pakistan is thinking. This is the population which matters. This is the population which will decide on matters of business, economy, foreign relations, defence, national security, education and the future of the country. This is the population capable of making a difference.

    We are this population.

    But we don’t decide elections.

    Imran Khan will not win these elections, and that is okay.

    We will carry on.

    Imran Khan has given us a voice.

    Remember, Imran Khan represents us.

    I expect more from Imran Khan in opposition than I did with him in government.

    Make this opposition as public and as relevant as the government itself.

    Make this government rise to the standards we expect from ourselves and from Imran Khan’s leadership.

    Make this government rise to your intellect, and let it get away with nothing less.

    Make this government prove why it is worthy of leading a great population.

    Don’t let this government get in your way.

    Lead the movement for election and constituency reforms.

    Then give the parliament about two years to disintegrate on its own.

    And maybe, just maybe, we might get this right the next time around.Recommend

  • LOL

    There is no change. The elections were rigged yet again and yet media is not reporting it. Congrats to us for being fooled again lolRecommend

  • Amin

    The writer portrays a whole lot of emotions, zealousness, egoism, but no facts whatsoever why the party the writer supports deserves to win. I’m glad pti did not win, I’m sad PPP lost.Recommend

  • Tribal Insafian

    Dear writer:
    You penned down the feelings of my heart – and of many many many Insafians out there.
    Yes, we may have been a bit naive in assuming that Pakistan would change with the very first election we take part in. But look what we have done.
    Our young and unknown candidates like Engineer Murad Saeed (NA-29), Engineer Hamid-ul-Haq (NA-2), Sajid Nawaz (NA-3) etc have beaten the likes of Noor Alam Khan, Iqbal Jhagra, Ameer Muqam etc. This is the CHANGE we wanted. Not many electables have been elected on PTI ticket; its the youth, the 80% new comers that PTI introduced.
    Well done Kaptaan. Naya Pakistan’s foundation has been laid in the land of Pukhtoons – KPK. This will only spread, it won’t dry up InsahAllah.
    After all everybody knows ‘Naya Chaand’ is always sighted first in KPK. Now that ‘Naya Pakistan’ has been sighted in KPK – just wait & see ‘Naya Pakistan’ next.
    Proud of you Imran Khan. May you recover soon.
    I wanna hear you say once more: “Mere Nojawano! Suno Suno, Meri Ek baat suno. Nojawano”.
    (Can’t type more due to teary eyes).Recommend

  • Khalid Khan

    Excellent start for a movement that had no representation in the house. Lets see if PTI can form govt in KPK and make it a model province. Next 5 years need lots of hard work. God bless.Recommend

  • Faisal

    I voted yesterday with a glimmer of hope that my vote could change my fate as a Karachiite but all just lost and now I’m convinced that nothing in this haunted city (Karachi) will ever change. Recommend

  • Asghar

    We have done pretty well for a young party. Khan’s Army will only get strong….. Like the writer said, We are proud to be led by you IK. Lets be a great opposition.Recommend

  • umair

    Well said, Machiavelli once said that between the choice that a leader has of ruling the people with fear or love, love is the obvious choice. Fear is temporary but the admiration that we have for Imran Khan will not die down or subside. What happened in Karachi and the terrorist party who all are familiar with blatantly rigged the elections. This rigging tells me that they are not confident of their wins anymore which they used to be. This shows their weakness and the reality that their days are numbered. As for Karachi and the rest of Pakistan We will make a Naya Pakistan. Great things are not accomplished overnight. He has toiled for 17 years to wake us up. Now its up to us to change this country. So the naara still applies ‘tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, tabdeeli aa gayi hai’. It was and is an honor to be led by him. Recommend

  • aybandeali

    You have spoken, eloquently, what’s been in our hearts after the shock has ebbed away. Yes, things may look gloomy at times, but thinking about our leader sparks our hopes. Get well soon, and lead us to a Naya, better Pakistan!Recommend

  • Yasir

    Very Nice !!!Recommend

  • advocate

    I also feel the same sentiments which are shared by the author , a well written blog.Recommend

  • punjabi

    i’m v.disappointed from the election results, but i believe that its a good chance for PTI to form government in KP, make it exemplary, show all other provinces that u can deliver if u are given the power, just focus on KP and prove yourself. make KP a role model, my pathan brothers deserve it,Recommend

  • Arif

    And for the record: PPP is now the second largest party in NA and they too, will govern Sindh. Every thing was pre-planned and it was ought to happen. If people had supported Butto in his fight against feudalism, we would not have to see this BLACK day. Both major parties heavily rely on heavy weight Chaudris and Sardars. A matter of SHAME. Change will never come. I am done. The coming five years will take us back to where PTI started 17 years back.Recommend

  • Sheema Khan

    Hats off to the writer! :)

    Kaptaan, we’re proud to be PTI voters and supporters. We know we did the right thing, and we know that we are on the right path. We have seen how the elections got rigged, and how PTI was pushed against the wall in many parts of Pakistan.
    YOU, Imran Khan, are the person that made millions of Pakistani’s come out of their houses to vote on 11th May 2013. This is the real change! And we are with you, always! Recommend

  • Ayesha Khan

    Excellent blog. Touched my heart and made me cry. My inlaws are all MQM support ers and I’ve been hearing things like “dekh lo haar gaya tumhara balla”. Very very disappointed with the election results.Recommend

  • sadaf

    We all youngsters are with PTI. Imran Khan truely has given us a voice and provided a platform now we volunteer ourselves to work for the country under his leadership. Recommend

  • Khalid Khan

    Karachi will not stay for long the way it is. Its got to change. Trust me, it will. Keep faith, stay strong. Recommend

  • Fahad Nadeem

    Congratulations to PML-N for an overwhelming
    victory, but one thing is certain that Khan’s PTI
    pushed PML-N to its limits over the last couple of
    years and I am hoping that PTI will continue to
    do so for the next 5 years as a strong opposition
    as well.
    35 seats…. Honestly speaking, that is not a small
    number by any means for a relatively new party.
    In the process, what they have managed to do is,
    completely wiped out PPPP from Punjab and
    replaced them as the second largest party of
    Pakistan and keeping in view the “rawaiti” politics
    of Pakistan, we know whose turn is next! :)Recommend

  • Ahmad Jamal Gilani

    The beginning has been marked. The masses listened to their hearts, focused energies in the right direction and proved that they matter ! Do not be bebelittled, loose hope or get disappointed ! We have made them feel our presence and tomorrow one of you will provide them the matured and honest, “leadership” !

    Wishing you all, god speed and new dawn, INSHA’A ALLAH ! Recommend

  • IK Lover

    That is so amazing piece of writing, i am very much sure inshALLAH we will rise again and will change this with our commitment, struggle, consistency, hard work, patience, optimism and courage, rightly said that “It is a privilege and honour, Sir, to be led by you”Recommend

  • JP

    Let’s show to the World that Naya Pakistan does not necessarily come from election victory rather, we as voters/supporters of PTI can lead by example after changing our daily life by doing simple things like:

    Believing in power of Truth & avoiding lie at all cost
    Making sure we don’t use unfair means for jobs, school admissions, contracts etc.
    Following traffic signals
    Keeping our cities, walls and roads clean
    Sacrificing our luxuries to meet the needs of others
    Projecting Pakistan’s good image locally and internationally

    Let’s change Pakistan without actually coming in Power. JUST DO IT.Recommend

  • maryam riaz

    oh come on…. for u i ll say “Nothing in this damned country will ever change.”Recommend

  • Sana

    This was the first time I cried in a long time. For about half an hour today, I cried not for me but for a man who put 17 years of his selfless life for this country, who gave up his mairrage and was separated from his kids for Pakistan. Naya Pakistan.
    I hope one day, we could repay him.
    One dayRecommend

  • zakir khan

    oh my brothers i am wooried about karachi i can,t understand how we can kick out these terrorest our votes can never play any roleRecommend

  • hema

    This was inevitable but I am afraid that if a change takes any longer to come, I might not be alive to see it.
    WE all know Imran Khan was winning. Hands down. but at times I wonder if the status quo is bigger than his vision, than all of us.

    And if we are as muslim as we think we are, then where is this status quo erupting from anyways? Look inside yourselves, my Pakistani brethren. Stop poking fun at Meera over her eccentric english. Say salaam to your housemaid. Stop assuming things about people when you dont know them. Stop thinking that some people are simply not of “standard”. Recommend

  • Romm

    The PTI youngsters has done a commendable job. Its beginning not the end. Recommend

  • Parvez

    Very nicely written. The PTI played by the book, the rest played election politics good old Pakistani style and even then the PTI has emerged third but very close to PPP the number two.
    This has proved a major game changer in our political landscape and if the others are downplaying this, it’s because they are concerned.

  • usman

    Your blog will make every young Insafian cry. Sitting here in Atlanta, I cannot express the emotions of all my friends over the loss, a shock, a disbelief. I am yet proud to force all my family out to vote for PTI in NA-02 where we swept. Karachites have to decide, whether they want to be deprived of their mandate, again and again. Lahoris will have to come to street for a re-poll at least in na 122 and na 125. Yes we didn’t sweep but we were definitely denied 10 seats in different parts sialkot, lahore and KarachiRecommend

  • Zara Shah

    Very well said. Change is a process and the wheels have been set in motion. Its time for the youth to take over now, thank you very much. “Indeed Allah is with the patient”.Recommend

  • hanif patel

    This Is Pakistan & people are so easily fooled by powerful man with money power which he was throughing in-front of greedy people of pakistan, still they can’t do to save their country even by election………. shoot them… only answer to save pakistan…. innocent people are dying every day…..shame…Recommend

  • Still PTI

    Enough political talk for now, lets use cricket.

    During the campaign, Khan behaved as the aggressive one-day cricketer throwing bouncers and beamers; and towards the end of the election campaign he had a go at the adrenaline rush but silliness of T20. He became focused on defeating the opposition more than winning for his team.

    If Khan continued to play the elections like a test match the results may have been different. Instead it became about choosing star player, point scoring, sledging, IPL like crowd pleasing. This is where PML-N gained – PML-N leadership focused on winning.

    No doubt the Kaptaan will be back in action. IA will set a precedent in governing KPK. 2018 js only around the corner. The Kaptaan will learn from his mistakes and through introspection improve. KPK will allow him political training.

    I see this as Kaptaan’s 1987 world cup – where he felt he had the best team and the moment was right. But as history was to tell us the best was yet to come. Recommend

  • shariq

    No, there is a change after a long time another political party is now challanging the status quo in the country especially in Karachi against fascist party, so sit in opposition for next 5 years, groom yourselves & be ready for clean sweap in next election, InshaAllah. Recommend

  • http://Manhattan,Kansas.US naeem khan Manhattan,Ks

    Farhanaz, what an article, it brought tears to my eyes, I lived in Kansas for the last 48 years and followed Pakistan’s dynastic political system and never saw the young generation of Pakistan with such a enthusiasm and zeal for change , believe me that you are the future and will change the country for the better, there is no doubt in my mind. Yes, PTI is a young party and seeing their record now , there is no turning back, it will go further and further under the sincere leadership of Imran Khan and the young generation.Perhaps I could suggest to IK that since his mother was from South Waziristan , he should build a world class hospital there with donations and let those people see that their interest is at the heart of PTI, eradicate corruption in KP and make an example of this province to the rest of the country or even the region. By the way I was born and raised in Mardan. Thank you for such a heart warming article.Recommend

  • Syed

    Will never vote again. Qadri was right.
    Purana Pakistan ..
    We deserve them.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    My heart is swelling with happiness, joy and pride reading this article. Can’t agree more. Without having a billion bucks in our accounts, without any feudal backing, without any serious experience of Pakistani parliament, without any goons and thugs, without the use of weapons and intimidation; we manage to emerge as the second biggest political party of this country and CERTAINLY a force to reckon with! All this happened with the vision of a single man. Don’t have enough words to praise the greatest leader my country has ever seen since the founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself ! I salute you KHAN…. you were, are and till the day I die, will be my LEADER !!Recommend

  • Maliki

    Nothing will change, just like last time the elections were was pre planned to stop pti from getting into power5 years , unless we stand together for a re election. Wake up insatiable we will do nothing in KPO the powers will not allow us to do so. Where are the funds gonna come from?
    Next elections just like last bogus votes. Media again will sing hyphens of democracy, however the minimum requirements off democracy are for people to decide there own fates, but when pre poll rigging takes place our fate is already decided.

    Re elections throughout countryRecommend

  • Usman

    With a heavy heart, but a burning hope I must say… Things don’t end here… This is a start and our struggle would get stronger with every passing day. Imran Get up and Lead us… we are from Punjab but we are impatient to be led by you even from KPK… our support is with you… we want to see KPK a far developed province than Punjab in next 5 year… Lets not stop dreaming … lets struggle for another dream and materilise it and continue our journey towards our bigger and better dream of Seeing a NAYA Pakistan… Soon…Recommend

  • Ahmed chaudhry

    Very well written piece. I would like to quote a great a Punjabi poet on PTI achievements …as said by great sufi poet mian Mohammad Sahib of Jhelum.
    “Mali Da Kum Pani Lana teh Bhar Bhar Mashkan paway”
    “Malak Da Kum Phal Phul Launa Lavey ya Na Lavey”
    Gardner is business to feed to the plants to its fullest and it is creator ‘s business if tree bears fruit or not.
    Pakistan can’t thank IK enough for the sacrifices he has made at his personal level and determination and will to toil 17 years of his life to cause of Pakistan while neglecting his own children…this is something only a parent can understand.
    Imran didn’t need us…we need him badly. He has sowed the seed of change so what if PTI didn’t win in Punjab and Sindh he we thought it would win…but change doesn’t happen overnight. I hope IK has launched many more IKs in this elections and I am sure none of them have last name of Bhutto or Shareef and that is achievement beyond comprehension. He has showed us the way to run a democratic party from scratch and make it successful.
    I salute the people of KPK …that they are true patriots and truly the only people who think nationally and beyond bridari system and look at the person rather then ethnicity.
    I am glad to call KPK my adopted home. I am proud that the land of naya chand has truly brought the shined brightest lights that a full moon brings on 14th.Recommend

  • RizwanKhan

    It was rigged infront our naked eyes & on media & yet if we stay quite then what difference did we make? What was the point of going out & vote? Just to get the feel good feeling? Vote casting was the 1 st phase & not letting it go & voicing our protest is 2nd until we bring the justice out. ECP baba blatantly said it was free & fair elections. DO you buy that? If you do then we are worse than animals who atleast fight the enemy.

    What makes you think next time elections wont rig again? Next time it will be Bilawal Zardari. These terrorist parties (including USA govt) DO NOT want Imran Khan (which is all over International media as well). Lets not fool outselves. Iron is hot now, we should not let go this moment considering Pakistani nature of giving up on things very quick.

    Finally, since I was born, this is the 1st time the educated have risen up politically. Lets not burst this bubble without achieving our target.Recommend

  • Jalal

    There is no doubt that the election was rigged completely. In my area, in my opinion, 8 out of every 10 people were voting for PTI and 2 votes of every 5 people were already cast. What is more shocking that PTI candidate didn’t event get 500 votes.

    So, what do we do now to make sure this doesn’t happen again? We must raise our voice, we must protest and we must ask perhaps for an electronic system for voting next time. Believe me or not, unless there is a fair and transparent system for voting, this will continue to happen. Recommend

  • Isha

    Yes correct, it’s a great beginniYoung, we might loose battle but in end we will win war, Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    i am really speechless.what an article madam.u voiced our sentiments.there is despair but definitely light at the end of the tunnel.we will keep striving ,pakistanis have woken up from their deep slumber. we may not have enough seats but it is our street power and passion to take our country in the right direction that matters.we should oblige and make sure that we wont let this passion drain off with time.we should make sure that we will keep striving for justice .
    about karachi, rigging has always been a norm. the so called karachi representatives know how to play dirty games but they have never been challanged so forcefully. we intruth have won a pshycological battle over them. :)
    one of acquaintance who is their activist clearly admitted today that yes it was all about pti in karachi.we did what we are trained at but this is the first time we were speechless and disappointed at how we were had never been like this before.
    to jaan lo karachi jaag gya hai or karachi jaagta rhe ga :)Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    @ rizwan kahn.
    i second u.its now or never !!!!Recommend

  • Bobby Bengali

    PTI failed to reach the rural area population. The rural area population is controlled by feudals and heriditary political system. PTI could not break them. But a good show by Imran Khan, Fighting the odds. Still the seats obtained by PTI represents the sensible, educated, and change lovers Pakistanis. The presest result achieved by PTI is very encouraging. I believe 20 more seats of PTI has been cheated through rigging across Pakistan.Recommend

  • PostMan

    Being from Peshawar and residing in Karachi, it is amazing how people here salute the Peshawarites/ KPK people on bringing Imran Khan out of nowhere and thrusting him on Pakistani Political map. Makes me a proud Peshawarite/ KPKian. Recommend

  • Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

    Dear Farahnaz,

    Your words have brought tears in my eyes. Yes indeed PTI has emerged as the second largest party in Pakistan and it is because of Imran Khan that the youth and the millions of first-time voters stepped out and did caste their vote. This is a major step forward in Pakistan’s political history as the youth are now politically tuned. I hope all the best for Imran Khan and his vision to change Pakistan.

    Love the balla, play the game! Recommend

  • Sad but hopeful!

    Aisay dastoor ko, subh-e-bay noor ko,
    main nahi jaanta, main nahin maanta
    – Jalib

    The change has begun. one bit at a time. kehtay hain na.. ati hai aqal atay atay.
    had i known the result, i would have stood in that line a thousand times again, for as long as it takes to vote for my conscience. i have to answer the Supreme Authority on the day of judgement. i am answerable to Him for the leader i chose to rule over my nation!!

    We are not going anywhere, Sir Khan! we are right here. with you. forever.Recommend

  • Lahori

    people of NA 250, I have nothing but utmost respect for u in my heart for showing courage and standing in the way of MQM goons… Recommend

  • Sundas

    Voted for the first time and voted for PTI. Heartbroken to see him lose.Recommend

  • Omair Hasan

    Absolutely fantastic piece. I wish I had written this. It should become PTI’s official policy announcement for post election summary.
    Well done!
    Pakistan Zinabadad.Recommend

  • Usman Waraich

    IK was the first one to tell us that Allah does not change the destiny of any nation till the time they begin to change themselves…..


    Pakistan!, you had your best chance and you fumbled….What a waste.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Syed: That’s exactly what they wanted to achieve………… prove to them that you are not a quitter.

  • Maxwood

    These people [Pakistani pals] never vote for a man lying on bed.

    they even rejected Quaid-e-Azam when he was taking his last breaths on stretcher on a road side while waiting for ambulance.

    I am heart broken. I can not accept NA without Imran as PM of this country.

    They will not make him leader of Opposition EVEN. Recommend

  • http://London Pakistani in Kuwait

    Very well written article. What IK has done is pretty amazing… I have friends who travelled from Dubai, UK to cast their vote for PTI. In the past, we used to just moan and not take any action. Now we are “in it”. Revolution takes time and this is just the beginning….Recommend

  • Reality check

    This blog is way too optimistic. Another five years of this government and there wont be a Pakistan left, let alone a NAYA PAKISTAN!Recommend

  • Garmi horahi hai


    Okay, agreed. Then what do you suggest should be done ?Recommend

  • Ali


    We should not lose hope. Goods days are bound to come, keep your head high.. Recommend

  • Nomi

    on 11th may PTI may not have won a seat in Karachi but he won the hearts of people. Inshallha the day will come when PTI will become a force to rekon with in my beloved Karachi. I knew very well when I was casting my vote that it is of no use but the day will come when this very vote of mine will change the destiny of my country. Long live Pakistn.Recommend

  • Baloch

    IK.. its time to bring the people out into the streets. As very rightly said by yourself, we wont be able to last another five years. Recommend

  • solace

    No need for PTI youth to feel low. You have laid the foundation of a naya pakistan and this process is irreversibleRecommend

  • Burhan

    PTI has done wonderfully well. This is a moment for all Pakistanis to be proud of. This is just the beginning and soon we will see Naya Paistan. All the best to PTIRecommend

  • kinza

    oh Khan Sahab :'( I wonder what’d it be like to actually meet you in person! I think I’ll just burst into tears. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, SIR! I LOVE YOU!! Recommend

  • Saadia Moosa

    Farahnaz! You’ve done it again!!
    Thanks for a truly inspiring article. Imagine how many votes PTI has actually gotten if inspite of all the rigging PTI is still in second lead! Imran Khan’s Tsunami has most certainly arrived:)Recommend

  • mc duffy

    you are sad ppp lost? is your memory so weak that you have already fogotten the dark years of ppp in power? loyalty is one thing but blind faith will ruin this country.Recommend

  • Naila

    U have very aptly shared my feelings.I am in my mid forties and voted first time in my life just bcoz of IK n his vision.Jst waiting for good news from KPK.Long live IK,long live Pakistan.Recommend

  • Bilal

    @Tribal Insafian: And my eyes are also almost teary (with laughter). Still time to wake up folks. Facebook and twitter are delusional worlds. Recommend

  • Bilal

    A humble request. Please ask your leader to first learn to accept defeat. This is national politics, not a game of cricket.Recommend


    PTI managed to wipe out PPP in round one. Round two is PML-N.
    fight is just beggining. Thats how great people take set backs.
    DONT WORRY PTI members ..its a start in the right direction.

    Hum bhi de khenge sooon ..
    never give up hope…Recommend

  • sumera shafi

    A very well written blog.I agree to each and every thought of yours.Recommend

  • Mariam

    Agreed with the writter. She has explained the feelings of all very beautifully. This is time of Pride and joy as we have made NAYA Pakistan. Change is gradual and now we have KP to prove our governance which will prove the people that PTI can fulfill the needs of the country.
    Wish you very good luck to all PTians and Imran Khan.
    We really proud of your being our Leader.Recommend

  • Sher Ghazi

    POTIANS . Ask Imran Khan show a sports man spirit and accept the defeat by Pakistan Youth. We Love Pakistan not NGO parties. This is nice peace and congratulation to form Govt in KPK on the name of Islam. Just read this and what agencies wants from you fools and Ikhan was a gangster who made you sheep.

  • R.k!

    You’ve written your heart out. I am so proud of you. And I am proud of us Insafians more than anything today! it truly is a naya pakistan.Recommend

  • zeeshan

    awesomely written! u stole my words…Inshallah PTI will perform well in KPK and form central govt in 5 years timeRecommend

  • Gilgit-Baltistan

    we don’t have right to vote..when i say it most of my countrymen get surprised. they are not even aware about this fact that Gilgit-Baltistan despite serving this country at all front. From Kargil to Siachin. Lalik Jan Shaheed who received Pakistan’s highest military award (Nishan Haider), Nazir Sabir, first Pakistani who scaled Mount Everest,Second Pakistan who reached on the summit of Everest, hundreds of army laid their lives in Kargil war. so on and so on …no body can deny the geo-strategic importance of the area ..but still people have no right to vote …i have seen hundreds of youngsters were actively serving as tabdeli razakar ..despite knowing the fact that they don’t have right to vote. because they believed in IKs leadership ..they hoped for awaken Pakistan .who will force govt to solve all these outstanding issues ..Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Go and File an appeal in Court, Recommend

  • Blunt

    Bravo. Hats off to the writer. This is one of the rare master pieces I have got in such a long time, that made me feel like out of this world. Wish I had the same vocals as you have.Recommend

  • MaloomAfraad

    There is no change. The elections were rigged yet again and yet media is not reporting it. Congrats to us for being fooled again lol
    Rigging part was not the change the voting part was, Awareness part still is….Recommend

  • proud pakistani

    Please please please for the love of god stop it and move on. Just because PTI supporters supported PTI does not mean that PTI had to win. You havnt changed the world and all your kurtas, tweets and status updates have not revolutionized Pakistan.

    In life there are always winners and losers. Get over it and stop rationalizing, talking, tweeting and making yourselves feel better. The moral of this story is that actions speak louder than words. Recommend

  • Pakistani Ostrich

    “..All my leader has is a dream and pure ambition, and my heart swells with pride and joy when I call him that. He dreams of an awake Pakistan – one without the status quo that he has managed to threaten; one without disparity between rich and poor. He dreams a dream of a Pakistan where expats long to come back to and the youth does not want to run away from; a dream of justice for every Pakistani: left, right and centre…”

    That’s the problem, your leader has been dreaming too much, time for him to wake up and smell coffee!Recommend

  • Naila

    Well written article,expressing true feelings of Insaafians.For those who are broken hearted I must say we must have spirit like our leader and continue fighting,we will have IK as our PM one day,InshaAllah.Recommend