Drinking straight from the tap and courteous officers: Surprises in the US

Published: June 22, 2013

In Pakistan, we don't even have access to basic necessities such as safety, education, clean water and health.

I have always wondered why every other Pakistani is so heavily influenced by the West. Was it the media or was there really something impressive about them?

I have to say, after my visit to the States, I have fallen in to the same trap. Here is my story…

As I landed at the Los Angeles International Airport, I stood in the immigration line, patiently waiting for my turn. A few minutes later an officer called out to me from a distance and asked me to leave the line.

I did as I was told to and the officer slowly walked up to me. In a very stern yet low voice he asked me if I was travelling alone to which I replied in the affirmative. Then, he took my passport and asked me to follow him. Intimidated, I obediently followed him and started praying all the duas in Arabic that I knew – because that’s what we Pakistanis do best in times of desperation.

In my heart I was thinking of all the rumours I had ever heard; was it true that youngsters get cavity searched when they come here? Was it true that they hate all brown people?

To my surprise, it was a detailed but a very polite interview which ended with the officials apologising for taking my time!

At this point my mind was in a whirlwind; an officer in uniform apologised to me, an ordinary man with no pull or power? This would not have happened in Pakistan!

A few hours later, I was having dinner at my uncle’s place. I asked him where I could get drinking water from and he told me to fetch it from the sink. I think my ears weren’t prepared to hear such a sentence which is why I just stood there dumbfounded. Maybe he was trying to be funny?

No, he was serious.

While I stood there contemplating, he walked straight up to the sink, filled a glass of water and handed it to me. According to him the water was clean and we could sue the city municipality if I got sick.  I guess you learn something new every day!

A few days later, my cousin was buying a new house and asked me to tag along with him. He took me to a place that was a little far from the city. We arrived at a very quiet neighbourhood and since the place looked pretty much the same as the last one where my cousin lived, I came up with the conclusion that the crime rate maybe lower here.

However, this was not enough consolation for me and so I inquired. I was wrong. My cousin said that this area had a better school. But, how did that make any sense?

I think my cousin caught on to my ignorance and so he explained. According to him, neighbourhood and communities were built around schools. It sounded pretty cool. In Pakistan, we identify areas by police stations.

 “Tumhara thana kaun sa lagta hai?”

(Which police station is attached to your area?)

Furthermore, a few weeks later during a trip to Baltimore I heard of the Boston bombing. People all over were talking about it, but, why would they tell me? I mean, this is nothing new to me. But when they said, “You’ll see…They’ll catch this guy!” This was something new to me. And in fact they did. Their search was not easy, they had to put checks on all the tolls, carry out house to house search and in the process they slowed commutation which must have also cost them a lot. You can consider it a sacrifice for the greater good – that is how they think here.

They don’t have the word ‘Naamaloom Afraad in their dictionary, it seems.

Moreover, with time our politicians and government have taken away our right to think, ask and speak. They have taken the authority to do so for us.

We don’t even have the basic necessities or facilities in Pakistan; I’m talking about basics such as safety, education, clean water and health. We can’t ever think of travelling alone in Pakistan by road but over here you can travel from coast to coast without thinking twice.

Like my cousin says, you cannot compare oranges to apples- and that is what comparing Pakistan to the West is. He is right, however, I ask you, is it unreasonable to expect your country to provide you with at least the security of life?

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Adil Siddiqui

Adil Siddiqui

Currently doing his bachelors in business administration from Bahria University, Adil loves travelling and aspires to become a business man. He tweets as @adilsid11 www.twitter.com/adilsid11

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  • gp65

    Nice blog. Came straight from the heart. Yes, lack of VIP culture, accountability of government /law enforcement officials, clean water, parks, libraries, no corruption in day to day dealings are the things that many desis appreciate about moving to West – much more so than bigger cars and bigger houses.Recommend

  • Al_Chemisto

    Oh…So it is your cousin who invented the well known phrase i.e u can not compare oranges and apple!

  • Indian Catholic

    Beautiful, just beautiful! Glad to know that the US is just as how I left it.Recommend

  • http://Twitter.com/JunaidAhmeed Junaid Ahmed

    Good comparison but the truth is its more of a debate between developing/developed countries. All the things which you have mentioned are quite the same in ALL the developed countries. USA didn’t change in 50 or 70 years they have taken century to build themselves. Recommend

  • A. Khan

    And that plus many other reasons is why I prefer to live in the West than here where I have no rights, no access to justice and people are specially minorities are not treated equally. Before you say it, sure there is discrimination in the West but people do have recourse to law to challenge it. Try asking the Christians or Ahmadi to sue for discrimination in Pakistan.

    Two words that we need to seriously somehow bring into law in Pakistan : tolerance and respect.Recommend

  • lung

    blacks are violent in america too! Recommend

  • Leela

    Well, Pakistan was made for the safety and we’ll being of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Why the heart burn?Recommend

  • Maria

    I am not sure what you are trying to convey in your post. We all know that developing countries, Pakistan included do not have the same amenities, standard of living and for that matter level of courtesy that one can expect from a developed Western country. Rather than put yourself down, just appreciate that things are different in the affluent and developed West but there is no reason why developing countries cannot aspire to improve their own living standards too. You need to also understand that most people from the West also have the common courtesy and decency to not belittle things in poorer parts of the world since they understand the root causes of many of the social ills. Invariably the worst offenders when it comes to pointing out bad things in developing countries are recent immigrants living in the West – they feel some compunction to put down where they originally came from instead of accepting the obvious.Recommend

  • J

    @ Maria…. Completely agree….
    @ Author…. Very well written blog….. But I will say same we just cannot compare lower developing country like Pakistan with the developed nations of the decades like US…. Yes we should take examples from them and learn to do better… But USA where it is they haven’t reached there by fluke or hard work for a few years it took them decades to reach that position… We cannot expect to overcome our challenges with in years its continuous starvation and hunger to reach there… For me USA is not an ideal state because it is not the welfare state and if it is then Scandinavian countries are just better…… Recommend

  • Imagined threat

    Pakistan was doing much better than the disastrous economy of India between 1947 &1991.

    Pakistan had better roads,cars,businesses…while for all of India’s democracy,multifaceted culture and pluralism it had only droughts,poverty and famine.

    From the early ’90’s the Indian economy shot off into startling economic progress and is now counted as part of BRICS.Unfortunately Pakistan has not kept up since the ’90s.

    A lot of this can be attributed to the diversion of funds to the Pak.Army,instead of towards building the economy and infrastructure (..& better pay for Pakistani doctors)

    The only way the Pak Army justifies its might is the imagined threat from India ….this Army has hurt Pakistans development.

    The Indians are too busy building their country and fixing their internal problems of corruption and inflation while they march towards being global superpowers. Lets emulate them.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Bittiya all he is trying to convey is that we are still “Jahils” after sixty years …. I think it is time we accept it …. and don’t you think that this label of “a developing country” is comical now ? after-all sixty years is enough time for a nation to “develop” … No ? Recommend

  • Dante

    You’re more than welcome to come here to US, settle and forget all about your home country.


  • Someone

    Don’t be lame @Al_Chemisto: Recommend

  • http://www.adeelmohammad.weebly.com adeel

    i wish you had visited African countries… you had loved Pakistan. there is no place in the world where you can get free water on road, shops and even in public places. (called Sabeel). Majority of Pakistanis still drink tap water and are thankful to municipality who do not even bother to charge for their ‘water theft’ through illegal connections. US is known for their ‘car based’ travel where obesity levels ar highest. Their community is more segregated and well known interview of black american is an example where he says ‘if a white girls runs into the house of a black man, you have got a big problem’. Street crimes are well known in LA and many metropolitain areas, and you do not have such public shooting, spying and AIDS issues in Pak. So if you feel good, try to visit Pakistan without being a Pakistani. you will see how good Pak is when u loose its NIC! Hope you will get good lessons about Pak in futureRecommend

  • Imagined threat

    With partition,Pakistan rejected India and turned its back on everything Indian from it’s past…many things that were common between muslims and non muslims before partition,were cast out-culture,customs,dress,festivals,literature …(thankfully,not the cuisine!)

    As a new country-in the absence of a true national identity, Pakistan defined itself by its opposition to India.

    The new country set itself the task of erasing its association with the subcontinent, an association that many came to view as a contamination.

    Had this assertion of national identity meant the casting out of something alien/foreign, in favor of an organic or homegrown identity, it might have had an empowering effect.

    What made it self-wounding, even nihilistic, was that Pakistan, by donning an alien & new Arabized Islamic identity, rejected its own local and regional culture. In trying to turn its back on its shared past with India, Pakistan turned its back on itself.

    Pakistan’s existential confusion made itself apparent in the political turmoil of the decades after partition. The state failed to perform a single legal transfer of power; coups were commonplace.

    The quest to rid itself of its previous Indian identity had come at a price: the emergence of a new and dangerous brand of Islam and an army which has consumed annually a quarter of the country’s wealth, undermined one civilian government after another and enriched itself through a range of economic interests and huge property holdings….this has harmed Pakistans development.Recommend

  • http://Lahore adil

    We the people from Indian sub continent are very jealous by nature and this is really very strange kind of jealousy. It’s not jealousy that poor have towards rich but it works in opposite direction. Rich or somewhat better off people make sure that others (poor ) don’t have access to same kind of facilities that they have. It’s this jealousy between different classes of people that is not letting Pakistan progress. Recommend

  • J

    @ Imagined Threat……

    The reason Pakistan was created because of having a different culture, religion, customs and so on. Mr Jinnah was considered as the ambassador of Congress and Muslim League unity. Yet Mr Jinnah said congress mind cannot be changed and left politics only to come back after persuasion from Dr. Allama Iqbal….

    Mr Jinnah had a dream that Pakistan and India will live like USA and Canada which never happened but could still happen in the future so Pakistan never disconnected with sub-continent how it can?

    Pakistan was created on the basis of Islamic ideology, that Pakistan will be like an Islamic welfare country, I am telling you the ideology of the country which you would be familiar I am sure..

    Yes I also agree on many points like the army and politics. but imagine that could Mulsims if wouldn`t have got independence could be able to implement slightest of Islamic laws with non-muslim majority of people?….. Recommend

  • umamah

    i liked the way of exprressing the western culture and in the meanwhile, comparing the culture’s of Pakstan. i agree, there is no comparison of apple with orange. but if you take a better step towards the betterment of the country i am sure all the people like us, will take the same action.
    if Pakistani culture needs security then you have to show up your personality that how your’re feeling others secure and how much you care about them, i’m sure things will go in a positive direction!Recommend

  • Anonymous


    I agree that Islamic laws couldn’t have been implemented in a multicultural democracy like India.

    But India today has a very large number of muslims,probably less than,but comparable to Pakistan…( maybe 14% of their 1.2 billion…there is sporadic violence there)..Godhra/Ayodhya etc. but they still seem to be moving overall towards progress and more tolerance,unlike here..

    It’s sad to read comments to other blogs from Shias and Ahmadis that they enjoy a freedom,opportunities and economic progress in India which they probably wouldn’t enjoy in democratic Pakistan.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Nicely written and nothing wrong in what you have said.
    In most things in life there is a trade-off involved, and its a very personal decision. Many make that decision and live with it and many can’t. That does not make one right and the other wrong, it just means that one has different values from the other.

  • Turbo Lover

    Relaxing read. Good work!Recommend

  • Mehdi


    You do sound bitter. In every respect US is better than Pakistan. African countries though poor has better security situation than Pakistan. What Pakistani need to develop their country is an attitude make over. Aspire to be honest, be diligent and remove holier than thou attitude from their daily dealings.Recommend

  • http://tribune.com.pk/story/552333/six-jf-17s-to-escort-chinese-pm-into-pakistan/ Shabi

    The thing which i can understand from this blog is that our people specially our youth these days want to eat ripened apples, they d,nt want to work hard, they need shortcuts, they are not willing to sacrifice and not even willing to change themselves individually.. we want change overnight in which we d,nt have to do anything and no sacrifice,, we are so dumb that we start comparing ourselves with states without knowing that they have their country more than 200 years ago and their people had sacrificed and worked days and night to achieve that level,, their youth was not willing to fly any developed country when their country was being established,,, so the time to which we d,nt change ourselves individually nothing is going to happen and we will keep on mesmerizing ourselves by the countries like states,, Recommend

  • J

    @ Anonymous….. Completely agree no doubt it is so embarrassing for us to see even the incidents that took place in India like you mentioned but they are still moving forward unlike us fighting our people… But I am hopeful one day we will be like an ideal state of what Mr Jinnah and Dr Allama Iqbal saw in their vision Recommend

  • Hari Om


    Nice blog. Came straight from the heart. Yes, lack of VIP culture, accountability of government /law enforcement officials, clean water, parks, libraries, no corruption in day to day dealings are the things that many desis appreciate about moving to West –

    Do not worry, madam. Our time will come, once we install Modiji on the highest throne.
    The world will see development as they have never seen before.Recommend

  • Optimist

    I lived in Pakistan (Lahore) and drank tap water all my life. It was good till 2000.
    After year 2000,, everyone has been converted to use Nestle… wonder if it is really necessary or some sort of money making scam??Recommend

  • World peace

    @Hari Om

    Really brother…Narendra Modi ?

    Don’t embarrass us fellow Indians with your small minded remarks.Recommend

  • AJ

    America has a great interstate freeway system, but I’ve traveled by road in Pakistan, from KHI to LHR and back on the National highway, and from LHR to ISB and on wards to the Hazara district in KP and the motorway was very good.

    I know many people that have driven from KHI to Gwadar through the Makhran highway, just because you haven’t traveled in Pakistan by road that doesn’t mean other’s haven’t.

    @Imagined threat:

    Do you even know what you’re talking about?When have people in Eastern parts of Pakistan(Punjab and Sindh) been ashamed of Pakistan’s South Asian roots(Indian is a roman term).

    You see Pakistan is a blend of north Indian and Persian culture, so we’re not 100% either, we’re a hybrid.

    I’ve never heard any Pakistani identify as Arab, I haven’t noticed any Arab rituals at Pakistani weddings.Pakistanis still listen to Indian music instead of Lebanese music, and at Pakistani weddings people would rather do an ‘Indian dance’ instead of a belly dance.

    Maybe you should try to get to know Pakistanis, visit Pakistan instead relying on what you read on the internet.Recommend

  • http://australianaffairs.wordpress.com Mehroz Siraj

    Exactly my thoughts.

    When in Australia, I was working there and I was always treated as equally as an Australian citizen.

    Thanks to Australia’s fair pay regulations, I was paid the same hourly wages as those which were paid to Australian citizens.

    Even though on a student visa, I still had access to compulsory medical insurance and when I required to be hospitalized, the hospital staff did not ask for a monetary deposit, neither did they ask me initially about my citizenship status or religious following.

    The job of the medical staff at that Melbourne based hospital was only about getting me out of my physical miseries that I suffered at that time.

    For countries like Australia and the US, strong immigrant populations are great strengths and are a testament to the opportunities that those countries continue to provide to immigrants. Their education system, unlike ours, is not basing itself on the ideas of racism,

    Students in the US and Australia are not taught much about wars and killings but are taught about how immigrants and a non-discriminatory social structure is good for their society.

    Congratulations to the writer for putting this piece up.

    Mehroz Siraj
    australianaffairs.wordpress.com Recommend

  • Grace

    @Imagined threat: This shows the real insecurity of Indians- here is an article about an impressionable simple boy from a poor country who went to America and is so impressed that a tap water is clean is a rich western country. I am sure that a poor boy from India or Africa would also be in shock. Why not just understand that people from poor countries get impressed when they go to rich countries? Instead of reading the story you want to talk about the break up of a British India in 1947. Indians are too obsesses with partition and should move on.Recommend

  • RHS

    The US is a wonderful and welcoming country. Unfortunately it was more so before 9/11. What you have written here is pretty much the truth. Pakistan used to be a great place too and it is quite possible that it will be once again, IF Pakistanis stop blaming Americans and make their own country strong. It can be done. Just look at where China was 65 years ago!Recommend

  • Sam

    The point is: are we showing any signs of development that the US showed in its early decades!
    Sorry sir this nation is heading towards doomsday.Recommend

  • Tao

    Well, I guess this is one way to look at it. But I can tell you for a fact, get out of California and you will find many officers who won’t be so courteous to you. Even the tap water is not so great everywhere here in the US.
    Funny thing though, there are so many Pakistanis that came here to the US with so many high hopes and bright futures and big eyes. Unfortunately even though they may have been blown away with the drinkable tap water, many who have settled here have gotten stuck in low level jobs like driving cabs and working in fast food joints and 7’11’s and are just struggling to survive day by day. Probably would have been better off staying in Pakistan. A lot of the skilled and educated are now returning to Pakistan because they now see there is more opportunity to make money in business there then it is now in the USA. Not all is as it seems.Recommend

  • javed

    Well there is a reason america is the great country that it is. We here in america need to severely limit immigration from pakistan. We should only allow minorities and women to immigrate here from pakistan. This country does not need anymore sunni extremist terrorists or sympathizers from punjab. Indians are way better immigrants than pakistanis and actually adapt and integrate into the american culture. Pakistanis are the worst type of immigrant. Go to any of their mosques here in america and you will see the same type of mayhem and insanity that they bring here from their country. I say all this being a well integrated pakistani american. America haters please stay in pakistan!Recommend

  • asim daud

    USA has also changed for the worse,govt snooping over every e mail and other private info….that is infringement on the rights of everyone…i would never like to live in this country which is the cause of the mess world over.Recommend

  • ABC

    Again a dull and reiterated article on difference in West and Pakistan. I guess there are countless things that Pakistan possess and others don’t. We should bring some positivity about Pakistan in articles too, instead of constantly complaining on evils.Recommend

  • American

    @ Javed – Pakistani immigrants are very successful in the US including many physicians dentists and other professionals. When I returned from military service in Afghanistan two years ago I was treated for an injury by a doctor from Pakistan and she did a great job. The number of terrorist incidents in the US caused by Pakistani immigrants is extremely low – in the single digits as compared to a Pakistani immigrant population of about 500,000, or under 0.001%. When I walk around a US city I am much more afraid of ordinary crime than terrorism. I could make a similar argument for Lebanese, Turkish or Kurdish immigrants many of whom are Sunni. If you faced discrimination in Pakistan as religious minority I encourage you to seek reform that respects the rights of minorities in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Historian 1

    Today all progress, beauty, inventions, modernization, civilization and security as well is due to white people. This is universal truth even if you call me racist.Recommend

  • Live and let live

    India is emerging as a growing economy globally,inspite of sporadic incidents of violence. Their brain drain from the ’60’s to ’90’s is reversing slowly..

    In their plural ,multicutural society,no one listens to mullahs… so they have no reputation as an Islamic terrorist state ,globally.Recommend

  • Mehdi


    I concur. May god increase your enlightened tribe in US.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @asim daud:
    Please self deport yourself from US if you are living there.Recommend

  • mind control


    Do you even know what you’re talking about?When have people in Eastern parts of Pakistan(Punjab and Sindh) been ashamed of Pakistan’s South Asian roots(Indian is a roman term).

    Roman? Really?

    ‘Indica’ was written by Megasthenes , a Greek. in circa 350 BCE.

    The Romans established contacts with India only during the reign of Julius Caesar in 79 BCE.Recommend

  • Tao

    This really is a silly blog. It took America hundreds of years to get where it is today and they lived through the Wild West and a Civil War to get there. It’s citizens didn’t leave the country or wallow in self hate. They stayed and fought and struggled to make their country a success. What some are saying on this blog is that Pakistani’s and Pakistan are a worthless hopeless people and country. Some delude themselves into thinking that they are so well integrated into American society that they can now look down on their own people and culture. Not realizing of course that most in America and the West, especially after any form of terrorist attack anywhere, are looking down on ALL Pakistanis and wishing they were not in their country…whether those Pakistanis think they are “Integrated” or not.Recommend

  • Hari Om

    @World Peace

    You don’t believe me! Do you know the number of immigration requests lying with the ministry of foreign affairs? These applicants are from US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and China. They all want to settle in Gujarat, which will soon be the developest (never mind my english, I am afflicted with Namonia) country in the world when NaMo will be our prime Modister.
    Are you getting me now? Recommend

  • mind control

    @Hari Om:

    Are you getting me now?


    I will ask Rahul Baba to explain, once he is back from his trip to Colombia or Venezuela.Recommend

  • Hari Om

    @mind control

    Are you getting me now?

    Never mind. How are you supposed to get it, if it was not meant for you? Let, me help you. My post was directed at @World Peace as my response to his response to an earlier post of mine in this thread. I am sure now you got it.Recommend

  • World peace

    @Hari Om

    Got it bro. Lol.Recommend

  • ywijdan

    this piece is too childish, i dont know whats there that a common person didn’ t know already… seemed like a kid wanted to write about him going to the states thats allRecommend

  • Rishi


    Tao! I do not know why u picked this screen name but I hope your comments are not a true reflection of your wisdom which would be a travesty against the pen name you have assumed.

    That said, the Civil war in the US and the so called ‘Wild’ West are labels that were used to characterise certain periods of time in America’s history. Even if they were the darkest times of their history, they were in keeping with the civic-minded ness of people fighting for ideas and ideologies that were entirely in keeping with the character of America that has remained un-changed over the centuries. These revolts were also in keeping with the methods prevailing at the time to register protest. For example, the Wild West was ‘wild’ because people needed to protect themselves when the state could not project its writ over a large geography but not for lack of trying and succeding to project the authority and the reach of law over a territory that is several times more than yours and in a relatively short period of time of a little over 45 years or so.

    Do not compare the issues you have with the growth of a brand new nation and an exceptionally fantastic idea asserting itself.Recommend

  • fact

    Okay, here is a deal! I live in US and I know that there are few things I don’t agree with. First off, LA has the highest crime rate. You can google it, they have gangs. LA is the most polluted cities in the US so I don’t expect you’d get “clean” water as you mentioned. I used to live in Santa Monica and I know this for a fact, water is NOT clean :) Maybe you should have stayed longer and find out yourself.

    US founded 200 years ago and you are comparing it to Pakistan that’s barely 80 yrs old. Maybe little bit more research would help you identify the differencesRecommend

  • Syed

    waste of time..Recommend

  • Mehdi


    Are you sure about water quality in LA, I have been there and I didn’t find any problem with the water. Why don’t you move back to Pakistan and do my field research in your beloved country and find the reason why the entire world complains about it.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    My should be corrected to some. It was a typoRecommend

  • ibn arastoo

    Welcome to the USA! it is indeed a blessed land.

    There are better places than Los Angeles but of course LA must seem like a relative paradise compared to Karachi etc.

    Try to comprehend and write about the beauty of Canada and Scandinavia and Northern England – most of us are so far gone that we cannot even comprehend real beauty but succumb to what is only slightly better. Recommend

  • Y

    Yes, America is the greatest country in the world. Best standards of living, best education, law and justice prevail. Pakistanis now like to complain and blame America for their problems. Every issue this country faces seems to be the result of a conspiracy originating in the White House. I am sick of hearing such rubbish. I have always been told about how americans are racist against pakistanis there. that opportunities seem to be equal for all, but the color of your skin matters. Rubbish. These are misconceptions. In general you, America offers much more opportunity to a pakistani immigrant than this country offers to its own.

    Take an example: Bobby Chindal, the son of Indian immigrants is governor of Louisiana touted to possibly run for the white house in 2016. In Pakistan? A white man now has to fear for his and his family’s life in many parts of country. Pakistanis are racist.

    I may sound cruel but the facts are undeniable. This comment may be a little irrelevant but I wanted to emphasize how far we as a country have fallen. After partition, we attracted western tourists and politicians to come and see the great land of Pakistan. We have done our best to destroy it in the last 40 years and with it our reputation and dignity as a nation. I try my best to be patriotic only to be disappointed over and over again. I struggle to see the good now.Recommend

  • Y

    And yes, the boston attacks are a great example of the american spirit. Now, if there is an attack in pakistan and 20 people die. No one cares. No one bothers after a few hours. I was in the states when the boston attacks took place. And I was amazed. My friends at college in Illinois were so upset, so angry so riled up about fellow americans being killed thousands of miles away. They were not related to them in any way but they mourned. And they sat infront of their televisions waiting for the police to serve justice to their fellow country men. And when they did, the celebrated. That’s what a country’s spirit should entail.

    Pakistanis? Will worship the cricket team when they beat india. Next day when they lose, will hurl abuses at the players, wish them ill and simply disown them.


  • Y

    also @fact.. Water is generally clean in america. Los angeles like a few other major cities has lower quality of tap water, However this is in relativity. With standards so high in the us, such reports that highlight the relative quality of water being low are given a lot of attention. Water in LA is generally WAAAY cleaner than pakistani cities. You could drink it and not have any issues all your life.Recommend

  • Mehdi


    You just spoke my mind. Very eloquently put. Recommend

  • sterry

    @Y: Who cares. The writer didn;t tell me anything I didn;t already know. In Europe, they don’t drink the tap water since it’s smelly despite being cleaned but since North America has had european colonists for only 200 odd years, the water and environment isn’t as dirty yet. The real crime is that these europeans polluted so much in the US in hardly 200 years while the native Indians of North America didn’t spoil the environment in 10, 000 years. This is the issue if you ask me. When the white man came to steal the lands from the natives, all of the river and lake waters were drinkable everywhere in North America – now it’s dirty everywhere and be cleaned before it goes to taps. This will escape the understanding of poor travellers from the 3rd World who are so in love with the White Man’s civilization and materialism!Recommend

  • Nemah

    @Baba Ji:
    You need to study Development Economics!Recommend