10 reasons why PTI has my vote

Published: May 7, 2013

Pakistanis from all walks of life reveal a genuine fervour for voting for PTI. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

I have never voted for anything in my life, yet on May 11, 2013, I will cast my vote for the first time in the upcoming general elections of Pakistan and that too for Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) political party.

In my home city of Karachi, conversations with Pakistani citizens from all walks of life, such as rickshaw and taxi drivers, store vendors, bakers, mechanics, teachers, doctors, artists, and bankers, all reveal a genuine fervour for voting for PTI.

Most of these people have even talked about plans of rounding up friends and family members on Election Day, so that they can make a festive event out of voting.

Even the ‘burger bachaas’ I know have sworn to take time out of their extremely taxing and ‘baked’ sessions of World of War Craft, to vote for PTI. As one acquaintance expressed through his ‘tutti frutti’ language skills,

“I am ready to chalo chalo with Imran, yo!”

It is true that some have been left shaken by the recent bombings at the political hotspots in the city, but it seems that for many, the acts of terrorism have actually strengthened the resolve to vote for change.

Here are 10 reasons why you should vote for PTI:

1. A chance to break a vicious pattern:

With political dynasties and military dictators taking turns at playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ with Pakistan, it seems that many Pakistanis abstained from voting in past elections, simply because choosing between candidates was like deciding between The Joker or Lex Luthor.

Although Imran Khan has been in politics for many years, the former cricketer’s political net run rate has been below par in previous campaigns. Now, for the first time in his career, Khan is running in with the momentum of a fast bowler on a green top pitch. Voting for him now is the best chance we have ever had to change the status quo.

2. A chance to elect someone who cares:  

Imran Khan has a great record as a humanitarian, he created the ‘Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre’ in Lahore, to which he is the single largest donor. In order to construct the hospital, Khan put his pride aside, as he took on this herculean task through many challenging years of fundraising, which to an average person would have been a nightmare.

By comparison, what have our other political leaders created, aside from vast quantities of wealth stored away in foreign nations, and mismanagement of taxpayer’s money?

The Lahore Metro Bus for example, has been funded by billions of rupees, and seems like an unnecessary luxury in a city that faces a lack of health care, education, and electricity.

Is there any point in buying ketchup, when you don’t have a hotdog?

3. Pakistan needs a leader who is fearless:  

We knew Imran Khan was a brave man when he faced down frighteningly fast bowlers from Australia and the West Indies in cricket, and lead from the front when he won us the World Cup in 1992. Further cementing his reputation as a bold individual was his decision to marry a woman from a Jewish background, even though he himself came from a growingly right-wing Muslim nation.

Later, during his political career, he travelled to the extremely hostile South Waziristan, to protest against drone attacks, in a move that could have ended his life. Even now, he conducts most of his political rallies without the aid of a bulletproof glass, standing in plain sight to engage his people.

This attitude contrasts sharply with other political hopefuls in Pakistan.

A recent video of Bilawal Bhutto’s speech, explaining why he is unable to return to Pakistan due to threats to his life, has gone viral on social media websites such as Facebook, and has left users unimpressed by Bilawal’s reasoning for not leading from the front.

4. We don’t want our nation’s heads to humiliate us overseas: 

The horribly cringe-worthy moment left us grinding our teeth, when the president of our nation told Sarah Palin she was ‘gorgeous’, upon meeting her for the first time at a public event.

Any woman (yes, even Palin), who has made her mark in politics deserves to be recognised for her craft, rather than her looks. It was sexist, because President Zardari did not go on to pay similar compliments to Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan is a highly polished person who has qualifications in politics and economics from the University of Oxford, and when he speaks, he draws you in with his eloquence.

5. Imran Khan’s record is clean:

Founded in 1996, the past 17 years have been very difficult for PTI, yet the political party has mostly stuck to its principles, and avoided some of the well documented chances to take shortcuts to power. A lesser leader, who did not empathise with his people, would have surely given in to temptation.

Furthermore, if you look at Imran Khan’s cricketing career, there was never any allegation of match-fixing, yet within a few years of his retirement, the team quickly involved itself in wrongdoings. And at this moment in time, unlike other major politicians, Imran Khan has kept all his monetary resources within the country.

6. PTI respects overseas Pakistanis:

Although the foreign remittance helps, it is a loss for Pakistan to have so many of her skilled professionals working overseas rather than serving at home. Many of these educated citizens are making ends meet by driving taxis, yet find this hard life more acceptable than meeting the challenges of living in Pakistan.

It is a fact that most Pakistanis would love to return to their nation if things were better at home, and it seems that PTI is the only political party which realises this, often expressing a desire to create an atmosphere where international Pakistanis find their own country as an attractive option to return with their accumulated wealth.

On the other hand, former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, when asked by CNN reporter Becky Anderson to share his thoughts on Pakistanis wanting to leave the country, responded with careless sentiments such as,

“Why don’t they just leave then”,


Who’s stopping them?

This left Ms Anderson, an experienced journalist, quite speechless.

It should also be noted that PTI has made it a priority to treat its overseas Pakistanis with dignity and respect, terming such citizens as ‘assets’, and providing them with more rights and resources than they currently have.

7. PTI’s democracy began from within:

PTI’s decision to conduct proper intra-party elections, regardless of the consequences, showed that, to the party, a proper democratic structure was more important than the results, as evidenced by the many disgruntled senior party members who did not make the cut.

On numerous occasions, Imran Khan has promised that once in power, his party will conduct elections in various social services in Pakistan, including the police force. By leading with example through the intra-party elections, Imran Khan has made it apparent that this will not turn out to be a hollow promise.

8. PTI’s goals are practical:

As its party’s manifesto reveals, PTI has designs on fighting major issues such as literacy, poverty, power, and corruption. These ambitions are realistically presented however, and not exaggerated to win favour with voters.

This level of transparency is refreshing in a country where politicians disingenuously suck up to voters like they are on the other end of a 1-900 number.

If only Pakistani politicians put as much energy into ending load shedding, as they do lying about when they will end it.

9. The Kashmir issue:

Years back, the Kashmir issue was the main subject of contention for Pakistanis, and Pakistani politicians used the emotional subject to milk as much endorsement as possible for themselves.

Since then, they have clearly found other emotional issues to manipulate, such as terrorism, inflation, and the lack of electricity, leaving the Kashmiri people mostly forgotten.

It seems that PTI is the only political party which is still serious about reaching a sensible resolution to the Kashmir dispute.

10. PTI cares about the environment:

Pakistan is a beautiful country which has the potential to become one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. Unfortunately, our skies and lakes are becoming polluted, our wildlife isn’t safe, and very recently, thanks to the timber mafia and former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, a key forest in the Gilgit-Baltistan region lost what protection it had.

Ignoring a policy established since the early 90s designed to protect the forest and its surrounding environment, Ashraf signed away timber worth Rs8 billion, conveniently enough, 24 hours before the end of his government’s term. This was to the horror of the community in that region, who termed it a conspiracy, and stated that the timber mafia had suddenly begun the deforestation process before ‘issuance of the notification’ from up top.

In light of such events, it is reassuring to see that not only does PTI have a detailed environmental policy, but that Imran Khan truly cares about Mother Nature,

“Just like we might have to announce an education emergency because the state of our public education, we will also have to take severe measures to save the environment.”

I am glad that Imran is giving significance to every aspect of Pakistan, including her land.

Read more by Noman here or follow him on Twitter @Pugnate

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (twitter.com/Pugnate)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Realistic

    In Shaa Allah PTI will clean sweep from Karachi (only if poll rigging by MQM is controlled)!Recommend

  • Ammar Shafique

    InshAllah PTI will come into power and change the corrupt system and give us a Naya Pakistan. I trust him more than i trust myself !Recommend

  • Sa

    First dear author, you don’t vote for ‘anything’ but ‘anybody’, maybe. Second, there couldn’t be more childish blog! You could have listed five reasons but should have written them with more authenticity of voice. Your blog appears like picked-up pieces from different blogs.Here are my five reasons for Pakistanis desire to vote for Imran or PTI:

    Not tested before so his lack of governing experience is an asset; people want untainted man at the helm of affairs and Imran is the best choice.
    Imran has charisma or star quality; howsoever, we deride importance of charisma, but Charismatic people have an edge over other leaders- they are good crowd-pullers. Look around: there is nobody on the electoral landscape that can equal Imran in star quality.
    Our political parties and system too was lagging behind in reflecting changed social realities- aspiring middle class and bulk of educated youth that want their share in political governance or at least want that reality reflected in the national and provincial assemblies. Imran has re-energized those population segments.
    Sophisticated electoral and social media campaign. It is having snowballing effect: larger presence of Imran on media is creating rippling effects, making people believe that Imran can win; so once you are sure that ‘he’ can win, you have stronger incentive to vote as your vote will not go wasted.
    political order of Pakistan has evolved. For the first time, we have had smooth transition of power, and their is also assertive media and activist judiciary; so, people can feel palpable change in the political environment and want to vote for Imran to further weaken teh status quo powers.

    those population segments.

  • Shais

    Vote for PTI, change Pakistan !!!Recommend

  • Javeria

    I just turned 18 recently so dont have my CNIC ready. I so wish I could vote for this man.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari


    First dear author, you don’t vote for
    ‘anything’ but ‘anybody’, maybe.

    If I am voting for a cause, it is a thing. For example, if I choose not to vote for women’s rights to scream at their husbands for forgetting to bring home milk, then it is a thing I am choosing not to vote for. Recommend

  • chugtairizwan

    I will vote to PTI because, Imran khan is a patriotic honest and qualified leader, Imran has ability to give us back our social status. Pakistan country claims that Imran has given a lot even he was nothing. Now masses of Pakistan believe and decided only Imran Khan is a single light of hope in this dark and worst circumstances of the country. Imran khan can do everything to save the country and khan is sincere with all the nation. Imran’s past is very clear no hidden assets. What he has done is long term beneficial for the country, unbelievable world cup achievement, Namal Universities, Cancer Hospital. Khan is a brave leader, The only one who went to NWFP and condemned the DRONE ATTACKS. He can stand with the people of those areas where couldn’t go.

    Insha-ALLAH we all will see a Pakistan which was dreamed by Allama Iqbal and Quaid. Recommend

  • Sa

    @ author!

    All over the world, voter vote for ‘people’ not causes; cause is embedded in a person or party. Recommend

  • Kamran

    Even though i am a big IK and PTI supporter, I must correct you that marrying a Jewish (or for that matter any) women is in no way a big feat, it was just his personal decision based on respect for Jamima as a person – and afaik she converted to Islam before they got married.

    Besides that, a very well written article and I agree with you!Recommend

  • ahmad

    Living in karachi but passing judgement on on a lahore project. Wah ji wah. BRT’s daily use exceeds its projected use by more than two times. What does that tell you, genius? There are legitimate points against voting N, but this is not one of them. But the fact that you did anyway tells me that you’re just petulant and couldnt find anything real.
    And of course Khan is fearless. Taliban Khan ko kisnay marrn hay? If he was truly fearless he would have supported Ahmedis not distanced himself from them. That statement was disgusting in the extreme.
    Why the tribune publish such reactive and predictable blogs is beyond me. Standard to kuch rakho apna.Recommend

  • ahmad

    “The Lahore Metro Bus for example, has been funded by billions of rupees, and seems like an unnecessary luxury in a city that faces a lack of health care, strong texteducation, and electricity.”

    Shahbaz Sharif is already taking care of that(education). See now you’re just lying or are so ignorant that you really shouldn’t write stuff that you don’t know the first thing about.

    Read “The good news from Pakistan” before making such irresponsible and wrong comments.Recommend

  • AQ

    I agree that Imran Khan is obvious and pragmatic choice if compared with Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. However, Imran Khan also neglected Karachi similar to Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. I support Imran Khan for being vocal about MQM militancy but he is relatively silent over 55 extremists (included in 4th Schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997) running for Public Office in Punjab. PTI has been working hard since Oct 2011 to damage PML-N in Lahore (13 NA seats) but neglected Karachi (20 NA seats). People of Karachi wants someone to own this city – On May 11th, MQM is at credible risk of losing NA-240, NA-241, NA-250, NA-252 & NA-253. MQM are focused to neutralize JI in these constituencies – This would’ve been a huge PTI opportunity to swing traditional anti-MQM and silent youth vote in their favor to win at least 3 – 5 NA seats. But PTI is only focused on NA-250 and that too because of Dr. Arif Alvi personal efforts. Imran Khan probably did not want to be seen as Karachi-friendly or Karachi-focused

    Despite of being an Urdu-speaking, I voted for PML – N in 1997 & 2002 Elections and JI candidates in 2005 LB elections. PML-N and PPP won all Karachi NA constituencies during 1997 General Elections (which MQM boycotted) but didn’t give anything back to Karachi owing to lack of ownership. On the contrary, Lahore was fortunate enough to be owned and developed by PML-N. MQM phenomenon came during late 1980s but ownership issue of Karachi goes back to 1965 presidential elections when Karachiites supported Fatima Jinnah. Please note that MQM did not become powerful only because of militancy – They comfortably won elections even after multiple Operation Clean-ups during 1990s. Nobody can argue regarding MQM rigging during 2008 Elections but they still enjoy massive support in various constituencies. 2008 rigging would’ve provided MQM edge on only 2 – 4 NA seats Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/asifnz Asif Nawaz

    Bilawal Bhutto’s speech! Damn, where had I been? Off to watch that right now – I was running out of comedy in my life.Recommend

  • Milind

    @Author – I’m surprised by your choice of the reasons for voting for IK. Anyway here’s my take on some of the 10 reasons you quote

    – Pakistan needs a leader who is fearless:
    When was the last time he condemned the Taliban unconditionally – without blaming the drone attacks.

    We don’t want our nation’s heads to humiliate us overseas
    That was a probable faux pas… and the media blew it out of proportion. Agreed your President could have acknowledged her capabilities, but appreciating her good looks is no reason for branding him sexist. He did not attribute her rise to that position to her good looks.
    IK on the other hand has had illegitimate children with a few women and refused to take responsibility for that (Sita White). How can he be trusted, if he lacks integrity.

    PTI’s goals are practical
    Well stopping drone attacks just because they’re done by U.S. is not practical at all. Drone attacks may not be the best solution, but still better than doing nothing and having candidates and voters blown apart by the medieval thugs.

    Imran Khan’s record is clean
    Well er…. beg to disagree, especially the match fixing part. He may not have been active, but there have been allegations on drugs being smuggled for him into Australia (probably) by Qasim Umar in 1985-86 and the later was made a scapegoat by the great IK.

    And please don’t tell me that IK is democratic.. The way he ran the Pakistani cricket team was anything but democratic. Of course you may have other valid reasons for IK, but the 4 above are definitely not amongst them.Recommend


    Its simple:
    Uper Allah
    Neacha Balla

  • http://UAE JB

    For some reason the only arguement brought forward by IK haters regarding his fearlessness is that he does not oppose the Taliban. When was the last time Nawaz Sharif, Zardari or Altaf bhai said anything against the Taliban? I have yet to see Nawaz Sharif without a bullet proof glass in front of him.

    -And I am sorry but when the President of your country expressly states that if the ‘photographer asks me to shake your hand again for the pic, i will hug’; thats just cheap!! You are the PRESIDENT of a country!
    And why attack a man’s personal life? Do you have proof of his ‘illegit’ children? The same thing right? Anything you do not want to agree with-“The media has blown it out of proportion”! (Talk about hypocrisy)

    And allegations of match fixing and smuggling are just that-allegations. No proof. No nothing. If I call you a liar, would that make you one?

    IK has never said that he is a perfect human being. But he is waaaaay better than the tried and tested and expressly duplicitous and corrupt individuals in our parliament right now!Recommend

  • LMAO Man

    @Sa: Hey Essay… what’s with the hate? You don’t know enough about grammatical skills to know that you don’t know even a little bit, judging from that correction you chose to make. Besides, your mini blog is riddled with other grammatical errors that gave me a good laugh. Thanks for the laughs Essay. Clown.Recommend

  • Sa

    @LMAO Man:

    Dear LMAO Man:

    Will soon get classes on grammar! But I don’t aspire to become blogger; Good u got a laugh; it is good to laugh sometimes; cheersRecommend

  • Parvez

    Excellent 10 points made even better by the 5 added by @Sa.

  • fahad

    and my only reason not to vote is that a Tribune blogger is supporting him :)Recommend

  • vote

    Forgive us this shoddy bloggingRecommend

  • Sa

    @LMAO Man:

    And I forgot to write earlier: my intention was to point out a grammatical error but just to make a contention that while voting, people stamp their vote on an election symbol and choose a candidate. For instance, during US elections 2008, Obama campaigned on the platform of change , and so people voted for change by casting vote for Obama! Hope you get hearty laugh and cheers!Recommend

  • Naya Pakistan

    I think IK should use bullet proof screen in every Jalsa and after he became PM because we cant afford anything bad happen to him. He is the Only hope! Allah taala IK ki hifazat farmaye aur naik iradoo ko pura farmaye! Ameen.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Imran khan is the one who built Shaukat Khanam Hospital and Namal University even when he was not in power! he would have made sugar mills but he chose Hospital and University.
    Just think if he become Prime Minister then Pakistan will be at its peak. Inshaa AllahRecommend

  • Shahid

    PTI deserve to be voted. If someone compare the profile of Imran Khan with other political parties leaders of Pakistan then we will find that Imran Khan profile is far better than others.
    1. For example, he leads a team of professionals and with the denotion of people he was sucessful to built Shaukat khanum cancer hospital which is in operation since Dec. 1994.
    2. He establish an univeristy in the Mianwali and this is his another good work.
    3. He leads Pakistan cricket team and under his leadership Pakistan won the world cup in early 90s. Another big life time acheivement.
    4. He is an Oxford University graduate and his communication skills are quite good.
    5. Last but not the least we tried PPP, PML-N, MQM, ANP and also Pakistan army generals-four times and nothing work out. So better to closed the non-work out chapters let begin a new chapter with Imran khan.
    I close my comments with supplication to ALLAH ALMIGHTY to grant sucess to PTI in upcoming election and ALLAH help and guide Imran Khan to lead Pakistan in good way. Ameen.
    Thank you
    Shahid IqbalRecommend

  • PTI JOker

    Dont worry – most voters of PTI are under 18 Recommend

  • Mehdi

    will Pakistan allow a non pakistani to be the next consulting PM, if so please vote for me :) Now on a serious note, as an outsider I don’t care if IK or any other leaders get elected. As long as the elected leader does not cozy up to terrorist and radical Sunni Islamist agenda. If not Pakistan will face numerous economic sanctions and even IK will not be able to save Pakistan. Only time will say who will save Pakistan from its inevitability.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    ET readers

    Will the powerful arm force allow democracy to flourish in Pakistan ? people need to ask this important question to themselves.Recommend

  • Mehdi


    Good points. He never questioned the reason why drones are being used to attack terrorist. In reality Pakistan economy cannot sustain in the next 2-3 years without help from IMF and other donor agencies. Please look at Egypt, Mursi is literally begging for money…Islam cannot feed the hungry mass…Recommend

  • Tamoor R

    Vote for PTIRecommend

  • Falcon

    While your comment is informative, calling someone’s blog childish is certainly unfair. It’s just the author is looking at different dimensions compared to you. You are looking at social / political / structural factors contributing to rise of PTI and the author is providing his justification for the political choice. They might overlap but are different essentially.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Imran Khan just fell sixteen feet. Hurt his head. Everyone pray for his health.Recommend

  • ali

    *I have never voted for anyone in my life or *I have never voted on anything in my life
    (bahut excited ho?)Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    I just saw Imran speak to Pakistan from the hospital bed. He is definitely fearless. Recommend

  • lily

    I will vote for him o way i will change my mind get well soon man of steel (IK)Recommend

  • Ek tha Kashmiri

    your future is in your hands and in your hands is vote and vote for IK.Recommend

  • farzana

    i will vote for p t i he is the man who can talk to any body
    great manRecommend

  • misha

    even as a 10 year old, i believe your reasons are totally worthy, i live in london uk, (shifted to uk 2 months ago for educational purposes and stuff) i think imran khan would be the best man for all of this. an educational leader is all our country needs. he fell 20 feetf from a lift with 4 more people but tends to do another jalsa the next day even with 6 stitches on the face.

    when a leader falls for the nation. the nation rises for the leader!


  • neelo

    vote 4 PTIRecommend

  • Sa


    Dear Falcon,

    You misunderstood the word ‘childish’ here as someone else thought that I was correcting a grammatical error. If you are from Pakistan, then you would know that kids, as young as six or seen, are politically suave ; and most of the, at least what I have come across, want to vote for Imran. My son want me to vote for Imran. I made an attempt to engage him and asked why should I vote for Imran. Some of the reasons that, he gave ,have also been listed by Noman. Not that he read This blog but, most of what is said in this blog, is common knowledge and, even kids are aware of these reasons. So, I used the word ‘childish’.
    But, I believe, that writers, who are not kids, should attempt to go beyond rhetoric and commonplace.

    And good thing is that I have come across such analysis at other sites. Cheers!Recommend

  • Sara Niazi

    Dear Author,
    I would not rate your piece of writing but the reasons that you have mentioned are enough to motivate our somewhat educated and concerned youth. I will definitely share your article…Recommend

  • Muhammad

    I will not be voting for a very different reason but here are my comments on your reasonings:

    A chance to break a vicious pattern: OK, but some old venomous snakes are holding top ranks in PTI, same Qureshis, Shahs, Kasooris, etc….is it realy a break?
    A chance to elect someone who cares: SKMH, doesnt mean we make any philanthropist our PM, then why not Sir Agha Khan, who is running one of the best hospitals in Asia and whose predecessor is actualy one of the most prominent Muslim League leaders who were most significant icons of Pakistan movement.Philanthropy is no criteria for Politics.
    Pakistan needs a leader who is fearless:Hahahah…the one who just changes his mind, position and party policy on threat from a Molana from Bannu A.K.A Molana Diesel.
    We don’t want our nation’s heads to humiliate us overseas: Bogus argument, no merit in your argument, IK has Mr. Qureshi as his co-pilot, Same Shah jee who was Foriegn Minister of Pakistan A while ago. You have any credible example for your claim?

    5-Imran Khan’s record is clean: Zero record doesnt mean clean record, his books will open when he will get a position he can exploit. So lets keep fingers crossed on this.

    6- PTI respects overseas Pakistanis: Another merit less claim, How you claim so?

    7- PTI’s democracy began from within: OK Agree

    8- PTI’s goals are practical:

    “As its party’s manifesto reveals, PTI has designs on fighting major issues such as literacy, poverty, power, and corruption.”

    All parties have similar goals and manifestos different wordings, is there any single party who says we will not erradicate povert, will not solve power crisis, and will not eliminat ecorruption ???

    9- The Kashmir issue: Still similar to what every party says so….whats special in PTI stance?

    PTI cares about the environment: Oh yes rite, thos emillions of plastic banners and eye soaring portraits doesnt cause pollution, btw. you brought up this 10th argument just becuse there was nothing in your basket after 9 or you realy mean PTI cares about environment?

  • sak

    as simple as that MLN and PPP have ruled pakistan and u have the results,they have ruined pakistan Recommend

  • Ali

    INSHALLAH on 11 may, we’ll see imran khan as the new prime minister of Pakistan. CAPTAIN chaka maar ga aur “NAYA PAKISTAN” aya ga:)Recommend

  • x

    Jemima converted to Islam after marriage. also, she was a Catholic not a Jew. Her father was born Catholic but he was an athiest in practice. Recommend

  • x

    Anyway, PTI all the way!Recommend

  • aleena shieh

    guys agr change chahiye so plzz plzz vote 4 imran khan wo zarur chang layay gaaaa v lv u imraannn GOD bless him get well soon imran chakka maro yrrr


  • observer

    Pakistan needs a leader who is fearless: he travelled to the extremely hostile South Waziristan, to protest against drone attacks, in a move that could have ended his life.

    First of all, he planned to travel to ‘South Waziristan’ wheres it is ‘NWA’ that is being targeted by drones.

    And, he never reached ‘South Waziristan’.

    TANK: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan addressed a rally against US drone strikes in Tank after the party’s peace march failed to enter Waziristan on Sunday.


    But then, why bother with facts when you are high on froth?Recommend

  • Kmc

    Reasons for what I cannot cast my vote:
    1. My vote is registered at my permanent residence area which is very far from Karachi.
    2. There is no PTI elected nominator at that place.
    3. My Friend is also cannot cast vote to PTI b/c in her area there is no elected nominator of PTI.
    Any suggestions???Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    Guys I did not say she was Jewish, I said she was of a ‘Jewish background’. There is a difference.

    But then, why bother with facts ?

    Umm.. he did travel to Waziristan. The attempt didn’t succeed fully and he wasn’t allowed inside the tribal areas, no, but that’s not his fault.


  • mind control

    @Noman Ansari:

    Guys I did not say she was Jewish, I said she was of a ‘Jewish background’. There is a difference.

    What exactly is ‘Jewish background’?


    it means that one or more of her ancestors at some point in time were Jews,

    Then, by the same logic,

    Are Pakistanis of Hindu ‘background’?


    Is Mr Khan of Budhist ‘background’?

    And ,

    Since Ms Jemima had converted to Islam, why does this matter?Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    That’s a good point and I get what you are saying. Her grandparents are apparently Jewish and that caused an uproar in parts of Pakistan looking to create propaganda.

    It really doesn’t matter to me. I am not religious. My point was that Imran didn’t care regardless.

    Honestly Islam allows Muslims to marry those of the Jewish fate so it was all moot. I was essentially saying that most other men would have thought twice but Imran does what he believes.

    I hope PTI wins tomorrow and everyone has the courage to vote.Recommend

  • Aspiring Teacher

    I just want our educational system to be same for the kids of both (poor and rich people) !! I know thinking like that is extremely far away from the reality….. But I want to vote for education…. that’s why saw potential in Imran Khan !! Recommend

  • mishi

    great IkRecommend

  • wasim

    PTI and Imran Khan will win these elections, the people of pakistan want to move on and try a new face and a new leader!!Recommend

  • wasim

    VOTE IMRAN KHAN!!!!Recommend

  • http://www.google.com wasim


  • observer

    A chance to elect someone who cares: -Imran Khan has a great record as a humanitarian

    Look up one Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi. And he started virtually penniless as a refugee in Karachi.

    All the Ballas at PTI rallies are made of recycled paper. No trees were ever harmed for the sake of these rallies.

    PS- How about a simpler, more honest reason like- Yes I am gullible in the extreme.Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Everyone is Rooting Towards PTI in PESHAWAR.PTI will clean sweep in Peshawar..InshallahRecommend