Lahore: Garden of the Mughals

Published: May 27, 2013

This photograph taken on October 29, 2011 shows an interior view of the Shahi Hamam (Royal bath) built during Mughal era in the walled city of Lahore. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

She was my first love,

Remnant of a bygone era,

Concubine to the king.


They sewed her lips closed,

Staining the tomb,

Of the poet that lay deep within her bowels.


She roared with a fiery intensity,

The blue-eyed daughter,

Of an emperor that played the flute,

To her siren call.


And then we wrote her name,

With the courtesans’ blood,

The word taking new forms,

With every priests pronunciation.


That was the day,

The poets’ darling,

The emperors’ daughter,

The harem girl,

Slaughtered her final hostage,

And became,



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Mohammad Adnan

Mohammad Adnan

The author is a student at the American School in London. He tweets @mziaadnan

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  • Stranger

    Mashallah !! Surely Lahore deserves a bigger poem than this. No offence meant to the poet. I have heard many good things about Lahore – the capital of undivided Punjab. I hope to visit it some day. Lets see where life takes us.Recommend

  • Mira

    Love to see my city written about! What a beautiful poem!!! Recommend

  • Ayesha

    Great work. What lyricism!Recommend

  • Anand

    Finally a quality piece of poetry on The Tribune blog. Thanks for sharing.Recommend

  • Sikander

    Love the enjambment.Recommend

  • Another Stranger


    Clarify bigger than this? I think this is a really beautiful representation of the city that I grew up in. Many people don’t know much about Old Lahore and its history so this poem really brings to light our history as the capital of the grand Mughal empire.

    Beautiful beautiful work. I have no words. Recommend

  • Wow

    Really nice. Love the way you seperated each stanza. Recommend

  • Wow

    I love how you separated each stanza. Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali

    Boy o boy…I thank you on behalf of all the die hard lahoris.. way to go son.!Recommend

  • Anaya

    Wonderful work! Want to read more of your poetry. Recommend

  • Great

    I’m so glad the Tribune is publishing more experimental poetry. It was getting tiring with all the rhyming poems about social issues. Loved this, though. Tribune please publish more poetry like this! :D Recommend

  • Vikas

    Brilliant. Want to see more from this author. Recommend

  • Fiaz

    Brilliant city poem Recommend

  • Anarkali

    FINALLY a decent poem on the tribune site. Recommend

  • Farrukh

    I’m from Lahore and this touched my heart.Recommend

  • Vanessa

    WOW! Makes me want to visit Pakistan, especially Lahore.

    California Recommend

  • Anjali

    Sounds just like Delhi!!

    There aren’t that many differences between us after all. Recommend

  • Amazing

    Shocked! Brilliant work Recommend

  • brilliant

    Wow! Just wow Recommend

  • Gabriel

    Quality poetry.Recommend

  • Sane

    These Mughal emperors built Garderns, buildings and tombs. At that time Europe was building universities and other similar institutions. Mughals ruined the resourcefulness of the region.Recommend