What the Islamabad police did to me and my friend …

Published: May 1, 2013

We live in a country full of such beasts and I don't blame the entire police force, just the few animalistic individuals. PHOTO: AFP

I am not a regular blogger and I don’t usually write. This is the first time that I’m using this platform to get my point across and I hope it works. My message is for a wider audience, for it to be helpful to many citizens, especially naïve teenagers.  

Last Friday at around 10pm, I was standing with one of my female friends on Margalla Road in sector F-6. We were munching on crisps while standing and chatting when out of nowhere an Islamabad Police patrol vehicle stopped by.

Three police guys, two from the Elite Force in their skin tight black tees and one cop from Islamabad Police stepped out of a Toyota Vigo.

Before I knew it, one of them pushed me inside my car and conveniently planted himself on the passenger seat next to mine, while, the other guy pushed my female friend in the back seat and stood outside the car.

I was in a state of panic and could not comprehend as to what was happening around me.

The guy who sat next to me asked me to drive to the Kohsar Police Station, where he said they would lock us up. According to them, I had committed an immoral crime by standing next to a girl in a dark place.

A few minutes later, I was about to start my car when he turned his face towards mine and said that he would let me free if I gave him Rs20,000 in cash. I remained silent and before I knew it he snatched my wallet.

I only had Rs 2,000 in cash which he quickly put away in his pocket and after doing so he said shamelessly,

“Tum kitnay kangaal ho!”

(You are so poor!)

Now this is where the scary bit starts…

The other Elite Force guy opened the back door of the still car and grabbed my friend’s arm and pushed her into his vehicle. The guy sitting with me held me tight and did not let me leave the car while his colleague physically abused my friend’s upper body.

He took her in the ‘official Islamabad Police’ vehicle on Main Margalla Road where he kissed her and groped her for a good five minutes. He threatened her and said that he would tell her parents everything and then lock her up if she tried to escape. He asked for her cell phone number and said that he would like to meet her every week from now and then let her go.

They left.

My friend was traumatised. She started howling and begged me to drop her home. She asked me not to say anything to anyone or the police guys would become our enemies.

Anyway, I dropped the girl home in a state that I don’t want to describe here.

After that I spun my car towards the Kohsar Police Station in F-7.

I poured my heart out to the policemen I could get a hold of and they said that they would investigate further. I stormed out. I wasn’t satisfied with the response so I drove around F-6 and F-7 in an attempt to find them myself.

I found a police vehicle parked on the corner of Kohsar Market, it was about 11pm then. It was them. I drove back to Kohsar Police Station and told the other policemen to call that patrol vehicle back to the police station immediately.

ASI Tanvir and ASP Rizwan Gondal, who I must mention are angels- calmed me down and asked all the patrol vehicles in the area to return to the police station.

Soon after, they arrived and I was asked to point towards the offenders. They promised me that they would take severe action against them, and so I did.

To cut the story short, they were identified and dismissed. Their weapons were suspended and an inquiry was initiated. They begged me to forgive them and then they called my friend and apologised to her as well.

All of this happened because I decided to stand up. I stood up, I did not drive back home and remain a coward, I fought for my right and through the help of honest policemen, I got it!

Now- all I want to say here is that there are these people who use their uniform and target teenagers and blackmail them to satisfy their lust and fill their pockets. They’re moving about freely all over Islamabad.

If they do this to you, make sure you know what to do. Immediately ask them to drive you to the nearest police station as they cannot lock you up over such a thing. That said, I don’t want to press any charges against them, nor do I want any legal action. I just don’t want another girl to go through such a horrific ordeal. My friend is in such a state right now that I cannot explain.

The names  of the police officials are:

Islamabad Police guy who took money from me: Pervaiz Tanoli

Elite Force official who had his hands on the girl: Umar Khan

And a third unknown Elite Force official.

Be safe! The next car they may stop might be yours. We live in a country full of such beasts and I don’t blame the police, I just blame those individuals.

To end it on a lighter note, yes they did return my Rs2,000!

Have you ever suffered harassment at the hands of the police in Pakistan?

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Arsalan Abbas

A 24-year-old who is from a military family and works as a Financial Consultant in an Islamabad based Chartered Accountancy firm. He tweets @Arsalan_Tweet

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ali Abbasi

    Happened to me to. In Karachi though where people die over much less. Was in a car with a friend, cop stopped us, pulled out his gun and took my money. About 4k. Regular cop. On a motorbike. Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    This country need’s Divine retribution! Change is an understatement!Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    You are a really brave person to have handled the matter so brilliantly. Bravo. Thank you for blogging about it.

    I think their punishment isn’t enough, and clearly they have done this before.

    I think right now these guys need to be in jail. Who knows how many other innocent young girls they sexually harassed.

    Hope that someone in authority is reading this blog and turns this into a high profile case. I feel quite disgusted. Recommend

  • Hassan

    Really inspiring what you did. Thanks! You have done us all a service.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Great move. Good thing that mentioned their names here as well.Recommend

  • Umar

    Consummately, horrifically, and reprehensibly awful.
    disgusting act by such police individuals which is becoming a routine in big cities like Lahore & Islamabad.
    these men should be fired.Recommend

  • ABZ


    Dear you should not have stopped merely on suspension of those culprits, it has become a fashion in our police & administration to suspend come what may..its the easy way to chicken out.You should have cut an FIR against these men.well even FIR i know this paki land is just a piece of paper.

    one piece of advice..when you know you are living in the country governed by Hounds, you should be careful in meeting with friends (female) especially that late at night and that too eating crisps on a deserted road, its like calling for trouble purposely. DUDE Merely saying SORRY after the incident just cannot undone the trauma that been inflicted on your friend.

    Be Safe & dont TRY this again !!!Recommend

  • Khuram

    Gr8 .. well managed mate ! Recommend

  • MH

    So…. your friend got sexually assaulted (be it only the “upper part”) and you have the audacity to mention that you got the Rs. 2,000 back? Really? Why, we must pat you on the head, shouldn’t we? Recommend

  • aaaaa

    Quite a misleading title then, since you experienced, unfortunately, the horrific side, but also the good side of the same organization.Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/c_dose Caffiene Dose

    Bravo Arsalan!. I think your words needs to be reached to the mass in this country. At that time nervousness could have got the hold on you and you might have gone to your home silently, but you took a brave step.

    I also second ABZ opinion that you should and could have gone to one step further by cutting an FIR, nevertheless your action was never less than a brave and commendable actRecommend

  • Nobody

    That’s all you’ve got to say after reading that blog? I don’t think the author was making light of the situation, simply leaving on a lighter note. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    The subcontinent needs more men like the author. May his tribe grow – not only in Pakistan but in India as well.Recommend

  • Placebo

    Good job my friend but why didn’t you take stricter action. Who knows they might be back on duty in two weeks.Recommend

  • Amit

    Nandita aunty you are right we need to act like author in india too, Recommend

  • Afshan Shaikh

    Honestly….there is no end or on a lighter note…this is still a serious matter…matter of fact for your female friend who was physically assaulted…..they are has to be more stricter laws on such kind of behaviour coming from the crime protectors themselves…cant blame the other disgusting lot….yes you did stand up…but its not going to end here….pls destroy the corrupt before corruption…Recommend

  • Aneek Alam

    Great Job man, You are a Hero and Sorry about your friend that got into hands of Police.Recommend

  • Apple Sauce

    Now where are those insensitive pricks on ET blogs who were openly bashing me as a deserving criminal who deserved far worse when my incident of law enforcement brutality happened was published on ET blogs, reflects reader bias, sympathy for a stranger but would go out of their way to bash some one they personally dislike behind fake aliases. For those who dont know i got beaten up by law enforcement officers right outside McDonalds Tariq Road in Karachi as they tried to stop my vehicle as it exited frpm McDonalds car park, they had harassment on their mind otherwise if i was a genuine suspect they would have stopped me sooner since my car was parked inches from their post.Recommend

  • ari

    Reminds me of what’s happening in Egypt these days… scary!

    The sad part is that this probably happens a lot in other urban and especially rural areas of Pakistan, and so many such cases probably go unreported and the perpetrators roam freely, doing as they please.

    Sad times. Recommend

  • Anj

    You were Lucky that the officers you met in Police station were not their Partners in crime or another bunch of same breed..
    It could have turned into the worst nightmare you could imagine..

    Taking money is a small issue, I am Glad they did not get you blamed for any serious issue.

    Just Thank God it was another case handled by real POLICE OFFICERS.

    The corruption and crime is so much into blood now..

    Change will not help Just Praying that we stay safe, might help.Recommend

  • just saying

    Its a really good thing that you stood up for yourself. Feel really sorry for the girl though, noone should go through such trauma.Recommend

  • mahrukh

    I feel very awful for your friend and I admire that you stood up for her and yourself against those who abuse such power accorded to them. Recommend

  • Ammar Aijaz

    why is it so?, This is not only the question of our police officers, we as a nation is whole corrupt. As said by shahzad Roy ‘Shareef wo jis ko moka nahien mila’.
    Day before yesterday i lost my wallet on my way to leeds. I had around 100 quid cash, credit and debit cards in it. Any how, cutting long story short, in the next morning a young english man gave me back without taking a penny from it.
    Imagine, i this would have had happen to me in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Mariam

    every girl in the world should have a friend like you . Thankyou for what you did for her.Recommend

  • Anwar Ahmad

    You were lucky for 2 reasons:

    You found some honest policemen
    You were related to media

    Other than this it was impossible and I bet you would have been in Prison for many crimes you had not even imagined.Recommend

  • Faraz Kakar

    I was robbed twice in one day by the police patrol in Karachi in 2012 February. Once in Saddar area, when I was coming from the airport to stay at a hotel. Theystopped the taxi, checked my pockets and picked 100 USD from my pocket and let me go. Later, the same evening, in Clifton at the beach, another police patrol, this time on motorcycle, checked us again and took 1000 Rs from the pocket of my friend.

    The police department is uniformed criminal organisation in Karachi.Recommend

  • Vicky

    Unfortunately people responsible for maintaining law and order situation are morally corrupt. Here in Khi policemen stopping cars and asking for money has become a normal thing.Recommend

  • Fatima

    You are a brave man.
    Respect your courage.Recommend

  • Bilal

    You did a very brave thing my friend and you must be appreciated for it I must say you were very lucky that the officers at the station took your side otherwise policemen always support policemen no matter what they do, you may have gotten your self in further trouble. I think when someone gets in such trouble calling your parents is the right thing to do rather then leaping in action yourself, you don’t become less of a man if you ask for help.
    Secondly taking a female friend at a deserted place at night is just like asking for trouble no matter how good your intentions are, its better to be safe then sorry.
    I would pray that no one would experience what you did, be safe.Recommend

  • Junaid

    i was stopped by punjab police lahore and gave them rs.200 to let me go as i had no papers of the bike..this happened when i was in 11th standard..Recommend

  • Waiting

    @Anwar Ahmad:
    How is he related to media?Recommend

  • NA

    You did a very courageous thing! Not many would have had the guts or the sense to do that given there was a very small chance you would’ve gotten justice. I feel awful for your friend though. I do wish you would press charges. There’s still time, think about it.Recommend

  • Thaer Khan

    I would urge you to take up this matter officially with the higher ups in Islamabad police and Interior Ministry. You can do so through a letter addressed to the official’s name and preferably at their residential address. Ask them to personally supervise this case hoping that accused are properly punished. Recommend

  • Mj

    It is scary how the people who are supposed to protect us would stoop to such criminality. I hope your friend gets justice and finds peace.Recommend

  • muzamil panezai

    Good job done that you immediately acted , your this stance is also experience and lesson for others as well.
    I was stopped without any reason in broad day light in khi and asked me to give them patrol for their government driven car,one day a police man stopped me and checked all my traveling gear after finding nothing they found my Iphone suspicious according to their mind it was kinda device which can help to do terrorism,when I went to Lahore along my friends from Quetta there a police man said you are afghan foreigners and asked us to go with them to police station where they will enquire handsome amount of money our one friend Mr Akram tareen fished out his NIC where his caste was just Tareen and CCPO lahore was also tareen in caste he told the police personals to get us to CCPO instead of police station thanks to the caste system they let us go freely.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/dureen_anwer Dee

    Similar thing happened to me and my hubby long time back in Karachi. We were engaged and even tough we told the policemen to call our parents as they knew where we were, the policemen gave my hubby a black eye and threatened to harm me if he didn’t pay them the money. Had the guts to go with us to the ATM machine to withdraw cash. One of them sat in our car and even verbally abused us while the other one followed on a motorbike. We were really young and stupid, so didn’t create ruckus as we got out of the car. Now I do realize that we should have asked them to take us to the police station instead.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    Why did you call Nandita an auntie? Recommend

  • Imran

    Well done dude…what you did was amazing. Honestly speaking…i would had chickened out if i had gone through such an ordeal. You’ve given the youngsters some hope to stand up for their rights in this forsaken country… God bless you.Recommend

  • M

    Islamabad police is just like that.Me and my husband went to ISB last week,there was some police guys standing near the toll,it was midnight almost 12 am,They asked us to pull the vehicle over (knowingly of that there is family inside) and did a long car search and paper work search.They kept on asking us in which hotel you are going to stay and stuff.I was so terrified.Same thing happened few months before,when i went to isb with my sisters,they did the same to our car.They ask to pull over the vehicle specialy when there are females in it.Recommend

  • http://www.insaf.pk Antebellum

    That said, I don’t want to press any charges against them, nor do I want any legal action. I just don’t want another girl to go through such a horrific ordeal.

    Not wanting to make whatever you did seem any less, but if you really want no one else to go through this again you should have filed an FIR and followed the case to its logical end. If criminals are not punished then these things will never stop.Recommend

  • hassan khan

    a few years back i went to karachi with my friend . i was going to apply for japanese visa and my friend wanted to buy some tiles for his house construction. so we had cash 300000 with us . i had 200000 in my pocket. when reached karachi by bus and then by taxi to Saddar karachi we were stopped by police near Mazar e Qauid, and they searched our body. one of police felt the money bundle in my pocket and took it out and asked me if it is orginal money or fake notes. but i told him my purpose of visit and that also want to buy construction material. then he returned me money ..but when i reached hotel and counted money i found 5000 were missing from my money….the people told me that passenger coming from quetta are regularly robbed by karachi police as the buses arrive were early in karachi and police knows where they will go to stay and that they are totally helpless here in karachi to resist police tactics.
    that is really shameful police culture.Recommend

  • Amber

    These policemen should have been punished! simple dismissal !! there is no justice in pakistan!Recommend

  • Adil Ahmad

    “…That said, I don’t want to press any charges against them, nor do I want any legal action…”

    Why not? How else will you ensure that something like this doesnt happen again? You owe that to your friend. Recommend

  • I read it too…

    Signal to social unease, and a need to restructure the police forces, better! Recommend

  • M S S

    Why you did not ask for an FIR against those policemen? Why you were happy to get back just your money from the policemen?

    You should have pursued the matter of the sexual assault on your female friend. What did the girl’s parents do or had to say about the assault on their daughter?Recommend

  • Usman786

    u were able to stand bcz of your army background.
    time to open eyes and use vote not to rependRecommend

  • Sundus

    Thanks for not only standing up for her, but also for sharing the story with us. You’re a brave soul. I hope your friend heals from this ordeal soon.Recommend

  • Final Solution

    Muslim Policemen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Police Force.Recommend

  • xyz

    this is most horrific! thank you for writing about thisRecommend

  • Parvez

    All that you have described was quite common place, what certainly was not, was the bold courageous action you took. The crooked cops must have done this many a time and got away with it………..and then they ran into you……..hero material.
    On a lighter note : U da man, get ready for a hoard of girl friends.
    Until and unless we do not depoliticise the police force such atrocities will continue.

  • wise ol’guy

    What can I say, our country has gone to the dogs and there is no turning back. No, sorry, all the innocents who think IK or any other personality can turn this country back is out of stark reality….other than God.
    To get into any Govt job, like the Police, they pay good money and use the best of connections, why, to make money by hook or by crook, that’s the name of the game/career. From top to bottom. The money shifts all the way to the top.
    So sad is the story. The author of this story got very lucky they did not arrest him for something made up and very serious, maybe the journalist bit helped him. If you have to stay in this country try to stay indoors especially after dark! No this is not a pessimistic outlook, this is the smart reality!! Tip: Say your Ayatul Kursi and other dua’s and do a protection when venturing out, only Allah swt can protect us!!Recommend

  • adnan ali

    you did a great job our sisters , mothers and wives must be tough enough to deal this kinda problems …Recommend

  • Maria

    I had same experience approximately a decade back! except for the fact that i got away & wasn’t sexually abused. My male friend literally begged the officer & gave him his phone. The police officers’ response was “how come you have such a good car & no money on you”, my friend ended up convincing him that his cell phone was very expensive & he can sell it and easily get some cash…so he let us go away. It was the same threats, that we were comitting zina when infact we were just out on a drive. I would encourage you to press charges, and make it an example for all the officers in the force, that if they wrongly accuse people, this can lead to severe consequences. I must say you & your friend are Brave!! Tell her not to be sad, because there is no interrogation like God’s, so be happy as she has done nothing wrong…Recommend

  • King K

    I have come across this specific petrol car couple of times and the only thing now adays we do is just to talk in the first minute tht lets sort out and they take a grand or two and move on…but to people who are new to their nature just one thing dont be afraid of them and just show a bit of aggression and then offer them on a deal thts a way to live in islamabad if u dont hav any contactsRecommend

  • Farrukh

    Bravo ArsalanRecommend

  • maestro

    A couple of weeks ago,I was with my female friend and her two young teenage sisters going up to Pir Suhawa for breakfast. The police stopped my car at the checkpoint, saw the three girls inside and said “we have to check the car” – I was like ok fine. They checked the car reaching under the seats touching the girls legs, then they told me to get out of the car. I asked why??? They said just come. I had no choice so i left my friends in the car and walked with cops a little distance away. They said how much do you have? I was dumbstruck! I was like ” you found nothing in the car, just going up with friends to have breakfast!” The grin on these faces is sickening an scary! They said we are poor people help us out. I gave the one cop Azeem 1000 rs. and took his cell number. I told them I can’t give them more as I have to buy my friends breakfast and there are no ATMs up there. They said, oh, there’s an ATM in Jinnah super nearby, go and get money first then we’ll let you go up. I had to plead with for 20 minutes while my friends are shaking in the car that please, you are worrying my friends. I am going back to the car – shoot me if you want. We went, had breakfast, on the way back down, they tried to stop me again – i rushed by. The next day, I called this Azeem cop guy and told him that what he did was very wrong and he scared the living daylights out of my friends – he goes “oh sir, woh toh hamaree behnoo kee tarha hain”! Recommend

  • Kashaan


    Glad to hear that you stood up for yourself and managed to come out of the situation safely. I feel horrible for your friend. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to recover from something like this. Me and pretty much all the people that I know have been harassed dozens of times but never in such a manner. What I’m more impressed with is your mercy. You could have taken a completely different approach and taken the matter to another level. I especially like the fact that you’ve given their names. Such people should be made an example of in the press and in the media. If possible, I would suggest taking this to TV press/news, so that other degenerate cops think a hundred times before doing these things. A sense of fear needs to be drilled in their heads. The police nowadays is just a prime example of power in the wrong hands….
    Anyway, well done. Recommend

  • Aaaa

    You should have filed an official report not let them go with an apology.. Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Brawo you did what everyone should start doing that is to take a stand if their rights or privacy is violated. Think n discuss with your friend and file an FIR against this so called Elite force guy Pervaiz Tanoli n especially Umar Khan . It would be wrong to let person like Umar Khan go free.Recommend

  • Insaan

    Author: “Last Friday at around 10pm, I was standing with one of my female friends on Margalla Road in sector F-6.” Did you register a complaint or Police officials just suspended those guys because you verbally told them? Is your friend willing to testify what policemen did to her in public?Recommend

  • Sadia

    Very brave of you to do what you did but i agree with everyone you were lucky that the policemen at the station were not in cahoots with those others.Recommend

  • ejazjajibahi

    It is a diplorable incident. The action taken is too lienient. Worst could have happened. Keep a fast dialing number ready and let you near and dear inform. It is bad behaviour of ellite forceRecommend

  • Perfume

    “We live in a country full of such beasts and I don’t blame the entire police force, just the few animalistic individuals.”

    No dear author, you SHOULD blame the entire police force, the whole culture in that institution allows and even encourages such things to happen and does nothing to stop the animalistic ones when they commit such crimes.Recommend

  • May Lee

    “I don’t want to press any charges against them, nor do I want any legal action. I just don’t want another girl to go through such a horrific ordeal.”

    Well then son, you should have pressed charges and taken legal action! That’s the way to prevent something like that from happening to another girl.Recommend

  • maria

    ths kinda action could be stopped only when we unite its we who are not highlighting these issues although this never happend to me ( shukar) but i cn feel ur pain , nice job that aleast u initiated GOD BLESS URecommend

  • Gupt Rogue

    Nandita aunty? LmaoRecommend

  • Mahmood

    Well done!Recommend

  • PTI

    Well done!

    Proud of you my Dear…

    thanks for stand up for others & for yourself.Recommend

  • http://gmail.com Iftekhar Khokhar

    I am deeply perturbed to learn about this incident. But in this country, nothing less can be expected. The capital police are having so vulgar elements as their members, what about others. The police officers who extended helping hand to you deserve all applause. Had they not intervened, somothing more odd would have happended. I fail to understand where anything called “CONSCIENCE” has escaped??? A person devoid of conscience is more a beast. What is our future as a nation? If the police are behaving in the manner narrated above, what would be our destination. Any way, we have all possible sympathies with you Mr. Arsalan Abbas & your friend. Please be courageous, both of you. We stand by you & your friend; and share your agony & grief. Please don’t excuse the culprits as the offence is not minor. They must be taken to task as soon as possible. Please don’t give up hope. GOOD LUCK. Recommend

  • A 36th Commoner

    Good work 36th Commoner ASP Rizwan Gondal. It is a matter of pride to see our batch-mates doing great job!

    Arslan Abbas: What happened to you was horrible beyond words but the way you handled the matter is really appreciable. The trauma of you friend must be unimaginable. Recommend

  • Tofiq Pasha Mooraj

    Yes……….. Stand up!!!!
    My experience was of a similar nature except that the “Aurat” was my wife and I got physically beaten to the extent that I ended up in bed for 3 months!!

    How they then apologize and are willing to do anything as long as you drop the charges against them……….

    But then what can we expect? Is it not our own fault? We have such low standards for our law enforcers!!

    The whole system needs to be changed from top to bottom……….

    Elections and elections repeated a few times will ensure a change!!!Recommend

  • ash

    bravo arsalan time to stand up for such issues Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    I feel sorry for your friend.

    In any case thanks for sharing the blog it gives all of us courage to respond to use harrasement.

    Its just sad….really sad to hear about such abuse….Recommend

  • Akbar

    I am sickened and horified to read about this.. more so that it hasnt made any other media channel. I am from Islamabad and have always believed that the police there were better than the rest of Pakistan – I am severly disappointed!
    To the other comments that these people should be fired I say thats NOT enough! For what they did to your friend they need to be sent to jail. NO MERCY.

    We need to start setting examples! And a big bravo to you for doing all that you did. Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    @A 36th Commoner:

    Sir through your comment I can assume you are also from the Police force.

    Do you think that if the girl press charges it will acutally help them out?
    Like I know theretically the answer is yes. But we all know wht can happen here. The FIR will not be filed, even if they will threat the girl etc etc.

    What does your experience say here. May be your comment can give more motivation to the victims and they really go to the court.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    That awkward moment when the incidents reported in the comments are as scary as the actual blog. Recommend

  • http://www.vecpix.com Sajid

    No offense but the following may helped you out, not necessary that such scenario work with ordinary Pakistanis..

    Arsalan Abbas is a 24-year-old who is from a military family and works as a Financial Consultant in an Islamabad based Chartered Accountancy firm. He tweets @Arsalan_Tweet Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    oh my GOD.I can feel my head spinning while reading this.may ALLAH bless u and ur friend and protect us all from such a horrific experience.Recommend

  • Sane

    That’s the reason policemen are killed, but do not get lesson People are more scared with them then the terrorists.Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    author u should give a 2nd thought to pressing charges on them.only a harsh punishment would be a mental tonic for them & other beasts of their kind who think that the law is not for them.this is no ordinary incident.the way it effected u it would be 100 times worse for the girl.u should not let go .if they had the courage to misuse the prestigious uniform how can we assume that they wont come after you or repeat what they have done?? you have a strong army background and u have shown examplary bravery but would it be enough? may be (GOD forbid) if it happens again to someone else would they courageous enough as u are??
    u should seek advice from your family and take stern action as much as possible.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Apparently cops on the subcontinent have a screwed up idea of what their relationship with their ‘behen’ is supposed to be like…. Recommend

  • Nobody

    Dear ET Mods, many thanks for not posting my perfectly fine comment after I submitted it twice.Recommend

  • Rothschild

    It would have been different if the author had a gun and shoot. Only thing tyrannical thugs are afraid of is honest people having gun to defend their life and property. Recommend

  • ab

    well elections are very near. be really sensible and vote for the best you can think. voting for anyone who remain in power is a crime according to me. also really really sad to read what is happening all over the country but really not shocked. it happened to you who is from a well of background so think of the people who are not well of or not so brave. i shudder to think of the suffering they go through at the hand of the law enforcers. and thinking of them feeling so helpless really make me sad.

    it was really very inspiring what he did. but precautions should really be taken as these incidents are bound to happen as there is law of the jungle in the country everywhere . some of the precautions i can think of are
    1) don’t stand in the dark place with one or two people.
    2) don’t remain seated in your car waiting.
    3) precautions should be taken driving or parking in the dark place.
    4) precautions should be taken at the speed breakers in the dark.Recommend

  • Gora

    I am an expat aid worker, living in Islamabad for three years now. After an accident happened next(!) to my car with two policemen on a motorbike crashing into another motorbike, I was later held at a police check point and brought to Aabpara police station to see the SHO. This guy has been on several UN missions and got trained in the US police training program. Still, he did not listen to me, my story and disregarded all physical evidence, which clearly showed that I was not involved in the accident.
    In the end I had to pay PKR30,000 (yes, it’s the price for a gora)! It was a good lesson for me to learn how this country works!
    (And I still love Pakistan!)

    The name of the SHO was Khalid Mehmood Awan…Recommend

  • Milind

    @Author – You’re a brave guy!!! Thanks for standing up to the rogues in uniform and spreading awareness by reporting it here.

    However no need to be self-satisfied or complacent. The girl who underwent the harrowing experience needs to get justice… I’m not expecting she’ll get it… but the next step should be in that direction…

    The approach of the cops in India is however better, when girls are concerned. Given the spurt in rapes and the uproar, the cops generally try to steer clear of girls, forget groping or touching their ‘upper body’…. With an eager media and strong civil activism on these issues, most of them take female constables along with them while dealing with female suspects. Recommend

  • citizen of Pakistan

    Please don’t take other girls on dating, and be a good married person with kids family :-) …. Recommend

  • Deendayal M.Lulla

    This happens in any country. We have stupid laws that you can be arrested,if you prevent a public servant from doing his duty,but a citizen has no recourse if he gets assaulted by a cop or any other public servant. We live in an era of bomb blasts. If you are unlucky,and there is a bomb blast,and you are travelling in a train,then suddenly,someone with a metal detector enters the train compartment,and you are standing,as you get tired of sitting in the train. This happened to me,recently. This guy,without disclosing his identity,asked me to open my suitcase,which I opened. After frisking the suitcase,he left,and nothing untoward happened. I was lucky. Atleast,he should have disclosed his identity. Nothing of this sort happened. I was travelling in the air-conditioned compartment. Such is the plight of ordinary citizens. Now,it is election time,and these policemen should be suspended,and put on trial. But the question is ,”bille ke gale mein ghante kaun bandhega”. You need “sifarish ” to do this job,as it is said in Pakistan. Morchas should be taken out,atleast facebook protest,. In New Delhi,a lady did this,when the inspector there did not take down her complaint,and was throwing his weight around,and she was taking into the police van,she started texting messages to her friends,and soon a big crowd gathered at the police station,and the inspector got scared. Human rights -sab bhul jayo,these are for influential people. Ladki dekhi to garmi char gaye,this is the motto of the police,vardi mein hoon,kaun mujhe puchega,mein kuch bhi karon. there is a Bollywood song,”Meri marzi,main raste pe bistar lagwahon ,meri marzi” Mein policewallah hooh,sab kuch kar sakta hoon,toh kaun hai,khotya”. Do not you know I am :Lut sipaye”. Varid toh mere liye ek small scale industry hai -without any capital investment. Return to bahut hai. As a journalist,I used to meet foreigners,and I was told that in some countries.when go for an interview for a government job,the first question you are asked is,”how you will earn your salary”. If you are country which is ranked high in corruption,the obvious answer will be,”Sir,I do not need salary,just give me the post whichhas powers,and no accountability,I can earn my salary,just give me the kursi”. Mein lut sipaye ban ke dikha hoonga,bakre toh roj milte rahenge. Kisiko bhi rok ke pooncho,yeh hai meri takat and pehchaan. In London,policemen do odd jobs to beat inflation,and here they indulge in extortion,and molestation at will..Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    My head is still spinning after reading this blog in the morning…….

    Physical harrassment should not be accepted at any costs…like to be honest give Police wala Rs.2000 is one thing but wht your friend went through is too much…..

    Im thinking the whole time wht can be done, so that such incident can be ignored…..Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    I think you have gone too far in your bravery. Having them dismissed from service and insulted them infront of their offficers was sufficient. There was no need to give out their names. There was no need to give out your name also. In matters like this it is best to conceal identities of everybody. They are now in a position where they have already lost and they cannot lose any further so you have put yourself at risk of creating enemies. From my experience, men like this are down-right dirty and they still can create problems for you.Recommend

  • Zofeen Ebrahim

    Is it possible to make the photos of the policemen Tanoli and Umar Khan public? They must be shamed! Recommend

  • HibaIK

    This news is just disgusting. If I feel so sick, then what condition is your friend in? And why were they just dismissed? They have to be jailed. In fact stoned.Recommend

  • HibaIK

    Physical abuse and dismissed. That’s it? Why were they not at least jailed when they deserve to be stoned?Recommend

  • Shehzad

    You a hero for standing up and doing something about it rather than just staying quiet! Great job at naming and shaming the perpetrators! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Recommend

  • Stranger

    wow the boy has courage I say.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @ET readers

    Irony is this is one of the ills that is plaguing pakistani society due to the misuse of Islam in Hudood law. Don’t worry your savior IK will fix this problem in 90 days, after he makes peace with TTP, LET and JI. I am not a pakistani so please don’t vent your anger at me.Recommend

  • ahmed

    I admire you Arsalan. You are one heck of a brave man.
    This kind of thing has been happening by police in Pakistan forever it seems. I remember years ago as a teenager I had a tape recorder on the train and they were asking me for the license and a receipt and next day was eid day and they took all the money we had.
    In Karachi police used to connected with coolies so they won’t get on the train because they used to sell all the train seats in the black. A friend and I spent the Eid day in jail and were taken to court by the police.
    Islamabad I was stopped many times when police wanted to get money because I traveled at night in those golden days when you actually could.
    Core is rotten…We need to speak up and silence is the biggest crime. No change can come unless we change. If we change collectively then things will change.
    If we stopped bribing and complain a few of us would get punished but change will happen. I will never try this in Karachi but Islamabad and Lahore you may have a chance. In Pakistan you have get lucky with a thief but not with police. Majority of the police are actually thieves and they pry on our fears. If we conquer our fears we can win.
    Let us change ourselves it is the easiest thing to do.Recommend

  • Mohammad Shoaib

    Great Arsalan. Wonder how many people suffer like this but keeps quite. Your bold and brave action will give hope and courage to many. Islamabad Police is better than any police force in Pakistan but again there are bad guys who needs to be exposed. You did a right thing and May god bless you. Keep it up and wish you best of luck. Recommend

  • ayesha

    its a really brave thing u did….for future refferrence especially for females whose cars r stopped by any policemen….do not open ur window more then a crack to talk to them…do not unlock ur cars….do not hand them ur papers….simply say if they hav a problem , they can escort u to the police station…..these r horrible times we live in and we must deal wid these kinda situations with calm and common sense.Recommend

  • Anwar Hyatt

    This is the most BS story I’ve ever read in my entire life. Instead of complaining to the proper authorities, you go on a tirade on your Burger Tribune.Recommend