The politician’s manifesto

Published: May 2, 2013

Vote for me vote for me, the beacon of peace am I,

Your vote for me will make this land, rise above the sky.


To me your troubles are well-defined,

They shall be solved with haste,

For my upbringing was well-refined,

Giving me a lovely taste.


But this is not about me,

It is about the people of my land,

For all the miseries that they have suffered,

I extend my courteous hand.


I want to tell them urgently,

Your saviour has now arrived,

To put everything in place,

A fine plan has he devised.


The power shortages will end,

As dams will be built in a day,

And for the rains to fall from above,

In the mosques we shall pray,


I am also aware that at many points,

A sectarian divide exists,

Divine intervention will soon take note,

As it’s something that can be fixed.


Terrorism will be a thing of the past,

Just like the movie Titanic,

But just in case it does drop by,

None of us will panic.


Because panic is for losers,

And losers can never win,

So remain steadfast my noble men,

Since terrorism is a sin.


The crime that roams my city streets,

Will be dealt with an iron fist,

My people will no longer sleep at night,

Drenched in a frightful mist.


For your sake I will befriend,

Each criminal on the street,

To keep his malice away from you,

I’ll offer him a seat.


With electricity restored,

The economy will grow,

We are a nation of great men,

Together we will show.


Sectarianism will be put to an end,

And terrorists will get tired,

Criminals will not turn to crime as,

In the government they will be hired!


So walk with me my brethren,

Let’s take a stroll to success,

Working together for sure we can,

Put our foes in distress.


Before leaving I’ll repeat my message,

My message of peace and love,

A message that will take you high,

Like a gleaming graceful dove.


Vote for me vote for me, the beacon of peace am I,

Your vote for me will make this land, rise above the sky.

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Dr Ali Rafiq

Dr Ali Rafiq

Doctor, debater, freelance writer and blogger. Graduate of Dow Medical College and winner of various national and international debating and writing competitions. He tweets @dralirafiq

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