Is Israel really Pakistan’s enemy?

Published: April 27, 2013

Never have we been told why people should believe that Israel is the root of most evils in Pakistan. PHOTO: REUTERS

Growing up in Peshawar, a slightly conservative city of Pakistan, my sentiments as a child were nothing different from those of others in most parts of the country. I had a slight disliking for India, and sheer hatred for Israel.

Words such as ‘Jewish lobby’, ‘Zionists’, ‘Freemasons’, and many others – whose meanings many of us did not even know – kept ringing in our ears through religious scholars, teachers, friends and peers, and we used to associate all of them directly with Jews, especially Jews of Israel and those having major shares in US corporations.

The Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad were always being linked to any terrorist happening in Pakistani, making these two countries as sole conspirators against Pakistan.

A few years ago, this very thought came to my mind while I was wondering why we don’t have any diplomatic ties with Israel. Not surprisingly, I failed to find even one solid reason to justify this lack of diplomatic relations.

Even our passport, explicitly barring us from entering Israel, is a forced decision imposed on Pakistanis, especially for those who would like to visit Palestine or Israel for religious, academic or economic purposes.

I think there are two primary reasons for our hatred for Israel: One, the religious structures, among which I grew up, and still respect, and number two, the curriculum I was taught at school, and even at college.

It’s a bit naive to think now that till my late teens, I was busy hating India and Israel without any historical background or logic. The curriculum never taught us historical narratives of both Kashmir and Palestine, and thus gave us only one side of the picture.

I remember attending Friday sermons which would end in curses on India and Israel. Apparently, it was a “positive note”. If those sermons were directed towards policymakers or governments, maybe in some sense, they would have sounded logical. However, praying for deaths of innocent people -all the Jews- is nothing but making a scapegoat for religious sympathies.

Citizens of the same country came forward to support Palestinians against settlements, which proved all fundamentalist anti-Semitic theories wrong.

The situation concerning India luckily has settled to some extent with increasing awareness and education, but Israel holds the top spot when it comes to ‘enemies of Islam’, for a layman.

True, there are violations going on in Palestine; true, that Israel has fought multiple wars with Arab states, and true that Israel is a strong ally of India and the USA, but does it provide any rationale for us to not have any sort of relationship with Israel?

If foreign interventions or occupations are to be used as a criterion, then first and foremost Pakistan should cut off its ties with of the Western states on whose aid the country is relying.

The point I try to make here is that never in our academic or religious institutions have we been explained why Israel should be cursed. Never have we been told why people should believe that Israel is the root of most evils in Pakistan. Even if we try proving Israel’s hostility towards Pakistan, except one theory of Israel’s plan of attacking Pakistan’s nuclear set-up in Kahuta, nothing comes to the fore.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has many times volunteered for Arab wars against Israel – wars that were never directly related to Pakistan. The same countries Pakistani soldiers were fighting for against Israel never came for any help during the wars of 1965 and 1971.

In terms of strategic cooperation, when it came to Pakistan’s gain and interest, general Ziaul Haq was not shy of establishing intelligence cooperation networks with Israeli intelligence against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, but when it came recognition and bilateral ties, Zia was hesitant, like all other leaders of the country.

Without going into historical narratives of to whom true ownership of the Israel-Palestine land belongs, it is ironic to see that many of the Muslim states Pakistan tags as closest partners, and brothers such as Turkey and Egypt, have recognised Israel and have maintained cordial ties with it. If we wish to see an independent state of Palestine, it is important to have some sort of ties with Israel, as having no relations would only limit us to statements and rhetoric in support of Palestine.

If today, there is a hope for resolution of Kashmir issue, it is only because India and Pakistan have formal ties on every possible diplomatic level and forum, and same goes for Israel.

We, as a nation, are already suffering from the setbacks of hate-filled curriculum and society that seeped into our values allowing no space for minorities. It is time we start giving space to everyone and work towards inter-faith and inter-ethnic harmony and collaboration.

If we can have friends in India and the USA, why can’t we have friends in Israel? Why not pave a way for initiation of relations, primarily with the people, and not initially the government that may create opportunities for peace and a better future for the coming generations?

P.S. I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s religious or emotional attachment with Palestine, or to enter into right-wrong debate of Palestine crisis. The only purpose of this blog is finding answers to questions that constantly encounter us, the Pakistanis, while interacting with foreigners abroad.

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Farooq Yousaf

Farooq Yousaf

The author is a PhD (Politics) Candidate currently pursuing his studies in Australia. He has previously completed his Masters in Public Policy and Conflict Studies from Germany. He also consults Islamabad-based Security think tank, Centre for Research and Security Studies, and occasionally writes for various news and media sources. He is specialising in Indigenous conflict resolution and counter insurgency. He tweets at @faruqyusaf (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • BlackJack

    Good stuff – ideological hatred rarely has any rational foundation. Pakistanis badly need a dose of pragmatism (which is not always the same thing as give-and-take) in formulating their foreign policy strategy, as well as in their self-definition; muslim nations actually excel in this, it is surprising that you can’t learn the one thing that they seem to have got right.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Their is lesser debate about Pakistan in Israel than here especially Express tribune. No point denying Israel may have malign intent as Pakistan is the only muslim nuclear power, and we (Pakistan) have animosity due to Israel’s Illegal Occupation of Palestine by brute force. Recommend

  • Foreign Leg

    @Farooq: Your heart is in the right place and I thank you for it. Looking at your article, I do not want to detract from your thoughts and I will say no further.Recommend

  • Aqeel

    Israel is an illegitimate state it’s not the matter of just muslims, it’s the issue of humanity.
    Egypt and Turkey are not the standards to judge the legitimacy of the Zionist state. Infact they are the traitors and they betrayed Palestinian cause. Not only these two countries but Qatar n Jordan are also supporting Israel and this is not a secret now. Needless to say the puppet rulers of these countries do not represent the entire Arab and Muslim world. If you look deep into so called Arab spring you will find this is not the first Arab spring this is the 2nd Arab spring, the first Arab spring hit Middleast during the first world war when these little states were created. you will see all the rulers including Saudi Arabia are sitting in Zionist lap. It’s because of these puppet kings, Palestine is suffering. So if they abandon Palestine, we should still not. Because acts of few puppets should not stop us from supporting the oppressed people of Palestine.

  • Supersequel

    . The Arabs have never suspended trading or diplomatic relations with India whenever we needed them. If Pakistan is to assert herself in the global stage then she must be proud of herself and her lineage. We have such beautiful people, beautiful culture, Islam runs through our veins and it’s time to asset that. I see no reason for us to look At western Arab counties or their cities or their people for inspiration–on the contrary they should look at us and Persians and Turks for inspiration.Recommend

  • Dr Dang

    Remember what happened to the anti-Semites in Europe during WW2.
    And if there are people really wanting to oppose Jews then they should be ready to boycott their products as well like ;
    Jeans ,Lipstick , Pen,Defibrillator, Cardiac Pacemaker ,Polio vaccine, Videotape , Traffic Lights,Microphone,Stainless Steel ,Scale-Model Train -no-radiation, diagnostic instrumentation for breast cancer.
    indigestible video camera- helps doctors diagnose cancer and digestive disorders.
    drip irrigation system.
    The cell phone was developed in Israel by Motorola.
    Windows NT operating system was developed by Microsoft-Israel.
    Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in Israel at Intel.
    Voice mail technology was developed in Israel.
    AOL Instant Messenger was developed in 1996 by four young Israelis.
    & Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg are Jews
    & of course Facebook a Jewish invention.Recommend

  • Asif

    A very mature and sincere post.Recommend

  • someone

    How do you expect the free or cheap oil and gas for Pakistan or all those Petro dollars for Pakistan if it starts good relations with Israel? Recommend

  • Zia

    Interesting perspective. I believe it was in solidarity with Palestine, and to stage a diplomatic protest against the well documented atrocities committed by Israel. The fact that many of the muslim states opposed Israel’s presence in the UN has had an effect, especially given the fervor Pakistan once demonstrated in the corridors of the OIC. However, many of the Arab states have recognized Israel as a state, which I don’t think Pakistan has done. Recommend

  • Ezri Jeb

    This is a wonderful article, Every one must read it with an open and accepting mind, Its true that that “apartheid” statement on our passports makes no sense and has no logic, Even Israel allows Pakistani’s to enter on that same passport. Its well written and a nice try, we need more of such logical pro activism. Recommend

  • College dude

    you are wiser than 99% of Pakistanis. We have everything to lose by alienating ourselves from Israel. Israel is a superpower, whether we admit it or not. The way the world works is by playing a diplomatic game. You play, you win; else you lose. Recommend

  • Zvi

    I applaud the author on his open-minded and sensible position. If every Pakistani spends 10 hours per year listening to anti-Israel rhetoric, then Pakistan spends 1.7 billion hours per year to teach its people to passionately hate Israel. Imagine what you could accomplish if you used those 1.7 billion hours for things that actually contributed to the health, happiness and wealth of Pakistanis!

    For background, I would like to give you a sense of what people in Israel think about Pakistan.

    Israel does not consider Pakistan to be an enemy. Israelis do not hate Pakistan or Pakistanis. In truth, most Israelis don’t think about Pakistan at all; Pakistan is as far away from Israel as Tunisia, or Belarus, or Uzbekistan, or Kenya. Pakistan has never militarily attacked Israel. And Pakistan has no formal relations with Israel. So it’s just another country that is hostile toward Israel.

    Israel’s schools rarely mention Pakistan, just as they don’t focus on Tunisia or India or Belgium. They certainly do not teach kids to hate; they treat Pakistan like any other country.

    Israel never refuses to participate in sporting matches or cultural events alongside Pakistan (or any other country).

    At an official level, Israel’s government rarely mentions Pakistan. When was the last time you heard Prime Minister Netanyahu call Pakistan a danger to world peace, or say that Pakistan needs to be stopped before it achieves some evil objective? I don’t recall EVER hearing anything like this from ANY Israeli prime minister. On the contrary, Israel has reached out the hand of friendship to Pakistani leaders.

    IIsrael’s friendship with India is not forged at the expense of Pakistan. It is based on the simple fact that India reached out to Israel, whereas Pakistan did not, and based on the fact that the two technologically-advanced countries benefit a lot from each other’s friendship. India is obtaining badly-needed agricultural and clean-water technology from Israel. It is starting joint ventures in the technology sector. It is exchanging students with Israel’s leading universities, like Weizmann and the Technion. And yes, it is sharing intelligence about terror groups that target both countries, and it is buying Israeli military technology. Israel’s friends are able to do these things.

    Every time a Pakistani leader has reached out to Israel, Israel has responded with warmth. There is nothing standing in the way of a Pakistan-Israel friendship except for Pakistan’s refusal to let it happen.

    Israel has diplomatic relations with Jordan (whose population is more than 50% Palestinian and which is ruled by a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad), with Egypt (which spent 30 years trying to destroy Israel through warfare, and which is ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood) and with Azerbaijan, Albania, Nigeria and other Muslim countries that do a perfectly good job of supporting the Palestinians (they do a better job of supporting the Palestinians than Pakistan does, in fact, because they can actually express their concerns and suggestions to the Israelis rather than just talking to each other about how much they hate Israel).

    Does Israel regard Pakistan as its enemy? Not at all. Does Pakistan regard Israel as its enemy? If it does, then it is wasting billions of hours and probably billions of dollars to manufacture an intense, unnecessary hatred that targets people who – because you won’t talk to Israel anyway – rarely even think about you. Recommend

  • Dr,A.K.Tewari

    Pakistan is now at the verge of collapse due to Kashmir and Pelestine issue . Education in Pakistan is responsible for creating a confused generation . Self contradictions are many and people are bound to fight with each other as unity can never prevail among them on any issue due to lack of true education . America is there with drones to give a shape to the destiny of Pakistan and both Israel and India are bound to assist them in their efforts for peace in the region . Recommend

  • suresh kumar

    Thank God my brother has acknowleged the WRONGS done to his generation by the self-serving elites of the Pakistani society. I commend his courage. Hats off to you sir.
    We need more and more pakistanis to think rationally
    by questioning the past political history of pakistan–
    I do hope that people should do their soul-searching and help the country build what Mr. Jinnah wanted it to be, in which the state has nothing to do with anybody’s religion.Recommend

  • J

    @author: nice article very well argued:
    Same with me… When i was born in Sukkur (Sindh) we went through the same things about hatred feeling towards India and Israel, you are right I agree rather than blame others we should concentrate our own system and make it much more effective and i also yes we should have some kind of communication with Israel but we must never forget as well what Israel is doing since past 50 years or so to our Palestinian brothers. I have few friends from Palestine and the stories they tell are horrific they are traumatized living in fear and their behavior is different …..may God bless themRecommend

  • sm

    P.S. I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s religious or emotional attachment with Palestine, or to enter into right-wrong debate of Palestine crisis. The only purpose of this blog is finding answers to questions that constantly encounter us, the Pakistanis, while interacting with foreigners abroad.

    attachment with Palestine?……please do educate and elaborate more on this attachment.As far as Palestinians are concerned, they have a much brighter future and secure life living in Israel agreeing to Israeli rule than to get liberated by Pakistani forces and see their land become like Pakistan.Recommend

  • ali

    And why is Iran not?Recommend

  • opler

    your blog is informative and acknowleged but we should not forget the human rights violation of israel in gaza strip! Should we? Recommend

  • A Pakistani In Jordan

    @Zvi – couldn’t agree with you more, brother.
    We should all try to find common grounds to love each other and not spread hate – which is what happens in Pakistan as rightly pointed out by the author. I have quite a few Israeli friends and we get along perfectly. It’s time that we loose our hate mantra for good.Recommend

  • ab

    i always say kai ‘yahoodi apna asal kaam karahai hai’ aur ‘musalman ghafltat main parai hooaai hai’. and secondly if you are a muslim Pakistan first doesn’t come in any context. it doesn’t have any weightage. we have to think about the whole Muslim world. Palestine is suffering and Israel is responsible for this. apart from Palestine if i talk about killing of muslims all around the world. where the trail leads to? can someone deny that their trail doesn’t leads to jews? can someone deny that they are not trying to dismantle kahota?. even after that and many things more having soft corner for Israeli state is very shamefull and we are very use to becoming shamefull which is very unfortunate.Recommend

  • HB

    I’m sorry friends but i can’t do anythin’ except laughin’…laughin’ out loud on this childish stuff.Recommend

  • HB

    Words such as ‘Jewish lobby’, ‘Zionists’, ‘Freemasons’, and many others – whose meanings many of us did not even know.

    Yes indeed it can easily be seemed that at least you don’t know the heck about these words.Recommend

  • Anoop

    This extreme dislike of Israel, I am highly understating it, is pretty opportunistic.

    Pakistanis hate Israel because it harms Muslims. There are no positives in supporting Israel, why not create a demon out of it is the thinking.

    But, China does the same thing in Xinjiang, with Uighur Muslims. When was the last time you saw a blog or a column criticising China in Pakistani newspapers?

    What does China has that Israel doesn’t? Pretty much everything from money to influence to free weapons to free money, NOTHING Israel can offer.

    Same with Sri Lanka. Recently there was an attack on some Muslims and a mosque. Do you see rallies, hate videos on YouTube,etc? With Godra you have Pakistanis invoking it everyday, day in and day out, with Sri Lanka, its completely absent!

    Pakistanis love to talk about Babri masjid demolition, where no Muslims were killed, but ignore this. That is because Sri Lanka is not India, the object of immense hatred for most Pakistanis. Also, Sri Lanka offers a hope of circling India, sort of an anti-India tie up among nations. Hence, Sri Lanka is good-good, India bad-bad.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Has anyone seen the conditions Palestinian refugees living in the Gulf Kingdoms. I have. They live in conditions similar to the hindus in Pakistan. The locals treat them very badly. They have no rights and their economic condition is also very bad. They live in constant fear of deportation. Arab support of Palestinian cause is all false propaganda.Recommend

  • Mumtaz.Rizvi

    @Dr Dang:
    Thanks Dr.Dang that is very knowledgeable indeed for all those,flowing into hatred and looking forward to use oil as weaponRecommend

  • Faizan Ul Haq

    Brother, was worth reading it. Conclusion: You are just confusing and mixing Religion, Palestine and Pakistan, and never say “apart from this” i mean why not going into historical narratives ?. You must mention each n every aspect of everything you are talking about. You must read history.Recommend

  • Sensible

    I agree with you on Isreal but why do you keep bringing Indiain the equation as if you are their agent trying to brainwash us about them… I agree on the Israel front but you were taught right about the involvement of Indian RAW in creating unrest in Pak. In fact east pak is a classic example of that. The mugti mani were training and sent from india. It played an instrumental role in the east pak tragedy! so stop promoting india please, right now also indian RAW is involved in Baluchistan and supporting major separatist groups like BLA.

    Secondly, what ever you were taught about Kahsmir is true so stop this nonsense about india..ask any indian abt Kahmir and they will tell you what real patriotism is!

    @ET: sometime i get shocked at the kind of stuff you publish! Stop this Indian propaganda, we are all working against the stat, especially the media. Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    NIcely written. I am impressed by your previous blogs! And I agree that many of us have made Islam a hate led religion…Our intellect works this way: hate Israel to prove ur love for palestanians rather than love palestenians and use ur ends (diplomacy) to sooth them.

    I do not have understanding of International Relations, but if you have ever played chess, you would know what positional advantage means. If India was not attatched to us post 9/11 war could not be imposed on us.Similarly so much wrath in middle east could be avoided if Israel was not a neuclear state.

    Any idea why all brutalities against muslims either begin in Israel or Kashmir. Israel and KAshmir are the strongest moral justifications for non-state jihadis and this has lead to east and west polarization.

    You always need a piece of land to exert influence in any region of the worl Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    I would personally love to befriend a Germany-like-Israel…. peaceful, economic giant….but I think there is little use in ties with ghunda (bully) Israel.
    Here too one can say its theory x or theory y….if you expect them 2 b bad u treat them tht way n they actually become bad… if u expect them gud u treat them gud n they actually become gud….but a nuclear missile technology has little or no incentive 2 b gud just because of its ties with Pakistan…as with other muslim countries.
    U will see over and over again…time will prove…Israel will remain Israel(irrespective of whether u make those weak ties with it)….I can betRecommend

  • sofi

    The biggest irony is that those arab countries at whose behest Pakistan is supposedly anti Israel would always side towards India in really important economic and geopolitical conflicts( Iran&Jordan etc)Pakistan is is supposedly anti israel to support the “muslim ummah” but no such animal exists.Each country prizes its national interest above other considerations-Turkey can maintain economic/military ties with Israel while also posturing as a defender of Islam so why cant Pakistan do the same.I think we should recognise Israel… will go a long way in dispelling myths.Recommend

  • Amna

    I truly wish you best of luck in future for writing such an interesting article I don’t hate Jews we should know more about them through liberals not Mullahs.. We will always support and love Palestine but we should also have diplomatic relations with Israel so we get to play a positive part in solving Palestine and Israel issue while knowing point of view from both the sides. Recommend

  • Aaqib

    We are a confused nation in a denial. We accept fallacious arguments and believe in them firmly. We pray five times a day but do not try to understand the meaning of what we are praying. I salute writer for at least raising question. Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    2 days back 30 muslims were killed in Kashgar- a province in China. No Pakistani cares. Not a single Pakistani killed by Israel and they hate it to death.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    @Dr Dang:
    Are you sure about the point you are trying to make with your energy? Following your line of thinking, one should not forget that the largest source of energy which enables the modern Homo sapiens peformance oozes out of the Arabian Land. Also based on the latest archeological finds the success story of the modern homo sapiens began from Arabia (and not Africa as peviously estimated) around 100,000 years before.

    Rex Minor

    PS Knowledge is a virtue!Recommend

  • sami satti

    dear i think you didnt read the history of Israel? thats why you are asking question abuot Israel…
    first you have to know the history of Israel and then you can ask question about itRecommend

  • Abid

    I agree. These brother Arab countries have never helped Pakistan when Pakistan needed their help the most, and Pakistan should start doing the things for its own good instead of the whole Muslim Ummah, for every other muslim country is doing this. We already have so many problems that we need to solve here instead of interfering about what’s going on in central asia. It’s time to accept Israel and move ahead. Recommend

  • Naya Pakistan

    @Dr Dang: and the author.
    Don’t mix oranges with apples and try to obfuscate the issues with your stupid arguments. Zionist Israel with its illegal occupation of Palestine and its hegemonic designs over mythical Judea Samara should not be confused with Judaism the religion. There are a lot of Jews who do not agree with Israel’s Zionist policies ( Gilad Atzmon, Uri Avery etc ) and their genocide against Palestinians. The inhumanity of Israel is what turns most civilized humans against them not their religion. That religious bias is being created in Pakistan against Jews is a reflection of the lack of knowledge or deliberate manipulation for ulterior motives. Islam recognizes Judaism as a religion of the book, period. Jews have been protected by Muslim rulers in the past far more then under Christian rulers, this is not the time for either a religious or historical discourse. Suffice it to say that baseless arguments confuse the reason for dislike of zionist Israel amongst Arabs, and Muslims. Muhammed al Durrah, Rachel Corrie and hundreds of other innocent men women and children including those on Mavi Marmara and USS Liberty bear testament to Israel’s belligerence and arrogant disregard for humanity. Operation cast iron attack on Gaza broke all boundaries of barbarity, when Israeli forces sent down phosphorous bombs on innocent civilians. That is the reason for hatred not because they believe in another god, but that they consider rthemselves as the chosen ones and rest as disposable sabbath goyims for their Judenstat. Recommend

  • jims john joseph

    Even if the Arab countries had won the wars against Israel, the Palestinian nation would haven’t been established because each Arab nation would have kept a part of Palestine for themselves.Recommend

  • Syed Kashif

    Very thoughtful Farooq (Y). It always has been a one-sided picture. But then again, and I try to be as neutral in my tone as possible, we are yet to see the other side. Could be what we have been hearing since our childhood might be justified. :)Recommend

  • Riaz Khan

    Fantastic article. We must have normal diplomatic & trade relations with Israel unless we believe living in Cuckoo world!Recommend

  • Revolutionary Mind

    A very balanced thought provoking and wonderful piece of writing about the deep mistrust paranoia and religious zealotry that has been the hallmark of our nation due to years of massive indoctrination right from childhood.

    “Yahud o Nasara” “Zalim Qatil Amreeeka” “Zionist lobby” and “Free masions” has been the catch terms of our childhood endowed from the great intellectual phd islamic scholars sitting in our Masajids.

    @ All the right wing zealots

    What about filling forms for fullbright scholarships and standing in queues for grabing the forms for US-Aid programs? Let’s visit the US embassies after burnig the american and jewish flags on roads and bring I-phones and Mac Books for our sweet nieces and nephews.

    Let’s take some petro-dollars from Holy and Islamic US-Saudi alliance and fight Jihad against the Red infidel Communists!

    Come on lets join the Holy Cause everyone and blow ourselves into pieces in the middle of a busy market in our cities killing scores of innocent women kids and elderly and then raise our holy fingers towards foreign and external extraterristial creatures from Planet Venus!

    Don’t ever mention nor criticize the name of Taliban on Media, just cunningly and craftly avoid and mix the question because Taliban are busy in the Holy and Philanthropic cause of constructing female schools and hospitals in major parts of the country. Some can’t be totally talked of, they are extremely busy in high level meetings making foreign policy for the country.Recommend

  • heera

    Israel is my favorite nation.They r the best human resource to the mankind.Recommend

  • Singh

    First set your own house in order.Recommend

  • Ahmad Jabbar

    guess you don’t even know the emergence of Israel … and how palestine is suffering … you still require a reason for this hatred? Recommend

  • kamran

    I agree with the author for what he has written in his article , He really gave the true picture of what we the Pakistani’s think of Israel and i think that now the time has come that We should give space and should have balance relations with every country even if its Israel or any other country . Keep the good work going dear author .
    Wish you Luck.Recommend

  • Sikander


    I enjoyed the article. As far as the discussion is related to ideological differences I agree.

    I have just one comment. The recognition of Israel’s statehood is not based on ideological differences. Its rather based on political and diplomatic strategies. The country is treating the state as illegal occupation of the Palestine lands. The initiation of the state happened with allocation of land to the Jews suffered the genocide of WW2 as a compensation. Which latter turned in forced and illegal occupation of the rest of the Palestine land.

    Not accepting the statehood is kind of a protest to the illegal occupation and dictation of the state of Israel not the addressing the ideological statehood. Which leads to phrase on the pass port. Recommend

  • Parvez

    The easy logic with which you have constructed your argument is so basic and sound that even for the naysayers it is hard to debunk.
    Strictly speaking from a religious, cultural and political point of view both could be friends but we have demonised Israel simply to suit of own internal political need to mollycoddle our religious extremists who exist on the concept of hate. Recommend

  • Atif

    Fact of the matter is the Pakistani government and military have been supporting and funding religious extremists which have provided zero benefit to the country – in fact this very flawed strategy is responsible for creating the present chaos in the country. I fail to understand why our country still thinks helping extremists will give us so called “strategic” depth in the region.

    The focus in Pakistan should be towards educating the masses, focusing on urban and rural development instead of spreading propaganda that does nothing but waste time.

    We need to grow up and realize that the way to prosperity is hard work not endless anti Israel/India/Usa propaganda. Before criticizing Israel we should look at ourselves and realize how low we have fallen – we have had an education minister who forged his high school certificate, our current president is not even eligible for the position he holds, our political parties (such as PML, etc) have ties to sectarian and extremists outfits who openly kill civilians. we are already close to becoming a failed state and our image both in the Muslim and Non-Muslim world is really bad.

    A common person should realize that his/her well-being is what really matters in the end. Israel or India are simply propaganda tools used by the rulers to brainwash the poor masses.


  • Dr Ali

    I love the writer’s rationale. Accept the status of Israel as a country and thereby accept the occupation of an aggressor over a Muslim land because some other muslim countries have done so (next the writer would suggest declare drinking alcohol halal as some muslims already drink it), Be friends with the arc enemy’s ally and the one who tried “just once” to rip out our nuclear arsenal till it actually is successful in doing so.

    If we follow his rational then we can accept India’s un-lawful right over Kashmir, not going in to the debate whether the Kashmiris like it or not, and be friends. Even if they want a MahaBharat lets give the rest of Pakistan to them too after all we have to be rational.

    That is indeed the best, most peaceful and quick solution to all our problems except that it leaves us no integrity or self respect as a nation but I guess these are too heavy words to carry.

    The writer can never be from KP. KP does not and can not give rise to people lacking integrity and self respect.

    My Best Regards for the enlightened and modern writer
    Dr ALIRecommend

  • http://ExpressTribune shaukat ali chughtai

    Bravo. You had the courage to highlight this issue which is confusing to many of us. One day
    the government and the parliament which may come into existence will have to answer the
    question. Why we hate Israel.180 Jews have contributed to the world development. From Newton Einstein’s theory of relativity, mankind has benefitted. Your communication technology,
    your mobile phisions, dialysis machines, your light, pencillene, pharmaceuticals, etc. Everything
    for human beings. What has been role of muslim ummah why hate, recognize Israel, wach t
    our own interests and our own economic developm.ny. Get free from the shackles of
    clergy. Great articleRecommend

  • mindcontrol

    @Naya Pakistan:

    There are a lot of Jews who do not agree with Israel’s Zionist policies

    And there are a lot of Muslims who do not agree with the Islamist policy towards Israel. Egyptians for example.


  • Mumtaz.Rizvi

    well said anop despite the fact iam pakistani but i agree with youRecommend

  • Imad Uddin

    naysayers find it hard to debunk? lol:) Recommend

  • GIndian

    @ Rex Minor,
    Correction: Homo genus evolved in Africa and first homo sapiens also evolved in Africa based on mitochondrial DNA evidence. You don’t have to equate Africa with blacks, which you are ashamed of. Both balcks and non-blacks originated from a common population. Among world poplulation groups, Africans have the highest genetic diversity and this implies that they were an ancient population group. So called Arabian region was an intermediate stepping zone of humans’ onward migration out of Africa. We are all humans first. There is only one human species left in this world. You tend to attach some divine quality to Arabia just like the way other religions attatch to their own lands. Think the whole earth is a holy place and respect our tiny blue and fragile planet. Whatever you wrote has nothing to do with the topic of this beautiful article. Israel is a super power. It is good to have ‘super powerful and successful’ friends. It is your choice.Recommend

  • Milind

    To his credit, Musharraf was pragmatic enough and did express willingness to develop ties with Israel, but had to backtrack due to pressures from the religious lobby.
    Later he ‘accidently’ ran into the Israeli Defence (or Foreign) Minister during a meet in Ankara, Turkey, but nothing happened.
    As you said other Muslim countries/populations do not have hostility towards Jews. Indian Kashmir receives a lot of tourists from Israel and some shops have billboards in Hebrew to cater to them.Recommend

  • afroze fatemah

    Pakistan was the first state who supported the case of Palestine in UN. Pakistan has signed the UN charter it is obligatory to her to raise voice against injustice
    2ndly why there is need of developing any relations with Israel ?? does Pakistan have good terms with it neighboring states?? in state relations first you develop relations with your regional power states then you go further. Pakistan needs to strong herself at regional level then at international level. Recommend

  • Concerned

    It high time we realize the fact that nothing has been achieved by not recognizing Israel as a state. When arab countries have recognized it as a state, why don’t we. Lets not be more arab than the arabs. It will only benefit Pakistan in terms of trade and open doors for Pilgrim who would like to visit the third holiest site in Islam.
    Recognizing Israel is the first step towards a Palestinian state.
    Many Pakistanis are oblivious to the fact that Pakistan is not viewed in positive terms in the arab world anyways and Pakistanis are considered to be semi Muslims. There is no such thing as a Pan-Islamic state,lets be pragmatic and do whats good for the country.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Imad Uddin: I maintain my position because if you see the comments of the naysayers it is the same-old, same-old hackneyed thinking rooted in the past, that has been drilled into their heads, which they are afraid to even analyse, let alone discard. The author on the other hand, has an open mind and has put forward a reasoned argument.
    I do not advocate sitting in Israels lap, but for nation states to have reciprocal friendly relations, benefits both.

  • Eeman Saleem.

    I would love to visit Israel. Recommend

  • Natalie Portman.
  • cautious

    Interesting article. What amazes me is that any House of God would tolerate cursing or targeting anyone for death – a clear indicator that something needs fixing.Recommend

  • Optimist

    I also believe we should not hate Jews but you cannot ignore Zionists.
    I am an atheist so I am not motivated by religion. You have no idea of the MIGHT of Zionist Lobby in the US that no politician can ignore.
    For example, when there is Jewish lobby AIPAC’s yearly conference, almost all governors of all states, leaders of all political parties, president of the country, Foreign secretary etc are present at this ‘Unofficial’ function!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gp65

    ET mods: When you can allow @Rex Minor to spew his venom on Hindus and quote absolutely unsubstantiated information unrelated to the blogs, I hope you can allow this post that questions his attitude.

    @GIndian: @Rex Minor has several off topic spiels that he introduces as per choice and somehow the moderators allow though they do not pertain to the subject. One fact-free narrative relates to how humans originated in Arabia. Anyone questioning him will get more unrelated lectures on Kant and other such stuff. His other point relates to how Hindu families teach their families to lie based on the fact that on one TV show he saw one kid fib and his mother laughed. His 3rd spiel relates to how Hindus are more predisposed to rape without considering the actual rape statistics in the world and without considering that in certain cultures rapes maybe severely underreported.

    @Pakistani friends who think that India and Israel have always been allies. – You may have been taught this but until 1991, India was in the same boat as Pakistan – did not have any diplomatic relations with Israel with the mistaken belief that somehow this would help Palestine.. This illogical position was reviewed in light of facts that even countries like Egypt who had fought a war with Israel had diplomatic relations with it. In turn India has benefitted greatly in areas such as drip irrigation where Israel specializes. Your irrational hatred for Israel does not help Palestinians in any way because you cannot influence a country that you have no relations with.Recommend

  • Seema

    All PTI troll is supporting this idea…. something is fishy fishy….Recommend

  • Naya Pakistan

    Shame on you ET for not publishing my fact based riposte while publishing other inane childish and absolutely retarded comments devoid of any factual, historical, or political relevance. I suppose you have to justify the funds that you receive from the Zionists and their allies. Recommend

  • Reddy

    for those who are crying about palestine peoples misery, more Palestine people killed in hamas/fatah clashes than the israel’s gaza strip bombing which by the way controlled by extremist hamas who abolished the peace treaty signed by fatah with israel,now fighting a loosing battle….brits are the once who created problem in the first place,you have no problem in licking their shoes day in and day out,go figure…jews, once treated as menial timid human race of the planet now a thriving race,where was this humanitarian front of muslims when so called ottoman empire aiding abetting hitler’s conquests,now it is biting your bum, endure it.Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    I have been reading ur comments for a very long time, they are always balanced and sensible, this time sounded unusually agressive, which made me surprized. I agree with you we need to open our minds and rethink over and over again, an attitude which lacks in masses.
    But how can there be a simple logic in IR? I think our relations with India and Israel can be improved to act as a “buffer” to prevent deteriorating relation. But even such buffer can not last long, because each time an unfavorable even occurs, there are pressures from the public to refrain from such relationships. In cas of India Pakistan relationship, I think a LONG term strategy fails because the good relations reverse after every 2,4,6,8 yrs… In case of ISrael too it is no simple logic. What sort of economic gains can be achieved. To what extent can we afford to have economic relation with ISrae….so that we may not end up being afraid if ISrael bans trade with Pakistan, it will create a dent on our economy… Will such relation prevent us from making our own defense mechanism….It is hard to stay alone in this globalised world… we need to tie our hands with someone to remain safe, may it be china, or some country in d middle east or europe. But thts a long story, need to clean our home from inside first….last ten yrs left it horribly littered. Recommend

  • Solomon2

    @Aqeel: On the contrary, it’s tough to find a nation MORE legitimate than Israel. Nearly all Jews were expelled from their land over 2,000 years ago. They returned with the promise of eventual statehood by the legal sanction of the League of Nations’ Mandate of Palestine and the blessing of the Ottoman Caliph in the Treaty of Sevres. They re-settled either on state lands or by purchase of property from Arabs at far more than fair market prices. Palestinian Arab “refugees” forfeited their civil and property rights under Ottoman law and practice (which is the only referent that makes sense under the Mandate) when they revolted against the Jewish State, either in arms or by fleeing to the camps of the surrounding Arab armies. The Arabs who didn’t revolt – like the Bedouin in an article I posted yesterday – retained their property and civil rights. Israel today remains 20%+ Arab. One can count over fifty minarets in Tel Aviv alone, churches are easy to find, Muslim sects that are unwelcome elsewhere exist in Israel without persecution.

    By contrast, Arab countries kicked out their Jewish population. These Jews were not in revolt, they were merely guilty of being Jews, so their forced departure violated the letter and spirit of the post-WWI settlement. The Jews fled into Israel, more than doubling the population of a country which was already suffering from short rations due to the closing of borders and the suspension of trade. Arab tyrants of surrounding states – some with no history of nationhood – distributed property seized from the Jews as they saw fit to secure their rule. What makes these countries more legitimate than Israel, then?Recommend

  • Daniel

    I find it funny how many people write about how the Israelis treat the Palestinians as if some huge crime against humanity. Yet they never mention how Arab and Muslim leaders treat their own people or the Palestinians who reside in their own country. The Arab world is made up of dictators, Presidents for Life, Kings and Monarch that give their people very few rights. Worse is how they treat their women in the name of honor. 70,000 Syrians have died by order of their leader but Israel is some butcher out there. Whatever your feeling about what happens with Palestine and Israel, Pakistan and the Pakistanis have absolutely no say with what happens there. I love when Abbas tells the Arab and Muslim world to put pressure on Israel for one thing or another. Let me ask you a question, how can you put pressure on a country when you dont even talk to them or recognize their existence. Like the previous poster said, Pakistan is a non issue in Israel. If every single person in Pakistan would come out of their homes and protest what is going on in the West Bank, it wouldnt make bit of difference. Israel listens and talks to its friends and its allies or in the case of Egypt and Jordan, countries that have mutual agreements with it.. Recommend

  • Daniel

    @Dr Ali:

    While you dont accept India’s claim to Kashmir, you still talk to to India. The same should folllow with Israel. You dont have to agree with Israel’s claim to the West Bank, but that doesnt mean you cant talk about itRecommend

  • andy


    Israel is an absolutely legitimate state–as legitimate as Pakistan or any Muslim country formed in the past 100 years. Israel was voted into being by the United Nations in 1947. Jews have lived consistently in the Israel/Palestine area for 4,000 years. Why can’t Jews also have a national homeland especially in a vast sized Middle East? Recommend

  • andy


    Israel is an absolutely legitimate state–as legitimate as Pakistan or any Muslim country formed in the past 100 years. Israel was voted into being by the United Nations in 1947. Jews have lived consistently in the Israel/Palestine area for 4,000 years. Why can’t Jews also have a national homeland especially in a vast sized Middle East? Recommend

  • Concerned

    Pakistanis are despised by the Palestinians after the black September operation carried out by our own General Zia Ul Haq in Jordan. I don’t understand the hypocrisy. We are ready to become mercenaries for other countries against the same people who we claim to sympathies with. Sad state of affairs.Recommend

  • Patriot

    “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. “This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan.

    “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. “It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.”

    -David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister.His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle,9 August 1967Recommend

  • pakistani1414918

    Though I don’t agree withe everything in the article, I must compliment it. Most of the points you make are ones I’ve been making for years. Recommend

  • Ismail

    We are taught to hate Israel by all the Sean states yet they all have friendly relations with Israel, Ksa implored Israel to attack Iran, Palestinians are Arabs Palestine territories are a mix if Egyption and Jordanian land if they don’t care why should we? They don’t care about Kashmiris dying you never see any Arab states boycotting India but we are always at the front to boycott Israel why?Recommend

  • abhi

    The logic is simple. If a muslim state kills/subjugate/anhilate muslims it is fine. Even friends of mulims state (China for example) can do it and it is perfectly ok. All others are enemy of Islam and should be hated.Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    “….. The author on the other hand, has an open mind and has put forward a reasoned argument….”

    @Parvez: Has a point in requesting for an open mind, which should be applicable in each case.
    Only then can one be sure of reaching a sober conclusion. One noticeable aspect is the difficulty of separating chaff from the grain. There is too much propaganda in the media that it is if not impossible then near to impossible to fish out the “truth” of the matter.
    The rough deal meted out in thirties and forties by the Europeans is hardly something pleasant to be reminded of. A thought flashes in the head, that eventually Muslims too can face the same fate, with perhaps US in the lead.
    Dr Norman Finkelstein once upon a time a professor at Princeton University, penned down a book called The Holocaust Industry, He had some very intimate knowledge of the happenings at the German concentration camps. His own parents had spent time there. .
    After publication of the book, his predicament has been of being turned into a pariah, unsuitable of getting a job in the ivory towers.
    The European war theatre being so far away was of little or no concern of ours. With the world getting smaller today it has become incumbent upon us to wade through the deluge of propaganda and get acquainted with the events that took place even far away from our own shores.
    Holocaust Industry can be downloaded or read for free at this link.

    Something that annoyed Finkelstein was the exploitation that was carried out by many to profit which according to him was irreverent to the memory of the millions, it thus motivated him to write this book.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Imad Uddin: I apologise Sir, if I sounded aggressive………..I did not mean to be.
    I did reply back earlier to you, in a bit more detail, trying to explain myself but the ET blog police obviously had other thoughts and shot it down.
    @ Abid P. Shah in his last comment has understood what I was trying to get at which simply was that without intelligent discourse no complex issue can be resolved.

  • Sher Khan

    For me, the Article sums up the bad dilemmas of our society.Recommend

  • Sher Khan

    @Dr Ali:

    As a Pashtoon I support his rationale and How dare you tag Pashtoons with your liking. The writer has a point well explained. We have been deceived for decades by religious leaders. When it comes to USA and Europe, everyone, even you would love to go there and get a US green card, but when it comes to Jews we say we hate it. We are all hypocrites. Recommend

  • Sher Khan


    For this easy logic, I feel we shouldn’t make life complicated. One Human, One Identity , One World.Recommend

  • Sher Khan


    If you know them, explain them to usRecommend

  • http://[email protected] Saima Cheema

    First of all the antisemitism needs to stop, talking about a jewish lobby, money, conspiracies aka bringing up old anti-Jewish tropes (you know the ones before Israel even existed created by racists in Russia while Muslims and Jews were living together peacefully in Spain and the middle east, yeah those ones) by people that have never met a Jewish person in their life (these are the same people who insult black people, and hate anyone that isn’t Pakistani or light skinned) and forget that our prophets had Jewish blood. If you have problems with Israel that has nothing to do with Jewish people, you are doing the exact same thing that Islamophobes in the west do when they talk about how all Muslims are terrorists and how Sharia is creeping into western countries, in fact many in the Jewish community have spoken up about how the debate on halal meat and talk about banning the niqab remind them of antisemitism the Jewish community have faced for centuries.

    Learn the difference between Zionism and Judaism, many Jews who are Anti-Zionists are weary of engaging with a lot of people who claim to be Pro-Palestine because they mix their racial hatred with so called Palestinian activism. Judaism is not Israel. Repeat Judaism is not Israel.

    Do most Pakistanis care about Palestine? I hope they do. But do the nutjobs who think Israel is behind everything in Pakistan do? No they don’t because they think Israel cares more about Pakistan than building more settlements on Palestinian land and oppressing Palestinian citizens of their country, do you honestly think that Pakistan is Israel’s no #1 enemy? That they are funding Pakistani politicians? REALLY? No Palestinian or Anti-Zionist group talks about Pakistan when discussing Israel because guess what? We are not on their radar.

    Now Israel, should Pakistan have normal relations with Israel? No…not now. There needs to be a global boycott until the Palestinians have a state. This is were Anti-boycott campaigns work, you have people like Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu speaking about the plight of the Palestinians, it is becoming mainsteam. When there is peace in the middle east? YES! I’d love for it to happen, there are Pakistani Israelis in Israel who I think would love to visit their homeland, and for Muslims there is much to see in Israel. I would love to visit the Ibrahimi Mosque, so many of our prophets are buried there. This might be 30 years away. The government in Israel is far right and not interested in peace, so yeah it might even be longer,

    In conclusion, no Israel is not Pakistans enemy. Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Sher Khan: Well said……………brings to mind the words of John Lennons ‘ Imagine ‘.

  • Awad Faisel

    @Naya Pakistan:

    If Pakistan ever won any turf – would you want to return it?Recommend

  • Sher Khan

    @Ahmad Jabbar:

    Kindly enlighten us on your rationale!Recommend

  • Hassan

    It is said that ignorance is blessing, but not always. Ben-Gorian, said in 1947 that Pakistan, not Arabs are enemy no 1 of Israel.Recommend

  • Syed Ali

    Well agreed with you on most of the points but at the same time one cannot forget the brutalities of Isreal to the Palestenians which were the open terrorism & human rights violations.Recommend

  • Farooq Yousaf


    Thank you for your feedback I agree with you and that was the aim I wrote this article Recommend

  • Farooq Yousaf

    @Foreign Leg:

    I didn’t understand your comment, either it was a mock or a compliment, but I would take it as a compliment :DRecommend

  • Farooq Yousaf


    Thank you Asif. Such comments keep me goingRecommend

  • Farooq Yousaf

    @Ezri Jeb:

    I am touched by the comment. I hope to carry on my work with the same sincerityRecommend

  • Farooq Yousaf


    I wish the Policy makers in Pakistan also think on the same lines. Recommend

  • Farooq Yousaf


    I feel I just wrote what I was feed being a student at school,, if you don’t agree with it, and like to call me a brainwashed agent, I take your criticism, and would try to write in a way in future which doesnt make me look like an agent :)Recommend

  • Farooq Yousaf

    @College dude:

    In Politics and diplomacy, nothing is constant, and that is why I feel Pakistan has to change its approach and that is why I agree with youRecommend

  • Indian

    I have been to Israel and its a beautiful country with wonderful people. Pakistanis are missing out on a chance to visit such a wonderful and historical land..Recommend

  • No biased

    What ever you said is quite true. But it’s not us who hate Isreal, but rest of the world is in same boat as we are. They hate too but not as much we do.Recommend

  • Saman

    My friend, your screen name is misleading, to say the least.
    And its Mukti Bahini, BTW.Recommend

  • Obaid_bm

    Read it. Understood your opinion. Respected it. Not agreeing to some points. Well done.Recommend