Vote for PPP or PML-N: New parties can’t help Pakistan

Published: April 19, 2013

It will in fact be a dream come true, if we are able to replace the two major parties in the country with better ones. That said it is indeed nothing but a dream.

I am not subscribing to a Marxist analysis but it is evident that our society has two distinct classes. The first is the rich and educated minority of Pakistan that makes up the ruling and influential group; the second is the deprived and backward masses who are ruled.

In this context, democracy appears to be the best system of governance for the country. However, Pakistan has seen so many military interventions that the evolution of political institutions has been stunted.

Many political parties are family-run organisations where leadership remains within the circle of wife, husband, and children. When such descriptions are discussed, the first few parties to come to mind are the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

The educated elite who are well versed in western political theories believe that they can bring about a drastic change in Pakistan. However, their desperate attempts of taking Pakistan out of its misery to its glory will not work with any such radical methods. What they need to understand is that a revolution is a constant, committed struggle towards a better future without any far-fetched, grandiose claims.

It will in fact be a dream come true, if we are able to replace the two major parties in the country with better ones. That said, this is indeed nothing but a dream.

A party that has recently come up with a claim of providing a better alternative is Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

However, I believe that PTI is not a good  choice for the government at the moment because of their inexperience and gullibility.

The two dominant parties – PPP and PMLN-N – on the other hand, have a proper structure. People are easily able to recognise their ideology and a clear left and right can be identified in PPP and PML-N. Additionally, both the parties have the experience of being a part of the government.

If we are to look for apt teams, we will find excellent legal gurus in PPP and finance giants in PML-N.

Anybody can come up with a manifesto, but the real question is figuring out who can actually make things happen.

To make a claim that these are the parties of saints would be absolutely absurd. However, it must be recognised that these parties have evolved a great deal and a change in their attitudes is evident. PPP’s completion of a five-year term and PML-N’s support on key constitutional reforms is unprecedented.

In every democratic country there are two leading parties which take turns in governments, so the criticism of taking turns used by Mr Khan is nothing but mere rhetoric as it is a story of every democratic country.

PML-N and PPP have produced several leaders of national stature.

Most Pakistanis are not even aware of any other leader of the PTI besides Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and Javed Hashmi, and none of them owe their fame to PTI. It is alarming that PTI has been unable produce a single leader in almost two decades.

People, no doubt, have concerns with PPP and PML-N, however, the solution is not to create a new political party every time a water conduit gets blocked. Pakistan is a highly diverse society with deep ethnic, religious, and sectarian divides, and if a party is created for every issue, it will be extremely difficult to reach a consensus. The lesser the political parties representing Pakistani society the better it will be for the country as a whole; as opposed to each citizen expressing himself/herself individually.

With all due respect, if Nawaz Sharif or Bilawal Zardari were to die, their respective parties will get more votes. Conversely, God forbid, if Imran Khan were to die, PTI would hardly get any votes.

The reason is that in the former case, these parties have a history and are not just known because of their leaders, while in PTI’s case, Imran Khan means PTI and vice versa.

When it comes to Pakistan we have to invest in our leaders wisely.

It is a slow growth, but there is progression and through voting for these two major parties we can force them to bring out required reforms. On the other hand, if we choose a new party each time, we will not be able to force any transformations through voting. The whole democratic process loses its meaning in this ‘choose the untried’ framework.

Vote for either PPP or PML-N, because that is the only way forward!

Read more by Sultan here.

Sultan Mehmood

Sultan Mehmood

An AKHSS Gilgit and KL-YES Alumnus, currently pursuing a degree of BSc. Hons. in Political Science from LUMS. He is interested in perennial philosophy of religion, politics, and economy

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Muhammad Salman

    Mr. Sultan, It would have been easier for the readers if you would had highlighted the ‘ideology’ of PMLN or PPP. Nazi party had roots in the public too. This is a basic flaw of democracy. Benazi got votes for being daughter of Bhutto and Zardari got votes for being Benazi’s husband. Our nation is has slavery in its DNA, there is no ideology play here!!

    And talking about finance and economic gurus: Sir, the country is on verge of being declared a failed state. The fact IK is the only recognizable personality in PTI, doesn’t prove the ground for Bilawal or Maryam being our leaders. No, they don’t deserve it and we deserve better: Imran Khan!!

    So folks, go vote for IK, give him just one chance and rest keep your faith in ALlah!Recommend

  • Kashif

    Sir you are either misled or trying to mislead the public. How can you ever advise people to Vote for parties that have taken turns to Govern without results.
    You simply must be living on another Planet if you feel only these two parties can succeed.
    We have the worst economic situation ever in the history of the country and simply no law order exists. If these two parties carry on I feel Pakistan will be the next Afghanistan.
    Please for Gods sake if you are writing a piece in the public domain at least try to be honest and not biased. This article is utter rubbish!!Recommend

  • Dr. Ushnah

    Idiotic thoughts.. We, the youth, understand the false propaganda of biased journalists. We aren’t voting for Imran Khan. We are voting for PTI, which still seems a viable option to choose from when considered along with Looters, Thieves and Plunderers. We don’t have short-term memory loss. We remember the sky-high inflation and lawlessness we have been put into by the past Govt. NO VOTE FOR PML-N or PPP whatsoever. Just Keep your analysis to your ownself..
    P.S. It doesn’t even deserve to be published in first place.Recommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    I completely Agree with Muhammad Salman.

    Dear Mr. Sultan, after Allama Iqbal, there was no notable leader with Mr. Jinnah also, so then was Pakistan not created????…Is Hamza Shahbaz, Maryam Nawaz or Bilawal Bhutto more capable than any Pakistani Youth to lead us? 5 damn years were given to PPPP and PMLN, what is their performance? Is Pakistan Economy Booming or receding?

    Name a family run party of U.S.A or U.K or any European Country please… Recommend

  • omair shahid

    Mr Sultan PPP & PML-N, has destroyed Pakistan by coming in power for 2 times each you still think they will delivery have u forgotten what PPP & PML-N has done to Pakistan it is because of these parties bad performance PTI has become a 3rd force.
    you want us to vote for them again so that they could destroyed pakistan again.
    PTI is not perfect but they deserve a chance to prove themselves. Recommend

  • Rayan

    For God’s sake don’t mislead people……Vote for PTI….give the man a chance….Even if PTI fails to deliver, the conditions can’t be that pathetic as we have now…Recommend

  • Vice

    These parties have been tried and tested before. The only reason PML-N worked heavily on projects in the past 11 months is entirely due to noticing Imran’s power and popularity.

  • Faizan

    This typical mindset has put us where we stand today.
    IK speaks about systems – which would be independent and powerful. ‘People’ would only be there to make sure the systems work properly.
    All our institutions are under political influence – you leave loopholes in your systems deliberately so that the stakeholders of the status quo can benefit…
    I leave the rest to your intellect.Recommend

  • Sarah

    too premature a Q to ask at this point of time…PPP and PML-N have produced those “gems” after so many yrs and in comparison PTI is a new party and it has yet to prove its worth. Even if it wasnt for IK i would have voted for PTI cuz atleast they will bring in new ppl to eat away the country. why fill those bank balances which are already over flowing. i m sorry to say but your logic is not very convincing. Vote for PTI and give them a chance…bus !Recommend

  • Kashif akhtar

    You foo me once shame on you – you fool me twice shame on me – in this case if you fool me thrice then just shoot me and get me out if the misery. Writers logic are totally idiotic. Tell your so called democratic parties to have elections within the party first ….. They don’t even know the meaning of democracy and its true process. Recommend

  • Parvez

    After reading this, what immediately came to mind was that it’s so wrong and almost childishly so, that it looks like a deliberate attempt to promote the PTI and IK.
    The thing to understand is that in a system dominated by 2 corrupt / inept parties the introduction of PTI as a third option is a major development.

  • afza siddiqui

    oh wow this made me fall in love with the two biggies.but bilawal is young and handsome (no offence that not dynamic and intellectual ) so i should better vote for PPP if this provides enough ground :PRecommend

  • random squealer

    Salute Muhammad SalmanRecommend

  • Ganja

    Give PTI with its internal elections 10 years. You’ll have an institution bringing out fine young men to lead this country.

    From PML and PPP, even after a 100 year you’ll be getting a leader from either the Sharif’s or Bhuttos. Who has never seen the realities of life Recommend

  • Ussi

    After reading this article, I have come to finally believe that LUMS standard has really dropped.

    Mr Sultan Mehmood you really need to take Dr Shabbir Ahsen’s Logic and Reasoning class. I also suggest that you ask Dr Shabbir to critically review what you have written. Your reasoning is flawed and biased.

    I am a former LUMS graduate btw!Recommend

  • Chugtai Rizwan

    why these two parties again ? PPP elected in 2008 because they showed dreams of Roti, Kapra, Makaan to the nation,PMLN elected because they showed progress, developments dreams to the youngsters. Recommend

  • gul

    Wow man, some people have the guts to stay most stupid things with straight face. ET, anyone who can scribble few sentences in English is not worth publishing on a national newspaper blog. Improve your standards ; these kinds of articles just goes on to strengthen the view the ET actually fish for news (including propaganda) and opinions which can tarnish PTI image. Recommend

  • Saaim

    I havent seen and read anything PATHETIC like ds before.ET ..ONE WORD FOR U..SHAME.Recommend

  • Umer

    I thought the headline is there just to attract readers— The 2 parties are left and right and yet they had an alliance spanning over 3 years.


  • Ahmed Gul

    “However, I believe that PTI is not a good choice for the government at the moment because of their inexperience and gullibility.”

    Experience without quality is useless. All the previous governments have failed miserably but they have experience so you will vote for them.

    Common Sense Lacking!Recommend

  • Muhammad Tahir

    PTI may be given a chance after giving so many chances to other two parties, PPP and PML-N. Any logic is not apply in Pakistan only try a new one for a hope. Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Although i totally disagree with you choice of voting either PPPP or PML-N, but i do agree to that PTI is IK and vice versa. Actually people are voting PTI due to Imran Khan, over looking the fact that its the whole party that will have to run the country not just IK. Recommend

  • hamza

    hahaha lol man this is really good…. i love the way when people are so ignorant Recommend

  • MAD

    This is a real gem. One guys saying that no lets not change things, everything will sort out by itself. Wow!Recommend

  • Danish

    Very well explained. Totally agree with the writer.Recommend

  • Maxwood


    Fultan, It is an easy to sell Topic.

    Include PTI [either against or for wali side kay leeya] and get the space in ETRecommend

  • Usman

    Mr.Sultan, i am sure you live outside Pakistan and are not knowing any ground realities of what is happening here……. So please do not mislead people Recommend

  • Naveed

    Sir, If everyone start thinking like you then fresh graduates will never get any job because of their inexperience….. new borns will be taken off new mums because of their inexperience… innovation ideas from new comers will not be taken because of their inexperience…. in short, nothing new will happen.

    Come on Sir, we are adult enough to know that something good doesnt come in our lives for our experience but because of our committment, passion and honesty…. and I believe all three things in IK and PTI.

    I totally disagree with PTI not creating leaders, they have created young leaders and head of their 3 province chapeters are young guys and good enough leaders….. leader is about qualities and anyone under IK will learn better qualities…. You can only witness these leaders when they r in power or visible on print or electronic media….. but unfortunately, print and electronic (most of it) is driven by money and power…. Once PTI is in power, you will see leaders coming infront of us….. just give them once chance to prove themselves…. InshAllah PTI will win and you will see the difference :)Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Dear Author,

    A really pathetic article…..your article from start makes no sense.

    “The first is the rich and educated minority of Pakistan that makes up the ruling and influential group; the second is the deprived and backward masses who are ruled.
    In this context, democracy appears to be the best system of governance for the country.”

    How did you come to this conclusion. In your case actually democracy is the worst type of government as the masses dont know wht is good and bad for them. Therefore the masses can be mislead (is happening in Pakistan) very easily. In Pakistan people vote and recieve a Briyani plate for the action. This is not the core of democracy.

    Secondly you here want that the family politics should continue in the county???? Because these people are more experienced in curruption????? I dont get the logic…..Recommend

  • Rohail Malik

    what an idiotic article….? Pity for Author!! PMLN trolls do whatever you can but i guess it ain’t working :PRecommend

  • Syed Mohsin Ali

    This is an article where the term “ROFLMAO” is made for! I don’t want to waste my time writing much, my fellow brothers who have written above have described my feelings pretty well. Unbelievable…I sincerely request tribune to delete this biased article immediately! Recommend

  • Tahir Mahmood

    Very good article though I have a different view. Imran Khan is no doubt a towering personality nationally and internationally, but it does not mean that his party would vanish after him. In fact his party is the most institutionalised among the three mainstream political parties in Pakistan. After party elections, Imran Khan has introduced 80000 elected leaders in his party. He has brought a revolution even before genearal elections of the country by closing the doors of dynastic politics by holding real elections in his party. Such institutionalised parties never vanish as the successors of leadorship are the members of the party. If other parties have descendants or relatives of their leaders to inherit them, PTI have thousands of its members to inherit the political legacy of Imran Khan. As regards the legal experts or technocrates, the PTI is not behind the other parties. Hamid Khan the most steadfast and powerful leader of the lawyers movement is a PTI member along with a galaxy of legal and financial experts. on top of it, Imran Khan himself is an intellectual/spiritual allrounder as well. However, In my view, PMLN seems to be winning the current elections because of Nawaz Sharif’s prudent, sincere and popular stands in national afairs despite having a dynastic element in his party. PPP has roots in the downtrodden masses and potential to come back any time though its recent dismal performance would cost it lot of votes. But the rise of Imran Khan is a positive development as both the old parties will have to work very hard in future to avoid a defeat from PTI. .Recommend

  • Usman

    Exactly Shah shb, he is trying to mislead people Recommend

  • Naeem

    Utter non-sense!Recommend

  • Awais Tanveer


    “However, I believe that PTI is not a good choice for the government at the moment because of their inexperience and gullibility.”

    I hope no body gives you your first job because you lack in experience.Recommend

  • Aisha

    “Anybody can come up with a manifesto, but the real question is figuring out who can actually make things happen.”
    How will you figure it out if you don’t give a chance to the new party – PTI???Recommend

  • kashif

    Unfortunately this is true but there is a solid reason for it. PPP and PMLn have been in power for years and years now so they have lots of electables in their ranks. PTI on the other hand has never been in power at any level, plus it doesn’t believe in electables. Saying that, PTI recently had it’s intra party elections, the only one that any party had in our history, so that will make them an institution. An institution just like Shaukat Khanum which started under the shadow of Imran Khan but now they don’t even use the picture of Imran in their ads.Recommend

  • http://USA Observer

    This nation does not deserve something better. IK does not represent Pakistani nation because he is a decent law abiding person which is the polar opposite of the Pakistani nation. Recommend

  • Abaid

    simply Idiotic thoughts………..Recommend

  • http://ET Abu Adam

    you know this reminds me what my father used to say when our cricket board used to retain salim malik in the team in mid 90`s coz of experience despite of the fact that he was at nadir of his career that what can experience bring if the performance is zero…..same is here my dear writer….If performance is nil and dishonesty is at its zenith then HANG THE EXPERIENCE….Recommend

  • Tariq Ali

    Dear. Mr. Mahmood, everyone is entitled to one’s opinion but the fact remains that the most important thing that matters in any endeavor is the character besides having the requisite skills. I think if we are really concerned about the fate of Pakistan then we must take into consideration the character of contestants as well as their skills. Nations only make progress when people in general give preference to the collective interests over their personal interests. Recommend

  • Talal Khan

    Such a sorry piece. In fact, undemocratic.Recommend

  • Go Zardari Go!!

    You obviously have no idea how parties work in other countries. The level of ignorance in Pakistan never ceases to amaze me. Tell me when two parties rotate do the same prime ministers and presidents rotate with them. Such a childish article a 5 year old could have written a better article. Family limited politics is all we have and this is NOT democracy even if you as naive to believe it. Anyway seeing these articles gives me confidence that PTI is on the right track, I can smell the fear in the PPP or PMLN camps.Recommend

  • Dr.X

    This guy has serious problems with his thought process. First, he has totally ignored the middle class which is a huge mistake. Secondly, he is simply speculating. Facts without proof. He claims that PTI has no right or left wings in the party. I totally disagree with this. I know a lot of liberal who r supporting the party. I am considered a Liberal and support the party. The major reason is that I know that one day I can become the chairperson of the organization. Can you say that about other parties?? Third, Since you r speculating alot! PPPP and PMLN r going to die if they dont adapt. Fourth, have you ever heard about Asad Umer!!? Fifth, Imran Khan is better than Bhutto and IA will win big!! Recommend

  • Awais

    “However, I believe that PTI is not a good choice for the government at the moment because of their inexperience and gullibility.”

    If experience means knowing how to deceive the people, loot their money, know how to amend the laws in your own favor to gain business benefits – then PTI is better off without it. I am no PTI fan but this argument of lack of experience is rather bizarre. People start over everyday to take up the new challenges. If Jinnah hadn’t come to India in 1930s according to your logic of inexperience, this country had never existed.Recommend

  • Raza

    I dont know what world this author lives in, but he clearly deserves current-day Pakistan if he wants PPP and PML to “move the country forward”…towards more lawlessness, crime, poverty, instability, and violence. Recommend

  • sensible

    OK, vote them and cry for another 5 years. If our people have same thoughts like you, then change can never come, robbers will keep robbing, fuedals will keep their hold and I tell you what that won’t last long.Recommend

  • Kassim

    Funny, its because of people like you we are still where we are. Also if you don’t give someone a chance then how will they have experience. Please keep your advice to yourself and vote for PML N or PPP. My vote is for PTI only…

    Ohh and one more thing how many leaders has PPP or PML N produced? Please list to increase my knowledge (none as far as I know).

    PTI gained popularity after Oct 2011 and they have a full new leadership which inshallah will be the the new faces of PakistanRecommend

  • Good article

    But your logic is wasted as you can see by these ignorant comments, I’m certain the entire point of this article is lost on most but I will reiterate: in most countries (developed or not?) there are two ruling parties, the right and the left, in our case the PML-N and the PPP respectively, Imran Khan a.k.a Taliban Khan a.k.a Bandar Khan’s views that two parties being voted in and out, one after the other, is a bad thing, just goes to show he is an inexperienced and ignorant politician who is only good for running his mouth. Recommend

  • khan

    of course there is no political role for Imran. every one will see his tale calaim in the forthcoming electionRecommend

  • Grammarian

    “The first is the rich and educated minority of Pakistan that makes up the ruling and influential group”
    You are severely overestimating how educated this so-called minority is. The ruling class has people full of fake degrees and failed education, but one thing they do have is old money, contacts and a last name that tends to open up doors in life. Truely edcuated people dont even want to get involved! But now they are, with the PTI youth wing full of smart and educated youngsters who may not have the experience but are not tainted with corruption like the leaders you seem to favour.
    “We have to invest in your leaders wisely”, so go vote for PPP and PML-N? What an oxymoron.
    How ridiculous of a statement. Give a government 5 years to do something, watch them do hardly anything and then vote for them again? Disgusted, and disappointed with this piece.Recommend

  • MH

    First: Democracy functions in a populace in which literacy levels are adequate and where every individual who votes has a concrete sense of who he is voting for. In Pakistan where the masses are illiterate and where votes will be based on feudal loyalties, democracy does not work.

    Second: “PML-N and PPP have produced several leaders of national stature.”
    All I see from PML-N and PPP are idiots who treat Pakistan like it’s their hereditary right.

    Third: Have you really read the Marxist manifesto? I mean stop using Marxism as a catch word to sound oh-so-intellectual. Marxism dictates equal rights, PPP and PML-N are far, far, far from that agenda. These parties safeguard feudal and dynastic rights. They’re even purporting that they will let Nawaz’s daughter become the PM. Next it would be billo baby’s turn (who by the way squeaks like a little girl) I’m no fan of PTI but at least the party is against dynastic politics. Recommend

  • SAL

    Enough of PPPP and PML-N we have seen them in power and how they rule. Vote for a new party and that is PTI or APML. Pakistan First!Recommend

  • ahmad

    i partially agree with u… bt hw u missed mentioning asad umar…?? he is one of the finest pakistanis… r sir g.. mjhe lgta hai ap mein Stallinn ki rooh ai hui hai…:)Recommend

  • Hareem

    @Muhammad Salman: Sir, I personally think that Pakistani society is such a society which closes its eyes when it feels like. The ideology of PPP is clear and wee known to many but what is the ideology on PML-N??? Are the masses even aware of Nawaz Sharif’s background? Yet, he was elected twice as the PM of this country! To add to your knowledge, Pakistan is a failed nation, it ranks on number 9. I hope you wouldn’t be surprised! The writer has raised a very relevant point and a note which has to be understood by the masses.Recommend

  • Waqas

    Man, I was hoping this would be satire – bad satire, but satire nonetheless.
    So the logic is that PTI doesn’t have too many ppl that we should all know, and so we should vote for all the ppl in PPP and PMLN, because when some ppl die, other ppl are there to replace them.
    Great idea.Recommend

  • Rashid

    @ almost all commentators,

    The author has made a good point if you look at how the future holds for Pakistan. Even the argument that Pakistan is going through an all time poor situation – so we need a change – calls for experience and well versed leaders who could take us through the hard water. I’m asking all of you, do you think had there been a PTI governement in place of PPP in the last term, could it have steered the nation with all that opposition from every political party, economic crisis which PPP had got thanks to Mush, detoriated law and order situation, load shedding, pressure from the SC etc. NO WAY. Only because PTI is nothing IK and even he isn’t a tested leader for all weathers. We must belive in luck if we aren’t thanking PPP for giving a direction to the country. More importantly, next few years are very important for us as a country as USA is going to leave Afghanistan and we are again going to IMF – both nest year, our relations with United States and India are not in a good shape, plus detoriated internal situation should subtract PTI from our options. As in an article Tariq Fatemi fittingly said, “These call for a tested and tried leadership, not novices looking for on-the-job training.”

    I must say author has taken a stance in the true interest of Pakistan and what future holds for it. Vote for PP or PML-N, new parties can’t help. Recommend

  • Nein

    To the respected Author. Ask yourself one simple question. If IMRAN KHAN dies, will Shaukat Khanum fall on its feet. If ‘YES’ then your argument is correct. If ‘NOT’ then your argument is biased, prejudiced and naked propaganda. Unfortunately, you have never understood what Imran Khan really wants to do for this beautiful country.

    It would be sad and unfortunate if the people don’t vote him in. Recommend

  • Aiesha Baloch

    for every word you have adored your article with, i find it everything but a glimpse of an illusionary temptation !!
    gone are the days when pakistan’s political throne was occupied (read owned) by those parties who in your words “carried a history” – a history of utter faliures,a history of flimsy democracy, a history of ruining the trust people did put in them , a history of overthrowing their own mandates after coming to power while rendering this nation deprived , desperate & distorted .
    with the growth of justifiable concerns among the masses for establishment of a promising government & even with the surfacing idea of a ‘political upheavel” , i find your idea as a thouroughly misleading trriger ,as PAKISTAN is all-ready to recruit & empl0y a newer &even better political system where “public narratives & national inspirations” would outweigh “feudal & lordotic aspirations ” (which these parties have much to claim of)
    Sir, we have suffered alot in the hands of these old ,repeatedly-tried & so-called experienced parties …..have we not invested enough of our hopes & votes into these parties before??..& have this nation had not wasted much of its time & blood by giving these parties oppurtunity after oppurtunity till today when our political,economic & educational systems lay bankrupted ?? there must be an end to this discourse of repeated mistakes & this rhetoric of an older chapter .. we cannot afford another episode of shattered democracy.
    so why in the world you are convincing us to plunge another time into abyss of lost hopes ??
    let this nation welcome a nascent leadership & let it start fresh !!
    lets help a true democracy weave its way through !! Recommend

  • Garbage In Garbage out

    Who says democracy is failing in Pakistan because of lack of education. I say it is quite the contrary and this article is clear proof of that. I agree both PPP and PMLN have vast experience in to outdoing each other with the worst example of governance, lack of planning, nothing for poor or infrastructure. Repeatedly both of them have been tried and failed miserably. They have not done anything to raise any one’s hopes. Time for Change with a corruption free leader.Recommend

  • Saqib

    @Kashan Ahmed:
    Excuse me brother. you gave 5 years to PPP not PMLN. They were only in Punjab and they did a great job. Millions are happy with them. May be few are not happy as they have Honda Civic or Corollas so they don’t need Metro buses.Recommend

  • bleed green

    you know I have a shrewd feeling the author wrote such a controversial article to get comments. I daresay he got his wish.Recommend

  • Saqib

    Today I downloaded Manifestos of PTI and PML-N. I thoroughly studied both of them and there is no doubt that PML-N is the best party ever. They have concrete solution for the revival of Pakistan’s economy, health, education, power, poverty and relations with India. Excellent Manifesto by PML-N. DONOT VOTE FOR ‘PTI’. It will destroy Pakistan. Imran Khan is a child and he has no concrete plans for Pakistan. He couldn’t even write his Manifesto right. Just 31 pages. Only illiterate and stupid people will vote such a person who couldn’t even take few hours of his life to write what he wants to do for the country. You will know once you read both documents. Please read them first and then decide. Both links are below: (PTI) and (PML-N)Recommend

  • Saqib

    Please read PTI and PMLN manifestos and then decide honestly.

  • Saqib

    All systems are already defined in the constitution. People are bad and they will be because our parents never asked us to become politicians or govt officer. Don’t go outside of Pakistan. Just stay here and work hard for the betterment of the country. Literate class of Pakistan qurbani dy mulk ka liye. Read Manifestos of PTI and PMLN and then decide.Recommend

  • Saqib

    Sultan you are 100% right. People in Pakistan are very emotional. They are so desperate that they want to take a short cut likewise they did with Musharaf, and look what happened. We are declared as terrorist country in the world. Now they are supporting Khan.

  • Saqib

    Please people vote for PMLN this time. You may have given them before and they did everything for us. Nuclear explosions, motorways etc. Both times their tenure were ended within 3 years. What kind of chance is that??? Atleast give them complete 5 years this time. Always remember system changes are not easy to make. What Imran is suggesting will take min 25 – 50 years. And even if we do these changes who he gonna produce new people to run it. PMLN has a good plan to cure power shortage and health issues. So this is your choice now. If you think Pakistan’s problem is system then vote for PTI, then power problem will remain there for next 5 years (be prepared). If you think that we need to resolve our major issues first and then go for structural changes then vote PMLN. Read their manifestos and then decide carefully. We need a party in majority so that it can actually do something.

  • Saqib

    @Muhammad Salman:
    What Mr Khan will do which Musharaf didn’t do it???? We have already given a chance to Musharaf for 8 years and then before going he gave country in the hands of Zardari. IK was the big supporter of Musharaf. Please read manifestos so that you can compare their working to resolve issues. Read it and then decide honestly.Just for change don’t gamble the country. (PTI) and (PML-N)Recommend

  • I want Change

    Short sighted vision..Recommend

  • Hamad

    Tl;dr of Sultan’s article: Do not vote for inexperience good men and let experience govern us.Recommend

  • Mo


    If the author says “WOOHOO PTI ROCKS!” it’ll be unbiased and he’ll actually be honest? – you truly are a PTI supporter. It’s called “Freedom of speech” and if you can’t cope with that, you have my sympathies. Recommend

  • http://Paris John the Baptist

    Yeah, vote for PPP or PMLN Recommend

  • RP

    Interesting article. I won’t like to ridicule you but use some of your arguments to establish my comments.

    Transformations Difficult in 3-party scenario
    It is a slow growth, but there is progression and through voting for these two major parties we can force them to bring out required reforms. On the other hand, if we choose a new party each time, we will not be able to force any transformations through voting. The whole democratic process loses its meaning in this ‘choose the untried’ framework.

    Pakistan has already practiced that notion and quite vividly when they elected both parties twice in late 80s and 90s. Now everyone keeps making the point that those governments were overthrown and hence never get a PROPER and THOROUGH chance to perform to their fullest capabilities. That’s unfortunately incorrect. I was in my teenage and as one is indifferent to such activities going around her/him, so was I.

    constant allegations of corruption on Benazir Bhuhtto for which A Zardari was partly responsible and Ms. Bhutto accepting that in internation media
    N Sharif overthrowing the CJP and not only that but the whole episode of how that was done was extremely painful to watch. Our dear Tariq Aziz bulleying around was so stunning, if not for anyone else but surely for his TV show followers

    Moreover, there is a limit to experimenting the same concept. This is NOT a lab where Edison is trying to come up with a bulb. Here we’re talking about the lives of 180M people. We can NOT afford to rest our future in the hands of these two parties.

    And if it has to be a 2-party democracy, then why not PTI and JI or PTI and (choose any other party which has SOME credibility).

    New Issue, New Party
    People, no doubt, have concerns with PPP and PML-N, however, the solution is not to create a new political party every time a water conduit gets blocked. Pakistan is a highly diverse society with deep ethnic, religious, and sectarian divides, and if a party is created for every issue, it will be extremely difficult to reach a consensus.

    Well, as I write this comment, I’m watching the TV and current CJP is saying that the main focus of an established and civilized country is on JUSTICE. Look at the name of Imran’s party. Do I have to go back and shed light what made him keep this name? After finishing the SKMTH, Imran had launched an education system upheaval campaign and before he even came up with a basic plan, he faced impenetrable resistance from the bureaucracy and political forces. When he never got to the desired position for his education system, he realized one by-product of lack of justice was also ‘wrong person at the right position’. In a way, that’s also an unjust practice. These WRONG people have an insecurity complex and sometimes they’re themselves unaware of it but it is evident from their actions. It was these people who had become a stumbling block for him.

    So its not every other issue leading to yet another party… Its justice which we stand for. Other institutions and systems will automatically start falling in place.

    If I’ve the capacity to understand your notions, you should also try to digest my comments with the ideas and background I’ve presented.


  • Pharell

    What if this was satirical, and wanted us to do exactly the opposite, what if it was his intention all along to actually get us to vote for PTI. If that is the case, well played sir.Recommend

  • koogee

    does anybody get to write a blog for ET? may be all they look for are the words ‘Imran’, ‘PTI’ and ‘wrong choice’ and hit publish. Recommend

  • Karim Qasim

    @Kashan Ahmed:
    UK still has monarchy btw.. queen can end democracy whenever she wishes.. what are you talking about ? when it comes to people electing democratically those families you have trouble understanding .. being born in a political family doesn’t confer right to be the leader i accept but it also doesn’t mean that they have no right to rule.. if there are people who are willing to accept these politicians due to their family background–just that you wouldn’t get to rule ?? Recommend

  • Abdul Haleem

    The only flaw in the article is aligning Pml-n and Ppp together. Great work has been done by the former in Punjab even with federal government’s obstructions. Pti should be realistic and support Pml-n and let Punjab and Pakistan prosper.Recommend

  • ali

    does ET have a criteria for selecting blogs?Recommend

  • Rashid

    Pakistan isn’t Shaukat Khanum. Its a country which needs a strong leader with a team not a begger to survive. This comparision is utter disgust. I laugh whenever IK gives this example to prove his worth that he can lead our country.Recommend

  • Ahsan Karim

    Simply the worst blog on ET I have ever read. Just a reason to fill up some space and make you click on it by including such a bold and stupid title. Propaganda nothing more like just about every other article on ET written with an anti PTI bias.

    Someone should look into the number of articles criticising PTI and maligning its internal affairs and compare this with those criticising other parties who are actually to blame for the mess we are in. I am sure if these statistics were collated it would reveal clearly the level of bias.Recommend

  • Junaid

    Sir jee Plz try to write as unbiased writer!
    At least IK deserves one chance……. Everybody see the results of PML-N and PPP! So try to to give chance to IK! If anyone do not deserves a chance so how can you say that they fail to produce good leaders, they will be fail to deliver results and do not forget experience grows with time and chances!!!!!!!


  • Adeel

    @Dr. Ushnah: By the way what is the defination of youth ? Is javed hashmi , shah mahmood, jahangir tareen, plus all these lotas are they all youth ?Recommend

  • Marani

    “In every democratic country there are two leading parties which take turns in governments”

    It’s extremely rare to find an article that hasn’t managed to put forth even one semi-convincing argument. Recommend

  • Marani

    “In every democratic country there are two leading parties which take turns in governments”

    That is such an easily disproven statement, why would you even try it? And if it were true then why have elections anyways? Doesn’t it make elections pointless. We can simply give each a turn in perpetuity.

    It’s extremely rare to find an article that hasn’t managed to put forth even one semi-convincing argument. You have done well to serve as that novelty. Recommend

  • imran

    All of you who are saying that in a developed country there are only two ruling parties who take turns, you are correct! Don’t forget that those ruling parties have different leaders each time and nepotism is not practiced. The writer talks about PPP completing its 5 year term and I am appalled that he doesnt see the outcome of that term. Gas and electricity loadshedding has ruined the country and the writer clearly fails to see that. Did people get justice in this 5 year term? Was any institute improved to a point where general public could get justice? Whats even more deplorable is that the writer seems an ignorant citizen and doesnt want pakistanis to get a chance to have a better quality of life.
    Vote for PTI because other than Imran Khan there is no other hope. Give him a chance and see how he makes pakistanis proud of their nation. Recommend

  • To the author.

    I feel you bro. Indeed, this one sets an extra ordinary living example of ‘Ignorance is a blissRecommend

  • Sigh.

    I thought people actually think before writing something.
    Nevermind, MY BAD that I read it. xDRecommend

  • Rafay

    Unbelievably stupid article.. Recommend

  • @all comments

    God forbid, if Pakistan falls to such hands. After reading comments, I am sure about voting PML N is the best choice. Recommend

  • Awais Tanveer


    Yes Shaukat Khanam is not the whole Pakistan but it adds to the credentials of Imran Khan of managing something very efficiently with out the help of Govt. or being in the Govt. Do you believe in small steps?

    On the other hand, What significant thing had Nawaz Sharif done before he came into the power? Recommend

  • intelektual

    When you say “People are easily able to recognise their ideology and a clear left and right can be identified in PPP and PML-N. Additionally, both the parties have the experience of being a part of the government.”
    The problem with your argument is that in order to better the situation of Pakistan we need concrete common sense and primary actions not “GRANDIOSE” ideologies !
    And yes these parties have become apt and experianced in looting the state funds and the general public and most certainly their expertise have evolved in keeping their collars white while doing so !Recommend

  • Nayab

    Wait.. Do I really need to explain why this opinion of yours is so dumb? Really?Recommend

  • intelektual

    @ Sultan Mehmood:
    Shocked when you wrote” Mere Rhetoric” as a response to Mr Khan’s argument when all you have written is nothing but !
    “Evolution of PPP & PML-N” and “democracy is the best policy which exhausts at PPP & PML-N” are your arguments y new ppl should not enter Politics??”
    How has PPP evovled is evident by the no, of increasing dead Bhuttos and what “Khadim e AAla did is nothing but a reaction to those new ppl ariving on the scene that you are discouriging !!Recommend

  • Yousaf

    Countries follow a two-party system, yes. But do those parties pass from father to son like a kingdom? NO
    Vote for PTI!Recommend

  • riz

    salaam. i’m absolutely disagree with the man who wrote this article. everyone has his own choice or you can say likeness or dislikeness but it doesn’t mean you tried to mislead the people and young people of the country. i’m 21 years old. i think in last 12 or 13 years of mature life everyday i just saw the bad image of the goverment. because of these political parties and their wrong policies take pakistan from 10 points to -1 point. in foreign countries if someone asked you, from where you are?? from which country??? if we answer i’m pakistani….they said ooooooooh pakistani. no respect, no value nothing. people recognized us by our country. in last 60 years we even couldn’t produce one great leader. but after many years now we have just one hope that is “imran khan”. so we you guys mislead the people of pakistan. be mature. even i should say ” be a man” yaar!!!!! i wanna ask a question if you go for a job after just finished your study i think no one will give you chance as per you said “no experience” it means 100 or 1000 of new graduate never get job because they are inexperienced. tell me one thing how can they get experienced. are they need to born with the experience spoon in mouth that indicate that yeah i have experience i can lead this job or this country…. come on man!!!!!!
    i like your effort to write this article but i dislike your choice of topic. i request to all young people please go and cast your vote for PTI…. let them give a chance. i’m 100% sure they will not disoppoint us…..
    wish you a very good luck
    and request you please think positive and motivate people to do good in life by their own. just need to cast your vote for the right man who you guys think is the best for pakistan to make a “new pakistan”.
    i’m not in pakistan otherwise definately will give my vote for imran khan.”khan jaan sy jay par zuban sy na jay”” so please request you all to vote for imran khan and for pakistan tehreek-e-insaaf. pakistan needs new leader and new leadership for country…
    good luck imran khan
    love pakistanRecommend

  • Arslas Sheikh

    Yeah PPP and PML-N have vast experience of tearing apart the small pieces of clothe which poor Pakistanis are using to hide there bodies. Great experience in snatching the rotten bites of bread which poors are feeding their children. And having experience of setting fire and destroying the small cottages in which people are living. Come on Sultan do you really think that the generation of PPP who doesn’t know the native language can understand the problems of native people? Has PML-N did any good by distributing tons of laptops? Are you serious?????Recommend

  • mariumlodhi

    Oh for Lord SAKE! Isn’t the point of a democracy to empower the people? We are voting for PTI exactly because it does not have political stalwarts but common people just like you and me. I don’t doubt the potential in my people sir, I hope u’d come to realize the sameRecommend

  • Sami!

    It is a good article, but Alas PTI supporter are all blind followers!
    The author says PTI is not good choice for government at the moment. I second the opinion, they have to be in the parliament engage in the process! In Khan’s language, on your first oneday match, it would be absurd to make you the captain! No matter how bad the performance of the team is!Recommend

  • Arslas Sheikh

    What does the author mean by at the moment? will there be any more opportunities to save Pakistan?? I don’t think so!Recommend

  • Shehzore Khan

    Everyone knows that these parties ,when in government does not completes those tasks that they could perform but they don’t because they have their own interests in that.
    their corruption is well known by every one , so we need new people . every experienced one could not be better than new ,who have new plans , its time to take a chance and have some beleif on PTI as a political party because it represents youth.If PTI will emerge as a better party than you will be the one regreting not to vote PTI. we are in condition to beleif someone who has not been believed . because old parties have never fulfill their promise.Recommend