Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah will have you in fits of laughter

Published: April 7, 2013

Each of the characters play their part with a constant sense of amusement that charms the viewers to pry with excessive amounts of laughter. PHOTO: https://www.facebook.com/QuddusiSahabKiBewah

They say good laughter is a form of internal jogging, so when was the last time you laughed out really hard? You know, the uncontrollable, hearty kind of laughter that leaves you appreciating the object that triggered it? Yup, that kind.

I laugh out loud every time I watch ARY Digital’s drama serial Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah. Though many people I know are quite skeptical about the authentic humour it contains, I admire it for the realistic portrayal of events that the socio-economically lower class witness in their everyday lives.

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah is a comedy drama serial which aired for the first time in 2012, on ARY Digital. Just after its first premier, it became an enormous success among those who turn on their televisions for light-hearted dosage of laughter.

There are multiple reasons behind the massive success of this serial:

An inimitable story line:

This drama serial has a unique story line which is entirely different from what we usually see in Pakistani dramas.

It is written as a follow-up series to the popular telefilms by Fasih Bari Khan; he usually manages to write stories really well.

Plot outline:

The drama serial is based on a story of two families that share a house; one family resides on the ground floor, while the other one lives upstairs.

The landlord is Aleemuddin, who lives upstairs with his family. His family comprises his wife Nanhi, a divorced daughter Bhunarya, a son Maqsood and a daughter-in-law Rooh Afza.

Aleemuddin’s senility never gets in the way of his flirting. He loves to hit on the neighbours’ daughter and has even married the youngest one!

The widow of Quddusi Sahab, Shakooran begum lives downstairs as a tenant with her three daughters, Badriqa Jahan, Khajasta Jahan, Shagufta Jahan and a son Wudood Ahmad.

(The very effeminate Wudood Ahmad, son of Shakooran)

Aqeela bhabhi who portrays the character of a gossipy bee jamalo is their neighbour and a good friend of Shakooran.

(The “Amma” (Shakooran Begum), known for her generous use of archaic Urdu proverbs)

Shakooran likes to keep an eye on her daughters because they’re all boy-crazy. She often bribes Aqeela Bhabi to spy on her daughters.

(Shakooran’s shy daughter, Badriqa Jahan, who is a principal at a government school)

Saturated amalgamation of Urdu language:

This is the prime reason for my admiration of this brilliantly scripted serial. It takes you back to the old days when every character in our drama serials was scripted in saqeel  (difficult) Urdu, that represented the simplicity and modesty of Pakistani culture.

This serial was able to move many hearts by conveying our national language in its original form.

Picture-perfect direction:

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah is directed by Mazhar Moin who is famous for his work – examples of Mazhar Moin’s excellent direction include Shakoor Sahab, Saray Ghat Ki Farzana, Bawli Bitiya, Pichhal Periyan, Ronak Jahan Ka Nafsiyati Gharaana and Burns Road Ki Nilofer. I recommend you watch all of these dramas!

One woman show:

Hina Dilpazir’s phenomenal performance takes the cake. Her work in this particular drama serial is worthy of applause. Watching her switch multiple roles is hilarious. The way she plays the role of women of every age and mindset is absolutely amazing! Sometimes viewers forget that it is the same person playing so many characters.

She plays Shakuran Begum, Badraka Jahan, Rooh Afza, Bengali baji, Nazima Khatoon (Aleemuddin’s sister), Nazeer Khan (clumsy/ill-mannered street rat), Tina Gul (Rooh Afza’s mother), Elaichi (a transgender) and Tamizini.

Out of all the roles that she plays, the role of Rooh Afza stands out. She represents the attitude of a woman who feels young at heart and is full of self flattery. Her best-friend is the neighbour’s son Wudood Ahmad, and they often indulge in sessions of fashion and make-up talk.

(The neighbours’ daughter-in-law, Rooh-Afza, a gawdy self-proclaimed “glamour girl”)

Despite her poor English language skills, she is able to speak in English confidently and loves to gossip.

Other actors like Shahnaz Pervaiz (Khajusta Jahan), Hassan Ali (Safaid aadmi), Uroosa Siddique (Shagufta Jahan), Maqsood Bhai (Maqsood), Waqar Hussain (wadood), Ubaida Ansari (Nanhi), Hira Sheikh (Bhunarya), Badar Khalil (Aqeela Bhabi), Mirza Shahi (Aleemuddin Sahab) and Sajal Ali (Farzana) add to the on-screen madness.

Each of the characters play their role to the fullest. The drama has me laughing till my stomach hurts every Sunday. It’s a must watch!


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Rakshinda Mujeeb

Researcher by profession, writer by choice. She also works as a content writer for an NGO. She enjoys the impact her articles have on readers.

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  • http://Brisbane,Australia Riaz Khan

    Yes, the funniest TV serial I have ever seen on PK TV! It’s really very very funny. You would start loving it after couple of episodes, ones you get familiar with character. Shakooran Begum role played by Hina is simply out of this world! Do watch! It comes on Sunday at ARY Digitial at 8.00 PM sharp.Recommend

  • anwar.suhail

    Hina Dilpazir is indeed outstanding. Urdu in this drama is enjoyable but outdated.
    However overall this serial is crude and vulgar.
    My advice……kindly avoid watching it while you are having your meal, it can make you nauseous at times.Recommend

  • anwar.suhail

    Drama is rather crude and at times vulgar. Better avoid it while having your meal as it can make you nauseous.Recommend

  • Suqraat

    @ writer
    I pity your choice.Recommend

  • Socrates

    over the top, caricatured acting…making it look like a gaudy sketch show..one feels it has some quirky charachetrs but being made to act way over the top. The Ama chrachter is perhaps most watchable and intersting as indeed the language she uses. That is the redeeming quality of the production. Recommend

  • Anum

    Watched it a couple of minutes on TV, felt nauseous and changed the channel.
    Portrays the lower socio economic class of Pakistan? Hope its not as bad as that in reality. Recommend

  • Impressed

    Finally !!!!!!!
    I kept wondering why isnt anyone writing about this drama serial. Awesome :)Recommend

  • Mariam

    The drama is good on one side but also a bit chichora on the other side.. hina dilpalzir is no doubt is one of the best actor..Recommend

  • anwar.suhail

    Awesome acting, well written BUT crude, with foul language, some nauseous characters.
    Some of the dialogues are pretty shocking and crude, lot of stuff is objectionable
    People and artists are talking against Turkish dramas saying how they are ruining our values. Wonder why aren’t they saying a word against QSKB.Recommend

  • anwar.suhail

    [email protected] Khan:
    At 8pm, I watch Fatima Gul and. I absolutely love it.Recommend

  • anwar.suhail

    I pity your choiceRecommend

  • Aaliya Javed

    With all due respect to the writer. I haven’t seen the drama as such, and i refused to watch it. As whatever few scenes I have caught, like most of our dramas it is extremely offensive with the addition of being crude, vulgar and idiotic. Hina Dilpazir is no doubt very talented. Her acting skills may be great but that doesn’t make the jokes funny. I actually question the sponsors who are sponsoring the show. Recommend

  • Rana Amjad

    Simply loved the drama! Watch the drama to have a good laugh & enjoy yourself. It lighten you & feel good. Unlike other dramas with daughter in law & mother in law fighting & husband shouting & screaming & at times slapping his wife. I love this program.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Comments suggest that Burgers don’t like this kind of dramas!!Recommend

  • ayesha.a

    awesome drama. article well written, haters are more than welcome to change the channel !Recommend

  • GhostRider

    You cant watch it with children…it get very vulgar at times


  • Melody

    i too love this show for its simplicity. Yes it may make you nauseous, so does the real environment of lower class citizens would. Recommend

  • Sane

    This drama is over-exaggerated and full of filthy dialogues. A must NOT SEE.Recommend

  • Sher khan

    fits of laughter? more like fits of nausea… :/Recommend

  • Manly

    Truly one of the most-pathethic-dramas onscreen…feels nauseaticRecommend

  • anwar.suhail

    I’m pleased to know that I am not the only one who finds it filthy and sickly. Shame that Hina Dilpazir is wasting her talents on such crude drama.Recommend

  • anwar.suhail


    Indeed we change the channel and watch on to Fatima Gul instead. Recommend

  • Mustafa

    wow. thanks for writing hahaha funny dramaRecommend

  • dark l

    I prefer to watch fatmagul at this time. I sometimes check QSKB in the advertisement break of urdu1, and for that little time its intolerable as well. Foul and vulgar language at its peak. This drama is very harmful for development and promotion of Urdu language because they are making it cheaper and of a much lower class. Dramas should focus on promoting urdu and using it correctly. Seriously! Some of the children I know have even started talking like the Quddoosi’s bewa who ends tenses and verbs wrongly like “Kariyo…Na kiyo…Hoenga”

    On the other hand, they are portraying transvestism and gender disorder as funny…which is a serious issue. Many times it is offensive. They’re also treating the illness of AIDS as funny, i’ve often noticed them using it in offensive and trying to make humourous context, whilst this illness is a solemn issue as well.

    You call turkish dramas vulgar? They are nothing infront of QSKB if you know the definition of ‘vulgarity,’ They are always showing women hungry for men, and always the woman’s wrong eye on men. This is not our culture as well!Recommend

  • Sadaf

    It is so determinedly baroque and uncompromising offensive that it makes you forget there might actually be finer things in life . I think it is hilarious but just pointing out the general inconsistencies of everyday people and their small minded obsessions is not enough.At times it seems stuck in a rut, like a a good song which keeps playing over and over again and loses all meaning after a while. It has no message except entertainment and borders on the cruel at times .Recommend

  • Talha rizvi

    @Writer Nice article
    @Haters So you guys would skip a home produced drama to watch a foreign show?Shame on your taste.Now I feel nauseous.Recommend

  • Boo Hoo

    @ sadaf ” It has no message except entertainment and borders on the cruel at times .”
    Khatoon! aap shayad bhool gayeen k drama serials are meant to be for entertainment ONLY

    @ dark1
    oh bhai sahab! writer se zyada to aap ko knowledge hai is drama serial pe. Kindly avoid being so over sensitive about a drama show. If you are so concerned abt ur baccha party watching it then keep a close track of what they watch on TVRecommend

  • Senti

    i agree with talha. it is more of a shame that you are looking down to pakistani dramas just to prefer the turkish ones when you yourself are a pakistani. i doubt you are from PakistanRecommend

  • Hasan Umar

    Extremely cheap,vulgar and below standard drama….Just because of the fact that the writer have used old proverbs from Urdu we should not be fools for praising it..I wonder who can even watch it with his/her family…
    The writer of this play needs some good psychological treatment as he is fond of showing only a special type of woman in his plays…
    Not everybody living in Old city area is that much despo for getting married or is that much vulgar and bold as it is depicted by Fasih Bari Khan in his serials…Recommend

  • anwar.suhail

    @ Hasan Umar,
    Agree with you 100%
    Drama is crude, sickly without one normal or positive character.
    Attire, dialogues, theme, make up, body language……every aspect is vulgar and revolting. And all this under the banner of ‘comedy and fun’ !!!!
    And the same crowd ie our artist Kali about cultural value when someone hurts their wallet.Recommend

  • Adeel

    A vulgar drama. This could be much funnier than what it is with all he bold harkaat and dirty language. It started well but lost the track and now only trying to provide cheap entertainment (i rather doubt if its really an entertainment! )

    I do not understand why people dont feel their social responsibility when working on such projects… They are bringing shame to all the low middle class people and colonies in Karachi. I have seen people and have spent many years in a small colony but it was never like this. All the women shown here are desperate for sex doing dirty tricks which is far from reality. Ladies in such areas have so many other problems and are not as bold and vocal in general.

    Mr writer and director please behave yourself !!Recommend

  • anwar.suhail

    @Talha rizvi:
    So that’s your criterion of patriotism. I believe u have never seen an English or Indian film, nor ever glanced at bbc or cnn. And perhaps u drive a home made car. I envy you.Recommend

  • The one who care

    No DOT ! this is hillarious..Recommend

  • raazaa

    I found this drama to be funny & enjoyable in a whacky way. The humour is certainly not for everyone and I am amazed to read that so many of comments include the word ‘nausea’. Indeed that spells ‘success’ for the drama team as that is certainly the INTENDED impact of this drama. Its not slap-stick comedy or your run-of-the-mill KABACHA type characters. Embrace variety even if you dont necessarily enjoy it.

    I would say, lets just all agree to disagree.


  • NS

    I am sure Tamizni is not played Hina Dilpazeer !Recommend