Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto: Like him or not, the man was extraordinary

Published: April 4, 2013

It’s his image that lives on, after more than three decades of his death.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is unforgettable. From his birth, on January 5, 1928 to April 4, 1979 when he was hanged in Rawalpindi, he was characterised by one word – extraordinary.

Today marks his 34th death anniversary. There is no memorial site at the place of his death, just a huge park for families surrounded by the Army House and court rooms that keep his memory alive.

Bhutto had been politically aware from an early age. His grave interest in politics led him to write a letter to Mohammad Ali Jinnah on April 26, 1945 which read:

“You have inspired us and we are proud of you. Being still in school, I am unable to help the establishment of our sacred land. But the time will come when I will even sacrifice my life for Pakistan.”

Followed by the letter, he helped arrange a protest at his college in Bombay, under instructions of Jinnah himself.

Albeit, he was unable to pass his senior Cambridge exam the first time around, he re-took it and later took admission in University of Southern California (USC).

His passion did not end here; he later volunteered for the Pakistani embassy in United States during his summer holidays.

On his 21st birthday, he received two books from his father; William Sloan’s biography of Napoleon and the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, in a pamphlet form.

He was the first Asian student to be elected to the student council at USC. Bhutto volunteered for the election campaign of Democrat Helen Gahagan for a seat in the US senate.

Upon his return to Karachi, occasionally, he would give lectures one Constitutional Law at the Sindh Muslim Law College.

He disliked the ‘One Unit’ scheme implemented in 1955 and even wrote a paper titled “Pakistan: A federal or Unitary State” to express his misgivings about the scheme.

In September 1957, his name was added to Pakistan’s delegation at the United Nations and in 1959, he headed Pakistan’s delegation to the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. These appointments came due to his close relations with Iskander Mirza, President of Pakistan at that time.

Bhutto also wrote to Mirza at one time that,

 “When the history of our country is written by objective historians, your name will be placed even before that of Mr Jinnah.”

In 1958, he was appointed as Minister of Commerce by President Mirza. Later, he gave the valuable suggestion to General Ayub Khan to appoint himself as “Field Marshal”. Bhutto was given charge of the ministries of information and broadcasting, basic democracies, tourism and minorities.

In the elections for his seat at Larkana after the 1962 constitution, he was elected “unopposed”. Actually a person named Abdul Fatah Memon had filed nomination papers but he withdrew soon.

A similar story occurred in 1977, when Maulana Jan Muhammad Abbasi, the PNA candidate contesting Bhutto’s Larkana seat, was abducted by the police to prevent him from filing his papers against the PPP leader.

His views on politics and morality were summed up by him as,

“I have learnt that if one is to become a successful politician, one has to live by a profitable absence of scruples. We have to do what others do to us, but we must do it before the others have the opportunity.”

He was a man full of contradictions. He was a democrat with despotic tendencies, populist but not afraid of taking a stand, loved his country but not more than himself, socialist while owning huge tracts of lands and much more.

His mistakes are as illustrious as his achievements.

He played a shameful role in “Operation Gibraltar” and later in the secession of East Pakistan. The largest army operation on Pakistan’s soil was started on his command in Balochistan, the nationalisation program broke the back of the private industry and the education sector. Besides this the role of “defining” a Muslim was acquired by the state during his tenure, the formation of the Federal Security Force, refusal to release the report of Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report and sowing the seeds for “strategic depth” in Afghanistan are some of the highlights of his follies.

He was, and perhaps still is, the only person capable enough of pulling such stunts and still being adored by a large part of the population.

Upon the news of his death, many people immolated themselves in protest. This kind of fervour and adoration is not reserved for ordinary mortals. He gave the down trodden people of this country a reason to hope for a better future, a sense of dignity and purpose.

It’s his image that lives on, after more than three decades of his death. The outgoing federal government, despite their best efforts, was not able to erase that image from people’s minds.

The cult of Bhutto lives on, and today’s PPP is surviving solely on this.

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Abdul Majeed

A final year medical student with interests in history, political economy and literature. He blogs at abdulmajeedabid.blogspot.com/ and tweets as @abdulmajeedabid

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Yoghurt lover

    Very well done analysis.

    Every word you mentioned is true.

    Bhutto was extra-ordinary. He was extra-ordinarily bad for Pakistan, yet extra-ordinarily loved by pakistanis.

    Like today’s Imran Khan. If Imran Khan is elected, he will do as much or more damage to Pakistan as Bhutto did.Recommend

  • Sane

    Bhutto shall always be remembered as self centric person who played a catalytic role to break Pakistan in two merely to become Prime Minister of half left Pakistan. According to him NAYA PAKISTAN.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Yoghurt lover: You do realise that this overwhelming love you have for Imran Khan will only make him more popular here.Recommend

  • Ali tanoli

    He extra ordinary man of words he gave pakistan nuc power he solved 90 thousand army men humiliation by the indians he gave voices to ordinary man and freedom from busnisses
    tycons who nothing but treating the public like there slaves and pakistan peoples did not even have one time food he allowed to make passports more easy way so u gettting 15 billions $ from over seas pakistanis and he made democratic constitution of 1973 he was a great dmocratic man who solved the biggest problem of pakistan the qadianis forever by the court hearing. dont forget guys he tries very hard to solve kashmir conflict but india got gandhi saying too jinnah shah rug, atoot ang….Recommend

  • Yoghurt lover

    “He was, and perhaps still is, the only person capable enough of pulling such stunts and still being adored by a large part of the population.”

    On this point I disagree with you.

    You have Pervez Musharraf who has pulled bigger stunts and still adored by a very large part of the population of Pakistan.

    He is even called by your people as ‘brave’. In any culture, brave usually goes with honest. Because only honest deeds requires courage. Dishonorable deeds require evil mentality. So, I don’t understand how was Musharraf brave.

    Of three people who have caused extensive damage to Pakistan Pervez Musharraf must be No. 2, after Zia Ul Haq. Bhutto comes at No.3.

    Mind you, I excluded Mr. Jinnah. Because the biggest damage to Pakistan was its creation in 1947.Recommend

  • Historian 1

    The phrase suits Bhutto the best ” absolute power makes one absolute corrupt”. Pakistan was progressing leaps before Bhutto made it a playground for his politics. Amendments in the constitution in favor of right wing, nationalization, not accepting Mujib ur Rehmans success and above all deceiving poor in the name of roti kapra aur makaan are a few of his major follies.Recommend

  • Bhatti

    @Yoghurt lover:
    “extra-ordinarily bad for Pakistan” is quite an understatement.

    He was the worst thing to happen to Pakistan, as most of Pakistan’s problems are directly or indirectly linked to him… 1971 fiasco, persecution of Ahmedis, nationalisation, Zia, Zardari, etc. This list goes on.

    @Author: What next, a similar article in praise of Hitler? Please go ahead, I’m sure people will really appreciate that.Recommend

  • Sry

    Totally agree with “Yoghurt lover”

    He had an impressive personality and interesting life, but he didn’t do anything positive for Pakistan.
    He politicized the bureacracy, made religious exhibitionism fashionable in politics, tried to flatten out the poltical landscape by targeting political opponents, and, perhaps worst of all, democnized the capitalist/manufacturer classes by constantly evoking socialistic ideals, which has led to a profound hostility in our society towards anyone calling for privatization, industrialization to increase efficiency and productive capacity respectively.

    In the end, we have neither capitalism nor socialism (which was always a mirage); and are stuck with the archaic and parasitic class that Bhutto himself belonged to: Wadera-landloards, who still exercise great deal of control over political affairs of the country.Recommend

  • Khan

    It is sad to see that some people nowadays in the current generation have the audacity to criticise a great leader such as Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who gave this country its first constitution (1973), gave Pakistan a Nuclear programme as I remember him saying “We will eat grass, even go hungry, but we will build the atomic bomb”, got thousands of soldiers back through the Simla agreement after General Niazi embarrassingly surrendered, got all the muslim leaders united and managed to arrange the second Islamic conference in Pakistan and teared papers in the UN Security Council. Let me ask the people who are criticising, what are your accomplishments or achievements for Pakistan or what have you contributed to this nation? The fact remains Bhutto will always be loved and remembered by majority of Pakistanis who remember his contribution and sacrifice for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Khan

    How was Bhutto responsible for the secession? It is well documented that the dictators and establishment were directly responsible for the East Pakistan/Bangladesh saga due to the ethnic bias, discrimination and economic exploitation. When Bhutto took power, things were already much out of control due to the genocide of Bengalis perpetrated by Yahya Khan, especially in his ‘Operation Searchlight’ against the Sheikh Mujib led Awami League!Recommend

  • Muhammad

    I rank Zulifqar Bhutto as most destructive of all for Pakistan, ahead of Zia and Benazir, some of his major “achivements” were:

    1- Gross failure, and allegedly, conspring against Ayub and pushing Pakistan into war against India assuring, as Foriegn Minister, that the world is with Pakistan, where as it was only to isolate Ayub from world.

    2- Shameful role in 1971, Udhar Tum, Idhar Hum, “Dhaka janey walon ki tangien tod dein gey” (we will break legs of those who go to Dhaka).

    3- Pushing Nation officialy into religious bigotory and fundamentalism in 1974 by interfering in Faith matters between a human and its Lord, Allah, by declaring Ahmadies as non-Muslims, the supposedly purged Muslim ummah never recovered from this worst of its kind decision and set on a roller coster ride to fundamentallism and talibanisation.

    4- Destruction of Industrial infrastructure just to gain short term popularity through “Karkhaney awam ki milkiyat hein” (factories are owned by people). “People” soon locked the gates of industries and suffered extreme hunger.

    5- Diverting Pakistan’s Atom for Peace program towards “Atomic Bomb”, another short term gimmic to gain popularity amongts Hawks. “Hum Ghaas Kha lein gey laikin atom bomb zaroor banaein gey” (we will eat grass but make atom bomb), today we have atom bomb and eating grass.

    Jeay Bhutto…..Recommend

  • Historian 1

    @ Khan: It was not just Bhutto who was initiator of Pakistan Nuclear program

    Mujib ur Rehman had clear majority in 1970 election but bhutto did not accept this democratic decision and refused to attend the session in Dhaka and announced “Udhar tum Idhar ham”Recommend

  • Yoghurt lover


    “How was Bhutto responsible for the secession? It is well documented that the dictators and establishment were directly responsible for the East Pakistan/Bangladesh saga due to the ethnic bias, discrimination and economic exploitation.”

    Looks like you know little about your history.Recommend

  • Historian 1

    @ Khan: Can you enlighten what he achieved out of islamic conference? He tried to stand against the super powers of the time and lost miserably.Recommend

  • Ali tanoli

    Its a bhutto sahib that ppp still getting votes ……Recommend

  • Waqas

    Reads like a summary of a Wikipedia page. I’ll take it. Recommend

  • http://na deep

    You must then accept that Modi is an extraordinary man – look what he has done for gujarat – so what if some minorities were killed – after all bhutto excommunicated a whole group of people. Recommend

  • Naya Pakistan

    @Khan: read your history, Bhutto was responsible for the division of the country. Even today we are suffering from the effects of his rule. Recommend

  • Naya Pakistan

    What is documented is that he was primarily responsible. No point in a history lesson, suggest you read up on the extensive coverage of the event. Recommend

  • Sajida

    Bhutto’s worst blunder was nationalizing industry. After that came the rise of the Asian Tigers OOPS!!! Of course as China’s TVEs reveal government owned industries can be very productive;but it all comes down to incentives. Incentives were not there in Pakistan to make this exercise productive. Recommend

  • Pessimist

    I’m sure all the Ahmadis in Pakistan (the ones that are still alive) believe Bhutto to be an extraordinary man as well. Recommend

  • s.khan

    No doubt he was extraordinary. On balance his accomplishments outweigh his failures.
    Besides the nuclear programme which has given the country security from
    external aggression, he got Pakistan closer to China. Relations with China have
    helped Pakistan a lot both in military and diplomatic spheres but could be more beneficial
    in trade and commerce if the business community can take advantage of opportunities in this most dynamic and fastest growing super power.
    Some of the catastrophic events such as break up of Pakistan in 1971 can’t be solely blamed on Mr. Bhutto. The seeds of alienation in East Pakistan were sown in 1960’s with
    their treatment as a colony by W. Pakistan establishment. The breakup was inevitable.
    Also Gen. Yahaya was running Pakistan . he military atrocities inflicted on Bengalis should be attributed to Gen.Niyazi. The declaration of Ahamdies as “non muslims” was not his initiative. He merely responded to the demand of bigotory. He didn’t start the religious fanaticism
    It was there to be exploited. It is clear how this fanaticism has grown after Mr. Bhutto.
    Everyone, politicians and the people, have to accept the responsibility. It is this religious
    fanaticism that has inflicted more damage on Pakistan in social cohesion and economic growth than the mistakes of Mr. Bhutto. It is not too late for honest introspection
    and point the fingers in the right direction and not where it is convenient. Don’t forget his
    observation that a politicians succeed by not adhering to the scruples. All the politicians
    everywhere do it. He was not the exception. He was the most charismatic and dynamic
    leader Asia has produced after the world war 11.Recommend

  • Nauman

    @yohgurt lover
    With Modi being readied for leadership in Hindustan…….let’s talk about that…..what a grand disaster that will be. Recommend

  • Shahid Hussain

    There is no doubt that Bhutto was a great leader and a charismatic personality…I doubt Pakistan will see a leader of his calibre in a long time!Recommend

  • Naya Jiyala

    Saying Bhutto had nothing to do with the breaking of Pakistan is like Hitler had nothing to do with the holocaust against the Jews. ‘Idhar hum udhar tum’, ‘will break the legs of any parliamentarians who go and attend the first national assembly meeting in Dacca, advising Yahya to go ahead with the military operation in March 1971. He purposely held the Hamodur Rehman Commission report so that he is not exposed. He also made sure that Yahya is not tried in a court of law so that Hamodur Rehman Commission report does not see the light of the day. Bhutto wanted a land where he could be a PM and not an opposition leader. I will suggest you to read the newspapers from late 1970 to early 1972 (only the headlines) and see if I am right.Recommend

  • f

    Blind ambition self serving to the end causing incalculable harm to the country. He hard wired the destructive forces at play in Pakistan today. Understand the consequences of his follies before any hero worship:
    – 1965 war: he brow beat Ayub Khan into war which he lost.
    – Kashmir: at Tashkent, what was in the UN was negotiated into a bilateral issue. another loss.
    – 1971: he refused to give power to the rightful winner. Not satisfied, he openly supported the atrocities inflicted on fellow citizens by the Army. Another military defeat and loss of East permanently.
    – Shimla: it remained a bilateral issue.
    – 1974 Constitution: he legislated bigotry into the constitution and gave the mullahs wings.
    – COAS: He appointed a sheep who turned into a wolf and devoured his master.


  • Irtiza

    Agreed, that no one can be perfect and to err is human but the mistake committed by the author is criminal. He has blamed Bhutto Sb for so many things including the creation of Bangladesh but did not utter a word about his major acheivements, which I need not repeat hereRecommend

  • Canzeon

    He was a giant. His virtues were great and sins classic – as compared to most of his fellow politicians who were pigmies; their virtues shallow and sins petty. Hats off to the most impressive of the icons of the indigenous history. Recommend

  • Yoghurt lover


    “With Modi being readied for leadership in Hindustan…….let’s talk about that…..what a grand disaster that will be.”

    Why do you think that will be a disaster?

    Modi will be good for India for three reasons :

    1) He is very tough on corruption. He himself is believed to be clean and has cleaned Gujarat Bureaucracy.

    2) He doesn’t have grand vision, but he will work honestly for the betterment, like he did in Gujarat.

    3) He will be tough of Islamic terrorism that emanates both within and without India.

    However, he will be bad because :

    1) His arrogance knows no bounds. This could lead to a semi-autocratic government. But India is India. You cannot step on 1.2 billion people and also I hope better sense prevails and he listens to his subordinates. Also, since a coalition government is the order of the future, such autocracy has no place.

    2) India’s image in the world might suffer a bit because of the bad media and propaganda. But that will make a U-turn like the image of Gujarat did.

    So, tell me why if Modi’s elected it will be a disaster?Recommend

  • Yoghurt lover


    Very well said.Recommend

  • Overseas Officer

    All those who try to criticize Z.A. Bhutto for secession of Pakistan, can I suggest to expand their shallow vision by reading books of Tariq Ali (living in UK) “The Leopard & the Fox” —– “Pakistan, Military Rule or Peoples Power” and by Dawn Newspaper Reporter Mascarenhas called “The Rape of Bangladesh”. For fear of being killed by the establishment, he asked the publishers not to publish his book, until he & his family was safe in UK. Read the truth about events which forced Sheikh Mujib to ask for separate nation.
    Regarding Z.A. Bhutto’s vision, I think he was born in the nation of pygmies, dwarfs and selfish people. His vision was miles ahead of the opportunist politicians of his days. The realities like involvement of Zia to bring in Kalashnikov, heroine & poppy culture as well as extremists from all over the world in Pakistan, the part played by Mirza Aslam Beg and Musharaf by killing their own people in thousands, these are the bad chapters in Pakistan’s history.
    The present day facts of opportunism of politicians to misguide people of Pakistan, by giving fake educational degrees (unfortunately most of these fake degrees are related to Punjab University), the transfer of billions of dollars of Pakistani money to overseas countries, instead of investing in Pakistan, borrowing of billions of dollars from banks to open fake industries — and the list goes on.
    Everyone seems to have joined in the race of fattening their bank balances with out any remorse and responsibility — where this would lead – have you pondered as a nation ?Recommend

  • Max

    may I direct you to Mao Zedong, Nehru, Ayub Khan and Mahatir Mohammad, all of which left their countries in a better state than it was when the started office. History is the best judge.


  • Engr

    Bhutto was great leader I must say who sacrifice his life for Pakistan and didn’t’ leave this country for the facts which forces him to leave this country, and besides Bhutto, who says musharaf did good for Pakistan. I don’t think so…. because of the fact that he privatized KESC organization + national refinery limited and the attack on lal masjid, how many innocent people died on that incident, yes I agree to some people he did good for education system but every politician did good and bad for this country, I don’t know why people are criticizing BHUTTO?? Why they are forgetting shoukat Aziz, Arbab Ghulam Rahim who went foreign country and didn’t look back to his country ….. …. BHUTTO was a man who laid an example of GREAT LEADER …. Recommend

  • Bhatti

    @Overseas Officer:
    One can only assume that you are posted overseas due to your political affiliations and only then does your feeble and futile attempt to defend Bhuttos’ honor makes some sense.Recommend

  • Sane


    Bhutto was great leader I must say who sacrifice his life for Pakistan

    My dear he was convicted in a murder case, so he was sentenced death penalty.Recommend

  • Kanwal

    Yes he did all that and we are promptly eating grass since then. We often kill an ocassional ah.adi or two when in good mood. keep increasing the perks of an incompetent army and of course have to bear the Bhutto brats and in laws. Dont even getme started on the things he did in east pakistan ( idhar hum udhar tum). I wish you could somehow understand why the current generation has this audacity. We beleive in performance and not in slogans. While you may choose to live in your fool’s paradise, we are not. So thanks for the sermon but no thanks. Recommend

  • Overseas Officer

    @ Bhatti:

    You would be sorry to hear that I do not have any political affiliations. Because of the conditions prevailing in Pakistan, I had to leave and go overseas because I do not believe in SUFARISH, CHACHAGIRI and other prevalent norms. I believe in my education, my knowledge and my efforts. Recommend

  • observer


    You do realise that this overwhelming love you have for Imran Khan will only make him more popular here.

    If you recollect, he believes that Imran will damage Pakistan greatly, therefore, may be he wants Imran to become more popular.Recommend

  • ab

    I know everything in Pakistan started to sharply decline when Zulfiqar Ali bhutto took over the office as the first democratic leader in many years and is still is.the Pakistani bureaucrats serving in new york used to think of spending their retirement in Karachi in the 60s which was rising very rapidly but due to the trend set and the policies in the early 70s it seems like a big lie today. Recommend

  • sabzaly

    Mr abdul,
    its just awsome i will say. yes! he(Mr.zulfiqar ali bhuto) was a great man. he is the only person who worked alot for pakistan and till now no other person we can compare with him the great man. people’s part was ended when mohterma benezir got shahadat. then after till its (in my openion) the party is not people’s party party but only zardari and group’s party.
    i have great respect for zulfiqar ali bhuto and benezir bhuto. the are the real hero’s of not only pakistan but of the world. . Recommend

  • Naim

    @Historian 1:
    yes man,atleast he tried…didn’t lose miserably though…died like a warrior at the hands of the America and her touts.Recommend

  • Rumormonger

    @Ali tanoli:
    Its only Bhutto sahib that people are getting votes. He destroyed education and industrial base of Pakistan, keeping the people uneducated and poor. Previously only the poor voted for PPP. Now the uneducated and poor both do!Recommend

  • Peace

    Just R.I.P. BhuttoRecommend

  • Sabziwala

    All Pakistani politicians are extraordinary. Recommend

  • http://abdulmajeedabid.blogspot.com Abdul

    Kindly search wikipedia before making such remarks. I didn’t use Wikipedia for research.

    I know I have not mentioned every single achievement of Mr.Bhutto, but just because those achievements have been fed ad nauseum to us by the last PPP government. Recommend

  • anwar kamal

    He was a great conspirator (Ref:Memoriesof Lt.Gen.Gul Hassan khan)Recommend

  • talal

    tell me one leader, name just one leader today who you can say can be bhuttos equal??, can u name anyone no one…..do you think any of our present day leaders can do what he did in the security council of United Nations…have u ever seen that?i guess u dont have….he was a leader who had heart for Pakistan, and not one leader today can be ever like him…we lost a great leader, it was a black day in the history of Pakistan, all matters today might have been different , if he was present today…even the west accepted the fact of his leadership and they were afraid of that, and that resulted in his death by the every pro american army of ours…Recommend

  • http://dhaka romeo

    @Ali tanoli:
    Mr. Bhutto may be an extra ordinary man but one should not forget that he was a power hungry man, hungry to remain in power at the expense of losing half the country. His utter and cruel policies led to disaster in 1971 and put the image of Pakistan Army to shame and humiliation in the world map. A strong 90 thousand force surrendered to Indians was an embarrasment for the whole nation and for the whole of Muslim Ummah. A Muslim soldier will prefer to die rather to surrender to non Muslim forces.

    We have to live with this embarrasment for the rest of our life and so long Pakistan army lives. The 1971 disaster could have been averted had Mr. Bhutto played a more mature game and let Mujib form the Government. But he had other ideas and broke Pakistan into two to meet his own selfish ends. The surrender in Dhaka to Indian Army still hurts and it will continue to hurt until we are all dead and gone. The more pathetic was to sell Kashmiri peoples right of freedom to India in exchange of 90 thousand surrendered forces. All the bad deeds of Mr. Bhutto out weighs all his good deeds by a huge huge margin. Recommend

  • Atif

    It seems quite funny that all the traditional upper middle-class and upper class people e.g. relatives of industrialists, wealthy bureaucrats and army generals are typically always the ones who criticise Bhutto, and blame him for Nationalisation and East Pakistan while the rest of the society respects a leader like him because he gave a voice to the ordinary person, the students, peasants and other oppressed individuals of the society who normally faced exploitation by the ruling elite or upper class people of the society.Recommend

  • Ammar

    the heading of the article is misleadingRecommend

  • Pakistani

    @Yoghurt lover: I agree with your comments about Bhutto. I disagree when you compare Khan
    with him for the simple reason that unlike Bhutto, Khan is selfless, sincere and scrupulous. I am also willing to bet with you that, if elected, he would prove to be the best thing that ever happened to Pakistan. Recommend

  • Humanity


    ZAB turned his legistative body into demigoues with the power to judge the faith of others. Pakistan is reaping the fruit of that acheivement, which had never been done since the creation of the univrese. ZAB and his progeny paid for the acheivement. Recommend

  • anwar kamal

    He was a conspirator (Ref:Memories os Lt.Gen.Gul Hassan khan).Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/16771/zulfiqar-ali-bhutto-like-him-or-not-the-man-was-extraordinary/ Khayambeg

    bhutto was split up into two ideologies.. he was confused or stuck that i dont know.. he was feudal lord and still voice for socialism ..His famous, Roti , Kapda aur makaan means a healthy , prosperous to pakistan , contrary to it.. his words,, We will make bomb even we hae to eat grass .. however he provided the nation a hope, Recommend

  • malik akhtar


    u are very wright;whom are talking against great bhutto,they are blind and belongs to opportunistic group.i can only mourn on their thinking.Recommend

  • Ayesha

    @Sane: Please stop spreading false propaganda, if you know anything about your history, then you would also know that the Bhutto judicial murder was politically motivated, controversial, no conclusive evidence was found and Bhutto was framed or victimised by the handpicked judges of a Military dictator who happened to be the worst ever thing that happened to Pakistan. This dictator not only influenced the court decision is a wrong way despite no evidence was found, but his judges rejected any appeals or review request. Some retired generals and one of the judge who voted in favour of the execution has even admitted that it was a grave mistake and it was all done under pressure. I’m seriously astonished at some comments which are being posted without any research..Ignorance is bliss.Recommend

  • Ahmad_SE

    I appreciate you for writing an “Eye opening Article”..I gone through the whole article, it is totally based on reality for I have searched the regarding incidents, events and false “self praising” theories..Our Govt, Army should keep the real issues in mind instead of messing with the neighbors..This is enough to learn from history..Stay calm and focus on the basic issues..!!!Recommend

  • Engr

    @Ayesha and Malik akhtar I TOTALLY AGREE WITH u ppl, and I have post a comment 2 days ago , but they didn’t mention in this thread .. :(Recommend

  • Sane


    So if Bhutto’s hanging was a Judicial Murder then all death sentences by courts could be termed as Judicial Murder. If courts give non favoring judgments then this is Kangaroo Court. If decision is in favor then it is because they empowered courts. Hip hip hurray……. Recommend

  • http://www.usamarehman.blogspot,com Mohammad Usama

    the writer has indeed made a remarkable narration of the great leader Bhutto was!!!
    it gives me goosebumps when i hear his speeches today……he deserves utmost praise from this nation….
    however it’s quite saddening that this soil could not produce such a man……….again!!
    Imran Khan?……let’s see, on MAY 11…..then will decide )Recommend

  • Taimoor

    what about that extraordinary man who has over 80% of feudal lords in his first election. what bout that extraordinary man who refused to handover the power to a person (Sheikh Mujeeb) who received more vote than him. Yes he was charismatic but unfortunately his actions led to “beheading” of Pakistan. He was a leader of a great caliber but facts would remain factsRecommend

  • Dr.kashif

    The political history is witness to the fact that none has done for Pakistan more than Bhutto. It was Z A Bhutto who introduced this nation with democracy and a people’s Constitution. It was Bhutto who made Pakistan the first Islamic Atomic power and who led the country in the race of industrial revolution teaching the poor oppressed people of Pakistan to stand firmly and bravely for their rights.

    Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a charismatic leader not only for the people of Pakistan but was a beacon of hope for the Third World as well. He brought an end to the age-old taboos of status quo by empowering poor workers and labourers. He revolutionized the country that was considered as most vulnerable to any disaster. Those who take credit of making Pakistan invincible should not forget that it was Z A Bhutto Shaheed who brushed aside all kinds of threats from the developed world and founded the atomic program.
    Bhutto has persistently fought against dictatorship. Z.A bhutto moved with its objective of “Islam is our religion, Democracy is our policy, Socialism is our economy, all power to the people and Martyrdom is our destination”. Recommend

  • Dr.kashif

    Today, once again we need someone just like Bhutto and definitely not like ZiaRecommend

  • Ali

    Mr.Bhutto was brave leader of PakistanRecommend

  • Sairah Kazim

    There were many administrative problems that took place during the times that Mr Bhutto ruled Pakistan . His death sentence was an actuation of his faith and his failure to establish an administration that could control a movement that was Islamic . The hysteria was immense . His hanging was paralyzing for the country . But a lot was actuated due to his passion for the Muslim bomb , his faith and the mere fact that he could not join India and Pakistan according to the Simla Agreement.Recommend