Pervez Musharraf deserves a second chance, our economy needs him!

Published: March 30, 2013

He took major steps to empower the Pakistani women in our Local and National Assemblies. PHOTO: REUTERS

Over the last five years, one question that has remained of integral significance amongst political contentions has been; was former military chief Pervez Musharraf better than this current ‘battered but not shattered’ democracy?

You can easily find a group of people who believe that his ‘martially-democratic’ epoch from 1999 to 2008 was better than the current democracy we have.

There is no doubt about it; his policies were a huge turn on for economic developments and they deserve extolment. But on the way, Mr Commando made some huge mistakes which instigated a drastic series of social and political turmoil.

Even if I try to use sasti (insubstantial) Pakistani political arguments, I cannot refute the fact that during the Commando’s era, economic conditions were much, much better. The economy, in general, was doing great; there were more jobs and businesses were recording higher profits.

“I remember the Musharraf period was great in terms of business and political peace; we were hiring extensively as compared to now. Actually, not only us, the software industry, were hiring, but job-seeking graduates were more comfortable at that time about getting jobs as compared to now. That’s my observation”, Salim Ghauri, chairman and CEO at NetSol Technologies told me in a brief conversation.

According to the reports by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Pakistan was the third fastest growing economy after China and India during that era.

In 2002, the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) was declared the “Best Performing Stock Market of the World for the year 2002”.

Our industrial sector registered 26.5% growth on average. Manufacturing and construction sectors recorded a 30 year and 17 year high, respectively. The highest increase in tax collection of around Rs1trillion was injected in government revenues.

Amazingly, Pakistan railway was making profits. Other indicators include a drastic decrease in poverty. CNG fuel, information technology and especially the telecommunication sectors registered massive growths, and the dollar was just at Rs60.

Musharraf even played a significant role in transforming the infrastructure of this country. Four dams (Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram and Tangi) were constructed during his period.

He initiated the plans to work on seven motorways in different areas of Pakistan; some were completed during his period and others remained under construction. Advanced Gawadar port, Kachi Canal Project, Lyari Expressway and a 650km long coastal highway are also among the many achievements of Musharraf’s period.

Pervez Musharraf can also be hailed as the liberator of the media; being a dictator, he was the only one who seemed confident enough of himself and his countrymen to have given Pakistani’s the freedom of speech as well. He took major steps to empower the Pakistani women in our local and national assemblies and his aggressive education policy contributed to major positive riffles in Pakistan’s education system; our literacy rate improved by 11% during his period.

Nine well equipped engineering universities and 18 public universities, all over Pakistan irrespective of ethnic orientations, were made during his time. Several technical colleges and institutions also spurted during his reign.

Pakistan’s launched its first satellite, Paksat-1, in his time – Musharraf made it happen. His remarkable words cannot be forgotten:

“Pakistan’s space programme is now ahead of India after the formal launching of Paksat-1 and this is due to the hard work of our scientists, and I am sure Indians would take another 30 months to do the job.”

It was during his time that after years, the issue of Jammu and Kashmir was on the front table for talks.

In spite of all these accomplishments that he brought to our economy, unfortunately he simultaneously took some bad decisions, too, that wiped out all the credit that we owe him. Some people still blame him for the current political and social turmoil.

Is it more likely that though Pervez Musharraf did well for the economy in his tenure he simultaneously created some negative externalities too?

A group of analysts even believe that his policies were short-termed and they mystify the general public of the long term impact of his wrong doings.

Issues of Aafia Siddiqui, Akbar Bugti and the National Reconciliation Order (NRO), opening of borders for American troops, the Lal Masjid operation and the lawyers’ movements are some of the weak points of Pervez Musharraf’s tenure.

Can I say that he planted a ‘time bomb of social and political upheaval’ and that bomb exploded right after his tenure?

Finally after a self-imposed exile of four and a half years, Pervez Musharraf is back with great vigour in spite of the death threats from the Taliban and even the threat of a possible arrest. Carrying the new slogan “Save Pakistan” but the same old clichéd agenda “Sub say pehlay Pakistan” (Pakistan first), he made it clear to his supporters at the airport that he had been a soldier and had taken oath to defend the country at any price.

He even criticised the people who suspected that he will never return home. He further said that it pained him to see the lawlessness, poverty, and unrest in the country. In his address, he especially mentioned that Karachi is a city for all – for Sindhis, Pathans, Balochis, Bengalis, Punjabis and Muhajirs – and the people of Karachi should now stop fighting over petty issues.

His supporters from all over Pakistan managed to reach the airport to welcome him, but their enthusiasm was dimmer than the verve of their leader, Pervez Musharraf. There were, it appeared, more police personnel than his supporters at the airport.

Recently, Musharraf denied almost all the allegations against him; he said that he is proud of the Kargil operation and denied handing Dr Aafia Siddiqui to the United States, calling whoever did so a traitor.

Musharraf has even successfully obtained bail from court to avoid arrest. On Friday, the court approved his application to extend his interim bail for up to 21 days on Friday. Upon his arrival at the Sindh High Court, Musharraf was welcomed by a multitude of protesting lawyers chanting slogans against him. One even tried to throw a shoe at him. Whether such misdemeanour suits these ‘sophisticated’ lawyers is another issue for consideration.

Currently our judicial system is much stronger under the tutelage of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry than before.

I believe competing in the elections on the basis of fair grounds and equal chances would not be a problem for Pervez Musharraf; however, victory surely seems like an issue for him and his party, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).

If given one more chance, will Musharraf be able to do great once more for our economy as a democratic leader, or was he just good enough in his Commando jacket?

Will Musharraf be in a position to pursue his economic plans with the same ease and consensus in a democratic government as he was able to do in his previous tenure?

Is our democratic system just too corrupt or “cursed” to boost economic growth, or does democracy have too many constraints in the case of Pakistan to do something substantial for our economy?

In my opinion, Musharraf had an admirable economic road map to transform our economy and resolve the particular issues of poverty and education. I think that he still possess some of that charm.

I must admit, though, it is tough to put faith in him once again. But Pervez Musharraf has his own virtues and vices like any other politician. Besides, Pakistanis have a long history of bringing back our impeached leaders.

I think we should give Commando one more chance, but now as a pure economic-democrat, not an economic-commando.

Nabeel Muhammad

Nabeel Muhammad

A Financial Analyst by day and aspiring Social Worker and Researcher by night. He holds a degree in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Currently, he is working with an NGO, RETO Foundation, to make opportunities more visible through education for children in Rural Sindh.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Nasir Hamid

    Musharraf was great in his first 3-4 years. However, the end was extrely disappointing Now again we are looking at a prospect of another 5 years of either Zardari or Sharif. Voting Musharraf is as good as wasting a vote at this point. Vote PTI! Recommend

  • Mohammad

    you are absolutely correct, Musharraf is the bail out package of Pakistan.. we wholeheartedly ask our fellow citizens to analyze the current situation and Musharraf’s era, and vote for him.


  • BlackJack

    Correlation is not causation; Musharraf, like most other military dictators in Pakistan, managed to attracted substantial assistance from the US which freed up some of Pakistan’s domestic budget for development-related activities. Further, most developing countries were on the upswing during the 2003 – 2007 period, Recommend

  • Ali Raza

    Indeed the Commando is back, to make our economic situation better.
    Great Artilce !! Keep writing.Recommend

  • Moeed

    Basic comparison of 1999 and 2007

    Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 75 billion
    Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion
    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion
    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion
    GDP per Capita in 1999: $ 2,000
    GDP per Capita in 2007: $ 3,004
    Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion
    Pak revenue collection 2007: Rs. 708 billion
    Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 700 million
    Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 17 billion
    Pak Exports in 1999: $ 7.5 billion
    Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion
    Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion
    Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion
    KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points
    KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 70 billion at 14,000 points
    Foreign Direct Investment in 1999: $ 1 billion
    Foreign Direct Investment in 2007: $ 8 billion
    Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP
    Debt servicing 2007: 26% of GDP
    Poverty level in 1999: 34%
    Poverty level in 2007: 24%
    Literacy rate in 1999: 45%
    Literacy rate in 2007: 53%
    Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion
    Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billion

    Hats Off To Mushrraf!!!
    And great work author !!Recommend

  • Fatima

    Good Work!!!! Nabeel Muhammad

    Sub Sey Pehlay Pakistan.

    Pakistan Zindabad.Recommend

  • http://Brisbane,Australia Riaz Khan

    Must go for Musharraf, if you want to save the country!Recommend

  • Thoughtful

    Musharraf changed the base year which resulted in an improved GDP. People usually associate the improved GDP with better economic conditions as a result of his policy. The underlying cause however is change of base year in calculation of GDP. The effects of economic policies never come to surface in a year or so. It takes at least 5 years for the effects to show, which are now evident.Recommend

  • Ali

    My simple question to the writer. If he was so great, why did he have to leave?

    Hint: Read what the military did to Erdogan and how he bounced back.Recommend

  • Areebah Shahid

    Agra Conference was the only time that Pakistan actually did a very decent PR job for itself thanks to Musharraf :) My vote is for him all the way! ..Recommend

  • S

    One word: ASTAGFIRULLAH! Recommend

  • Hammad

    the uneducated masses will keep voting for PPP and PML.Recommend

  • Hammad

    @Ali…he was made to leave, And this is just don’t need to act heroic always in the world of politics…my simple question is if he was not that great…then why he is back?

    And please when the writer says that he is great…no one is claiming this thing here..we are just talking about that he did some good job , back there in time . That’s it.Recommend

  • Aleena

    Musharraf has made some mistakes too, but I think he is not that corrupt as compared to other politicians.Recommend

  • Neeti

    This blog reminded me of Professor Dumbledore’s very wise words –
    It is a curious thing, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.Recommend

  • Murtaza

    Indeed Musharraf was the true CEO of this nation. We are with you Musharraf.

    Great work, Author. Keep writing.Recommend

  • Hira

    We all made some mistakes. Musharraf made too. But we should not forget as what he did to change many things in our country; empowered the women, liberated the media, reduced poverty, and obviously security conditions were much better in his time.

    He truly deserves second chance .Recommend


    Did everyone forget the Lal Masjid incidence?

    The fact that his time was better than this one DOES NOT make up for it. Recommend

  • Maria

    It’s so sad when people show numbers to support a man like Musharraf . When the world economy collapsed, so too did Pakistan’s. Musharraf alone is responsible for all the problems facing Pakistan and his military takeover only destabilized the nation. Recommend

  • Kamil, friend of Author .

    Nabeel , another great article. Worth reading.

    Great analysis. And I liked it as how you linked it to time bomb analogy of social and political turmoil. Good shot !! I told you, you got the director’s mind. Go in movies business :). You will make millions there :PRecommend

  • Asjad

    Laal Masjid, NRO, and lawyers’ scene were some of his mistake.. He did not eat our money ; he tried his best to do good for this economy.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    @ET – you could have rejected my entire comment, the one-quarter that you have allowed makes very little sense on its own.Recommend

  • Rehman Uncle

    Nabeel, I agree with you on his economic policies; but he made some huge mistakes and I fear that people will ever accept him here again. And by the way, when you went political?

    Good Job young man.Recommend

  • Awais Tanveer

    Appalling to see that author who is supposed to be an educated person would vouch for a man who deserves to be hanged. You want to why should he be hanged? Because if an ordinary person breaks one article of the constitution is bound to get punishment in the court of law, meanwhile Musharaf has broken all the articles of the constitution during that take over in 1999.

    If such an person can enjoy having praises like such as in this article then Zardari deserves better I guess.Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    Figures of Musharraf era were mostly cooked up ones. Only fools will lap it up. If the correction is done today, Pakistan’s GDP will fall by 50%. And it will be one of the poorest nations on record.

    Also he got good economic grants from USA by turning his back on Taliban.This time around there is no hope of support from USA. His bowl will be empty.Recommend

  • MS Kardar

    Vote PTI, boys and girls. Use your vote strategically; most people don’t share the same enthusiasm for President Musharraf, so you will waste your vote on a losing candidate. Better to consolidate the vote-for-change votebank on one party than to split it amongst various candidates representing change.Recommend

  • AJ

    I gottta palm my face for this one. The economy was boosted through investments and spending, which is a short term solution, the money for that came from US backed loans, and in 2008 US collapsed, the dollar plummeted, hence the rupee plummeted, because there are so many dollars invested in the Pakistani economy and its not a developed country, since 2008 the country has plummeted to a new low, this govt didn’t help.

    To politics, let me remind you the oath he took also included the fact that he would defend the constitution of Pakistan and act within the confinement of law. Repent his actions, serve a jail sentence and then if he feels up to it, contest elections.Recommend

  • Jabbar

    Well written in an unbiased manner. Kudos !!Recommend

  • Harris Iqbal

    Ok. Comment no. 1 , PTI
    Comment no.2 , Musharraf

    Let’s see who is going to win here on tribune ? Recommend

  • F

    Pakistan first! It started that way.
    – He declared war on a neighbour (without approval from the elected govt.), thousands of innocent lives were lost and maimed. He lost and so did Pakistan.
    – All his claims of “victory” were conclusively dismissed by his own fellow Generals.
    – He deposed and exiled the elected PM.
    – He rigged elections to become “President”!.
    – He rented his country to the US and all kinds of “strategic assets” without the approval of the people.
    – He turned his back on the UN resolutions on Kashmir without the support of the people. India fed his narcissism and gave him nothing.
    – He ordered the execution of Bugti and fueled the Baloch rebellion.
    – He refused security for BB and a proper inquiry into her death.
    – He lost finally – compelled to shed ” my second skin (uniform)” and office of “President”.
    – He left the country to hide and make loads of money.
    Musharraf first!
    – But other than the above, he was a great General and the great leader.
    ( It always was about him and only him and will always be.)Recommend

  • Ali hassan

    Musharraf -economic hero . Nice thought. I wish he have not made those stupid mistakes. But still he is much better than many others we have right now. And PTI is too young .Recommend

  • Raza

    Yes, our economy and we need MUSHI back !!Recommend

  • Hassan

    Commando made some huge mistakes, unfortunately our people can’t forget that.Recommend

  • Paki

    Musharraf has the guts to talk to Indians on their face and tell them what they deserve.

    Long Live our Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saad

    Musharraf all the wayRecommend

  • gk

    He isnt a dictator in anyway. I smell a sense of bias when someone writes this. If people dont know his accession was validated by required entities. This term has made itself a laughing stock! People who use it dont know in reality what does it really mean. See Idi Amin or Augusto Pinochet’s terms. Musharraf was and is still a way better democrat then the current civilian dictators.Recommend

  • Khan

    Musharraf was a good leader and could still become one…but he does not have a tribe to back him up unlike his rivals…so he may not succeed in Pakistan’s Tribal Politics…sad.Recommend

  • Babar Ghauri

    Mush is the man…I like his confidenceRecommend

  • Taimur Ahmed

    Nicely written.

    Pakistani people should understand that Musharraf was one of the greatest leaders in Pakistan’s history. He did, like any human being, make a few mistakes, but AT LEAST he was not corrupt like rest of the parties.

    Nothing he did was for the sake of warming his pockets. He did everything for Pakistan’s betterment, most of which worked and was great but regretfully it’s overlooked by people who focus on nothing but his mistakes.

    And please, for those who are against him for Lal Masjid episode, how can you even side with those terrorists? Or do you say they were not terrorists? In that case how do you explain rocket launchers, sub-machine guns, grenades, and other weaponry there? How do you explain the cleric who threatened to carry out suicide bombings? Is this what the house of ALLAH is for? Is this what Islam teaches?Recommend

  • Pro Bono Publico

    @Riaz Khan:
    Great recommendation: Enact another NRO, and give it all to thugs to plunder.Recommend

  • Syme

    One of the two free space slots expired and a defective satellite was hastily leased from USA, re–tagged as Paksat-1 and launched by French rocket. Wow, what an achievement. Its not only senseless but highly shameful that you are comparing Pakistan space program with highly mature Indian.

    P.S I am a Pakistani. Recommend

  • Realistic Pakistani

    @ everyone: Let’s get one thing straight that democracy is not for everyone, and certainly not for Pakistan. If we compare China and India, the two emerging super powers of Asia, we would know that China is way ahead of India in every sphere. Is it a democracy? NO. India being the largest democracy with over 1.2 billion population is unable to compete with China.

    We have witnessed in the past that democracy has always failed in Pak creating vacuum for the military to intervene. So lets not blame the military only, it was our corrupt leaders who consorted against their country to perpetuate their rule. It was the democratic era of Bhutto when east Pakistan was separated from us. In fact Islamization was first initiated by Bhutto…it was him who banned night clubs, liquor and used religion to paddle his own agenda. His legacy was continued by Zia to reap benefits of the war against Soviet Union. However, despite the mistakes he made, he was patriotic..he vowed to himself that whatever happened in east pak will not repeat itself and resorted to strengthening the military and ISI to evade any future crises. The sikh movement started and we would have had our revenge on India, had Benazir not disclosed the names of all the freedom fighters to Rajiv ghandi. If Zia hadn’t died, India would have had a taste of its own medicine (what it did in east Pakistan). The democratic government of ppp or PML has always led to some catastrophe or the other. I remember Benazir saying that she wanted revenge from the country for her father’s death and and this is exactly what she has done. Nawaz Sharif, driven by his own selfish motives, ordered the plane carrying the chief of army staff to land in India; imagine the repercussions of his action, it would have been disastrous for us. Musharraf had a gun to his head and was willing to take his own life for the country, that’s how commandos are trained and no civilian government can match that kind of patriotism.

    Since they cant come up with any corruption charges against Mushraff so his adversaries have concocted issues that are ludicrous, i.e lal masjid bhugti. These were executive decision taken in the interest of the country, how can you hold Musharraf personally responsible for them. He cannot be personally convicted for these decision, even if for the sake of argument we say that, they weren’t the best decisions. By the same token then, Obama should be personally convicted for the deaths of all American Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. He should be tried as well in the court.

    I find most of the people of pak, immature and lacking vision, belaboring utter nonsense; Pakistanis by far are the most impatient, petulant, ungrateful and irascible people than any other nation. We have too many differences for the democracy to work. The most important ingredient for democracy to thrive is nationalism, which is missing in our recipe for democracy, that is why it tastes so bad. As a result of which in a democratic era the freedom movements start rising from every nook and corner!

    I am sick and tired of IK’s incendiary speeches. Pakistan is unstable and on the verge of collapse, and by the time Mr. khan learn the ropes of governance, we would be beyond redemption. His pro taliban stance is yet another matter of concern.

    Mushi is the best and only solution to Pakitsn’s woes. My vote is for the commando!! Recommend

  • Syme

    Indeed very thoughtful. To date, I wasn’t familiar with base year. Thanks for the bright information.Recommend

  • ali

    Good Work!!!!Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Mushi is our CEO !!Recommend

  • Shareef

    Is our economy so nonenity that it depends on individuals, instead of a system. If so then Pakistan has no future. Sorry to say.Recommend

  • Hadee

    @shareef…systems work as how people make it, and for that we need some people. Systems don’t evolve on their own.

    I think Musharraf has a good sense as how economies work. He deserves a chance.Recommend

  • Taliban

    Comment no.1 for PTI.

    Comment no.2 for Commando…

    lets see who wins, at least here on tribune.Recommend

  • Aziz

    Musharraf without any doubt has a great economic plan for this country, and he proved it by doing. And now he is back to take part in politics, and pay his due to his country. And we people owe him some respect.
    It’s really sad that our lawyers are going mad and doing stupid things. When we expect something good from them.Recommend

  • malala

    Musharraf has very low chances in this election. But it’s good that he is still trying to do something for this country.Recommend

  • Shamy

    Yes he deserves a second chance…ofcourse you wouldnt know how it feels to lose a loved one at Lal Masjid.Recommend

  • huma

    @awais tanveer..In politics, almost everyone has made mistakes in this country. And please don’t say that Musharraf should be hanged on this basis only. It does not make sense. At least he was better than Nawaz Shareef’s government.
    Author just presented an idea and he even pointed out Musharraf’s bad things too. And you misunderstood the whole things. please read carefully and then reach on any conclusions.Recommend

  • Nehru

    Commando has some true guns and guts :)Recommend

  • mehmood

    IA..Mushi wil win some seats this time . Recommend

  • Pakistani

    People have not forgotten the good things that he did for our economy.We should forgive him, and give him second chance .Recommend

  • Adeel

    Go Mushi go. We are with you !!Recommend

  • Mudassir

    At the end of the day Musharraf is a reasonable man in a nation of unreasonable heads. If we havent learnt enough in the past 5 years then Im afraid we deserve Nawaz Sharif and PPP for a THIRD time.

    Its just sad that more than half the population is the educated youth and cant make up their mind.Recommend

  • Adnan Nawaz

    Everyone make mistakes and so does Musharaf. But the mistake he has made are unforgivable. During his era cost of a Pakistani head was $500, after paying this amount Americans were allowed to capture any Paki citizen. This is when Mushraf was a powerful person but now if given chance then I think they don’t need to $500. Before knowing this fact I used to support Musharaf but now I am sorry cos u don’t deserve it.Recommend

  • Zaka

    Musharraf is the best leader Pakistan ever had.Recommend

  • Shah

    Stay out of trouble General, May Allah protect you from evil eye…Recommend

  • Diesel

    You are absolutely correct. One should vote for Musharraf who will take towards the path of prosperity and dignity.Recommend

  • Ali utarid

    Again an allegation…he was the president not PM who makes the decision …he didn’t take the decision why himself…also I would say even he had…it was the right decision we are not a nation of barbarians like the people who made so many people hostages….it was right what they did at that time..Recommend

  • Madiha

    We badly need him back in power.. My vote is for APML for sureRecommend

  • Waqas Ahmad

    Yes no one knows how it feels to lose a loved one at Lal Masjid.8,370 peoples are killed in last 5 years those were not the loved one’s of anyone.These stupid ignorant mullahs are the true Muslims who are killing the innocent peoples.Because of these stupid now Muslims are the worst nation of the world.Recommend

  • harish

    “Pakistan’s space programme is now ahead of India after the formal launching of Paksat-1 and this is due to the hard work of our scientists, and I am sure Indians would take another 30 months to do the job.”

    i really dont know what to say. congrats guys! i am sure the next sattelite will make pak. space technology even more advanced than american NASA!Recommend

  • Mohsin

    And he is the only leader to point out the different ways the indian government is involved in destabilizing pakistan ….. He is the only leader to face their media in Indian and answer their questions…. That takes character and strength…. Hats off to him….. He definitely deserves a second chance because he can make a difference once again…. He is a military person who knows what he wants to achieve and how he will achieve……. From one soldier to another good luck sir……may Allah be with youRecommend

  • humaira

    Excellent AnalysisRecommend

  • Kashif

    We are with Mushrraf.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    3000 likes. OMG. People still love Mushi !!Recommend

  • Bajwa

    Chalo Musharraf. Hum tumharey sath hein :)Recommend

  • Mursil Butt

    No i don’t think so he deserve a second chance, no doubt he served his entire life being an army soldier and ended up being a General. A true soldier never leaves the country in any circumstances. My best support is for Imran Khan. Recommend

  • Mohammad Khalid Ayub

    I believe and i have faith that General Saheb is the only and only one that who can save Pakistan and her peoples from all the crisis.I think Pakistan need him badly in this hour and he can handle properly all the problems that Pakistan is facing from each and every corner.It will be good omen if he share with Imran Khan”s Government as President Of Pakistan.ALLAH may guide and show the right way to our people to.choose the right leader in this hard time of our country.Recommend

  • asim

    Lal Masjid incident was so sad. Too many innocent people were killed. But…. can you count how many people have been killed during ppp’s time, like in target killing and bomb blasts ? Did ppp govt provide us any security ? Musharraf made a few very big mistakes yet his govt was much better than ppp’s or any other. He must be given a chance again.
    May ALLAH shower His mercy upon us ! aameen.Recommend

  • younis

    because of corrupt political system. they would have victimize him influencing through there power. we never value our heroes take examples from cricket waseem waqar saeed anwar they retired in disappointment. we always follow personal interests.Recommend

  • Parvez

    On his meet the press on the second day he was asked what were his plans if his election bid failed.
    His answer should have been : I’ll continue my efforts to improve things in my country because Pakistan comes first.
    His answer was : let that time come and then I’ll consider what to do. ( read : Musharraf comes first ).
    Perception is more than reality. Musharraf has much to learn and really no time to do so.
    What angers me is that he had 8 plus good years to bring about change and he blew it…….big time.Recommend

  • Ahsan Ahmad

    I feel liberals are slowly moving towards Musharaff……Recommend

  • Umer

    This is why democracy can’t thrive in our country. We don’t give it any time and at its initial stages start criticizing it even though democracy is only successful when given time to evolve, which we never did. Military dictatorship has always derailed it and became the biggest nemesis of this country. Without military dictatorships, we would’ve ousted the feudal lords form the assembly decades ago but thanks to the military dictators, every time we elected a democratic government, it had no to insufficient time to evolve. Consequently, democracy never evolved and we are still where we started.

    My point is, military coup is a death to long term progress (yes, this includes mainly economy) for any country. Just look around the world and see the countries which suffered through military dictators. And this is the reason why it is extremely essential that military dictators be tried, prosecuted and handed proper punishment.

    Just prosecute and punish one military dictator properly and the door to future military coupes would be pretty much shut. Then we can evolve democracy and carry on to what is actual progress.Recommend

  • Mahmood

    What a ridiculous article. Musharraf did nothing for a long term economic growth. Do I need to tell here that a country earns through taxes? How many sectors did Musharraf bring into tax net? Only two industries were promoted which are banking and telecom. How many jobs did these industries create? What did he do in energy sector? If a man is poor should he ask his mother to become a prostitute? That’s what Musharraf did. He gave our homeland oue mother on rent to US. This was the main reason behind so called economic growth. Recommend

  • Exanaxe

    Change the base year for gdp calculations like mush and shortcut aziz did, and any govt can show 100% gdp growth. Man has returned for the gallows and that is what he deserves for a decade of lies and deception. Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Pakistan needs Sir Musharraf.Recommend

  • hsnan

    either him or imran khan. imran khan is young and i think just like he won us our first world cup he will make pakistan economy way better. places it has never gone before. but pakistani people r too blind. they wana vote for old politician and not new. Recommend

  • Qareem

    Well done Nabeel Sahab !Recommend

  • FN

    Musharraf really has no chance in these elections. Would be wasting a vote.

    he was good initially but later screwed it up especially the NRO. We went backwards from there.

    Vote PTI. They deserve a chance.Recommend

  • with love

    Good Work!!!!
    Nabeel Muhamamd

    Long Live Pakistan
    Long Live Musharraf
    Sub Sey Pehlay Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ali Shah Gillani

    Jiyo Musharraf,
    Hats Off for you my dear General,
    you are the best,
    you can do something for Pakistan,
    Love You Sirrrrrr GRecommend

  • SHARE it

    Share it so much that we cross 20k likes. Tegards, Musharraf’s fan.Recommend

  • rahat

    no doubt he is a great hero.he did well in his presidency and everything was good but unfortunately the last one and half year of his rule went worse for him only because he was unable to understand politics against him. but i think now its time to give a chance to him to do better for Pakistan and he is the only one who can……………..Recommend

  • rahat

    one the best leader who inspired me.he must be given a chance because he is only hope for bright Pakistan

  • Haider

    It’s time to unite and choose right leaders.Recommend

  • Yasir

    Long live Cammando.

    Nabeel sir…chah gaye hein Ap :)Recommend

  • Kiran

    Its just sad that more than half the population is the educated youth and cant make up their mind. Vote PTI. No dictators.Recommend

  • Jamal

    Vote tou Cammando ka hai ab Nabeel. :). I heard you are not going to vote him :(Recommend

  • Salman

    Musharraf has done a lot for this country. And it’s time to pay him back and forgot his some mistakes.

    Nabeel. Great piece . Indeed, Sir Junaid rightly refer you as revolutionary :PRecommend

  • Salman

    Article Author ka

    Vote Musharraf ka :)

    Come on cross 10k likes .Share it people :)

    I love you Nabeel for writing this :)Recommend

  • Ghazanfar

    Author seems like another military obsessed guy Recommend

  • Soldier

    Chalo Musharraf. Hum tumharey sath hein :)Recommend

  • zohaib ishtiaq

    He is the honest,brave and great man he is the only man who can control the situation of Pakistan from all aspects. He must be President of Pakistan again we love you General and always pray for u..Recommend

  • Ejaz

    Vote is only for MusharrafRecommend

  • Edgar Gill

    Mr.Commando was the best thing that could have happened to our country sadly not many people realize that. Most people just criticize his one decision that is of laal masjid and i agree during his reign Pakistan was a much better place even if the petrol prices were 85 rs per liter at-least people had work …. A Rikshaw wala said to me not a few day’s back that in Mr.Commandos time we could easily go out late at night and pick up passenger’s but now the city of light’s goes out at like 1am which is said this country has potential to grow if only given in the right hands and in my Point of View Mr. Commando can do that for this country which has gone down the drain . Recommend

  • Zain

    The only thing that really upset me is that everyone blames Musharaf for 2-3 of his mistakes, and yet they dnt see the positives he brought.

    If u look at the democratic history of Pakistan only 2 parties have ruled, PML-N and PPP, one after the other. PML-N no doubt have done things but only done for Punjab and mostly like a few cities. Rest of Pakistan and major concerns of electricity and water were not even tackled by either PPP or PML-N.

    The only thing that puts me off from PML-N is that they only do things in the last year before the elections just to show ppl that they are working but do u think that only 1 year effort into Pakistan economy is enough? Then i must say you all need to re-educate yourself. No Offence but its true. In-Order for Pakistan to succeed the government needs to work all year round and not only 1 year before the elections.

    Infrastructure of our country are not only construction of Roads, but it consists of Telecommunication, Transportation Networks,Electricity, Water. The Basic Necessities of any Agriculture,Industrial or Commercial Sector. And all these things cannot be handled in 1 years time which i believe is PML-N’s moto since ive seen them.

    At this time Musharaf do not stand a chance to win but it might take time. Right Now Pakistan need an example setter and i believe PTI might just provide that. If 1 party sets an example, the opposition party must do more than the existing Power Holder inorder to win the next elections.

    Musharaf Economically did set an example, but made mistakes which backfired at him. Now its time to step up and go for a change and let them set an example so other parties can follow for the betterment of Pakistan.Recommend