PTI, ensure the safety of women if you want our support

Published: March 25, 2013

Young men and women, Imran Khan's core support base, dominated the crowd. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) under the chairmanship of Imran Khan held a massive rally at the historic Minar-i-Pakistan ground on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

While the gathering was immense and the jalsa proved to be a great ‘political success’, it left behind a trail of horror for some female participants. For them, things were not as pleasant as the telly reported.

The media showed only half of the picture — a huge crowd garnished flags and banners, colourful environment and cheerful painted faces.

Nobody cared to report the problems faced by some women at the jalsa, especially when it began to rain and the rally was nearing its end.

This political gathering was enough of an example to show how women are treated in our part of the world.

As we entered the Minar-i-Pakistan ground around mid-afternoon, we were pleasantly greeted with the sight of an organised queue for women. The guard was heard addressing men to give way to the women.

It was all very cordial and disciplined. At this point, I heard a middle-aged woman in the queue saying:

“This sort of respect for women is only given in Pakistan and nowhere else in the world.”

As true as it might have been at the time, the statement lost all its validity by the time the jalsa came to an end.

During the chairman’s speech, heavy rain poured down, accompanied by strong winds.

Lightning struck and a state of fear took over the crowd at the Minar-i-Pakistan ground. People started moving away from the main ground towards their cars and rented buses.

Mobile networks were shut off so communication was impossible.

The rain had made many women’s clothes translucent and they were having trouble covering themselves properly. Many women were separated from their families during the stampede as the participants hustled though the crowd, pushing each other in all directions.

Some men took advantage of the situation and sexually abused women.

It was dark and women feared they’d be separated from their families. Most did not even respond to these mentally sick brutes in the confusion, and out of fear of violence.

The men grabbed, touched and brushed past women, some purposely pushing themselves into girls while others were even seen clinging on to them.

They hurled abuses and harassed girls present at the jalsa.

Some women approached the policemen standing nearby complaining of the ongoing harassment. Helpless, due to the lack of light and communication, the police gave the women PTI flags so they could use the sticks to protect themselves.

The irony of this is beyond me.

Many women were seen crying in fear while most men laughed and enjoyed a “free show”.

Seeing this made me wish we had better police. It made me envy the West for having a police force that is determined to make everyone feel safe – man or woman. The experience left many women traumatised and I am sure most of them will never want to attend a political rally again because the fear of being sexually harassed will always play in the back of their minds.

Women came to this jalsa to show their support for their political leader and be a part of the voting process. The least that was expected was that the party would ensure their security and well-being.

Imran Khan’s slogans and endeavours for “change” will never bear fruit if things like this continue to happen.

I don’t know what it will take to change the mentality of the people in Pakistan, but perhaps once that has changed, we can make progress towards other kinds of changes.

Do you think there should be separate arrangements for women at political rallies?

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Zara S

Zara S

A student in Lahore.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • another girl

    what else do you expect at a political rally filled with people from all walks of life?Recommend

  • Saddened

    PTI is not to be blamed. Sadly, this is the true face of our society.Recommend

  • J.K

    Pak society and the male mindset can never be changed.Recommend

  • Arif

    You mentioned clothes. why did you wore such see through material?Recommend

  • Abid

    What are u talking about. I my self helped lot of women cross barbed wires as rain caused panic in the end. Nobody could predict such heavy torrents …in such a huge crowds u may expect these things in those circumstances. Room o improvement is always there.Recommend

  • http://Rogers Oswald Saldanha

    This normally happens in a hypocritical society such as Pakistan, where the sexes are not allowed to meet freely. The same issue occurred in Egypt too, commonality, both Islamic societies ???Recommend

  • Amer

    I have always said and will continue to say this:”It’s not only the leaders that are corrupt, it’s the AWAM that are morally corrupt.”
    Imran Khan, however good he might be for Pakistan can never change the sick mentality and moral corruption that is settled with the AWAM. Why does everyone blame the politicians when their own deeds are nothing to be proud of? Why does a Pakistani deserve leadership when he is to blame for the moral corruption in society?
    I lived in the US for a long time and Pakistani people who have never had a single contact with an American tell me about the moral corruption of society there but have nothing to offer when it comes to their own ethics and morality. Recommend


    What has PTI got to do with that. Something like this would have happened on any other Jalsa or even if someone was shopping in anarkali. I am not being a maulvi here but there is a line you need to draw between what is fashion and what is decent. Even if not that, do some prep – check the weather, carry an umbrella or a coat.
    Stop blamming others for you own shortcomings!Recommend

  • Supporter

    I went through the exact same thing, when a guy constantly brused against me while leaving for home in the heavy rain. However i made sure i turn around and serve him right with a slap and some profane language. But the point is that i believe that for families the arrangements made were commendable , unfortunately there is a certain % of men in our country who have absolutely no respect for women. Rain came unexpected and the party cant be blamed. Where there were men taking advantage of the helpless women, i must quote there were a lot of men out there as well respecting females presence and helped them a lot as well. Western world is no perfect even. I can quote during my stay in NY that few hours of no electriciy resulted in the worst crime rate world has ever seen. There are all kinds of people all around the world and Pakistan is no exception. You cant blame the party for this barbaric behaviorRecommend

  • Falcon

    I feel really sad for what happened. I think if rain had not come down abruptly, this magnitude of these unfortunate instance would be certainly smaller, since the feedback from prior PTI rallys suggest that ISF usually manages well the issue of security. But as it shows that not only political rallys but all mass public arrangements need to take into consideration unexpected events like this and arrange for public security around it. Recommend

  • Realistic Pakistani

    @Saddened: How can you say that pti is not to be blamed? They should have taken engough security measures to ensure security of everyone, especially women. last time also, people misbehaved over food. This is really bad and they have opened a Pandora’s box, now we will see this happening at every jalsa. Recommend

  • Imran

    jst a biased article ….. people were really suporrtive there.. i myself helped many ladies to get out… everyone was helping other…. cumon Recommend

  • Mujtaba Shuja

    I disagree with the statement. I was there at Jalsa & no women & girl was sexually harassed, in fact people sacrifice there seats for the women.Recommend

  • Abid Khan

    I was there to support my party PTI. We were very polite with our sisters and gave them protocol that you offer to any sister at home. Personally I have not seen any untoward act but I feel sorry for bad behavior or disrespect. Recommend

  • xia

    Yes there should be separate arrangements
    as in Jalsa there are ppl frm all walk of life

    also in PTI Jalsa women come frm all social classes so next time they need to do better arrangements

    like 30 octRecommend

  • Ali

    There would be such abuses in a rock concert held in London, its no biggie.
    However i was there and due to heavy rain everyone was pushing as it was hard to see due to fast wind and rain. I myself helped a group of girls in crossing the gate by making way for them. There are always good and bad stories but overall the response of the crowd was good.Recommend

  • standing with sisters

    me and my family were in the family corner no one was harassed infact the workers were kind enough to make a chain for women for a safe exit after the jasla ended in friendly chaos ..stop harassing women in the name stupid blogsRecommend

  • gp65

    @Arif: “You mentioned clothes. why did you wore such see through material?”

    It wasn’t see through to begin with. It just became see through because of the rain.Recommend

  • rizwan

    thats a white lie??? have you gone mad or what?Recommend

  • Reflection

    Dear hypocrites, stop posting sick. don’t teach women what to wear, teach yourself to respect a women. duhh. Grow up.
    Humble regards!Recommend

  • iJoker

    PTI is not in power and neither might have the funds to fulfill such demands. you should ensure your own safety! the way our society is going down, it is each person for him/herself! Recommend

  • rameez

    well met office had predicted such strong rains day before the jalsa dont why PTI management got IK on the stage so late Recommend

  • Saad

    The correlation between rain, consequent power loss, and the implication that it was all because PTI lacks respect for the fairer sex, is a little beyond comprehension. Such events are a disgrace and a stain on any society, but I doubt that the organizers or party members were directly, indirectly or even remotely responsible.

    I think the bit about how the organizers, and the police assisting them, ensured that queues were made and adequate space was given to those who require it, as well as the pictures that seem to be showing with the article, would be better representative of the respect intended when putting the rally together.Recommend

  • Bilal Khan

    You cant blame Imran Khan for this, sadly this is our society and PTI is not part of the governemnt at the moment, but blaming PTI just before the elections and giving them a bad name means you dont want change!!! you like things the way they are.. :sRecommend

  • Masood

    I believe Organizers are responsible. They have to finish it in the daylight. It was scheduled in the daylight and schedule has to follow. Everyone is responsible including IK.Recommend

  • traxyl

    Pakistani never take responsibility of “their wrong doings”.Recommend

  • Asjad

    Horrible times we live in:)Recommend

  • Omer

    I was there and I have NOT witnessed any such thing!. There was just UNITY and UNITY and UNITY!

    I saw girls asking boys for the way out when Jalsa ended and everyone showed them the way in a good gesture. Even a few ladies and girls came to me and my friends asking way out and we guided them properly.Recommend

  • Asif Iqbal

    This is so much disgusting. There should be separate arrangements for female member. We are that much educated to protect ourself from any kind of abuse.Good job Zara you have identified an important issue. Our media should work on it. our society need extensive eduaction on sexual health and learning about avoiding abuse should be on priority list. Thank you……Recommend

  • kash

    if PTI allows women in the jalsa they should arrange jalsa before it becomes dark,on the other hand if they want want to do jalsa at night they should secure women who are supporting them.Recommend

  • Haseeb Talal Khan

    saddened, but that’s true, i am a big supporter of PTI, and usually their arrangements are very good, but due to rain some incidents happen, these same incidents can happen any where, not only in Pakistan, but every where…Men are like animals, every where, they don’t let any opportunity which comes their way, to molest and abuse women…and specially the Pakistani men take some kind of pride in doing it…..but when it comes to their own sister, mother, wife or daughter, they suddenly become GHAIRATMAND… is shameful, but thats how it is….

    PTI should organize separate places for females, as they are also the main contributers of the success of every procession, PTI held….please do respect and have respect, if you dont give respect to the other’s families females, your females won’t get it too…….

    hope nobody takes it personally…Recommend

  • Roohan Ahmed

    This is not a matter of seperating men and women! A strong leadership is needed to control these problems! Being a student of Mass Communication, i have visited hundreds of rallys and processions of various political parties but I haven’t seen this sort of indiscipline in rallys of MQM!Recommend

  • a.salman

    Imran Khan can change the political scenario in Pakistan (fully agreed and prayed for) but he can never change the mentality of MEN… I am not criticizing all male community but, most of them took advantage and are going to do that again and again.. women should be separated in such like jalsas…Recommend

  • Hera Iftikhar

    Yes…blame the women. Why cant you men keep your hands to yourself!? I’d love to hear you say this to your own mother,sister or wife. Wet clothes stick to anyone’s it see through or not…it is you men with your twisted brains that take advantage of such situations. Educate your men and stop blaming the women and MAYBE this country will change.
    I cant even believe you SAID something so utterly baseless.Recommend

  • a.salman

    Imran Khan is going to change Pakistan Politically and we all are convinced on that matter but sorry to say, out majority of male population would not be able to change their mentalities… that I am sure of, so offence please, as I said majority not all…
    Men did take advantage on that day and that was shameful. Females should have a separate enclosure for next timesRecommend

  • Rizwan Alam

    I think, for women Particularly, there should be a complete plan given with a map and committed security guards to ensure women’s entrance and exit on right time or even in emergency.

    Sad to know any way… This is our culture. no one else to blame.Recommend

  • AZ


    Does the colour of the cloth decide who should be touched and who shouldnt? Recommend

  • Rohail

    Is this called change……………..???? he should have bring change from his own party…………this is the only way and culture of Modern and liberal PTI…………………. Such a shame………..Recommend

  • musa

    pti did a great job without ZERO COMMUNICATION-suspended phones…the most awkward situation is created for pti jalsa alwaysRecommend

  • Ali

    Women should be provided enough protocols in next big gathering Recommend

  • Obaid Ullah

    Yes there should be seperate arrangements for women in political rallies BUT theese women should have known that things like this could happen… Recommend

  • Saman

    I went through a similar experience on the previous jalsa so decided to avoid this one completely. Although I’m not a PTI supporter but I still went out there to support the spirit of Lahoris and came back traumatized. Those of you of are blaming the rain, claiming nobody had to face harassment or raising accusing fingers at the writer really need to get a life.

    I agree it would be unfair to blame PTI for such behavior because these sick minded people are a product of our society but as rain was expected, the management should have planned the event accordingly, keeping these issues in mind.

    Lastly, as a woman I have never felt safe around policemen. It is useless to expect that they would provide you security. For future, keep a compass or other such weapons handy.Recommend

  • gp65

    @THINK: Nice. Blame the victim for being harassed.Recommend

  • Capt.Salman Nusrat

    It is extremely unfotunate and sad to know of the shameful conduct of some of the black sheep in the huge and apparently disciplined crowd. Imran and the organizers could never have thought in their dreams that some of the people in the crowd would behave this way. The Organizers should learn a lesson from this episode and ensure that appropriate security is in place for all and particularly the female crowd. PTI must remember that our women are the real and true supporters of Imran , and hence their prestige and respect should never be compromised. As for the weather , it was not a surprise at all , it could have been predicted very accurately through the Met dept . It followed a particular pattern and path and even the time it would hit Lahore/Minar e Pakistan could have been calculated very accurately . The weather system movement can be seen in real time , thanks to the latest technology. The unnecessary speeches of makhdoom shah mehmood qureshi and Makhdoom Javed Hashmi and several other small time leaders should have been cancelled or drastically shortened . Same was the case with some other items of the programme. Remember , people came there to watch and listen to Imran Khan only and no one else . Poor planning left the important speech of King Khan incomplete. I hope this will not be repeated in the forthcoming Jalsas of PTI. Without Imran there is no PTI>. Recommend

  • Imran

    I am not a PTI supporter, but I wouldn’t blame the organizers entirely for such heinous acts. Our society is filled with frustrated men & women who know little about dignity. However, such rains & stempedes are not totally unpredictible even in clear weather & circumstances. So, organizers should have thought about it in advance. Women going to such mixed & large gatherings should also think about wearing a proper dress instead of colorful, attractive & revealing clothes. Also, getting away from your family or relatives is not a good idea in massive gatherings. And last but not the least, what exactly people can possibly get by attending these jalsas that they cannot while watchng & listenng to their leaders from their televesion sets? Keeping in view the present security situation in our country, regardless of which party you belong to, mass & social media can be used for such purposes. So, stay home, stay safe & avoid needless gatherings. Cast your vote peacefully on 11th May.Recommend

  • Falcon

    FYI…based on feedback from Asad Umar, part of the reason is that emergency exit management requires multiple exits and police in Peshawar as well as Lahore has not been willing to support high number of exits (may be because of less resources available for public and more for VIP security???)Recommend

  • Hira

    I wasn’t present at the Jalsa, but from the comments above I can say that PTI isn’t exactly to blame and you presenting this article with such a title is just providing dirt on PTI to the opposition. The point of people from all walks of life is being mentioned again and again. There should be separate arrangement for men and women, however feminist a person may be, becayse unless people (read: men) can be taught to respect women we need to provide every possible measure of security to women. As for different arrangement for people from different social classes, NO. The whole point of having these rallies is for all to come together as ONE. You want to create differences here too?Recommend

  • sick of this nonsense

    hats off to your audacity. i am sure you will also ask a rape victim “why were u walking on the street alone”. Recommend

  • jamil khan

    Dear sisters, If some bad incidents have happened during the jalsa,it is not acceptable at all.But it is not the policy of PTI to disrespect women.I was there in jalsa from KPK and gave my seat to the lady who was struggling to find a seat.It was a huge jalsa and managing such a large crowd was a big task.women are the integral part of PTI and will do whatever possible to make it successful.Recommend

  • dr. Ale Ahmed

    We need to understand that we are heading for a political change not the culture change.!Recommend


    I would say that must have death plenty on what they did because our religion and culture don’t give us permission for that. how would they feel if this is done with them family. Recommend

  • Afak

    I want proof. Recommend

  • The Rebel

    Imran Khan might come into power and reduce the prices of various items. Security situation might become better. But what he CAN’T change or control is the mindset of this morally corrupt society. The Muslims as a nation are one of the biggest hypocrites you will ever witness. The sort of incident you mentioned in this blog has nothing to do with PTI, or any party for that matter. One can only hope that the men of this society are educated enough to be able to respect women, no matter what she’s wearing. Add to that the fact that we are a sexually frustrated society doesn’t help either.

    I for one don’t see any hope for Pakistan in the near or distant future, no matter who our leader is. The society has to change on a lot of fronts, become more open minded and stop mixing religion with everything.Recommend

  • Afak

    They should cover their bodies in Islamic way. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    As much as I’d love to take a swipe at PTI for this one, this is not PTI’s fault. The author’s rage is justified, her blame is misplaced.

    What was Imran Khan supposed to do? Segregate men and women at a general rally. Because, let’s face it, when has gender segregation ever failed us, right? Separate schools, separate sections in buses, separate queues….heck, I recommend we should have separate cities for men and women, each inaccessible to the other without a special visa.

    The problems mentioned here are not PTI-specific, but part of an epidemic of misogyny found throughout the country in every crowded place.Recommend

  • leader

    This has got nothing to do with PTI or Imran Khan, its just the kind of moral values are in lower classes, I dont claim that PTI will bring a social revolution, but improving law and order situation may help protect from such crimes, fear of LAW is must to control people from crimes…

    again as I was part of this gathering, I feel sorry for what has happened, I voted against separation keeping in view my liberal thoughts, socially we have to change our society and spread same values in all classes…segregation is not the solution…Recommend

  • Fahad Zia

    That is why segregation is important… but these feminists won’t understand..Recommend

  • Baloch Insafian

    Still it’s PTI to blame??
    C’mon! Punjab Police doesn’t comes under PTI, rather it’s PMLN ruling in Punjab..!

  • Fahad Zia

    This can happen in the west too.. So, dont put the blame on east.. Groping is quite common in the west.. This does not relate to the society whatsoever.. its related to bloated levels of testosterone.. Recommend

  • Nauman

    Ohh…. Come on guys. Its nothing to blame Imran Khan or PTI. Security should be provided by Govt of punjab. Recommend

  • maheen shaikh


  • Noman Ansari

    It is funny. You never wonder what a man was wearing when he was raped.

    I can’t believe the guys here are blaming women. What is wrong with you people? It isn’t PTI’s fault as much as it is our sick society. Recommend

  • Sarah

    @Afak. You should learn to control your sexual urges in an Islamic way. You wanted women to come wrapped up in blankets??Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Just to clarify, authors of blogs aren’t normally the ones who provide the title. And there is nothing wrong with the author asking for protection.

    Finally, you sickos need to stop blaming women.

    It rained. That’s what happened to their clothing.

    They should cover their bodies in
    Islamic way.

    They were dressed in accordance to “Islamic way”. The sad thing is that more people are criticizing the abused women than the men! Sick society. Recommend

  • Omar

    It is stupid to be honest (what can a policitcal party do to ensure law and order when it isn’t in power?) and doesn’t complement a very thoughtful article about the state of mind of people in our country which is very similar to that of barbarians. Recommend

  • AB

    Well this all happens @ every place where you see a large crowd and SICK minds, whether its West or East. The only jalsa in Pak where you see proper manners and well behaved ppl is of MQM. And I can assure every woman enjoys that respect in MQM rallies and Jalsas. It is the responsibility of PTI 40,000 workers to give safeguard to woman. If they cant protect them in their rallies then how can they protect the country?Recommend

  • MAC

    Sorry for the women who had to endure this.Fact is that Pakistan has a frustrated society. When I wear shirt and jeans in Europe or USA I feel well-covered but when I wear the same in Pakistan there are so many eyes on me that I feel naked!! The participants should have made arrangements beforehand and PTI volunteers should have provided security or at least a segregated environment. The men absolutely shouldn’t have done this but this disease is widespread and at jalsas its very predictable. Recommend

  • Dr Junaid

    I think this is mindset of society which grew more in past few years, under the influence of indian media and adult websites. you can’t differentiate among the public of pakistan. We need to be more civilized. the main reason is that we have “unemployment” and have plenty of free time. People have nothing to kill their time and mind goes on negative side. I am in USA, doing my postdoc on Dengue mosquito. this is my second expereience here, the beauty of this society is that they done have free time to think negative. they have busy life, busy schedule and it had out their nation to a super power. Even including you, would be in the queue if USA opened VISA for free. thats the mindset. This culture was not past 10 years because every body was busy in work.
    2nd parental guidance and influence weakening due to our breakage in family system. Now the truth is that ” Pakistani now doesn’t trust a Pakistani, whether in the country or in foreign” because of our negative mindsets. This is true. Dont blame PTI, human ‘Nafs’ is the worst thing ever. It doent belong to any specific community. Recommend

  • MAC

    For the comments asking women to wear Islamic dresses, please note that with this level of sickness in society even a woman wearing a burka will become a target because she is still a woman. If a woman wears skirt or pant or shalwar or abaya…she still has that right to not be sexually could have been sensible to not wear clothes at risk of being translucent but its society at large that is the problem. Recommend

  • Mariyum

    Do you expect Imran Khan to jump in and save the women? Seriously?
    He did what he was meant to do, and that was to address the people and jalsa, lets not blame him for the poor security measures.Recommend

  • Hira

    @ dr. Ale Ahmed political and cultural change go hand in hand. Recommend

  • Another girl

    @Arif: I haven’t seen a stupider comment. No matter what you wear, clothes DO become translucent in the rain. Questioning women is all they do. The men were accidentally harassing them.Recommend

  • mind control


    I want proof.

    You mean you really want some lady to hand herself over to a lecherous mob (and you a part of the mob) to be mauled by them before you believe this?

    Man, you are seriously sick in the head.Recommend

  • Mo


    So is PTI from Mars? They called the people, It was THEIR job to protect the women.Recommend

  • fakhar

    Ms. Zarra who forced you to go a rally filled with men with your fashionable thin dress which when wet became transparent ???? Recommend

  • faisal

    pti did adequate arrangements for women and families but the crowd turned out to be way more than capacity
    its not the problem with pti only, its a problem with illiteracy and deteriorating moral values of people especially these street tharkisRecommend

  • sana

    @Afak: does islam encourage men to grope a woman if she is not in a burka? please be honest to yourself.Recommend

  • The Rebel

    @Afak: ”They should cover their bodies in Islamic way.”

    And what makes you so sure the women in that jalsa weren’t covering their bodies the ‘Islamic way?’ The dresses only became see through once the rain started pouring down. It’s common sense that when the clothes are wet, they tend to cling onto your body. What you’re saying is stupid. It’s basically the same as saying that shops shouldn’t display their products, or you might be ‘tempted’ to steal.Recommend

  • Ali

    Change Imran Khan ko vote denay say nahi aaye ga, since Imran khan is also a puppet who wants to rule !! and nothing.. for “Real change” u have to change the MINDSETS !! Recommend

  • Sonia K

    Forget what who is wearing and why!!!

    But there is finally some realization of the concept of ‘separation’. While some people love the idea of ‘mixing’- jalsas, concerts, conventions, seminars and even stage shows will be the same if people employ the concept of ‘separation of gender’ with the audience. Earlier it was difficult coz there were no mobile fones, but now even that is not an issue. A gents’ enclosure, a ladies’ enclosure and a family enclosure will suffice and will help all collective efforts and be more fruitful. Specially in unforeseen events!Recommend

  • Amna

    This has nothing to do with PTI. The same thing happened at an Ali Azmat concert years ago (and probably happens at every concert held in Pakistan, exclusive or not) does that mean its Ali Azmats fault, or the fault of any of the other performers?

    If the PTI had a system in place at the beginning of the jalsa it’s clear that they thought about women’s comfort and any lapse thereafter was due to circumstance. The fact that the police men gave flags as sticks for protection is in its own way worthy of admiration. They tried to do what they could do best in the given circumstance. Lets start giving credit where its due.

    You have weak laws, an even worse system of law enforcement and hence very little fear in men who engage in such behavior. You live in a country where men throw acid on women: what kind of morals are we hoping for. Your anger is absolutely understandable, only your blame is ill placed.

    As for those who commented blaming the women: Don’t tell your daughters to stay home and dress better, teach your sons to respect women! Recommend

  • Sterry

    @traxyl: It’s not just Pakistan and Muslim societies but inappropriate groping and sexual abuse takes place in all societies where men are sexually repressed- I wouldn’t blame the PTI for the inappropriate behaviour of desperate men – it goes on in Egypt, Arab countries, Africa, it’s even worse in India I’m told where women are gang raped if they are out at night. The key is to educate the public more and make people accountable. they should have shown a few offenders on TV after being caught to embarrass them among their families and teach them a lesson!Recommend

  • Fauzan Naeem

    This is like blaming the artist if someone gets harassed in a concert. Recommend

  • Zara

    separate arrangement should be there but its the sick society responsible, not particularly PTI.Recommend

  • Ammarttitude

    Proudly, I was a part of this Jalsa and i was there with almost 20 friends including some 7 female friends from my university and sadly its kinda true that a handful of men were trying to grab women, but honestly there were only a few such men there, rest was all fine – and those men should be hanged to death by the way.. And secondly there should be a family enclosure in PTI’s gatherings as its the ONLY political party of Pakistan in which there’s a BIG chunk of women/girls who want to show their support for PTI by being in the Conventions/Jalsa’s etc..Recommend

  • Maliha Rohail

    Hahaha. This is crazy! I feel sorry for men like you who are more concerned about finding cheap stories, instead of focusing on the ‘real’ happening.Recommend

  • zog

    very sad to hear this
    thank you for highlighting
    the police definitely need to be trained / sensitised
    what can one say about these awful men, words fail me…Recommend

  • Parvez

    I think the linking of crowd behaviour to the PTI was almost by default and not justified.
    The problem that PTI does seem to have is that the massive street support it has managed to get, again almost by default, because the others are so abysmally bad, has been a bit overpowering and they are struggling with trying to convert this support into votes, something that looks easy but in reality is not.Recommend

  • A.S

    @Author..You should have covered yourself with hijab. Recommend


    As IMRAN KHAN is a cricket hero and he has so many fans also girls love him coz he is a celeberity. Many people of LAHORE come and participate in jalsa to see these girls in jeans and tight dresses, a term that is called poondi , This is a bitter fact of our society.
    hope u will agree. For women every political party should arrange separate places in ground of jalsa.Recommend

  • Ameer Hamza

    Remember MQM did an ALL WOMEN jalsa 6 months back, and nothing like this was reported.

    When PTI cannot control its jalsa, how will they control Pakistan?

    Shame shame PTI!Recommend

  • Bilal khan

    This is exactly what we want to change in our society, but its a gradual process to change the mentality of people. PTI is not to be blame for such an issue if it did happen.. i personally helped ladies and girls as there was chaos due to heavy showers. Laws are made everywhere, but what lacks is the understanding of the act, its consequences and implications on the society. None the less, i’m sure PTI will make policies regarding these matters and address these issues accordingly.Recommend

  • Rana uzair

    I feel so sad After reading this. .
    I think this is not mistake of PTI this our sick minded people who Dont care About there mom and there sisters while doing that.
    Wish you think about there family before doing that if any body do with his family member who he feel. . .
    I But i will vote for PMLNRecommend

  • arslion

    May be you wrote because when rain starts raining, every girl’s makeup say other people to WAKEUP.. :DRecommend

  • Ayaz Baig

    This is not fair…..IK ko time sa jalsa main aa jana chiya subha sa kharb tha.time sa aa jata tu jalsa time sa close ho jata.notice lana chiya or next time sab ka khayal rakhna chiya. Thanx

    PTI Lahore Recommend

  • Umair Khan

    This is Muhammad Umair Khan, i am not the supporter of PTI or any Party, but i would like to say something to my brothers that they should follow the Islam as our beloved Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said to man lower your gaze, so our brothers should also workout on this if they are not doing this there Imaan is weak and they are rejecting our beloved Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), as well as sister you should also follow the what our beloved Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said to cover your self, don’t wear tight dress, or light cloth of dress…

    as this world is the exam for the believer.


    May ALLAH (S.W.T) guide us to right path and give strength to be on right path…

    ASSALAM – O – ALAIQUMRecommend

  • Insaan

    @PTI WORKER: I would say that must have death plenty on what they did because our religion and culture don’t give us permission for that. how would they feel if this is done with them family.

    It is a part of your culture. Women get groped, touched every day in buses, markets and other crowded places.

    PPP, PTI and other parties are all same. Powerful men rape women at will.

    Just search Pakistan and rape on Youtube.

    I even read same thing happened to women in Jalsa’s in UAE and Egypt.Recommend

  • Gp65

    @Falcon: The issue of exit could explain chaos not the sexual harassment. This is not to say that PTI. Is responsible for this but definitely these types of behavior need to be challenged and condemned wherever they occur to ensure basic minimum mobility and empowerment for women.Recommend

  • m omar

    @all: whoever is saying (in particular men) that they were trying to help!!! My advise to them is…DON”T DO IT…Its certainly not your job. You scare these women by trying to help. If you are genuinely concerned with the women in stress then contact women police force head.Recommend

  • http://Paris John the Baptist

    Zara, go ahead and start with your own brothers and other male family members. Ask them to respect women. If every woman in Pakistan can shame her own family members into civilized behaviour, the whole misogyny culture will slowly go away. Recommend