What Imran Khan and the March 23 rally will bring us

Published: March 22, 2013

I’m predicting the rally tomorrow to be one of the largest, if not the largest ever rally in the history of the country! PHOTO: REUTERS

The importance of the coming elections cannot be overstated. Pakistan today stands on the point of implosion and the kind of leadership that is elected to take the country forward could make or break it.

My loyalties in this matter lie with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and I’m writing this to present my reasons for handing the party my vote and what I think you should expect tomorrow at Minar-e-Pakistan.

Internal democracy.

When a party is democratic then it is full of elected position holders. This means the leadership has integrity and mandate. More importantly it means they have more pressure to deliver because they would, in the future, have to fight for their position again. An elected leader has the power of command and respect which a nominated leader does not.

The leadership has declared their assets and uploaded the information to the party’s website.

Pakistan’s administration is full of corrupt, tax evaders. This gesture therefore is unique and very praiseworthy. Pakistanis are amongst the highest payers of charity and the country has one of the lowest tax to GDP ratios. This dissonance can only mean that people are not inspired to pay taxes because of a lack of trust. I don’t really blame the people either.

Who would pay their taxes when 70% of our parliamentarians do not themselves pay, and when no sign of efficient and productive use of tax payer’s money has been shown?

Detailed policy papers prior to election.

This again is, and was unprecedented in Pakistan. Calling an education emergency and trebling the budget for education were refreshing announcements. It was also heart-warming to hear policies on neglected issues such as the environment and disabled people.

Commitment to harmony and equality.

When the Ahmadi place of worship was attacked three years ago, Imran Khan visited the injured in the hospital and vowed to stand by the Ahmadis, protect them and end the power of the state to decide if certain sects could be counted as Muslim or not.

When the genocide against the Shia community began, the PTI leadership visited scholars and leaders of the Shia community to show solidarity. Imran Khan has also travelled to Quetta twice; once for a rally and more recently a month ago to openly condemn Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and show solidarity with the Hazara community.

A few days ago Khan visited Joseph Colony in Badami Bagh where hundreds of homes of Christians had been burnt by an angry mob. The PTI is the only party to stand by the defenceless minorities in Pakistan. Be their philosophy religious or ethnic.

Impressive personalities that are a part of the team.

Asad Umar resigned as chairman of Engro in April 2012 to join the PTI. Umar worked for Engro for 30 years and transformed the firm from a mere chemical company to a giant conglomerate. He left his position at Engro where he was the highest paid CEO in the country at a salary of almost Rs6 million a month – to work for the betterment of Pakistan with the PTI. In 2010 he received the Sitara-i-Imtiaz for his business achievements.

Another example is the appointment in May 2012 of Azeem Ibrahim as the strategic policy advisor. Ibrahim holds a PhD from Cambridge and has served as a scholar at Harvard and Yale. He was named as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2009 by the LSDP European Social Think Tank and has advised over half a dozen world leaders.

The counter-terrorism policy.

The PTI is the only party to comprehensively address the situation of terrorism in Pakistan and provide a solution. Eight years of military action have only succeeded in creating more militants because the root causes of the issue have never been looked at.

Disengaging from the US war on terror, hence ending the Jihad narrative used by the terrorists to recruit displaced and homeless tribal locals looking for revenge, will help isolate retaliating Pashtuns from hard core terrorists who would be eliminated by force. The PTI addresses the issue, identifies the complexities and elements involved and presents a solution. Its competition in this matter is non-existent.

Imran Khan and what’s to come tomorrow.

The best part of Khan’s life has been nothing short of selfless service to Pakistan. He chose this life of struggle over a life of luxury. His philanthropic works in addition to his sporting achievements makes very few Pakistani’s doubt his intentions, integrity and ability. In comparison we have criminals, corrupt officials and fundamentalists.

With the Tehreek-e-Insaf’s intra party elections taken care of and the organisation complete, it is time for a show of power.

PTI rally at Minar-e-Pakistan on March 23

I’m predicting the rally tomorrow to be one of the largest, if not the largest ever rally in the history of the country!

There will be people from every walk of life, every segment of society, every religion and every ethnicity Pakistan has to offer. The rally is going to be one of the rare moments that a true representation of Pakistan’s society will stand in unity and with purpose. Tomorrow is going to be the beginning of a short movement that will be remembered for ages as the tipping point of Pakistan’s politics. Tomorrow is going to be a day of pride, patriotism, optimism and most importantly hope. Tomorrow will give every Pakistani hope and maybe if nothing, that’s what the Tehreek-e-Insaf can offer you. The hope that it’s not too late, that you have the power to change everything and that Pakistan not only has a future, but a bright one.

The fourth week of March is a historic and spiritual time. The Persian New Year and the spring equinox both fall in this period. This is known as a time of new beginnings, where the cold dark sadness of winter ends and is replaced by the emergence of blossoming flowers and the sunlight of spring.

God-willing March 23, will be the beginning of the road towards a new Pakistan.

A Pakistan where we all feel safe, a Pakistan where we all feel proud and a Pakistan in which there will always be ‘insaf’. Let’s be optimistic and let’s have hope.

Let’s take Pakistan and go, as Shakespeare said,

“To unpathed waters, undreamed shores”.

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Abu Bakr Agha

Abu Bakr Agha

A software engineer, musician, writer and activist from Islamabad, currently based in Chicago. He tweets @AB_Agha (twitter.com/AB_Agha)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • abcde

    Tomorrows rally will accomplish nothing. Rallies (whichever party holds them) don’t accomplish anything. They’re in the news for one day, and then everybody will forget about them, especially during election season. Case in point: IK’s last rally in Lahore. And while there are many praiseworthy things about PTI, your article goes over the top about many things. A manifesto happens every election cycle, in all parties. Certainly not unprecedented. Now why would you feel the need to lie about that? You also make it sound like only the PTI has ‘impressive personalities.’ In reality, compared to the PPP and PMLN, the PTI sits a very firm third in this category. To think otherwise is just laughable. You might very well be right about the rally, it might be the biggest, and that is saying something, but its long term affect is close to negligible.Recommend

  • ank

    On 23rd March witness a naya Pakistan where Imran Khan will take on target killings in Karachi and MQM. Where Imran Khan will take on Bank of punjab & NICL looters and Pervaiz Elahi, where Imran Khan will take on establishment for killings and missing persons in Balochistan where Imran Khan will take on brutal suicide bombings in KPk, Punjab, Sind and Balochistan and Tehreek Taliban, where Imran Khan will take on tried and tested politicians Shah Mehmood Javed Hashmi Jehangir Tareen Azam Swati Khursheed Kasuri and Asif Ahmed Ali. If Imran Khan does this it will be a naya pakistanRecommend

  • Aamna Fasihi

    Where’s the ‘Love’ button now for this article! @abcde ”You also make it sound like only the PTI has ‘impressive personalities.’” Even if this article doesn’t enlighten you enough to distinguish between PPP/PMLN and PTI then no wonder Pakistan’s in such a mess. People ought to discard the tried and tested ones for just once and try someone new. You never know if PTI under Imran Khan’s leadership might fulfill those promises that PPP and PMLN have been unable to fulfill in 3 (though disturbed by millitary intervention yet) tenuresRecommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    We need to look ahead of this petty Jalsa.
    Let’s welcome Musharraf.Recommend

  • Aamna Fasihi

    by the way it’s heart-warming from writer to say ”The fourth week of March is a historic and spiritual time. The Persian New Year and the spring equinox both fall in this period. This is known as a time of new beginnings, where the cold dark sadness of winter ends and is replaced by the emergence of blossoming flowers and the sunlight of spring.” Loved this part most!Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    IK has changed the paradigm of Pakistani politics for the time to come. 2 years ago, no one was even listening to what he was saying. As a matter of fact, I just laughed out loud in July 2011 watching an Interview of IK on some TV channel that ‘he would sweep the elections’. Now I feel embarrassed. To some, it’s still not visible how much impact has IK created in the power corridors by sending Tsunami waves there. So whether it is ‘Mian sb Assolon ki siasat or Maulana Fazal’s islam’ all are in danger. What the future holds for Pakistan and for PTI is only known to the creator but if continuous hardwork, tireless efforts, honesty, dedication, objectivity and commitment to the cause are considered to be benchmark of success, IK will have it some day or the other. Its just a matter of time in the near, very near future, Inshallah. Recommend

  • Karachite

    I agree with all of your content except the support for minority. Although IK may have a clean intention to better the situation, he will want to avoid confrontation with Mullahs on the rights of minorities. And so did all other parties. The consequence is a domino effect of lawlessness throughout the country. Unless IK clearly state a policy to remove discriminatory laws from the constitution, I don’t think the lawlessness can be tackled.Recommend


    Imran Khan is the only hope (in GOOD LEADERSHIP) for PAKISTAN .
    HE is the only leader who feels the pain of a common man … IMRAN KHAN IS THE REAL HERO, a new face ,a challenging person and an excellent observer.

    I pity other parties only make money our of the poor nation.


  • Asif Nawaz

    He will sweep the elections. Doesn’t matter what people say. All the people who talk against IK are from privileged backgrounds and doesn’t care which government takes over, but ask those who works all day just to eat one single piece of bread. How hard it is for them when they can’t afford basic necessities to survive in this country.
    I am not in complete agreement with PTI on some issues, but I have no doubt in my mind that PTI will change the course of this country towards prosperity and peace. InshAllah and InshAllah, all those who criticize IK and PTI will have to find a corner to hide after he sweeps the election.Recommend

  • Ramsha. K

    Imran khan. I am in love with you, with all my heart. and applaud for the writer of this article too!Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/itajjee Tajjee

    None pf arguments in this article are refutable. Every argument is careully developed based on facts. First, importantance of rally is that it will bust the progand that ‘Tsunami is over’, in fact it will relaunch of wellorganized Tsunami spread all over Pakistan from Hunza, Gilgit-Batistan to Taftaan, Baluchsitan and from Chitral, KPK to Karachit, Sindh.

    Secondly, I cahllenge if you could produced detailed policy paper on each aspect f governance presented by any other party. Just to inform you, PTI’s Manifesto is yet to come. I hope you are quite eudcated enought to diffferentiate b/w mere manifesto and detailed policy work.

    Regarding, highly quaified leader in PTI, give me a single name from Status QUo parties who is near equal to Asad Umar. Secondly, een other dont have a match of face of PTI, Imran Khan.

    Last words for you:
    ‘First they ignore, then laugh, they they fight and finally you win’….Said by Ghandi.

    IA! Naya Pakistan All The Way! Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Just to correct you…. there is a lot of difference between a manifesto and a policy. Manifesto is just a long list of wishes with zero or very few pragmatism. Like in 2008 PMLN manifesto stated that they will take Matric enrollment up to 100% but see where we are now.
    Whereas policy completely describes what steps will be taken to achieve a milestone. Like in PTI Education Policy, steps were devolution, budget increase and how to improve education structure etc etc…

    Other than that, you have your own views and I’m not going to impose my own views on yours…Recommend

  • shoeb

    Election day am going and voting for Imran khan, ill vote for PTI and urge all of you to do the same, whatever mention in the article is true but the truest of all truth is PML-N, PPP, MQM has only give us a fail government one of after the other and trust me they will not change overnight they have the same face, same philosophy same think tank which has brought Pakistan at the point of implosion.
    Its time that some one new is give a change, Imran khan might not be as effective as he sames on paper but he is our best bet.
    This election please forget about lahore karachi islamabad peshawar think about Pakistan, Vote!!
    VOTE for PTI.

    As Imran khan aptly put it:

    Jandiyo Sadi bari andiyo Recommend

  • Asif Nawaz

    Let me also add, I live overseas, and I have already booked and confirmed a ticket for 5th May. I didn’t had the money so i borrowed it from a friend, but by God, I can’t sit and watch my country burn itself just because we are too lazy to cast our votes.Recommend

  • Moazzam Salim

    As per the writer the list of the Impressive Personalities of PTI comprises two names and both are of non-political background. The claim about Engro being lifted to greatness by Mr. Asad Umer is a far fetched claim as is evident from the planning done during his tenure that has resulted in a huge financial crisis for Engro. In reality Mr. Asad Umer had inside knowledge and he jumped the Engro ship when it started to go down. Coming back to the list of Impressive Personalities one does find people like Aleem Khan (a younger version of Malik Riaz), Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri (a confidant of Gen Musharraf), Azam Swati (a billionaire in $s but no record of his income sources), Shah Mahmood Qureshi (a landlord and pir), Ibrar-ul-haq who tried to convince PM Gillani, as he was at that time, to induct him and his 100 friends into PPP but when that didnt come about he joined PTI the very next day! the list goes on and on and its majority comes from the already tried persons. In short it is old wine in a new bottle. The players are veterans and the game is as old as Pakistan. Good luck with the proverbial ‘Change’ claimed to be brought about by those same players who are the champions of status quo. Recommend

  • Ali

    calling LEJ though out blatantly is not enough for you? Recommend

  • Ali

    @Moazzam Salim:
    Engro is suffering because of the gas crisis, no gas, no power, no fertilizer. Fatima and Fauji are undergoing the same circumstances. Recommend

  • Ali

    @Moazzam Salim:
    You claim about old wine in new bottle falls flat on one argument. PARTY ELECTIONS. Anyone who wants to come has to be elected, no one can be appointed anymore. It’s not just a new bottle mate, it’s a whole new bottling plant and even if there are some old batches still remaining, new batches will soon be arriving as a result of intera party democracy. (unlike any other party) Recommend

  • Skeptical

    Why should we test the tested?? Imran Khan deserves a chance to prove himself as a Kaptaan!!!Recommend

  • AQ


    lets welcome a guyRecommend

  • Sane

    He is clean because not tested yet. Let him share the power. Everyone praising shall be commenting otherwise. Only time can prove what I say.Recommend

  • AQ

    If you wanted to edit my comment then you should have not posted it.Recommend

  • Sheema Khan

    RESPECT! Naya Pakistan Insha Allah!Recommend

  • dr j tipu

    so true…. true that Imran Khan has galvanised the whole nation, refreshened the spirit of the people.Recommend

  • Abid Khan


    Well its better you just shut your mouth if you are not serious about this country and its problems.

    Musharaf my foot.

    We will vote PTI only cuz its not tested first of all.

    2nd reason Imran Khan is the best choice under the given circumstances
    as compared to Sharifs and Zardaris etc.

    Last but not the least, we need change now and now pls dont give me this
    argument that IK can’t bring this change with ppl like Hashmi, Qureshi etc etc.


  • Ali

    Could you tell me a little more about the impressive personalities in the PPP and PML-N?
    I can think of a lot of tax dodgers, crooks, liars if that’s what you are referring to.Recommend

  • Manny Hussain

    23rd March is a message to status Quo and those brothers and sisters who in their heart support IK and PTi but their demoralisation over the current situation of pakistan has made them disbelieve pakistan and its people can ever improve. i say to you inshallah with the will of Allah Pakistan will improve come out and support a new beginning pakistan does not have a better chance and looking at the current line up of politicians may not get another chance! vote and tell others to volte this is a response people of pakistan need to give their failed and corrupt politions! no more not ever again! PTI brings a new future for pakistan with the will of Allah!Recommend

  • Something Clever

    The rally will bring two things.
    1. chair theft
    2. internet spamRecommend

  • abcde


    There was no tsunami. And PTI’s inevitable downturn after the heady days of Lahore 1.0 proves this. This is one of IK’s fundamental flaws. Politics isn’t about revolution. Its evolution, unless you’re Bhutto, which your man is not. Thats one of the downsides to being Pasha’s test tube democrat. I didn’t say PTI rallies don’t accomplish anything, I said ANY rally is a waste in electoral terms. PMLN and PPP (or MQM for that matter) dont need rallies because they have a very well entrenched mechanism to ensure large voter turn out. PTI doesn’t which is why this rally seems like such a big deal.


    “Like in PTI Education Policy, steps were devolution, budget increase and how to improve education structure etc etc…”

    We have already achieved devolution. Its called the 18th amendment. And wait a minute, are you saying we need money to improve education. Seriously? I didn’t know this. So ignorant of me. I must thank IK and the PTI for enlightening me on this aspect of, as you put it, ‘policy’.

    Raza Rabbani (18th amendment architect), Aitzaz Ahsan (no intro needed), Ishaq Dar (main architect of 9th NFC award), Ahsan Iqbal (Wharton School of Business). I could go on. Even Asma Jehangir supports PPP. You remember Asma Jehangir? The same person your leader so viciously and ignorantly attacked, and for what? The same leader who, by the way, accused Pervez Hoodhboy of being an american agent on live tv, remember that? Now those are true liberals, both of them. Is this the enlightenment you are looking for? And sure the PPP and PMLN have a lot of tax dodgers, but where exactly did PTI make up the numbers from to fulfill its own ranks? SMQ paid taxes all his life has he? He replaced the bullet proof tyres on his mercedes using official funds while he was FM. A very cool 1.6 million rupees. So lets not go there.Recommend

  • Fiza

    I hope IK is the knight and shining armor we all have been waiting for all our lives. However, i have certain concerns about IK being at the helm.

    If past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior then IK was known to have an autocratic style of leadership. In fact, even when he was the captain of cricket team, it was his way or the highway! He was accused of destroying people’s careers if they did not see eye to eye with him. He has an arrogant demeanor and demanded reverence.
    Although, he claims to be a liberal, he keeps flirting with the religious parties and is extremely supportive of Taliban. So mush so that he avoids any sort of conflict with them and is extremely reluctant to openly condemn their actions (malala’s case).
    He reneged on his promise (to keep his party clean of corrupt politicians) by giving party tickets to all those champions of corruption, he had criticized and bashed initially. i understand that it was a politically motivated action for strengthening his party but yet it shows his vulnerability as a reformer.
    .4. He has to work with the pernicious system and I am afraid, its not going to be an easy ride for him. He cannot overhaul the entire system in a matter of days without the support of of all the institutions and will face tenacious resistance from all sides. I hope he doesn’t lose sight of his goal like Musharff did towards the end of his tenure.
    His lack of experience in governance could have dire consequences for the nation. Running a hospital is different from running a state.

    Having said that I would like to see pti and Musharraf reaching some kind of an agreement.. Their combo would be the best for the country. Recommend

  • irfan

    just awesome article man……..impressed keep it up.Recommend

  • @abcde: YOU are the reason why this country lacks innovative thinking. Pakistanis like you hold the country back from trying something new. If you are so eager to re-elect the past horror, do it. I am sure you are benefiting from those parties in some shape or form. Instead of making judgement, be critical of your number one and two. Grow a pair and look forward. Recommend

  • Muzammil Kamran

    Hats off let haters know why are we with Khan <3Recommend

  • Muhammad Imran

    My full support is with PTi!!! Me and my whole family will Inshallah vote to IK members!!!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Imran

    @Abid Khan:
    Your thoughts are right my brother!!!
    I am requesting and forcing to everyone included my whole family to just vote to PTI.
    We want change and want to look new face of Pakistan with pure people.Recommend

  • Parvez

    So nice to see something from you after quite some time. This was an excellent over view of matters and I must agree with you because the logic is simple ‘ If not Imran, than who ? ‘Recommend

  • Hamza

    Great article with succinct — yet well research, and incredibly valuable — points of note!
    Great work! Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR


  • Naya Pakistan

    Why stop at e? Is it because your parties dont believe in education.? The parties that are reserved for their sons and daughters, nephews and nieces? Ishaque Dar the very same who has investments in millions in Dubai, without known source of income ? That same Asma Jehangir the protege of Bal Thakeray? Your charges against Asad are malafide and devoid of any facts, seems like grapes are sour. Good luck sticking with the Zardari’s and the Sharifs, specially if your surname is different. Thank God he is not a Bhutto, about time we moved on from dynastic politics. Besides remember what Bhutto did to this country ? Remember the origins of the Sharifs, and remember what they were going to do to this country as Amir ul Momineen? Or are we suffering from selective amnesia. Change is what this country needs otherwise it is the same putrid waters of tax dodgers, corruption and Bank defaulters. Look at the perks that they gave themselves on the last few days, have they no shame. Look at the number of corruption cases, and under the approving eyes of a friendly colluding opposition. Pity this nation. Recommend

  • Rai Nadeem Riaz

    Imran Khan is a great leader and an honest person,,,,,,,He may change The Pakistan in future…I want to change our country Pakistan,,,,,,….I wish may he live long life with great hapiness

    But there are some currupt leaders follow his party who’s i don’t like……..

    Regards by: Rai Nadeem and Sajid KhanRecommend

  • Ammad Ali

    I think this gathering will decide that whether the people of Pakistan will adopt the elections of 1970 where theer was no chances of ZA Bhutto but he emerged as a national leader. Recommend

  • abcde

    @[email protected]:

    actually im not benefitting in any way from any of these parties. but this statement does show your limited mental capacity. the only reason anybody would not support PTI is because of ulterior motives right? nothing to do with policy and chances of delivering on it and the fact that Imran Khan is backed by the army.Recommend

  • Naya Pakistan

    So anyone who challenges the status quo, is supported by the army? Great discourse on policy and ideology, shows ones limited mental capacity.Recommend

  • Fahad Hussain

    IK is ray of hope in the dark sorroundings Recommend

  • abcde

    @Naya Pakistan:

    No. There are Sindhi nationalist parties, Baloch Nationalist Parties. Leftist Parties, and a few others that are challenging the status quo. None of them are supported by the army. Imran Khan on the other hand, by his own admission (not that it was needed) started his political career because of Hameed Gul, and according to Edhi, conspired to overthrow BB’s second government. So who are you going to believe, Pakistan’s best ambassador, or just another politician? His entire political history is littered with such incidents. Your second sentence makes no sense, so I can’t respond to it.Recommend

  • Realistic Pakistani

    IK’s close association with religious parties is really alarming. He supports sharia law, including the blasphemy laws. I once saw his interview on bbc in which he clearly voiced his support for blasphemy laws and rejected the argument that they should be abolished.

    I am not sure if he will crack down on militants once he resumes power. And mind you, Taliban is a force to reckon with, they will not settle down on anything less than imposing sharia law on us. No matter what we have to get rid of these forces which are an internal threat to our security and i have my doubts if IK is the right Man to do the job.Recommend

  • Naya Pakistan

    Don’t expect you to understand, as ” you cannot free the fools of the chains they revere ” . Recommend

  • abcde

    @Naya Pakistan:

    I see you ran out of things to say, and satisfied yourself with a quick google search. I myself am a great fan of Voltaire, which is why I feel the need to say that his greatest fight was against intolerance, in this case, of a difference of opinion. And in that you are quite representative of your PTI-peers. Need I say more?Recommend

  • Nawaz Shareef

    I love Imran Khan. Recommend

  • Hashim

    He may win, but won’t achieve much.

    I’m hopeful that as a credible opposition he will prevent further deterioration. Recommend

  • http://mezaajedeen.blogspot.com Tribune Reader

    Khan ko samjhao, Siyasat Nahin Riyasat Bachao
    Translated some.one knock some sense into Khan, save state not politicsRecommend

  • AHB

    I can only laugh at this article. I don’t know why Tribune publish such biased articles. They lack quality and material, filled with bombastic and emotional words. All such articles contain words like great leader, honest, brave, determined and there are a lot of superlatives.

    Of course people who are fans of PTI will praise the writer and he will think he is such a great writer. This article is just an adulation of cult leader by his follower.

    Imran Khan has no policy to counter terrorism. He wants to do dialogue with TTP. PTI has done seat adjustment with JI. JI has never given statement against terrorism and TTP.

    I don’t want to get in details but I would suggest to Tribune Express that they change their name to PTI Express.Recommend

  • Fiza

    @ AHB: agreed! I am not a great fan of IK myself but i guess ppl want change and we don’t have any other option! I don’t think this nation deserves Musharraf, although in my opinion he would have been the right choice!Recommend

  • Zara

    Manifesto and policy are different things. PTI’s policy on matters like war on terror, corruption and taxes is clear and same for many years,, it shows their consistency and honesty and about what you said about PTI standing third for having impressive personalities, whom you find impressive in PPP and PML(N)?Recommend

  • http://www.ilmiguy.com Naya Pakistan

    Imran Khan Speech on 23rd March in Minar e Pakistan was Great MashaAllah. Imran khan has brought new changes in Politics which will take affect and would effect other parties in coming time. New faces would start coming as now according to me, people now want to change pakistan and may jump up in politics by idealizing imran khan which can kick up money making political tradional families :)Recommend

  • afza siddiqui

    He may not achieve much but he is going to put an honest effort.that is for sure . even if he manages to achieve 20 % of what he has claimed then too it would be a win.it is his conviction and honesty that has convinced people to hope for a better tomorrow .it is the first time so many people are feeling obliged to vote. lets keep our fingers crossed and dont let our motivation and support for ‘naya Pakistan’ die before the elections.lets make it sure to transform our support into votes that are going to matter the most. IN SHA ALLAH we are destined for change this time. Recommend

  • AHB

    I have read through most of the comments. There is this one person ABCDE, who is criticising Imran Khan. And all the PTI fans are calling him ignorant. Few even said that he / she is getting benefits from other political parties. Even when I sometime criticize IK on any forum, I receive harsh replies and some people use filthy language. It’s like you are with PTI or you are their biggest enemies. The illiterate youth is blowing themselves with suicide bombs and so called educated youth is suicide bomb of social media. Is it necessary to coerce everyone to join pti?

    If we can’t respect each others opinion than what’s the use of change? And not every change is good.Recommend

  • Nwaq

    Imran is our last hope on earth.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @Manny Hussain:

    Allah is not concerned with your petty politics of Pakistan. So don’t bring his name into everything. If people think IK will end their sufferings, people are sadly mistaken. again he is yet to be tested, he can stear Pakistan towards becoming a secular state by abandoning orthodox Sunni state idea. That is the root cause of the problem in Pakistan.Recommend