They killed my chacha, Sibte Jafar, but they cannot kill his memory

Published: March 21, 2013

He was there to answer all my questions -- worldly or otherwise. PHOTO: ALQAIM.TV

In my 25 years of life, I have met three kinds of geniuses.

First; the genius who is inaccessible. He is always busy, forever surrounded by people. With so much recognition and power, he becomes vulnerable and often, succumbs to worldly pressures and expectations.

Second; the genius who is either a good orator, a good writer or a good thinker – not perhaps an all-rounder. He may even be accessible.

The third kind of genius is my chacha (uncle). Strangely, he was like none other; always accessible, forever humble and eternally ready to serve humanity.

He was my answer to absolutely any and every problem.

For the first time in my entire life, on the day he died, I felt jealous – jealous of all those crying for him – jealous of all those associated with him. That day, I felt like I had failed in knowing him in totality. His personality seemed so vast that my little mind failed to do it justice.

Until Monday, I was very happy with just knowing him as my uncle. I was content as the child whose school speeches he used to write; as a university student whose documentaries he used to help with, and as a young adult whose questions he used to answer with so much patience.

I now feel alone with no counselor, no guidance.

But standing there, amid lost people and an orphaned community, I felt they had lost far more than I had. Never before have I seen people yearning for a human so much.

As I write this, the words seem so shallow – so meaningless, devoid of feeling and essence.

Suddenly, tears and silence do more justice to communicating than any language possibly can.

Poets tell me he was a poet; educationalists tell me he was a professor; students tell me he was a teacher; peons tells me he was a generous helper –  the thousands who attended his funeral gravely felt his absence, sighed together in silence, unable to comprehend the devoid.

All those who wrote about him were still crying for him; families from interior areas came just to get a glimpse of his funeral.

It was them who told me who he was.

“You, my dear brother, will just go, happily stealing the show, joining the legends and mehfil (gathering) of great poets. It is us who’d be left to face this world,” Abu exclaimed exactly ten days before my chacha left us for the happier place.

It was still, however, a shock when I was confronted with the news. My chacha is Shaheed Sibte Jafar now. He was brutally gunned down right outside his college.

Through him, they have attempted to murder literature, language – the entire ideology of enlightenment and knowledge. Through him, they have murdered countless homes which ran through his help.

He made his way to the graveyard, held up high on many shoulders craving to carry his last bed, petals being showered on his path. I felt comforted at the sight of adoration, yet, looking around at the orphaned community, I felt a pang of inexplicable loss.

But then, how lucky is the human being who is loved so deeply by so many?

He is a fortunate man whose departure is mourned so fervently by so many and whose absence is felt so gravely by all.

My chacha will always be the man I remember on a 70cc bike, with a small, torn wallet, a checkered shirt and brown pants, holding an old, switched off Nokia 3310 – as humble as they come.

As Abu used to call him, a legend he remains – even in death, he is a living legend.

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Sultana Haider

Sultana Haider

Is currently pursuing an MSc in Media, Communications & Development from the London School of Economics. A business graduate by conventional definition and social sector enthusiast by accident. She tweets @shaiderj (

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  • Azeem

    So true…
    Millions dollar man… a human being who Saturated all without discrimination.
    A man of words, punctuality, dignity , sincerity, austerity…..
    This loss can never be overcome. Recommend

  • Rizwan Raja

    RIP the legend, the hero. He was a hope, he was a bright star in the dark of ignorance…Gr8 lost for the nation…Shaheed will miss u foreverRecommend

  • Yousaf Saleem

    reading this brought tears to my eyes. when will we stop taking lives of innocent people?Recommend

  • Human

    May his soul rest in Peace & may God Bless you & family .Recommend

  • RR(USA)

    Sad to hear …. may Chacha’s soul rest in peace. Why don’t people just live the life. Why there is always killing ?Recommend

  • Pakistan

    yes , its very great loss of Pakistani Nation. Solute to Ustad Sibt e jafer…Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Another Shia Killing!

    My condolences to the author. Please stay safe.Recommend

  • Zoya

    God bless Sibt-e-Jaffer and his entire family. Ameen. Recommend

  • Insaan

    Was he a Shia? Why some one killed him? Recommend

  • Syed

    Dear Sultana Sis, I had never met your chacha but I knew him very well. I know if anyone deserved Shahadat, it was Ustad Sibte Jafar. Anything less than Shahadat would have been an injustice to him. I know this is how he wanted to leave this world but I can’t explain how much it pains to know that this great man is just gone forever. I loved his Shairy, specially this about Shahadat:

    Hadsa aur marz-ul-maut main marna kaisa
    Maut Barhaq hai to phir maut say darna kaisa
    Hai Shahadat ki khabar apney liye khush khabri

    Hai Shaheedo ka lahoo Khaas ataye Bari
    Zindagi daita hai yeh qom ko afrad ko bhi
    Iss Shahadat ki tamanna to Rasoolo nay bhi kiRecommend

  • uzma nauman

    May His soul Rest in Peace. Recommend

  • Syeda

    A real Hero of humanity! the precious personality! we all love him, he will be alive in our hearts, in our souls. His dignity may never be forgotten……
    May Allah rest his soul in JAVAR -e- MASOOMEEN a.s.Recommend

  • kanwal

    He was a genius and a legend of Soz Khwani. Rip.
    They have killed the soul of sozkhwani in pakistan. Recommend

  • M Baloch

    Dhoondho gai mulkoon mulkoon milnai se naayaab hain hum…Now Pakistan has to wait another 100 years to produce a man of such calibre. I saw him once in person and listen his recitations on youtube couple of times but when saw the news I myself couldn’t control my tear. RIP Shaheed Sibt JaffarRecommend

  • Mubashir

    The sad demise of Ustad Sibte Jaffer, still hard to believe that he is no more with us. i did not see this kind of personality; strictly sober, sincere, punctual, decent, or what else you can imagine a good quality in any human. no words really to express my feelings, i deeply render my condolence to Ustad’s family, may God rest his soul in peace……………..Recommend

  • Ali

    I just knew him as a marisa and nauha writer until his Shadaat! But now after reading the details I am really surprized to know that he was a Principal, Professor, Associated with countless organizations promoting marsia and nauha writing, associated with many schools in interior sindh for promoting education for free without any discrimination, helping people in countless ways and the list goes on. Above all a man of this kind was riding a 70 cc bike shows how simple and down earth kind of person he was, Hatts Off!. This is a great loss not only to a Shia community but a great loss to Pakistan, a proof of this is an article circulating on facebook from Mustansir Hussain Taraar and message from Iftikhar Arif on some news channel. Recommend

  • Syed Murtuza Hasan

    Dear Sultana

    Accept my heartfelt condolences, this news has left many shattered and for sure azadari would never be the same without marhoom.

    I am an Indian residing in Dubai & have had my opportunities to hear the master reciting, the way only he could…

    At this moment there is huge sorrow and sadness in my heart & can imagine what you all must be going through…..

    Let us all pray for Immediate appearance of our Imam AS, Maula if not now then WHEN…

    May God grant all of you the patience of Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin (Ameen)

    Syed Murtuza HasanRecommend

  • Against_the_Murderers

    Dear Sultana:

    May Allah ( swt ) grant him highest place in Jannah. I am a Sunni, shame on me and millions of Sunnis and their scholars who are cowards and looking for excuses for these murderers.

    Its time to wake up, there should be NO negotiations with these murderers, If Pakistan wants to survive as a nation. Recommend

  • Ali Rizwan

    Dear Sister, you just moved me to tears. A true embodiment of

    Shahadat hai mutlub o maqsood e Momin
    Na maal e ghanimat na kishwar kushai

    What a gem we have lost but rest assured that he is in the great company of Masomeen A.S.Recommend

  • Reality check

    That is the most poignant piece I have read for a long time. Brought tears to my eyes.

    May Allah bless him. Recommend

  • Azar Ali Zain

    I cannot write my feelings here.
    Me and my friends, we condoled each other over phone and Skype, we cried as if someone of our family is gone. My sister just a minute ago said the same, that it feels one of our family members just passed away.

    The day of his funeral, I had this strong pain in my chest, and that’s when I realized that how much I was related to him, how much I loved him, his simplicity, his contentment, and clarity.

    Since then, I have been constantly listening to him, and he is the only person I am talking about with my people. It is very depressing to know that he will not enlighten us any further, though he will never die within humanity, and we will keep learning and benefiting from what he has left behind.

    Just a few days back, I had a long chat over dinner with two of my senior friends, and we kept talking about him all that time, recalling his poems, his attitude, his humbleness, and his services and the way he serviced the community without any expectations of return.

    I am very inexpressible since his death, and I can borrow Mevlaneh Rumi to express why I am inexpressible:

    But he who is parted from them that speaks his tongue
    Though he posses a thousand voices; is perforce dumb

  • Parvez

    ……….and that is why they killed him, because they feared him.

    The simple way you wrote this made it all the more powerful.Recommend

  • Mahmood

    “jab IMAM AS aaein gae, Sibte Jaffer ko sath laaein gae” i have just these words to console you Recommend

  • Laraib Mazhar

    No words to praise him.He was a true follower of AhlulBait.. Love for humanity was deeply penetrated inside his veins. After a long tenure of struggle he is with those for whom he got Shahdat. May his soul rest in peace… Our generations will remember him as a role model.Recommend

  • Hassan

    No Doubt He Is Blessed With Jannat Al Firdous And Jawar E Aimmah (AS)Recommend

  • Sanobar

    Sultana dear,Lucky you met him. He lived the way Imam Ali (as) wanted each one of us to live. His shairi reflected his yearning for ALLAH ‘s wali He gave enough hints in his poems to leave this corrupt filthy world in his poetry as a martyr. And what a martyr was he.!!!!!!!!!!! Recommend

  • hamid

    Nawaz Sharif. Shahbaz Sharif. Rana Sanaullah. Iftikhar Chaudhary.Recommend

  • SJ

    No he was not Shia, he was not Sunni and was not even a Muslim. He was simply an Insaan just like you and me. Isn’t that enough? I don’t think so.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Heart felt condolences for your loss. Did Prophet Mohammed sanctioned killing of Shia Muslims ? Answer is no.
    What the extremist are doing is trying to silence our intellectuals because they are scared of themRecommend

  • gp65

    Please accept my condolences. May he rest in peace.Recommend

  • A Muslim


    Sister Sultana never think that “I now feel alone with no counselor, no guidance.” because Professor sibt e jafar is now Shaheed
    SIster ur uncle….no our uncle l. n now he is watching us that wht v r dng? So lets fulfil our responsibilities.
    thx for sharing ur feelings. May Allah give sabr e jameel to all of u. Ameen Recommend

  • Agnostic Khan

    Very moving article…such a huge loss….we must not lose hope…as an eternal optimist, i appreciate the positive undertone of the article….we must mourn the dead but their ideals live on for us to follow…Recommend

  • citizen

    i am all teary eyed . May Allah give him ala mukam in jannah ! amenRecommend

  • Hira

    Rarely have I seen living and breathing people remembered and quotes so fervently. Professor Sibt-e-Jaffar was one of such people. How can he then be forgotten when he is no more?His words penetrated deep down much like the words of sufi’s and saints. May he be granted the highest ranks in Janaat. Ameen.Recommend

  • Ali Zaid

    Touchy piece, made me cry yet again. Your Chacha was an asset of the nation, the reviver of Soaz and Marsiya Khwani in Sub-Continent and his most important tribute was to reduce the gap between anjumans and Ulema.
    I cant forget my few meetings with him. Most people like me used to stand in circle around him after seminars/majalis and enjoy his sweet talks and humble attitude. I cant forget the last time I met him;
    He parked his motorbike behind the barrier of Madinatul Elm Masjid and walked humbly towards the gate. On his way everyone rushed to him for shaking hands and he responded everyone as if he knew them personally.
    Since the day of his martyrdom, only one elegy is played in my home again and again, in the voice of the legend himself:
    Ghusl-e-Mayyat Na Kehna Mere Ghusal Ko
    Ujley Malboos Ko Mat Kafan Naam Do
    Mai Chala Hun Ali(as) Se Mulaqat Ko
    Jiski Thi Aarzu Wo Ghari Aagayi

    We will miss you revered Ustaad till our last breath!Recommend

  • Ali Asghar

    I feel like an orphan. I cry like an orphan. Every time i hear any manqabat or marsia recited by Shaheed Ustaad my eyes are filled with tears. He will be always remembered among . He was a great man. He has given a path to follow for all human beings.Recommend

  • Sane

    Cruality and terror ruling this country.Recommend

  • Na

    It brought tears to my eyes. May his soul rest in peace.Recommend

  • Usman

    Yes, Inshallah…Recommend

  • Usman

    At times, there aren’t words to express……Recommend

  • Azar Ali Zain

    Prior to his death, here is what he wrote (knowing he will be killed soon due to his philanthropy):
    Meri tadfeen bari dhuum se hogi wallah! // Jitne waris hain baray fakhr se batla’engay


    Yuun tou ab bhi hai bari qadr magar janay ke baad // Apnay tou apnay hain ghairon ko bhi tarpa’eyngay

    He was right…Recommend

  • Danish Zaidi

    By reading this article, Sibte Jafar is not made for this World. Associating him with only one sect is not fair, he was Soldier of whole Muslim Community. Really, he was truly living the life in accordance with teaching of Islam

    Those who think they have killed Sibt e Jafar, just listen you can’t kill him. Recommend

  • ali

    when we have a youm e hussain at university,i asked him to come,every other person asked for transportation,and ustad was there in time with his bike—–abb moharum ke chand ko dekh ker kon parhe ga(shah ne chand moharam ka jo safer me dekha———-),i cant write any more because of tearsRecommend

  • salman zaidi

    we will surely miss him. He was reciting marsia from last 17 years in our chacha Dr.Babar Shaheed’s majlis and also he was junior of my father in profession.Once he said to my father

    ”Sir if i am not available, my team will always there without any reminder” and i am witnes.Recommend

  • EZ

    My dearest daughter,

    I met your chacha ustad sibte Jaffar shaheed in 2002 and spent one whole day with him along with other members of the community when we wentto Thahta for Majlis of Jinnat.

    I was already fan of his poetry and other related social work for humanity but on that day I learnt that he was not a normal human being rather he was someone like chosen for some special projects for this world and I used to talk with my wife that if you wish to see a Paradise man among us moving around here and therein front of us is only Ustad Sibte Jaffar Sb.

    we just can’t stop crying of his ir-repairable lose and I believe he would be the one for us to get Shifa’at on day of justice.


    Ejaz ZaidiRecommend

  • Hmmm.

    He wasn’t just a single person but an whole academy. There was so much more to learn from him. Sad that he died this way.
    God help minorities in this country. Recommend

  • Syed

    It is so good to see people write about Shaheed Sibte Jafar. I really believe he was the true follower of Ahlul Bait (a.s.). This is how a Shia Muslim is supposed to be. We must change ourselves too before its too late. I’d be so lucky if my kids turn out to be half as good as Ustad Jafar. We are arranging a Majlis here in North America on Sunday for the late Ustad. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah. Recommend

  • nayyer abbas

    one man army… no words to even praise him :((Recommend

  • http://[email protected] nayyer abbas

    he was one man army…no words to even praise himRecommend

  • ab

    the very next day dr usman was murdered at the abbasi shaheed hospital. what you will say to that ?Recommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    The man didn’t die. He just faded away. Long live the legend!!!Recommend

  • EZ

    that’s how our enemy wants us to divide & involve us in sectarian clashes, Dr Asad Usman was an innocent Doctor, if you know him personally, he was also a hard worker for humanity. Recommend


    How to eleminate illeteracy…?…while killing literacy…!Recommend

  • Ali

    i do not have words….
    i’ve never been a big fan of poetry, never been a regular listener of ustaad sahab, never really known him for who he was… but i just dont know why his martydom has left me shattered…. he truly is a legend.
    we all are orphaned!!!Recommend

  • Syed Ahsan Hadi

    The article is indeed very heart touching. I had known Ustad Sibte Jaffar since my childhood mainly as soz-khawan, However in the last 3-4 years, I had the privilege of his company at-least two three time in an year, once a year he would be gracious enough to come to Islamabad to attend my Father’s barsi Majli, couple of other times in the year when he would visit ISB to attend other functions. Every-time Ustad visited Islamabad, he was kind enough to visit our house and give us few hrs of his precious company. He was same every-time he visited ISB, changing between couple of check shirts and pants he had for years and his chapels that he would wear wherever goes. We wanted to make his stay comfortable in ISB but he always insisted to stay like a commoner.

    To best honest, we all knew that Ustad was unique and different, despite having international fame and offers to live anywhere in the world and all the luxuries of this worldly life he could have, he chose to pursue a very simple life. We can never figure out how someone can manage to do so many things in day with only 24hrs, he was offering soz-khawani / salam in multiple gathering in a day (365 days a year), he was heading the educational wings of many NGO’s JDC etc, he was helping the orphans, he was opening schools in interior sindh, he was running the organization for promoting soz-khawani, he was running his college as a principal, he was writing wonderful poetry and i am sure he would be doing allot of other noble things that nobody knew about.

    Above all that, Sibte Jaffar Zaidi was much closer to Masomeen and Imam Zamana (AS) then all of us could ever be. This is clearly evident from the multiple sources where he indicated that he was 100% sure that he is going to receive shahadat very soon, this is evident from his last sms and his last message to all his loved ones, all of these are now available on internet.

    Ustad use to spread laughters in all the mehfils he attends using his great sense of humor and his wittiness. He was very quick, hrs go by in minutes when you have his company. The loss of his company is a irreparable loss for those who had the pleasure of his close company.

    Loosing a friend, best marsia khawan, the center of attraction for our mehfils and majlis, most humble and loving human, great poet and what not is very painful for his friends. This is by far the greatest loss that the shia community and our country had in the recent times. This has created a gap in so many ways that i don’t see a way for filling.

    I am not sure if time will ease the pain of his loss however in his message to his friends, he says that he is in a much better place and his friends shouldn’t worry about him. He also says that he is alive and he is watching and we all have to raise our level of spirituality if we want to meet him.

    I don’t think i have the words or i can write enough to express my feelings for my dear Ustad and friend so i will stop here.Recommend

  • Rummana Shah

    I never met him or knew him before his death but I have read a lot about him after his shahadat. Why don’t we realize the greatness of people when they are still living? why do we only realize how special they are only after they leave us? He surely was an exceptional human being…a true follower of our great religion…I was crying through out while I read this article…may Allah grant sabr to all those associated with him…he definitely is in a much better place.Recommend

  • Sultana Haider

    The manner of his departure speaks volumes of how one should lead his life. He truly led a life realigning the definition of faith and equating it to humanity.

    I can’t thank you all enough for your overwhelming response and your prayers.May God grant us the strength and vision to carry forward his legacy and serve just the way he did. Recommend

  • Nuzhat Abbas

    Al-Quran…”He who saves the life of one..Saves the life of all mankind” A doctor….If a doctor saves a human body,the scholar saves his every qualified n educated person is the treasue of mankind..Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @Sultana Haider:

    Please do us a favor by writing an article to highlight the plight of shias every month in ET. People need to be educated. Thanks.Recommend

  • Syed Rehan

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. My condolence to his household and as a matter of fact to the whole community. He’s been killed by the animosity towards his love for ghame Hussain (as), beshak his martaba is very high. Prof.Syed Sibte Jafar Zaidi Shaheed, there was a time when he was just the scholar, the philanthropist, the artist, the humane, the pious, the ustad and now he is more than that, he’s now the innocent, the martyred, the victim of ruthless Shia killings. The enemies of Imam Hussain (as) has taken up this job of cowardly killing his reputation and his followers since 1400 years ago, but O you blasphemous traitors have you even succeeded once? instead you’ve been making us much braver and rebellious, we’r not afraid of you!
    __Mohabbat-e-gham-e-Hussain(as) mein Muhibbane Sibte Jafar, From India.Recommend

  • Irshad Mashhad IRAN

    Ustad Sibte Jafer Always live in Our hearts Recommend

  • DL

    My condolences to you on your uncle’s death. However, after reading your article I’ve come to know of a remarkable man that I never knew about. I will read about Sibte Jafar and of his works as well. Recommend

  • Masroor Zaidi

    Lead such a life, that, when you die the people may mourn you and while you alive they long for your company . Imam Ali (as)Recommend

  • Abbas

    @ab: Dear, personally my tally works like 1 our and 10 yours……..


    Abbas Mehmood Recommend

  • Saba rizvi,Mohsin rizvi from Kolkata india,Reciters of his devoted presented klams.

    It is really though extremely mournful event
    that took place, many of the Muslims came to know
    about this unexpected tragedy surrounding
    martred professor sibte jafar. May Allah , his
    ahlulbait and our beloved Imam- e-zamana blessRecommend

  • Saba rizvi,Mohsin rizvi from Kolkata india,Reciters of his devoted presented klams.

    It is really though extremely mournful event
    that took place, many of the Muslims came to know
    about this unexpected tragedy surrounding
    Martred professor Sibte Jafar. May Allah , his
    Ahlulbait and our beloved Imam-E-Zamana blessRecommend

  • Shanay Haidar Zaidi

    I am from New Delhi, it was 2007 when I got a chance to met him in a marriage ceremony of cousin in Karachi. After a formal interaction I was not satisfied, I wanna to give a hug to him but due to my hesitation it was not possible to me. Then I told one of my Cousin about my wish. He told to Shaheed Sibtey Jafar about my wish and my hesitation, after he came to know about that he came to me and said “Thik hai aap mujhse gale mile’n magar iske paise alag se lagenge”. Actually He was trying to make me comfort. its the sweetest memory of my whole life.

    And if I will try to say something about the great loss due to his absence its not possible for any one to express it in words. Just wanna say….

    He was an example of a true SHIA in modern Era.
    He was an institution in himself.

    Aap Bohat Yaad Aayenge.

    Many time he rejected the advise to be settled in any other country by saying Why I should leave my Country, my People.

    Taqayya karna bhi chahoo’n to mujhse ho nahi sakta
    Ki mujhko chalte phirte Yaa Ali kahne ki aadat hai

  • Ali Vazir

    O’ martyr (Shaheed)!
    I wanted to pen down the greatest achievement of yours, but couldn’t comprehend which one is greater. One being a role model, living a true momin life; and second leaving behind so many young would-be-Sibte Jaffar insha Allah.
    How much appreciative I was of the views expressed by someone in an Urdu Newspaper, “…everybody felt that he was so informal with him”.
    In my only close meeting, this is what I felt proudly.
    Ustaad jee pray for us to join you soon.
    Jazak AllahRecommend

  • Batool Naqvi

    I don’t have words to express how sorrowful I am after the death of Ustad Sibte Jafar. It feels like somebody has stolen a precious diamond. I heard a lot about his humbleness from my father who was his classmate. Plus I always regarded him as my uncle because of this ‘Sibte’ which appears in my fathers name too. Forever missed :'(Recommend

  • tasneem

    salam sultana i read ur article n want to tell u that even though i never met ur uncle,i feel as if one of my family member has has been 10 days since his shahadat but i still hav a deep feeling of be honest i cant express my true feelings on his demise.meri dua hai khuda hum sub ko sacha shia bannay ki toufeq ata karay just like ur uncleRecommend

  • EZ


    haye, Sibte Jaffar tujhay kahan say laon wapis,

    iss doore ibtila main sucha Husaini kahan say laon.

    bahut muddat tak roaye ga zamana tujh ko,

    ap tu bahut khush naseeb ho k wo ap ka chacha tha, humari tu kul aik mulaqat the bus aur ab sirf afsoos…

    we just can’t stop crying for him….

    we don’t have words to make you stop missing him, we will all keep missing you Ustad Sibte Jaffar Sahab,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    hazaroon saal nargis apni benoori pay rooti hay
    bari mushkil say hota hay chaman main dedawar paidaRecommend

  • Batool Naqvi

    I don’t have words to express how sorrowful I am after the death of Ustad Sibte Jafar. It feels like somebody has stolen a precious diamond. I heard a lot about his humbleness from my father who was his classmate. Plus I always regarded him as my uncle because of this ‘Sibte’ which appears in my fathers name too. Forever missed :’(Recommend

  • fr

    YA ALI!Recommend

  • fr

    There is no comparison – each has its own weight. Just because other people are being targeted, does not mean Karachi (and many other cities around the world) are participating in Shia genocide. People are getting assassinated for numerous reasons – some stand up against oppression, some expose injustices, some have enmities. Shias are simple being killed for what they believe in. That is a fact – and it has no bearing what so ever on anyone else who is brutally murdered in Pakistan.

    The people who are committing this genocide are saying it openly, and proudly. They have twitter accounts, videos on youtube, and websites in which they openly claim the attacks and congratulate each other on it. Are we still going to be so ignorant as to think there is no ‘shia genocide” taking place?

    Your reply to Nandita’s comment was very illogical – and unnecessary. Her mourning for the death of a shia who was killed has nothing to do with the killing of Dr. Usman. As sad as his killing is, it isn’t part of a genocide. He was killed for refusing to pay criminals “For the past few weeks, he had been receiving phone calls demanding Rs200,000. Because of the threat he was provided with a police guard, who travelled with him(Dawn News)”. Shaheed Sibte Jafar was killed for being a shia. Not for ransom, not for being a professor, or a poet, or an intellect – but a shia. If you refuse to believe that there is a shia genocide taking place, then you are part of the problem. Recommend

  • Shacia

    Dear Author.
    please convey my condolences to the bereaved family. Please convey my deepest benevolence to his wife and children. I don´t have words how to express my feelings as i also have lost my father recently. I wish i could phoned his family and could tell how much i have loved and listened to his munqabats. His voice spark nothing less than purity. I did not know who he was untill he was brutually murdered by zalimans, but again he is in better place. i hope my dad meets him in Alame Barzakh for he was also very much involved in charity work like him. I can not stop my tears whenever i hear anything about his greatness. He is in my prayers along with my dad. please convey my message to the family. thank you. Recommend

  • Syed Ali Asghar Kazmi

    True and well written expressions of a kid and a disciple of Ustad Sibt-e-Jaffar Zaidi Shaheed. God bless you.Recommend