The return of Musharraf

Published: March 21, 2013

I hope that the one whom we chose as our saviour actually makes it his job to save Pakistan. PHOTO: REUTERS

General (retd) Pervez Musharraf is all set to return to Pakistan by March 24.

Listening to the numerous interviews being broadcast on Pakistani channels, one gets the impression that he fervently believes he will don his shining armour, mount his white steed and ride into the country to save it.

However, does he ever once pause in his righteous declarations to ask the question: does Pakistan want him back?

When Musharraf left Pakistan, it was considered a win for the democratic forces in the country, a country stunned and reeling from his draconian measures. The NRO and the suspension of the chief justice of the Supreme Court contributed to events that led to his hurried departure before possible impeachment proceedings.

In his wake, he left behind a deeply divided and heavily armed people.

The government that followed further weakened the country and now the people of Pakistan are, once again, ready to welcome as saviour the person whom they sent into exile.

Is this hopeless optimism or is it surrendering to what may be considered the lesser evil?

Let’s ignore the adage that those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Let us put the NRO, Lal Masjid and the assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti aside and look at what Musharraf is promising now.

He promises to return to Pakistan within a week after the interim government takes charge and participate in the upcoming elections. He promises that given a team of citizens selected by him, he has the capability to put Pakistan on the path of progress within the year.

When asked about his support in Pakistan, he invariably quotes the figures from his Facebook page. He does not name potential allies, individual or parties. Either he has no plans or is holding his cards close to his chest. But until the big revelation comes, it seems that his entire campaign is held together with spit and prayers.

With all this ambiguity, it is hard to put faith in a potential leader, especially someone who has been tried. However, a political span becomes relative in its success or failure when compared with worse situations.

Sadly, Pakistan is at such a crossroads.

Musharraf does have his positive points. He seems to be unafraid of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution, which will ascertain his eligibility to be elected. He claims that he knows how to lead from the front and cites his performance in the army as proof. That is irrefutable.

He says that he can bring Pakistan back on the path of prosperity, without showing any specific plans and expects the masses to follow him. I have to commend his optimism and faith.

However, I am cautiously optimistic.

He plans to give the people of Pakistan the option of a third party in the elections. He hopes that his return will give the APML the boost that it needs to play with the big boys. That, in itself, will be a positive development.

I hope and pray that even though he doesn’t admit it, he realises that he did make a few mistakes when he held power.

These mistakes should be key in formulating his new playbook. And even though we are used to giving everyone second chances — and sometimes third — for once, I hope that the one whom we chose as our saviour actually makes it his job to save Pakistan.

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Zeba Ansari

Zeba Ansari

A graduate of Bolan Medical College, Zeba has been researching and writing for various organizations and websites. She writes from the perspective of the common man and tweets as @zebansari

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Aj

    Well people like you deserve a president like Zardari. All I know is that our economy was progressing at that time. Yes Musharaf made few mistakes, but he’s still better than all others. Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Its his country, he has every right to come and work for the betterment of Pakistan the way he did before. If we have managed to develop even a little sense after completion of failed PPP Government its our moral durty to make the tried-tested-succesful leader get elected, rather than testing the untested one.Recommend

  • Pessimistic Pakistani

    What draconian measures is the writer referring to? Creating a free and fair media? The devolution of power? A healthier economy?

    The only mistake he made was the NRO. Full stop. And to an extent, perhaps the way he dealt with the judiciary which is hardly the paak pavitar institution it imagines itself to be. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, the pending cases and existing corruption within it. Or the vandalism by the protesting lawyers. The same lawyers who proudly voiced support for the killer of Salman Taseer. Are these our heroes?

    As far as Lal Masjid and Bugti are concerned – Lal Masjid was a center for brain-washed extremists. That is a fact. Perhaps the writer has also forgotten the bullying by the Lal Masjid women and men and the arms cache they had accumulated. Hafiz and co. were repeatedly invited for negotiations. They refused. They were then asked to leave the area which by the way they had occupied illegally. They refused. Their utlities were disconnected as a ‘soft’ measure. It didn’t work. And they became more belligerent. That is when the operation took place. Completely justified don’t you think?

    Bugti is another complicated story. Musharraf has given his version many times, which has yet to be contradicted with solid evidence. Bugti got a handsome fee for the Sui Gas pipeline. He had private jails on his land and was suffocating his people with archaic laws and practices. Women are still suppressed. Does the writer think that is fine?

    Musharraf might not be perfect but he was certainly a lot better than the ‘democratic’ buffoons we have as an alternative. Does the writer expect these politicians to admit their mistakes to justify their political career?

    Jaisay log waisay hukumraan. We think that the uneducated masses are responsible for electing these corrupt and malicious politicians. No. It is our lovely, ‘liberal’ drawing room brigades who are to blame. Recommend

  • Sophie

    Musharaff all the way!!! Recommend

  • aaaaa

    “He claims that he knows how to lead from the front and cites his performance in the army as proof. That is irrefutable.”

    Really? He abandoned his own soldiers to die in Kargil by labelling them as freedom fighters. They were buried by the Indian Army. Is that his army leadership shining through? Ironically, his facebook following is reflected in comments posted in most tribune articles. And these people dont even realize it.Recommend

  • Historian 1

    In Pakistan the President is selected and employed by NATO to serve their interests. I want Shahbaz Sharif to be the next Prime Minister.Recommend

  • First Pakistan!

    @Pessimistic Pakistani: Thank you saying what I wanted to say after reading the blog!
    lal masjid and bugti was never a mistake. Even kargil wasn’t a mistake if Nawaz Sharif hadn’t given in to the international pressure and Indian propaganda! It was not Mushraff, it was Nawaz Sharif who ruined it for us. India would have been on its knees (considering the vantage point it had given us) had Nawaz shown a bit of resilience and patriotism. But alas, such democratic politicians are out to save their own kingdom and do not care about the country!Recommend

  • $sendingPakistaniFromUSA

    If NRO was his mistake, why did you guys gave vote to the NRO beneficiaries? Recommend

  • Human

    very well said
    But these senseless people just dont seem to understand Recommend

  • Human

    very well said
    But these senseless people just dont seem to understand , they prefer Criminals to rule the land
    atleast Musharraf is not & was not a Criminal .Recommend

  • some one

    How come no one writes about Zardari & his crimes & what all happened in these 5 years Land mafia etc etc ?
    How come no one writes about the Sharif Bothers
    something is cooking ………………………….

    Just after a Man who made afew mistakes as he in human but his Years , Pakistan had a name & had respect & Many were happy , no strikes , no shut downs of offices , no bhattas & no SOOOGS etc etc
    so please GROW UPRecommend

  • Pakistani

    We Welcome you SIR
    please SAVE us .Recommend

  • Mohammad

    Well, Musharraf all the way!!

    Why each news related to Musharraf makes in top 10 on ET? Because he is such a popular and dear to everyone.

    I am an overseas Pakistanis, I remember Musharraf’s time.. he travelled from India to Africa, to Americas to Europe to Australia… he took an excellent and liberal image of Pakistan along with him, we Pakistanis were much respected all around the world, while homeland was progressing by leap and bounds.


  • Mohammad

    I also bet that, the day Musharraf government is elected, the KSE will double it’s value… remittances will be increased, borrowing will be reduced, and investments will triple.

    I really wish Musharraf use all resources and powers to get elected again on his own…!!

    I am also donating to APML! Recommend

  • Pakistani


    Thank you ,
    well said & I am doing the same Recommend

  • Citizen


    We need Musharraf , we need our Country to Progress & he is the Best & Only Person do this .Recommend


    Madam Zeba has written, “Let’s ignore the adage that those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Let us put the NRO, Lal Masjid and the assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti aside and look at what Musharraf is promising now.”
    How can you ignore such blatant sins? Sins committed against the Nation!! People need to wake up and stop being so soft. What kind of chances are you talking about? It doesn’t happen in civilized societies. You slip once and you’re gone. Where you’re playing with the destinies of millions of people then there are no second chances. It’s one chance and that’s all. No second chances!!Recommend

  • Pakistani

    If what Musharraf did in Kargil was a crime than what Bhutto did to East Pakistan is an equal crime. We never condemn such crimes and than re-elect those politicians. India has backed out of talks far many times than Pakistan. They have accused us on every occasion even though there own home grown militancy, social/racial divide is a point of concern. India never admits to its class system or mistakes and blame Pakistan without any hesitation with the help of there media and its concocted stories.

    Lal Masjid operation as Ch. Shujaat claims was done without any ones approval, can he advise what would have happened Pakistan-China friendship in case we only talked and helped them to do much worse in future. Bugti blew pipelines every winter, attacked train tracks and black mailed the central government. He cannot be made into a martyr because he killed Army Officers who went in without any types of ammunition to ask him to stand down and his reply was beheading of those army officers. You think if the commander of a unit is killed the forces behind him would sit quietly. They don’t need permission from anyone to act, destroy and kill forces which attacks or kills commander of that platoon.

    NRO was made on a request through Condolezza Rice to allow Benazir to Participate in elections. Why did Benazir Bhutto lobby for NRO through Mark Siegel, in this case her point man in washington. An agreement was reached with United States that all of Pakistan’s nuclear installations would be disclosed if she returns to Power. If you browse through her pre arrival press conferences she had announced her decision. United States knew her history of breaking promises and flipping over her committments. They were watching her and US Consulates, Embassies in Pakistan were in constant contact with her. Once she disclosed after arrival that she won’t do as she promised she was removed thus bringing her far more reliable husband into Pakistan. Our honest politicians should not need NRO’s if they had not done anything wrong in Pakistan. By signing NRO documents each beneficiary admitted to have been involved in corruption and therefore he was deserved to have amnesty under the NRO. Yet we elect such people to return and bring us to the situation where we are today.

    The only problem is in Pakistan specially in Punjab if you ask anyone the difference between right and wrong they would never give you a straight answer. The fine line between right and wrong in people’s minds have been distorted between there interest and indecision.

    Musharraf admitted his mistake with respected to NRO. He admitted different mistakes he had committed during his rule. Admitting mistakes is part of reform, do you see any other politician like Nawaz Sharif, Zardari etc committing mistakes in the end and owning them. They just blame it on others. They never admitt there mistakes, if they did not make any than why would they rectify. In Nawaz Sharif’s case he wanted to become Ameer Ul Momineen, people conveniently forget the past. If Musharraf dismissed the chief justice with reference to nepotism for his son than Nawaz Sharif attacked the superior judiciary. Atleast in this case Musharraf accepted his fault and will face the same judges he once dismissed.

    We now need to elect those who are not in business of politics but are educated. Politicians are more like interest groups. They get elected to enhance there own business empires run around the world looking for safe havens and parking there money in offshore accounts. We need true Pakistani people who are from the middle class. They know the sufferings of the poor, the problems of the middle class and how to tame the civil servants to obey the rule of law. Our vote to a symbol like arrow, tiger etc only proves that even though we are educated we are stupid enough to rubber stamp the same symbols of arrogance every time which are contrary to our religious values.

    When you have to choose a candidate you choose from pool of people who were good for the country and can bring change. Musharraf was a success when it came to administration but he lacked focus in the last years of his rule. Imran Khan on the other hand struggled to make his place in politics always sticking to the rights. It would have been easier for him to join any party and continue with the same course of politics which has ruined us today. He stood out and even if he fails in achieving success, he has changed the course of politics forever. He has made his mark. He has carved out a way for future generations to dare, to change and to stand for there rights breaking away from the politics of democracy which according to some has been turned into revenge. Imran Khan deserves all the credit and we should show the credit where it is rightfully due.

    Shahbaz Sharif has done alot of work in Lahore but by building roads, bridges, underpasses, etc does not mean the socio economic situation of the people of Lahore has changed. They still face long durations of load shedding, people don’t sleep on roads, bridges and underpasses. For the first 3 years of his chief minister ship he was very busy in proving that what was done by Chaudhry Pervez Elahi is wrong and he only woke up from his slumber after Imran Khan turned out to be a threat to there crown jewel which was Lahore. We developed a luxurious project called Metro Bus though its useful but it was not a priority. PML N promised that prices of commodities would be slashed to half once they came into the government, they did succeed in tripling the prices. Ishaq Dar who became finance minister in the federal cabinet went on a trip around the world bashing Pakistan’s economy. Imagine your bank manager telling you that the bank is going bankcrupt. We saw unprecedented devaluation of our currency, our economy went straight through the ground and well for Ishaq Dar to quit the government after 6 months was enough to prove that his sole purpose was to destroy whatever we had gained in terms of financial growth in past 8 years.

    We don’t talk about facts, we live in a dream world thinking Allah Almighty will help us out of miseries without us making an effort. Allah helps but he does not help those who cannot help themselves. We need to wake up, stand out and tell anyone who comes that we wont be spectators anymore. We want everything a civilized nation requires and if they cannot do anything about they need to step aside and let those come who can give us the basics.Recommend

  • Karim

    His participation in the General Elections would result in competition and the people will have different choices to make.
    Good Luck PM!Recommend

  • Parvez

    There are a few small posters up with Musharraf’s picture and the slogan ‘ Pakistan comes first ‘, one he repeatedly used while in complete power for over 8 LONG years.
    The question asked then and being asked now is ‘ Musharraf first or Pakistan first ? ‘
    In his own words he says ‘ I will return only when the environment is right, I am brave but not suicidal……………. ‘ those are the words of a man who’s stomach is full and has Musharraf first written all over.
    24th. is still 48+ hours away…………a lifetime in politics. Recommend

  • Historian 1

    @ Pakistani: After all your bashing at politicians do you have the guts to advise the poor of your country to stop populating or you will blame politicians for a poor reproducing 10 more poor. World is moving at a fast pace and talking about poor and high prices sounds obsolete and psychotic ( typical PPP) Prices are increasing everywhere in the world. Poor have to change their mentality if they want to live a decent life. When a poor cannot provide why he brings 8-10 children to suffer.
    All I know is that the only construction work done in Pakistan is during Nawaz Shahbaz rule after Ayub Khan.Recommend

  • Aj

    @Historian 1: I salute your mentality and your love for poor people, that’s all we can expect from Nawaz Sharif supporters.Recommend

  • Musharraf is the best!

    @the writer: I will only vote for Musharraf! The mistakes you have mentioned are not mistakes in my eyes. That was the need of the time and the best decisions in the interest of Pakistan.

    @Pakistani: I second you. I don’t know why we turn a blind eye to the sins committed by the Sharif brothers and ppp. I know about those army officers who were butchered by Bughti. He had to be taught a lesson and rightly so! Recommend

  • faizan

    Probably the most powerful of all rulers Pakistan has seen, with Total control over each and every institution of Pakistan for full 9 years. Yes, Nine years. And what did we get?

    Did education system improve or change in his 9 years rule?
    Were health facilities improved in public hospitals?
    Did thana culture change in his nine years rule?
    Was Karachi cleaned of Terrorits organziation in 9 years?
    Did he discourage lowest of the breed Politicans who are basis of culture of buying and selling seats before elections?
    Was any major Dam built in Pakistan or any other major input into energy sector made?

    9 years of absolute power and we all know answers to above. He instead FED the terrorists in Karachi. He instead FED the lowest-of-the-breed politicains for his own rule.

    Still we are willing to Try the tested. And those overseas Pakistanis who are donating for him, very selfless of you guys. You just care about how Pakistanis are “treated” there. You dont give a dime about people of Karachi and Balochistan.

    We as a nation share two traits of Short-term meory loss and Selfishness.Recommend

  • Fiza

    I’d also say Musharraf all the way! and those who have doubts please read this:

  • Sterry

    @Aj: I think Pakistanis would prefer any elected politician over a general with a gun any day. That’s why I believe that Pakistanis have matured since Musharraf was kicked out after 9 years dictatorship. People have learned that a politician and a democratic system is ultimately best for the country because that is what Quaid i Azam wanted – not some general with a gun who would take over whenever he wants. Pakistan needs to hold Musharraf accountable for treason and charge him and put him in jail the second he lands. He must be held accountable for 10 years which caused instability, terrorism and all the current problems of the nation. It’s a shame that anyone would support a dictator like Musharraf after how he hurt Pakistan.Recommend

  • shahid

    All I can say is that the writer is unable to differntiate white and black.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Is it not the time that the labels such as muslim and Islam be removed rom the political parties and other institutions and entities. Those who allow, undertake or accept the attack on the House of God, have no moral or legal rights to associate with Islam or a mulim.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • saleem

    Enough of these “ignorant, arrogant” and corrupt politicians! Its time for Musharraf to return and turn this country around once again!

    The above is not a news item but a comment.Recommend

  • Murtala Muhammad

    Whoever Choses Musharraf is doomed to relive the tyranny and USA dominince over Palistan. And Whosoever chooses Musharraf as their Savior, I pity them.Recommend

  • Waseem

    Clearly there is something wrong with this writer. LAL Masjid? and Bugti? are you kidding me? Lal masjid terrorist were going to take over the president house, and even then people like you were going to say oh well you just killed an innocent. Ms. the terrorist in lal masjid killed 4 trained commandos.. do you know that? i can bet you these commandos can eat you and me right out, so you call them innocent? and lets talk about mr. bugti who wants to have all power and sources that the sui area has. He get free gas, free electricity/water and all the other ammenities yet he wants more power and charge pakistan more and more for the gas coming out from sui. if you do’nt do it he will blow up the gas pipe line and then government is forced to talk to him and then PAY HIM yes that is right pay him to fix the pipe line. he is taking arms from India. i mean seriously you people do deserve likes of nawaz and shahbaz, and shujat and raja and all that.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @First Pakistan!: It was not Mushraff, it was Nawaz Sharif who ruined it for us.


  • Saz

    If you are looking for some who never sloped then maybe a newly born baby may get your [email protected]: Recommend

  • SA

    I find it interesting that ‘mistakes’ only ever come up when Musharraf’s name is mentioned. the rest are off course farishtey, super genuineness who never make mistakes. Recommend

  • Mumbai Jaaz

    @Zeba Ansari…There is a wisdom in words “be careful what you wish for” and sorry my dear but consistently the common in Pakistan seems to lack quite many wisdom. This state of mind existed once in not very far in past in Germany after first world war. They saw leadership capability in Hitler and ignored every indication of his genocidal nature and over adventurism which brought the entire world to war and almost assured Germany’s annihilation which got prevented only by his suicide.
    I understand Musharaff is treated as hero in Pakistan for his adventurism in Kargil. What the ignorant lot do not realize is that if that war had escalated to nuclear war which Pakistan has every intention to start (please read congressional articles from the then secretary to Clinton), we all would be commenting about the holy mistake which would have resulted in us surviving few with radiation burns and long line of children and next generations with inhuman deformities.

  • Human

    Salim @

    No second chances u said right:::

    Then how come you voted for PPP & u feel nawaz is good
    & please dont even think of Imran Khan who has already joined JI

    Musharraf is our only hope He is tested Tried & a SUCCCESS

    we LOVE him our Prayers are with all the way Recommend

  • Historian 1

    Currently Zardari is the viceroy of NATO in Pakistan. I don’t know how Musharraf will fix himself in this setup?Recommend

  • Mohammad


    You wrote…once slip you are gone…..then how come the people who had done nothing but slipping in their life still getting votes and ruling. We have not one but numerous examples right now in the government.

    How people contesting ever after rape and pillage of the country. Nobody talk about accountability of these people who are known corrupt, liars, fake degree holders, misgoverned the country, incompetant and had not done any work during their tenure.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    @Mumbai Jaaz:

    I did not meant to agree with you by clicking recommended. it is by mistake.
    Let me tell you why I like Musharraf. It is because Indians hates him. My theory is what my enemy did not like its good for us.

    Now you can say whatever negative about Musharraf, my liking to him will increased.Recommend

  • Ali Asghar

    We want him back. I will personally go to receive him when ever he will come to Karachi.Recommend

  • Abid P. Khan

    “There are a few small posters up with Musharraf’s picture and the slogan ‘ Pakistan comes first…”

    Anything to do with funds available for the campaign?Recommend

  • Sane

    @Ali Asghar:

    We want him back. I will personally go to receive him when ever he will come to Karachi.

    Sure, receive himRecommend

  • Sane


    Thank you for wiping out my whole sentenec and leaving only three word.Recommend

  • winston

    Musharraf left armed people after his departure, The writer forgot that the armed culture was created by Zia ul Haq not Musharraf. The writer is most likely involved in some money being exchanged for the article. No wonder Pakistan is a basket case, with people like the writer who change the history by false articles they write, by the way I am not a Musharraf supporter nor the army supporter and most defenitely not the supporter of the current political set up,
    what they call democracy is not trueRecommend

  • winston

    Banazir Bhutto had the NRO made by involving the other powers, Farooq H. Naik was the point man for Banazir Bhotto he was the one looking at the wording of the NRO.

  • Parvez

    @Abid P. Khan: May be.
    What comes across is someone’ trying to make a ‘ last hurrah ‘ and it looks quite unconvincing. Recommend

  • Abid P. Khan

    “@Abid P. Khan: May be.
    What comes across is someone’ trying to make a ‘ last hurrah ‘ and it looks quite unconvincing.”

    Supra nationalism of the Turks, which he was exposed for an extended period of time during the formative years, convinced him if they can do it we can do it. Golden opportunity that dropped in his lap, left him without any choice but to implement his dream. By picking up the right bunch for his team, he thought he could deliver it.
    Many politicians played along but jumped ship when going got tough. Though unpalatable it finally dawned on him what politicians were capable of achieving. But again being a military man he publicly named persons who had let him down. He has never been taught that chameleons change colours.
    Counting out those who have a personal grudge, he has great popularity among the rest. Recommend

  • Zee

    AJ Pessimestic Pakistani & First Pakistan
    You guys summed it up pretty well.
    After Ayub Khan, these 10 years were the golden period for Pakistan
    Unemployment, illiteracy, going down…economy stablizing, infrastucture being built. inflation in control…growth in terms of GDP and GNP…foreign reserves, foreign investment..I can go on and on on…
    the Golden Period…PERIOD! Musharraf!Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Abid P. Khan: I appreciate that you are clear in your position. I for one hold a somewhat different view and that is, the man has personal failings and at this stage in his career he is unable to learn or change. A very senior foreign diplomat correctly said ‘ If only he would have listened, things would have been different. ‘ and this was just one of his problems. Recommend

  • Mumbai Jaaz

    “Let me tell you why I like Musharraf. It is because Indians hates him.”….Believe me my dear. that is exactly I was expecting from few Pakistanis like you. You do not have any other reason or facts to like him other than your own hatred towards Indians that you want to choose him since quite many Indians do not see him with high regards. Not just Indians, no one will if someone is responsible to trigger a war.
    What you said confirms this globally accepted notion that Pakistan and Pakistanis will do exactly opposite to what India does. So if someday India decides not to jump in well, Pakistani will do the exact opposite thinking “If Indians are not doing it means it is not good for them, hence I should do it”……Thanks for accidentally liking my comment. And please post some better reason for your own country’s sake on why you like Musharraf.Recommend

  • Historian 1

    Any dictator in Pakistan will perform well when US aid is flowing in, martial law is imposed and the major politicians are sent out of country or removed. Presently this is not the scenario, therefore Success of Musharraf is highly doubtful. Recommend

  • Abid P. Khan

    “@Abid P. Khan: I appreciate that you are clear in your position. I for one hold a somewhat different view and that is, the man has personal failings and at this stage in his career he is unable to learn or change. A very senior foreign diplomat correctly said ‘ If only he would have listened, things would have been different. ‘ and this was just one of his problems.”

    I am trying to come to grips with PM’s actions, once he got into the driver’s seat. He started following his idols, whom he has mentioned more than once. His fascination for Ayub Khan as as a role model then the achievements of Ataturk who blew life in the body of sick man of Europe. Both these gentlemen curtailed the freedom of their people, and very authoritarian.
    These conflicting demands forced him to seek for more advice, pride did not get in the way he did the right thing. Did he listen to the right advises or could he not fathom that there could be another Babushka doll then another?

    It was the caveats he thought they did not exist. Recommend

  • Nawaz Shareef

    I love Pervez MusharafRecommend

  • Nabeel

    It would be a litmus test if Musharraf is killed by Taliban then People should stop blaming national security establishment for supporting taliban and if he is not even tried to be killed then questions should be raised on the role of Army and agencies. Recommend

  • kamran ali khan

    He had the chance to do it.Eight nine years totally squandered.What he gave us and left is all
    in front of us.People he called thive and currupt made settlement with in form of NRO to stay in power.I was a great follower of his with along with most of the nation.Have we forgotten all this Dont seem to understand the Agenda off his return.This is all a very hazy and unclear to me.Leaders
    dont leave their people in a lurch and return under a deal .What can he do now when he could not deliver when in ABSOLUTE POWER.Recommend

  • Maham U

    I think Musharraf’s biggest mistake was sacking the Chief Justice of Pakistan. I’m ambivalent about what happened to Bugti. Musharraf was brave to return to Pakistan (please, let’s not get into stale arguments about his bullet-proof jacket) but unfortunately, there is little hope of him winning the election. Having said that, I would pick Musharraf any day Recommend

  • Assad

    @Pessimistic Pakistani:
    With you 110%. Our national passtime is to wait for some amazing ‘leader’ to appear out of thin air who will sweep the entire nation off its feet and fix everything. Musharraf was the closest to this, as imperfect as he is, and all those thinking that Imran Khan can even come close are setting themselves up for a big let down.

    Our jazbaati awaam and some of the intellectuals, who get take in by similar jazbaat, need to realize that no leader can be on the right side of everything. Musharraf was on the right side of most of the issues yet if that does not work for our awaam then I doubt any other leader would either.Recommend