Lionel Messi will always win over Cristiano Ronaldo

Published: March 22, 2013

Messi has five league titles and three Champions League medals stored in his cabinet of legend. PHOTO: REUTERS

One of humanity’s greatest tragedies is our failure to remember what was. I say this while acknowledging the dynamics of an ever changing and evolving world that spares no second thoughts at leaving irrelevant ideology behind.

Any sports writer worth his salt has, at one point or another, faced the behemoth task that is defining greatness. The generic basis eludes most, so you’ll forgive my candid snickering at those who believe they have witnessed its peak. (I refer to a blog post that previously appeared in this forum.)

Ronaldo versus Messi is truly an argument for the ages.

Yet have we forgotten all that came before?

Did I miss the point where Maradona versus Pele had reached a final decision?

I was bemused to read the article categorically anointing Ronaldo to the throne. Granted it was narrowed down between two contenders, but let me start the real argument.

Lest we forget the greatest footballer the world has ever seen lives today and he never booted up for a Classico.

With 1,222 appearances spanning almost two decades, encompassing 1,152 goals with a meager yet unrivaled three world cup medals winner, Pele stands alone in the halls of legend. I say this with all due respect to the father of total football (Johan Cruyff) and in reverence of “The Hand of God” (Maradona).

Such at least is my belief.

Before we decide on what is and speculate on what could be, let us reach a consensus on what was.

Back to the article in question; the greatest debate of our era, Ronaldo versus Messi, will ultimately go to the enigma that celebrates international glory.

Should they both keep fit and play well into their mid-30’s it will be difficult to differentiate between the two just based on club forms. Both have proved that they are match winners, both have now stepped up at the biggest of occasions (though an argument can be made here for Messi more so than Ronaldo) and neither currently plays for a team that shies away from imminent glory.

When I say Messi is the superior one of the two, I will not pretend that my statement is derived from anything other than personal opinion. However if we were to venture into the realm of facts then in 510 appearances Ronaldo currently has 310 goals while Messi boasts 308 in a mere 372 appearances.

The goal per appearance ratio speaks for itself.

Ronaldo has four league titles and a Champions League winners medal thanks largely to his time at Manchester United. Messi has five league titles and three Champions League medals stored in his cabinet of legend.

Any Madridista who complains of Messi’s superior teammates should remember the word Galactico’s and cower in shame

International glory is feasibly, more an option, for the diminutive Argentinian than it will be for the Portuguese maestro based purely on the fact that Argentina has a better team. And have we forgotten that Messi is already an Olympian?

Ronaldo’s advantage, club wise, may materialise if he were to win a couple more league titles in perhaps newer pastures. If rumours are to be believed, the city of love may come a calling for the Portuguese heartthrob in July.

Plus – and here’s what most arguments fail to take into account – people like Messi more. He may be Ted Bundy reborn but the image he portrays to the world at large is that he’s a nice guy who loves the game and plays it pretty much better than anyone else at the moment.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, constantly finds ways to let the public in on when he is “sad” or “unhappy”; be it bedroom, bathroom or football related. People want not to like him and the results can be seen in what took place at the announcement for this year’s Ballon d’Or.

In truth Ronaldo probably had the better season from a footballing point of view, yet it was inevitable that the award be given to Messi.

Sadly there is no magical mirror or footballing oracle to call on in helping us decide this argument once and for all. This is an unending task assigned to greater men of the future.

For now it is our fortune to bear witness to this epic battle and bear the burden of finally making a call on that which was.

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Shehan Rayer

Shehan Rayer

Former writing enthusiast turned journalist turned Radio Jockey; still a writing enthusiast and a Radio Jockey. He tweets @ShehanRayer (

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  • Chris

    Any sports writer worth his salt does not depend on motherhood statements to give credibility to an argument.

    So let me point out some gaping holes in yours:

    1) Argentina has a better team than Portugal? Portugal has achieved consistently better results in tournaments over the last 12 years than Argentina has.
    2) People ‘like’ Messi more. Of course, you can speak for all football fans and come to a valid conclusion as to who is liked more. Because of course, you can speak for millions of people. You’ve badly underestimated how well ‘liked’ Ronaldo is on this one.

    However more to the point: People like you miss the point. Football is a team game often defined by great players. People shouldn’t concern themselves about who was and is the best as an individual. We should be arguing about which team was the best.

    On another note: Your article is titled ‘Lionel Messi will always win over Cristiano Ronaldo’. And the best reasons you provide to justify your pointless and quantifiable title are that at present, Messi’s goal ratio is better than Ronaldo’s and that he is more ‘likeable’. Recommend

  • Ali

    if medals are the base of being great, then accept, Rayyen Giggs is King of World. Recommend

  • sheikh

    Ali u don’t knw wat u re sayn…..I dnt evn like it wen messi is compared 2 any footballer……….there are only 2 footballers in d 2dys world messi n dose who wants 2 b messiRecommend

  • Ali

    @sheikh: You cant understand because you are yet another glory hunter barca fan! Recommend

  • moiz ahmad

    @Chris: I agree from you chriss atleast you agree that messi is better then ronaldo :) but the thing is this I also do not want that people compare ronaldo and messi there is a reason behind this messi who always play at center forward whereas ronaldo he use to play at wing, comparison do gave sense when you compare two players playing at the same position, but it doesnt mean that there is no comparison between both of them, I know, you know and I think every one knows that both of them are the world’s greatest player, on that point my question is that where is the difference between both of them? and my answer is awards, awards which only belongs both of them and thats clearly shows that Messi is more then ronaldo, plus the current time also says that messi is more then ronaldo and for me Messi is the player of the Generation.Recommend

  • Karachite

    Ronaldo and Messi cannot be compared, both are the best at what they do and I like watching both of them. Messi is tactical, precise and has a better technique. Seldom I see a player dodging 5 defenders throughout a game, unless its Messi. Ronaldo is powerful, better in the air and extremely agile. He has a charm on the field and probably the best free kick taker currently. Both are good with assists, although Ronaldo developed the habit a little later in his career. However, I think Ronaldo has better leadership qualities than Messi and thats the reason he succeeded at national level. As for medals, Messi deserved what he was awarded.Recommend

  • yahya awal

    yes @shiekh as a newcastle agree wid aliRecommend

  • http://google honest

    total complete footballer—– ronaldo simple he is the most complete player ever

    forget players like zidane figo ronaldo Cruyff prkd marodonna and all the other greats

    ronaldo is the most complete player ever header left foot right foot freekicks strength pace dribbling ability and skills and flair

    ronaldo’s argument for being the best ever or better than messi

    played in two leagues during they time EPL was at its strongest remember fans liverpool vs Real Madrid 4-0 just an example
    played for three different leagues had to adjust each time
    plays as a winger and still manages to match or get near to a strike as great as messi

    plays for a country who are shaping for the future one man team but yet still performs
    goes to la liga and shows what messi can he can do

    messi has not played for other team from Roswell to barca and stayed there since than
    built the whole team around him
    plays as a striker
    plays the barca way I mean barca are untouchable when they are on song
    has ineista and co for team mates I rate ineista very highly

    messi——— better finisher and better dribbler keep in mind messi used drugs for growth so he is not natural arguments can be made.

    messi is the best player in h world cause he scored goals but not the complete player.

    messi is the best ever
    scores important goals turns up big games
    hats all I could think off being honest Recommend

  • SHAH

    Yes messi have three CL medals in his cabinet but he does not deserve them because in 2006 messi was not the main man who won CL for catalam it was the great Ronaldhino and as far as 2009 CL concern every football lover know who Uefalona beat Chelsea in Semi finals, so please he has only one CL who he won by his efforts same as CR7 won it in 2008 with Manu. CR7 has proved himself in the world best competitive league (PL) and then won Li Liga with real madrid while messi are still in the same league where he is playing from childhood so first he should prove himself in a more competitive league of England or Italy then we can consider him as world best. Recommend

  • moiz ahmad

    @honest: i do have some concerns regarding what you said, first of all at your point of view the complete footballer is one who plays football in different leagues or in different countries? sorry i dont think so.
    secondly do you think that player like ronaldo take his national side alone? again sorry
    one more question do you think ronaldo is loyal if “Yes” then tell me he is loyal with sporting, man utd or real madrid? he always go for fame,money he even didnt know what loyalty is….!
    as far as game is concern they both are playing on the pitch ronaldo always try to score the goal whereas messi scores whenever he want to put the ball into the net, and you are trying to say that what messi do iniesta and co is responsible for that, just tell me that how may times ronaldo start the game and end with a goal without any other team mate on the pitch strange it doesnt make any sense, have you ever seen ronaldo that four to five players are marking him, i dont see this
    but i’m sure you see messi in this condition in almost every game he play for his club, still top scorer, player of the year, highest goals in the calender year and so on.Recommend

  • http://Anonymous Anonymous

    Messi is a striker he is supposed to score goals. CR7 is a winger, his job is to cross and provide scoring chances not necessarily just scoring goals.Recommend

  • tasha

    ARGH! i am so tired of these comparisons ! Messi and Ronaldo play too very different positions , one allowing the other to score more goals . Messi is the best stricker , Ronaldo the best winger full stop . I think the BDO should be given to the best team in the world , because Messi and Ronaldo do not defend , save goals and assits themselves a team does that , that being said i am a madridista so i am inclined to believe mine is better than the other . Recommend

  • wouldie

    Ronaldo is the most complete player that has ever lived. Don´t forget that whole Barcalona is built around Messi. The team played together since they were 15 and when you have Xavi and Iniesta on your side you´re practically ahead with 1-0. Ronaldo can create a chance out of nothing with his versatilaty. Leo is amazing but if you put Messi in the top 5 of best players ever lived, you have to put Ronaldo there aswell.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Saying about messi is a striker and ronaldo a winger. Messi plays deeply from the mid field and still score goals more dan ronaldo. Ronaldo is a winger but messi still hav more assist dan him. So tell me who is the best?Recommend

  • Messi is nothing without Xavi & Iniesta

    Messi scores goals because he is fortunate to play along World Cup and Euro cup winners Xavi Iniesta. They are the engine the serve ball for Messi to score.

    Without them, Messi is nothing.

    Ronaldo is proven to play in any team and in any system.

    That is why Messi don’t dare to move out of Barca. Once he is out, his fame, reputation and worth is nothing.

    What was Kaka’s worth at AC Milan? What is his worth now at Real Madrid? From fame and status to nothing at Real Madrid. His is skill doesn’t gel well with other players except players from AC Milan.

    Same goes too Messi. His skill will not work with other team except Barca’s Xavi and Iniesta.Recommend

  • http://google honest

    @moiz ahmad:
    yes from now a quality player needs to move aboard to be great the only in recent memory who moved and became a success is ronaldo
    everyone else is scared to move why? scared they might flop and not produce the quality the once did in thier comfortable leauge

    no to be a complete footballer as I said you need left foot right foot header free kick pace strength skill and to be able to score goals- you need to move aboard to be a complete footballer

    the comment on national side couldn’t figure out what you were trying to say, however I am saying Portugal are 1 man team, the next good/ok player is peps hardly uplifting

    wheraa messi has- mascherano gaitan colochini tevez higuian di maria aguero zabeleta hardly a average team is it


    ronaldo is loyal, than why he left? lol serious that’s where and why I hate messi fans talking about loyalty, ronaldo needed to move from sporting to advance his career and at man utd he achieved everything I mean won everything and decided to add to his legacy by moving aboard (nowadays no player is taking that risk but ronaldo came Madrid which is known to be a hard place to success ask benzema kaka Owen modric van de vartt robben) and became a success and broke records too and win he leauge after or if he wins the CL and decides to Lear to advance his career why not achieved everything at Madrid

    and if messi was so loyal why did he move from newell boys?

    money and fame?
    is messi playing for barca for free lol and doesn’t messi do adverts and other media related business

    as I said messi is more important to barca than ronaldo to Madrid

    messi single handedly (barca are a one man team) scores most of the goals
    ineista is a great I rate him highly
    xavi don’t rate him (I think his overrated) but does the simple things well pass to inesta pass o messi let messi do the rest

    as for e.g the recent match against ac it was messi who put them in the game

    as I do say messi is seen as better than him cause he scores more and dribbles better
    but if u have deep knowledge about football u knw the obvious ronaldo is the complete article Recommend

  • http://googlechrome Yash Gupta

    Messi has scored more because he plays more of a forward role in the team…
    so its obvious he will score..
    while Ronaldo has spent time in premier league where scoring goals is not that easy. Premier League has more pace in it.

    AND YEAH there is no comparison between the two as such.
    Both are totally different and are well adapted to to their teams and their roles which they perform inevitably BRILLIANT!! You do not expect wingers to score at that level. But Ronaldo has shown his ability to the fullest.

    Like if we say Cannavaro he did not score goals. He was a center back.
    Still he was the best player of season 2006.

    Football is not about a player scoring goals. It is about a player combining with the team and doing his role assigned to him. So comparisons cant be made just on the basis of goal or medal tally.

    We cant expect Messi to do a Ronaldo and Ronaldo to do a Messi.
    All I want to say these are just two men who play like kids that is they they give all their passion in what they do. They are just two men who just love and enjoy to play football.Recommend

  • Zalmai

    Messi and Ronaldo can never be compared to players like the original Brazilian Ronaldo, who
    single-handedly won the 2002 World Cup by scoring two goals in the final against Germany and eight in the tournament. He has scored 15 goals in three World Cups and holds the record for most goals scored in World Cups. He is the only player to have won the World Cup Golden Ball and Golden Boot in separate tournaments. Unless Messi and Ronaldo win the World Cup for their respective teams they will never be able to join the list of the “greats” such as Pele, Ronaldo and Maradona. Recommend

  • BarcaSu

    @Messi is nothing without Xavi & Iniesta:
    Oh please! Stop it now. Actually, Xavi & Iniesta nr. of combined assists to Messi this season is approx. 6. In La Liga Iniesta is the #1 in assist and Messi the #2. So what are you saying man?Recommend

  • Max

    As I posted in the other blog, there is no doubt on this one. Messi is sheer skill and fair play. True football. He gets in there and gets the job done, no showboating or drama. Never seen this player take a dive. Only uses pure skill and hard work. He is what football should be.

    Ronaldo is everything that is wrong with football. Its utter nonsense seeing skilled, highly paid athletes taking dives and weeping at the slightest touch, or especially when there is no contact, just to create advantage for themselves. That’s not football, that’s WWE.

    So, yeah, Messi is number one!Recommend

  • sandeep Suresh

    hey fella ! Messi is a great player … i never deny it ! but the thing is Ronaldo is the most complete player to ever be born on this earth ….his attributes are incomparable!!! he’s a tremendous goal poacher a talisman ….. if u remember there were only a handful of people used to support portugal in this decade !but it is only bcoz of CR7 that people have started supporting this nationality ! moverover he’s done everything for Portugal , Madrid n ManUtd… he’s the man who can do impossible things !! he gives football a new definition !!!!!!! he’s a superb athlete, predatory striker despite being a winger …n a huge section hate Ronaldo ! then u should probably think about it once again n u’ll find that he has the most no. of followers in Facebook as well as Twitter ….. we CR7 followers never mind even if the Balon d’ or is robbed from him coz Individual awards are not required for this gift of god to this footballing world !!!!! viva “CR7 ” ♥ El ferrariRecommend

  • Macabre

    @Zalmai: Nothing wrong with your post, except that its totally irrelevant to the author’s assertion. Next time try to post something relevant.Recommend

  • anonymous

    haha…gr8 comment.Recommend

  • anonymous

    i wud say both are different set of players…but i love ronaldo cos he was a red devil…for me i wud slitely prefer him upper cos cr7 played in both barclays n laliga and was also a big succes for portugal but that doesnt mean messi is bad enough but i love ronaldo.Recommend

  • Baloch

    Messi has always been a superior for a reason he’s God Gifted and Ronaldo’s not. Where ronaldo is today thats all because of the hardwork he has put in, He’s most improved player in History of Football.Recommend

  • fred

    [email protected]:
    You are so full of crap.
    How can you compare Brasil national team of those days?
    Are you ignorant or just you don,t know what you are talking about?
    Talking about the brasilian Ronaldo , talk about the team he had with him , even you , a nobody would shine in that team.
    It is a team sport not a 1 man versus the other team D as .
    Run down Barcelona the last 5 years , the best team ever , just like the Brasilian team of those days.
    How igno can you be.
    Those comments make me sick just reading how ignorant people are , just talk and talk and talk , teams rise and teams fall , just look at the 2 last Real Madrid Barcelona , back to back games , Madrid destroid Barca , what do you have to say about that?
    Xavi is overrated? Are you drunk , Xavi would play first team in any of the best teams in the world you idiot , do some reaserch than talk.Recommend

  • Layman saizi

    Messi is better far than ronaldo becoz messi talented and is from anather planet he’s playing like roobort .machine/video game.Recommend

  • honest

    I’m sorry I said his overrated and u replied to someone else but I think it was to my comment

    firstly don’t insult someone when they give tier views.

    xavi…. why do I start
    firstly in 2008 euros onwards xavi was known he was 27 28 great player are known by that age while xavi was starting out gerarrd lampard cesc pirlo ozil just some eg are already or were already known by relative young age
    don’t forget xavi started playing since he was 18 so he had the time and the place barca but couldn’t do a thing

    why his overrated

    he does nothing most people say he dictates game tempo but don’t good players already so that xabi alonso does that well scholes fabregas

    xavi or xabi
    xabi is more complete and a better player than xavi

    can’t score goals cesc this season has more than xavi in combined two seasons
    can’t tackle xabi can

    never seen him long passes
    his passes are limited diagonal balls and passes to inesta and messi
    very one dimensional but gets praised for what exactly

    xavi vs mata
    this season mata kills xavi
    mata better dribbler
    scores goals in a midfielder that’s important
    fast pact better skilful player
    can do freekicks but nothing special same as xavi
    vision mata why cause he never gets time in the ball or has as much ball time as xavi

    pirlo vs xavi lol seriously
    no need to point out who’s better its pirlo

    lampard vs xavi
    read what I say carefully
    last season Chelsea vs Barcelona

    lampard made two assists to xavi 0
    over the two match barca had 140% of the ball to Chelsea 60%
    lampard always gives you 20 plus goals in a season

    Gerrard described by zidane as the most complete midfielder vs xavi
    Gerrard vs xavi
    easy as it gets Gerrard

    scholes vs xavi
    scholes long pass short pass shots only bad side can’t tackle xavi even said the best midfielder of his generation Recommend

  • mike

    Messi is simply the best player on the planet. Everyone keeps sayin he’s nothing without iniesta and xavi, but also forget that messi also gives most of the assists as well as scoring. And for heaven’s sake, madrid is a star studded team…I mean, even a worm wud perform well if it plays along side ozil, khedira, modric and co. And for a change, I’d love to see how well ronaldo will fare if he is man-marked by 5 defenders in every match like messi (and somehow messi still manages to store stunning goals and top the goal scorer list). Simple, if all the teams decide to mark messi with one defender in every match, then messi wud be competing with pele in goals and not ronaldo. MESSI TILL DEATH! Mes que un club.Recommend

  • Franco

    Messi is the best, no doubt about it. Messi is more important to his team that Ronaldo. Also for those who say Ronaldo is a winger and therefore his role is more of a facilitator, please look at the number of assist he has vs Messi – many less. Ronaldo also takes a lot more shots than messi and scores less goals. That basically means two things: 1) Ronaldo is taking bad shots rather than finding a team mate that could be better positioned to score, to the detriment of his team. 2) Ronaldo tends to hog possession and does not honor some responsibilities of his position, to the detriment of his team. We come to expect some spectacular goals from Ronaldo, but we are also not surprised when he has subpar performances. When Madria looses it is never placed squarely on Ronaldo’s shoulders (Maybe Mourinho’s?)There is a reason why Madrid is 13 points behind Barcelona in La Liga. If Messi has a couple game slump in an otherwise historic season everyone is up in arms. That is understandable because we have higher expectations for Messi than Ronaldo. We have higher expectations because he is a better player and is more important to his team than Ronaldo. Messi is unmatched, it’s not even close. No need to compare right? That’s right, there is no need because there is only 1 messi. A closer comparison may be Ibramovic vs Ronaldo. Ronaldo is simply an accidental measure by which we admire Messi’s greatness. A very distant #2. Recommend

  • michael

    for all of these people saying Messi isn’t as good as Ronaldo because he’s supported by ineista and xavi, if you look up his stats when one or both of them were not available to play he actually scores more. I’m not saying one is better than the other but this argument is silly, both are exceptionally good, and in my personal opinion, messi is the better player solely based on his explosive transitional play and running from the midfield or into goalRecommend

  • Pravin

    Messi Vs Ronaldo debate is settled in Ballon d’or awards for now. I believe Ronaldo will win next time if he wins CL with Real. Messi will be in pressure to perform for CL and world cup which is in his bitter rival’s country. Both player produce magic movements – messi”s flicks, scoops at net are mesmerizing where as Ronado’s thunder strikes, sharp headers stuns. May God bless us to see them perform consistently Recommend

  • Amar


    Cristiano Ronaldo dives compilation
    Cristiano Ronaldo Diving Manual – Part 1
    Cristiano Ronaldo Diving Manual – Part 2
    Cristiano Ronaldo Diving Manual – Part 3
    Ronaldo worst dive ever Real Madrid vs. AC Milan Champions league 2010
    Cristiano Ronaldo Dive vs Sevilla
    Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs Valencia (1)
    Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs Valencia (2)
    Cristano Ronaldo “never dives” (Spoof)
    Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs Sevilla (3)
    Christiano Ronaldo the born diver
    Ronaldo The Cheat
    Ronaldo is a cheater
    Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs Albania
    REAL MADRID VS VALENCIA / DIVE COMPILATION / ronaldo di maria ozil
    Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs Real Mallorca
    Cristiano Ronaldo DIVE FOR PENALTY [Sevilla 1 – 0 Real Madrid]
    Cristiano Ronaldo dive Vs Tottenham Hotspurs (3

    1000s more NEW DIVINGS by Penaldo out there and coming.
    No defender touches him any more, STILL he finds ways to STIMULATE FOULS, he stretches his legs and touches defenders 2 ft away then GOES DIVING, and gets it too from Spanish REFFs as Spain = Madrid capital team their darlingRecommend

  • Shane

    I am utterly displeased at how biased this whole article was. You are a writer and have to come from both point of views not just one biased decision. I am very disappointed in this article and whoever wrote it.Recommend

  • Adam

    The goal ratio is incredibly misleading. Ronaldo started as a winger, whereas Messi has always played as a forward who’s only job is to score goals.

    How about this goal ratio: Ever since Ronaldo came Real Madrid, he has 189 goals in 187 games. Now Messi’s 308 to 379 don’t look as sparkling. Messi goal ratio is far from Ronaldo’s in La Liga.

    The reality is Messi has been playing for Barcelona since he was 11. He has been playing in for a system that works perfectly for him, in front of one of the best midfields they have ever had. His small stature means any time he is touched, Ref’s call foul and take out cards.

    Ronaldo, on the other hand, as a winger and forward, has played amazing for Sporting, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. The only player to EVER win a Golden Boot in two different leagues. He can use both feet, his head, his speed, strength, free kicks. His stature means when he is kicked or pushed, Ref’s tell him to get up and suck it up. It has been much more difficult to be Ronaldo and he has risen to every challenge.

    On Argentina, Messi has Higuian, Aguero, Tevez, and Di Maria to link up with. Ronaldo has…Nani? And yet, who is clearly the star of their team? In fact, when Madrid play Barca, who is the ONLY true star on the field, that has the record of scoring in 6 consecutive clasicos, that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

    If Messi is truly the best, he should challenge himself on another team or play just as well for Argentina. It’s risky. Look what happened to Kaka or Torres or Schevchenko, or countless other “greats”. Even Dinho’s career was pretty much over at 28. Not everyone can be a Ronaldo, so I don’t blame Messi for playing it safe. He is winning all the awards anyway, so why bother but he still has much to to prove to REAL football fans.Recommend

  • BClona

    @amar you have no respect for football. You are just a glory hunter barca fan.Recommend

  • Angelo

    I would like to know where you got Ronaldo and Messi stats cause as far as i know Ronaldo Scored his 350th goal a week ago.

    To simply state that Messi is the greatest is wrong.I agree that it will will come down to who ever wins the world cup first.

    I also believe Messi is a product of consistency and the unification of one team build around him,cause i can assure you that if Messi was ever to leave Barca he will literally be half the man he is now.

    If you are to analyse the two players and take 10 of the best headers 10 of the best freekicks and so on you will clearly see who bring style,athleticism and power to the game.

    Messi can have his goals and the sad part is that’s what wins titles in Soccer and ill even go as far as to say he was with the best Team that been around in many years -Barca- and that has been his gift of a team…but that fact that Ronaldo went from a great Team to Help another out of dire straights and then perform like he did with a building team to win the 32nd la liga….im sorry but then one is forgiven to indulge in the bias tilt towards messi no more.

    in the end the fact that Messi has his fourth Ballon dor will shut CR7 fans up including my self but we still remain steadfast that Cristiano Ronaldo will always be the fastest most dramatic and charismatic and entertaining footballer that ever lived. Recommend

  • Amjad

    I really hoped that this author actually looked into peles 1000 goals, if he had, he would have realised that half of those goals were scored in exhibition games!!Recommend

  • yeah,whatever.

    He rarely crosses or assists. Cristiano dives way too often too. He always rather look for a free kick than finish a [email protected]: Recommend

  • yeah,whatever.

    You dismiss that Real Madrid have way more club money and in my opinion have a better all around team. Cristiano is just one part of that team, but that team can do without him. Barcelona relies more on Messi than the other way [email protected] is nothing without Xavi & Iniesta: Recommend

  • HBA

    It’s always Hilarious for me when people say Messi is nothing without Xavi & Iniesta, these people do not understand the game as far as i think. football requires team work which make any player perform but some people want a player to play alone. lol you must be kiddin’ dudeRecommend


    ANd the poor fellows who says messi even plays with left leg !!!!!!!!!!!!! first of all they dont knw that messi is a left footed player!!!!!!!!!!! and those who says ronaldo nt achieve any thing in portugal !!!!!!! fellows argentina is one of classic historic team!! in portugal except for cr and nani there is know one upto the expectations, while in argentina there are already star players who s rating goes above 85 in fifa ranking: higuain,di maria,aguero,tevez,messi this four makes the attacking even stronger!!!!!!!!!!!! cristiano has proved by taking alone portugal in semifinals of euro 12!! he has done his best !!!!!! while the rest is in the hands of team Recommend

  • Messi Fanpage

    Messi with Argentina in La Plaz against Bolivia

    Argentina played probably physically the toughest match on the way to the World Cup in Brazil. In La Paz, at 3600 meters altitude played Messi and Co. against Bolivia (1-1).
    Foto’s: http://messi-lionel.blogspot.comRecommend

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  • rick

    to compare messi even with other players is a humiliation,do you ever see C.Ronaldo dribbling past 2/3 defenders,he need alot of space to score goals,which Di maria,ozil,benzema etc.gave him,he runs really fast and that’s his advantage,not forgetting the fact that his shot is very powerful if given space,for messi,that little magician don’t need a space,he create it,and people saying he needs xavi and iniesta are just blind haters,he almost have the highest assist next to iniesta,far more than even Ronaldo(whose job as someonewclaims is to give a crossing and not to score)..CR may be better looking and have a better hairstyle,but messi’s footwork can’t be compared to anyone.Recommend

  • http://NA Joshua

    @Yash Gupta: Messi and ronaldo are both good players. However, messi has that extra which cannot be defined and that seperates him from the rest, from ronaldo too.

    Ronaldo is a fantastic player but messi is just that little bit more than him which cannt be defined. I’m a crazy football fan and i say this with all due respect to Ronaldo, Messi is little better than him.Recommend

  • nicki young

    christiano ronaldo is far better than messiRecommend

  • kimse

    Most stupid article i ever read. He says Messi is better because he has better goal game ratio and he is more likeable. You think this is the reason messi is better? Have you ever seen messi play? He can do magic performances which CR only would dream. Messi involves at every attack creates them and scores.while CR only scores themRecommend

  • Vikram

    Messi’s mazy runs come from his height giving him a low centre of gravity…. It is that aspect of his body that lets him change direction so quickly and run faster than most opponents…. Ronaldo doesn’t have that luxury being over 6 feet so he needs a certain amount of space that just about every footballer his height requires… However it is this height that makes Ronaldo a more dangerous threat off corners in contrast to MessiRecommend