Demystifying the myth of full HD smart phone screens

Published: April 6, 2013


Photo: Although the S4 is not the first phone to be equipped with an HD resolution, the terrific success of the S2 and S3 makes it an appealing get-as-soon-as-possible feature for Galaxy lovers.

2013 is witnessing a rapid growth in smart phone technology with a number of exciting features added to the phones.

Despite the amazing features in recent mobile phones that include, high speed quad core processors, large screen sizes, high-fidelity Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) and innovative designs, the mobile phones manufacturers are desperately trying to surpass each other.

A number of marketing tactics are being used to get us all excited, and persuade us to upgrade our phones.

Due to the tremendous advancements in hardware and software technology and the challenges posed by a very competitive market, the smart phone manufacturers are left only with the screen resolution to boast about and as an immediate eye-catching feature for a potential upgrade.

Samsung is already making a big deal about the full High Definition (HD) resolution of its Galaxy S4 introduced this month. Although the S4 is not the first phone to be equipped with an HD resolution, the terrific success of the S2 and S3 makes it an appealing get-as-soon-as-possible feature for Galaxy lovers.

If you are charmed by the HD resolution and intend on throwing extra money to upgrade your phone to S4, let us first analyse if a full HD smart phone screen is really worth draining your wallet.

Resolution is the prime determinant of a screen’s clarity. HD resolution refers to a High Definition screen having either 1280 x 720 pixels (720p) or 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p/full-HD) spread along the width and height of the smart phone’s screen.

The pixel is the elementary area of illumination on the screen. The image displayed is composed of pixels. Therefore, higher the number of pixels, the sharper and crisper an image appears on the screen.

For an immediate comparison, you can check the resolution of your old smart phone (For example a Nokia 6600, 176 x 208 pixels) and that of a recent smart phone (like the Samsung Galaxy S3, 720 x 1280 pixels). You will immediately notice that the high resolution produces a much clearer and sharper image.

Nevertheless, resolution is not the only factor responsible for a sharper screen. Keeping the resolution the same and increasing the screen’s size separates the pixels, thus resulting in lost sharpness.

What really matters for determining a screen’s quality is the number of pixels packed in a given area. The term Pixel Per Inch (PPI) represents how many pixels there are in one inch of a screen’s area; the larger the number, the better the screen’s quality.

As an example, Nokia 6600 launched in 2003 has a PPI density of 130, whereas, Apple’s iPhone 4, sensationalised and marketed by the brand name Retina Display, has a PPI of 330. This produces a much sharper and vibrant image on the screen and makes other older phones look lacklustre.

Increasing the resolution does increase the PPI, provided that the screen size is not increased significantly. Two smart phones having the same screen sizes but different resolutions will have different figures for PPI.

Does it mean increasing the PPI indefinitely will produce even sharper images on the screen? The answer is no.

Our eyes can determine the quality of the contents on a screen if the pixels are distinguishable at the normal viewing distance. The reason why Apple called their iPhone 4 screen ‘Retina Display’ was that the 326 PPI pixel density was so high that individual pixels were indistinguishable to the human eye at the normal viewing distance. However, Retina Display is no longer an industry-leading figure.

HTC was one of the companies to develop a display beating that of the iPhone 4 with HTC Rezound (342 PPI). Nevertheless, if you compare the screens of Iphone 4 and HTC Rezound, I can bet you won’t be able to tell the difference.

The reason is that the human eye cannot distinguish the difference in PPI when the figure reaches a saturation point of about 300 (slightly exaggerated, otherwise some studies suggest a threshold of 250 PPI). Therefore, having a PPI of more than 300 will not make any difference to normal human eye unless you use a magnifying glass or have the screen pressed up against your eyeballs to see the subtle difference (of course you don’t want to do that).

Even for people with 20/20 vision, a full HD resolution would be a waste because most people’s eye can’t resolve sharpness above 250 PPI. The same goes for observing the photos quality. The pixel details in a photograph is always spread over more than one pixel and never perfectly aligned with the pixel structure of the display. So it will not matter whether you view the photographs on a 1080p or 720p display; they will appear the same. If you come across a smart phone having a PPI above 350, safely take it as a marketing stunt. It is not going to make the smart phone’s screen any sharper.

Consequently, a full HD (1080p) resolution is no better looking than 720p resolution in smart phones. A full HD resolution is only better for tablets, laptop screens, or monitors where the human eyes can resolve such a high resolution. The smart phones having 720p resolutions and sizes ranging from 4.3 to 4.7 inches have PPIs within the range 312 to 341. This PPI range is more than enough.  Therefore, Samsung’s claim to give a sensational screen experience is pretty pompous.

Whereas, a full HD resolution necessitates using larger screen size (at least 5 inches) which is pretty annoying for small-sized phones lovers.

Another issue is the increased power consumption. The extra features in electronic devices don’t come for free. The price usually has to be paid in terms of high power consumption. A full HD display makes more demand from the processor and the GPU, which in turn needs more power to help it cope.

Although, the S4 has much improved battery (2600 mAh) as compared to the S3 (2100 mAh), it is still not sure if we can get improved battery life as well. We must not forget that the Apple iPad 4’s screen has a higher than 1080p resolution (2048 x 1536, but a PPI of 264), and a battery rated as 11666 mAh, while the iPad2 has a less than 720p resolution (1024 x 768, 132 PPI). Yet both provide the same 10-hours of use before needing a recharge.

The only advantage of a full HD screen in smart phone is that it gives more space for user interface elements such as button and text. For example, a webpage can fit to the screen, but the size of the contents decreases due to high resolution. In most of the cases, the viewer has to zoom in the contents to view them easily.

Due to these reasons, I still prefer to stick to my Xperia S with 720p resolution and a PPI of 341.

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Umair Khan

Umair Ali Khan

A researcher in Alpen-Adria University, Austria, Umair is currently pursuing his PhD degree from the same university. His interests include writing and behavioural analysis.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jason

    Did I miss something or did this article not even mention the S4’s PPI despite going on and on about other phone’s PPI?Recommend

  • Stank

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  • Adam

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  • Critical

    I’m sure it will be more worth than my battery power guzzling Iphone 5…I have bought a special cover for it which acts as a charger when I go for trips…

    The problem is that nowadays,the manufacturers are running out of ideas as to what features they need to put in their phones…Whats the use of uploading HD photos in ur Icloud when you dont have a 4G facility??

    As one FB post pointed out,a 32GB Samsung S4 has the similar memory and processor of a Pentium 4 computer….Recommend

  • Julian

    Ok, the article is supposed to help you decide if the s4 is really worth it but the only thing it helped us is to have a better understanding about battery life and screen resolution. There are so many other new features that samsung is bringing with the s4 that you didn’t even list like the gesture thing that you don’t have to touch the screen to do certain things or that the pages will automatically scroll down when you’re reading them cause it tracks your eyes!!????Recommend

  • Farrukh Shahzad

    Umair sb

    You haven’t had the pleasure of having hands on of S4 and still you can talk about it just resolution of it……If human eye can’t judge the quality of an image upto a certian extent,asthetic sense can admire the difference of image quality of S4 and Xperia.Recommend

  • waleed

    Dude can’t buy a S4, trying to soothe his inner self by writing an article and reasoning with others.

    Plus its not always about display, it slimmer
    Has an Octa Core processor.
    Is controlled by eye movement eg page scrolls down automaticaly when you reach the end of page.
    13.1 MP zero lag camera.
    Plus free cloud storage.
    The ability to use both front and back camera at the same time.
    Plus wireless charging by just placing your cell phone on a compatible charging plate.
    Want to share a video or file no need to turn on bluetooth and etc, just select the file and put both phones with their back against each other and the sharing will start.Recommend

  • Historian 1

    If you have extra bucks go get S4 BingoRecommend

  • shamy

    Its amazing how people can just go on and on about a product without actually trying it physically. The s4 is not just about the hd screen. There are atleast 4 different marketing messsges that are very new and innovative.Recommend

  • Omair Amir

    You realize the picture you posted of the Galaxy S4 in white, is off an early photoshop/concept image. Thats not the S4. Recommend

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    Anyone with a keyboard and a camera now a days think they can write an article or record a review. The sad part of this is the amount of misinformation they put out and this guy is no acception.


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  • Ali Abbs

    Dear Umair,
    Your article is way behind a professional and well structured one. You have no idea what you are talking about. Firstly , your article is totally based on assumptions..! . You have not said a word about the design, performance . You totally forgot it is OCTA-CORE (Yes !! it runs 8 processors) . You left numerous hardwares of S4 unnoticed in your article, like Thermometer,Barometer, hygroscope
    IR gesture
    IR functionality and many more.

    You further went on comparing batteries specially with the Ipad 4. You simply mentioned 2600mAh, 2100mAh, 11666mAh. Did you even know S4 runs 2600mAh “Li-Ion” while ipad 4 11,666 “Li-Po” batteries.

    At the end you simply went on to recommend a device you own. Which is totally your own biased opinion. Instead you should have recommended smartphones from the market.

    Anyways good effort but requires a lot of improvements.

    Good Luck!Recommend

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    S4 has 441 PPI Recommend

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  • dapuma

    I’ve ordered my S4 and can’t wait for it to arrive….I will make MY OWN mind up about wether it was worth the £….each person has their own likes and dislikes about phones, its down to personal preference!
    Think this ‘review’ was very shoddy and shouldn’t be taken into consideration when choosing a phone!Recommend

  • Vivek


    -> It does not have an octa core processor…it features 2 quad cores…and one functions at a time
    -> It is not controlled by eye movements…you have to tilt the phone to scroll down
    -> Every android phone feature free cloud storage
    -> The ability to use both front and back camera at the same time.
    -> NFC is a feature common to all phones and it was there in all the new phones (it was there in S3 as well)Recommend

  • Vivek

    @Ali Abbs:
    For the love of god!! Go and read the spec list! It doesnot feature an octa core processor! It features a low powered quad core + high powered quad core combo! (big-little architecture) It only uses one quad core at a time!
    And yes…S4 has a couple of software tricks up its sleeve….but considering the fact that the hardware of the high end phones are almost the same these day…i’d always prefer a phone which is more the Xperia Z or the HTC One…its about time samsung said goodbye to cheap plastic build!Recommend

  • Yutrwsad

    What I appreciate about Samsung (andNokia) is that they actually bother with this country and provide legally imported quality controlled products at prices which have some basis behind the sticker price.
    As forthis ‘blog’…..terrible, uninformed, myopic.
    You’ve completely missed octa core and the Big.little concept and then you have the nerve to talk about battery?Recommend

  • waleed


    1 It has eight cores in total so it is octa core right, what? do we have to right the numeric eight from now onwards as 4×2=8? Plus the processor is being named as Exynos 5 Octa SoC.
    2 . It depends on eye movements, go check the company website or internet, there is clearly a video which shows that when watching movies if you turn your head away, it automatically pauses the movie, and then when you look back at it the flick resumes.

    (-> The ability to use both front and back camera at the same time.) couldn’t understand what you were trying to say?

    3 Wireless charging is not related to the NFC feature, want a proof see the link below, show a side by side comparision of S4 vs S3.

    Too Doo Loo!!!Recommend

  • Yebers

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    Terrible article, do you think people buy smartphones because of resolution and pixel density only. Keepin using your xperia s(galaxy s2 is even better). Am buying S4 as soon as it’s out Recommend

  • Techwiz

    Everyone buys a case for their phone so metal or plastic won’t matter. Metal just hinders the HTC One from having now standard features such as NFC and expandable memory. Currently, The S4 is the most advanced phone available for purchase. Any other phone is settling. Touchwiz has many more features than any other UI. I can use the S4 without touching which is good for driving (it actually has a drive mode) or messy hands. When Galaxy N3 releases, people will have no legitimate excuse to deny it being the best phone on the market.Recommend

  • Verona

    This article was written by an unprofessional person who was lazy in doing a proper in depth research about the Samsung S4. There were no product information, specifications or comparisons. Nothing about the new innovations in comparison to the S3. Just blah! blah! about PPI.Recommend

  • Warcen

    @Rizwan: Seen a HTC one drop test before ? What is metal worth if the speakers faal off from a drop at 2,5 feet. And inn terms om beautefull the s4 and HTC one both good looking
    Phones but no one looks great. And if resolution and screen size is just gimmicks then why do you want a 4.7 full hd display ?Recommend

  • Gi

    Well I will look for more supporting information on this. But really, if you read this and suddenly decide not to buy an S4 because you will pass the PPI off as gimmicky, then you had no intentions of buying it to begin with and needed a quick excuse to justify it. Recommend

  • Warcen

    @Vivek: it features a octa vore processor lol. You said it yourself. Two quad core processors. Just as a quad cores is two dual cores and a dual core is 2 cores. It is named the exynos Even if it uses 4 cores at a time its still 8 cores —–> octa core orocessorRecommend

  • Gi


    Pre 90’s they made mostly steel bodied cars. Now we have cars with fiberglass reinforced plastics and various other materials. With that change came performance enhancements and increased fuel efficiency. Some people buy cute shoes that give them corns at exaggerated prices. 20 cores and 2000 software features may be considered gimmicky, but it will be there when I need it. And the Galaxy community and development is bigger then any of the HTC phones. Recommend

  • fernanintendo

    I don’t know, was the iphone 4S really worth it?
    The writer of this biased little piece must be an Apple fanboy,
    or on their payroll at least.
    The weight of a phone does not equate quality, people.
    If Samsung never developed a serious competitor in the smartphone
    market, Apple would have held back it’s innovations for the prospect of
    relieving loyal customers of their cash over several years and “sequels”
    with SLIGHTLY less improved specs.Recommend

  • Muhammad Kaleem

    Dear Umair,

    It is a nice article, but I think the comparison is not fair, the S4 is considered as a revolutionary form and is the market leader in the smartphone technology. There are hundreds of new features which can’t be summarised into this comment. If you go through the reviews from the international experts will find that Apple is facing a really difficult time because of the Samsung.


  • Eddie

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    Samsung is the NEXT BIG THING NOW – Apple soon will be historyRecommend

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    By the way you should have included a Poll. I wonder why you didn’t. :PRecommend

  • Sigh again and again.

    @Vivek: 2 quad cores are equal to octa core buddy. Its actually more good, performs at its best and lifelong just like dual PC core processors which gives more good perfomance then high GHZ itself.Recommend

  • Faisal

    I see as if there is something wrong with the title of this article.
    I can visibly see a difference in the content of the blog, as opposed to what the title is talking about.
    If the title is changed to something like, “problems with HD in smart phones”, it sounds like a nice article.Recommend

  • Abiyouth

    S4 has a bigger battery and it proved to be much powerful than S3 in terms of battery life and it got 2nd Ranking in battery life after HTC One and I have an Xperia T but i still prefer to get S4Recommend

  • dapuma

    My 2 sisters have both js had the new iphone 5, I was tempted as I have an ipad but after extensive research decided against the iphone, I looked at the new blackberry, the sony and the HTC but decided the s4 was the most impressive, my sisters after reading about the s4 are both gutted they have taken 24month contracts with the iphone….and I don’t blame them! April 26th can’t come quick enough 4 me…can’t wait to have my new s4 delivered :D Recommend

  • Nobody

    The last two things you mentioned are also possible on the s3. Not sure about older models. Recommend

  • Mr S Jobs

    Regardless of the technical jargon, the best way to buy is with your eyes.
    Compare the screens and buy the one you like the best!Recommend

  • Vampyre

    One reason that might matter on smart phone is the HDMI out. I sometimes use my phone to stream videos.

    Aside from that, there are plenty of reasons for me to get the S4. Recommend

  • jerryjohnny

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  • Edder Ramirez

    Great article, thanks for writing it.
    I believe that there’s worth in having a full HD display at our disposal, it is just not as worthy as manufacturers are making us believe. Power consumption is a good reason to stick with more conservative displays.Recommend

  • Mike

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  • Curtis Bond

    Hogwash. I’ve seen the displays of both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 and there is a very obvious difference in clarity and sharpness (even with just the naked eye). To say that no one can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p is pretty disingenuous when there are obviously plenty of people who can.Recommend

  • jason

    There is no information here of s4 ppi as this it’s the topic at hand. Which I believe it’s 404ppi? Mobile devices seem to carry more graphics processing power than ever so perhaps indeed ppi it’s essential there. I’m interested to know learn about more advanced graphics processors too. That improves the visual performance such as shading and 3D? I think the article is side stepping greater demand for ppi and perhaps is a cunning criticism of Samsung development?Recommend

  • eltee

    my blackberry got stolen since december 2012, was gonna buy a new 1 den i hrd abt d S4…av been waiting since den…nothing u r gonna write will change my mind.. Recommend

  • Tainted Soul

    I personally am not interested in the S4, but did you even review the device’s specs before writing this article? The only advantage is the HD screen with a potentially longer lasting battery?

    5.0″ screen on the same sized body as the S3 – which is impressive!
    Octa-Core (that is 8-cores) variant – compared to S3’s max quad-core variant.
    13 MP Camera over 8 MP Camera…
    2 GB Ram vs. 1 GB Ram
    And yeah… HD Screen
    Better battery

    So… though the changes may not be as exciting as one might have hoped. But S4 is certainly not just a phone with a higher resolution when compared to S3.

    And believe me, as someone who used S3 for a considerable amount of time… the Octa-Core variant and 2 GB sure makes it much more appealing given that Android’s performance is all about the specifications.Recommend

  • Apple Employee

    For anyone else reading this, stick to professional advice. Like websites such as phonearena, endgadget, etc. As far as phones, the best rated are Apple iPhone and its new uprising competition Samsung’s Galaxy Line..S2, S3, Note 2..coming soon S4.Recommend

  • Fix your turban

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  • yusri

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  • Nishant

    so you are bunking s4 because feel it has a full hd screen that is not much of an updrade

    sir … i agree about the screens and the resolution going higher becomes indistinguishable after a certain limit
    but you are debunking a device that is not exactly touting its display as the selling point
    do you know how much craftsmanship went into squeezing a 30% bigger battery and bigger display in the same shell as the s3 with much more pixels

    and if you feel that software tricks do not mean a good product, then with that theory iphone should sell at all
    The problem is that this writer here belongs to the generation of ppl who have opinion without information, he has been reading way too many techno blogs
    it is these ppl who give out statements like …dont buy LG optimusG it has LCD display, you know AMOLED are better, or going as far as …sony has the best camera and sound quality(no sir it lost to HTC and s3 in comparison months ago) or even going … 12 megapixel is better than 5 megapixel
    Yes the S4 has proven better battery performance when compared to s3 go read the review on GSM arena
    everyone is entitled to have opinion but it is better to back it up with enough information to make it stand on its own Recommend

  • Techhapa

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  • Buck

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m much more concerned about how I look when using the phone than I am about the functional useage of the phone.Recommend

  • Vivek

    @Sigh again and again.:
    lol…its so cute when you fanboys say that “2 quad cores are equal to octa core”
    Its like saying you have 2 computers with quadcore processors at home and that means you have an octacore processor!
    I’m not a hater…but the so called “octacore” is just a marketing strategy.
    The wireless charging is a nice feature but that is too inefficient at the time being. How do i know? Because i’m an electronics engineer and my final year project was ‘the magnetic resonant coupling’ (the technology S4 is using now). Atmost the efficiency goes up to 60-70%. So basically at this point using a wired charger is better.

    All i’m saying is that ‘S4 is one of the best phones in the market..but some of the features are quite over hyped by the fans : like the “octacore” and wireless charging’
    At the end of the day it comes down to one personal choice : “A phone filled with software features or a phone with the same hardware spec with practically no software innovation but is rugged”
    I went for the Xperia Z a couple of days ago (fully aware that HTC One and S4 are on the way) because as far as i’m concerned i wanted a durable phone with a powerful hardware (i compromised on the software)
    Now people will say that Z has a poorer processor…but benchmark scores are for comparison purpose only and there yes the Z falls behind the S4 and HTC One..but for users like us there wont be any difference in the usage. Peace out.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] yusri

    u are way to deep man, i have samsung tab, windows tablet, s3, and my wife use apples, u know what i mean when i definitely will buy this has done their best so far compare to apples. Recommend

  • Tomas

    This is just simply wrong. I have seen studies that we can actually see/feel up to 3 times the PPI of retina resolution on IPhone.

    If you actually beleive what you are writing I urge you to go to a store and play a full HD youtube clip on an S4, HTC One or Xperia Z. Beleive me… you will not only notice the difference, you will gasp. My girlfriend got her HTC One a couple of days ago and it is so sharp it made me just grin silly.

    Personally I think you don’t want to realise that these are actually better than your Xperia S and you don’t want to pay for an upgrade… but that’s just me. ;)Recommend

  • Rough

    This article is in no way a review or an intended article about the S4. The author was informative, sensible and rather reasonable throughout the article regarding the myths of PPIs and super HD displays. I see that the comments have been mislead by the image of the S4.

    I find the comments rather senseless about mentioning the S4’s PPI and extra bloat features. The article clearly explains the irrelevance of a very high PPI. However, it is an appreciable market stunt. As the article stated, our eyes cannot naturally, fully perceive an Ultra HD display with PPIs of over 250-300. Therefore we can never fully benefit a PPI of 400+ unless we use close-up methods which is not something commonly done. The PPI presented by the S4’s Super Amoled display with Diamond Pixels is outstanding nonetheless.

    The extra bloat features that Samsung proudly boasts about are also appreciable but not something practical and necessary. As recently talked about, these optional features not only drain more battery but also take up more memory (the 16gb model only has 9gb of usable storage which is more that 6gb of bloat memory). I don’t mean to bash the S4 but regarding the camera, it isn’t anything very fancy compared to Sony’s.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like the S4 and is astounded by it. I’ve tested one myself at a local store over here but after reading this article, I’m more than convinced to stay with my Xperia Acro S and LG Nexus 4 for a little longer until another major technological breakthrough or innovation happens. I’ll definitely set my eyes on the next iPhone, the Xperia XRS (or whatever it’s called) and the next LG Nexus this year.Recommend

  • Pat

    He is comparing the screens and not the overall features of the two phones. So you geniuses who are abusing him can shut up.Recommend