Strawberry trifle: A symphony of sensational flavours

Published: March 24, 2013

This dessert will make you wish the strawberry season never ends! PHOTO: TANVEER KHADIM

Strawberries have a special place among berry fruits. They are widely admired because of their aromatic and sweet taste. The combination of colour, gloss, texture and fragrance thrills several senses at a time.

The cheerfully red, sweet, plump, juicy, heart-shaped strawberry is in fact a member of the rose family. It has long been associated as a symbol of love.

Apart from the superfluous look, scrumptious strawberries have numerous health benefits. The abundance of vitamin C, A and K, beta-carotene and potassium in them, protect vision, prevent cancer, arthritis and strengthen the immune system.

Strawberries help in decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Loaded in folate as well as folic acid, strawberries are good for expecting mothers to prevent spina bifida risks.

Once again, the sweetest time of the year to treat yourself and your loved ones is here. I have created this easy dessert just to use these little, scrumptious jewels ― strawberries. My family and friends liked it so much that I have made it again and again merely to enjoy the red berry season.

With creamy and velvety textures of glossy strawberries and cake, this trifle has it all to lure you and will make you wish this sweet time of year would never end. As you dig into this treat with your spoon, you will discover a true symphony of sensational flavours.

Make sure that you exhibit colourful layers in individual goblets or in a large glass bowl. Your guests will admire your artistry before starting their dessert.


Fresh strawberries (sliced)- 2 cups

Strawberry juice- 1 cup

Icing sugar- 2 teaspoons

Pineapple chunks- 1 cup

1 packet of strawberry jelly

2 packets of egg pudding

Half a cup fresh strawberries cut into small pieces

Fresh cream, softly whipped

Sponge cake, medium size


Sprinkle icing sugar on sliced strawberries and keep aside.

Cut cake into equal one inch cubes.

Drizzle strawberry juice over cake cubes.

Prepare pudding as per packet directions and keep aside at room temperature.

Prepare strawberry jelly as per packet instructions.

When jelly is ready, add half cup small pieces of strawberries in it and mix well.

Cut long stripes of settled jelly and keep them separately.


Layer goblets or large bowl with cake cubes.

Now line up strawberry slices against sides of goblet or bowl.

Add a layer of pudding on pre-arranged cake.

Add a jelly strips close to sides to make another layer.

Now add in pineapple chunks. Make sure they’re hidden in the jelly layer.

Add a good layer of fresh whipped cream on the top.

Decorate the top with strawberry flakes and a small piece of pineapple.


Custard can be used against egg pudding.

Banana can be added instead of pineapples.

If you are using a large bowl, repeat the layer formation until you reached top edge.

Strawberry jam can be a substitute for jelly, but I would recommend strawberry jelly.

Any plain or fruit cake without cream topping can be used instead of sponge cake.

Now that you have prepared your yummy dessert, keep it in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.

Two hours later, spoil your sweet tooth and enjoy the divine flavours of a velvety dessert!


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Tanveer Khadim

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