I am a victim of the infamous Black Prado: Here is my story

Published: March 5, 2013

A black jeep stopped right in front of us while the other car parked behind us. We were trapped.

They followed me. They stopped my car.   

Is this the Prado incident everyone is talking about?

It was past midnight on a cold November night in 2012. I was returning home when my car crossed main Ittehad and went straight into Phase VIII, some 20 meters away from the first newly placed barrier. It was then that a policeman stopped our car, flashing his torch incessantly at the driver’s window. Being a woman, I did not expect to be stopped and I thought the minute the cop realised that I was in the car, he would gesture for us to go ahead.

Strangely, this did not happen.

I thought that ritual checking was taking place and blamed my car’s tinted windows for the police stopping us.

My driver lowered his window slightly and told the cop that there was a ‘lady’ in the car and we were on our way home. The cop bent down to peer in to the back where I was sitting and said:

‘Ladies hain to kya hua, aap ko pata hai halaat kitnay kharab hain aaj kal, aap gaari park karey hum check kareingay ke apki gaari mein asla hai ya nahi.’

(So what if there is a woman in the car? Times are hard in Karachi; park your car. It needs to be searched for weapons)

Meanwhile the other cop picked up the barrier – the same one that was installed as a measure of protection – and placed it in front of our car at an angle which would not allow the car to go through. My driver repeated that we were going home and there was no weapon in the car.

I understand that ritual checking must take it course, but I was alarmed by the request to step out of the car. I didn’t think this was necessary.

Immediately, observing our hesitance to adhere to his command, the cop signaled his colleague to remove the barrier but their reluctance to do so was clearly visible.

Tired, unsuspecting and eager to get home, I told the driver to drive on.

As we stood before the second set of barriers waiting for the two cars to go through so we could do the same, the first car behind the barrier turned their headlights on full-beam, refusing to budge. There was some chatter going on between the DHA security personnel, the cops who had stopped us and the owner of the said car. This continued for another ten seconds. The cars were moving at a snail’s pace and the headlights kept increasing in their intensity.

I don’t know if it was my sixth sense, but I had a feeling that trouble was on its way; I was scared by their odd behaviour.

I told my driver to turn into the lane on the right and drive as fast as he could.

I didn’t look back until I heard loud sirens behind us. I barely had time to turn around to look at what was happening when a big black Prado quickly drove past us on the footpath and stopped right in front of us. The other car parked right behind us.

Immediately after this, the same cop who stopped us at the first barrier, got out of the car in the front and told my driver to get out because he was sure there were weapons on us. My driver gestured that he would not leave the car. In the meantime, around 8-10 armed guards including the DHA security guard got out of the car behind us and starting tapping on our windows, telling us to get out of the car.

IS this any way to handle a situation whereby a girl is alone in the car so late at night?

You can understand my alarm as I told my driver to make sure all the doors were locked and the windows shut. Meanwhile I made some frantic calls.

Although most roads in this area have street lights, this one however was dimly lit and the situation at hand evoked emotions of sheer helplessness. The cops and DHA guards were all involved; where did this leave people who needed to be protected?

There was obvious panic as the tapping on the windows increased and I could hear the guards saying that we had to get out to introduce ourselves to their ‘sahib’. The front door of the car in front of us opened with who I guessed to be their ‘sahib’. He neared our car and knocked at my window.

I put down the window very slightly. He asked us to get out to talk or at least to tell him where we lived so he could help us to get home “safely”.

I find myself questioning again; is asking where I live necessary in running a check?

The DHA guard came near the car, speaking softly and asking us to co-operate and warning us that this situation was capable of turning into a big mess.

I could not believe that security personal could harass a woman like so, that too so late at night.

It kept puzzling me as to why they wanted me to step out of the car. This, certainly, appeared unorthodox to me, so I remained adamant.

It became obvious that we weren’t getting out of the car and after a good five minutes, they drove off with the same speed that they had followed us with.

The driver sped the car back home as every part of my body quivered with fear. I don’t think I have ever felt this vulnerable and scared in my life.

How could security officials be so crass with a woman?

I can’t be sure about what their intentions were; were they really conducting security checks or was I rightfully scared?

Whatever it may, officials need to learn how do conduct checks in a way that doesn’t alarm women. There should be a system whereby they are assured of their security and not frightened out of their wits like I was.

The incident left me shaken and I have, since then, refused to travel without a male member of my family with me.

Shehnaz Qadri

Shehnaz Qadri

A lawyer who works for a multinational as an In-House Counsel.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • alyan

    What kind of article was this? you were the one not co-operating. Do you elitists think that you are above the law? Stop & Check are for our safety. Terrorists can be from all sections of the community. Cant believe you trying to sensationalise a Stop & check.Recommend

  • Faiz

    What is the writer trying to say? who stopped her? where or when did the black prado come along in the scene…i can’t connect anything to anything in this story!Recommend

  • daasi

    where’d the Black Prado come in here?
    ET needs to Vet its postsRecommend

  • Gem

    I am sorry that you had to experience a batameez drunk policeman. That mustve been scary as hell.

    But coming to another point.

    Umm, your windows are tinted. That is ILLEGAL. Times in Karachi are the worst they have ever been and we are constantly criticising the police for not protecting us. I hope that every car that is tinted is stopped and checked for explosives. Woman or no woman.Recommend

  • ak

    Perks of living in Pakistan! :(Recommend

  • Brutus

    why were the glasses of your car tinted, it is illegal … and how do u manage moving in tinted glasses all over the city. Seems you are daughter of some hotshot in Karachi..so better ask these questions from DADRecommend

  • Faiz

    Oh I get it you expected to be treated differently because you were a woman and supposedly you had no weapons on you. Right in between a police picket you try and make a run for it in at around midnight because the car in the front did not bulge. Obviously they would follow you, you should be thankful they did not smash through your windows. I was caught by the same cops on new year’s eve and there’s a great way to treat them and that is give them respect, be firm and provide all documents they require. When they want to check let them check upon agreement that only one person will check do have a look at his hands before he starts. Always ask cops their rank, a cop below the rank of sub inspector does not have the right to ask you for the documentation such as your car papers, although excise receipts may be provided for verification if they really are insistent, etc.Recommend


    What a lame, poorly written article. Recommend

  • affan

    Umm… it might be totally my fault but i did not understand in the reading that how come you are so sure that it was not an actual security check and the DHA police and the cops were trying to abduct you. Probably they felt suspicion because of your tinted car, as you mentioned and they wanted to check.

    I am not taking sides or denying the incident. Just asking for some clarity before we can be dragged into some sensation once again.


  • http://log.umalik.com Usman Malik

    All I can understand is that the author felt uptight about not being searched late at night. Do you even read news and know how things are in Karachi? Can’t one smuggle weapons and other contraband by hiring a couple of women to drive them off?

    I seriously read it till the end for some serious piece of information! Recommend

  • Wahab

    I lived in DHa for 3 years, they stop you, if u cooperate u they let u go in a few minutes. I am sorry miss, but police has to perform its duty.
    And tinted windows… you expect them to not to stop you?Recommend

  • Shehper

    FYI Tinted windows are ILLEGAL. And the funny part is that you’re intro says you’re a lawyer.Recommend

  • Yasir

    you were not cooperating with the cops and/or the DHA guards. on the basis of your “sixth sense” you asked your driver to turn on the right lane and drive as fast as he could… That is indeed asking for trouble…
    If you’re being stopped by Police/Rangers for vehicle search you have to stop… Period!!!!Recommend

  • Mehak Hussain

    Clearly it is the viral news of a black prado stopping women in the late hours kidnapping and gang raping them if u haven’t heard of it please see yesterday’s hamid mir’s capital talk program over it , u may be able to understand. There is some guy who used a government plated car to abduct and rape women with the help of securityRecommend

  • Sohaib Waseem

    What a poor,fabrgated article,I have passed the similar area and the check post many times and that too at night.The policemen perform their duty very well.Can’t make sense of the article
    at all.Recommend

  • Maher

    BURGERS are making things IMPOSSIBLE Recommend

  • Unknown

    You are supposed to cooperate with the law enforcement personnel! you were driving at midnight & that too in an illegal manner i.e TINTED car! & then you refused to cooperate! do you think of yourself as someone above the law??? You should have been put behind the bar’s for running away & refusing to cooperate, but since you are in Pakistan you are lucky to get away with it.Recommend

  • Murtaza Naqvi

    Every person is entitled to equal rights.

    Firstly, Tinted windows are illegal and the police had every right to check. How can someone take the word of the driver that there’s a lady sitting inside. Maybe there was a terrorist sitting in the tinted car and tomorrow if there were to be blast, the policemen were to responsible for careless checking.

    Maybe what you say is true, maybe not. But don’t expect any sympathy if your not following the very LAWS of this country. Man or woman alike!Recommend

  • Amer

    There is a bomb blast in Karachi …blame the cops!
    Cops want to search an ILLEGALLY TINTED car for weapons late at night…blame the cops!!
    Give them a breakRecommend

  • http://sanarites.blogspot.com Sana (Iqbal) Adnan

    While the writer has been way too subtle in clarifying her point and using the right words, the title of the post tells me that she is referring to the serial kidnappings going on in DHA/Clifton gping on these days.Recommend

  • Hassan

    As many others said it rightly, You were non-cooperative. I think the police and DHA security did their job fabulously. I think they did not cause a drama in the midst of the road where others might have been effected (in the worst case for which they were scanning) and isolated your because of your resistance and tinted windows and fast driving and risked their lives there by stopping you. I think we need much more of that from the police.
    Tinted windows are only allowed if you have a permit for that; otherwise its illegal like many others said.
    If you’re so cynical of being abducted that you can’t let security do their job, I believe your profession and being out with a driver does not suit much.

    Police 1, Elitist Feminism 0.Recommend

  • Salman

    I don’t know whether you did right or wrong. But simple, in our country, tinted windows and speeding away from police, especially in black prado, allows police officers to first warn and then shoot at the car. I believe you know that as well.

    If I be police officer, I would just simply assume that there is something fishy here and would ensured to check the car, regardless whoever elite is in the car.

    Running away from problem creates a bigger mess. Recommend

  • omair shahid

    it doesnt make any sense after read your article you are the one who was not co-operating with the police & DHA security person every car is checked why did you run away.Recommend

  • Aly

    Instead of sympathizing with the author – the comments above are criticizing her turmoil and doubting the story altogether. would you guys just let go of the ‘tinted windows’ and just sympathize with what happened to her.
    Its obvious you didnt understand the article – this was clearly an attempt to abduct the girl. The guy in the car was drunk and had his guards help him pick someone up. What part of that didnt anyone get – its in plain and simple english. Recommend

  • Moazzam Salim

    I wonder who is the victim here? a mythical black Prado or a person who thought herself to be above the law? And I seriously have not been able to comprehend the objective of this writeup? If we go by writer’s own admissions then she should be behind bars after this written admission to having tinted windows, obstructing security officials in their duties and then causing a high speed chase on public roads!Recommend

  • Aly

    the black parado was chasing her – she wasnt in the black parado! READ! Recommend

  • aisha

    where was the black prado?? the heading itself made me promise myself that i am not leaving my home being a resident of phase 8…but that article was just like, soja bete soja nae tou GOGO ajaega !! Recommend

  • Nusa

    For all those ignorant people, if you’ve heard or experienced some recent incidents in Defence and Clifton area where a Black Prado with a government number plate has been abducting women, raping them, video taping everything and then black mailing families.

    It’s disgusting how you people can blame the writer. How would’ve you felt had it been your wife, sister, mother or daughter? Atleast think before you blab!!!Recommend

  • Meesni

    Your windows were tinted, and you didn’t cooperate with the police, and tried to DRIVE AWAY when they told you to stop!

    Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean that you are above the law in any way.

    E.T shame on you for having no publishing criteria.Recommend

  • Mehak Hussain

    pls read EVERYONE !!
    As forwarded from a close friend, please share for awareness.

    There is a Prado or Land Cruiser roaming around Defence & Clifton with Govt plates. This vehicle targets women drivers who are alone or with kids. This Prado or Land Cruiser either swipes their target or stops hard in front of the car allowing the female driver to bump into it. Then it cuts off the car and stops it. Apparently two to three armed men get off and force the female target into the car. They take the victim to a location somewhere in Defence or Clifton and sexually assault the victim. They film the incident and later after dumping the person near the sea in Phase 8 they wait and start harassing the family with blackmail using the video.

    Two female friends were stopped separately. One of my friends was taken and gang raped by these people, and then dumped after being beaten in Defence Phase 8. The other friend was lucky as she kicked one off the guys in between the legs and ran across 26th street into KFC and raised hell around 5pm.

    Then this story was also told to me that a family returning from Kolachi in Defence Phase 8 and they were intercepted around 11pm by a Government Plated Land Cruiser. No one stopped for them because they thought that it was an official checking. This vehicle abducted one of the girls in the car who was the niece of the car owner. The parent saved the 10 year old niece and gave their own daughter away. When they went to the cops they did not file any complaint so this family went home and shot themselves?
    Oddly enough the news has never reported anything because people are too afraid to come forward with a rape case due to the humiliation. Don’t knw how true this is but anything is expected from whoever these people are, they can’t be humans. Be safe guys!Recommend

  • shroomwala

    You also suspected that they were Martians, hai nah? Recommend

  • Umair

    Moral of this story: Police / DHA guards were cooperative enough to understand your hesitation but author wasn’t.Recommend

  • Fahad

    First with such condtions, what you did is what all should do. secondly though you car could be suspicious still i shall support you for your efforts.
    Now, you saw the plates drunk guy its my request that you publish that too. and guys before bashing this women, these incidents have taken place in same areas before where girls are kidnapped and raped. you want that to happen to your family then bash this women or else support her.
    police is surely involved or else the dolmen mall incident guy would had been caught after coming on CCTV.

  • I am Awesome

    And if your car had black tinted windows, that is illegal. Recommend

  • Ibrahim

    Lady its your fault. If You had just cooperated rather than make it a big issue out of it, this would not have happened. They were just doing their duty making Karachi a better place for you and the residents.Recommend

  • Sane


    What kind of article was this? you were the one not co-operating. Do you elitists think that you are above the law? Stop & Check are for our safety. Terrorists can be from all sections of the community. Cant believe you trying to sensationalize a Stop & check.

    I never read such a stupid comments as of yours on these pages. The lady is not narrating a fairytale. This is the reality. Recommend

  • Someonewhocares

    People please. What if it had happened to any one of us? What you would’ve done? Have you ever thought? I am so scared after this. It happened to me once, I was once coming back from beach with friends and the cops stopped us. I was so scared they just wanted money and they said the same thing ‘halaat buhat kharab hain’ we have to check even if there are girls in the car. They asked us to give them our parents number and in the end all the wanted was money.
    She possibly cannot let the cops invade her car when she is alone and its past midnight. I understand her insecurities. Speeding the car and escaping is the only way you can escape cops , sometimes you just get unlucky. And we all know we speed up the car whenever cops try to stop us. Let’s be little practical.Recommend

  • hamid

    Wasted my time reading this, mom dad burgers, they’re everywhere nowRecommend

  • shoeb

    huh! what .. so you were in a tinted car… did not let the police check your car for weapon and fled and when they chased you down …you made a scene out of it?… am i missing something here?Recommend

  • Fiza

    @Everyone on this forum: Well any girl would have reacted in the same manner considering the reputation of our security forces. Even i wouldn’t cooperate with the cops if they seemed that suspicious and intoxicated and the presence of a tinted Prado is quite alarming. All those criticizing the author please put your self in her shoes and come out of your fantasy world where everything is hunky dory and if the police stops you they are just doing their job!

    If she wasn’t cooperating or they had an issue with the tinted windows they could have noted down the car number and taken an action later. I am sure they must have figured out the reason for her reluctance in cooperating with them at midnight.



    Anam I can totally connect with your story, because I have experienced the exact same situation at zamzama boulevard, a black parado + black vigo with guards at the back, and they act like goons who own this city and area, luckily my dad is a armed forces officer and my naval guards hushed away those goons, this is the sad reality of dha, these mafia politicians believe they own this city, and to all the readers with low IQ They were not looking for weapons, they were lookin for girls, i think they didnt bug me more cause they only target girls, be aware of this parado and vigo they roam around late night in the street of dha Recommend

  • MF

    What was the whole point of the article, that you did not comply with the guards’ instructions!Recommend

  • pak patriot

    And you lived happily ever after?Recommend

  • Someonewhocares


  • omair shahid

    I support her but think about it if she would have stopped and get her car checked instead of runaway none of this might happen also if the police & DHA personnel were involved god forbidden they would have kidnap her instead of knocking on the car window.Recommend

  • Karachiite

    Well I wouldnt suggest getting the car glasses tinted but in karachi if you want to save your mobile phone you either have to tint or put shades. I think the tinted glass isnt a good idea but shades could be used instead. Secondly, keeping the current security conditions in karachi, i think one should takecare of herself. Gone were the days when coming home at late night was safe, so better be safe than being sorry. Recommend

  • Inam Ullah

    The story is not clear. You are not above the law and tinted glasses are also illegal.Every citizens has to follow the rule of law and should cooperate with security personnel.Recommend

  • Fiza

    I am not sure if ET would publish this comment but I hope they do for the benefit of the female population. A lot of my friends have reported that such luxury cars are generally seen coming from the Saudi embassy side and they specifically target women sole-drivers. Be safe everyone and better try avoiding the cops at nightRecommend

  • Ss

    Ye kia tha?
    PS:surprised @ ET blog editorsRecommend

  • Wizzie

    Well, i know what Prado the author is trying to refer to, it is however a fact that the police around DHA/Clifton has gone to dogs. They have become incredibly famous for taking huge amounts in bribery and are mostly imported in to Karachi from other parts of the country. It is also a fact that if you have to fear someone late at night, fear “nakkas” in Phase 8, Hafiz & Ittehad. These particular stops are held by the drunkest craziest cops of the force.

    I have finally stopped getting out late just because of the harrasment i have faced in the last few months. Even when i am travelling with my wife and kid, they shove their torch on their faces.

    While the rich and the powerful openly roam around the area in thier tinted, NCP 4x4s, police continues to harass the common families.

    And the the black prado scene is quite famous these days where they stop, rape and sometimes kill and video tape. It is similar to the very famous white corolla case.Recommend

  • http://-- jamil khan

    She did the right thing no cops is allowed by law of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to stop any car for checking at late night when a lady is in the car, only if they have information from Police Control room on radio about suspicious car then only they can stop but a senior police office ranked SP/SSP or DIG to be present for checking the car and scrutinize it I beleive this lady’s story and many innocent do fall prey at the hand of these type of hoodlums fake police, it’s shameful thing for this Country and all I can ALLAH SAVE PAKISTAN AND ALL INNOCENT LIVESRecommend

  • Ashfaq

    Always remain alert while travelling coz that incident can occur occasionaly.. be safeRecommend

  • Shehnaz Qadri

    To clarify: I was not chased by a POLICE car. The black prado was like any other private car, the point of the article which is clearly being missed here is that the guards (both DHA and Local Police) was involved in the whole fiasco. Police guards and independent DHA guards DO NOT get into a civilian car with a drunk driver and chase a car with a girl in it. Two private cars belonging to normal citizens were chasing our car, what business did the police and dha guard have to step into their car, because after all they did emerge from his car. Seems slightly shady to me. Had I thought that they were genuinely searching for weapons, co-operation would have been extended. Secondly, tinted windows are illegal for obvious reasons, couldn’t agree more, however, my car passenger windows have a slightly darker glass which is slightly tinted naturally.Recommend

  • LOL

    you’ don’t know what this meansRecommend

  • Spikey

    I hateeeeee black pradosssss> !!!!Recommend

  • Jamali

    @ the author;

    Can you give a description of the ‘sahib’ under who’s auspices all this was happening… ? And any number plate on the black prado?Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    How did you make out that they wanted to kidnap you?Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Aly: That’s actually incorrect information you gained. ‘Allegedly drunk’ because of the way ‘sahib’ spoke only. Sahib was not picked up by anyone.READ!

    Tinted is okay if you have a permit for it.
    Non-cooperation is criminal act. The writer’s action pushed her towards being stopped at a less lit area where she could have cooperated with DHA security and Police (which she recognized as such) to make their jobs easier as well and in a well lit area.

    Can anyone just write and get it published here in the tribune blogs? there should be some quality check please!Recommend

  • http://Karachi Pakistani

    It was wrong to have tinted windows in the car but I believe the lady just had a lucky escape. If they really were conscientious security people, why would they run away in the end, and people are not supposed to perform their duties in a drunken state anyway?

    I also watched Hamid Mir’s programme in which he mentioned such things happening. Moreover, there was a news report in the papers recently narrating how a conscientious security guard foiled a kidnap attempt by influential people.

    Knowing the sorts of things that can happen here, I really can’t understand why some people find it so difficult to believe the lady.


  • Rakshinda

    Dear Author
    What is the matter with you?
    I mean i kept reading your article with a constant thought that some thing surprising/mysterious is about to happen but No! It was very unappealing and i’m sorry it didn’t charm most of the readers.
    Sincere reader.Recommend

  • Stranger

    The police is doing their routine check. Why should they ‘spare’ women. Woah this girl seems to be having some chip on her shoulder.Recommend

  • Ovais

    Well well they are really not looking for the weapons they are looking girls for their lust sorry for my words i also experienced the same but in clifton area with a big change in a vehicles a luxurious black Cygnus with vigo having guards, i have a bride groom and some other females with me and we are returning from a valima reception thanks to my mates and other relatives those who makes a round of all cars around my car once they feel that those vehicles are trying to get closer and start following us so they left us near 2 talwar and one of my cousin face the same experience while returning back her home in phase 5 from her hospital after ending up her duty. So the conclusion is that they are not searching any thing they are just looking for females the writer having a real good sense and whatever she do is appreciable and for your information guys tinted glasses are legal if you have permit or mostly imported cars like vitz and others having black windows for back door so its not a big deal i have the one with a permit and authority letter so please raise your IQ level before commenting harsh stuff on any of these kinds of serious matters. And for my all sisters please take security measures by their self do not go outside in late hrs until its necessary try to reach at your homes in early timings may ALLAH keep you and every one in the safe custody as we are living in the city which is having no law not even that law which is known as JUNGLE Ka qanoon. Sorry if i wrote any thing harsh to any one . Recommend

  • faye

    why was the lady returning home alone after midnight i dont get it if haalat are so kharab in karachi why so late parties women going out sleeveless every time i visit pakistan it seems these elites are adopting and dressing like what we call white trash here and think they are modern and advance FYI the respected class of Americans dont behave and dress the way our elites do there who have forgotten their values and religion unfortunately .I sympathise with the lady but I am sorry to say she asked for it coming late at night and in tinted car .Sadly enough Karachi is getting worse day by day becuase we have forgotten our islamic values and princples of life there is a reason that a woman is not allowed in Islam to go out w/o her mahram and especially not at night alone unless absolutely necessary , Then we blame the cops .First woman should protect her chastity if you come late at night alone , wear sleeveless transparent clothes what else do you expect.I know i will be labeled as extremist or conservative after this comment by our so called elite modern karachites but this is the fact and reason for our downfall its bitter but someone has to say it and show you all the mirror.
    I would like to share an incident i was in Karachi two weeks ago and by the way yes my parents live in defence too i am from IBA and not from a conservative background as said there but Alhamdolillah I am guided by Allah proud to be a muslim who to some extenet no islamic values and pray that Allah guides me more. Anyways I went to a stationary shop to get something and there I saw a young teenage girl around 18 or 19 yrs old came to do some scanning of her report .She was a nice pretty girl but sadly enough her dressing was sleeveless white tight top and black pants with a scarf just wrapped around her neck and with her was her mother all nicely dressed in a decent kurta shalwar ,What was sad to see that as the girl was inoocently showing the two three boys working at the store what she wanted to be scanned they were obviously enjoying her view and eyeing her pervertly I felt like going and telling the mother was she blind couldn’t she see how these boys are eyeing her daughter and if she was wearing kurta shalwar she could have atleast asked her daughter to wear loose sleeved top and loose pants .But then i guess if you dress decent how will you be called elites and modern class of Defence
    Now you all be the judge isn’t this an open invitation for any men and I dont blame the girl because its not her fault its the parents fault who misguide them and take pride in saying in my daughter is a modern girl of todayRecommend

  • Ovais

    Well well they are really not looking for the weapons they are looking girls for their lust sorry for my words i also experienced the same but in clifton area with a little change in a vehicles a luxurious black Cygnus with vigo having guards, i have a bride groom and some other females with me and we are returning from a valima reception thanks to my mates and other relatives those who makes a round of all cars around my car once they feel that those vehicles are trying to get closer and start following us so they left us near 2 talwar and one of my cousin face the same experience while returning back her home in phase 5 from her hospital after ending up her duty. So the conclusion is that they are not searching any thing they are just looking for females the writer having a real good sense and whatever she do is appreciable and for your information guys tinted glasses are legal if you have permit or mostly imported cars like vitz and others having black windows for back door so its not a big deal i have the one with a permit and authority letter so please raise your IQ level before commenting harsh stuff on any of these kinds of serious matters. And for my all sisters please take security measures by their self do not go outside in late hrs until its necessary try to reach at your homes in early timings may ALLAH keep you and every one in the safe custody as we are living in the city which is having no law not even that law which is known as JUNGLE Ka qanoon. Sorry if i wrote any thing harsh to any one . Recommend

  • Vicky

    One thing i can say for sure. One cannot trust the cops in DHA area. The best is to avoid those areas where there are Police checkposts.Recommend

  • Havovie Bomanji

    I’m shocked at the disparaging comments by some of the men on here. Have any of you any idea what is actually going on in K’chi these days with regard to abducting and raping women ?
    This woman’s story is just one of manyoccuring now. It happened to my best friend in K’chi too, a couple of weeks ago, she was able to put up a fight and actually got away…
    .So what if she had tinted windows, i think women these days need to be feel as safe as they can, with all the insanity going on. I think the police have more to worry about than that these days. It has nothing to do with being rich and hiding in big cars. It’s about preying on women and their families, blackmailing them and it’s disgusting as it is going on at the highest levels. Open your eyes and wake up.
    All credit to this woman for being brave enough to speak up and speak out. Most hide behind the veil of izzat terrified to bring dishonour to their family families. I applaud this young woman for coming forth and sharing her story. We need more women who can speak out and forwarn others and not continue to live in clouds of secrecy and denial that all this actually goes on !Recommend

  • Rehan Ali

    Full of Crap. You had your glass tinted. Didn’t follow normal procedure. Ran off from a check point. You simply implied that you’re above the law and should be treated as such.

    People at tribune have lost it completely for publishing such crap. Recommend

  • haroon

    @Aly: How can you be sure it was an attempt to abduct the girl.

    BTW, all the comments against the author are based on the “facts” that the author herself has divulged. She wanted differential (read VIP) treatment and she was treated like any other person would have been under the circumstances.

    As far as her saying that one of the cop’s was drunk … that is her opinion.

    She should count herself lucky she wasn’t shot as the police DOES have standing orders to shoot cars that drive off from a picket.Recommend

  • BachelOrBoy

    This is a point of estrangement, that how much sick our society has became. It made me burst into laughs, when some resigned minister of MQM was connecting those incidents with “sons of waderas”,though along many sorries for such incidents taking place against women folk couldn’t resist my laughter. At very moment a thought crawled in
    My mind, how could such irresponsible and kiddish statement giver be placed on higher Tourns of a country..?? This question was seeming an answer of those ruthless and illogical incidents taking place rampantly in the gigantic city of Karachi, because its vivid truth that ” As we are by ourselves, will get the leaders alike”…
    Moreever, no soul in Karachi might have’nt experienced such worthless, soul quivering incidents; resultantly people there are as scared of strangers as a mice, could be…As randomly visit there for official works, on my way I just once asked address from a person; people from distant were even gazing as if something terrible is going to b happen. At another place while was driving through Layari football stadium road, got entangled with road snatchers, due to having weapon along some cross-shots exchanged in persuit expedition till a police man suggested that ” forget ur valuables n think it a routine welcome of Karachi, because if u’d get wounded noOne would help u till bleeding ur last blood-drop to death, or if ur bullets are killing that snatcher, instead of terming him a criminal his family will claim that their son was returning from Masjid, as he was a pious 5 times pungchual prayers performer”. Since than, I use to put my Weapon on the dash-board so that transmit the mute message, if u come in my way, I will do or die n fortunately nothing amused has happened except a few rangers security checkups…
    So, what I would ever suggest every Karachi inhabitant, always carry your licences weapon along at 1st periority and mentally keep ready yourself to confront whatever comes in the way… Umm.. In the end would suggest never go for a date esp. Ladies with even ur well known people, As anything can be happening in a city of serial killers…Recommend

  • AFK

    Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS! its females like you who make this city seem unsafe for other women. I have been driving alone since the past four years. There have been times when i have just driven at 3am to enjoy the city, a smoke and a few songs. i even dropped a couple of maasis at lyari once around 12am. Thank god that never have i ever been robbed, kidnapped or raped. And it has nothing to do with driving a big car or a small car. Or being rich or poor…it has everything to do with understanding your situation and being responsible and smart about it.

    The Law is for everyone. The biggest problem is that people dont understand this. And this is exactly why everyone suffers. Aap aggar khatoon hain toh aap ka security check nahi ho ga? aur Mashallah say seeshay bhi tinted… women arent made of bunnies and marshmallows and rainbow that they shouldnt be subjected to law!! Ais tarhan aap mein aur hukmaranon aur ais mulk ki baaqi “jugaari” qaum mein kya farkh reh gaya?

    This article is painful for me only because you belong to the so called educated upper class. You have gone to a school where you were encouraged to think with an open mind, the fact that you were coming back alone at night with a driver goes to show that your family is also supportive of your personal growth on a certain level. You generally are privileged, and its people from your class who actually have the resources and the education to make a change… but instead you write an immature and ignorant article.

    Our country, our city is going through a tough time. And everyone is struggling. And believe it or not, despite the fact that the “bad guys” are greater in number or more powerful in this country, there are a lot of people who are fighting for it and working like donkeys to make a change. There are many obstacles and genuine issues that need to be take care of. Please don’t create chaos and panic with such stories.

    There is enough of a mess that we need to clean, don’t highlight such ignorant articles and make life worse for people who have to get out of the house on a daily basis and take care of their responsibilities.Recommend

  • fahadazh

    So the next day you should be going to police station and put an FIR against DHA guards atleast.Recommend

  • maria zameer

    Being well aware of the case of black prado why were you even out so late that too in a tinted car! its a pity but we bring trouble to ourselves!
    Your action of making your driver run away from the check post would have resulted cops shooting at your car, resulting in death of the poor driver! think before you take decision involving others around you. You do not own the driver’s life or do you?Recommend

  • Shehnaz Qadri

    The cop was not drunk, he may have been BUT that is not what I have said in my article. There were two cars – they followed my car into a lane. When the car stopped, the police and DHA guards climbed out of that car. They were supporting someone who was a common citizen, a drunk man who was not even able to speak or walk properly. Secondly, if they had to check my car for weapons why would they ask me to cooperate when the drunk man asked us to get out of the car or when the private guards with guns dressed in shalwaar kameez asked us to introduce ourselves to their sahib. Makes no sense. There was no degree of non cooperation in a reasonable man’s view, the article clearly says “Immediately, observing our hesitance to adhere to his command, the cop signaled his colleague to remove the barrier but their reluctance to do so was clearly visible.” If the the security check was under any measure serious, why would they pick up the barriers to let us go? What would any objective person infer from this? If a police car followed me after I refused to co-operate with a security check, I would not think much of it. Why did 2 civilian big jeeps follow my car with police officers getting off from it. Each private guard holding a gun and tapping our car windows. If this is not harassment…what is?! Recommend

  • amna

    Iam surprised to see that all of the comments above are more concerned that tints are illegal and why the car was tinted. So everything happening in this country otherwise is legal? there is no law and order followed here whoever has power and money lives like he owns this city and the others pay the price. Rather then actually understanding this woman’s feeling and what she went through and being more careful in future you guys are more concerned about the tints and that security check. Iam sorry we as a nation have completely lost it forgotten our values and morals. And the police and security force of this city and country is the most corrupted one i must say because an incident recently happened with me as well and the police force was involved in it and it was highly shameful and sad to see the people who are supposed to protect us are the ones who are wrapped in the uniform of corruption and dishonesty. If we all wont raise our voice against this unlawfulness and corruption soon this place is going to drown in it, already its half drowned and all because no one stands up to fix the situation. We are all immune to it just because it doesnt happen with us doesnt mean we ignore it. It has become a very serious issue, we are not safe in our own city where we were born raised up have all the beautiful memories and now suddenly we are stuck here in a miserable state where stepping out of home has become a big risk and horror. How sad it can get now? We all need to do something to make things better i know the GOV doesnt really care and is least concerned as far as their tummies and pockets are filled huh! Recommend

  • Hassan

    Seems like a lost cause to me. Its a way to avoid disruption in populated areas that they let you go and chased you down.

    Please suggest why you were not cooperative when you were asked to let the security search your car? Did you think they will bring a search warrant for that?Recommend

  • kz

    The police and DHA were doing their job. How would they know that you were actually with some kidnappers or your driver? They had doubt so they acted and chased you. Full credit to them for intercepting your car. I’ve been kidnapped and I wish i was also stopped by police while in the car with real kidnappers.Recommend

  • bilal

    the lady asks the driver to change the lane and drive as fast as he can just because her 6th sense told he that something was fishy and yet she is blaming the police for following her,
    mam if they were rapists they would have taken u no matter what, it is naive to think that locking the car saved you
    a big LOL at the title”i am a victim of infamous black parado”Recommend

  • usman shah

    @Mehak Hussain:
    . u said ure friend was raped then u say that you are not sure if this is a true story. i think u r covering up for the lame article that was written. thanks alot.Recommend

  • AFK

    please understand the authenticity of a story and then react. A genuine issue is one thing, Unnecessary panic is another. Can someone please ask this author who came out of the prado? when they had finally cornered her why didnt they abduct her and rape her and make videos? Arent these black prado rapists immoral?

    Are you telling me they left her because shes “LUCKY”?

    Has it occurred to anyone that not all black prados are owned by rapists?

    They did not do anything to her not because they weren’t in the mood or the “car chase” exhausted them, its because they genuinely thought this car was acting shady. I mean she ran away from the second barrier…what was she expecting?

    Where as the black prado is concerned, it probably could have been someone influential from the neighbourhood…had stopped at the check point to get his car checked, the police probably told them about the suspicious car that sped off and refused to get checked…and they decided to take it from there.

    Apparently there is a SUV going around abducting females, but awaam ko aisi bay-tukki kahanion say pagal toh mat banao.Recommend

  • http://www.techglued.com/ daudi

    hey MS Qadri, there is a SP in your article. kindly consider it fixing

    They followed me. They stopped my car. The trapped me. They ordered me to get out.

    u ate the letter Y in 3rd sentence of The Trapped me. it needs to be They.

    and rest..

    tinted cars is not illegal in karachi. u can go on with tint for security purpose or medical health issues. no one cares about it. if u want to be a pro karachi, first improve ur self then speak to others.Recommend

  • concerned

    Dear Karachi-ites,

    Stop! Please just stop taking out ur frustrations on someone who went thru a horrible experience with the cops and managed to get out of it unharmed.
    Yes, the situation of our beloved city has gone from bad to worse and since we can’t do anything about it that doesn’t mean we take it out on others.

    Being a woman, I know the kind of looks these cops give..and trust me there are no way of concern or of respect. Late at night, if the lady didn’t co-operate, yes the cops should have note down her number plate and contacted the next morning..but that didn’t happen. Goes to show how interested the cops were in the car or the ‘asla’.

    And for God’s sake, stop with the ‘illegal tinting’ talk. Every other tom dick and harry has their car tinted..just because someone wrote it u all are targeting her. Itna he ‘illegal’ ka concern hai tau please step out ur car next time u see a tinted one, tap on the window, and tell them its illegal. Seriously?! U would actually talk abt legal and illegal sitting in a country where killing is practically made legal?!

    All u guys who posted here, please support ur women. Support the women who have the courage to post their stories on a public forum.

    I hope u all stay safe and may God protect u and ur families.Recommend


    police or DHA security should engage females for such kind of searches, as it is practiced internationally. If there would have been two or three female police persons , it would have made her comfortable and permitted any kind of search.
    Many gangs now employ girls/ women to carry out kidnappings and dacoitys. Police become lenient when they approach cars carrying women passengers. So suggestion is that our police force should include wmen police officers as well during snap checking on roads.Recommend

  • Bilal

    @Fiza: hahahahhahah what a suggestion noting the number plate and then fixing the time for next meeting (inspection)… Are we living in US ??Do we have enough resources in term of police force and time …I donot know on which planet this burger generation of DHA is living ?Point is simple the writer broke the law by having tinted glasses so she should pay the price …and if i was in the place of police officer i will never let her go without checking the car and please donot try to defend her with lame excuses…. :)Recommend

  • AFK

    @Shehnaz Qadri:

    Sweet child of mine, i only have one question for you… Why didnt they abduct you?

    If your sixth sense, observation and comprehension skills are so accurate… which is obvious by the fact that you still went ahead and got this story published after you probably had a chance to rethink your story… Why in gods name did these merciless black prado abducters not abduct you?

    We all want to be out late at night in a city like karachi, knowing what the situation is like and not follow laws (#yolo), and we all want to not be abducted…can you tell us your secret?Recommend

  • Rana Talha Asfar

    That has to be the lamest thing I have read in a while Recommend

  • Danish

    Bizzarre! The write-up is like groping in dark in search of a black cat which is not there. It takes nowhere. I guess, there’s no rigmarole. It’s just a matter of miscommunication, as you didn’t even bother opening up window panes. They , the cops must be confused cum horrified even more than you. Recommend

  • AFK

    Can somebody please ask her why she wasn’t abducted?Recommend

  • Squirrel

    After reading this story closely it does not seem to be the “Black Prado” everyone is talking about. Snap checking late at night is the norm now. In our security situation checking is needed and I am grateful for it despite the hassels. This lady is lucky the police did not open fire on her when she fled in her tinted glassed (illegal) car with her driver. Policemen are getting killed everyday and they are not in the mood to take chances. If the policeman was drunk, that is abhorrent. However, what do we want more or less security? The situation is bad and we all have to play our parts. If getting checked is part of that, so be it.Recommend

  • bano

    As long as you noted the plates- publish the numbers- raise awareness. However, the logic with the tinted windows- the police can stop you. Recommend

  • aamir

    A pretty lame story / article, clearly depicts the preferential treatment the elite want to enjoy! However it is the rsponsibility of the Editor to check for such articles and not just fill in the space of newspaper.

    The news coverage and articles are already pretty lousy.Recommend

  • d3bauch!

    I prefer to comment on conclusion rather talking about tinting or illegal action. We have been hearing about black Prado and Land cruiser with government number plate on it -Bottom-line, HOW CAN WE GET RID WITH THIS? We all know whoever they are; they have a high influence in the government and whatever they are doing they’re absolutely sure no one can take them behind bars. Let’s don’t forget Shahzaib Khan Case, it’s still open and I don’t see any sign of justice yet. In my opinion I take this article as awareness message however it’s a wake up call for all night roamer ladies!!Recommend

  • omair shahid

    @Shehnaz Qadri:
    miss Shehnaz point is none of this would have happened if you would have co-operate with the police in security check all the other things you have mention above happened after you ran away and as you mention in your comments that this is harassment secondly after reading your article i cannot find any relation regarding the infamous Black Prado which kidnaps women anyways be safe and always recite ayat ul kursi when leaving home or drive car inshallah allah will protect you.Recommend

  • Hassan

    That would have been highly inappropriate response from police. Had the questioned actually been carrying harmful materials and had used it the same night, you’d have blamed them. Lets please allow them room to do their jobs and understand we are in a state of war.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Shehnaz Qadri:

    I get your point. you were obviously scared of policemen chasing you in a civilian Prado. It can be a difficult one. If they were genuine policemen, they were probably doing their duty, but in Pakistan you can never be sure. Sad to say but even the police are often involved in Crimes. Its best to avoid being alone at late nights. Defence roads at night can be very deserted making them look scary and some are poorly lit also. I do not like the deserted look of defence roads particularly of phases 6, 7 & 8. Gulshan and PECHS are better in that you see the buzz and crowd even at midnight. But crime can happen anywhere- whether its a crowded place or deserted one.The feeling of landing at Karachi Airport and seeing armed commandos on the runway from your plane window, is enough to tell you that you have landed at a dangerous place! You never see this in Europe. Even though I am a guy, whenever I visit Karachi, My mom tells me to read Ayat al Kursi frequently! Stay safe dear! May Allah Protect all my Karachiite friends. From an Ex Karachiite.Recommend

  • Mehak Hussain

    @usman shah : this is the msg the that is going viral on facebook. this is taken from a post !! pls use brains.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Seems like the ‘Black Prado’ is known to many defence residents! on a light note, this seems like the story of an action flick. There should come a ‘Vijay Deenanath Chauhan’ in Defence to take on this black Prado :))Recommend

  • http://acommoner.weebly.com/ Saamia

    I must admit that the authoress is a very brave woman and I’m sure the negative commentators are talking about some other Karachi, whoever uses the streets of DHA knows how insecure they are. I feel that the ignorance of some of the people commenting and laissez faire attitude is a main reason for such problems existing. It is the fact that such people refuse to admit which has lead Pakistan and specifically Karachi to where it stands today.
    Let’s open our eyes now, and face the problem head-on.Recommend

  • omair shahid

    miss Amna law is a law and it doesn’t mean if some one is breaking it we should also they wouldn’t be any difference with them and us pls read carefully because both the police and the author both were at fault because she didnot get car check & ran away this would have never happened and police fault was that they harassed her but after she ran away Recommend

  • wizzies

    Kidnapping women scene is very much on in Karachi these days. Police is mostly involved in such cases, besides no policemen in a private car can stop any citizen until unless they belong to certain agencies and posses warrant.

    A policemen without his belt and car is supposed to be off duty and does have the right to stop anyone. DHA guards have also become very corrupt, i have seen them a million times grabbing money from a sweet potato cart at Shahbaz Commercial.

    This particular gang active in Defence/Clifton does not care what women are wearing, most women they have targeted were married with kids.

    Please stop “watch what you wear” non-sense! There are 100s of rape cases in villages where women dress up “properly”.

    The mere problem is the sons of these illiterate and inhuman influential of this city. There terror can be witnessed with a short trip to Bilawal house and its surroundings. Recommend

  • Farhan

    This reads like a bad script for a C rated low budget movie! on a serious note, this lady in question shouldn’t be out alone after midnight. It’s simply not recommended. As with many other cities in the world where crime is high, both women and men are easy targets while traveling late in the night. Specially women who can be sexually assaulted in addition to being mugged. These are ground realities and kaachi is not some fantasy land! Sad but true.Recommend