Get the look: Oscars 2013

Published: February 26, 2013

The Annual Academy Awards is about fashion as much as it is about great cinema. It is a grand fashion show where stars dress to impress.

The Annual Academy Awards is about fashion as much as it is about great cinema. It is a grand fashion show where stars dress to impress. Just because you did not attend the Oscars, doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun.

Local designers on the pulse of fashion are second to none when it comes to glamour. If you have an upcoming special occasion, let A-list actresses inspire your style.

Here are 15 of my favorite looks.

Getting the look means keeping it simple, elegant and modern.

Safia Abbas’ silk gown channels Amanda Seyfried’s gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown with a halter neck, crystal beading, gentle drapes and trailing back.

Stark and simple, white always stands out in a crowd.

The modern angles of this Maison Stylistica chikan top are what make it unique.

Delicate embroidery on neutral coloured net is sophisticated and glamorous.

long slender column in champagne silk is flattering on slim women.

Red on the red carpet always looks stunning.

Add a draped style and crystal embellishment and you have a winning look.

Bright colours like cobalt blue and violet only need the slightest of adornment.

Midnight blue is a popular trend this season.

And here come the ever-beautiful line of blacks, silver-greys and golds! Always majestic.

So here were some of the great looks I came across during the Oscars. I know I couldn’t be there in person, but no-one says I can’t mix and match my way into looking like one of these shimmery glamorised stars all set for the Oscars!

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Hala Syed

A designer for a multi-brand retail store in Karachi.

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  • Qasim

    WTH? What a waste of spaceRecommend

  • Pretty

    Jennifer Garner looked lovelyRecommend

  • Canya

    What in the world is this writer trying to imply? That we Pakistanis need to look like Oscar-going celebrities to look good!!?

    What a desperate attempt, I must say, trying to match western gowns with Pakistani designer wear!! I’m totally dumbfounded, to put it in subtle words! Recommend

  • sundus

    umm, these dresses do NOT match the oscar gowns in any way. Even the colours are completely off. How would you match a strapless gown to a pakistani style shirt?

    The author needs to make up her mind about what she wants – is she trying to tell Pakistani women that they should dress more like these celebrities (ignoring our cultural constraints, religious mindset)? if yes, then why would she match those gowns to entirely different clothing?Recommend

  • jack

    oscar gowns are irrelevant to our local fashion/styles. and if you had to match them with pakistani clothes, then why bother?Recommend

  • RumRum

    These are actually really great tips!!! Thank you!

    And @jack and @sundus you obviously have no fashion sense so dont bother commenting if you cannot see how fashion translates, and is not about literal copying!!!Recommend

  • GhostRider

    Halle berry in Versache!!!! Its Versace ETRecommend

  • imaan.sheikh

    @GhostRider: Thank you for pointing out the mistake. The error is regretted and has now been corrected.
    Kind regards,
    Blogs deskRecommend

  • Canya

    @ Sundus: Spot-on!
    I agree 100%…Recommend

  • jack

    @RumRum, you obviously have no fashion sense if you think that jennifer garner’s strapless purple gown ‘translates’ into a purple kurta. so please stop rushing to the article’s rescue because we are entitled to our own opnions. thank you.Recommend

  • christina

    @RumRum is obviously best friends with the author, and will say anything to justify the stupidity that is this articleRecommend

  • sam


  • citizen

    excellent translation of oscar trends into our pakistani culture . A very innovative step indeed . way to go lady . loved the dresses . @jack , sundus , canya : common guys . fashion has no limits . This lady halla did a brilliant job ! thumbs up hala !Recommend

  • sadaf

    the article was a fun bit of fluff, i don’t understand the outrage in the comments
    it’s about incorporating international trends into your personal wardrobe
    you can’t wear a strapless dress but if purple chiffon is a trend that you see somewhere you can find a way to wear it. thats why fashion is universalRecommend

  • sam

    the funniest is charlize theron. absolutely no match between what she wore and what the author suggested. where is the inspiration? Recommend

  • Fizza

    the writer’s obviously has friends/relatives in ET.. or is herself pretending to be her friend rescuing a useless blogRecommend

  • Jav

    YUCK!!! No match!Recommend

  • Noor

    Good effort! I got some very nice fashion ideas from this post. Hala, I think you did good. Please pay no attention to haters – there are always a ton for no reason. Recommend

  • sam

    @Noor, good luck wearing a chiffon kurta and pretending it was inspired from an oscar gownRecommend

  • Hala Syed

    thanks for your feedbackRecommend

  • Liz

    Pathetic Comparision.

    Waste of time and space.Recommend

  • 123

    Couple of cookies and burgers going all gaga over Oscar dresses :DRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I don’t know why everyone is being harsh to the writer who seems to be a designer herself.

    Discouraging an artist will bring you nothing. Encouraging them may bring great art.

    A lot of these designs seem similar. The styles seem close enough, even if the patterns/colors aren’t a match.Recommend

  • Hala

    @Noman Ansari:
    Thankyou Noman. I never meant to say that these designs were exact replicas, if they were it would be plagarism. they just are inspired by the same things, trends are apparent. i have worked in fashion for some time now and this is how trickle down theory works. i understand that if you are not interested in oscar gowns this blog would be of no interest to you but a lot of people are and i thought it would be fun to see how local designers use certain elements that are used by international designers. Recommend