When your husband is also a reporter

Published: February 25, 2013

It means that we would be married to our jobs in more than just the literal sense. DESIGN: ERUM SHAIKH

By tying the knot with a fellow reporter next month, who is equally passionate about work as I am; I would be committing myself to journalism for life, and surely for eternity.

This means that arguments and discussions between a husband and wife might entail,

‘I didn’t like your intro!’


‘Why didn’t you add colour to your story’


‘Your question in the press conference was really dumb’.

This implies that the happy moments between a husband and a wife would be basking in the glory of having one’s story printed on the front page of the newspaper, and smiling endlessly to the positive feedback and the dozens of likes and tweets it receives.

Likewise, romantic outings would take a different meaning.

Instead of visiting the cool waters of Sandspit or the snowy hills of Switzerland, we might venture to impoverished areas and meet heartbroken victims for my stories. And for his stories, perhaps, going to the airport and harassing aviation authorities.

This means that spare time at home would be spent watching All the President’s men, instead of Titanic. It also means memorising David Randall’s The Great Reporters and reading three different newspapers with frequent outbursts of

‘Oh I wish I could write like this’.

This means that our circle of friends for life would remain the brave crime reporter, the hardworking obituary reporter, the curious education reporter, the dedicated court reporter and the only female sports reporter.

It also implies that our gossip at dinner tables would be,

‘I was interviewing this social worker and he cussed words at his staff’,


‘You know such-and-such politician called me himself and passed on his number to me’.

This means that a husband’s instructions to a wife would simply be,

‘There is no need to go to Kati Pahari. Do the story over the phone’.

This means that by working at the same newspaper and sitting at a distance of only one metre; lunches, teas and dinners would be together, and so would the trip back home. It also means putting up questions frequently to our colleagues of who is a better reporter.

And this means that in the future, when our children would be old enough to read, they would pick up the newspaper instead of the ABC book. This also means that when my husband and I are in our seventies, we would proudly narrate our reporting tales to our visitors.

It means that we are married to our jobs in more than just the literal sense.

Is marrying someone who works with you a good or bad idea?

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Rabia Ali

Rabia Ali

A reporter for the Karachi pages of The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Javeria

    Both in the same job? That is my opinion but won’t it be much better to see your husband after 12-13 hours because that would add more surprise to your marriage and the wait would make it all the more special.
    Also, to come home tired and then question your husband about his work and then you going on about your work is something I would look forward to in my marriage instead of my husband knowing every single detail of my work. Who I go out with, whether I had dinner, whether I had lunch, it just makes it all the more frustrating to have your husband in front of your eyes twenty four seven. The wait in the middle makes it more special. Like I said, it is completely my opinion.
    And your husband refusing to do something while at work, refusing to go places you would want to go. Actually, you can’t really hide something from him. I am sure you’re a good wifey and won’t hide anything from him. Ever. But still, the element of unpredictability should always be there. Something, you marriage would lack.Recommend

  • Gem

    I love it!Recommend

  • http://dailymark.wordpress.com Dab

    Haha, this is amazing visualization! Being married to someone who is equally good with words and scrutiny should make for an interesting marriage.Recommend

  • Al-chemisto

    Work in different organizations to add more chemistry. Can be victimized or become a victim of jealousy just because u r husband and wife. Free advice! Recommend

  • A married man

    It would be a night mare to sit at a distance of only one metre from my wife at work!
    Good luck with that one. LOL

  • Assam

    Hey writer i think this is just going to be bad bad idea.. I know some wont even live in the same house :p I think having a break from each other is important.Recommend

  • Imran

    Your blog seems more of a wedding announcement than any other thing. Are you going to invite us all as well?? :-)Recommend

  • Fatima

    Congrats on your marriage.Recommend

  • Umer Farooq

    I have filed my story,, waiting ,, wait,, am have to file another story,,, yar you leave i will come by cab.. :PRecommend

  • Huma Azhar

    Where I think that marrying someone in the same profession has its advantages, working in the same place is WAY too close for comfort for me! But then again thats my personal opinion.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Frankly there are a lot of romances that begin in the office, which is not surprising given that you probably spend more waking hours with your colleagues than your spouse. That said, I think being in each other’s presence all the time may not be that comfortable for most – you may enjoy being a different person at home and a different one at work (possibly tougher/ milder/ wheeler-dealer in either location), and having your spouse looking over your shoulder could cramp your style.Recommend

  • N

    Both of you will rock, don’t worry, as for the ones who think its a bad idea, well hey don’t know you guys!!!Recommend

  • http://www.thepsychiccompany.co.uk Psychiccompany

    working with my husband i feel the down side to be we dont ‘look forward’ to seeing each other after work! Recommend

  • Parvez

    Getting married – good idea.
    Planning your life past the age of 70 even before you’re married – bad idea.

    You’ll are young, you’ll are smart, play it sensibly and make adjustments so that you’ll remain happy…………everything else follows.Recommend

  • Falcon

    A humble recommendation; you guys should consider taking up jobs at least in different departments, if not different companies. Otherwise, what you will have is not a marriage between two reporters but a marriage between problems from office and home, which can become too overwhelming for relationships.Recommend

  • Ali Z.

    way to go…don’t worry, u guys will rock togetherRecommend

  • The Khan

    The biggest monster you will have to face would be jealousy. If you husband is suffering, be humble or leave reporting altogether if you want marriage to continue.
    Look at Dr Shaista Wahidi and nadia Khan who are both divorcees Recommend

  • What’s in name

    These lines may sound funny at the moment, bu these would kill when other people would complement and your hubby won’t. Honest feedback is mistaken.

    ‘I didn’t like your intro!’


    ‘Why didn’t you add colour to your story’


    ‘Your question in the press conference was really dumb’.

    We did it but to others I wound say no. Just don’t!Recommend

  • 123

    Karishma kapoor ^_^Recommend

  • Clarus

    In my view there should be a limit to which business/work should be discussed. We all work to make enough to spend the other half of our day with a joy. Even at weddings/social gatherings i keep money matter/business aside unless it’s a corporate event. Marrying someone at work means bringing down work discussions to your home. And just like when you go out with office colleagues it’s somewhat different with when you go out with your school friends.
    And don’t say your are a journalist, there are several people out there who are in 24/7 strategic positions such as in army,navy, engineers, pilots and doctors who are doing really big and are passionate about their work.

    My advise stop seeking others opinion. You love him He loves you, what else you want. :DRecommend

  • http://happeningsinpakistan.blogspot.com Hammad Suriya

    After reading your blog, I would say marrying with someone who works with you is a bad idea..Recommend

  • Laraib S.

    I liked your comment more than the blog! :DRecommend

  • Sundus

    I have worked with my hubby in the same company, in the same department for 4 years and I totally enjoyed it. You just have to keep it professional.Recommend

  • kinglsey

    this is funnnyRecommend

  • sarah

    this is so lala land.Recommend

  • bizkit

    i think there is no harm in working as long as one does not do smooch smooch in office. reporting is tough job i believe and i think you wont be able to get time together. good luckRecommend

  • mustafa

    marrying with co worker is a bad idea, specially when you are journalist.Recommend