Why won’t you give Hazaras asylum, Australia?

Published: February 24, 2013

The Pakistani government should take real, effective and forceful measures to clamp down on extremist elements. PHOTO: AFP

On February 16, 2013, when a 1000kg explosive laden water tanker exploded in the midst of a crowded market in Hazara Town, Quetta, it not only destroyed lives and property but it also destroyed Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision of a tolerant Pakistan.

In the mulch of torn pieces of women, children, tradesmen, charred vehicles and rubble, lay dead the ideology of Pakistan.

Let it be plainly said that Pakistan is not safe for Hazaras anymore as the state has clearly failed to provide security to this community, let there be no argument on this.

So what to do?

Where to go?

Resist and be massacred by LeJ militants that up to this day are only handed petty punishments, that are gigantically incongruous to the enormity of their crimes?

The only way for the Hazara community to escape this hell is to seek asylum in different countries.

Recently a story came up, that Australia has offered to give asylum to 2500 Hazara families. The Australian High Commission in Pakistan eventually rejected the story in a press release. However, the fact remains that Australia has certainly seen a rising number of Hazaras seeking asylum.

According to news reports, the Australian High Commission has started to accommodate an increasing number of applications from the Hazara community and according to an official inside Australian High Commission, it has received more than 200 applications in the past three weeks.

However, the trouble for Hazaras is not over in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It also follows them to the shores of Australia.

The story starts with Tony Abbot the Australian Opposition Leader who claimed that the boat people arriving in Australia were acting in an unchristian manner.

“I don’t think it’s a very Christian thing to come in by the back door rather than the front door,” he said talking about people who were coming in by boats to Australia.

Adding further, he said,

“…..if you jump the queue, if you take yourself and your family on a leaky boat, that’s doing the wrong thing, not the right thing, and we shouldn’t encourage it.”

Unfortunately many (not all and certainly not the majority) in Australia share this belief. It is important to tell them that why asylum seekers, many of them being Hazara fleeing from Afghanistan and Pakistan, are risking theirs and their family members lives by coming in “leaky boats”.

Here is the reason:

“It is better to die at sea trying to get here than to be killed in Afghanistan or Pakistan,” said a Hazara, living in Melbourne, while giving an interview to the New York Times.

The Julia Gillard led Australian government has reopened offshore processing centres for refugees in Nauru and Papua New Guinea Islands, where the asylum seekers’ boats will be diverted to and the refugees will be herded into camps like criminals where they will be kept under high security in dismal conditions.

The whole premise of the Australian government, it so seems, is to stop people putting their lives in danger by travelling in boats and sailing across capricious seas to seek asylum.

On the face of this looks like a well-intentioned effort until of course some disturbing details are revealed.

A Globe and Mail investigation found out that the Australian government is actively working with Pakistani intelligence authorities to stop Hazaras migrating into Australia, according to its report citing Pakistani officials; both the governments are involved in racial profiling of Hazaras so that the immigration process is stemmed right at the point of origin.

The Australian government should realise that people arriving by boats or through any mode of transport to seek asylum are not just coming for personal gains but to seek protection, in fear for the lives of their families. The argument that benefits to the asylum seekers will burden Australian economy does not hold true, as the Australian government should implement a proper program to integrate asylum seekers in the Australian society, giving them employment and subsequently getting them into the tax net, which will only benefit the Australian economy, rather than herding them in off shore detention centres.

It must also realise that among the scores killed in the deadly January bombings in Quetta, there were many who were waiting for their asylum visas to be processed in a -to use the words of Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen- “orderly refugee programme”!

Thus, being a signatory to The Refugee Convention Australian government’s actions are in conflict with the convention’s articles. It is high time for Australia to realise its legal and moral obligations.

Also, (although it would be fruitless to ask) the Pakistani government should take real, effective and forceful measures to clamp down on extremist elements.

Its, high time our national ‘Ghairat’ woke up.

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A student of Information Systems Management at Latrobe University, Melbourne. He tweets @Einsjam (twitter.com/Einsjam)

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  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    Will you give permanent asylum to Afghans, who are also feeing horrible tragedies in Afghanistan?

    Why asylum, citizenship should also be considered. Recommend

  • gp65

    No one with a conscience can support the Hazara massacres. But your sense of entitlement reflected in the title “Why won’t you give Hazaras asylum, Australia?” is strange. Shouldn’t it be your Muslim ummah that you should be turning to? Why are Turkey, UAE, Malaysia or KSA not giving asylum to Hazaras?Recommend

  • BlackJack

    And what of those who are not Hazaras? Should they be thrown back into the sea? Why don’t you guys put your money where your mouth is and offer to take in the Rohingya? Why not ask your brotherly muslim countries to help out? Suddenly the Hazaras have become Australia’s problem and they need to turn their country into a refugee camp because Pakistanis like to kill other Pakistanis. Recommend

  • Tahmina

    OR ask people in Pakistan to learn tolerance and stop sectarian violenceRecommend

  • Vivek

    @GP65, @BlackJack
    Could not have said it better. Soon the same refugees will start using the liberal laws of the non muslim host nation, that allowed them to escape persecution in their native place and live a life of freedom, against them. For example, as in Britain, using the freedom to practise their own religion, by demanding shariah.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    It is high time for Australia to
    realise its legal and moral

    I feel this piece is pandering quite a bit. Australia, or any other first world nation, will try to help citizens of other nations on humanitarian grounds best it can, but not at the cost of itself.

    Letting 2,500 new people into a country, most of whom could become liabilities, is not a joke.

    With the same line of thinking, how many people has the author, or any Pakistani for that matter helped themselves.

    Living in Karachi, how many street children have I helped, educated, brought into my home? Sadly, the answer is none, because I first have to try and look after my own household.

    So while first world nations do grant refugee status to others, demanding that they let in 2,500 people is a bit silly. Recommend

  • Something Clever

    Considering the audience, this probably won’t be received well, but it’s true… Non-Muslim countries are simply not overjoyed to receive Muslims, especially from Pakistan.
    Also, just to to clarify: while Pakistanis may take issue with Hazaras calling themselves Muslims, plenty of other countries don’t exclude them from the Muslim category. “Westernized” countries who have received large groups of Muslims in the last few years have ended up regretting it. It’s also not rare or isolated. The countries have ended up with the exact same issues under the exact same circumstances. The Muslims that go there end up sectioning areas off and making their own little communities which, arguably, they’re free to do but they take it too far. All of those sectioned off parts they create are turned into slums. They start trying that protesting for Sharia nonsense and when they can’t get it they have the nerve to actually cut off their community to the extent that the countries laws aren’t acknowledged and they setup their own Sharia court system where their fellow Muslims don’t report anything to do with crimes to the police unless the person they’ve taken issue with isn’t a Muslim. They report them to some selected religious officials. They even hand out sentences to the ones perceived as guilty with the exception of anything similar to imprisonment.
    Simply put, they cause worse problems for the host country and its people than those that caused them to leave their country in the first place.
    That’s unacceptable when those countries were either trying to help them or give them the chance at a better life.
    You’ll get different claims as to the motive but it’s just because of how much drama the politically incorrect reasoning would cause.
    I’m not trying to be offensive. That really is the truth, as ugly as that truth may be.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/AamAwam Mango

    well learning tolerance, thats gonna take time. It took Zia to sow the seed of all this violence culture 25 years ago.. Its gonna take time before they could learn tolerance.
    Till then exodus is needed.. And its a shame how we think its Austrailia’s problem now.. Arab countries should open thier doors for em..Recommend

  • F

    Why must genuine liberal countries offer asylum? Where is the OIC? Where is Iran? Most importantly why can’t Pakistan stand up and protect its own people? You make claims on others while doing nothing yourself. Recommend

  • Nathan

    All sympathies with Hazras who are brutally butchered.Same goes to a larger or smaller extent for all other than the “asli muslims” ( as defined by Taliban?)

    But it is a stretch to some how make it Australia’s problem. Let us put the problem squarely where it belongs. “Pakistan”

    For God’s sake, there is going to be elections. Why not start a movement to boycott everybody who says ” Ahmedis” are non Muslims and support this horrendous blasphemy law ( these two don’t find a mention even in Muslim countries)

    After all in a democracy you get the government you deserve.


  • Ali S


    I’m pretty sure UAE and especially KSA are just as wary of Shias as Pakistanis.Recommend

  • sars

    Yes indeed lets bug the australians to give the poor Hazaras asylum. Then we will make the same request for all minorities and an increasing number of majority sects. We will do all this instead of actually doing something useful like trying to finish the TTP and LEJ and the mindset that drives themRecommend

  • manish

    You have written well-thought out articles in the past. This one is good too.
    But i cannot agree with your premise that being a signatory to the Refugee Covention should take precedence over the responsibility to act justly and for the welfare of their people.

    What if ten years down the line these same persecuted people in Australia start chanting ‘Sharia for Australia’, just like they are doing in UK right now.
    You have to take into account that Western Countries have found it easier to assimilate people countries such as China, Philipeans, Korea and Japan than muslims from anywhere.
    So, in short, they are not willing to sort out a problem which is basically yours to begin with. Also, what if from tomorrow you start persecuting your entire Shia population, what would happen of them. And, after sometimes turn of Barelvis will also come. They cannot accomodate such large number of peoples.

    No Sir, it’s responsibility of Pakistani govt. and citizens to ensure their safety.
    And if they fail, then Hazaras can continue to be persecuted like they have been since atleast 125 years.Recommend

  • C. Nandkishore

    Just give them some area next to Iran and declare Hazaristan as the 5th province of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Stu

    Actually many Afghans have settled down in Pakistan permanently, I’ve got many Afghan friends and some extended relatives are of Afghan origin.

    Many Afghan refugees have had children that were born and raised in Pakistan, and Pakistan is perhaps the only Muslim country that offers birthright citizenship.

    A lot of Afghans have Pakistani passports and NICs.

    @The others:

    You need to understand that the Hazaras are much different from the other Pakistani communities in Europe.

    They’re mostly well educated and secular people.

    Lastly, Pakistani immigrants have assimilated very well in America ( not in europe), cause the majority of pakistani immigrants in America are well educated, open-minded and are from the major urban centres of pakistan,

    I also believe it’s not Australia duty to provide asylum to the Hazaras however, during the Holocaust and Irish famine they provided asylum to Irish and jewish immigrants generously, so they shouldn’t discriminate.

    That being said, it’s pakistan’s job to protect the Hazara people.Recommend

  • Sidrah

    This is not Australia’s or America’s or UAE or Egypt’s problem. This is Pakistan’s problem. Our citizens are being butchered so we should take the responsibility instead of loading it on Australia’s shoulders. ASWJ held a huge rally in Quetta yesterday why no one stops them?

    If we keep going this day all of Pakistan will be empty until only the pure people are left behind Shia’s don’t have the right religion, Hazara’s don’t have the right religion + face, Ahmedi christians and other minorities are not even worth counting, Muhajirs are too dark, half of Balochistan is sepratist, Sindhi’s don’t speak the right langauge etc etc. When does this ethnic cleaning stop? When will these attempts to make Pakistan a homogenous country end because we simply aren’t one. Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    Thats great news, Stu.

    I hope all Pakistanis feel similar.

    If you preach some principle, you should also learn to practice it. That is my point.

    I know for a fact that many, many millions of Pakistan resent Afghan presence on Pakistani soil, I am not an alien who doesn’t know what happening in his neighbourhood. So, sorry your self-righteous exclamations don’t have the effect you have desired.Recommend

  • A. Khan

    So Jamauddin, because a majority in Pakistan does not tolerate a minority, it is Australia’s moral duty to given them asylum ? Did you stop to engage your brain before you started typing this article ? The only writing you should be allowed to do is your application to the mental asylum. Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Excellent write-up. I am deeply disappointed in these colonizers, whites, non-Muslims for not inviting all Hazaras to live to live in their lands peacefully? Religious bigotry knows no bounds. Very sad situation around the world.Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    @ stu

    Lastly, Pakistani immigrants have assimilated very well in America ( not in Europe),

    dont agree with you. In USA, they do not tolerate nonsense. In Europe, they are very scared of Muslims. Not in USA. In Europe Muslims fake social security. Not in USA.

    If they act anything like European Muslims- they are in trouble.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The sound and the way you have laid out your argument is so wrong on many fronts.
    The biggest being that you seem to be demanding something and that to while standing on very infirm ground.
    If your argument is torn to shreds, I would not in the least be surprised.Recommend

  • Stu

    There’s no doubt, many Pakistanis do have negative opinions about Afghan refugees but that’s because a lot of them (not all) are involved in organized crime,drug trafficking and terrorism, and on top of that they openly resent living Pakistan,

    I mean if Pakistan’s such a bad place to live, they could always move back.Recommend

  • Munna Bhai

    Hi, Jamaluddin

    Bunch of freeloaders aren’t we? You screw it up for everybody, and the world is to be blamed for not rescuing them from your murderous clutches. And do I see you protesting in the street along with Hazaras? Have you ever gone and picketed the LEJ offices ? Nope, chances are pretty dim, you’d rather blog from the safety of your home.

    People may just take you seriously.when you do something about it than just whine.

    P.S: Look forward to see your mug in the photos (braveheart defends Hazaras from LEJ thugs) but its not gonna happen. We all know it. Recommend

  • quantum

    @author – I believe all authors who write blog should start replying back to their audience with follow ups. That is the whole concept of blogging 101. If you leave an article, then you should take some time to answer them.

    Pakistan should provide security to its people not Australia. Australia shouldn’t provide sanctuary to religious minority because their respective country cannot protect them. I am a shia Muslim, I don’t have very high opinion about Pakistanis in general, because their outlook towards everything is tinged with bigotry and delusional grandeur. Every third word that comes out of their mouth is about Islam and they practice hypocrisy, which is prohibited in Islam.Recommend

  • Westerner

    So pouring more Muslim immigrants into Western countries is the solution to the ongoing persecution and onslaught of minorities in the Muslim world?

    Many Westerners are already starting to get fed up with the problems that immigrants, especially from the Muslim countries, bring into Western societies.

    Muslims do not need empty slogans and misplaced religious fervor, they need a reality check on the dire conditions non-Muslims face on a daily base in the Muslim countries. And they need to do something about it in stead of blaming Western countries for not accommodating refugees, whether these migrants are genuine or bogus. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Ali S:
    I see. So Muslim ummah can turn their back on Muslims and that is understandable but Australia is the one that owes the Hazaras safety and dole?Recommend

  • MilesToGo

    Autralia should respond –

    “Why don’t you stop killing them, Pakistan? Its easier that way.”Recommend

  • MilesToGo

    If only Hazara had likes of bin Quasim, ajmal kasaba and afzal guru to protect them…Recommend

  • abhi

    hazaras getting asylum in KSA! you are joking. I think they are better off in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Tony Abbot has a point, the asylum seekers will have to queue up so that they can be properly counted. There is nothing christian about it. The Australian Govt. needs migrants and would prefer to have the caucasians of white skin.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • Yasin

    Islam doesn’t recognise man made national boundaries. The world was created by almighty Allah. A Muslim can live where ever he pleases, Afghanistan or Australia makes no difference.Recommend

  • Sameer

    @Author Jamaluddin :
    If it is Australia’s moral responsibility to give shelter to 2500 Hazaras, and you are OK with that, then will you also be OK if they come and invade Pakistan to protect rest of the half a million Hazaras who are left behind? What will you say to that argument?
    What if rest of the civilized world gangs up on Pakistan to save the Hazaras in the name of legal and moral responsibility? You are on very thin ice asking for this ‘entitlement’.Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    A Globe and Mail investigation found out that the Australian government is actively working with Pakistani intelligence authorities to stop Hazaras migrating into Australia, according to its report citing Pakistani officials; both the governments are involved in racial profiling of Hazaras so that the immigration process is stemmed right at the point of origin.

    Reading that, I am more outraged by the betrayal of Pakistan and Pakistanis than I am with Australia.

    It is high time for Australia to realise its legal and moral obligations.

    This is just absurd and insincere rhetoric from a Pakistani citizen who can only seem to generate faux outrage against a Western nation that still has taken on some humanitarian cases, but barely questions the legal and moral failures of Pakistan and Afghanistan, or neighbouring countries such as Iran, Turkey or the Gulf Arab Middle East, who are especially the religious sectarian ideological origins of this genocide.

    Where are your priorities?! While Australia and the International Community may deserve some criticism, it is simply self-righteous and hypocritical lecturing coming from you to them.

    @Something Clever:

    Hazaras are not Sunni Islamists so this unfounded prejudiced fear of ‘shariah imposing’ by them is unlikely to happen. Recommend



    2013 – PAKISTAN SE ZINDABHAGRecommend

  • Brent, Perth


    I don’t Understand !?? why Australia!!?? why not USA, Canada, UK or may be neighboring countries like Iran, India, China or Central Asian countries.

    India claim to be a democratic and free country ! why not India extends help to Hazaras.Recommend

  • Shah samir

    Jamauddin why in the blue hell is Australia responsible to give Hazaras Asylum…..are you in your senses.why wont iran or your other muslim countries give them asylum..every time if anything happens anywhere in the world its NOT Australias responsibilty to give asylum and then all these refugees with children get paid more BY THE CENTRELINK than a professional who works his ass off giving tax of around 35% from his income so the government could feed in the bloody refugees, who just sit and do nothing because they are still getting the same money to be at home and do nothing and become a burden on the economy. koi lalookhet to nahi hai jo chaye australia chala jaye

    What a Joke ……just think manRecommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    “I mean if Pakistan’s such a bad place to live, they could always move back.”


    Australia thinks these guys might do similar things there. They are poor, destitute, hungry and have come from a culture where violence and thievery is not uncommon.

    Australia has every right to protect themselves from such elements. Don’t you think so?

    This is what I was expecting behind that facade of Humanity. Preaching principles is easy, especially if it is someone else.. :)

    Good luck with the Afghans, though. When the Taliban come back, you will get some more of them.. Recommend

  • M Adil

    What about our so called “all weather friend” China? Without meaning to be racial in the slightest, our Hazara brothers and sisters look as if they originally migratespd from that part of the world many moons ago, so they woukd assimilate easier than the Punabis or Sindhis. Even more than China, we always go on about our brothers who gave us religion, culture, history, heroes, our future and even afterlife – our true soul mates – the Arabs. We live, die and kill in their name. We go over in millions every year to worship at their holy sites, and bow and pro castrate towards Mecca five times a day. We have their names, follow theie prophet and the same God, to whome we pray and seek justice from all our lives. And yet when we want assylum and protection, we think of Australia. How strange!Recommend

  • Rizwan

    All I want to say is that the kid in the picture is incredibly cute.Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Extremely disappointing article. Pakistan created refugees in Bangladesh in 1970-71, hindus from Sindh (on going program from 1947), ahmedis from everywhere, now shias and hazaras. The author has the gumption to complain about Australia not taking in refugees, but keeps quiet about Pak creating refugees. Why dont u fix your govt and army first, eliminate violent proxy non state actors instead of “looking both ways”, fix your “hate curriculam” in the schools, convict qadri for killing Salmon Taseer etc etc before whinging about Australia. Why cant you leave that country in peace and dont create Birminghams and Liverpools in Sydney and MelbourneRecommend

  • Canya

    What’s the rationale behind asking (read forcing) only the Australians for providing asylum to Hazaras? How it is their responsibility and no one else’s?

    Irrational article indeed!Recommend

  • Zeest

    Saudia Aradia is one of the richest Muslim country doing trade with America suppling oil and buyiing weapons …..so why not to ask Saudia Arabia to help Hazaaras :pRecommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari


    Send them to Saudi Arabia? Haven’t the Hazaras suffered enough? Recommend

  • Ali Baba

    Arab world will never open the doors for Hazaras. Arab countries are indirectly behind their killings.Recommend

  • gp65

    @kaalchakra: “Excellent write-up. I am deeply disappointed in these colonizers, whites, non-Muslims for not inviting all Hazaras to live to live in their lands peacefully? Religious bigotry knows no bounds”

    Ummm, it is not Australians who are killing Hazaras, their fellow Pakistani LeJ brethren are. SO tell me again where the religious bigotry without bounds is?Recommend

  • gp65

    @abhi: “@gp65
    hazaras getting asylum in KSA! you are joking. I think they are better off in Pakistan.”

    No. Simply asking them to rethink the Muslim ummah concept which does not seem to be panning out too well in areas where it matters most.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Brent, Perth: “India claim to be a democratic and free country ! why not India extends help to Hazaras.”

    Do you know the history of how Pakistan was formed? There were people who claimed that one man one vote in India would not be good enough and Muslims would be oppressed in India. They therefore sought and got a country using the notion that Hindus and Muslims were 2 nations and could not live together (google the 2 nation theory). Of course 85% of Muslims in present day India chose to continue to live in India while the Hindus and SIkhs who lived in Pakistan (who never voted for the 2 nation theory) were pushed out (from 20% at time of partition to less than 2% today).
    Those Muslims who chose to stay in India are Indian Muslims and are equal citizens. Whether Sunni, Shia or Ahmadi Muslim, all can worship freely in India. However, Pakistani Shias who wanted a separate country have got one. They also happen to be amongst those that tormented and drove out Hindus and SIkhs from Pakistan. They are certainly not welcome in India.The notion of what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours does not work. Recommend

  • Parvez

    @kaalchakra: You have a particular brand of humour because I just can’t see it any other way……………but its humour that’s hard to label.Recommend

  • aleemi

    @Jamaluddin :

    brilliant blog sir. I dont understand all this hate pouring in the comment section, is it the hate or has the nation’s sleeping conscience been provoked. I am a proud Pakistani but the way my hazara brethren being treated, it is probably safer for them to leave the country, until we rectify our moral and religious pitfalls.Recommend

  • aleemi

    People are forgetting that there are over 2000 Hazara refugees stranded in Syria , yes our brother muslim country, Syria ! who are now at the mercy of hardcore of sunni FSA terrorists, and you people still talk about sending them to the Muslim world? . Shame on you !Recommend

  • Saadia

    Here is the equation:

    Has the Islamic Republic of Pakistan protected Hazara=Yes or NO
    If Yes then the blog is wrong. If No then all the comments here are false
    Has the general populace of Pakistan come out of its Shia Sunni Barelvi Deobandi Ahmadi divide? Yes or No?
    Is killing of Hazara Shias an ideology fuelled genocide yes or no?
    if yes then they should migrate
    Many countries are taking in the hazaras and if somebody has read other than the last paragraph of the blog to act as if they have read the whole thing you might find out that australian governent is a signatory of UN Refugee Charter. AHs anyone of you actually taken the time to read it?
    Yes or No?

    @author : welldone for having the courage to show us pakistanis our true image.Recommend

  • Nobody

    @RAW is WAR:
    US may be quicker to take action when it comes to conflict and you’re right, they do have a no nonsense approach; however, the comment you responded to has some truth to it. My parents came to the US along with a wave of immigrants from Pakistan from the 70’s into the 80’s. Most of those immigrants assimilated very well and are now well established in the US. They do not engage in absurd protests or demonstrations demanding sharia law, in a specific area or ANYWHERE. They are an educated bunch who came here for an education and to build a life, and that’s what the majority of them did. I don’t know how Pakistanis in Europe are first hand, only what I’ve read/heard, and seen to some extent. The population boom that occurred around Europe, particularly UK, consisted of a less educated and more conservative class. The Pakistanis in the US did not assimilate because the US doesn’t put up with nonsense, they assimilated easily as they came from educated open minded backgrounds.
    If they catch extremism here as is becoming a problem as of late, they’re quick to act (for which I’m thankful as are other well settled Pakistanis because they are nothing but a nuisance for us as they are for everyone). Recommend

  • Stranger

    I think the best country to give ( should give ) asylum to Hazaras is the near by next door Iran.They have plenty in common. Please go there .Recommend

  • advocate

    The idea of this article by the author is absurd because it is not the responsibility of any other country but of our government to protect the hazara community and the rest of the country,by having strict security measures everywhere. Secondly if any country is offering asylum they will obviously follow a certain procedure to accomodate asylum seekers.Recommend

  • observer


    There’s no doubt, many Pakistanis do have negative opinions about Afghan refugees but that’s because a lot of them (not all) are involved in organized crime,drug trafficking and terrorism, and on top of that they openly resent living Pakistan,

    But Muslims including Pakistanis, do not do any of these things in the European host countries?
    I am reminded of an old saying, Doosre Ki Ankh Ka Tinka Dikhayi Deta Hai, Par Apni Ankh Ki Sahteer Nahin Dikhayi Deti’.Recommend

  • observer

    Why won’t you give Hazaras asylum, Australia?


    A. Iran,Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia do not.


    B. The poor Blaspheming Christians of Pakistan have nowhere else to go.Recommend

  • sherkhan

    Do you think these so called states would care of human rights?Recommend

  • Vinod(Pakistan)

    Shame on You! Why don’t you ask your fellow countrymen to act against those individuals who promote sectarian violence.Maybe you also want those hazaras to run away from this country as they don’t have the same religious views as you have.Recommend

  • Rex Minor


    Not so fast in your judgement. Australian Govt. normaly welcomes caucasian immigrants! The UNO convention, however directs that asylum be considered for those in need by the neighbouring countries. This is where the system is up in air, India and China have their demographic concerns, besides the sexism spree in Indian cities, Australia and canada are the only immigrant Nations, and in my view these beautiful monglians would be a great asset for them, though Canada cold weather would be more suitable or them. The shame is for Pakistan as well as Iran the neighbour where thes people apparently are no longer safe.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • gp65

    @Nobody: You are correct of course hat the people of Pakistani descent are well assimilated in US. This is because people who come on family based petitions do not get the dole as in Canada, Australia or European countries which filters out the riff raff. So American policies have had something to do with the fact that Pakistani diaspora is well assimilated. Of course one should not take away credit from the diaspora either.Recommend

  • gp65

    @sherkhan: “@gp65:
    Do you think these so called states would care of human rights?”

    You tell me my friend. All the countries I listed are Muslim majority countries and with the exception of Turkey they are all Islamic as well. Are you saying no Muslim majority country cares for human rights? If yes, why do you think that is?Recommend

  • Vimal Mohan

    Hindustan has had an experience of handling Refugees from Pakistan, Tibet n Srilanka. We also had refugees froMyanmar. Therefore let’s acceptthem till all ok.
    I now for.Sure other minorities wd join soon. India n Iran should intervene.Recommend

  • http://Canada Sceptic

    Why Australia? How come no one wants to seek asylum in Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan or Afghanistan? Or one of the several other Islamic countries where their minds wont be polluted by un-Islamic teachings ? Given a chance, 100% of Pakistanis would emigrate to Australia (or any other rich country) since their own country has become unlivable. Recommend

  • realist

    @Brent, Perth:
    I don’t Understand !?? why Australia!!?? why not USA, Canada, UK or may be neighboring countries like Iran, India, China or Central Asian countries.
    India claim to be a democratic and free country ! why not India extends help to Hazaras.”

    Sorry. We do not welcome any more Muslims (Shias/Hazaras/Sunni all included). A part of India was given to these Muslims in 1947. Not an inch more.

    That said, we welcome pakistani Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs to India.Recommend

  • realist

    Here is another suggestion to all those demanding Australia and other countries to take Shias/Hazaras– How about these Shias/Hazaras giving up Islam and choosing the religion of the nation you demand to go?Recommend

  • observer


    Thus, being a signatory to The Refugee Convention Australian government’s actions are in conflict with the convention’s articles. It is high time for Australia to realise its legal and moral obligations.

    And Pakistan is a Signatory of the UN Convention on Human Rights. Any idea whether the same is being observed in the case of minorities of Pakistan, including the Hazras.


    Incidentally, Saudi Arabia did not sign the same as it violates ‘Sharia’ according to them and the followers of their brand of Islam.Recommend

  • Cardew

    The above article by Jamaluddin is not the best that Express Tribune has ever printed, and many words would be required to fully reply to all the inaccuracies and lack of logic contained in it. There appears to be an incorrect illusion that Australia has wide open spaces, kangaroos hopping in the streets, availability of gold, opals, and abounding wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth, and new settlers do not wish to live in the countryside. Well over 90 per cent go to the cities, which are already overcrowded. Also, Australia is doing it hard. Unemployment is high, and it requires high taxes, from the remaining workers, to give the unemployed a living allowance. A further problem is that many people who are refugees, or have entered illegally, are not well educated and they become a financial burden on the State. It should also be realised that Australia is the only Western type country that cannot afford to pay a pension to people over 65 years of age, or any age for that matter, unless they are very poor. If someone tries to supplement his/her pension by working their pension is reduced by what has been earned. I am nearly eighty years-of-age, inflation has reduced my savings and I am struggling to pay bills without a Government pension. The last thing Australia needs are people that Pakistan does not wish to, or cannot, look after. It would appear that Pakistan needs to lift its game if the reports we are getting are accurate. It should also be realised that Shangri-La does not really exist except in fiction. Perhaps the greatest benefit to some is that different religions and castes are tolerated without violence, as a general rule, although there are exceptions.Recommend

  • expaki

    @Jamaluddin Sahib, author of BEGGING NOTE to Australians. Jamal, why do not you ask MOTHER OF ALL THIS HAVOC, That |”brotherly country” to accommodate these Muslims? After all as ALL GOOD MUSLIMS beat their DRUMS, that “As a Muslims, we are one UMMA or a family” ask your family to help your family members and not “KUFARS of Australia”
    Begging your from your Muslim relatives will be more APPROPRIATE. do not you think so?

    *Tribune !! please do not censor my messages, they are more ETHICAL, LOGICAL than
    …………. *
    THANK YOU.Recommend

  • Poaquampu Arihato

    Australian authorities are being criminally callous in dismissing the Asylem plea from Hazaras. Their fear of Islam is unfounded and racist. Islam is a religion of peace and grants full freedom and safety to minority right from the time of Prophet Muhamad when he became the ruler of the Medina. Jewish people of Medina flourished under his rule and governence. There are only few misguided miscreants in Pakistan who have been killing Hazaras, Ahmadis and other minorities thus brining bad name to great people of Pakistan and the great religion of Islam whose every essence is mercy and justice for all Muslims and its minority as per the example set by the Prophet in Arabia hundreds of years ago.Recommend

  • Naresh

    It is surprising that with OVER FIFTY ISLAMIC – MUSLIM COUNTRIES Mr. Jamaluddin is asking Australia, a Kafir Country, to provide Asylum to the Hazaras.
    Where dear folks is the so-called Islamic Hospitality and Brotherhood?
    I do hope that one of the Fifty Islamic-Muslim Countries gives Asylum to the Hazara.
    P.S. : I am not holding my breath as with such a hope one will have to live in hope and die in despair!

  • Insaan

    Many Sunnis and talibans will pretend to be Hazaras to get asylum. After a few centuries Muslims will become a majority and will demand Paki AustraliaRecommend

  • http://Florida Shola Jawed

    Rich and poor Muslim nations do not accept Shia or Sunni refugees from war torn countries but never miss an opportunity to show solidarity with their own particular sect or ethnic group on paper. Iran treats Afghan asylum seekers with extreme prejudice whether they are Shia Hazaras or Sunnis, yet they aspire to lead the Islamic world and are engaged in an ideological war with Sunni Saudi Arabia, the so-called vanguard of Islam.

    Pakistani Hazaras should pack up and go back to Afghanistan where they belong. Afghan Hazaras wield considerable political and financial clout these days and the Iranians fund their educational and religious institutions so long as they stay in their own country.

    Afghan Hazaras are empowered, educated, liberal and on equal footing with the other ethic groups of Afghanistan. They are serious players in the Afghan political landscape and are courted by all powerbrokers jockeying for power. Pakistani Hazaras need to emulate their Afghan brethren and stand up for themselves instead of running away from bigoted Punjabis that target them. Recommend

  • motley

    Why won’t you give a separate homeland to Hazaras, Pakistan??? Recommend

  • gp65

    @Poaquampu Arihato: “Australian authorities are being criminally callous in dismissing the Asylem plea from Hazaras. Their fear of Islam is unfounded and racist. Islam is a religion of peace and grants full freedom and safety to minority right from the time of Prophet Muhamad when he became the ruler of the Medina”

    It is unclear how Islam comes into the picture. If Muslims practiced Islam in the manner you describe it, Hazaras would not be in the situation that they are currently – would they? It is not Australia who is intolerant for being wary of Hazaras who come by boat, it is those Pakistani sunnis who kill them, who are intolerant and murderous and most definitely not peaceful and just towrds minorities.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    Everything aside, I think Jamaluddin is a good writer. I believe he is a resident of Australia which is probably why he was addressing the nation. Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Burjor

    Why cannot people in Pakistan accept other people as equals.Recommend

  • http://renegadex.wordpress.com Sammy Wiseguy

    I think this is a completely unfair and illogical piece. Why is the focus on the ‘Australian’ government’s action or ‘responsibility’ to give Hazara’s asylum. As pointed out by many other people why isn’t that responsibility on the ‘Muslim’ Ummah rather than Australia? Why is there a situation which requires the Hazaras to flee the country in the first place? Why is the government not being taken to task over this Genocide? Why aren’t the other institutions not playing their roles? My friend the Australian government shouldn’t even figure in this entire discussion. I am not saying the Hazaras should not be given Asylum. But that’s the prerogative of the country being approached for asylum. And 2500 families seeking asylum is certainly not a joke. that’s a vast number. Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Australia? Asylum? Entitlement? Ummah? WTF!!

    By the way, Human Rights does not include Right to ImmigrateRecommend

  • awellwisher

    It is galling for the author to demand that Australia give asylum to Pakistani Hazaras or anyone else for that matter. How come the author is not asking fellow Muslim countries to offer them asylum?Recommend

  • Waqas

    This is stupid. Blaming Australia for not helping, Ha!Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Bravo to the author for highlighting such a critical issue. very passionately written with many supporting evidences. Hazaras deserve to move wherever they want to and Australia should respect and recognize their needs.

    Pakistan is not safe for Hazaras anymore.Recommend

  • Stu

    First of all, The numbers of non-Muslims decreased in Pakistan after 1971, because the majority of Hindus lived in East Pakistan(Bangladesh), and after 1947 many Hindus had migrated to India as well.

    People like to always to bring up the “At indpendence non-Muslims used to make up 20% of Pakistan’s population and now it’s 2 %” statement, without even studying history.

    There have always been more Muslims in present-day India than non-Muslims in present day Pakistan, it’s always been like that.

    As far as the hate curriculum is concerned, there’s no doubt that Government-school textbooks contain some hateful material, but the vast majority of Pakistani school kids go to private schools, and the books are from foreign publishers, it’s not until the 9th and 12 grades in matric/inter board that government textbooks come in, however many Pakistani students are in the Cambridge system, where the books are from foreign publishers up until A-levels.

    Every country supports some non state Actors, whether it be Turkey backing the Syrian rebels, Pakistan backing the Taliban, America backing the Bosnians, or India backing the Balochi and Bengali sepratists.

    @Obserever: I’m well aware of the reputation Pakistanis have in Europe, however my comment was in response to Anoop, when he was asking why don’t Afghan refugees get citizenship.

    P.S Indians have enclaves built enclaves all over the world, whether it be Brampton, or Durban or Southhall, Pakistanis aren’t the only immigrant groups that live in enclaves.

    That’s why there are Chinatowns and Korean towns, Little India’s and little Italy’s, across North America.

    @Motley: There only 600,000 Hazarans in Pakistan, I didn’t that would warrant a country, plu Hazarans are very Patriotic Pakistanis, we have had a Hazara Cheif of Army staff (Mohammad Musa) and airforce pilot Saira Batool.Recommend

  • Vijay K

    @Cardew: ” There appears to be an incorrect illusion that Australia has …. abounding wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth” etc.
    Not sure if I should believe you either. Readers should read this report on BBC, published yesterday ! Your personal wealth seems quite out of proportion from your nations wealth.

  • Arby

    Don’t know what the fuss is about. Once the Chinks take over Pakistan and teach you Pakis how to work properly, talk properly, dress properly and generally act like civilised, instead of jungle apes, or desert rats, the Hazaras and the rest of the world will get some peace.. Either that or the Chinks will sell the lot of you into slavery. Either way, the World’s a winnerRecommend

  • Medy

    It’s not just the responsibility of Australian Govt to give Hazaras asylum!
    I agree with so many of my Bros who have commented above, BUT A BIG BUT! since Aussie Govt had been very kind in the past with accommodating innocent, hardworking and talented Hazaras in the past , the expectation has gone up which is very Human, and secondly Hazaras rn’t a burden on Australian Land, if u analyse the Hazara population in Aussie they rnt just taking easy money and live from hand to mouth on Center Link stipend, rather there r 1000s of examples who have contributed alot for Australia whether laboriously or non-laboriously.
    Hazaras r extremely Broadminded and Open people , hardwork lies in their blood since their history goes back to afghanistan, where they used to live in very tough conditions like Bamiyan. Hazara Jaath etc etc….
    And secondly Australia needs hard working skilled people so its like a win win situation for both Hazaras and Aussie Govt.
    Thirdly Aussie is an English speaking country, since Hazaras speaks english well while living and studying in pakistan throughout in english , so it kina makes it easy for Hazaras to adjust and live easily as compared to Non-English speaking countries….
    Overall I believe its not a matter of being Hazara as a reason for being targeted ! Main Reason so many natural resources, Gawadar Port and Border with Iran! Analyse and Link these u’ll understand my Point!


  • Cardew

    @Vijay K:
    Dear Vijay K,
    If you want to, and can get in, give Australia a go. Madeleine Morris of the BBC is quite right about a large minority doing very well. She talks about sleepy Australian coastal towns and up-market city houses. What she forgets to mention is that people from the upper classes own the lovely city houses and have a holiday house on the coast as well. The lower 70 percent do not do so well. I am reasonably sure that if you wander around the better suburbs, and country houses in Pakistan you also will find a high degree of luxury and see gardeners tending gardens, servants cleaning houses, cooking meals and attending to all the myriad jobs required to keep a quality house in good condition. Social conditions are basically the same everywhere. I am one of the more fortunate ones, who started from a modest background in Australia, worked hard for 40 years, got a few lucky breaks and acquired some of the assets that Madeleine mentions, but not at the dizzy heights she is talking about. The difference between Madeleine and I is that she appears to be like my children who had a relatively easy start, and will have it for longer, although they also had to study and work hard. It appears to me that if somebody comes to Australia, stays in good health, works and saves hard, is prepared to live with people who are very different and not interested in other cultures, they will get by, although that is true for most countries. However, it appears to me that Asians are working in the more menial areas. I am pushing 80, and have had a good life in Australia, but still miss my home town, and the friends who are left, from 60 years ago. Perhaps I am too sentimental? For those Pakistanis, who wish to make a new start, I will be long gone before you decide whether the change has been worth it, but the best of luck. Recommend

  • Cardew

    I live in Australia, and recently payed for a few annual City Council rates. The total came to PKR350,000.00 Just recovered from that shock and today received a State Government Land Tax bill, which came to PKR 110,000.00. I still have to worry about Federal Government Taxes, and they bill big-time. Welcome to Australia all the would-be Pakistan migrants. We need you to help pay the outrageous taxes. Never mind though. You might just get lucky and find all the gold and opals, in your back yard, which the careless Australians have not found in over 200 years. Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Not true! Only last month an Nuet of one kilo was found by a lucky guy.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • observer


    That’s why there are Chinatowns and Korean towns, Little India’s and little Italy’s, across North America.

    Do they also demand Chinese “laws” or Indian “laws” in their host countries?Recommend

  • vvd

    It is distresing to know about the plight of the Hazaras.However to shift the issue on the shores of Australia is really silly.The Hazaras should arm themselves & fight back & lay claim to a large area as their own.They can even declare independence from Pakistan & request help from other countries & UNO.Only this kid of response will teach these so called peaceful sunnis a lesson.Always claiming that Islam is a religion of peace is a bogus claim.Idiotic people always draging religion in each & every matter.Fools.Recommend

  • http://tribuneepaper naeema saeed

    its ironic that we tell Australia to give them asylum. Why should not we ask Pakistani government to not to be a silent spectator?Recommend