Lahore Metro Bus Service: A major step in Pakistan’s public transport

Published: February 10, 2013

File photo of the new buses. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

Lahoris, the wait is finally over! 

The complicated and tiring ordeal that we were all experiencing for eleven months has finally met its end.

Yes, I’m talking about the completion of the revolutionary metro bus system in Lahore. The Metro Bus Project is a monumental achievement for the Punjab government which is going to change the traffic culture of Lahore forever.

Taking detours and looking for shorter diversions had become part of every Lahori’s life in the last one year. Because of the construction of many underpasses, flyovers and bus tracks, it would take people forty minutes to cover a distance which would normally take fifteen minutes.

This is now to change!

Let me tell you about some of the features of this new public transport system planned and implemented by Shahbaz Sharif.

A total of 45 buses have been imported from Turkey which will be driven by Turkish drivers on a single track in Lahore. The buses will stop at 27 stations that cover the entire Lahore. First station is at Gaju Mata and the last one is at Shaadra.

A one-of-a-kind nine kilometer long flyover has been constructed solely for the metro bus. It connects one end of Lahore with the other. Buses will commute on this flyover. The modern system of electronic ticketing has been introduced at all the stations; waterproof escalators have been installed for the elderly, and a squad for security and maintenance has been appointed.

The stations and the entire route of this larger-than-life metro system are up to international standards. Commuting in Lahore will now become as easy as commuting in London city or Bangkok. The only difference is we will have buses instead of trains and they will be manual instead of electronic.

The inauguration of this mega project is today.

After being postponed a couple of times, Shahbaz Sharif has finally given the confirmed date. For the initial four weeks, the buses will be free for all the commuters. However, the fare is extremely cheap. From what I’ve heard, the cost of a ticket from the first to the last station will be as low as Rs45!

Until now, every feature of this yet-to-function project seems to be perfect, but will it be successful?

Will the squad for maintaining cleanliness and security live up to the expectations?

Will all the 45 buses work efficiently for a long period of time?

Most importantly, how will the masses react to this state-of-the-art system?

If I were to predict, I’d say that initially the system will face a host of problems.  The kind of people we are makes it difficult for us to adapt easily to change.

We are more than comfortable in breaking rules – especially spitting paan everywhere. We like to take shortcuts and do not like cleaning up after ourselves.

I think all of this could mar the success of the metro buses; however, I feel that with the passage of time, people will get accustomed to the idea of waiting in queues and keeping their surroundings clean.

Heavy criticism has been leveled at this project, but as with the motorway – which everybody uses now – condemnation is part of the package. Most people aren’t fans of the project, but I personally believe that this system does not need only the support of the masses, but the educated class as well.

We should promote and endorse this project by travelling via these buses. We as a nation are masters at criticising politicians. When we witness power outages, terrorist activities or inflation, we spew hatred against the system.

Now, here is the chance to encourage our leaders, because finally something has been done for the people and not for personal gain.

The success or failure of this enormous project lies in our hands. I will be showing full support to this revolution by commuting on this bus.

Will you?

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Saman Asif

Saman Asif

A marketing manager at a leading management consultancy firm, Saman also works as a freelance writer for various lifestyle magazines. She tweets as @s_as

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Imran Khan

    I am impressed perplexed and praying for successRecommend

  • Rabael Malik

    The buses shown in the above picture are from L.A America not from Lahore. ET kindly grow up as copy pasting the pics actually infringe Intellectual property rights as well.Recommend

  • Hasan Cheema

    Do you know on this route many private buses were plied in the past and all of those drivers will be jobless from today and nobody ever cared for them. Punjab government on the contrary employed Turkish drivers and why Punjab government never hired local drivers instead?. Moreover the whole Lahore is littered with flags of Turkey when we know Turkey never contributed a single penny and infact Turkey charged everything from Pakistan and the 45 buses are on a lease by Albarak turkish firm and the whole Consultancy costed Millions of Rupees to the Punjab government and Turkish government flatly refused the Free Consultancy. Showing flags of Turkey despite the fact that they contributed nothing financially in this project reinforces my believe that Our so called leaders have not been able to come out of the Slave mentality and Identity crisis and we just want to prove we are thankful to Arabs and Turks for nothing.Recommend

  • http://usa pakistani hindu

    ummmmm!!!! excuse me- how only 45 buses in a city of more than 10 million with only 27 km dedicated track make commuting easy as in london and bangkok…
    P.S the london undeground has a network of more than 400 km……..still it isn’t very comfortable as queues are long…………Recommend

  • http://123 fawad

    I object the timing of the project. Its just for political gains. Recommend

  • Awais

    My full support is with the project and if found chance to travel i will do. Indeed it takes time for the people to get used of the system.But i don’t support installation of esclators due to prevailing electricity short-fall. It could be postponed till phase-2 to cut the cost. Recommend

  • ASQ

    I totally agree the success or failure of this project solely lies in the hand of public!!!!Recommend

  • Pirbhat S.Memon

    Until now, every feature of this yet-to-function project seems to be perfect, but will it be successful?

    You have predicted quite well!.
    We just hope that the service goes on with same rules as it is getting started with. Of course it needs educated minds to travel with.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Gal aey hai..when u lack vision u giv ppl such circus to get entertained..It will be very disappointing if ppl of punjab attach the performance word wid this project. lollypopRecommend

  • sana Jabbar

    Very much informative for people (like me) who don’t know or didn’t know about this mega project. Nicely written and hope you write on other topics too other than “POLITICS” if you want me to be your regular reader.
    Good luck!!! Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    Revolution? You got to be kidding ,right? You call the construction of A ROAD in just ONE DISTRICT of an entire province made up of 36 DISTRICTS, most of which are devoid of even the basic necessities of life primary education, clean water, electricity and employment a revolution? Let me break it down to you and to others too the truth that you conveniently forget to mention. The Punjab government will have to pay 41 LAC on DAILY basis to the Turks now. Add the subsidies that will have to be provided to keep the project intact and you can calculate which disaster are we heading to. SS who i still consider to be a better one as compared to other CM’s considering their pathetic performance is a master of such show offs and gimmicks. He has an area to rule 63% the size of Pakistan and more than half its population and his every act speaks itself that he is only concerned about one district. And the only think he knows is the construction, more and more construction instead of giving health, education , electricity ,security and employment. In the near future when the project will be done and dusted like sasti roti, Qarz Utari mulk sanwaro and yellow cab, and all this iron will be back to Ittefaq foundries, people will again be left crying to see that they have been robbed,again Recommend

  • hba

    Great step by shahbaz shareef! Im no fan of his but give credit where credit is due guys. Dont be such debbie downers. Commendable job.Recommend

  • Junaid Waheed

    @Hasan Cheema:
    Hiring Turkish drivers for now, makes sense. As, we all know how our crazy bus drivers drive on the roads. Don’t we? With time, Turkish drivers will be replaced with sensible Pakistanis. But, it’s good for now. BTW, I totally agree with that Slave Mentality thing. Our politicians are really too apologetic about everything with all the foreigners.Recommend

  • Topologist

    This Sharif family is wired to me at all
    What they did in five years. Oh my God they waste our five years and we went back 20 years in time. I am very sad what these two bros are doing with Punjab. He dont know this sort of projects are usually construct and implanted by Mayor level person in any country. To build one road is not his job of state head, its one mayor can do,and to solve the public transport and construct the road always done by local bodies, But in Punjab Sharif family not allowed local body elections.He waste last two years on this one road i wonder if he has any vision. India PM Mahoman Singh Oxfor Phd graduated never get involve in constructing one road. He is visionary leader spend time on long term policies. In this five years India go twenty years ahead from Pak. u can read in this report,, ”

  • Tayyab

    Well written article. The turkish drivers along with the turkish management consultancy will be temporary however, once this system starts to function properly over period of time, the mangement and the driving will be taken over by pakistanis.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Something is better than nothing…………..well done.Recommend

  • Pakistan Christian News

    Metro bus service is really great service by the Govt of Punjab. Mian Shahbaz sharif is such a great administrator can easily solve electricity problem of we support to Mian Shahbaz.Recommend

  • Mamoon Rasheed Orakzai

    I want this all buses not only in Lahore but in all Pakistan . All the cities of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mamoon Rasheed Orakzai

    I want this all buses in All Pakistan not only in Lahore especially in Peshawar and Islambad.Recommend

  • Okara Bull

    You make this project equivalent to LONDON trasport… OH my GOD have you even been LONDON to draw or such comparison??? come co grow up and dont try to exaggerate to such an extent. You are too much.

    In country where 60% schools have no clean water and toilets, what they are doing, what are there priorities?? It is matter of common sense what is important need. Dear Sanam it is all about election campaign, you cant understand these clever politicians of Pakistan.

    Ok you are living in Lahore and have studied in private English medium schools with all facilities like clean water and toilet.. I wonder if you have to study in such school of Punjab where no such facilities one can think even.
    Please at lest give us access to clean water in our schools first by using public money. Recommend

  • Burhan

    Well written, specially you urged on educated people to support this project is a wishful thinking of every progressive mind. Well i ‘d suggest you to write another piece after getting a free ride on it ;)Recommend

  • rana rajput

    metro bus really great service i proud govt of the punjab mian shahbaz sharif Recommend

  • Rukh

    @Junaid Waheed:

    Turks are are not hot blooded? Temperamental?Recommend

  • Aijaz Haider

    I fully support and appreciate the project but I can not commute on the buses from Karachi.Recommend

  • Maria

    @fawad: Any elected government is supposed to promise things to the electorate. The difference is that Shahbaz Sharif has delivered unlike other politicians. Why is the Punjab relatively safe, stable and developing compared to other provinces? The answer lies in the people and administration. I believe a people get the government they deserve and yes Punjab deserves a modern, efficient mass transit system based on what exists in Istanbul and Bogota. I hope the project is as successful as the motorways; Later the same model for dedicated efficient bus travel can be replicated in other Pakistani cities- I have seen how all of Punjab’s cities have improved the last few years.Recommend

  • Shamas

    Zinda Bad Shabaz Sharif, I love this project because we are enjoying this project every where in Canada, Your govt. is more more better than the all previous and present govt’s in Pakistan, at the end of your 5 years government u did a great job.Recommend

  • Khan

    A big day in the history of Punjab.CM of Punjab deserve appreciation from every Pakistan irrespective of one political affiliation . One should rightly believe that PML N has the ,Vision and would accomplish their commitment if the conspirators does block their mission.

    Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad Nawaz & Shahbaz.Recommend

  • farhan

    Well done PML-N….Its a great project with the available resources…I will also love to travel on the metro Bus…Recommend

  • Yasir London

    Its just a start we can not compare it with London or Bangkok Bus Service.
    really good news that bus service is starting in Lahore it will carry on to different
    cities as well i believe later on… good work and brave move from shahbaz sharif… Recommend

  • Shoaib

    What rubbish !!!
    a 27 Km track and you write ” The buses will stop at 27 stations that cover the entire Lahore”
    Entire Lahore? Recommend

  • sara malik

    I agree. We should for a change not criticize the leaders and support this new project.Recommend

  • ahmed

    People are going to react to this new project more or less they did in 1997 when the first ever motorway become operational. It takes a little while for pakistani nation to realise some of the concepts which are standard and old in other parts of the world. As much as people hate PML N (i am not a voter of them btw), one must admit that if there is one province in pakistan where government has done something for the people, that has to be Punjab government. Can anyone list a single project in any other province of pakistan worth talking about?

  • mazhar

    Just One word for CM Punjab is Awsummm ummmmah love u PakistanRecommend

  • mazhar

    Love u shahbaz shreefRecommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Completing such a huge project in a very short time is the miracle which only Shehbaz Sharif can perform. People have seen him inspecting project at 5 in the morning.Recommend

  • Sunny

    Amazing Project !! but doesn’t seem financially sustainable at such cheap fare of Rs 10, i think Govt will have to increase fare in future and that might make this project unfeasible for commuters otherwise Govt will have to spend millions in subsidies to run this project as we are doing to Railway, In short Luxirious buses should not be our priority , its education which should be our top priority. well all i can say being a Karachite , we want this project in Karachi, as Karachi has more traffic issues that Lahore, and it can be sustainable in Karachi if run by Private firm because our Govt is more bussy in building Bilawal Houses !! Recommend

  • amin

    cant believe people are appreciating a election stunt. please guys dont fall for the trap. once they win the election we will see how this buses will end in a ditch. Unneccessary spending on unneccessary projects is the way for PMLNRecommend

  • http://123 fawad

    I am asserting that this project is useless. I fully support such initiatives for the betterment of masses. I am only objecting to its timing. The project was completed in a great hurry just for political reason. You know the up-coming elections. Work used to be done on this project round the clock. there is always misuse of resources if u try to do some work before its stipulated time. Also, if u have ever visited old lahore in recent months, it is really messed up. there is construction going on everywhere. the better way would be to do each project separately without creating a mess. Kalma chowk underpass is another example of miss-management.
    As far as the security of Punjab is concerned, it primarily due to Punjab not bordering Afghanistan. cost is paid by kpk. Also look at the share of punjab in our budget compared to to others. one can manage properly only if one has enough resources! Recommend

  • Faisal Tasleem

    Lahore metro Bus system is a very good and positive step towards a developed Pakistan.

    Some brothers have shared the ‘Govt. School toilet and water situation’.
    The thing is that we as nation are just busy enough in producing kids. The speed of our production is much more than the revenues our country earns or gains every year.. So first it is our duty to control the birth rate in our country. If every couple would have only 2 or maxi. 3 kids and if we were not getting enough fecilities in Govt. schools then I would appreciate the protest.
    First we need to see what we are giving to the land of Pakistan, and then and only then we are to question the authorities and Govt.

    This is a very fine and possitive step towards a better Pakistan.
    My vote was for Musharraf. But if he doesn’t come back or for any reason is not participate in election then my second preference would be Pakistan Muslim League N.
    God bless Pakistan.Recommend

  • farah

    Nice writing Please let me know if you are the neice of Farhat Hamid our Isamiat teacher who was very nice and very pretty also.Thanks Farah.Recommend

  • The Rebel

    I’m no big fan of Shahbaz Sharif’s…but recently…he has started to deliver unlike many of the other politicians. Even if it is a way to get people to vote for PML-N, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Us Pakistanis are a pessimistic nation, do something and you’re doomed…don’t do anything and you’re doomed. Wake up people…and give credit where it’s due for God’s sake. For those of you who don’t live in Lahore, just come and take a look for yourself what SS has turned this city into. It’s getting more beautiful by the day, plus the security situation is probably the best after Islamabad. Certainly a lot better than the chaos of a city that Karachi is. I wouldn’t trade Lahore for any other city in Pakistan, not even Islamabad (too boring for my liking). This Punjab government might not be the best…but we could have had a lot worse.Recommend

  • stevenson

    @Shoaib: Yes the Metro Bus Service is a real blessing for the people of Lahore and I am proud of the belonging to Punjab today; Punjab is where things get done in Pakistan and my mother is from Gujranwala! 27 km will cover an important stretch of the busiest part of the city.Recommend

  • imran


    This is very similar to what the government has done in the Australian city of Brisbane. Here in Brisbane, this service is called ‘Busway’ with many elevated roads only for buses.

    PML (Q) has no idea that they are talking. Are they saying that anywhere in the world if a government decides to start such project, they are doomed to be fail???

    Wake up and go to School PML (Q), to learn importance of infrastructure and economy for a country to progress.

    I am proud that Lahore is first the city which has completed such an ‘advanced’ means for commuters.

    Those are ignorant and jealous who criticise this project. This includes interior minister, who can at least shut up if he can’t give a ‘dua’!

    Two major infrastructure projects ever completed in Pakistan are from those who want Pakistan to go ahead in the world i.e. PML (N).

    Inshallah, Pakistan will advance in the world and ill-mindedness would not succeed.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Seriously, this bus service is just for 10% of the people in Lahore. Whereas, with the same amount of money, education and health of PUNJAB (not 10% of Lahore only) could heave been improved. I am not saying it’s a bad investment, but I personally think that there were many other important things that were intentionally ignored. Recommend

  • Khan

    great Shahbaz Sharif :)Recommend

  • Ayush

    “A one-of-a-kind nine kilometer long flyover has been constructed solely for the metro bus. It connects one end of Lahore with the other.”
    Seriously!! A 9km flyover connects one of Lahore to the other?! The city is either much smaller than i thought or the author does not know what she is talking about…Recommend

  • Musa

    @Rabael Malik:
    those buses are from lahore maybe you should come and see them here before commentingRecommend

  • Musa

    @Mamoon Rasheed Orakzai:
    vote pml n then!!Recommend

  • Musa

    @Junaid Waheed:
    I travelled on the bus i didnt see a turkish driver mine was a Pakistani one so i dont know where the whole turkish driver thing came from. He was extremely polite and seemed educated and very Pakistani.Recommend

  • DQ

    @Rabael Malik:
    People like you never fail to amaze me, the level of ignorance is just absolutely brilliant. If they run yellow Ford cabs in PK, you will come back ranting they are from NYC.

    The buses picked up by this project look the same they are not L.A trade mark. Google the project you will see more pictures of these buses. Recommend

  • Hasan

    I will travel by these buses the day Mr. Shahbaz Sharif starts traveling in them instead of his bullet-proof motorcade. Recommend

  • Munir A Saeed

    @pakistani hindu:
    Read carefully, the article says 27 stations and not 27 km track. Of the 10 million you have mentioned, all of them are not on the roads at the same time. Millions of women and elderly stay at home.Recommend

  • Rizwan Ansary

    Rs. 90 expense on daily commute is just what the doctor ordered for inflation hit factory workers.Recommend

  • Zainab Razzaq

    Very informative piece of writing,hoping for a positive change in the city.Recommend

  • Sumera Ahmed

    Fantastic piece of writing !Recommend

  • The Khan

    Really impressed by CM Shahbaz Sharif. Wish the guys in Karachi had a CM like him. Recommend

  • http://[email protected] VIVAN

    something is better than nothing.though it is not very much cappable of handling all the traffic and rush,yet not a bad one,infact its a very good project……Recommend

  • Ali Qazi

    I really appreciate the bus service and I plan to take a trip on bus service with my friend. What I heard in the morning news was disappointing for me as public broke the glasses of the bus station at Naseerabad station. Also, few female students were complaining that there is no partition for females in the bus service and they faced issues while traveling as they had to stand in the bus with boys who were miss behaving.

    I suggest few points that would help to improve the bus service:

    There should be a security person in every bus to help females and families. We should remember the incident took place in India and take it as a case study.
    Bus stops should have good convinience stores which would be helpful, a revenue generating source for stations and keep the public busy while waiting for the bus.
    Each bus stand should be given to multinational companies who can do the branding of their companies on their respective stop and they will in return maintain the standards of stations and keep them clean.

    I congratulate Punjab Govt and Pakistani nation on this project and request all the passengers to remain decent while traveling.Recommend

  • Ali

    a very good step, no doubt about it.Recommend

  • Rabael Malik

    To all the Ignorants above calling me ignorant. ET changed the picture after my comment and now the picture is the picture of Buses from Lahore but firstly ET just copy pasted the pic from LA metro Buses. Those people who read the article the article in the first two hours remember it correctly.Recommend



    1000,000,000 (50BL) DIVIDED BY 35K = RS 28,000





  • Emmad Khan

    My nature of work is such that I have to travel in different parts of Pakistan mostly by road. Though I am not the supporter of PML(N) but one thing is for sure that road network which has developed in Punjab during the last 4/5 years have not seen in other Provinces. I think credit must be given to them on this development & now with the inaguration of MBS their performance as compared to other local Governmnets have gone much high. I seriously thinking now on casting my vote to them in the forthcomming elections.Recommend

  • Asad Malik

    “Commuting in Lahore will now become as easy as commuting in London city or Bangkok.”

    Are you sure? The last time I checked, London has a network which pretty much covers the whole of it. When did Lahore cease to exist as a city and become a straight line following the road?

    I hope it really helps reduce traffic and congestion but please refrain from exaggerating too much.Recommend

  • Omer

    I think this is a wonder. I am a Karachite and believe me we will give anything for such a magnificent project,
    Welldone Shahbaz Sharif Recommend

  • Sana M

    we all know why SS chose this time to launch but lets give credit where its due. this will add to the infrastructure but the challenge will be to maintain the quality of service and for people to let it stay clean. Recommend

  • mushtaque ahmad

    congratulation:it is a very bold in a poor take a big step in education and medical faclities for poor. please also take care of historical monuments.Recommend

  • Arshad

    As the writer rightly said that every project receives criticism, especially we, the Pakistanis, are on top of giving just NEGATIVE criticism…. you guys will know the importance of this projects later… agree that there were some flaws but at least the way the money was spent, the system has been implemented we can a good future…

    So guys with negative comments, why don’t you hop on to a mini bus and a van for a month daily to your work and back home like an ordinary poor person of this society and than ride on this transit system for another one month…. only then you will understand the importance of this type of projects…..!!!Recommend

  • Ali Shan Aslam

    Great job and great article. Stop criticizing the project. Before you have to wait for so long time for buses. now this is 160 seats bus. Rarely you have to wait and traveling all the way standing in the bus. Recommend

  • Tahir

    I think, CM sb must also take plight of the rest of the punjab citites also. It is an irony that Lahore has become a modern city anf the rest of the punjab especially Southern Punjab is devoid of all the basic necessary facilities/amenities. CM sb was elected by the whole punjab and not only by Lahore itself.

    We appreciate the effort but all mega projects are only in Lahore……….Its the concern for the masses.Recommend

  • Anas Tanveer

    Confratulations to Punjab Govt, specially to one man, who lived this dream and make it possible in a country like Pakistan. It is a big achievement as a nation for us all, and for all those who are criticizing this project, I would like to recall the situation, somewhere similer, when Sharifs started building the Motorway, they faced the same ammount of criticism at that time also, saying that it is a flop plan, and it didnt worth spending a lot of money on any alternate where we already had G.T Road, constructed by Sher Shah Soori, back in 1800’s. But now, each one of the critics are utilising the motorway route for travelling, when required.
    But I salute this brave man, who took it all on him for that long, and proved that everything is possible in Pakistan, if you have the will to deliver. Let it run for a 2 3 months, and let these elections held, all the critics would get the Shut Up call from the people , who think this Metro worth it.
    And on peoples side, we as the final user of this product have to keep it moving and have to own it as our own.Recommend

  • Eman Chaudry

    Why are people getting so judgmental here? I feel sad for the people who have only negative things to say about this project.These people are too cynical to appreciate positivtyRecommend

  • Eman Chaudry

    Feel sorry for all the judgmental cynics. Recommend

  • Eman Chaudry

    yes you heard right! its one end of lahore the old walled city to the other. I guess ur general knowledge is zero. The real lahore was just between the 8 gates!Recommend

  • waqas

    Waste of money, only cover 10-15% of transport need of lahore. The budget can be utilized in basic necessities i.e education, health ect.Recommend

  • Nobody

    @pakistani hindu:
    London tube is 150 years old mate. It didn’t start off at 400 km of track. Recommend

  • minahil.s

    shahbaz shareed did travel that also on the first day. and lets get real, how can a politician travel in a public vehicle in a country like Pakistan? Think before you write!Recommend

  • minahil.s

    Lets hope this bus system works smoothly in the coming years and also after this government gets diffused! Recommend

  • minahil.s

    @Rabael Malik:
    the picture shown are animated pictures of these buses! get your facts straight firstRecommend

  • minahil.s

    Even if it is for political gains so what?? There is no such thing as free lunch in this world! i am not a PMLN fan but i am definitely a fan of positivity!Recommend

  • minahil.s

    motorway was operational even in Musharaf’s tenure! so why do u think this project will go down the drain once goverment changes?Recommend

  • gp65

    @Nobody: “@pakistani hindu:
    London tube is 150 years old mate. It didn’t start off at 400 km of track.”

    Your comment would be totally justified if @Pakistani Hindu was trying to minimize this achievement. He is just challenging the author who says that now commutes in Lahore will be comparable to London.
    So let me ask you : do you agree with the author that this project will make the commute of Lahore comparable to London )regardless of how old the London tube is)? If you disagree with the author, then in fact your opinion does not differ from that of @Pakistani Hindu whom you have criticized.Recommend

  • Asma Javaid

    Lahore Metro – Another step towards a modern Pakistan – & all the credit goes to PMLN and Shahbaz Sharif. We should appreciate this.Recommend

  • saleem

    A good start of new life …our aim, our success, our future ,our metro bus ,hamara apna panjab Recommend

  • winston

    Just as the CNG buses launched by Shahbaz unsharif last year these buses are destroyed already and In 6 months Metro buses will be destroyed, people will be spitting, cigarettes butts, garbage insdie and no maintenance will be carried out. The caged roads used by the Metro bus will be become a paid highway in less than a year.A total waste of 90 billlion rupees. The 90 billion should have been paid to ease the load shedding problem, better yet should have been paid to the schools.Recommend

  • maz3tt

    Ok maybe for polictical gains but i really hope that the quality of this metro service remains. they doesn’t become another black smoke emitting buses in the years to come. Also our CM or governor from Sindh come out of their palaces and for political gain only come up with the same initiative in Karachi atleast where travel of bus going people has really become a huge problem from 5 to 8 pm with thousands being forced to travel on the roof top thus risking there lives a great deal.

    Also i am sure most of the car owners without drivers will be more then eager to travel by seat by seat or less crowded buses even if it takes 1 hour to reach the office.

    Also i sincerely hope that our grandchildren growing in karachi doesn’t have to coupe with 2k, 2d , x23 ,w11 buses in their time as well. Recommend

  • Anam Asif

    Loved reading your piece. Pretty much gives the entire layout of the metro. And i totally agree with the initial hazards Lahori’s would be facing, since adapting anything new is more like a whole new chore to us.Albeit for some reason i think it wouldn’t be that successful because although the route seemingly covers almost the entire Lahore but personally i think the traffic issue in Lahore is more related to the inner city traffic, had the metro route included Gulberg to Defence and Riwand side and so on, the probability and odds of its success would’ve been much greater.
    Nevertheless, its a great move, atleast a try to make Lahore a little civilized in relation to roads and traffic and we all should think and speak positive about it- maybe that might make a difference to its probable users.
    As for you Saman, simply outstanding article, like the metro, you’ve catered the masses too- person of even little knowledge and reading skills would understand and enjoy your piece, heh!
    looking forward to reading more of your work. Great job done! Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Pl visit Metro track and you see same Buses as these are real pictures.Recommend

  • umar

    Really liked your post, finally someone has come out on cyber and appreciated the govt of punjab efforts. I agree with you well as should support it!Recommend

  • http://islamabad abc

    Well done Punjab government!
    now we want metro bus service for out city aswell. wake up , Chief minister of KPK please!Recommend

  • Waseem Alam

    If we study the history of the developed countries we find that no country has made the progress or development in on go, there has been departments or sections of the economy that were developed before the other sections and then the developed sections of the economy spearheaded or worked as an engine to pull the rest of the economy behind them.

    The Lahore Metro Bus System will work exactly like that, it will speed up the economic activities in the economy, it has already given a new idea of traveling within the city, the vans, buses that were running on the same route has been re-routed to those areas where the Metro Bus Route is not available so, there is no question of those people going to be out of work.

    I live in Australia and have traveled around the world visiting 19 countries and many cities and have used planes, trains, trams, buses, ferries, ships even motorbikes and bikes during my travel to the world.

    I have used the tube (the underground) or the London Underground. The tube was not built at once to 402 km and 270 stations. It was constructed bit by bit to its present state and the development of the tube was not without involving politics. There were criticisms as to its functionality and advantages people were going to get form it.

    We should appreciate the initiative and the efforts of Premier Shahbaz Sharif for carrying out the LMBS project solely for the masses like the Be-Nazeer income support for the families and the Shaukat Khanum Hospital are benefiting the general public.

    As far as the timing of the inaugurating of the project is concerned I think that all political parties do try to get rewards of their work done for benefiting the public this is how they try to increase their voters and Muslim League (N) is no exception.

    Any political party has the right to advertise its achievements and if Shahbaz Sharif has inaugurated the project at this time he has done nothing wrong rather he should be appreciated that he has worked tirelessly to complete the project in a record time.

    Now the biggest problem is the management of the whole project, in my views if the MLN is to continue its tenure in the next five years and beyond that then not only this project will be managed properly but there would be more beneficial projects to be introduced to give a relief to the ailing economy INSHALLAH.

    I do appreciate the effort of Ms. Saman Asif for writing this blog

    Waseem Alam
    Sydney, AustraliaRecommend

  • me

    Good effort!!!Recommend

  • Waqas

    One more step towards progress, metro bus system is one of the mega project in pakistan’s history. Recommend

  • Noma Rizwan

    Infrastructure holds the major importance when we talk about developing a business.. Saving
    time and as its said time is money. Ppl wud save time and wud nt face those problems and wudnt hav to get in those hassles.. It’s a good step, I encourage it and support it fully ! Metro bus system go go go !Recommend

  • Muhammad Ashraf Gujranwala Cantt

    Metro bus Lahore is a great success to complete in a very short time. It shows that Pakistani engineers and workers can possible to impossible vs over the worldRecommend

  • Raza

    CM of Punjab would be better off using the province’s finance in upgrading facilities in government hospital wards where people are dying due to lack of resources and right equipment. It’s an absolute farce that a province where most people don’t have access to clean water, electricity and good education millions are being spent on a “state of art” metro bus service that will only cater to the very few who can afford. I’m ashamed of the amount of people applauding pml-n and Shahbaz Sharif for this. It’s as if importing a few buses from abroad can make up for 5 years of incompetent governance ridden with power shortages, drug scandals and general corruption. You people will never learn will you. You will vote these Sharif brothers in again and give them further opportunity to expand their business empire and plunder are country, Shame on you. Recommend

  • khurshid

    Zardari&PPP made Bahria town – a gift for people of Pakistan
    NS&PML(N) made metro bus service – a waste of public moneyRecommend

  • Yousaf Ali

    we had read the news umpteen times that Capital Development Authority would also launch such an arrangement. Islamabad, needs is like any other city. Hope the CDA authorities will also wake up to learn something positive from Lahore Metro Bus but quickly rather very quickly. Recommend

  • Yousaf Ali

    No sir, it can’t be. Here in Islamabad we have bus stops and shades built by the great CDA but interestingly no bus of any kind. How is it.Recommend

  • i like what he’s having

    the only reason ill go on the bus is of you’re going to be there:) but lets face it, until you’re ready to be comfortable in traveling in all the feeder public transport, you’re only likely to take this bus if you live close to a station and want to travel on an another station, which is highly unlikely for most. so i dont think a lot of people will switch from cars to buses…. but hey, you can always have your car follow behind until you get bored and tell your friends what a cool gal you now are and how down to rath youve become!!! cool and cuteRecommend

  • Ahmed

    it is so easy and kind of fashion in pakistan not to appreciate anything! can anyone give me one example of any project which any other province or central government started and has delivered? infrastructure is the key to development..simple as that…and i salute nawaz and shahbaz shareef for having such a simple understanding :)