Zero Dark Thirty: Disgusting misrepresentations and false stereotypes

Published: February 6, 2013

The movie Zero Dark Thirty, I believe, has given all these high school students and of course others a reason to further foster hatred towards Muslims.

The hype surrounding the movie Zero Dark Thirty has found space into every conversation; be it in classes or at dinners.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about one or the other aspect of it; while some people argue it is a very well made movie, there are many others who view the legitimacy of the plot and implications of the movie very sceptically.

Zero Dark Thirty is a historical drama about the CIA’s hunt for the top al Qaeda leaders, primarily Osama bin Laden. The movie has been nominated for five Oscars and is a Hollywood blockbuster.

A majority of the Pakistani audience is still unaware of its release – unless of course they accessed it via illegal means or read about it online. Movie distributors and television stations in Pakistan have mutually planned not to air the movie to avoid severe repercussions.

While I understand why a Pakistani audience would be frustrated with the movie, not screening it and avoiding raising concern about the prejudices of the movie is not the wisest choice either, since there needs to be serious discourse among Pakistanis regarding the repercussions of such film.

My take

Aspects of the movie that especially alarmed me – and I assume would offend a large majority – were the biased representation of Muslims, misrepresentation of Pakistan and the propagation of acceptability to torture. These endorsements of the movie are especially problematic in a society that is still largely struggling to overcome racial and religious differences.

In my personal experience living in the United States, I have come across numerous people who are only aware of the extremist militant brand of Islam. While attending a public high school in Minneapolis, it was not unusual for me to be asked questions about my relations with bin Laden and possession of bombs in my lunch box!

I am in no means saying that is how every American high school student thinks, but there are definitely thousands of them who need to be more educated about issues beyond varsity teams.

The movie Zero Dark Thirty, I believe, has given all these high school students and of course others a reason to further foster hatred towards Muslims.

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In such dynamics of a society, it becomes difficult to ignore the biases of Zero Dark Thirty. While the movie is largely focused on two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, with large Muslim populations, it does not have even a single typical Pakistani or Afghan Muslim. Rather the movie perpetually shows mosques and plays the Azaan around the more violent and intense scenes such as an attack on a CIA officer or a suicide bomb. This relation that the movie draws, between a crucial and revered aspect of Islam (the Azaan) and violence is not only very noticeable, but also evokes an uninformed audience to make judgments that are unnecessary and harmful.

Tapas Kulkarni, second-year student at Mount Holyoke College, adds to my concern,

“You can’t deny that Islamophobia is real – especially in the west – and that Muslims have to deal with it in their daily lives. Zero Dark Thirty is made by an American for an American audience, and because of the way the movie is made, it fuels anti-Islamic sentiment in the society.”

Misrepresentation of Islam and Pakistan

Along with a misrepresentation of Islam and its patrons, the movie has also done damage to Pakistan’s illustration. The colloquial use of Arabic in Pakistan came as a surprise; it almost felt like the conversations occurred in a place like Jeddah or Muscat.

Pakistani Twitterati have made a mockery out of this because while numerous languages are fluently spoken in Pakistan, Arabic is not one of them. Furthermore, the movie has barely shown any public space devoid of Islamic architecture, which is radically different from the Pakistan of the 21st century.

American foreign policy– flawless?

Besides the damage to Pakistan’s representation, the movie also waters down the consequences of America’s foreign policy in a post 9/11 world. In a scene in which an official meeting is being carried out in US Embassy Islamabad, a higher official tries to evoke emotions in the attendees by bringing to light the killing of 3,000 American civilians at the hands of terrorists.

He adds in his speech that Americans have not done anything in return hence it is time to get “them”. That statement by him took me majorly by shock because of course the death of 3,461 people (reported by the BBC, according to research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism) in the drone strikes in Pakistan, conducted by the CIA to protect US national interests stands for nothing, let alone casualties in the failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that are now mere statistics.

Giving torture validity

Torture remains another very controversial part of the movie. From the very beginning, torture has been shown as a very commonplace tactic to obtain information from the detainees that the CIA suspects could be helpful in the search of Al-Qaeda affiliates. The way Zero Dark Thirty has created a very visible line between the Americans and the “enemies”, torture seems like an acceptable way to protect national security. The evolution of Maya’s character from someone wary of the use of torture to someone who favours it for investigative purposes is also largely convincing most audiences that torture, which is used against the “bad guys”, is absolutely necessary and in favour of American national interests.

Maya succumbs to torture towards detainees when her colleague dies in a suicide bomb blast; however, this is not enough to justify torture. If loss of a dear colleague is the way to justify and encourage torture, as depicted in the movie, then by that logic, victims of drone strikes and failed American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who resort to terrorism to seek revenge on the United States – a notion much ridiculed – also becomes fair.

Even though recently the CIA has denied using torture in the search for bin Laden, in 2004 a report released by it reveals the different techniques used in overseas prisons for interrogation purposes. Zero Dark Thirty’s humanisation of torture definitely raises a lot of questions about the variation in the value of human life in today’s world.

The concerns related to the movie extend to whether we really need such media in societies already struggling with combating religious and racial discrimination, and that if censorship is not the solution then who is responsible for creating awareness and tolerance in a world largely falling prey to disgusting stereotypes and generalisations; and being awarded for them!

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Komal Ali

Komal Ali

Born and raised in Pakistan, Komal Ali is an International Relations major and Law and Public Policy nexus minor at Mount Holyoke College. She is currently doing a Pre-Law certificate at University of Amsterdam. She tweets at @komalali92 (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • SM

    I am always amused when a Pakistani living abroad or a Pakistani-American complains about how “racist” people in west specifically US are. May I offer a suggestion? Whenever you feel victimized by these alleged misrepresentations of Muslims, try asking next time, why only Muslims are misrepresented? Why not Hindus or Buddhists or any other religion? Did any Pakistani bother to ask why Bin Laden was in Pakistan instead of jumping on the bandwagon of Muslim victimization? What was he doing there and who knew? Those are relevant questions, not what a film maker makes out of it. You will only your reflection in the mirror and no matter how much you pray you cannot change the image of a distorted face to look good. If Muslims wants to be represented better in the West try being better and not just for the sake of it. Recommend

  • GrimmJow
  • muhammad blal

    West is terribly horrified from the fact that ISLAM is growing very fast across the world is making Islam hating people uncomfortable.they kept representing negative picture of Islam and Muslim world but fact is not like that. if they study Islam they will surely admit that Islam is completely peace loving and peace promoting religion. its religion full of rules and regulations which allows its followers to live their life knowing that they will have to answer their deeds one day. if you manage to meet someone who is follower of Islam who is living his life as ordered by ALMIGHTY ALLAH and his beloved prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) you will really enjoy your meeting and you’ll be very impressed to see how Islam effect your daily life so that no one gets hurt or cheated or disturbed from you. although there are few people who are using Islam name but they are not true followers.Islam is totally against extremism and terrorism and teaches us to respect everyone’s school of thought and religion.
    Muslim countries are also culprit because they also didn’t tried to improve image of Islam.
    hope that world will understand what real Islam is and stop spreading Islamphobia.Recommend

  • doom

    “If Muslims wants to be represented better in the West try being better”.

    Thanks for the advice. Most of us regular Muslims (shockingly) are pretty normal people who don’t want to bother anybody, did not provide shelter to OBL and just trudge along in our daily struggles just like everybody else. Take a moment to think about what racism and stereotyping is. You sound a bit racist to me; you should think about that and try being better.

    FYI Haven’t seen the movie, can’t say if it is guilty of those things. But sounds like shoddy research in it so makes its Oscar nod surprising.Recommend

  • Nouman

    Although I’m against these kinda propaganda stuff either from Paki media or western but you can’t deny the content in this movie..Our media and people give the world every reason to hate them which encourage them to manipulate few elements to win oscars and world wide fame.Recommend

  • Concerned

    Good Article.

    Keep it upRecommend

  • Parvez

    You’ve taken the whole thing too seriously…………its a Hollywood movie made with the intention of making money………..which it is doing.
    As you rightly say it has been made for the American audience and its common knowledge that America is a country of 307 million idiots being managed by a handful of super intelligent individuals.Recommend

  • Khiz

    @SM what is your excuse for treating African Americans or the Red Indians the way you did.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    I saw the movie last night.Frankly, I loved it.
    If you read my comments on this site, I have vehemently spoken against stereotyping the entire muslim community as terrorists. That’s plain wrong and moronic. It makes me sad to hear of stories about innocent muslims being targeted and marginalized.

    However, I think muslims need to understand that Islamic terror is real – Muslim fundamentalists have been responsible for innumerable terrorist attacks all over the world so movies will be made and the western world will dwell on it for a long time. You can’t blame them for that. The film makers may have got a few aspects of the Pakistani culture wrong but rather than whining about that please focus of ridding Pakistan of all the terrorists that the country harbors. What in the world was Osama bin Laden doing in Pakistan? His safe haven was barely a mile away from your military academy. Rather than questioning your government and its role in harboring terrorists ,you seem on concentrate on the inane. I, for one, heard urdu / hindi in the movie as well.
    The Pakistani government harbors terrorists and a Pakistan blogger is concerned over the use of arabic in a movie !! Focus on the real issues at hand please.
    The movie has depicted events as they took place- It has showcased the reality so please be gracious enough to accept the truth.The film makers have not deliberately tried to perpetuate hatred against Muslims – they have made a movie based on FACTS. Can’t really find fault with that.

    P.S. – I don’t recall hearing the azan being played during the violent scenes. The only time I remember hearing it was when Maya is asleep on the couch.
    Again, the movie does not perpetually show mosques. Please do not exaggerate. Recommend

  • Ali Gul

    i don’t agree with you nor do the history so komal just rest in piece with our analysis. Recommend

  • doom

    “There needs to be serious discourse among Pakistanis regarding the repercussions of such film”.

    Why, why, why, must we have SERIOUS DISCOURSE about a fictionalized movie…I would recommend simply not watching political-type movies to anyone who has a tendency to forget or ignore that movies are fictional and meant to entertain. I think banning it is better than turning a molehill into a mountain of pointless “discourse”.Recommend

  • Gujjar

    If you dont like being portrayed as terrorist then dont shelter and support terrorists. By the way, why were you hiding Bin Laden in Pakistan, and how many more terrorists are living in Pakistan as State guest?Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    Movie is a tad long but it’s a damn good movie. Apart from minor issues like not getting the language right etc., I believe that the movie does stick to fundamental facts when it comes to tracking down and killing bin Laden.


    torture seems like an acceptable way to protect national security

    torture of people like KSM did result in data that help save many innocent lives and not to mention, the ultimately death of bin Laden.
    also, instead of complaining about islamophobia etc., you should try to analyse why there is no such thing as jainophobia or shintophobia.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    Most of us regular Muslims (shockingly) are pretty normal people who don’t want to bother anybody, did not provide shelter to OBL and just trudge along in our daily struggles just like everybody else. Take a moment to think about what racism and stereotyping is. You sound >a bit racist to me; you should think about that and try being better.

    Please enlighten us as to why you think only muslims are portrayed as terrorists.
    BTW, “muslim” is not a race.Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    There is no such thing a Jainophobia, Sikhopohbia or Hindophobia, because, the west does not even think there relegions are anywhere superior to their lifestyle or religion.

    However with Islam, they recognize that it is far superior to their way of life has the power to change the face of the west, hence they are Islamophobic and consider Islam as a threat. Also as Islam is a divine religion, it appeals to the human mind and the few controllers of the west do not want their masses to come into Islam, hence all this propaganda to pollute the minds of their masses against Islam. Because if even 20 or 25% of the local western population accepts Islam, the few controllers of the west are doomed.

    In Islamic History, the bitterest enemies of Islam became its greatest Heroes. Example include many but some notable ones are Hazrat Umar (Ra) 2nd caliph, and Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (Ra) commander in chief who conquered Persia and made the massive roman army retreat from the arabian peninsula/north africa.Recommend

  • Stranger

    To be frank I pity the muslims .AS it is , life is difficult for them thanx to discrimination and ostricisation. Added to that , such films will make their life more demanding. Majority of my Muslim friends are quitely minding their own business.They have nothing to do with terrorism in any manner.Hope this movie does not fuel more negetive feelings.Recommend

  • http://Uk Polwala

    Arabic not spoken in Pakistan? Yes not in everyday life. But what language do they read Koran in, assuming that they can read?
    The movie is very good. It’s aim was not to malign Pakistan but to make money. If the West has got Islamophobia, then Pakistan too has “Westphobia”. If every terrorist act that the world has witnessed was not carried out by Muslims, then you might have a reason to moan. But the facts speak for themselves loud and clear.
    If OBL was found in India, you would be shouting about it from the roof tops. Pakistan harboured OBL, caterd for him, protected him and made him larger than life, a legend. The US forces simply took him out. The movie just depicted the reality as well as it could do. So stop moaning. Most of the illiterate masses will not see the movie and the hurt ego only belongs to the military and chattering class of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Rohail Malik

    i Have seen that movie, its away from ground realities in Pakistan. And the most idiotic errors are committed, like american soldiers present around OBL compound during raid are warning locals to stay away in Pashtu Language but in reply those people were speaking Punjabi…. hell no and another thing, Islamabad Police personnel are wearing Black Khaki uniform rather than Blue.. and many other blunders, all in all a very boring movie Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    You also innocently seem to buy the propaganda of the media which is in the hands of the few controllers of the west. Even the gullible and innocent western masses buy this media propaganda.

    Please ponder on this:

    Why is it that OBL (the most wanted man on earth)’s dead body was not shown to the entire world? Why was he hurriedly buried in the Sea? Why all this hush hush even after his death? The neighbours of the man whose home was attacked by the seals, vehemently say they knew the family that lived there and it was NOT OBL or his family. Can it not be a trick to malign Pakistan, Muslims and also calm the American masses that OBL is dead- revenge taken. Recently one of the seals was shot dead (so that the secret was not divulged).

    Secondly, have you read about the tactics used by the CIA? They use dead peoples names and identities for their purposes. OBL fought along with the Americans in Russia and since the early 90s (after Russia’s fall), no one has seen OBL in person. not even his family. His country KSA, said they have no knowlege about him after the early 1990s.Recommend

  • DarKnight

    @muhammad blal

    Please tell your fellow brothers to read the Holy Book……Recommend

  • Anonymous

    “America is a country of 307 million idiots being managed by a handful of super intelligent individuals.”

    How you define Pakistan, a country of 20 million intelligents managed by a handful of super-idiot individuals…………?Recommend

  • abhi

    @I am khan

    In Islamic History, the bitterest enemies of Islam became its greatest Heroes.
    I think Jawahiri believed in this thats why he asked george bush to convert. BTW few controller of the west will not have any problem if whole west becomes Muslim. They will convert too and keep on controlling. Recommend

  • Anonymous

    @I am a Khan

    Thank God !!……the whole world is not Islamic, or else we would have been living in dark ages if something like this would have been occurred……………And if this happens, it would be most unfortunate thing happening to the mankind after bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the holocaust………..Recommend

  • http://UK Polwala

    @ I am Khan
    This debate is hardly about religion. However, your assertion about the superiority of one religion over the other is not defendable.
    A lot of people from the east and west go to India and seek solace in the spiritualism of Hinduism or Budhism. Hardly anybody seeks spiritual solace in Islam.
    Islam in general and Pakistan in particular, only attracts extremists from the Christian world. In every drone strike a few terrorists are kileed among them are usually some who are of foreign origin. Please open your eyes alittle and your mind a lot more to see this world as it is not as you dream it to be.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @I am a Khan:

    There is no such thing a Jainophobia, Sikhopohbia or Hindophobia, because, the west does not even think there relegions are anywhere superior to their lifestyle or religion.
    However with Islam, they recognize that it is far superior to their way of life has the power to change the face of the west, hence they are Islamophobic and consider Islam as a threat.

    Can you logically explain how Islam is superior to any other religion?Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Abhi- “BTW few controller of the west will not have any problem if whole west becomes Muslim. They will convert too and keep on controlling”.

    Technically the above statement is hypothetically possible, but it is arrogance which keeps people away from the Divine Religion Islam. The arrogant western controllers inwardly accept the superiority of Islam and hence call it a threat to their lifestyles. But their arrogance does not allow them to convert or let their gullible masses convert (or rather revert). So they start this media propaganda so that their people hate Islam and then initiate an army war on the pretext of this propaganda so that existing muslims get lynched (eg Afganistan ,Iraq, Mali, etc). However the characteristic of Islam is the more it is supressed, the more it grows as can be seen from Islamic History. Islam was supressed by the unbelievers of Makkah but today it is the 2nd largest religion and on track to be the largest religion on Earth in a few years. Even the early enemies of Islam like Abu Jahl had said, we accept Islam is the divine truth, but we cannot change our arrogant lifestyle or our forefathers culture/religion. same is applicable today. Recommend

  • Liberal Voice

    Well you wrote on and on about how muslims and pakistan are stereotyped and misrepresented, but didn’t for a moment stopped and ponder if any of that just might be true?
    While not at all denying the fact that majority of muslims are not terrorists, a sizable number is, and an even bigger number are passive supporters of terrorists groups like al qaeda and hezbollah. The reason there is so much mistrust of muslims in the west in particular and the world in general is that there is a lot of truth to things shown in this movie. Arabic may not be a widely spoken language in pakistan, but pakistan for sure is falling prey to fundamentalist saudi ideology pretty fast. pakistan is the hub of terrorists from around the world. We should change that instead of complaining about a film.Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Instead of portraying Islam is that, Islam is this etc, the muslim countries should try and detoxify their indoctrinated population and portray that and publicize their actions taken against terrorists and their brain washing. There is a lot of disconnect between what Islam is supposedly preaching and what the terrorist muslims portray Islam to be. For eg. Polio vaccinators’ killing is definetely not going to portray anything but religious bigotry about muslims. Agreed not all muslims agree to this, but what is the state doing against such perpetrators and only when u act and subsequently publicize those acts, the rest of the world will believe that muslim nations also do act against terrorists. Striking peace deals with TTP (this is not the first time though), state/nonstate actors’ actions like mumbai mayhem, support to the killer of Salman Taseer in the name of religion, dragging their foot on even admitting the nationality of kasab etc do portray the inaction or unwillingness to act by the govt.Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    The figures show that the fastest growing religion among the Caucacian Whites of the West is Islam, not hinduism, buddhism, sikhism, judaism,….

    It is the divine appeal if Islam which attracts any human (not subject to propaganda) towards Islam. Hence all this propaganda, to retain power and the existing lifestyle.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    OBL fought along with the Americans in Russia and since the early 90s (after Russia’s fall), no one has seen OBL in person. not even his family.

    Hmm – I think the cat is now out of the bag. Actually OBL never existed – he was like a momin version of Captain America that they cooked up to inspire the Afghans while fighting the Soviets. Once the USSR collapsed, interest in this character declined and there was no funding for writers to create additional stories, and no actors were prepared to play the role once Afghanistan descended into chaos. However, in the 90s, the Zionist owners of the movie studios decided to revive the character to help them penetrate markets outside the US – and there was the scope of selling OBL t-shirts, action figures, comics and video games. When the World Trade Center collapsed because of lack of building maintenance and overloading of the lifts, they decided to revive the character and place him back in Afghanistan, but with the ultimate twist! – he would now be in a negative role. In the next couple of years, arranging for funding, screen tests etc took a lot of time and they started shooting in May 2011 in some place in Pakistan, while creating a sustained media campaign on Islamic terrorism when no such thing actually exists. The Hindus offered to act for free if it would portray muslims in a bad light, and agreed to speak Arabic since nothing could hurt the Pakistanis more than hearing Arabic. (In the Arab translation of the film, the characters speak in Hindi and Pali). A travel writer called David Headley offered to go around and shoot clips of mosques that could be inserted into the main film.

    Well, the ruse was good while it lasted, but there are some brilliant people out there who have figured it all out now :(.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Hello Komal ! First of all I would like to congratulate you for studying in Mt Holoyoke. Like you I am a product of American liberal arts education system. I would beg to disagree with you in regards to the reason that you have cited about the movie’s negative portrayal of muslims. I have seen the movie and I loved it. Yes very few Muslims in US discrimination, but most of us are integral part of American society. I am from Indian subcontinent, chose not to disclose my exact country of birth, not a Pakistani though. Pakistan has a big problem with terrorism and it a fact that Pakistanis cannot deny it unless they are delusional. Let me very clear I condemn racist twitter feed that you provided for the audience. As a writer I compliment you for stating your rationale based on certain facts. Overall a well written article. I read your piece on young women not able to choose their career path and I loved it.Recommend

  • Milestogo

    What is so disgusting about Arabic, muscat and medina?Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Please write article on terrorism and sectarian violence in Pakistan especially violence perpetrated towards shias, Christian, Hindus and Ahmed’s. we need writers who are based in US to provide a clear picture of the current situation that is prevailing in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sameer

    @Author : Living in America, have you ever had a bad experience? Not from teens but from regular folks. Teens will be teens. That cannot be your barometer. Imagine what questions a white American girl will get asked by her fellow students in Multan.

    Fact is , the 9/11 incident, Islamic fundamentalists, Islam associated terrorism, OBL etc. are the defining incidents of the last 10-12 years.

    This has changed the way the USA approaches countries like Pakistan. Normal American lives are indeed on a different frequency. They are more focused on leisure if you will and not on the basic needs of life. Religion is not a driving force for them. They are more flexible and accepting of differing views. They value their lives. They hate it if anything remotely close to terrorism impacts their state of life. They have the money and resources to keep terrorism away from their shores.

    Why blame the average American? He loses fellow citizens in 9/11. Then loses neighbors who are in the Army fighting for ‘democracy’ and keeping the bad things from reaching America by being in Iraq and Afghanistan. He watches TV and sees how corrupt the governments/intelligentsia are in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. He sees how much money the USA has poured into these countries for nothing. Iraq still will not form a government. Afghanistan is a sham. All these countries seem to have tribes or groups who rabidly hate each other for their brands of Islam that the follow. not only hate but kill each other regularly.

    All America wants is that these countries join the other civilized world, stop killing Americans or facilitate killing of Americans so that it can go on with its way of life.

    If you guys were hard on yourselves to point out things like harboring OBL or your tacit support of terrorism then the WEST would not have to do this. Most of you seem to have 2 identities. Half of it is a citizen of the world and the other Pakistani. The former wants you to live and think like a westerner, the latter keeps you rooted supporting where you came from. You need to let go of the latter. You cannot be a apologist for the latter.Recommend

  • Whats in the Name

    @I am a Khan: I appreciate your confidence (over confidence) about the religion. How about doing this. If you are so confident about the religion then why not give the choice to the people in Muslim Countries who want to convert to other religions. Why threaten with death sentence. Do not give me crap like it is written etc…. If you are so confident about no one wanting to convert from the Divine Religion, then let it be put to test. Even a moderate country like Malaysia does not allow its Muslim citizens to convert. Let us make the playing field same/equal/level. This is exactly why Most Muslim Countries are in a state of conflict with itself or others. Now do you still have some logic / reason to defend your absurd comments. I welcome.

  • 3rdRockFromTheSun

    People like “I am a Khan” are the reason for Islamophobia in the West – not willing to see the truth, but indulging in fancy conpiracy theories; and having a chip on their shoulders about superiority of Islam and that it is the fastest growing religion! Demanding for their “human rights” when in a minority, but as soon as they are a majority; human rights of other minorities are out of the window.
    Despite mountains of evidence – the belief is still 9/11 was a Jewish / CIA conspiracy; OBL raid was a lie, TTP is funded by CIA/RAW…
    Islam is superior ? In what way? “It’s not just a religion – it’s a way of life” – well, so are all other religions. Why not let the individual decide which religion he feels comfortable with.
    Growth rate – no shred of evidence, but it is quoted as if it is the truth!
    And when the silent majority does not speak up against the vocal extremist minority; expect more of such films!Recommend

  • Dr. Dang

    Dont like how you are represented, try changing then.Recommend

  • doom

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    Be assured I am not one of those people who is in denial of the fact that today’s terrorism is of Islamic origins. I was responding to that rather insensitive first commenter, and generally don’t get upset when say Arabs are shown as terrorists. Its not great, but I understand. I mean Canadian terrorists would not be very believable. It’s the insensitive “try and be better” bit I take exception to, which I find “racist”.

    A parallel: if crime rates are higher among Black-Americans in America it is not ok to judge the entire community or instruct all Black-Americans to “try and be better” as if each and everyone is guilty of some wrong doing. Nor is it a good thing to permanently show blacks as gang member in movies.Recommend

  • Zalmai

    The makers of Zero Dark Thirty knew that deluded Pakistanis take pride in projecting themselves as Arabs, hence the Arabic chatter in the movie only validates Pakistanis’ claims to be descendants of Arabs.

    OBL is revered in Pakistan and people name their kids after him. OBL knew full well that he would be killed in Afghanistan and this is why he chose to hide in Pakistan under the protection of the establishment.

    Perhaps the writer should have delved into this aspect of their identity crisis, which confuses people all over the world. By rejecting their Indian heritage Pakistanis have inadvertently lumped themselves with ArabsRecommend

  • Procastinator

    @I am a Khan
    they recognize that it is far superior to their way of life has the power to change the face of the west

    I can safely say that you never ever have interacted with sizable number of non-muslims in any western county to see what they think about your religion. Forget about being threatened about their life styles, the aspect of Islamic way of life is mere joke value for them.

    The figures show that the fastest growing religion among the Caucacian Whites of the West is Islam, not hinduism, buddhism, sikhism, judaism,….

    I have never met a hindu, buddhist, sikh or jew who worries about people going in and out of their religion. On the other hand, I have seen many Muslims feeling orgasmic happiness when any one converts to islam and such videos are widely shared on web as conversionography.Recommend

  • Sadia

    Oh God, another “victim of high school bullying”…. reads all over your blog post. I don’t think you realize that if in your high school you were a white fat person, or a petite skinny shy one, other kids would find different jokes and phrases to bully you with. It was high school get over it. Ignorant people are all over the world, I would also argue that there are thousands of our children who not only have ridiculous and offensive stereotypes about “white people” or religious minorities, about disabled people etc etc. I believe your blog post is actually biased and comes from a per-set mentality to hate everything American just because you were mistreated by a bunch of kids in high school. Give me a break.

    And by the way, this movie, if you had actually analyzed it a little bit, was not about tourism in Pakistan so that they could show you the beautiful places, or diversity, or the liberal side of Pakistan. Most of your arguments are flawed but it will take too much time to dissect each one.

    And lastly, try to not blame everything on other people, like we Muslims, or Pakistanis have not done anything to deserve such name calling. Take responsibility and maybe we could change ourselves and change our image. Recommend

  • adani

    @I am a Khan:

    Many… you made me laugh out loud! .. superiority… come on give us a break!Recommend

  • kh junaid

    We are slaves,because we have discussed them with politely attitude rather than criticize them just because we are too inspired by them in many ways they use to be look alike,

    Zero Dark Thirty i must say,it is another act of foolishness of american think tanks as they did before a lot of times,we do not express any kind of attitude regarding their comments on hating Muslims and killing Muslims (as we see above the snap of tweeter comments).

    i have no idea what are our is media doing to pursue there policies rather than criticize them.


  • Critical

    As usual,these articles make me reinstate the genius of NFP who coolly expressed the Islamophobic West by his satire in Dawn..

    U speak of Arabic spoken in Pakistan….Dont worry madam,if you allow these Arab wannabe mullahs take over your country,soon eveyone would be speaking Arabic,replace your mangroves with Datepalm and drive camels and your women would be wearing burkhas with their driving license cancelled…

    You talk about the depiction of torture scenes and why CIA is using that inhuman practice….
    1. Ask any person from a third world country how many people have DIED or severly disabled by police torture and how many of them were actually innocent??
    2.Besides,they didnt torture saints,they tortured hardened terrorists who bay for blood of infidels…Nothing wrong in giving a dose of Karma

    Islam may not preach terrorism…BUT there are many terrorists from Muslim community…Many mosques and madrassas have been used as a breeeding ground of terrorists….Besides Osama was found in Pakistan,so Pakistan will have to live with that guilt for a long time aheadRecommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Whats in the Name

    Your comments are laughable. Do you think 1.5 billion people in this world are muslims because of the fear that they will be killed if they change their religion? For your information, if the majority of people in Pakistan, Malaysia or any other country really wanted to move away from Islam, they would automatically become a non muslim majority country and change the laws. The fact is people in muslim majority countries are muslims because they are satisfied with the divine religion Islam. You see hundreds of people convicted for robbery, theft, murder, other crimes in Pakistan, but how many people do you see convicted for changing their religion Islam??


    God is above your logic. The Quran Says ‘No imagination can capture the image of God’ So whatever comes in your imagination as God, is not God, because God is beyond human imagination.

    But one thing which differentiates Islam from other religions is that Islam is the only religion which teaches humans to worship only God without associating any partners or intermediaries.

    Moderators please allow this comment. Nothing offensive about it, just facts mentioned and in the spirit of free speech and debate.Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    I have studied in the west, and I am speaking from personal experience. Today the white caucasians are leaving christianity, and they are entering Islam. In my Uni, there were so many white converts (reverts as I prefer to say). Many white ladies in scarfs and some white guys with beards studied in my uni. Some of the convert ladies did not wear scarfs and the guys were clean shaven but I would see them at the university hall for friday prayers and I would know that they recently converted to Islam. Also the figures of whites accepting Islam per wikipedia and google prove my point.

    Regarding the islamophobes, they clearly write on their websites that they are alarmed by the islamization of the west and are scared that their present way of life is changing. your not accepting the truth will not change the facts. Any person (either frrom the west or from the east) who unbiasedly reads the Glorious Quran will understand that it is the word of the creator. and mind you the white muslim converts I have met are better muslims than the pakistanis or south asian born muslims.Recommend

  • Hafeez

    I agree with the author about intentionally maligning Pakistan, and to some extent Muslims by playing Azan during terror attacks and stuff. But the author should keep this in mind that any image that we have in the West is mostly because of us, the Pakistanis. What do you expect of rest of the world (including Muslim populations outside Pakistan) to think of Pakistanis when they see images of violent mobs destroying properties and injuring/killing people in response to a blasphemous cartoon or a stupid movie? You have problems with racism? well just try to live in Pakistan (even South Asia as a whole) and you will see how racist we are. Derogatory jokes about other ethnicities is all so common. Besides that, shias, blaochs and pushtoons are killed in scores every week by our own people in our own country and we think that rest of the world is wrong in insinuating at that. I would suggest directing our energies towards correcting ourselves and then expect others to respect us.It is not impossible: before 80s Pakistan was a well respected country. At the end I would just say that, zero dark thirty is just a movie, an entertainment, and not a documentary on Pakistan.Recommend

  • gp65

    @I am a Khan: “It is the divine appeal if Islam which attracts any human (not subject to propaganda) towards Islam. “

    Ah, so why do you have laws on apostasy. Why not allow people born in Muslim families to choose a different faith or declare themselves as atheists? Even Malaysia has such laws.

    @Author: For someone who resents stereotyping, you yourselves have indulged in the same, have you not?

    @Parvez: “America is a country of 307 million idiots being managed by a handful of super intelligent individuals”

    Did not expect such sterotyping from you – 307 idiots indeed!

    @doom: You are right. Stereotyping anyone is not right – whoever does it..Recommend

  • John B

    Truth hurts

    By the way, all those who complain about Arabic being spoken in PAK :- this is an illustration to show that the terrorists and their circle of crowds are all non PAK Arabian migrants who are living in PAK.

    Even if PAK wants to write or make a movie about hunt for OBL, they will write exactly the same scene scripts. What part of the movie narration one would like to change-that OBL is a peaceful Gandhian and KSM was an innocent Karachite and 9/11 was never planned in AfG/PAK? Recommend

  • Jimmy

    I am sorry, but claiming that Zero Dark Thirty is a vehicle to perpetuate and augment western intolerance and discrimination towards islam, muslim peoples, and the countries of the middle-east is frankly ridiculous.

    This movie is about war. The American’s happen to be fighting terrorists who reside in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These terrorists happen to carry out their violence in the name of the Muslim God.

    I am more understanding of your argument about the depiction of torture.Recommend

  • Caius Keys

    I’ve got to say that, basically, you are seriously delusioned. ZDT is a great movie that accurately portrays the deeply troubled inferiority complex masquerading as a country called Pakistan. Recommend

  • Mumbai Jazz

    @muhammad blal:
    ” if they study Islam they will surely admit that Islam is completely peace loving and peace promoting religion.”….. then why do you have Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-mohammad, Taliban, Pakistan Taliban, Al Qaida members of whose are all followers of Islam.
    As I have said every time and again “Islam may be religion of peace,, it’s followers are not”…..World is concern about the extremism caused by muslims (not Islam). Right from dress code to what people should sing or should not sing or how each and everyone should behave and who is true muslim Shia or Sunni. So much taht they kill each other. How many protestants and catholics have killed each other in world ( please do not give world war examples where everybody killed everybody). So tell me sir, what are you as a good muslim doing to get Islam a good name ?Recommend

  • Mumbai Jazz

    @I am a Khan: Man you are either super delusional or by nature heavily racist if you are comparing religion on bases of “superiority”. Who gave your religion the certificate of “superiority” ????
    Superior religion do not give excuse for violence under any condition
    Superior religion believes in equality between genders
    Superior religion does not flog someone for wearing the dress they desire to dress
    Superior religions “suggests” , they do not “impose”.
    Superior religion gives freedom of thinking does not trap mind within pages of a book.
    Superior religion does not fear other religion but respects them, not treat them as “non believers” and turn blind eye for all crime against them.

    Please feel free to reply me with which all of above mentioned qualities does your religion have. Whatever religion it is.Recommend

  • Mumbai Jazz

    @I am a Khan:
    “The figures show that the fastest growing religion among the Caucacian Whites of the West is Islam”……. I will replyt his with zeal since I have witnessed this. Let me clear your head. Only whites who embraced Islam are the ones who married a fanatic muslim whom they love and were forced by means of only one choice, get converted or forget about getting married. Since the whites do not get engaged in any sort of extremism no matter what religion they follow, they dont care whether they are muslim, christian, hindu or budhist. They dont get high on belief that the religion they are following is superior.
    A Good question is how many muslims whites and non whites do actually practice Islam as you think they should be following ? Need answer ? Just goto Karachi and Islamabad, you will be more than satisfied on how Islamic those people are. Recommend

  • Sudheer

    Though, I didn’t watch the said movie as yet, but, read a lot about it. Liked your comment, much wiser than your recent ones before. But, there is another ” I am a Khan” on this forum at your disposal to take care of, try answer him. I did answer him, but, not sure of moderators’ discretionary powers.
    Hope, I am coherent enough!Recommend

  • http://gujrat RAW is WAR

    @ I am a Khan

    in what way is Islam superior to Jainism or Sikhism?Recommend

  • BigotNot

    Terrorism by people who express their actions in terms of islamic religious theology is real and not a Hollywood fantasy. As people living in Pakistan, you should know it first hand!Recommend

  • Tapas Kulkarni

    @Author: Well done! I think you did a fantastic job of presenting your perspective on what is an extremely complicated and controversial topic. I like the depth of your analysis, although I disagree with a part of your stance. Your article has already started to generate some of the discourse that is required regarding the film, although I hope it will find a place in more serious platforms. Recommend

  • Close_enough

    @I am a Khan: l love your comment.Recommend

  • SU

    @I am a Khan:
    You, my dear fellow , seriously need to get your head examined. With this kind of an attitude, how on earth can you complain about “racial profiling” in the West!!!!Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    I did not find “ANYTHING” objectionable while lwatching the movie. All events leading up to the movie can be verified by anyone who has an eye on the seucrity situation of the country. Of course the night-vision bit in the compound cannot be verified at this point. That sad, it i s a movie with a story line so there will be some bits here and there ….. If Pakistani’s like the author are really offended by it, why have they failed to make a Pakistani version of the events to present our side of the story ??? Who’s stopping you …, in the words of Gilani ?

    It is a common trait to whine about how others perceive you. At a time when these guys are glorifying their criminals using hollywood, we simply don’t have the ability to produce a decent movie without some b**t shaking dance scenes in it. Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    “in what way is Islam superior to Jainism or Sikhism?”

    You did not seem to properly read my previous comments. I already answered this question of yours. Islam is the only religion which teaches humans to worship only God without associating any partners or intermediaries It is a direct relationship between God and Humanbeings.

    Other religions use intermediaries ie idols, graves, gurus, etc and worship those intermediaries rather than worshipping God.

    Mods please let in the whole comment in the spirit of free speech and debate, nothing offensive about it. some of my previous comments were edited!Recommend

  • Naz

    @muhammad blal:

    Islam spreads not because peoel convert… it spreads coz.. many peopel bred liek hell… 4 wives and each one getting 2-3 image what a big growht in a decade for a family… so invariabley they remain in poverty and go to poor education schools and madarassahs wherre they hear the literal translations…. they dont apply their mind .. no IJTEHAD in the salafi schools….Recommend

  • Paki

    Your comments just go to show the level of your perception which basically sums up the main problem with the west. The problem with your country is that it cannot stay within its borders. You go to other peoples home. You bomb them. You burn them. You torture them. And when they retaliate you don’t consider for a second that you may be responsible for your own misery. For all the “well-rounded” folks in your universities and schools who claim to be so “knowledgeable” and make claims such as Islamists do not like your freedoms as George W Bush had so nicely put it…
    “People in our country wonder why, why would somebody hate America. It’s because we love freedom, that’s why. ”
    USA has forces stationed in over fifty countries. If you are so worried about your borders then why don’t you just station your forces around your borders before you claim that Islamic fundamentalists had no reason to be agitated by the West?
    The only thing that stereotypes in your country does is to create new fundamentalists. You don’t understand the nature of these fundamentalists. You leave them alone. They will leave you alone. Violence doesn’t solve anything. I want peace just as much as the next guy, but the methods of US are highly flawed. Taliban is not a country. It’s not an army. It’s an ideology. The only weapon that can attack such an ideology is education and understanding. Conflict between Islam and the West didn’t start after 9/11. It has existed for centuries. If violence hasn’t been able to solve this issue in such a long time, then perhaps it’s time we try other methods. USA is not going to solve anything by hating or bombing Muslims or Pakistanis for that matter. It needs to win their hearts. Secondly how would you like it if a fundamentalist commented on your race in the same manner? not everyone is the same, and the problem with this movie is that it has reversed the works of so many individuals who had been working hard since last decade to resolve these stereotypes in the west and as well as in the east through programs like Soliya and other cultural exchange programs. What you claim about all terrorists’ attacks being done by Muslims is completely false. One search on Google will provide you with factual information to the contrary so I am not going to waste my time on this but what is a terrorist attack or a terrorist for that matter? These are just labels which individuals or groups use at their will and without discretion. Would you consider the attack by Raymond Davis on two teenagers in Pakistan a terrorist attack? I doubt it but if a Muslim attack two random Americans in the same manner on the streets of New York, he wouldn’t fall short of being called a terrorist. Do you think that if the person who was responsible for the 2012 aurora massacre would be called short of a terrorist if he was Muslim? I highly doubt it but since he wasn’t Muslim, he was termed just as mentally unstable.
    American populace needs to understand that the labels and perceptions used by your media including Hollywood go a long way in changing the perception of the general population and creating hatred which is then used to fuel wars. The current conflicts should bring no less shame then the Vietnam War to the US. The only difference is that the current conflicts were fueled by the 25 terrorists who did the 9/11 attacks who were supported by maybe hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. This figure seems like a really large number but its small compared to the over 2 Billion Muslims around the world. By stereotyping you are only creating new enemies instead of allying with as many as you can.Recommend

  • Paki

    we agree that Pakistan has a lot of political cleansing to do. The real difference between these two statements is that Americans dont realize their prob themselves. Americans arent innately dumb, just blindfolded!Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Sudheer –

    I am going to ignore idiots from both sides of the border. Henceforth, do not expect replies from me to any comment you write. :)Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @I am a Khan:

    one thing which differentiates Islam from other religions is that Islam is the only religion which teaches humans to worship only God without associating any partners or intermediaries

    So does christianity, Judaism and Shikhism. So, I am still waiting for you to explain why Islam is a superior religion.Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Just to set the record straight – I’ve said the exact same thing in my earlier comments. Ofcourse, one has to have a brain to comprehend sentences. :) Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    “So does christianity, Judaism and Shikhism. So, I am still waiting for you to explain why Islam is a superior religion.”

    Nah – Christianity believes in Jesus as God (A Human God) and worships jesus, Sikhism believes in Gurus as divine humans and worships gurus and their graves. Judasim believes in the one true God without any form, just as Islam does. But all the holy scriptures of Judaism were destoyed when the temple of solomon was taken by ancient empires BC. today judaism relies on the old testatment (part of the christian scripture), and oral traditions from humans.

    Islam is the only religion that teaches worshipping God alone without attributing any shape or human form to God nor associating any intermediaries like idols, etc. The final scripture from God (Quran) is intact to date. Moreover none of the scriptures of other religions claim to be directly from God. They accept that they have been written by Men. The Quran is the only religious scriptures that says it has directly come from God. Hence you could say it is superior to the others.

    Dear Mods- many of my comments are not going through. This comment is purely academic and a healthy debate with Yuri, so should not be held back.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Yuri Kondratyuk

    The religions you mention attribute a human image to God. God in Human form or Humans with a divine spirit. The moment you can compare God to any form or shape, then that is not a real God. God is beyond all imaginations. Also they themselves agree that their scriptures have been written by men to explain God and are not directly from God. Some religions even agree that their original scriptures were destroyed when the temple of solomon was taken by ancient empires in BC.

    Islam does not give any shape or form to God as God is beyond all imagination. Also the Quran is the only religious scripture which says that it is directly from God and every verse is God’s word. Hence making Islam ‘superior’ in that it is divine and NOT human tampered. Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    I cannot understand why comments are not getting published. This is the fourth comment I am posting and I am running out of patience now with the mods.

    answering your comment. Islam is the only religion which teaches to worship God without attributing any shape or image or form to God. Because the moment you can compare God to any humanbeing, object, etc, then that is not God. The other religions you mentioned all give God some form- either a human form, etc. Also, they never claim that their scriptures are directly from God. They accept that they have been written by Men. some also accept that the original scriptures were destroyed eg when the temple of solomon was destroyed.

    The Quran is the only religious scripture which says it is directly from God with nothing tampered by humans. Hence it becomes divine and superior. Recommend

  • Sudheer

    You are flying too high in the space lady, come back to earth. What makes you think of your replies being so precious others? Not to me, at least. By the way, you replied twice to my single post addressed to you! I can fire back at your stupid little rant, but, that would be futile as you are on the higher ground (Mods).
    My reply to I am khan was not published, but, I have no problem with that. I can only hope that moderators would muster enough moral courage to publish this, at least, as I have a right to reply to the lady above.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    This is the 5th time I am replying to you, but my posts are just not coming through. I am only replying to let you know that I did not run away from your question. I gave detailed responses which were not published.

    Islam is the only religion which does not attribute any human or object form to God. because if you can attribute a human or object shape or form to God, then this cannot be the real God. The real true God is beyond imagination. Also among all the religious scriptures, only the Glorious Quran says it is directly from God with no human tampering.

    Hope this 5th comment is published. Good Bye. Recommend

  • Nandita.


    I never said my reply is precious. I just said I don’t like interacting with a certain breed of people.
    Yes, I replied twice because sometimes it’s good to give back as good as you get it from others.Recommend

  • Critical

    Hi Mods,I dont know why u’re refusing to publish my comment.I dont think I’ve crossed any limits in my comment because I only mention about God.I never made any comment on your Prophet.I dont think I made anything which is remotely even blasphemous as I’m not making any accusation,but a few mere musings which I want to get clarified.I’m trying one more time. “@I am a Khan” has made a statement and I’ve few doubts in that and I want to be civil about my discussion..

    Below is my original comment..

    @I am a Khan:
    I dont know how much well versed you’re in Islam…But I’ve asked this same question to many people who claimed Islam is the only true religion but I’ve never got any proper reply from them??

    If Islam has no compulsion in religion and anyone can convert to Islam.Why there is a Death penalty for Apostacy??? If by your logic,if an apostate will be punished by Allah for leaving Islam,why are you,acting what Allah is supposed to do??
    If Quran is the word of God,and suppose I’m going to hell for not believing it…I can understand that I know about Islam,but still I refused to go to the “true path”…But what about my forefathers who lived before 7th century AD. Will Allah punish them for not folowing a religion which wasnt started yet??
    Within a century of foundation of Islam,your Ghazi warriors conquered every known piece of land to spread Islam…But why Allah never sent anyone to South American Mayans,Aztecs,North American Natives,Eskimos,Australian aboriginals??? Why was Allah intent on keeping them dark about his final word for several centuries??
    Even after 1400 years,none of the religions have a firm foothold on earth..Each of them have their own share,Why does Allah play with humanity by allowing False religions to flourish???
    One person said me I was not a muslim by birth,because I’m being tested by Allah..Why did Allah test me alone,not you?? Why Allah shows more leniency towards you,but made me born in a non-muslim family and taught a wrong religion

    BTW,Even if I was born in a muslim family,it wouldnt have stopped me from being an atheistRecommend

  • Parvez

    @gp65: My apologies madam for using the word idiot, I do admit its a bit strong so I leave it to you to chose a more suitable word…………….but the substance remains. The fun part is that I just quoted what a die-hard American told me some years ago in Boston.Recommend

  • MIK

    Its for all those who have started believing that religious extremism is the main reason for terrorist acts. The frontmen who are used in suicidal attacks and other killings of harmless and innocent people are from the poor and deprived lot, not like us who have access to expansive mobiles and computers etc. the lobbies working behind these unaware, illiterate and poor people are unknown and remain a mystery. Whether US presence in Afghanistan is for supply routes or for countering China, as debated by anti US forces, will still take few more decades to be known. We should only know that by attacking and destroying poor and developing countries like Afghanistan and killing innocent civilians in Pakistan as collateral damage will creat conditions favourable for producing more volunteers (poor and grieved) people in these countries. The hateful speeches against other’s religion and countries are not a solution to the problem. Rather supporting the efforts to educate and develop such communities thus providing people with a reason to live is the real solution.
    The master slave kind of relationship which the western countries have been enjoying with poor nations is the main reason for Anti US sentiments. Movies like the one we are discussing here are bad in resolving the real issues but rather fuel the fire. Is the responsibility of educated and blessed people like us to work on discussing the real solutions. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s not far away when this fire will engulf more people and more communities. We’ll not be safe, whether its America, UK or Elsewhere.
    Let me tell all those who criticise Islam or Muslims that I being a Muslim don’t mind if you criticise OBL or any other guy who may be a Muslim but guilty of violating any International or National Law but I would surely not like to listen Criticism against my religion Islam and against my country. Recommend

  • Sudheer

    @I am a Khan
    to @Yuri Kondratyuk, I cannot understand why comments are not getting published. This is the fourth comment I am posting and I am running out of patience now with the mods.
    Look dude, it’s not you who have been subjected to unfair moderating policies of the ET, but, it’s us the non-Muslims on this forum that have been treated unfairly by the Mods. I, and I am sure many other non-Muslims, have the capability and more importantly the required logic to rip your delusions to the shreds, but, this certainly is not a proper forum. If you have the capability to argue with others, then, come to any other more open forums, where you and your ilk would be left with not other option, but, to shut your mouth as you don’t even have an inkling of how shallow you and your stupid misconceptions are.
    My sincere suggestion to you is to study other religious philosophies first, before jumping to the conclusions and resorting to writing degrading comments on them.
    Before I conclude, let me tell you that, by your utter nonsensical attitude at “others” you are terribly defaming your own religion.Recommend

  • haroon


    Why dont other religions get attacked like Islam?
    The simple answer is because it is growing faster than ever and the “west” is wetting itself just thinking about the overhaul this way of life requires (no alcohol, pork, adultery, interest is forbidden….theres more). So in order to deter the masses from this pure way of life, propaganda and labeling is used and Hollywood has been doing it forever. This movie is independent but the argument remains. So ask yourself these questions

    Who did the US really kill in Pakistan?
    Why werent there any photos or evidence shown?
    Why was the body of whoever john doe was “buried” at sea?
    Was OBL responsible for 9/11? (Its been proven it was an inside job, conspiracy oooh)
    Who gives US the right to kill people in Pakistan and elsewhere with drones strikes everyday?
    How the hell did the American public manage to vote Bush to office twice?

    Your solution is “try being better” and if that means to leave the religion or practice it as passively as the rest, then I kindly flip you the bird, bid you a good day, and PRAY for guidance to reach your heart. Yes i said guidance, whether your a muslim or notRecommend

  • haroon

    Hey Komal, this is an awesome piece. Well written, keep it upRecommend

  • Mehdi

    @I am a Khan

    Give respect get respect. Stand up when injustices are being perpetrated against humanity.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Caius Keys: “Islam may be religion of peace,, it’s followers are not”

    Islam is a way of life. Islam is how Muslims live in Muslim countries.
    It is important how followers follow it. Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia. Yemen, Saudi arabia show what followers of Islam live like. All Muslims read Quran. Many pray 5 times and fast during Ramadan.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    My sincere suggestion to you is to study other religious philosophies first, before jumping to the conclusions and resorting to writing degrading comments on them

    Sir, what makes you think that I follow any religion at all?!Recommend

  • Sana Hameed Baba

    I hardly comment, but this is a good analysis.Recommend

  • Sana Hameed Baba

    I wouldn’t use the word “disgusting” however. Sounds dramatic.Recommend

  • I am a Khan


    Just to answer your questions.
    Death for apostacy is only if the apostate person starts out a war against islam, if not then death is not the required punishment, the apostate is punished by God after they naturally die. muslim Countries usually apply the death of apostacy penalty more strictly than prescribed in Islam. They follow the logic that apostacy is tantamount to treason, just as treason against a country is punishable by death penalty.
    Secondly Islam did not start in the 7th Century. The last messenger of God, came in the 7th Century. The prophets before, like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus and Moses all taught the message of Islam, as is mentioned in the Quran. Their message of Islam was distorted by their people later on and hence the various man made religions were formed. Islam means peace acquired by submitting to the will of God. It requires worshipping only and only God, without attributing any partners, associates, intermediaries or images to God. God allows other religions to continue because God has given humans a mind and the power to reason and accept God’s sent religion (Islam). If they continue with their other religions despite hearing the message of Islam , then God allows them to continue and decides their fate on the day of judgement. Hope it answers your question. You can also refer to the videos of Dr Zakir Naik, for a better understanding. Good Bye.

    Hope the mods allow this comment, there is nothing offensive about it.Recommend

  • doent matter
  • Syed Muhammad Ali

    Syed Muhammad Ali
    I do appreciate your analysis regarding the movie which is in fact very true. Recommend

  • Yasmin

    A very well written and interesting take on the film. I am currently writing an essay on Hollywood’s portrayal of the Middle East in film in conjunction with the writings of Edward Said (which if you haven’t read are great). This extreme representation of the Islamic faith that the West is subjected to without exception is extremely damaging to cultural relations. Whilst there are a minority of extremist muslims, they remain the minority and Hollywood’s distorted portrayal of Islam does not reflect this. There are no portrayals within Hollywood of normal families in the Middle East, or in the case of war films, those innocents whose lives have been torn apart by war and occupation. Recommend