The love that never was

Published: February 9, 2013

When the sun faded and darkness fell,

The only light I found was within my heart,


Illuminating the gloomy paths at night,

As I searched for you like a hopeless manic,


Like an aimless traveler on a forgotten road,

Like a lost sailor on a familiar shore,


I searched for you like a rose in a desert,

I searched for you like air under water,


I found you hidden behind your veil,

And there was enough light to last a life time,


Emptiness of the deserts turned to fields of green,

Unforgiving winds surrendered to a gentle breeze,


Months of solitude turned into days of joy,

Years of desolation into a promise of love,


I found myself again


But who would have thought the years of search,

would leave me so blinded,


How could I forget my passion is but my own,

And love is but a struggle of one heart,


It’s sweet pitch is music to the ears,

It’s call the divine truth from above,


You were in my heart all along,

Naïve was I to think I will be in yours.


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Said Chaudhry

A doctor and cricket fanatic who blogs at and tweets @saidation

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