Mr Jamshed, please don’t preach

Published: February 2, 2013

One thing is true, Junaid Jamshed did leave me speechless!

I grew up listening to Junaid Jamshed songs, from when he was in Vital Signs, to the time he went solo.

Yes, I was one of the big fans. Most of us were shocked to see him take a 180 degree turn when he suddenly stopped making music, but with time we accepted it.

It was only recently that I heard him talk about his beliefs in a morning talk show – and felt no appreciation for my favourite artist. While going through TV channels at night to watch something interesting, I came across a channel showing a rerun of a morning show with Junaid Jamshed on it.

The female host had her head covered in a full hijab this time. I have no idea what he had said to her before the show, but when I tuned in, I heard this,

“If you want to live a happy life, don’t teach your wife how to drive a car or a motorcycle.”

Now I don’t consider myself a feminist, but this drove me up the wall. What about basic rights? Why should a woman in this day, age and country not be allowed to drive a car? Why does she have to stay home?

The host asked what a woman was supposed to do in a case where she had no husband? Mr Jamshed said that he didn’t want to answer questions based on hypothetical situations.

Later, he was heard saying that if such a thing did happen, God will help her.

One could easily figure out that the host didn’t know what to say, and by this time I had changed the channel.

What disturbs me the most is that this was a man who people used to idolise; many people, thus, were and still are influenced by him.

Can you even imagine how many husbands and brothers will not be telling their wives and daughters that they cannot drive?

Knowing our impressionable and fanatical society, my guess is that many have taken heed and we are on the road to becoming even more backward than we already were – scary thoughts, I know, but true nonetheless.

Being a working female who doesn’t know how to drive (by choice, and laziness, certainly not by force). I thought to myself: if my husband or father stopped me from driving or going out with friends, or working, I won’t know what to do with my life.

Is a woman only born to take care of a house, her husband and children? I’m not sure if these ideas have anything to do with religion, or as a result of a certain mindset which has nothing to do with religion or ones mentality.

One thing is true, Junaid Jamshed did leave me speechless.


Ayesha Mir

A photographer at The Express Tribune Ayesha.mir (AT)

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