Will Afghanistan see civil war after the US exits?

Published: January 29, 2013

Will all the reconciliations and negotiations still be held when US troops finally leave Afghanistan after a decade of fighting? PHOTO: REUTERS

Recently, the two final term presidents Obama and Karzai, met at the White House to discuss the US-led NATO force withdrawal and future cooperation between the two countries.

President Obama has made it clear that the Afghans will have full responsibility of their country’s security by spring and that the war will come to a responsible end by 2014.

While the US certainly wants to speed up troop withdrawal, some analysts and Afghan politicians have shown apprehension at such a prospect. This is due to their fear that a sudden troop withdrawal might trigger a government collapse, which the Taliban could exploit to return to power-prompting civil war.

In order to avert this possible crisis, the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan are going head over heels to appease the Afghan Taliban. While the US has allowed the Taliban to operate an ‘embassy’ of sorts in Qatar, Pakistan has vowed to release all Afghan Taliban prisoners; notable among them is Mullah Baradar, the co-founder of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. This has been seen as a statement that Pakistan supports the Afghan peace and reconciliation process. It is playing its part in trying to avoid another bloodbath in Afghanistan.

It is evident from the actions of the US that it wants to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, because the war has grown unpopular in both the public sphere and in the congress, hence the sped up reconciliation process.

However, will all the reconciliations and negotiations still be held when US troops finally leave Afghanistan after a decade of fighting?

What is the guarantee that the country will not plunge into the civil war that ravaged it when it was tattered after the Soviet withdrawal?

The answer lies within the boardrooms of Tehran, Kabul, Islamabad and Beijing.

An unstable Afghanistan is a threat to all three of its neighbours. Pakistan is a standout example of this situation, where militants constantly flit between the international borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan; wreaking havoc in both the countries.

Iran will also suffer from anti-Shia elements that may seek refuge in an unstable Afghanistan – so will the Chinese, who will have to fend off the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which has close links with the Afghan Taliban.

Admittedly, the Chinese have been quite practical in their approach to the problem and have developed communication channels with the Taliban via the Pakistani military. China also plans to invest in mining and drilling activities in the future.

Nevertheless, the Pakistani establishment and the army, per se, will play the most critical role in the Afghan rehabilitation process by establishing dialogue between the warring factions.

Since it is common knowledge that dialogue holds a considerable amount of influence over the Afghan Taliban, it is very important that it avoids playing dangerous power games of the 90s.

It is very important for all the stakeholders to realise that without the existence of a proper political structure in Afghanistan, the situation will always be volatile. It must be noted that in order to create some semblance of peace, it is imperative for both the northern alliance and the Taliban to enter into negotiations, otherwise the region will again plunge into civil war. This time it’ll be a civil war with the added zest of a dozen or so fundamentalist groups that have sprung up in the Afghan badlands.

Civil war in Afghanistan would have a detrimental effect on the already battered security of Pakistan and allow al Qaeda to properly re-establish itself in Afghanistan.

The US has to get out of Afghanistan but it should only be allowed to do so after it has tidied up the mess it created. It has to make sure that the next Afghan elections will be safe and it must work in coordination with the regional powers to reduce hostilities during that time.

The transition that Mr Obama is talking about should not merely be transition of power and combat roles, but also a transition of institutions.

Perhaps now Afghanistan needs political and economic support of its neighbours and allies more than ever to get back up onto its feet after three decades of war.

Like Charlie Wilson (played by Tom Hanks in the movie Charlie Wilson’s War) says:

“These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world …and then we screwed up the endgame.”

Please do not ruin the endgame.

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A student of Information Systems Management at Latrobe University, Melbourne. He tweets @Einsjam (twitter.com/Einsjam)

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  • ayesha azeem

    Civil war or World war..Let’s just mind our own business..We don’t care what happens in Afghanistan or somewhere else,We already have had a lot because of Afghanistan,thousands of Pakistani civilians killed,so many Afghan refugees in our country,.Enough is Enough..Recommend

  • caractacus burke

    Succint and insightful analysis of afghan situation. These two years are going to prove critical not just for afghanistan but for the whole region. Heres to hopong that my afghan brothers see the light of peace and harmony that is really difficult to come by.Recommend

  • Hunz The BUnz

    @ayesha azeem : minding our own business and shutting up ourselves like the Japanese before 1870’s ..isolationist policies are never the winning policies. Whatsmore, what happens in afghanistan is our concern becuase it might have escaped your observation that terrorists come from afghanistan as well. Peace in afghanistan will help on establishing peace in Pakistan as well.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Well researched blog. The future of afghanistan looks brim.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    While I agree with the thrust of the article, I do take exception to this line. The US has to get out of Afghanistan but it should only be allowed to do so after it has tidied up the mess it created. The mess has been created by Pakistan – you can blame the US for funding the mujahideen against the Soviet Union, but the disintegration of Afghanistan into the civil war post-1992 was completely Pakistan’s doing, first by supporting Hekmatyar against the govt (ironically set up after the Peshawar accord), and then later the Taliban. Now the US is going to pull out from Afghanistan, and the onus is once again on Pakistan to figure out what exactly it plans to do in the vacuum that ensues. You can plunge Afghanistan into another couple of decades of low-intensity conflict in the South and East (and taste its poison fruit), or turn over a new leaf and build credibility with Karzai’s successor, and through this, with the international community which will continue to watch Afghanistan closely. Either ways, the Taliban will never be allowed to take Kabul, so no mischief can return Pakistan to its pole position as sole arbiter of Afghanistan’s fate.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    Article was alright, until I read this illustrious line.

    “The US has to get out of Afghanistan but it should only be allowed to do so after it has tidied up the mess it created.”

    What mess exactly, could someone elucidate?

    There are certain Predictions and Certainties with regard to Afghanistan.

    One certainty is this: Pakistan will suffer.

    If Taliban come to power or even control a large chunk of Territory, two things will happen.
    1) NATO will blame Pakistan and isolate it. Even sanction it.

    The first point might happen, but the second surely will.

    More about Afghanistan from me here:


  • Hasan

    The whole purpose of anoop’s comment was to market his blog. Very smart since ur using another blog to advertise ur own free of charge. E.T should look into this.Recommend

  • Safaid Khan

    The indians should first learn rules of hospitality regarding overseas women players and then talk about more complex subjects like af-pak situationRecommend

  • peter parker

    Usa created a mess in afghanistan by foisting corrupt afghan govt on peope. The pashtuns in afghanistan welcome taliban becuase of that factor. And not to mention many bombings and sending innocent people to guantanamo bay. Afghanistan is america’s veitnamRecommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    Ha! I am a capitalist, at heart.. :)

    More of a case of rubbing it in, more than anything else, really..

    Being right in most of the things also helps.

    And, ET has blatantly censored by second point where I mention how the Taliban ideology will strengthen in Pakistan. I don’t know how that would breach the code of conduct. All columnists, who write in ET, are of the same opinion.Recommend

  • inzamam

    If americans hadnt conducted civilian massacres and supporting corrupt karzai govt, afghani people would have dealt with talibs themselves.Recommend

  • Nasir

    If Pashtuns I mean Pashto Speaking population were given their due share in the government and also appointments on key positions than there will be less chances of civil war otherwise I am seeing a very bloody civil war. Please be informed that Pashtuns are 80% of the total population of AfghanistanRecommend

  • Saladin

    The mess was created by USA, when massacres of innocent women and children like the one in Panjwai happen, then why would anyone not believe that afghan taliban would not be welcomed by the locals. Taliban dont fall from the sky, they are recruited from the same households that have been inundated by american atrocities in the name of freedom.Recommend

  • anwar

    Must say, an excellent blog. really impressed by the amount of reference links provided. Smart stuff.Recommend

  • Ali Arif

    Agreed with Mr. Nasir. the government is made up of minorties with a smattering of pashtun reps ( including the president himself) .

    Agree with the author that unless taliban and northern alliance agree on something, afghanistan will once again relapse into civil war and more burden will be placed on Pakistan regarding refugee influx.Recommend

  • One Waris

    capital blog !Recommend

  • Jani

    Afghanistan should be partitioned into small states, each belonging to a different ethnicity.Recommend

  • Decent Muslim


    I dont know why indian trolls are allowed to comment on Pakistani websites. anoop first ask your government to show some respect to women players and stop the alarming rates of rape in your country. then talk about Taliban ideologies.Recommend

  • Anti FSA

    USSR invaded Afghanistan and broke down. Americans invaded Afghanistan and suffered economic collapse. Karma hitting back ?Recommend

  • Apple A Day

    very interesting blog. 100% agreed with the writer. Afghanistan needs our support. Say no to War !Recommend

  • http://www.downloadaudiosongs.com ainne

    I think both Afghanistan and Pakistan have a bright future, Both the countries are facing similar problems. If we work together,surely going to overcome these problems. Its going to be peaceful.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    @Anti FSA:
    USSR invaded Afghanistan and broke down. Americans invaded Afghanistan and suffered economic collapse. Karma hitting back ?
    Yep. And you forgot to mention Pakistan which is also staring down the barrel – same karma at work here.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    should you be even asking this question ? is there any confusion here ? just see the hunger games start as the world policeman leaves the area ….Recommend

  • Nauman Khalid

    @BlackJack : having a good gloat over the misery of Pakistani civilians? perhaps thats why too afraid ( possibly ashamed) to show your real name. Pakistan has a bright future, its india that has to worry about its redundant economic policies and rising rape cases.Recommend

  • Umair Moin

    Taliban have repeatedly said that they do not have any expansionist and jihadist designs outside Afghanistan. Sooner the world learns to leave Afghanistan to its own devices, the better.Recommend

  • Alvi

    very informative article. it belongs in the op-ed section not here in the blogs section. Editors, please take note.

    Road to lasting peace in Afghanistan lies in the halls of ISI. when ISI wants Afghanistan to be at peace,it shall be so.Recommend

  • Sheeda Matyar

    everyone should read the article published in Guardian news paper by an ex-iraq war veteran, it will open the eyes of anyone supporting the illegal invasion of iraq and afghanistan http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/mar/13/systemic-atrocity-afghanistan-occupationRecommend

  • Prince Faizan

    “The transition that Mr Obama is talking about should not merely be transition of power and combat roles, but also a transition of institutions.”

    Excellent line written by the author. Policy makers should think on these lines.Recommend

  • Salma

    typical america…invading in a hurry and leaving in a hurry. Civil war is coming soon.Recommend

  • Kami

    truth is that taliban couldnt have enjoyed such resurgence if they werent supported by the local pashtun populace.Recommend

  • http://www.submaza.com Sana Zahra

    They Always speak about Al-qaeda some one go ask the americans why you trained them in Afghan war! Recommend

  • Mrs. Zaheer

    not a civil war again. ! please. enough muslim brothers have died.Recommend

  • Del Taco

    Yes sir, afganistan will see civil war as soon as USA exits.Recommend

  • Rashid Mortar

    fantastic write up. do write moreRecommend

  • Genius

    Obama is moving from out right war to a shadowy war that he’s now playing in middleeast. needless to say it is very very dangerous and far more deadly than a full scale warRecommend

  • Faizan

    Next target for USA is iran. just like before tsunami waves recede, in the same way israel and america are pulling back and will return to full force, before their own respective elections so as to swing the public sentiment towards them.Recommend

  • Behtareen Gujar

    i loved the clarity and the neutral tone of article. full marks.Recommend

  • Sadia Jamal

    I will be quoting this article in my assignment.Recommend

  • Lakhoo

    usa should exit the continent of asia.Recommend

  • Declan

    The ball is in Pakistan’s court now.Recommend

  • Samad of the Sea

    collapse of USA imminent ? when USSR ran away from Afghanistan it disintegrated, and now southern US states are vying for secession…coincidence? I think not.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    @Decent Muslim:

    At least we get angry, protest for a week, storm the strongholds of Delhi demanding a change and arrest the culprits and let law take its course.

    Malala was shot weeks ago. No protests, nothing changed, nobody is arrested, nobody is even talking about it now.

    Talk about women empowerment.

    Bad people exists every where, same in India. But, India cares, its laws and justice system is strong and people who committed the crime are behind bars, who will probably get death.

    Do you really think anyone will get arrested for the Malala attack? If they get arrested, the courts will sentence them or will let them go for the lack of evidence? Name a single Terrorist who was successfully tried and convicted. Pakistan is a banana republic.. India is not.Recommend

  • Umar

    There is no doubt that an civil war will be thrown out after US leave Afghanistan. TTP wil help their neighbor afghan taliban. But the most interesting thing is will taliban be able to take the whole control over Afghanistan? And after they come to the power what will happens to Pakistan? How will the ISI react and the army? Is our army crowd or are they brave? Karachi is burning because of militants, mafia members and taliban members and still is the pak army not reacthing. I can conclude since our politicians have taked the control over PAKISTAN our country is destroyed!!!!!. . . . . . We need a responsible government in pakistan and I can not see any responcible government expect PTI.Recommend

  • Saadia

    @Anoop : We are a tolerant democratic republic. Proof ? we are allowing your abusive trollish and intolerant comments in here. Try respecting women by finding better accommodation for your Pakistani women guests. Talk About Respect for Women !Recommend

  • Fasih

    @Anoop : trollRecommend

  • Usman

    Very informative blog. thanks for sharing your analysisRecommend

  • Admiral Bird

    pathetic comments by my indian country men. I am ashamed and I apologize. Afghanistan needs our help. both economic and social. there cant be any peace without dialogue.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    At least we don’t try to attack and kidnap our guests(Like Taliban tried to kidnap the whole Sri Lankan team).

    India gets millions of visitors a day! Even Kashmir gets more visitors in Pakistan. And, you have the gall to talk about who is a good host or not.

    Try finding the people who attacked the Sri Lankan team.. Poor chaps, they came to play cricket, had to be flown out in a helicopter, without even carrying their luggages and cricket gears. If lady luck was not with them, they would have been beheaded by the Taliban by now, one by one, like the 21 Pakistani soldiers were last month(which too barely caused a ripple in Pakistan). Recommend

  • Paki Pak

    taliban will enter kabul again and the afghan national forces will dissolve at the mere thought of finding themselves face to face with taliban without an apache to protect them…..so exactly what objectives did usa achieve in a decade long war?Recommend

  • Khawar

    well written and engaging article. kudos to the writer and E.TRecommend

  • observer


    Talk About Respect for Women !

    And implement Hudood Laws? Or just blow up schools?Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    @Paki Pak:
    Nothing other than destabilising the region and taking over the control of current civilian and military Pakistan Govt.! More detailed comments have been suppressed by ET.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rex Minor

    Appease or war is the answer to your good questions!

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rex Minor


    Karzai is a Pashtun leader and a good Pashtun. The Talibs are also Pashtuns an have nothing against Pashtuns.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • Rex Minor


    Iran is at war with the USA and Israel! The cyber war which is the 21st century war, no more foot prints on the holy lands of muslim Nations, thanks to the Talibans, USA marines and seals were routed on ground war in Afghanistan.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rex Minor


    Rest assure, the Pashtuns have and wil control the destiny of the people of Afghanistan!

    Rex minorRecommend

  • careaLL

    War is the only skill Afghans are left with.Recommend

  • Saadia

    @observer : if you want to play tit for tat game then do it. I will stand on my point that Indians should sort out their growing rape problem. they should mind their own business.Recommend

  • Lawn Season

    writer quotes Charlie Wilson’s war …nice taste misterRecommend

  • Sad Saki

    A must read articleRecommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    “Indians should sort out their growing rape problem. they should mind their own business.”

    So Pakistan will mind its own business till its sorts out its Terrorist problem, which is much graver than all the problems facing India combined?

    Same principle really.. Recommend

  • Waqqas

    American invasions remind me of locust attacks on crops. they come destroy and go away.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    well said, the pandora box has opened up. It is like a cancer and poor observer cannot do anything against it. Sexism is not unique in Inia, we experience it in west as well when Men want to express their macho power over women, but what is happening in India is Hate, which started from Sati.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • Zalmai


    “If Pashtuns I mean Pashto Speaking population were given their due share in the government and also appointments on key positions than there will be less chances of civil war otherwise I am seeing a very bloody civil war. Please be informed that Pashtuns are 80% of the total population of Afghanistan”

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Pashtuns make up roughly 45% of the population in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a nation of minorities and the non Pashtun ethnic groups together outnumber the Pashtuns.

    The current government is dominated by Pashtuns but they are not the Pashtuns that Pakistan favors. Pakistan would like to see Gulbudin Hekmatyar, Haqqani or Mullah Omar as the power brokers in Afghanistan but that dream will never see the light of day in Afghanistan because Afghans across the board reject Pakistani stooges with their obscurantist ideologies. The Afghan ethos abhors Punjabis and their servants and the zeitgeist prevailing in Afghanistan is a testament to this narrative.

    I am a Pashtun from Kandahar and I think I know more about Afghanistan than some Pakistani parroting the state narrative of Pakistan.

    By the way, the Afghan national anthem is in Pashto not in Farsi/Dari and the national dance is the Atan, which is a Pashtun traditional dance. Recommend

  • Zalmai


    “Afghanistan should be partitioned into small states, each belonging to a different ethnicity.”

    The same should happen in Pakistan. Pashtuns and Baloch should get their own states and the rest of the Indians i.e. Punjabis, Sindhis and Mohajirs i.e. Indians can have the rest of the country and peace shall prevail. Recommend

  • Hasan Mehmood

    Even the most dim witted person can say with certainty that the only result possible will be no holds barred civil war with winner takes all. Taliban don’t believe in the slightest modification of their world view or coexisting with other parties (even the Islamic ones).

    I dont think any deep insight or intellectual analysis is required to see that. I therefore consider all comments superfluous.Recommend

  • Hormuz

    iran fully suports peace in afghanistan. iran never had much trouble with afghanistan as much as Pakistan has had with it.Recommend

  • Hydaspes

    intelligent analysis. neutral and unbiased. i am really impressed. you dont find articles like these in blog sections often.Recommend

  • Luknow Kid

    as an indian i feel that India and Pakistan should together to achieve peace in afghanistan. the issue in afghanistan is never going to be solved unless locals are put in charge rather than imported presidents.
    agreed with the writer. Yes to Economic help. No to foreign intervention.Recommend

  • Ayesha Alam

    The region will never remain in peace.Recommend

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim

    to those who are saying that Pakistan should be divided into separate parts, ..come …try it…empty talk…keyboard trolls.Recommend

  • Siddiqi

    i fully support afghan peace process. afghans should sit back and think, where is this country going towardsRecommend

  • namsu

    very well researched and contexted blog.Recommend

  • Pharoah

    @Hasan Mehmood : alright we know you are genius and all , so kindly cut the bragging please.

    @Zalmai : racism against punjabis? wasn’t that a give away that you are somewhere from Pakistan. Afghans dont have any thing to do with punjabis. spreading misinformation eh?Recommend

  • Jiala

    agree with the writer. solution lies in economic support and dialogue, not warRecommend

  • Prashant

    there is a us report that USA is planning to conduct surgical strikes on iran by Spring. perhaps USA is turning its attention towards Iran now.Recommend

  • Saadia

    @Anoop : i understand anoop that you are trying hard market your blog. Trolling doesnt really help in marketing ok. Indians should really be banned from Pakistani websites for abusive and uninformed behevior. E.T is a sincere request.Recommend

  • Hasan Mehmood


    @Hasan Mehmood : alright we know you are genius and all , so kindly cut the bragging please.

    I dont get you. Who is bragging? All I mean is that even a dim witted person like me without a deep analytical mind or a complex thought process can see what’s coming. Instead of replying to my lay man’s simplistic perspective you chose to be sarcastic. I rest my case.Recommend

  • Durrani

    @Hasan Mehmood: how can u be so sure there is going to be a confirmed civil war . Recommend

  • Qwarty

    to the point no nonsense blog. loved itRecommend

  • Rizwan

    yes Afghanistan will see another civil warRecommend

  • Super Man

    trust me when i say, they are going to mess up the end gameRecommend

  • observer

    @Muhammad Bin Qasim:

    to those who are saying that Pakistan should be divided into separate parts, ..come …try it…empty talk…keyboard trolls.

    It seems no one told you. It happened 41 years ago. Recommend

  • observer

    @Muhammad Bin Qasim:

    to those who are saying that Pakistan should be divided into separate parts, ..come …try it…empty talk…keyboard trolls.

    Lo! Seems no one told you. It happened 41 years ago.Recommend

  • sallu bhai

    why is china so much interested in Afghanistan ?Recommend

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim

    @Observer : Bengladesh was never a proper part of Pakistan…it was illogical to even assume that with a distance of 1000’s of kilometers one would keep a far off piece of country together. so your statement and all future resulting statements are henceforth invalid.Recommend

  • Diddly poo

    I’ve never come across a non Pakistani so invested in what happens here or who seems to be such an expert on what happens. It’s almost flattering. Strange obsession.
    I can’t imagine any joy in going to Indian websites and worrying about what goes on there. Don’t get me wrong, I wish them well and harbor no useless feelings of animosity, but I’m in no position to care nor comment with an air of arrogance, sick pleasure and know-it-all ‘ness’ about a country I’ve never been to and don’t belong to. Anyhow, carry on. Who am I to stop one from a hobby. Ciao. Recommend

  • Diddly poo

    @Samad of the Sea:
    Southern US states vying for succession is a bloody joke. Idiots like Alex Jones start such ridiculous petitions because in a nutshell, dude doesn’t want anyone to take his guns away. It’s like dealing with a child who wants to keep a hazardous toy. Kid might threaten to run away from home, but push come to shove, it’s not going to happen. Recommend

  • Diddly poo

    Honey I don’t think you followed the news after Malala was shot if you think there were no protests and nothing happened. Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    At least our guys don’t come from Mumbai to Karachi to kill ordinary Pakistanis, we just visit websites on the world wide web.

    Your reaction is not surprising. I am guessing that Sri Lankan team attack comment really got on your nerve. You all use American websites where much work on maintaining them happens in India, like Google, Fb, etc.. But the funny thing is you abuse both America and India and have a problem in us visiting websites.

    Classic case of intolerance. One of the reasons you lost and then butchered your Bengali brothers.Recommend

  • Diddly poo

    Seems there are more Indians concerned with this news than Pakistanis. One can appreciate the comments of substance. Always wonder what a non-Pakistani-Indian-Afghani would think reading this elementary borderline vitriolic nonsense. And to think, these are the educated people from both sides. Go figure, the fight continues.

    More to the point, I shudder to think what comes next for that whole region. There was never really peace there, and I can’t see how 11 years of foreign intervention can change that. It’s a start and I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is another Vietnam for America, but it’s not great shock nor was it unforeseeable 11 years ago that Afghanistan is not an 11 year project. And more to the point, it should’ve been an Afghani project. Afghanis should’ve been in charge of deciding their own fate. The potential ripple affect is something Pakistan nor India can dismiss as unimportant. An intangible border has not kept and cannot keep the ills of one country from spilling into the other. If only it were that simple. Recommend

  • Janjua

    wow, so many indians trolling pakistani websites…why doesnt E.T ban them?Recommend

  • Peera Ho

    loved the neutral attitude of the blog, i have been reading the writer for sometime now , and i think he should also take a stance on issues.Recommend

  • Dave Jones

    troops should not get out of afganistan. the terrorists will not stop attacking us citizens. they need to be annihilated completely. Mr. Obama you should finish the job not leave it half finished.Recommend

  • Fraandship Guy

    so does that mean taliban are going to come to power ?Recommend

  • Abro

    perhaps americans realised that the number of body bags of us soldiers were too muchRecommend

  • Leo Mastan

    sad situation in afghanistan. agree with the author, that afghanistan needs as much help from the comity of nations . enough blood spillage. peace from NepalRecommend

  • Ejaz Abcd

    Death to the WestRecommend

  • Hammad

    the blogger shld also have mentioned that the genocide of afghans that was done under US armed forces. how many wedding functions were bombed becuase the amerciaans thought that taliban were gathering in a group. stupid white folk need to realise that they were just weddings. hate americans !Recommend

  • Bak bak

    mullah baradar is a terrorist! why did pakistan realise him ?Recommend