A ‘movie moment’ in college

Published: January 10, 2013

I realised one thing – not everything they show in the movies is wrong. Or maybe I just got lucky. PHOTO: AFP

Spider-man crashes into glass-walled buildings and comes out the other side, bruise-free. Batman drives into buildings, breaking the main entrance and leaving from the other end again, free of injuries.

In fact, such a feat is the norm in Hollywood, Bollywood and I’m sure Lollywood as well.

Little did I know that one such super-hero feat would also be my fate some day. It all began on a cold morning in 2009, when hundreds of students from the College of Business Management (CBM) in Karachi gathered to get registered for the semester.

It is important to mention here that students of CBM want, and must have, their desired teachers for courses.

Due to limited seats available for each class, they are willing to do just about anything. So like every other student, I too was in the queue. Exhausted by the long wait, I decided to back out and make do with whatever courses I end up with – not realising that once you’re in, there’s no way out.

As the clock hit 10am (most students were on the college premises to register for courses since 6am), people became irritable and started pushing aggressively. Whoever was in front of the “pusher”, ultimately became the pusher by default, to the person ahead of him.

For some reason, I was in the front and near the entrance. My face was stuck to the glass door and I was being pushed frantically. Scared, I tried to get out but couldn’t. My hand was getting squashed on the door handle as I watched my skin peel. I was freaked out and couldn’t move an inch.

Next thing I know, I’m lying on the ground inside the building with pieces of glass all over me and around me. Still in shock as to what had happened, a friend helped me get up. I hadn’t realised what was going on till I saw my friend in tears – I assumed I was bleeding all over, filled with cuts; didn’t know because I couldn’t see myself.

Some guards took me inside and seated me down. I saw a reflection of myself. I was fine. There were cuts, there was blood – but I was fine. I couldn’t stop laughing and crying at the same time.

I realised one thing – not everything they show in the movies is wrong. Or maybe I just got lucky.


Eiman Masroor

A sub-editor for the Life and Style pages at The Express Tribune eiman.masroor(AT)tribune.com.pk

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  • Nida Khan

    Athough I am sorry about what happened to you but the way you have narrated it is hillarious! Spider woman! Keep writing like this and putting a smile on our faces Recommend

  • Ameera

    nice caption to a sad experience :) … Recommend

  • Mehreen Tanveer

    Hahahaha. Trip down memory lane. I still remember the day.
    Everyone was shocked for a second and then we were all like let’s just get done with registeration, will deal with Eiman later. Lol. Stupid us!

    Great job Mano. :)Recommend

  • Laila Dharamsey

    I love it! Especially the way you have drawn the movie analogy, good stuff Eimoo!Recommend

  • Gloria Gomez

    Hahaha…really such fond memories! :P
    Loved the laughing & crying bit at the end..truly captures the madness we had become immune to!Recommend

  • Zainab Haider

    Love the way u have linked the incident to the movie characters of spiderman and batman. All in all, it was one terrible day in history of our university. Never would want to go back.. :pRecommend

  • indian no3

    The things that happen in Pakistan wowRecommend

  • fizza

    first of all, how did the glass not hurt you and second the connection to a “super hero” feat was hilarious!Recommend

  • haris

    Yeah the things that happen in PAKISTAN ! but you should thank god you made it out aliveRecommend

  • ellen m

    This is seriously funny!! how did you evenb make it out alive is wht i wana noe!Recommend

  • Shocked

    Hilarious way to write up such a traumatic experience…love your approach. I guess Karachi is Gotham City after all!Recommend

  • sana

    the standard of this newspaper is going down. This is funny? People die like this and you guys are making it sound like some hilarious incident. Shame !Recommend

  • not interested

    This is quite stupidRecommend

  • a third indian

    @sana: what is so “shame” in this? so what if someone had an experience liek that. things happenRecommend

  • farheen

    I’m sorry but this is pretty fake. And no offense to the writer but you may have gotten lucky this time but lady luck will not always be on your side7. So maybe you should thank your lucky horses instead of making a joke out of it. For your sake I hope you don’t see more things like this happen to you but please learn to be grateful. And this for all those who are busy appreciating this blogRecommend

  • natasha

    haha you probably fell thru the glass cause you were the one pushing everyone….karma!Recommend

  • sasha

    hmmm interesting story but needs improvement on the way its told….too much time was spent building up to climax then when the person fell through what happens afterward is left for the reader to ponder over….ending needs work!Recommend

  • sasha

    @farheen: no ones appreciating the fact that the writer fell through the glass but at least she has the courage to laugh over it!Recommend

  • ali a

    Oh yes I remember this day very clearly. The admin cleaned up the broken glass anm threw everything under the rug within minutes. We heard this happened, some even saw it happen but before they wiped the evidence right away. Such hypocrites! Thinking they care about their students when they don’t!!Recommend

  • sammy_k

    interesting storyRecommend

  • sammy_k

    and not everything they show in movies is wrong? you realize this now? come on!Recommend

  • a third indian

    i wish i saw this happen ! Recommend

  • Saher

    Lol I remember this girl crashing the door. It was so funny. Very well written. Love itRecommend

  • Viva Las Vegas

    This is some stupid stuff man!!!! What a shame to the institute who can’t manage their system. Recommend

  • Mahwish Ammar

    Very interesting! Would love to see this thing with my own eyes ;) Recommend

  • a third indian

    @ mahwash: what would be so interesting to watch in this. seems like a near death experience to meRecommend

  • Friend

    One thing is for sure, the author doesnt want to reflect the desperate approach for getting courses which she was a part of, while hiding under the humorous sarcasm of spiderman trying to protect herself and convince readers that whle being a part of the “passionate” crowd in all forms, she was just different rather indifferent.

    “For some reason, I was in the front and near the entrance”?? That is because you were there just like everyone else, you just dont end up infront of the line. Believe me, ive tried many times, but you have to come really early to be near those glass doors..

    “I decided to back out and make do with whatever courses I end up with – not realising that once you’re in, there’s no way out.” ..lol, Believe me backing out is the easiest rather still maintaining the line..and everyone would have been glad that their is less one registration form in front of them paving way for you to step out..But you chose to stick to the line..

    Soo if you have convinced yourself that you werent a part of the anxious effort? think again! I am not defending other students or criticizing your personality, but you just got wrong on who you are in real life..!