Honey Singh makes ‘rap’ culture sound like ‘rape’ culture

Published: January 20, 2013

“Girls like to hear Honey Singh because they feel he is speaking as a representative of their boyfriends.” PHOTO: REUTERS

Women are rarely presented as independent and confident human beings, let alone superior to men in rap songs. The women that populate the songs of well known rappers like Eminem, Cam’ron, Snoop Dog and Lil’ Wayne are submissive, dependent and nymphomaniacs.

Their only purpose in life is to be objectified as symbols to satisfy male desire.

An example that is closer to home is that of the rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh. I came across this person when I read about how Indian women had petitioned to get his concert cancelled due to his misogynistic lyrics.

“Girls like to hear Honey Singh because they feel he is speaking as a representative of their boyfriends.”

That’s what one apologist for the rapper’s scheduled Islamabad concert had to say.

I fail to understand this.

Girls like to hear their boyfriends say they would like to beat them up with a shoe after a particularly rough period of indulging in sexual abuse and then urinate on them?

No, some of the more thoughtful of you might say, of course not.

However, there are hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of people out there who think exactly this.

What made them think this way?

It is there rap songs, of course.

While explaining how superbly amazing rap music is, many men (and women) fail to understand how they are promoting a culture that not only tolerates violence against other human beings, but also promotes and condones it!

Most people in Pakistan don’t even know that “Rape Culture” even exists, let alone know what it means or entails. This culture of oppression, a misogynistic attitude and violence against other human beings has become so embedded in the very core of our society that we do not even notice it exists.

A few examples will have to suffice here:

Rape culture is when your sons or daughters tell their friend,

“You’re my b***h” to establish superiority over them.

Rape culture is a culture where young men and women begin to believe that,

“It ain’t love if it ain’t crazy!”

This largely includes fantasies derived from violent sex scenes portrayed in movies and rap song videos.

Rape culture is when people believe that the only way of subduing and forcing a human being to acquiesce is by assaulting them sexually. Ask all the young men who have been sodomised by so-called friends who wanted to ensure their control over them.

So, what’s wrong with Honey Singh?

Pakistani supporters of the singer say there is nothing wrong with listening to his songs because the music is good and that is enough.

What is sad about this statement is the utter ignorance about how a rape culture spreads through songs like these.

When Honey Singh croons about his dark desires to subject a woman to violence because she dared to dump him, he is promoting a culture that believes in acts of vengeance such as acid attacks.

When he raps about beating up his girlfriend, he is encouraging you to think that physical abuse is not such a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s normal.

When he talks about how he will punish his ex for leaving him, thousands of young men and teenagers feel vindicated in avenging their “broken heart” by inflicting violence on their ex-girlfriends.

Keeping in mind the rampant violence against women in Pakistan, the last thing we need is another night filled with teenagers swooning to hate inciting lyrics.

For those who might clamour about the right to free speech, in my opinion, when music incites and celebrates violence against other people, it isn’t music anymore, it is hate speech.

By law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.”

This is exactly what Yo Yo Honey Singh and other rappers do; they incite violence and prejudice against women and this is why song lyrics that display and encourage violence against women are hate speech, not free speech.

Listening to music by these rappers validates them, and provides them with money to keep spewing hate – hate which Pakistan doesn’t need anymore of.

Thus, think twice when you listen to music that may result violence against your mother or sister.

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Rabab Khan

A writer, editor and social media goddess in training, who tweets @RababKhan

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • abhi

    Rightly said. This singer is sick minded.
    We should make sure that we don’t encourage such people.Recommend

  • Turbo Lover

    Down with rap. How about some rock n’ roll and heavy metal instead. Those who say that this is satanic, please tell me how religous are Lady Gaga’s and Justin Beiber’s songs.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    While I have no respect for Honey Singh or particular fondness for rap, this article seeks to foist the responsibility for rape on popular entertainment and culture, which is unfair. Sure, media is but a reflection of society, and such pieces are popular because they resonate with the target audience, which is regrettable – however, in a country with arguably one of the largest porn watching populations, if you really believe that getting rid of this singer or genre can even swing the needle by a millimeter, you are seriously deluding yourself. You need to inculcate respect for women in children and ensure healthy interaction between the sexes at an early age – this is the only way to gradually move away from the ‘rape culture’ being discussed and not by restricting a particular genre of music.Recommend

  • Sohaib Irshad

    Thanks God you havent listened to Nickie Minaj yet! Lol! Recommend

  • http://rababkhan.com Rabab Khan

    BlackJack: I’m not foisting all responsibility for a rape culture on rap music. Misogynistic lyrics are both a part and symptom of the larger problem. Recommend

  • jisleen

    excuse me i don’t think we should criticize people! and post rubbish about them until we don’t know them! public likes him, his songs, his attitude everything so whats the big deal.. at least if you don’t like him don’t try to ruin his career and image as well! everybody has their own point of view and i respect them totally! but speaking unnecessarily is also not good! I don’t think that there is something wrong in his songs it’s the truth, and we should accept it! i have really not heard all of his songs, but many and from my point of view he is a great singer and a composer as well and most importantly a good human being! i respect him, his talent and his passion for music! :) Recommend

  • Corvo

    Couldn’t agree more, Rabab.

    I am not propagating against rap music but this is just sick. Not the first rap song that depicts an all-out attack on women, though.

    Ever since Honey Singh made an appearance, he has made a reputation for himself with such sleezy and lewd worded songs of his.
    A large majority may just put it into the context of good music for listening but it’s phrases like ‘I’ ll make you my bi*ch’ etc. that particularly interest them. Had it been for music only, this small time artist would produce some good lyrics or atleast spare women the indignity.

    Nut cases like these only make me hate the rap culture more, to be honest. In hindsight, the genre of music has actually revolved around the same principles (take Eminem, Akon for instance). I am way better of sticking to country music, I believe.

    As for the article, you just hit the nail on the head.
    Very nicely put, Rabab.
    Way to go.Recommend

  • Sajjad

    To hell with Honey Singh, who cares..everybody listens to the music of their choice. Recommend

  • Saqib

    Really? These are songs. Just enjoy. No body in rural areas have heard of Honey Singh, but surprisingly, ppl are getting abused and raped there on a regular basis. And talking about the ppl in Dehli who were able to get Honey Singh’s concert cancelled, why the hell did they not say anything when Akon had his concert there. Such ppl are just two faced hypocritical idiots.Recommend

  • Hussey

    @TurboLover Better try listening to their songs and compare the lewdness of lyrics with this pathetic song of Honey Singh and you’ll know (if you are willing and able to remain unbiased).

    @BlackJack You do make a good point, BlackJack. However, this does not mean that the civil society closes its eyes to loonies like Honey Singh and not speak against the kind of mindset they are promoting with their pathetic songs.
    Yes, we need to inculcate respect for women in children but small timers like Honey Singh only make matters worse. The responsibility lies on everybody’s shoulders afterall. It’s about time even the music industry realized that. If businesses can operate on CSR, music producers must also bind themselves by ethics somewhere along those lines.

    @RababKhan You spoke my heart out. Excellent piece, that. :)Recommend

  • Nobody

    Crap a* songs, crap a* lyrics. Trying too hard. Someone forgot to tell him he’s not black. Lyrics such as his only indicate his utter lack of creativity and talent. A mentally handicapped person can put together a song with deeper lyrics, or at least less hateful and misogynist. I can appreciate a good tune even if the lyrics suck, but this is a bit extreme. Can’t focus on the music thanks to his crap a** words. And to think, I was once a fan of this drivel some “hip hop artists” barf out. Recommend

  • Fahim

    Say whatever you want about the guy, but his ‘High Heels’ and “Upar Upar in the Air’ are ruling the charts right now!!Recommend

  • Aijaz Haider

    “Girls like to hear their boyfriends say they would like to beat them up with a shoe after a particularly rough period of indulging in sexual abuse and then urinate on them?”
    No girl will like this show of disrespect.
    “Sonia Gandhi, president of India’s ruling Congress party, on Sunday condemned “shameful” social attitudes that led to crimes like the fatal gang-rape of a student in New Delhi.
    “We cannot tolerate shameful social mindsets that lead to unspeakable atrocities on women and children… every woman in the country has the fundamental right to feel safe and secure,” she said.
    Such social attitudes must be discouraged.Recommend

  • Mian Zeshan Arif

    Thumbs up Rabab….what a superb piece you have done!!
    Last year I was downloading some songs on mobile and by name mistake i downloaded one song of honey singh stead of original…That time I came to know who the hell honey singh is..
    How s*** that was and also disgusting for something named ”Music”.I wonder do his mother or sisters listen his songs…

  • Oh Please

    What the Hell did I just read?Recommend

  • http://www.fatinnawaz.blogspot.com/ Fatin

    “Thus, think twice when you listen to music that may result violence against your mother or sister.”
    I agree with most of your article, except for this little part here. Why do we have to establish a connection to men for a woman to be respected? Why does she have to be a “sister” or a “mother” to be respected? Why can’t a woman just be respected because she’s a woman?Recommend

  • Hasan Malik

    The arguments made in this article are pretty bizarre for me. I am pretty sure most of the people even dont know the Punjabi language who are commenting here but still it is a trend to criticize someone and especially if you despise some ethnicity then you find ways and means to demean them at every opportunity available. I listen to Honey Singh and I am a Punjabi speaker and None of the Songs of Honey Singh never ever compelled me to rape someone. Such a hypocricy is shown by our liberals that in our country English rappers are allowed but they have a problem with Punjabi rapper. Even listen to Eminem Songs and his lyrics at times are worse than Honey Singh but you dont stand against Eminem and Other Western rappers because they are Western. Also If some people are so naive then why Not Ban the latest sleazy Novel Fifty Shades of Grey as it is compelling some people to rape if we believe on the argument of the above writer!!!!Recommend

  • iron maidenist

    well, I am not sure about rap music because I was never into it but in case of heavy metal its true when it comes to have a punishing assault on your senses in form of any music than you are up for it.
    but I am a wicked one too and it depends on the way you take things and all and if some one is ready to take the dirt on themselves and think they might gonna kill some one or they are ready for a suicide then you are up for it my friend and there is nothing in the world that can stop that person, but if you are just there to feel some regret about the day you had or you felt like breaking some one in half after a long bad day, they yes that ll be some thing to ease your pain and all so I personally think abusing some one’s choice of music is total crap.Recommend

  • Ali S

    @Turbo Lover:

    Great. Now go lock yourself up in your dark room and practice some wanky Malmsteen licks for hours.Recommend

  • Ali S

    Wow, someone missed the memo. For all intents and purposes, his music is a parody of sexual excess and is in no way a serious representation of how women should be treated. Besides, his music isn’t exactly meant for middle-aged feminists with no sense of humor.Recommend

  • Khaqan J.

    The people who listen to and understand English music are usually not the ones who throw acid on women but, instead those men who do those vile acts are the ones who have been seeing their fathers and father figures use violence against women only to subdue them.Recommend

  • Rahim Cheema

    Miss Rubab Khan your article is only better for apologists who blame others for their wrong doing. I live in Europe and i am from Pakistan. I have a European wife and a child and my Polish wife at times wear skirts along with sleveless shirt as for her it is the way she is brought up so just like if lyrics can provoke you then does this mean that my wife will provoke some Pakistanis to rape her based on clothing as just like if songs can compel you to rape then naive Pakistanis could be compelled to rape by clothing as well.????? The self righteous crowd like you are making our life miserable because apologists from Pakistan do every bad thing imaginable in Europe and then they blame European girls for their wrong doings and that is pretty sick and ignorant behavior shown by my people especially by those people who belong from Upper regions of Pakistan who think they are the most righteous of all Pakistanis.Recommend

  • prakash

    I am surprised that honey singh is listened in pakistan also..i thought he is only India’s headache… Recommend



  • nayan

    Honey singh is no longer composing offensive songs.His offensive songs were released long ago but no action was taken back then.Now that he has gained popluarity,there is a dilemma regarding the rapper.But i think he should be reasonably punished and refrained from composing or performing such songs in future.Recommend

  • Salman

    i have heard the specific song which you have referred to, and just passed by it as a random song. Never ever it occurred to me to believe in it. if you suggest that RAP songs are responsible for all the sexual/non-sexual crimes happening in the world, well, that’s not true. There are many many many cruel people who do not get their influences from these songs. And the people who listen to rap songs are the one who are educated and stable minded (burger class i would say) clearly they are not the violent one. You people are trying to throw blame on wrong direction. Author is just picking things up to prove her nonsensical point. As far as the mentioned song is concerned, it has been there on youtube for last 3 or may be 4 years. but all of the sudden, after the gang rape takes place in india, people realized its wrong, .

    For the author, i would say please write something original, this topic is clearly a hot topic on indian blogs these days. Do not pick up ideas from somewhere else and bring it here, making it your own. Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/BoycottHoneySingh Boycott Honey Singh

    Well done ET! It is indeed crucial to consistently scrutinize and critique aspects of popular culture that pepetuate a culture of misogyny and enable acts of rape. Carry on with such articles!

    Boycott Honey Singh in IslamabadRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Girls like to hear their boyfriends say they would like to beat them up with a shoe after a particularly rough period of indulging in sexual abuse and then urinate on them?

    This particular song definitely sounds funny when you translate the lyrics to English and yes such songs need to be bannedRecommend

  • doom

    I have never listened much to hip-hop. But people like him do inevitably make one think all hip-hoppers and the people who listen to hip-hop have some sort of mental deficiency. They must either be sick in the head, or are the sort of slow-minded people who just listen to the dishk-dishk sounds and can’t spare the brain cells to pay attention to the lyrics.

    It’s not fair but it is what it is.Recommend

  • Manav

    Rabab Khan, you call this journalism? You narrow narrow minded person, so out of touch with reality, unbelievable. Recommend

  • Ali Abbasi

    There is no such thing as “just songs” nor “everybody has their own taste” when it comes to misogynistic works. All of this is put forward as an argument by people either profiting directly from the work or too blind/lazy/deaf to notice the tastelessness. Recommend

  • http://gupp.in Guppy

    Honey Singh is too dirty by his lyrics, he already sung many dirtiest and adult song since beginning. He should better not sing such bad song, this is also the insult of music too. He is gaining popularity day by day around the world, but more for his bad and dirty lyrics and less for quality of music.Recommend

  • Hussey

    @Manav It would really be better for all of us if you avoid treating people with scorn and use such words.

    Kindly don’t ever go on preaching journalism to others if you yourself don’t understand that the writer is entitled to her opinion. She can express her opinion as she pleases.

    You want to enlighten people with yours? Go ahead, but refrain from calling anyone names like that.

    I hoe you get that.Recommend

  • Hussey

    @Ali S: Is that so? What a convenient way to get away with crime, is it not?

    That’s so similar to a convict begging his/her case by saying ‘I didn’t do it’.

    His music is not meant for any sane individual out there, as a matter of fact.
    Certainly, it is meant for all those sadists who need a reason to beat up the women around them. Honey Singh only gives them an excuse to go ahead and do so.

    Thanks for making that obvious with your own post. :pRecommend

  • “Dark-Passenger”

    female gender z inferior..will remain inferior…
    violence on anything z not good..even on animals…
    music z music..some times it narrates ur ideas some times not…
    u just listen n enjoy…not learn anything.Recommend

  • Hussey

    @”Dark-Passenger”: “female gender z inferior..will remain inferior…”

    Excuse me? If I am not wrong a person’s mother is a female too. Would you be prepared to say the same about the women in your family?

    If so, does that give anybody the license to go on bad-mouthing about them?

    Care to enlighten us with what that statement is even supposed to imply?Recommend

  • anonymous

    hey…i know some of his songs show disrespect towards girls……but ain’t u blaming the whole rape culture on just one rap artist and getting away with it…..u know what ….whats with the centuries old rape culture that has been flourishing since all these years when bollywood was busy showing cabres and item songs…..”raat akeli hai ” ..”choli k piche kya h” , “tu chiz badi h mast” haven’t biggies like raj kapur showed women as sex object …. ask urself??

    why blame just him??? why not the whole industry ?? why not every single person in this country who do not treat girls and boys equally….and excuse me !!! where were all these people sleeping when all those girls being raped….was the delhi girl only one who was raped…haven’t girl been raped in 60s 70s 80s and 90s…really…..there was no honey singh that time!!!!
    and what about those thousand dalit girls who are still being raped !!!
    why are u blaming just him… afterall he is the part of that mentality that grows within all of us…we need to change our mentality ..and everything else will change automatically !!!!!
    keep ur hands in ur heart and say that when u see a girl drinking and wearing short dresses …u don’t say a word against her …..!!!

  • Asad

    How many of u guys listened to honey Singh after reading this blog?? (I just did) …Recommend

  • Turbo Lover

    @Hussey and Ali S: Judgmental much? That’s Black and Death Metal you are referring to. When I say Heavy Metal, I mean the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne. Their themes maybe strong, but little or no bad words and theses themes are a more realistic outlook of real life. Not everything is a rainbow colored teenage dream waiting to be shattered. All modern day pop songs lack creativity and are about fantasies that are FAR from reality (that’s why they are called fantasies, right?)Recommend

  • anonymous

    we need to change our mentality…….honey singh is just a part of that mentality that has been growing with us…obviously such songs must be banned and he should be refrained from singing such songs ….but u can’t blame him…..the majority of his listeners don’t even know punjabi !!!!!!
    people also say that crime shows promote kidnapping ..what about that ??????

    people will have to understand that girls are not inferior …..
    and if the slang is in english doesn’t mean its not a slang….!!!!!! Recommend

  • Pakistani Punjabi

    Did anyone heard that Jassi Jasral reply to honey and other voices that condemn such lyrics in Punjabi songs. Honey Singh apologized for his previous work and he is doing much better stuff these days. I don’t listen Honey Singh either, Sharry Mann, Satinder, Gippy, Diljit, Gurdas, Yamla Jatt, Bindrakhia, Amrinder etc are better than any non-punjabi out there :) Recommend

  • Insaan

    @”Dark-Passenger”: female gender z inferior..will remain inferior…


  • Rehman

    The question arises why Honey Singh is being targeted when we know hundreds of authors and singers with the same lyrics who are spared???. Let us start across the board. Let us ban Mirza Ghalib who used to make fun of Women in his poetry and he equated women with a Wine and sleazy character . Why Ghalib with his provocative poetry is taught in our schools? I could send you a list of more than 1000 authors of the world and more than 500 singers with provocative lyrics and we should ban them all. Also i have a list of more than 1000 novels of the world where rapes are glorified so let us start banning them all. Also kindly enforce a new rule that any Poet will say like “Taray Nain Nashilay” will be boycotted as he is equating women’s stare with Provocative behavior that could compel our Hungry Men to do unimaginable stuff.
    Also kindly ban Pitbull. Moreover we want a ban on Shakira, Sheela, Malika Shirafat, Beyonce and Rihanna as their moves are responsible to deviate the innocent men of Pakistan.Recommend

  • http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1695142/ayesha_pervez.html Ayesha Pervez

    I heard this singers notorious song and was appalled. It was the most disguting that could have been written and I cannot fathom the mind of the person who wrote the lyrics …Recommend

  • Osman

    That’s what he’s famous for.Recommend

  • sensible

    If you want to listen good Punjabi rap then turn to Bohemia, he is 100 times worseRecommend

  • citizen

    i so agree to u !Recommend

  • Gp65

    @Ali S:
    ‘Wow, someone missed the memo. For all intents and purposes, his music is a parody of sexual excess and is in no way a serious representation of how women should be treated. Besides, his music isn’t exactly meant for middle-aged feminists with no sense of humor”
    I am a middle aged feminist and have no interest in controlling the world and what they listen to. All I care about is that no one tries to control me.
    Agree [email protected] that it does not make sense to blame the music for the culture- or for that matter item songs, Bollywood etc. Parents and teachers have the duty to teach the right values.
    I haven’t heard this guy, so don’t know if I like him. But I don’t get the concept of searching out for stuff one doesn’t like and then complaining abut it. Don’t look for it and it will not offend you. Live and let live.Recommend

  • Working Woman

    If he is getting the popularity then what’s wrong??? Live and let live. He is certainly serving the people his type :-pRecommend

  • gp65

    One of the rare instances when I disagree with you. Banning is a form of censorship and it is a very slippery slope. Today ban Honey Singh. Tomorrow ban you tube because it has Honey Singh songs. Next week ban google search because it takes you to porn websites. Where does this end?
    It is okay to bring pressure on sponsors to withdraw sponsorship or find other means to change public attitudes but an outright ban by government is against freedom of speech.Recommend

  • Aaliya

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous of you to use acid attacks and rapes as examples in this article. Acid attacks were happening even before honey singh happened. What was the reason then?? Don’t use rappers and their bad lyrics as a excuse to cover up this sick society. These same men hear Azaan 5 times a day every single day.. Why aren’t they all super religious or becoming Molvis? Listening to something does not make a differance, yea it influences a little, but n the end a person does what’s in his head! Sick minded people will do sick deeds, with or without Honey Singh!!
    Instead of fixing the root of this problem your trying to ban honey Singh! Cutting the top off the weed won’t stop it from growing, you need to take the root out for it to stop growing.
    Maybe you should find a way to work on that instead of writing such baseless articles.

    P.s. Not a fan of Honey Singh or any other rapper. Recommend

  • observer


    Don’t use rappers and their bad lyrics as a excuse to cover up this sick society. These same men hear Azaan 5 times a day every single day.. Why aren’t they all super religious or becoming Molvis?

    You have absolutely and beautifully nailed it. Let us examine this whole misogyny issue a little more seriously.Rappers may come and rappers may go, but this problem will not blow over on its own, till we re-examine and mend our value system. Recommend

  • Shaami

    @Rehman Your comment is Spot on mate.!!!!Recommend

  • Common Sense

    All music which is vulgar tends to titillate and thus helps the ‘Rape Culture’ grow. Most songs in the popular Bollywood movies are the biggest cause of innumerable rapes in the poor classes all around the sub-continent, imo.. I know liberals may smell religion here, but this is a hard reality..Recommend

  • http://rababkhan.com Rabab Khan

    I never asked for a ban on Honey Singh or anyone else for that matter. I’m asking for more awareness about things in our lives that contribute to a culture that condones and promotes rape.
    I talked about Honey Singh in particular because, as I said, he is an example that is closer to home when we talk about rap music.
    I’m glad to see that at least a conversation has started about the elements that propagate and nourish a rape culture. That was the intent.
    Regarding all other points mentioned by many comments, I can’t write about every single element that promotes rape culture in one short blog post. (This is a blog post, not “journalism”) So, I have written about one thing for now, and will, In shaa Allah, write about more.
    Thank you for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts.

  • abhi

    I don’t think you will keep the same opinion if you hear one of his infamous song.

    I don’t agree with this attitude that banning isn’t solution and we should change the mindset of the society rather than banning the songs. You cannot cure an alcoholic by providing him more alcohol, you have to put some restriction so that person returns to normalcy, situtation with our society is same.Recommend

  • anonymous

    u can’t really ban anything for that instance, i mean please grow up !!!!!
    and blaming just ain’t right ….if u can then ban the whole world for thinking cheap about girls
    blame all those parents out there for such upbringing where they can’t teach humanity to their child and yes the people who listen to his songs are grown u enough to know the rights and wrongs …
    look at all those arab countries women are not even free to vote for god’s sake ….
    and none of these things appeared earlier !!!!! why???
    when the girl was dying ,no one even cared to even look at her …and now everyone is blaming one singer ………and what about the other girls who are still being raped every minute , !!!!!!!
    is honey singh evem respponsible for provoking a driver to rape a 4 yr old??????? really ….if u think so then u are sick !!!!!Recommend

  • Musadiq Khan

    Listen to Honey Singh’s latest songs you will definitely see a change. Honey Singh all the way. Yo Yo Honey Singh !!!!Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Common Sense: Most songs in the popular Bollywood movies are the biggest cause of innumerable rapes in the poor classes all around the sub-continent, imo..

    That is not true. There are lots of rapes in arab countries where people don’t watch Bollywood movies.
    Here is a sample of recent news reports from website emirates247. You can check everything below on the website.

    In Saudi arabia, 75% kids raped are boys according to a recent news item
    A 28 Saudi guy had 28 affairs.
    A serial rapist raped 19 girls….he kept going because no one reported him.
    Another serial rapist raped 13 girls, he has 6 kids of his own
    A 17 year old had sex with his 40 year old step mom,
    A step mom helped his teen son in raping his 13 yr old step daughter

    This is just the tip of iceberg. Sexual crimes happen a lot in religious Muslim countries. I have not mentioned imams or Quran teachers.

    I have heard sexual abuse of kids is very common in Pakistan. Do you think Bollywood or lollywood movies make people do it.Recommend

  • Musaa

    While i agree that this Honey Singh guy is a total maniac, i have to disagree with certain aspects of this article. First of all this article seems to put all blame of the “rape culture” on “rap culture” (or atleast projects the view that it’s the major reason for it), however we all know there are many other causes for this as well. Secondly, the writer has made the generalization that all rap songs carry misogynist lyrics and thus she shuns ‘rap’ completely. Yes, in recent times such indecency has kinda become a norm in rap songs but if u have heard the likes of Tupac Shakur you will find that all rap is not bad. Listen to “Dear Mama” ,”Hail Mary” or “Keep Ya head up high” which contrary to your opinion of raps songs are not misogynist at all, infact its complete opposite.
    “Dance with the devil” by Immortal Technique is also a heart wrenching song.

    With that said the rap culture of today has certainly lost it. Singers like Honey Singh should be banned.
    (Well to me he shudnt even be called a singer)Recommend

  • gp65

    So if our whole society is like an alcoholic, what else are you going to ban. Women wearing jeans. What about skirts. What about sleeveles blouses. YouTube.. I’m sure it has songs which are much worse than his. What about google search. Ban that too because it can take us to pron sites.some people get excited just by seeding unescorted womn so let us institute rules like Ksa.

    You are right that I haven’t heard this song. But if I know I will find it offensive, why should I search for it and get offended. Recommend

  • Ali

    Hey All! Just keep calm, and Yo Yo Honey Singh :DRecommend

  • Gratgy


    Have you heard the particular song from which the author has quoted the lyrics from?

    We need to draw a line somewhere. For example we allow alcohol but we ban drugs. Skirts are fine but going around naked is definitely illegal. The same analogy would extend here.

    I am not saying ban the singer, I am saying ban certain songs which do not adhere to socially acceptable norms. Even movies have a censor board and porn films are certainly illegal in India.

    However I repeat I do not say the singer should be banned

    Freedom is fine but freedom comes with great responsibility. Recommend

  • Yo Yo Honey Singh

    Misogyny and songs relating to misogyny does not amount to hate speech. That is why censor board of India has passed the songs with no objection. Its absolutely legal. And, please don’t blame rap culture for rape culture. My girlfriend loves Honey Singh songs more than me. Because, like Honey Singh even she can’t tolerate girls who dumps their guy because of some other rich guy or those who cheats on their boyfriends.Recommend

  • Gratgy


    Adding to my previous comment. When I say ban the offending song, I mean that playing of this song aloud in public places etc must be restricted. Recommend

  • abhi


    I didn’t say ban skirt or anything of that sort.

    I think you only in comment section explained the difference between offensive speech and hate speech. The songs of honey singh are in hate speech category. He is clearly telling the people how it is cool to rape.

    After he singing such songs what is the point of inviting him in five start hotels and having a concert and providing him more publicity. He should be shamed for what he has done.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Gratgy: I see that your definition of the ban is that the specific song should not be permitted for public broadcast – in other words someone who wants to listen to it on youtube in their home could do so without being illegal and also the singer per se could have concerts etc publicly – then such restrictions for a song with the type of lyrics that you and @abhi indicate is acceptable. After all, movies rated A will not permits kids to watch. In the same way you are suggesting a reasonable restriction on the playing of the specific song – which I am okay with. But this should be part of easily understood guidelines that apply to all songs that meet the guideline and a rating body that can judge any song submitted. Such restrictions cannot be ad-hoc just because some people cam in street and asked for them. Because tomorrow someone may say the Helen song ‘Aao na gale lagao na’ is too erotic and should not be allowed. So where does that stop?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me.. Ofcourse I know you did not suggest that skirt should be banned. But I was trying to explain that once the argument that a rapist can blame someone else for getting excited and doing his act was a slippery slope. Today he can blame a song, tomorrow he can blame the girl’s dress. Just because India has a lot of diabetics we cannot shut down all mithai shops. The responsibility for controlling their diet rests with the diabetic and any consequences of their action are theirs alone, they cannot blame the environment. This is what the author is trying to say i.e. such songs promote rape and what I disagree with. The responsibility for a rapist lies with him alone – not the songs he heard or the movies he watched which had item numbers. What you describe does sound like hate speech. Hate speech is prosecutable -so if someone wants to prosecute him, then let the courts decide. But even in our law the punishment for hate speech is prescribed jailtime not unemployment.

    As far as banning him as an individual by law, without actually prosecuting him means that he is being held guilty until proven innocent and also being prescribed a punishment not stated in law.

    Yes but if the customers of a hotel want to say to hotel management that we do not want to listen to this singer and the hotel management complies with customer request that is absolutely fine. If he tried to make rape sound cool then it is definitely okay to create the mindset to make him sound uncool and create economic consequences through public action. Remember though difference with banning is that it would not be illegal for a hotel to hire him but they risk alienating their customers if they do so.

    Thank you both @abhi, @Gratgy again.Hopefully you know that my concern is not so much for Honey Singh as for the precedent that any pressure group can ban anyone just by creating noise. I also have a huge problem with the mindset many people have (not you 2) that anyone other than the rapist is accountable for his heinous act. Blaming the victim, Bollywood, Western civilization and Bozo the clown for a very violent act dilutes the responsibility of the perpetrator and I am not okay with that. I also worry that this precedent can be misused to start depriving women of their rights of choosing what to wear and on their mobility the way Saudi Arabia does.Recommend

  • No name

    dont even know his name “HOney Singh” looks weird by the way 0_0Recommend

  • Gooner

    @Hussey so the writer is entitled to her opinion but singers are not? Why don’t ppl who have issues with his music stop listening to him.. Now please don’t go with singers being public figures and blah blah..

    We are all entitled to our opinions and all should be respected, not just the writer here. Recommend

  • Gratgy


    If anyone wants to listen to the song in private, they should be allowed to. However I or my family should not be forced to listen to the offending song. I would say it would be an invasion of my privacy.

    Hence similar to the censor board for movies there should be a censor board for music comprised of eminent people from the industry (not politicians). Only songs approved by them should be allowed for public broadcast.

    This board should have the final say whether a song should be restricted or not. This would take care of pressure groups which just look for an opportunity to take umbrage in order to get publicityRecommend

  • gp65

    I think with your final post, we are on the same page. Probably the song censor board is optional i.e. someone offended by a song can take it to censor board who can then rule on it. Recommend

  • Shahzeb Ishaq

    @ Rabab…You just made yo yo honey singh’s Day!!!…Controversy sells :)

    Btw..when Elvis appeared on TV, they never dared to show him below his upper torso..cuz of his grinding pelvic thrusts!!!…nevertheless, girls loved it..he is the KING!!!

    Not taking Honey Singh’s side..but fact remains that its just music..right or wrong!!!..Its for the individuals to decide.

    Sex and / or anything remotely related to sex, sells..that’s a fact…Rihanna’s humongous hit..S & M says it all…honey singh’s fame says it all.

    You should not be so critical as if its satanic verses..I mean there are bigger evils out there, his songs are just pure expression of his views…take it or leave it…its your own free will !!!!Recommend

  • thatsme

    I agree with all the points about Honey Singh. However, thinking this way is a total stereotype. Rap does not just mean what all you have described in your article. There are deep, meaningful raps too. Just try listening to Eminem. Not all rap is vulgar. There are some pretty good ones too. Although, Honey Singh’s songs are complete drivel. The thing that sickens me most are his fans. They really do not know about music, and just appreciate the tune and general beats even though the lyrics are completely gross, just as you rightly stated. I mean, take ‘Gangnam Style’, for instance. People tend to gather round a good, catchy tune .(Though GS’s lyrics are actually good, its just not one understands them.)Recommend

  • rahul

    don write such foolish articles…..totally rubbish…….Recommend

  • http://Sydney SK5

    lol who in the blue hell is honey singh??Recommend

  • Harshit

    Never really liked honey singh that much. But am a huge fan of eminem. Trust me it does not affect you in the ways you are pointing out. We should instead try to develop a healthy society where boys don’t view girls as objects of sex and something to impose their dominance on but just as another human being. Slim Shady Forever!Recommend

  • malik

    isnt there a quality cx on this blog ….i cant believe i just read thisRecommend

  • Eminem.. lil Wayne… you have no idea what rap is do you????
    Check NaS Rakim Biggie Big Daddy Kane tech n9ne instead of bollywood and ull understand. Btw im a 15 yr old Indian guy livin outside o’ India. Mayb u will understand rap is not bout cars freakin hoes and guns. Ita bout sendin a message wid no limitsRecommend

  • Honey Singh

    Teri chayn chayn chayn chayn mukdi ni …(Honey Singh)
    I don’t know why ppl write these kind of articles, instead educate themselves. Please read on RAP music and Freedom of Speech.Recommend