The more they target us, the louder I will say ‘I am Shia’

Published: January 10, 2013

Pakistani Shia Muslim mourners sit beside the coffins of blast victims at a mosque following overnight twin suicide bombings in Quetta on January 11, 2013. A string of bombings in Pakistan including a twin suicide attack on a snooker hall used by Shia Muslims has left 114 people dead, in one of the deadliest days to hit the nation in years. PHOTO: AFP

Over 90 of us perished on January 10, 2013. 

I don’t mean Pakistanis, I mean Shias.

As much as it pains me to identify myself as something before a Pakistani, this state seems to have left us little choice.

Since the age of 15, when my parents decided to let me be and decide for myself how far I wanted my religious identity to go, I have been attending fewer and fewer majaalis every year.

In some part, it has to do with the fact that I got busy building a career for myself, but in some part it was also because I started wondering if the philosophy of marking Muharram as a way of protest really was relevant to today.

I was always aware that Shias were held as kafirs in many households in my own city and perhaps neighborhood. I also knew that they were being target killed in this country we call home, and I have lost family to it, but I still thought that we may have moved past it.

That was the time when Musharraf was in power. In the haze of his enlightened moderation, my teenage self felt safe. So I stopped going to the juloos as regularly. I also stopped taking Muharram so seriously.

Then, in 2009, the juloos was attacked. Instead of commiserating with us, many of our friends started blaming us for the violence against us. The juloos should be moved out of the city, they suggested. While I gingerly considered the idea, my parents and many other Shias I knew were vehemently opposed to it.

I thought they were clinging to tradition…

Three years later, after spending a terror-filled Muharram each year and losing thousands of more Shias to brutal targeted attacks, I realised that what I had earlier dismissed as ‘tradition’ was as relevant as ever.

I questioned: why shouldn’t the protest continue?

That is why I, a latent member of the Shia community, decided to observe Muharram this year. This was my way of saying “no” to the terrorists; of supporting religious diversity in my country. I have no intention of ever trying to convince anyone that my belief is purer than theirs, but I have every intention to tell everyone that my belief never has and never will let the Yazidi armies take over Pakistan.

The protest is still alive, and we are still living what we have been mourning for hundreds of years. Imam Hussain (RA’s) followers, in  principle or even in ritual, are out on the streets today to fight the way Imam Hussain (RA) did. And they are dying for it just as Imam Hussain did.

I never really needed a reason to become sure of my belief, but now I have found one.

I only wish it didn’t have to be so violent.

Save us.

Save religious diversity in this country.

Save your right to dissent from the majority.

Save your country from soaking in the blood of the ongoing genocide of its people.

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Zainab Imam

A journalist, on a hiatus to pursue a Masters in Public Policy at The University of Chicago. Gender parity advocate, urban policy enthusiast. She tweets @zainabimam ( and blogs at

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  • Nandita.

    What does (RA) mean? Also what do these terms signify – (PBUH) (SAW) I’ve read these terms often but I don’t know the meaning behind them.Recommend

  • san

    This kind of feeling is natural. The more they oppress us, our voice will became even louder. Time is no far when all shia’s will take arms and start butchering these terrorists with own hands. I believe time is right and take this battle in their house. Let them to feel how much it hurts. Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    At some point of time Pakistanis should realize that you are killing each other for the sake of an archaic Arab family feud. It’s not and never was your fight.Recommend


    Dont think any one could have stated this case in a better way!Recommend

  • Mountie

    I hear you. Sadly tolerance is something that has been fading away in our society. Shias, Ahmedis, Christians, Hindus and even Sunnis are not safe in Pakistan. Lets not lose hope and pray for a better Pakistan. A country where we are Pakistanis first! Recommend

  • ali

    I am a sunny believer, but I have all sympathy with you. No one will have authority to kill anyone except state. These people are not sunny too.Islam is religion of peace and love.If by these means they want to impose sharia then I also dont want too live here but in a non muslim, kafir country.Recommend

  • Syed

    Way to go Zainab Imam. This country doesn’t just belong to criminals, terrorists and silent majority. This is our country too and we won’t just sit inside our home because these monsters will come attack us there too.

    Pakistan is the only country in the world where a full fledged Shia genocide is going on yet our government and agencies won’t do anything. Let them either kill us or support the killers and we will keep sacrificing our lives like the Imam Hussain’s (a.s.) lovers have been doing for the past hundreds of years. Recommend

  • http://USA Mirza

    Beti I feel sorry and ashamed of what is happening in my country. Being born and raised as a Sunni, I have observed that many think Shia are Kafir. Since my early years I have cleansed myself out of these prejudices and preconceived notions about the others. In fact now I would not call myself a Sunni but only Muslim. I am proud of you and your struggle to survive.Recommend

  • Aly shafa Gilgit Baltistan Rights Movement

    leaders of the community have refused to bury the dead until security is improved.

    One Shia leader publicly criticized army chief Gen Ashfaq Kayani.

    Sunni militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi said it carried out the deadliest attack in Quetta on Thursday.Recommend

  • Waqas

    Brilliant article zainab exactly my thoughts as a shiaRecommend

  • Varun

    Really very sad… as an Indian I have lots of Shia friends from Lucknow and Hyderabad… I guess the positive thing in India is that nobody bothers whether you are Sunni or Shia or Ahmedi or whatever… overall I think Shias have a peaceful and good life in India… God bless everyoneRecommend

  • Samia Malik

    We are all Hypocrites of the highest kind. Today Shias are protesting in Quetta and all over Quetta banners have been posted by Extremists giving last warning to Ahmedis to leave the city or else be killed and here is the picture i am sharing that Many Shias are protesting right under the banners but no one have guts to tear one banner like the one I am sharing. How long we will do Selective type of Protest.???? The author is also Chanting proudly I am Shia but Why Pakistanis are not been able to understand that we have to go against all types of Extremism and not just to single our one community. We all know in coming days Ahmedis will be killed in Quetta as warning Banners are there but neither Shias nor Sunnis have guts to remove them and Especially Shias who are also being targetted can see them but dont have the guts to talk about them is a sheer shame and nothing else.
    ET kindly allow me to share this picture as it shows our Hypocrisy in general.

  • Hasan

    The Third comment on this article should be shared with the above author so that she could learn what was the Different in Irfan and the above author.

  • kamran

    Excellent. You have discovered, as will many others after you, that the voice of Hussain is the voice of Freedom.

    This voice rings eternal; it always has and will continue to inspire the most momentous changes in human history.

    Tahir ul Qadri, for example, mentioned multiple times today that he is on the path of Imam Hussain. And this is just the beginning…just see what the coming times bring.Recommend

  • Taimur

    This is condemnable. But condemnation is not enough. It has become a habbit or fashion to condemn such incidents and then wait for the next incident to happen. Government, army, judiciary, political and religious parties and civil society must take action now. It started with Ahmadis, then Hindus and Christians and now Shias. When it started against smaller minorities, nobody tried to stop it or even raised voice for their rights. Shall there be an end to this? No, if not stopped now there will be no end. Those who supported such laws of persecution, may be they never knew that their own people will become victim of hate. Time has come to raise voice against all acts of persecution and terrorism. Recommend

  • bangash

    Once all Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis, Kalash and Shias have been killed in Pakistan it will be the turn of the Sunnis.Recommend

  • Asad Rizvi

    loved the title “The more they target us, the louder I scream ‘I am Shia’ “Recommend

  • Asad Rizvi

    loved the title ” The more they target us, the louder I scream ‘I am Shia’ “Recommend

  • Liberal Sindhi

    I agree with you sister. I am a Shia too but soon we might have to leave our native lands Recommend

  • kHaN

    I respect the author’s and other Shia brothers sentiments and pain. However, you can’t defeat this “Yazidi Army” by putting yourselves in a position where they can target you more easily by taking to the streets in crowded rallies. You are just exposing yourself to the killers and becoming a soft target. The more they kill the the braver they become.
    With all due respect and no prejudice intended, the Shiites in Pakistan need to “stay low”, at least for now, in order to protect themselves. And try to overcome the enemy through other way; taking a lead in education, politics and other state institutions. The Jews did it in Europe when they were being targeted by Nazis, they didn’t provoked the Nazis by taking to the streets or made a “demonstration of existence”. This is how they survived the genocide and emerged as a new power in the world.
    Again, I’ve no soft feelings for Shiites’ killers. It’s the government/state’s responsibility to protect every citizen of the country including Shiites by thrashing the militants.Recommend

  • kamran

    kHaN: death does not diminish us; we learnt this a long time ago. We will become even more vocal, even more overt – our voice will ring louder and louder. We are not ones to shrink away.Recommend

  • Against_the_Murderers

    These are Yazidiz/Wahabis who are taking over our country as they did in Iraq and so many other countries. Just google search news for Somlia / Nigeria / Morroco you will find all the proofs.

    These morons are shame to humanity, they have taken over our religion. But the sad thing is Sunni scholars are silent on this. I am a sunni and ashamed of it.

    Unless the nexus of ISI and Wahabism is broken, this cycle will never end. We have our differences but it was never like this. It is the Saudi funded outfits who the destroying the peace not only in Pakistan but around the world.Recommend

  • Pir Bulleh Shah

    “I don’t mean Pakistanis, I mean Shias.”

    Much as I sympathize with anyone who suffers violence, be they hundreds of Sunnis or Shias, this sentence I must protest. This is the land of Islam. So by putting your Shia identity before that of Pakistani, you are putting something before Islam. Will this increase hatred or decrease it? Think carefully, sister and all other Shias.Recommend

  • The Final Word

    I would like to share a story for the ET blog readers (and enemy forces who monitor public sentiment on this and other websites):

    Once upon a time, Shias in Lebanon – who were predominantly disenfranchised and impoverished – were being slaughtered mercilessly (entire villages being wiped out, etc.)
    The criminal perpetrators of those massacres were a combination of Sunnis (both PLO refugees, Saudi-allied Sunnis like Hariri, and Wahhabist elements), Maronite Christians (Gemayel, Geagea, and other Phalangists), the Druze and, of course, “Israelis” occupying their land.

    Then a group of Lebanese Shias decided “enough is enough,” and proceeded Within the short span of a few years, a relatively small fraction of the Shia community in Lebanon had built up the world’s most sophisticated and powerful militia, feared (and respected) by all. Consequently, Shias became the most powerful force in Lebanese politics, and those who had previously dared to violate the sanctity of their community had all been killed, imprisoned, or chased away to their Saudi/French/American/Israeli masters.

    In conclusion, the case study cited (there are many other examples) should clearly demonstrate to an intelligent reader the inherent dangers of provoking the Shias in Pakistan, who are evenly spread out throughout the country, and whose numbers suggest that if even less than one-half of 1% (or even less, in fact) decided to embark on a similar project, then there may very well be an unparalleled reckoning.

    I hope that this hypothetical and purely academic socio-historic and political discussion is not censored by ET. Thank you for reading.



  • Gary

    @kHaN: Think what the author is trying to say is It’s better to be killed …than die… In democracy it’s your responsibility too to hold the govt responsible for her actions and inactions.Recommend

  • Ali J

    I couldn’t have put the situation of Shia’s better. I am living outside Pakistan and it is really depressing to see how Yazidi armies are taking over Pakistan while the people of Pakistan are sleeping while their muslim brothers are being butchered. What the people of Pakistan don’t understand is that the message of Imam Hussain (A.S) is about peace. And top of this media is ignoring the genocide of Shias. About 90 shia’s died in Quetta but the media paid more attention towards some big shot politician and his dementia. I am not attacking anyone but I am questioning how of humanity prevails in these people. A good lesson to take from this is that first it was the Ahmedi’s, then the Barelvis and now the Shia’s. Tomorrow it might be your turn before it is too late. Recommend

  • Rafiq

    the more u shout that u r a shia the more people starting to campare the action of shias in Iraq, afghanistan, Syria, Bahrain where our shia muslim brothers with the help of american and zionist killed million of sunnis, and its still going on so stop differnciate urself and remain only pakistani and muslim and stop dreaming control pakistan as well as iraq and afghanistan. Recommend

  • Nik Singh

    The problem is not that Shias are called ‘kafirs’ by some people. The problem is that people make a difference between Muslims and non Muslims, and think it is ok to injure and kill these so called ‘kafirs’.Recommend

  • Zaidi

    @ khan i respect you feelings for the shias but try to study their beliefs they are just not brought up to stay low protesting is the most fundamental reason for their existence the only thing they learn through majalis is to speak up against evil to fight the wrong and protest. laying low just eliminates the point of being a shia because their is a higher cause for which it is worth giving up your life that is upholding the honour of the prophet, his family and pledging to stand alongside them in their war against yazeeds of all times as far as Jews are concerned they wanted survival for power shias on the other hand are least concerned about power or authority they just want to publicily renounce yazidi acts and that can not happen while we lie lowRecommend

  • Alexander

    Khan, you call for taqiyyah. There is a time for taqiyyah; and there is a time for standing up or speaking out.
    Muharram is about many things. But foremost, it is about solidarity with those before us, among us, and after us; about visibility, and about willingness to abide by one’s faith.Recommend

  • Muslim

    I am a Sunni Muslim, and I condemn this atrocity being committed against Shias in most strict terms! Sadly, I am doing nothing else. But, my voice is against this brutal and vicious acts of the terrorists. To put a blanket of Kufr on Shias is just not right, and only this miniscule radical and terrorist mindset is behind it. General population wants peace!Recommend

  • bigsaf


    I think that analogy actually highlights the failure of a society, or its majority, to speak out and stand up against evil (First they came for..). Despite not ‘provoking’ the Nazis, millions of Jews, Gypsies, anti-Nazi Europeans were slaughtered in their genocide. Standing up for your rights isn’t provocation. With that thinking you’ve ceded your country, not to mention your religion, to the extremists (i.e. Nazis). The Nazis were stopped after the Allies invaded and bombed Germany to the stone ages, hence force needed to be applied. Perhaps that is what Pakistan has to look forward to for a miracle for better times.

    Unless Sunni majority Pakistanis sincerely tackle Wahhabi/Salafi/Deoband/Sunni Islamist extremist groups and ideologies, I doubt things will improve for most non-Sunni Pakistanis, and even some moderate, liberal or sub-sect Sunnis, no matter how much anyone tries to ‘stay low’, which just sounds like the same old medevial Sunni hegemony and oppressed Shia formula. Its the 21st century but its unfortunate we’re headed that way and suppose to accept expulsion and form a new state, even after Jinnah formed this one just a year before they did. Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Nandita: RA is an abbreviation for Arabic words, which mean “God be pleased with him/her”.
    PBUH: Peace be upon him. SAW is an abbreviation for Arabic words which mean: Blessings and Peace of God be upon him. Both the latter abbreviations are used at the mentioning of Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) name to express love and respect for him.Recommend

  • Syed

    @Khan. These Hazara shias were INSIDE playing snooker and the muslims attacked them and killed so many bright young jawan of their parents. please tell me how low do you really want us to go and live. If you are a sunni then please educate your fellows if you can instead of telling us to lay low. that isn’t the solution as they will come and attack us inside our homes next. Recommend

  • Syed

    @Samia Malik. Very sorry because we have been really busy picking up the pieces of loved ones and really have not had a chance to do much else. If we could do something we would first go and kill the killers of our children and parents. Instead of condemning these cowardly attacks you are calling us hypocrites. When did any shia kill any ahmedi for their beliefs? the picture proves nothing.Recommend

  • Nobody


    (RA) means radhiallahu ‘anhu which translates to ‘may God be pleased with him’ [radhiallahu ‘anha’ for females].

    (PBUH) means peace be upon him.

    (SAW) means sallallahu alayhi wasallam which translates to ‘may Allah pray on him and grant him peace’ and is used particularly in reference to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) [although you can also use (PBUH).

    Hope I clarified it for you (and hope I’m accurate). I’m no expert as my knowledge is limited, but this is what I was taught. If you’re curious to know more, there are many others more qualified! Cheers. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Nandita.: “What does (RA) mean? Also what do these terms signify – (PBUH) (SAW) I’ve read these terms often but I don’t know the meaning behind them.”

    PBUH – Peace be upon him. This is a term of reverence used after Prophet Mohammed. SAW means the same thing except it refers to the Arabic words which I do not know. RA means ‘May Allah be pleased with him/her) and is a term of respect used for Prophet Mohammed’s companions. Again I do not know what the Arabic words are that (RA) tries to abbreviate.

    I did not see anyone responding to Nandita so provided answers based on what little I have learnt from friends. If I am wrong please excuse my error – no disrespect is meant.Recommend

  • Ammar

    I belong to a Sunni family. Truly feel for Shia brothers and firmly believe so do MOST of youth and even silent majority. Be known that we all are Muslims first. These retards trading religion for their goals would fail Insha Allah. We all ll keep following the teachings of Prophet and his grandson. We ll survive through it, live and prosper one day.Recommend

  • sensible

    if we follow only one verse of Holy Quran in which Allah says that if “you kill one person, it is same as if you kill whole of humanity”, our country would be most peaceful in the world but unfortunately we fell astray and divide ourselves among sects and castes and no wonder why we are in such a chaos. Recommend

  • John B

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:

    “At some point of time Pakistanis should realize that you are killing each other for the sake of an archaic Arab family feud.”

    The best.

    Scream all you want, but I never hear you scream when they came for the othersRecommend

  • Alchemisto

    If it was 1930, I would have listened to ur advice.I thought human race has moved on and we are living in 2013.Recommend

  • http://@FaizanSubzwari Faizan Subzwari

    @Nandita.: RA (Rehmatullah Alleh), PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him), AS (Allehe Salam) and SAW (Sallalahu Allayhee Wassalam) RA, AS are postfix/suffix used to signify our, Muslims respect towards our great religious personalities like the ones mentioned in the blog, where are SAW and PBUH are suffixes used for our Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW). As a part of our religious beliefs we honor and take/cite their names with utmost respect. Pardon any spelling mistake as its not intended. Thanks.Recommend

  • Faizan Subzwari

    As for the brilliantly articulated pen up, Zainab Imam you deserve praise. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Yuri Kondratyuk: “At some point of time Pakistanis should realize that you are killing each other for the sake of an archaic Arab family feud. It’s not and never was your fight.”

    Great insight. Recommend

  • Anoop

    Bad approach. The LeJ and other sectarian outfits aren’t the British and you ain’t Gandhi.

    This offering the other cheek will not work.

    The system has failed for you, which is a big loss, so there’s only one option left: Taking up Arms. As crazy as it may sound, in any conflict there are 2 wars- war of ideas and war of strength.

    You have lost the war of ideas. You lost it when you guys, in spite of having a 20% presence in Pakistan, sat around when Ahmadis were being labelled non-Muslims. You lost it when a Shia, Jinnah, talked of Two Nations and took up arms to black mail the country.

    You can win the other one. Its bloody and messy and it will, in all probability, throw up new and varied kind of problems, which you never thought you could expect. That is the path you will least likely to take and for me the path you SHOULD take.

    The System is not going to come to your rescue; You(when I mean you, I am actually referring to the Shias of Pakistan) have done onto to others which someone is doing onto you.

    You can take up arms, but thats messy and bloody. So you will not do that.

    You want to go the Gandhi way, but fail to realise he too would have failed against, say, the Nazis(The equivalent of the Taliban of that era).

    Good luck..Recommend

  • Sehrish

    Not only shias but sunnis as well are victim of this brutality. This is all about making pakistan an unstable state. Were sunnis not killed in bomb blasts in lahore, islamabad, karachi, peshawar?or what about the target killing in karachi? I am extremely sad over this incident in quetta and also for every single person being killed in pakistan be it shia or sunni. This should not be allowed in anyway. Its high time that we speak up for our security.Recommend

  • Anwaar Sardar

    One must realize that in 1974 when parliament declared ahmadis non-muslims by passing 2nd amendment, it was a major turning point in Pakistan’s history which threw Pakistan on a discourse leading to religous extremism. A civilian dictator acting under pressure from a wahabi country, due to his hunger for petro-dollars, passed the 2nd amendment declaring ahmadis as non-muslim minority. This amendment had given license to any majority to define any minority’s religion and deprive it off their fundamental rights. Unfortunately, the fellow Muslims did not realize this fact eventhough ahmadis warned that this law would one day be applied to shias and other religious communities living in Pakistan.
    Even now, there is no significant voice being raised to change that anti-ahmadi law which is the basis of religious discrimination & hatred in PakistanRecommend

  • sidjeen

    as a member of the majority living in this country i am so sorry and ashamed that we failed in our duty to protect you and those whose beliefs are different than us. today you are proud to call yourself a shia but i have to say i am ashamed to call myself a sunni.Recommend

  • Kapil Dev

    I have always felt doubly pinched and hurt whenever there is an attack on Shias in Pakistan, the reason being like me they are also in minority and secondly I have tilt towards Hussainiat. Hindus have always soft corner for Shia Muslims and the reason is rooted in the history when a Hindu tribe, popularly known as Hussaini Brahmin, fought for Hazrat Imam Hussain against Yazidi forces. Sometimes, I am feel like a “two-headed monster” one being Hindu and secondly being a Shia supporter. If this persecution against minorities including Shias, Ahmedis, Hindus, Christians and others is not gonna stop, then declare this state “Wahabi State of Pakistan”, then legalize the carnage and killings of these marginalized minorities, then let them fled to places where they want. Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    My appeal to mothers, stop breeding hatred against any faction. Recommend

  • Hira



  • Ali

    Those who are killing SUNIS are killing SHIAs as well.Recommend

  • afroze

    The Final Word

    difference between pakistan and labnese shia is leadership . they had sincere and honest leadership. who suffered alot . and lebnse shia suffered more.Recommend

  • Sabah Hasan

    Zainab, as one who knows you, I admire your candor, but more so your courage in saying what many feel but few have the courage to say ….Recommend

  • gp65

    @Anwaar Sardar: “One must realize that in 1974 when parliament declared ahmadis non-muslims by passing 2nd amendment, it was a major turning point in Pakistan’s history which threw Pakistan on a discourse leading to religous extremism”

    Are you sure it was not 1954 when the Objective resolution was made or perhaps 1946 when a call was made for Direct action?Recommend

  • Zaki Khalid

    Burger rants, the same ‘I-type-this-at-my-house-in-DHA-while-I-try-to-feel-for-my-community- syndrome. Our Shia friends must be protected by the state at all costs but you need to stop getting bashy and rhetorical towards Pakistan.Recommend

  • Narmeen

    So sorry for all the Shia brothers but my point is
    That who’s doing all this and how can it be stoppedRecommend

  • Sadia Salam

    Zainab. Just one word for the blog BRILLIANT Recommend

  • peace

    not all suunis and not all shias are biased. blaming the shia killings on sunnis just because one party that claims to be sunni doesn’t mean they are sunni. most of us know that all such parties are self created by the government and by the agencies to present the bad image of certain sect and to create hatred among the masses of different sects in order to achieve their vested is bad seeing the genocide of shias happening in the country but it is equally bad to see the genocide of several sunnis happening for so long in the country too. all the killings happening in waziristan, swat, and other northern parts of the country includes the massive killings of sunnis by terming them as terrorists although no proves are given if all who were killed were terrorists. so in short its not the sunnis killing the shias or the shias killings the sunnis but all this is carried out by the segment that does not want to see harmony in Pakistan for their own vested interests. the need of the time is to instead of creaming i am shia like in the title of the article, we all should stand up and scream we are all Muslims and we are all Pakistanis.
    the very statement that I am Shia is only signaling towards your biased attitude and this kind of attitude gives more space to the enemies of Pakistan to carry out their well crafted strategies to destabilize the nation. Recommend

  • Farah

    (RA) Radiaala Anhu- Abbreviation for May God be pleased with he/she

    (SAW) Salalahu wa ahlahi wa salum- May Allah send prayers and peace upon him {specifically for the last Prophet in Islam- Mohammed)

    (AS) Ahlayhis salaam- peace be upon him

    I hope this answered your question :)Recommend

  • Indian

    Now u understand dear pakistanis what the pain of innocent civilians to act of terrorism…. India is facing this atrocities since 1947…. i feel sorry for all the innocent civilians of your country…
    First it was non muslim minorities , reducing it from 10% in 1947 to merley 1.87% now….and now it’s Shia’s…. A country created exclusively for muslims, is not safe for them only… what a tragedy….Mr Jinnah should have been alive to see this…would have loved to his face today….
    i am proud that in my country fellow muslims, have self respect to each other… learn from them pakistani sunnis… Leave and let leave…Recommend

  • Muhammad

    But the problem of the failed state is that the chatter in english medium website means nothing!Recommend

  • SA

    I can so relate to this post. Its like somebody expressing what I have been feeling over the past few months!!Recommend

  • Raza Jamali

    ‘lol’. Where do you get your ‘facts’ from?Recommend

  • Zainab Abbas

    Thank you Zainab.Recommend

  • Syed

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    Dear Yuri,

    The fight is to accept the Truth, the fight is to accept the rights of a human community, the fight is against evil and where evil can live. The Evil is killing those where Good / Truth can exist. The Evil wants to eliminate the race where Truth can stand / rise.
    So, Be with Truth and oppose Evil. the archaic Arab Family Feud and his Family was Master of Truth, hence they are guide and example for mankind. Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    Please drop this kind of parochialism which you are preaching. Kindly learn to be a human being with human values and see all as equal. When you see inequality, discrimination, bigotry and hate against any section of society, there should be protest and a call for justice. Where have you been when the %age of minorities was being decimated in the land of the pure ? Did the total annihilation of Christians, Hindus and Christians prick your conscience and bring you to the street in protest ? Did the discrimination against Ahmadis and the desecration of their graves trouble your conscience enough to hit the streets in protest ? Did you have the courage to ask for the repeal of the Blasphemy Laws which has given license to many to grab properties of others ? Taseer and Bhatti did and today stand martyred, has anyone come forward to avenge them by calling for reforms. Do you still continue to go to a place of worship where the Preacher spiels out hate against Kafirs and incites followers with hate speeches and calls to violence. Sister you have to look at events a lot deeper than you currently do, at skin level.
    A chain of events have been developing not today but over decades which the blind follower is unable to see. While going downhill if people feel comfortable believing they are going uphill, none can help them, so be it. Which group do you want to be a part of ? Nothing personal Madam, but the country has had millions of arm chair analysts fashionably wringing their hands at every tragedy unfolding.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Nobody,Muslim,Farah,Faizan,gp65 and anyone else who has replied to me: thankyou. Your explanation was very clear. :)Recommend

  • Syed Hassan Raza

    Very well said Zainab… If being shia is sin than I am a sinner. The time has come and we all should now stand up and shout loud. We always stood up against the jews and said we muslims are not terrorists but today I feel they are much better than us (Muslims), at least they united and we Muslims are thinking He/She is Shia/Sunni we should avoid him. Think like Muslims and yeah please come out, if you don’t come out today next time you will be one of the victim. Recommend

  • Muhammad Waqas

    Just let me know how many sunnies are celebrating these incident..?? Not a single one. every one condemns this incident. its a terrorist attack its barbarism, and to attack on a sect is a covert tactic to destabilize state. the sole agenda of terrorists. plz see a bigger picture. and stay united.Recommend

  • muhammad shafiq

    i myself does not belong to shia sect but due to tragic incident of 10jan 2013 i bitterly realised that a paticular community is continulosy being torture by an other community which is in majority which is total against the true spirit of islam.islam teaches us to protect the rights,life,liberty and prperty of even non muslims then why just on the basis of difference of sect they are targatedRecommend

  • Butool

    Zainab, it’s like you just laid down my own life’s story in front of me right now. Every single word in this blogpost speaks to me and resonates with me. And I think a lot of Shia youngsters like you and me are going through the exact same phase where we have no other choice but to voice our outrage, scream about our identity, and tell the world they can’t get away with these religion based atrocities anymore. Not the most comfortable position for a so called moderate like me to be in personally, but perhaps the only position to take right now.Recommend

  • Mohammad bin Qasim

    If CJ can see the cold blooded murder of Shahzeb why he dosent see the mass murder in Quetta? Not a single politician has visited the crime scene rather busy in paying visit to the palace of ex prime minister for the condolence on the death of his brother. Govt is fearing from the long march but nobody dare to look at the causes of long march. Interior minister can smell the terrorist activity at the march in islamabad but 100 people killed in Quetta and swabI were not affected by the same?I just want to know what is the reason that is preventing the army chief to take any action against these culprits. It’s people that build nation not nation build People. If people wont survive who will chant Pakistan Zindabad. If there is a will there is a way but if there isn’t any will than? Allah bless Pakistan.Recommend

  • Muhammad


    The louder you say, the politer I would reply…I DONT CARE WHAT YOUR BELIEFS ARE. Its between you and your Allah. As far as murder in the name of faith is concerned I have had my dear ones killed in the name of Allah by fanatics. I am an Ahmadi and my fellows and relatives have been killed in the name of Allah, I condemn all such killings in fact all killings of innocent people.

    But your column sounds like you are trying to arouse sectarian feelings to gain sympathies for yourself. Please keep your faith matters between yourself and your almighty, live and let live. Recommend

  • Mohammad bin Qasim

    The other day one of my India friend told me the story that I want to share. “Once an Indian major gave his junior a gun and 10 bullets and told him to go and kill 10 Pakistani. Next day the major asked his junior you killed how many? The junior replied none – the major said why, the junior said “why do we need to waste our bullets when they are killing themselves” story ends but I didnt know weather I should laugh or cry?Recommend

  • Haji Mohammad Islam

    I am sorry to say that I anticipate more of such articles in the future.

    The cycle of hate and spate of killings will go unabated because nothing has been done against it.

    The root of the Pakistani problem lies in the 1974 anti ahmadiyya muslim resolution supported at that time by both the shias and the sunnis.

    The message from that resolution is that an individual does not know who he/she is, but it is the government that will certify his/her real faith. This is the brainchild of the Shia and sunni mullahs.

    If you want to nip the problem at its root, you know what you have to do.

    Change now or continue to perish piecemeal.Recommend

  • Wajeeh

    I agree with you, we as sunni respect all other ethnic groups, they must have the freedom. Killing innocents should not be tolerated at all. I condemn killing of innocent Shias. Recommend

  • Dr.Hassan

    You are right Zainab…..All the Yazidi forces of the world and especially Pakistan ,government and establishment and our religious and terrorist parties should note this that they cannot stop us from participating in Muharram processions.They increase their activities our people will participate more and more in the Muharram processions.Recommend

  • Dr.Hassan

    Our government,security establishment and intelligence agencies all are failed.But they dont care and they have no shame and that is why nobody comments over these killings.They just want to live their lives in the best possible luxuries provided to them in form of houses and in the SUVs with black tinted windows and driving on the roads with their guards in a particular manner and to show off that they have got all these facilities.They just care about their protocols and thats it!Recommend

  • Farhan

    So be it …Recommend

  • Alex

    Dear Zainab,

    I understand your pain and I like your lovely blogs.

    But I will still ask this question….were shias not buddies with sunnis when the minorites were forcibly converted and killed??? Where were shias when ahmadis were killed? Among all the things you mentioned, THIS is the time to ask your fellow shias about those collective mistakes done in tandem with sunnis. On that day too, these things were done in the name ” we are muslims”. How many of those commenting HERE would you believe when they say we are muslims???? Just count how many said he or she is a muslim first? Has anyone said they are Pakistanis first?? Thats the problem. The hatred started in 1947 under the same pretext that….we are muslims…..the question is so what????Recommend

  • Ayaz

    RA Means ra

    zi allah talla anah , PBUH peace be upon him, SAW means salalah aleh [email protected]: Recommend

  • Fauzia

    Pbuh means peace be upon him and saw means salalahi alehi wasalam . These terms are used in respect of the prophets. @Nandita.: Recommend

  • Milestogo

    Religious diversity will lead us to darkness. We need religious purity. Quids-a-Azam strived for this purity and land of pure was created. We must continue to work our way towards purity.Recommend

  • Qasim waqar

    Loved the Article… history of shias has been the same iam not surprised. We can call pray for Zahoor… YAM Recommend

  • Ali T.

    Shias have right to do Taqqiya. One of the beliefs of being an Ithna Ashari Shia are in believing in the occultation of Imam Mehdi (a.s). Even the Quran allows one to hide their faith when their is fear of life. I am not asking you to be afraid. However no one should put themselves in danger to the brutal Salaf funded terrorism in Pakistan. I hide the fact that I am Shia in front of people I fear may be thirsty for my blood. So should youRecommend

  • Anybody

    first they killed Hindus….. I was silent
    then they killed bengalis….. I was silent
    they killed ahmadis….. I was silent
    they are now killing shias….. I am silent
    and when they will turn upon me……..there would be nobody to save me

    who so ever said this, meant for pakistanRecommend

  • Umair

    RA = radi Allah-o-anh in Arabic meaning may Allah be pleased with (him/her/them) depending on the gender used and usage as singular or plural.
    SAW = sal-Allah-o-alae-he-wasallam in Arabic meaning may Allah have mercy on him and his family used specifically for prophet Mohammed (S. A. W)
    P. B. U. H. = peace be upon him used for other prophets (in Arabic known as alae-hi-assalam or A. S. in short) Recommend

  • kanwal

    Loved this article. Recommend

  • BigotNot

    If a country can be created based on religion, the next logical question is what flavor of religion(sect) should be supreme in that country. If you think that creating a country based on religious identity is ok, what’s not ok about that same country being partitioned again based on religious sects?Recommend

  • The Hanging Sword

    You see all this sectarian violence got state backed approval in 1974 when Bhutto declared Ahmadis as non-muslims. That opened doors for further violence and gave confidence to the religious clerics to get other factions within Islam get declared as non-muslims as well. It was pretty disappointing and still is to see Shia Zakirs of those days participating in the anti-Ahmadiyya violence propagated by extremist mullahs, Today the same mullahs have pointed their guns towards Shia Muslims. As a Pakistani, Punjabi and An Ahmadi my heart aches to see my fellow countrymen and brethren get killed in such cold blood. I condemn the systematic and continuous genocide against the Shia Muslims, and I request them to please stand up not only for themselves but for all those who are oppressed. There is no limit to the demands of the Mullah, the state must be separated from the religion, that is the root of all evilRecommend

  • Sameer

    I see progress in the Pakistani society.

    Lately, very few people are blaming these tragedies on CIA/Moassad and RAW. They finally are giving credibility of these acts to TTP and LEJ and other home grown organizations.

    Once you own up to the cause and culprit, other steps for the solution will followRecommend

  • The Hanging Sword

    Full condemnation for the attacks against the SHIA Muslims, and Lanat on the attackers!

    But I also have a grudge against Shia Muslims, Did their leadership raise a voice when over 90 Ahmadis were matyred while praying in Lahore, did they officially condemn the grave desecration incident in Lahore recently, Despite a 20% population they let the government declare Ahmadis as non-muslims and in some instances supported this move. If you preach and struggle for religious independence and peace, does that only mean that it should be focused around Shia Muslims, shouldn’t that apply on all people?

    So here’s a suggestion for you. next time you guys go to the passport office to declare yourselves as muslims, please do cut out the following clauses since they target the religious ideology of a community, and also the NIC where the religious box is concerned



    This was just a point to ponder over and is not intended to offend anyone

    Deepest sympathies for the relatives of the deceased, The loss of each and every innocent life should be condemned. May Allah give strength and Patience to the realtives and loved ones of the deceased. May they RIPRecommend

  • Milestogo

    I am not sure if religious diversity is the solution here…there is only one Islam…Recommend

  • hussain

    There cannot be more beautiful representation of facts than this is….Yes the more you target us….the more louldly say”we are shias”..alhamdulillah..i was not religious…but now i am..i will visit majalis…juloos etc…..let the heavens fallRecommend

  • rz

    larki…chaa gayee hoo tum !!!Recommend

  • Najam

    Shaheed karne se phele zara soch lena
    Meri naslon ka naara bhi Ya Hussain (a.s) hoga

    Millitant sunnis must realize that to stop azadari they will have to kill us all. So be it.Recommend

  • Asad Bukhari

    R.A means Razi Allah talla anho in Arabic. In English, it means, May God be pleased with him. Its a prayerRecommend

  • bigsaf


    What you mention are deluded Wahhabi/Salafi/Sunni Islamist extremist talking points. The comparisons are unjustified and the typical blanket or broad brush anti-Shia bigoted propaganda. Do you think when you mention you’re Sunni then its justified to promptly compare you to 9/11 terrorists (though wouldn’t be surprised if you had a conspiratorial excuse or justification for that)? Its unfortunate such simplistic hypocritical, self-blameless, prejudiced and extreme warped views and thinking on complex global events persists on your part. Recommend

  • Dr.Hassan

    Shias do not believe in converting anybody forcibly or impose their belief on them.Its this king family of Saudis and the Salafists and their followers who have destroyed the Muslim world.Recommend