Dear Indian media, please stop spreading hate

Published: January 10, 2013

Large sections of the Pakistani media are actively working to bring Pakistan and India closer. The same can't be said for the Indian media. PHOTO: REUTERS

Last night I was able to catch a quick glimpse of the news that is being broadcasted in India currently. Since the alleged cross border raid by Pakistani forces that left two Indian soldiers dead, there has been much speculation.

Barkha Dutt, an Indian journalist fairly well known on this side of the border, read out a very tense, stern, hyped-up monologue that set the tone for her entire show.

Her emphasis, time and again, on the “unprovoked” aggression from the Pakistani side as well as the “gruesome” and “horrific” nature of the attack stood out.

Unprovoked because the Indian Army was attacked on its side of the LoC and had not launched an adventure of its own. Gruesome because according to the anchor, “one soldier was decapitated and the other may as well have been decapitated.”

For those who are still unaware, the Indian Army’s Northern Command has denied that either soldier was decapitated or had their throats slit, according to Reuters.

How the decapitation story found its way into the discourse is brilliantly chronicled here. Also, this report by an Indian website confirms that the alleged attack by the Pakistani forces seems to have been in response to an earlier raid by the Indian army, on January 6, that left one Pakistani soldier dead and another injured.

So the attack was neither “gruesome”, nor “unprovoked.” It was simply retaliation for an earlier Indian raid and it is still only “alleged.” Why?

There is a UN Military Observation mechanism already in place, on both sides of the LoC that can be called upon to investigate incidents of cease fire violations. India had not, until last night, called upon the UN mission to investigate the incident.

The UN mission is though going to investigate the January 6 incursion by Indian forces, which was promptly reported by the Pakistani side. As opposed to the patrol party engaging in a firefight, as happened on January 8, Indian forces physically attacked a Pakistani post and while retreating left behind a gun and a dagger.

Based on the better evidence, Pakistan appears to have a stronger case to complain.

Yet it is the Indian media, with even the more moderate anchorpersons, building an emotional, and hyped up narrative of barbarity and adventurism against Pakistan.

Politicians have played their part sure, but the charge is firmly being led by the media.

The sensationalism means that the Indian Army’s initial raid, which actually escalated tensions along the LoC, has been erased from the discourse.

Moreover a misreporting of the facts, coupled with TV screens flashing “When will India wake up” in red, are driving an increasingly hostile reaction against Pakistan.

The Pakistani media on the other hand did not raise much hue and cry on the Jan 6, 2012  incident.

A part of the reason could be that we are more focused on the so called WoT. However it is also true, and more relevant, that large sections of the Pakistani media are actively working to bring Pakistan and India closer.

That is why the media is careful not to over-hype incidents that can derail the peace process and put the perpetually strained relations between the countries under more pressure. We love our soldiers as much as the other side, and we have our fair share of hawks eager for confrontation, but that didn’t stop the media from taking a cautious, reasoned approach.

The irresponsible and sensationalist stances taken by the Indian media can thus push their counterparts in Pakistan into a very uneasy corner. Already there is valid criticism on the media for not presenting Pakistan’s case as well, and as forcefully, as it should have. Parts of the media have in response taken sterner lines.

This will only grow if the Indian media doesn’t change its attitude, and the resolve on this side to keep the larger interest in mind will weaken. Journalists seen as pro-India will be called out and their credentials called into question. When one or two channels finally take the aggressive “when will we wake up” line, others will most likely follow.

The Pakistani media might have taken the pro-peace, some would say pro-appeasement, line with regards India, but they won’t be able to hold it for long if their Indian counter-parts keep sacrificing reason on the altar of sensationalism.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Indian media is reporting the cross-border firing?

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Ali Ahmed

Ali Ahmed

A student, a freelancer, a Lahori stuck in Islamabad. Ali tweets @SkyisNeela

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Pessimist

    Oh no, here come the Indian trolls!


  • Pessimist

    On a more serious note, it’s hypocritical of you to criticise the Indian media for their biased reporting. Our media is no different. Are you telling me that our coverage to the incident was non-biased & fair?

    Some of the media reports after the Indian series were, to say the least, in a bad taste. We should wait for that UN report to come out before making any further accusations. Btw can I point out the irony of your article? You want the Indian media to stop spreading hate, yet this article will end up spreading hate for the Indians! You could have written about how emotions can get in the way of reporting key issues, yet you choose to only focus on one side of the border. Hmmmm… Recommend

  • Indian

    Get your facts right Recommend

  • Passing

    Nothing useful in the article, useless Recommend

  • CommonSence

    Indian trolls ?? b4 a single word from us?? Recommend

  • Infedel

    Oh dear peace loving author, why don’t u go and personally see the families of soldiers.. Or ur media is showing them in a happy mode or what?? Those families are demanding for thier sons head… Have some mercy, respect Geneva convection Recommend

  • rennymathew

    dear pakistani media stop ignoring the reality ,we are not war mongering people like u ur army is responsible for death of inocent kasahmiris and indian soldiersRecommend

  • Indian

    Not sure about facts but yes, media need to think what they are spreading and what would be long term effect of it. India and Pakistan should shake hands and leve together. If this happens, worl will see fastest growing nations as indo-pak.Recommend

  • Indian


    Dear pessimist, we indians have better things to do, other than trolling on an idiotic blog.
    Get a life!Recommend

  • tamil

    Correctly said. The media here has only one goal i.e sensationalism to get TRP. Dont worry there are many sane indians who knows the truth. This type of incidents have happened before.
    Media on both sides are doing a very bad job.Ask a pakistani who won the 1971 war or who provoked kargil?? The result is far from truth.The attitude of both media is to be condemned.On the bright there are a few honest reporters on both sides(Hindu/tribune/Dna). Recommend

  • dulen

    India and Pakistan are enemy turned brothers! LoC is meant only for pain, no gain. Allegation and counter allegation has assumed a character of super hit drama !!!Recommend

  • Vishal

    Nice thoughts, but can be appreciated on papers by only those wants to be away from actual and praticality at gorunds.
    Few questions to be answered to get ur thought to be supported by an Indian Citizen.
    1.–Why infilterations happens from only Pakistan to Indian Territory?
    2.–How many times Pakistan has informed Indian troops officially in case of they are aware of terrorist infiltrating Indian part from Pak captured Kashmir( as it always belongs to India)?
    3.–Why Pakistan not holding so called extremist who stays in Pak, to carry on the peace dialogues?
    These and many more un answered known facts holds not only Indians but Pakistani too, to have limitations in their thought about each other.
    Its not media who is favouring either of the side, infact Indian media is acting with more liberty these days whether its domestic or international issue some times we starting anger on them being crossing the limits, but media is media whether its Ind or Pak few reports always be questioned.
    Being an Indian Citizen I prefers to have peace in the Region but not at the cost of Self Respect and Integrity, Lets both of us have peace but to continue with it trust and self interospection required especially by Pakistan to understand why always they are getting targeted when ever any terrorism/provoking act comes into existance.Recommend

  • Syed Zain Najam

    Completely agree! Indian Army is the biggest cry baby. First they kill our soldiers, and now they are creating drama. Recommend

  • Tribune Reader

    Indian media knows there is money to be made in Anti-Pakistan reporting, that shit won’t change, what happened after 26/11 was that India’s elite gentry was attacked, which is why that was a game changer in India Pakistan relationships. If it was an attack on a slum, it would have probably been swept under the rug and been blamed on local criminal gangs.Recommend

  • Pessimist

    For Indian and other, well, Indians:

    It looks like my trolling worked on you guys :) Recommend

  • Vinod Kumar Gulati

    It is something strange. Pakistan never put up any protest for the so-called January 6th incident. Is it face-saving device now? It appears that some sections do not wish that both countries should come closer. There have been so many disturbances on the Indian soil, in which some people in Pakistan have been found involved but there is no constructive action taken so far by the Government of Pakistan to convince that something is being done.Recommend

  • uk muslim

    a pakistani telling not to spread hatred….

    i have no comment.Recommend

  • Gratgy


    It looks like my trolling worked on you guys :)

    On an optimistic note, atleast you think something worked for you.. finallyRecommend

  • Nitish

    @Tribune Reader: So this time ,attack slum gentry…..Let us see which way relationship goes………Recommend

  • Green

    @Vinod Kumar Gulati:
    Yes, all there is left for india to do now is to raise questions on ‘suspicious’ actions. Pakistan media reported on the January 6th event. Just not as ridiculously loudly and obnoxiously as the indian media chose to. Secondly, Pakistan is more than okay with the UN investigate both of these incidences, but india doesn’t want UN coming close to this issue – if you’re so sure, why shy away from an investigation? Thirdly, Pakistan did report this incident to the concerned authorities, what india has done is cry like a baby and jump to silly conclusions. A little bit of maturing is called for on the india side. Recommend

  • GrimmJow

    Indian Media apologizes for spreading false information about such a Dignified/Pure nation like Pakistan. We should learn from Pakistani media who are so much more responsible & mature!Recommend

  • UN

    Here it is:

    January 6th – India violates ceasefire and LoC and attacks a Pakistani post, injuring one soldier and killing another. This was completely UNPROVOKED.
    Pakistan conducts an investigation, finds india guilty, reports this incident.
    Indian army does not deny the allegations.
    January 8th – indian post is attacked, two soldiers die.
    Indian media goes apeshit and starts manufacturing facts such as, one guy was beheaded and another mutilated. Going as far as calling for an attack on Pakistan.
    Hours later, indian army says there was no beheading and no mutilation. The media continues to say that it was Pakistan army who conducted this attack nevertheless.
    Pakistan army denies all allegations, and invites UN investigation.
    India backs away from a third party investigation.

    These are the facts that I have accumulated after reading all over the internet about this incident. Based on these facts, India is the guilty party. Recommend

  • BS

    Families of the dead soldiers are asking for body with the head, which is missing. Let us blv for a second that army, Indian Media, and everyone else is lying. What about the mother? Is she lying too? What could be the reason?

    India doesn’t want or claim Gilgit or Balitstan or whatever. Its the Pakistanis who want Kashmir, and that’s precisely the reason they have been attacking India since times immemorial. The simple fact here is this, “Pak army controls Pak politics. And now because elections are nearing in Pak, this is surely a ploy developed by the corrupt Pak Army, and Politicians to generate some heat.

    Soldiers die in the line of duty, no doubt about that. But beheading? And its not for the first time, what Pak Army did to Cap Saurabh Kalia is out there in the open.Recommend

  • Oops

    You can literally use a venn diagram to describe Indian media and bollywood. Sadly the media has always been used as an avenue for hate mongering to attract votes.

    @Vinod Kumar Gulati
    Pakistan never put up any protest for the so-called January 6th incident

    Since you won’t come out of the box, here is some food for thought\story8-1-2013pg1_4Recommend

  • mohd

    Because pakistan medias are busy to report pakistan internal hate that they have no time to report cross border hate. Dear writer you knows internal hate in. Ur. Country shia killing ahmadia killing school bombing masjid bombing,bomb blast TTP attack list is longRecommend

  • Procastinator

    Pakistani media and its people did not react with as much as anger as Indian media has when 1 soldier on Jan 06 dies of bullet wounds. Neither they felt anything wrong in mutilating or decapitating enemy soldiers made of same human blood and flesh.

    Even the author went ahead to say that it wasn’t gruesome as the Indian soldiers were mutilated and not decapitated.

    There is something terribly wrong with Pakistani mindset. But then that’s because they are citizens of a country where where its soldiers, journalists & tourists have been beheaded and loss of human life in bomb blast or gun fire is a routine news.

    Its obvious they have built emotional resistance to such events. Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    Please stop killing our people. And please be nice to your minorities.
    you do that and we will stop reporting the facts on the mediaRecommend

  • MSR

    Following is the next step taken by Indian Govt in articulating and propagating hate against Pakistan. Pity!
    The Hindu – Jan 10
    Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said the information about the movement of Saeed in PoK was received by intelligence agencies about four to five days back and the government was trying to get details of his visit.

    “It has been our information that in PoK area, Hafiz Saeed had entered and talked to some people,” the Minister said.

    Asked whether militants were involved in carrying out the raid on Indian Army soldiers, Mr Shinde said, “I do not have that information. But we are very keen to get information. We are on the line”.

    The Home Minister ruled out putting the new India-Pakistan relaxed visa regime on hold, saying the government was not considering that option despite tension along the India-Pak border.

    “Whatever agreement has been entered into, it will be carried on. There is no rethinking on visa agreement,” he said.

    Asked when a judicial commission from Pakistan would visit India for cross examination of four persons in connection with the 26/11 Mumbai attack trial, Mr Shinde said no date has been fixed yet but the government wanted the process to be completed soon.

    “It (proposed visit of the panel) is a very positive step. The way they would be coming, we would also go…We want this case to be concluded as early as possible,” he said.<<<Recommend

  • http://Delhi Indian

    The Indian media is not spreading propaganda. the hate-infested Pakistan that is spreading toxic propaganda and crimes against India, and, worse still, engaging in its usual denial and deception antics that the entire world condemns. If you think you can become a modern state — beheading a soldier is not only unethical, primitive and against the canons of civilized behaviour but also a violation of the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War — you are dreaming. I wish India would not pander to a country that is on the brink of fragmentation and is long considered a failed state, a “still born infant” at the time of partition. If you are so concerned about Indian media’s reaction, you would do well to stop the barbarism that you are becoming notoriously famous for. The world likes to keep away from Pakistanis: the incidents about the treatment of Indian soldiers will now make Pakistanis parasitical worms in the international arena. If you have any decency, you would stop this barbarism at once ! India should use its power to tell the world to boycott Pakistan. Recommend

  • Anonymous Indian


  • Anonymous Indian

    Dear author,

    As one poster already posted, please get your facts right. If you are not aware of how this clashes began, let me enlighten you a bit. In the last week of December (I am not sure of the date), one of our jawans got killed on the LOC by your esteemed Pakistan Army (nothing short of being a barbaric army in my opinion) and another pregnant woman was killed and some village houses were damaged by the cross-border firing, so do you think that the IA should keep mum about these incidents. IA retaliated and so did yours, but the manner in which your army retaliated is beyond words. Indian media is right to bring out the issue in the manner in which it has done. We salute the Indian media for that. At least the media is working unlike our useless, spineless, and corrupt govt at the center.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The media in both countries have a lot of growing up to do.
    The words ‘ factual reporting ‘ and ‘ responsible reporting’ have still to be understood by both. Recommend

  • gp65

    Soldiers dying in cross border firing is one thing. But physically crossing the LOC and beheading soldiers and then taking back the head of soldier as a trophy – this is not BAU by any means. Also beheading is not a practice in India as it is in Pakistan. Even the Pakistani soldiers who died in Kargill and whose dead bodies Pakistan refused to accept were buried with dignity. Their heads were not severed.
    Ofcourse in a country where its own citizens’ graves are desecrated, dignity for the dead is not guaranteed.

    This incident could not have been ignored by Indian media and I am glad it did not.Recommend

  • JSM

    @Syed Zain Najam:
    Forgotten 1971. 91,000 of your brave soldiers were POWs in India. You are shameless.Recommend

  • Atif

    I agree with author. In fact I will go to the extent by saying that It seems that our media (specially English media) has decided that they will not publish anything that will displease the Indians.Recommend

  • John B

    Dear UN, what happened the day before Jan 6? Do not start an investigation from a timeline that is convenient to you. Collect the facts first and arrive at your conclusion.

    Your facts start in the middle of the story. Recommend

  • Pankaj

    We can talk peace as long as out relatives don’t get kill…

    The difference between India and pakistan … we value our Armed forces because of all the right reasons… for pakistan it is a sad story.Recommend

  • Pankaj

    @syed zain nazam…. tell me who was the cry baby after salala incident ???Recommend

  • Vijay Padiyar

    You have conveniently ignored two points:

    The Indian army, unlike the Pakistani army, does not dabble in politics and is firmly under the political command. So if you are trying to suggest that the Indian army or political establishment orchestrated this incident to ratchet up tensions, answer this: why would we invent reasons to ratchet up tensions when Pakistan has been handing them to us on a platter? Be it Mumbai (26/11), Kargil (1999), or the other incidents in between, Pakistan has consistently been needling India. If we were looking for excuses to hit back, there could not possibly have been a more opportune time to do so than after the Mumbai attack. If we did not exploit that incident, there’s no reason to invent a reason now.
    Pakistan has a history of lying. After Kargil, they denied that the Pakistani army was involved. This lie has been subsequently debunked by many eminent Pakistanis themselves, including senior politicians. After Mumbai, your political leadership denied that the terrorists were Pakistanis. No one in the world worth their name believes this, as you will accept. So today if Pakistan denies a hand in this incident, please give me one good reason why we should take that denial at face value?



  • David

    Article Full of disinformation. Recommend

  • Nishant

    I wonder how many news were presented of the 6 January attacks by the Pakistani media?Recommend


    If you call what the Indian media portrays as ‘Hate’ then Pakistans ears must be pulled internationally for the anti Hindu sentiment portrayed on your silver screens! Please put a lid to it; havent you really had enough of insult, internationally? Recommend

  • rahul

    Indian Media is seriously a hyperbole. Paksitanis should stop placing importance on indian media……..( we ourselves hate it)Recommend

  • Jim

    Dear Ali Ahmed

    There is no need for the Indian media to spread any hatred. There is plenty of it going around in Pakistan. Look around and see the bomb blasts, suicide attacks, and death toll today and you will see it. India is the least of Pakistan’s problems. You have to first get rid of the hate within you, within your society, in your text books and in your daily discourses. There may be a few exceptions, but by and large there has been an institutional fostering of hatred in Pakistan of India/Indians, Israel/Jews, America/Americans. In India, we are not officially taught to hate Muslims or think of them as outsiders although there may be societal discrimination against them as there is against Dalits, women etc. So please stop this about how Indian media is promoting hate etc. The fact is Pakistan was born in hatred and bigotry and the dissenting voices you hear in the Pakistani media (thank god for that) is telling us how wrong your national narrative was. We have no such issues in India; our national narrative was and remains secular despite efforts by right wing elements to undermine it. That is why 180 million Muslims live relatively quietly in our imperfect country. All this is probably very difficult for you to get around your brainwashed head fed on a steady diet of evil India. Best wishesRecommend

  • perwana

    @Infedel: So you are saying that Geneva convection allows one to kill but doesn’t allow the other to do the same? Grow up; will you? It was Indian army who killed Pakistani soldier first so if you kill our soldier expect us to kill yours. Recommend

  • perwana

    @Vinod Kumar Gulati: Pakistan did protest about 6th Jan’s incident. UN’s spokes person has confirmed this. The only thing which Pakistan lacks is proper media. Media which can do some good propaganda as good as Indian media’s propaganda. In order to take action you need evidences which has not been provided by India (except imaginative evidences). India keeps talking about Mumbai attacks but on the same time it hesitates from cooperating with Pakistani investigation. Look at recent example Pakistani lawyers went India to take statements but they were restricted to meet only certain people. What does that mean? It means there is something fishy on Indian side which India is trying to hide. Recommend

  • perwana

    @uk muslim: Stop using ‘UK muslim’ name as i can sense you are surely not what you are saying you are.Recommend

  • Satish Chandra

    (Jan. 4 ’13) In saying that the rise in incidents of rapes and gang rapes in India is a product of Westernization, the RSS chief was saying what I said two decades ago in a letter in Boston Globe, in response to an editorial about the rise in the number of dowry deaths in India, which was close to the following: ‘that the editorial correctly notes that such incidents are increasing in number and they usually involve demands by the victim’s in-laws for Western – style consumer goods — cars, VCRs, etc. — but that this is a consequence of contact with the West. It was to ward off evils such as consumerism that as recently as the turn of the century travel by Indians to foreign lands was considered polluting and was forbidden. Both the young Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were required to do penance and undergo purification before being allowed back into society on their return from England, though only Gandhi complied. While Gandhi led a mass movement to shun Western goods which he ritually burned in bonfires, the more modern Nehru pushed India toward Western-style industrialism and materialism. / In India’s dowry deaths, the in-laws become involved because of the family system but my guess is that, overall, violence — including violence against women — exists at considerably higher levels in the modern West. The flames that burn India’s brides are the same that burned Kuwaiti oil wells and Iraqi children and they originate in the West.’

    While Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes women have been subject to occasional sexual exploitation in the past also, the RSS chief’s point was that the occurrence of rapes and gang rapes of upper caste women is a product of Westernization. When Abhishek Singhvi, as chairman of parliament’s committee on Law and Justice, he was following an American custom of requiring sex from women before being given a job — the kind of thing Indian members of parliament are sent to Yale University to learn. After I wrote about the trafficking of Indian children to white countries to be used as food — RAWsTraffickingOfIndianChildrenDOTblogspotDOTcom — a report in dailyDOTbhaskarDOTcom of February 20, 2012 (dailyDOTbhaskarDOTcom/article/UP-another-horror-nithari-like-vampires-exposed-in-meerut-2878885DOThtml?HT4=&msg=476057 ) said “locals have busted a 150-member gang, which allegedly used to slaugther abducted children, roast their bodies and eat them after failing to strike a handsome deal with child traffickers. … During interrogation, the youth, identified as Amarjeet, has disclosed he is a member of a child trafficking gang and is paid Rs 10,000 to kidnap children on board trains in Delhi and Haryana. / The police were left aghast when Amarjeet confessed that gang members cut abducted children into pieces, roast their bodies and eat them after failing to strike a handsome deal with child traffickers, IG, Meerut range, Rajiv Krishna said. / The accused has also confessed to abducting a large number of children from nearby areas and selling them to child traffickers in Delhi and Haryana, Krishna said.” I wrote: “these traffickers, who are Hindus from the heart of India’s heartland, have adopted the practice of eating the children they cannot sell at a good price. This would be similar to Indians working in call centers serving Americans adopting, along with American accents, American-like sex and drug practices.”

    (Jan. 6 ’13) The Delhi gang rape case is simply a manifestation of the Anglo-American rape of India and the solution for this and all of India’s problems is in the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States by India. I have shown how India can do that and India’s nuclear forces have followed my advice and prepared themselves to do that: NuclearSupremacyForIndiaOverUSDOTblogspotDOTcom

    (Jan. 9, 2013) To divert attention from what I wrote on January 4 and 6 ’13 above, the CIA had RAW, RAW-controlled army and counterparts in Pakistan stage clashes along the line of control in Kashmir, beheadings and mutilation of soldiers, etc., as the Anglo-Americans have been doing for over a century. Also, after I wrote the above, the RSS chief named a non-white country, China, as the danger to India; with his pea-sized brain and lack of character, he — like the rest of India’s population with pea-sized brains and lack of character — cannot bring himself to think of destroying the real enemy — the Anglo-Americans — with nuclear weapons. On April 2, 2010 I wrote: “The stupidity and cowardice of India’s missile men is responsible for all of India’s problems. They occupy themselves with unproductive activities when all that is needed is prepositioning India’s nuclear bombs in U.S. cities OR getting rid of the traitor regime in New Delhi”. Since then they have emplaced India’s nuclear warheads in U.S. cities but India’s nuclear forces are still responsible for all of India’s problems by failing so far to trigger the warheads which will destroy — along with Washington and New York — RAW and RAW-controlled government, media and population of New Delhi and enable the rest of India’s population to be brought out of control of the CIA and Anglo-Americans.

    (Jan. 10, 2013) RAW put a death threat on my Facebook home page — only I am supposed to be able to post there — in the form of a post headed ‘Deshbhakt Memorial Committee’ in Punjabi script after reports appeared that the above border incident of beheadings of Indian army men was committed by Lashkar-e-Toiba, not Pakistan’s army and a report in The Hindu described back and forth beheadings by the Indian and Pakistani armies in Kashmir in the recent past.

    But for my intervention, Indians are fit only to be slaughtered as cattle and used as food by whites as the child trafficking gang in Meerut, above, is doing. For my intervention to be successful only India’s nuclear forces need to obey me. So far they have not triggered the warheads they have emplaced in U.S. cities on my advice and India’s population will increasingly be used as cattle to provide meat for the white man’s dining table. Indians are quite happy with that.

    Satish ChandraRecommend

  • usmanyyy

    Their media is cheap and overly dramatic, unprofessional with horrible journalistic standards. maybe that’s why so many are here…commenting on every post.Recommend

  • jazz

    ‘Two Indian soldiers were killed in the attack and their bodies subjected to barbaric and inhuman mutilation’….these are the exact word used by northern command….and you say quoting them that attack was not gruesome…cross border firing Is not a new phenomenon but this is new…hence it is unprovoked..your army wants India to take action so that you people go completely behind them & when they coup in recent future there is no outburst against them(Pak is seeking election in 2013..a first time for it when power is transferred from one democracy to next) They donot want to loose power and yes! Majority of budget…Is it not easy to do it by provoking a skirmish of siachin standard.Recommend

  • http://siddi sid

    Let them spread hate, let them radicalize, let them bully us ..
    Mahar hain na aman ke asha :) disgraceful society ! Recommend

  • O2

    lol @ all the Indian troll’s who have migrated to ET – keep on crying crazy flock.Recommend

  • Queen

    As usual, the Indian media is crying out loud to gain TRPs.

    Everyone is blaming the other for the incident. No one here has focused on the loss of lives on both sides of the border.

    Indians need to understand that we Pakistanis did not “cry” like them when our soldiers were killed by their troops on 6 January. Even if the Indian soldiers have been allegedly killed, Pakistan condemns the incident and we have sympathy with the families. However, I did not see any such reaction from the Indians when Pakistani soldiers were killed. Were Pakistani soldiers not the brothers of someone? We are saddened over the loss of life but we did not start the blame game like India.

    My advice: Indian, please learn to live like a peaceful neighbor. Recommend

  • O2

    The amount of hatred in India can never go away, it is always prevalent & can be seen on ET too. They celebrate when our people die, they are always lurking on Pakistani news websites to jump onto something bad in Pakistan & start their troll trash on Pakistanis & when something bad in India is reported all these joker’s run away from the comment section as if they don’t even exist lol They have a conspicuous deranged mindset, they do not accept Muslims nor they accept the existence of Pakistan, let them spew their hatred, we are not of the same class as them.Recommend

  • raj786

    We r much humble than u. Killing is might b usual for u not for sure we will raise a vocie.we cant quit simply like u:-PRecommend

  • Virendra Nath Bhatt

    Those spreading hate’ are ignorant of the history. On August 15, 1947, India got freedom from the British colonial masters while for Pakistan, only the nomenclature of the masters changed from British to USA (NATO). Pakistan, conduct against India in last 65 years is exactly as per the purpose for which it was created by the colonial masters. The invasion of Afghanistan by the then USSR in December 1979, proved the foresightedness of the British. They needed a puppet state for the great game in Afghanistan. This rag tag nation called Pakistan is struggling for an identity was blessed in 1971, when Bangladesh seceded from it and the second opportunity for finding an identity came in December 1979, under Zia Ul Haq, who had described the special 400 million $ US aid ,in the wake of Russian invasion of Afghanistan aspeanuts’. Now the Geo political stagiest are talking of endgame in Afghanistan. Let us hope for light at the end of the tunnel and long cherished desire of the people of Sind, Paakhtoonwaa and Baluchistan, of having a nation state is fulfilled. It’s a long journey from Great game’ toEnd game’, may herald the end of the `Hate’. Recommend

  • Anoop

    2 reasons why it was an act of stupidity by the Pakistanis to retaliate.

    1) India has more weapons, can shell longer ranges, for a greater intensity. Can financially afford the conflict. Its a game of attrition. Pakistan is nearly bankrupt and can ill afford wasting precious money on the conflict.

    India has also many dominant positions, which it has taken in the many wars and can incur minimum casualties. Take yesterday’s Pakistani soldier’s death. Indians sitting pretty on the mountains, took out a Pakistani soldier.

    Its utterly foolish to take on an adversary who has more weapons, better weapons, more money and stronger and dominant positions if it can be avoided.

    2) Pakistan is fighting a soldier-intensive insurgency in the tribal areas. If India moves its troops, it will be forced to respond as well. If that does happen, who are the people who gain? MILITANTS!!

    One Pakistani soldier gets killed by an Indian soldier, all hell breaks lose, hundreds get massacred by the Taliban, nobody barely notices.

    Pakistan can ill-afford any skirmish with India. Like it or not, India doesn’t have such great constraints. Its ludicrous for you to blame Indian media. India is the dominant power and can build posts wherever it wants. Pakistan has to play by the situation at hand. Not everything is about hitting back instantly.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    This blog and comments on it are a reflection of overall state of affairs in both countries, hundreds die every day, millions suffer from disease, hunger and poverty all thier lives no one cares on either sides, one or two soldiers get killed “ON THE JOB” and all hue and cry starts. Our apathy, we millions of ordinary humans, Indians and Pakistanis suffer to feed our huge armies just to maintain our false prides, we chose to live like that, why we cry when the game happens as it should happen, aren’t soldies paid to fight and die? But citizen die out of hunger and disease for no fault, no one cares nor even the soldiers and thier generals !!!

    Media is commercial tool, let them make money, find fault in urself !Recommend

  • Sab33N

    and yet .. here you are .. commenting on that blog :)

    bahahahahahahahaha Recommend

  • O2

    @Virendra Nath Bhatt:
    Sorry to break this news to you but Pakistan is not going to break as per your wishes, thanks for proving my point that Indians never accepted the fact that Pakistan is a reality & wish to see Pakistan in smaller states. East Pakistan was strategically hard for West Pakistan to hold onto since it was 1000’s of miles away, but that wont work in Baluchistan & KPK no matter how many consulates your Government opens in Afghanistan. End game is for India & NATO come 2014, peace will prevail soon in this region :) Please look after your own country, things are getting out of hands.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Muhammad: “Indians and Pakistanis suffer to feed our huge armies just to maintain our false prides,”

    It maybe pride that makes Pakistan spend a lot on its army. In the earlier yeas India did not spend much on the army at all. 1962 was a wake-up call that changed mindsets. Good thing too because Pakistan imposed 3 wars on us.

    India cannot and should not ever choose war but it must defend itself against a hate filled bully.Recommend

  • Queen

    Indians are literally crying on ET :) Grow up man!Recommend

  • Fact Corrector

    @Vishnu Dutta: Dear Vishnu, what have you done to Babri Majid and muslims in Gujrat?Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    Its utterly foolish to take on an adversary who has more weapons, better weapons, more
    money and stronger and dominant positions if it can be avoided.

    Sounds like Pakistan alright!Recommend

  • Fact Corrector

    @Anonymous Indian: Do you want war? Don’t even think about the war my friend. You are unaware of the consequences.Recommend

  • Fact Corrector

    @Pankaj: Pankaj you are not a party in Salala so don’t discuss thatRecommend

  • Sane

    @Vishnu Dutta:

    Please stop killing our people. And please be nice to your minorities.
    you do that and we will stop reporting the facts on the media

    This is all Indians, poised to spread hatred and fake propaganda. Before, giving lesson about minorities first correct your home. What about burning Muslims alive in Samjhota Express?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    I guess what the author is trying to say is “Please stop spreading hate or you will be sued by Pakistanis for copyright infringment”Recommend

  • Iceman

    We’ve not developed thick skin that we forget provocation. 100s die every day in bomb blasts in Pakistan. 2 more killed? No big deal. Isn’t it? That’s why you don’t find it shocking. But, not here. If unilateral action is taken, you blame us because of our size. We we complain, we are labelled “cry babies”? I guess unilateral action is what you prefer, such as drones. FYI, 2 killings are retaliated with 2 killings – cry babies don’t do that.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    oh come on Indians … why don’t you go pick someone your own size !!! All your lives you have been wary of a country 1/10th your size … some life you have :)Recommend

  • Sane


    Dear pessimist, we indians have better things to do, other than trolling on an idiotic blog.
    Get a life!

    But still you and many of you trolling. Why dont’t you all have milk and sleep tight.Recommend

  • J man

    Great piece… Indians and obviously there media has a lot of growing up to do…Recommend

  • PakiKaka

    Damn you Pakistani cricket team. You really shouldn’t have won the cricket series. Now the indian media is up to their usual antics to spread hate to gain sympathies for there team for losing to Pakistan. Recommend

  • Punjaagi

    Seems like a collusion of BCCI, indian military and the media. Considering how powerful BCCI is (Dhoni MoM) they probably asked military to kill Pakistani soldiers and paid the media to sensationalize it to take attention away from their loss in the cricket series. LolRecommend

  • Mr T

    You’re asking indian media to stop spreading hate?
    Can pigs ever fly, duh dudeRecommend

  • Faryal G

    And the indian trolls go berserk. Hahahah. Fantastic job dude. Aag laga di hai bachon ko.Recommend

  • MAK

    Hate begets hate. Indians keep spreading hate; they will only get more hate in return !!!Recommend

  • Queen

    The pot calling the kettle black :) It seems India wants to take revenge of Pakistan’s win in the cricket series. Recommend

  • amit

    @Baba Ji:
    lol for ur information indian size is 4X bigger and population wise india is 6X bigger not 10X .and indian economy is 9X bigger than pak .Recommend

  • Gratgy

    oh come on Indians … why don’t you go pick someone your own size !!!

    If a mosquito keeps biting us we will keep swatting it again and again regardless of the size of the mosquitoRecommend

  • Pakistani [Dil Se]


    Beware–A mosquito can make an elephant dance on its toes LOL: DRecommend

  • abhi

    So blog writer is blaiming other Indian media for wormongering while destorting facts himeself!
    Where are the ethics buddy?Recommend

  • Xoya

    WOW . Its worked Pessimist

    Good JobRecommend

  • umer

    Most of the Indian media like India today, Times of India, Hindustan Times are infested with Hindu extremists who publishes anti pakistan news on a day to day basis. The result is that the general public ends up against indian muslims.Recommend

  • Noor

    @pessimist – I adore your sense of humour :D Recommend

  • Razi

    I thought you had left ET. Unfortunately, you are back with your hate mongering.Recommend

  • gp65

    @umer: ” The result is that the general public ends up against indian muslims.”

    DOn’t compare apples to oranges. This issue relates to Indo-Pak relations and has nothing to do with presence or absence of communal harmony in India. IT is driven by its own dynamics and is not affected by anything that happens with Pakistan.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Fact Corrector: “@Vishnu Dutta: Dear Vishnu, what have you done to Babri Majid and muslims in Gujrat?”

    First of all Gujrata riots are an internal matter of India and have nothing to do with PAkistan. Secondly, Gujarat riots happened 11 years back in 2002 and Babri masjid 20 years back. Also Gujarat riots were started by Indian Muslims burning 60 Hindu pilgrims. Finally India has tried and sentenced over 33 Hindu rioters including a senior minister for riots where 790 Musims and 254 Hindus ahad died. Remember 790 Muslims 11 years back and that too there has been justice. Please tell me how many people have been tried let alone sentenced for the thousands that are being target killed in Karachi, Quetta and Gilgit?

    @Baba Ji: “oh come on Indians … why don’t you go pick someone your own size !!! All your lives you have been wary of a country 1/10th your size … some life you have :)”

    India never chooses war. Every war that India and Pakistan have had has been imposed by Pakistan. But you need to get over the entitlement that as Muslims you have a right to rule over us. When you attack, India can and will defend itself and also make sure there are consequences for Pakistan for its actions.
    @Queen: “Indians are literally crying on ET :) Grow up man!”

    Not t all. The Indian foreign office is responding at the appropriate level. We are just disputing this absurd blog that seems to think that beheading of soldiers is an action that can be overlooked by Indian media.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    This article in the Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ talks of how all this started. Definitely the whole thing is being whipped up too much by Indian media. Unfortunately, most comments in response to Ali’s article seem extremely biased because of his nationality and have nothing to do with fact checking.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Neither the Indian nor Pakistan Govt. is in a position to decide for war or peace. Indian women are in revolt whereas people of Pakistan from Swat to waziristan and Quetta to Karachi are still celebrating the new year with fireworks. But the little man sitting safely underground with his finger not far from the loly pops in Pakistan is getting restless and can make a move terminating permanatly the DeJa vu on the Kashmir border. Do not overstress him since he knows that unlike Russia and the USA, Pakistan lives on because of first strike strategy!

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • zeeshan sheikh

    Actually Both sides of media are spreading hate but against Pakistan only.

    Like this tabloid Endian Tribune approving Indian comments against Pakistan Army but not allowing comments against india.Recommend

  • PakistanUnited

    “Pen is more powerful than sword”
    You killed dozens of channels propaganda with one blog- BRAVORecommend

  • observer

    Yes, time to become as peace loving as Zaid Hamid, Ahmad Qraishi, Shireen Mazari, The Nation etc. etc.Recommend

  • Anonymous Indian

    Pakistanis who think that Indians are trolling on ET just because India lost the cricket series against Pakistan are simply wrong in their assessment. Cricket is not a game of life and death, is it??? Whereas manning and protecting the porous borders at the LOC is seriously a game of life and death for our soldiers. We value the life of our soldiers who carry out the thankless job of protecting the borders from unscrupulous elements who try to sneak into India. So, when we see Indian soldiers being beheaded/mutilated, it greatly pains us, and mind you, this is not the first time that Pakistan Army has committed such a heinous act. This is the reason why you find us Indians making aggressive comments on ET that probably hurts your sentiments. As such, you cannot fault us for that. Recommend

  • John B

    @Satish Chandra:
    I missed you for a long time; thought you are undergoing treatment for your own good.


  • Pessimist

    For gp65:

    Why on earth are you wasting your time replying tomessages? Surely you’re better than that Ma’am!!Recommend

  • Tired of this!

    GET A LIFE PEOPLE ! Stop fighting here, To Indians: if you disagree so much then whats the point in coming here? You should only come here when you really want to know the other side of the story which can be true too. To Pakistanis: Why bother answering them when its their right to think whatever they want to. Recommend

  • Ali Omer

    @Vinod Kumar Gulati:
    Dear Vinod, now lets take a pause for a while, see Indians had always been blaming Pakistani institutions not being under Government’s control due to which you blame Pakistan for having disturbances on your soil, but may I have your views on the today’s comment of your own indian supreme court saying that the capital Dehli is an un-safe place to live, your own media (Zee News) says that the capital of future economic giant is an un-safest place to live. Now when your own police, armed forces and other law enforcement agencies are unable to even safeguard your capital, do you expect Pakistan to be so much free to create disturbances in india?

    don’t you think that india has been involved in creating disturbances in Pakistan? India talk about Ajmal Kasab, so what about the attacker of Samjhota Express in which hundereds of Pakistanis were killed by an indian army officer? This is kind act of Pakistan that we are tolerating this childish behaviour of india, otherwise a time will come when we surely will have to decide for the final answer.Recommend

  • Ali Omer

    @Vijay Padiyar:
    Vijay stop giving these childish arguments that your indian army is not involved in politics? everyone knows it does have role in making government, now you said a lot about 26/11, but would you say something on involvement of an indian army officer who had confessed himself about killing many Pakistanis in Samjhota Express?
    Your own supreme court slaps on your government performance that your own capital city is un-safe place. If indians are even not able to safe guard one city, why they keep on saying to defend a big piece of land!!!!Recommend

  • Ali Omer

    very well said rahulRecommend