Messi wins Ballon d’Or four times in a row

Published: January 9, 2013

Statistics and figures prove that Messi is the best player of his era. PHOTO: REUTERS

2013 couldn’t have started better for Messi. He successfully managed to win the Ballon d’Or award for the fourth time in a row; an achievement which hasn’t been accomplished before.

On January 7, the Ballon d’Or awards ceremony was held in Zurich, Switzerland. Messi won this prestigious award ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Andreas Iniesta.

2012 itself was a record breaking year for the 25-year-old Argentinean maestro Lionel Messi. Prior to the match against Real Betis on Dec 9, 2012, he had scored 84 goals (in the year) and this meant that he needed two more goals to surpass the previous record of 85 goals held by the German legendary striker Gerd Muller.

The match turned out to be a monumental occasion for the Barcelona forward Messi, who ended up breaking Gerd Muller’s record of 85 goals.

Messi scored 91 goals for the season. He is the highest goal scorer in the history of Futbol Club (FC) Barcelona.

Lionel Messi has been invincible in the last few seasons, renowned for his lethal finishing, dribbling skills and ball control; he is able to alert the best of defences in the world. Perhaps, what makes him scarier for his opponents is that he is still improving and becoming better with each passing season.

Messi’s fourth Balon d’Or in a row signifies that he has surpassed legends such as Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo. The latter players had won the Ballon d’Or thrice in their respective careers.

After Messi’s profound success, he is being compared to legends such as Pele and Maradona. However, some critics believe that he is unable to compete with them due to his lack of success on an international level.

While Pele and Maradona have been responsible for bringing the World Cup home, Messi has not had such an opportunity before. But with time on his side, he can attain this success at the international stage for Argentine. Lucky for him, the World Cup 2014 will be in the neighbouring Brazil.

Statistics and figures prove that Messi is the best player of his era. He’s unstoppable.

So, as avid football fans we must know that we are getting to witness something special when Messi is playing. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the show put up by one of the greatest players of our generation!

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Bilal Muzaffar

Bilal Muzaffar

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  • SHAH

    Messi didn’t deserve it, CR7 is far better candidate with LA LIGA and Euro Semi Final. Remember when Gerd Muller make his record by super passing Pele he did not receive this recognition because he has no silverware at that year. So with out any big Silverware giving this award to Messi is injustice. Although Balon d’or has lost his creditability in 2009 when it went to Messi instead of Trio winner (CL, Seria A, Italian Copa) and Finalist of WC2010, Wesley Sneijder.Recommend


    messi is the best ever in football history. I’ve never hear or see a player like messi in my life. may God bless Messi.Recommend

  • SHAH

    This Mean You Start Watching Football From 2009. Zidane, R9, Maldini, Raul and Many more are far better than Messi. Who never ever do any thing special for his home land.Recommend

  • Philosiraptor

    Good thing Malala didn’t win that.Recommend

  • Critical

    If winning trophies is the criteria for winning Ballon D’Or ,then Fernando Torres must have won this year hands down…He has a UCL trophy,FA Cup,Euro Cup and a Golden Boot….but even a hardcore Chelsea fan would laugh if Torres would have won it…..

    You must be a Crissy fanboy who couldnt digest the fact that your idol gets beaten by Messi both on the field and in the awards for past 4 years.

    Besides,speaking of contribution to country,what did Crissy Ronaldo do?? Oh yeah,he didnt even take a penalty when it mattered the most.Recommend

  • saad khan

    messi truely deserves itRecommend

  • saad khan

    cr will be totally devestated after not winning the world player again….he ll be thinking wat more he has to do to win the awardRecommend

  • Ovais

    Lol .. those who have no clue about football write about it .. its just a sad case .. please realize football is not numbers .. its that something special .. but u will never get .. u dont even know what offside is and how good defenses use it to their favor .. and obv you wont cause u never saw stroke play … or good epl teams for you its just the competition less spanish league …

    CR7 Fan for life :) Recommend

  • http://google badness

    I’m not a messi fan, i’m a cr7 fan but i have to admit it MESSI!!!! is the batter player and thats just factsRecommend

  • Pessimist

    The entire awards ceremony has been a farce for a long time now. Ronaldo deserved to win the award this year. If you want further proof of what a joke this ceremony was, then look at the FIFA XI!!Recommend

  • Anti-Messi

    To all Messi Fans…In a recent reveal many football stars current and ex have raised their voice regarding their vote. They gave their best player vote to some one else and fifa turned their vote in to a vote for messi…shows how equal FIFA is when it comes to awarding the “right” players…i can share comments made by certain players if any messi fan wants proofRecommend

  • Usman Ilyas


    I totally agree with you. Though I am not fan of either Messi or Ronaldo but I believe Ronaldo was the deserving of the three candidates. It was his major contribution that Real Madrid won the league along with another domestic cup. And, in the Euros 2012, he almost single handedly brought his team up to the semi finals. I was surprised when the winner was announced as Messi didn’t won any major trophy that season.

    Messi is an extraordinary player and scored an astonishing number of 91 goals but it is very unfair that he was chosen over Ronaldo. You are absolutely right that Ballon d’Or lost its credibility in 2009 when it was not awarded to Wesley Sneijder despite winning a treble and going into the finals of World Cup. The next year, 2010, it went to Messi because he won La Liga and CL; fair enough. But when it came to individual performance, Ronaldo was better as he broke the goals record by scoring 40 goals in La Liga and won the golden show but still went to Messi. Very unfair.


    I am a Chelsea fan but I believe your comment regarding Fernando Torres doesn’t make sense because everyone knows the fact that he was benched in all competitions’ finals. It was Drogba who scored important goals in FA Cup Final and CL Final (and penalty). During Euro 2012, he came on as a substitute when his team was comfortably 2-0 up against 10-men Italy and some 10-15 minutes to go. He was quite lucky to get Golden boot as he scored 2 against poor Ireland and 1 against already demoralized Italy.

    However, CR7 was the leading scorer for his club last season with 60 goals (overall) which means that his goals served as a major contribution in winning the La Liga and another domestic cup. To name his achievements last season, Ronaldo become the fastest player to reach 100 goals in Spanish league history. In reaching 101 goals in 92 games, Ronaldo surpassed Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskás. Ronaldo set a new club mark for individual goals scored in one year (60), and became the first player ever to score against all 19 opposition teams in a single season. And his goals against Barca sealed the title in El-Classico. Don’t you think these records are quite enough for him to win Ballon d’Or? Talking about Euro 2012, Ronaldo, on his own, brought his team to the semi finals. Unfortunately he could not take that penalty when it mattered but what about Messi when he missed the penalty against Chelsea in CL semi-final when it also mattered the most? Messi made history with 91 goals but I don’t think he deserved it.Recommend

  • Skuxx

    Be quiet and just suck it up okay!!!! Messi won and theres nothing you can do about it and stop bringing up the past man!! There is no competition anymore between the two for one reason only, we compare messi to maradonna, pele, johan cruyff etc and yet we compare cristiano ronaldo to lionel messi!! What does that tell you? Thats what i thought!Recommend

  • Skuxx

    To all people that still doubt that messi deserves it, did you know that messi did not vote for himself? He voted for his two teamates xavi and iniesta. That must mean something, and also to all ronaldo fans, i bet that if it was ronaldo that won the Ballon d’or 4 times in a row instead of messi, he would’ve been like “im the best in the world, my hair is so awesome” but too bad hes not. VISCA BARCA!!! Oh and btw real madrid is behind by alot of points lmao good luck ronaldo messi already has 26 goals and is probably on hos way to winning his 5th ballon d’or ;) well good luck :)Recommend

  • Critical

    @Usman Ilyas:
    I used Torres example just to show that Trophies alone will not be a factor to win the Ballon D’Or…I agree that Ronaldo did play a huge part in their La Liga crown..But La Liga is a match of 38 games,not a cup competition and every match is important as the other…

    Let me show u the statistics
    The top 3 scorers for Madrid were Ronaldo(46),Higuain(22),Benzema(21)= 89 goals
    top 3 scorers for Barcelona were Messi(50),Sanchez(12),Xavi(10)=72
    David Villa got injured midway and Pedro hit a mental block,therefore noone was taking the responsibility of scoring alongwith Messi…This is like an opener scoring a century and then the middle order collapses,while the opposition team scores just 50s,30s but chase the runs…

    Well,if scoring for winning team is concerned,then how come Aguero with his 23 goals(including that last second winner) didnt win the PFA award instead of 3rd place Arsenal’s RVP???

    Besides,if not scoring a penalty when it mattered the most is a criteria for rejection,then as a Chelsea fan u would know that Ronaldo missed a penalty in 2008 finals but still won Ballon d’Or,and it would have been costly had Terry not been slipped….Besides,Barca hit the post shocking 10 times in that match,it was Chelsea’s day…

    @Anti-Messi Those links about Rosicky,Lahm telling about votes getting rigged are all fakeRecommend

  • SHAH

    @Skuxx … Poor Plastic fan of Barcelona. Thiago Silva claim that he voted for Ronaldo but FIFA put his vote in favor of Messi. So now what you will say about this. Recommend

  • shaggy

    saf had described cr as a perfect player…cr is soo unlucky…Recommend

  • shaggy

    @shah he s rt fifa does allot of favoritism…n 2010 messi didnt deserved it..didnt won da shud havv been iniesta or snejner who had great year for their countries and clubRecommend