Qazi Hussain Ahmad’s memorable leadership

Published: January 10, 2013

I remember that emotive slogan, and the zeal which surrounded Qazi sahib’s leadership. PHOTO: FILE

The sudden demise of two towering personalities, Professor Ghafoor Ahmed and Qazi Hussain Ahmad, are irreparable losses for the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI.) Both figures served on key slots in the party. I pray that the departed souls are bestowed with eternal peace and their followers and families are given enough courage to bear their demise.

When I was a college student, I often heard the slogan ‘zalamo Qazi aa raha hai’ (O wicked people, Qazi is coming). It was the early 1990s and Qazi Hussain Ahmad was the Ameer of JI.

The suburbs of my city were plagued by an alleged smuggler, who was a member of the Punjab Assembly named Muhammad Akram alias Bella Butt. This lawmaker was notorious for grabbing lands, setting homes on fire and dislocating families forcefully to settle personal enmities.

As the general elections were around the corner, the residents of the area searched desperately for someone who could counter Butt’s brutality. Some of them also related their grievances to Qazi sahib.

In order to address Butt’s atrocities, Qazi sahab decided to march towards the area where he was based – the Basin village bordering Wagah. Some JI workers gathered in the area a night before the scheduled date. Foreseeing a tumultuous encounter, law enforcement agencies deployed heavy contingents.

On the other hand, Butt gathered hundreds of outlaws and criminals with ammunition in his sanctuary to retaliate and combat with the JI and its supporters.

Heavy aerial firing and tear-gas shelling was undertaken by the law enforcing agencies to disperse workers and prevent Qazi sahib from reaching the destination. He and his caravan were halted outside the village by the police.

They departed only after the force provided the assurance of justice for aggrieved families of the area. A big threat of massacre was staved off after an agreement signed between stakeholders.

Since then, I remember that emotive slogan, and the zeal which surrounded Qazi sahib’s leadership.

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Anwer Sumra

Anwer Sumra

A reporter for The Express Tribune in Islamabad.

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  • bangash

    What a useless story.Recommend

  • Umer

    Yes, memorable it was but not for the right reasons.Recommend

  • http://UK Saleem

    They played politics with religion. Their part never had popular support as evidenced by poor performance in elections. This party has sided with dictators and used force and violence in Universities. Recommend

  • Timour

    JI was a party of intellectuals who wrote books and actually provided a great service to Islam, and while I hate speaking ill of the dead, this guy during his term as Ameer completely gave up that part and focused on the Jihad and Amrika bad and Hindu begone style politics which basically brings us to where we as a nation are today and where JI as a party is today.Recommend

  • Umer

    Is it the same Qazi who supported dictators and Taliban or are we discussing a different Qazi?Recommend

  • Salman

    Back when i was a kid I was a huge fan of him…mainly because his election symbol was a car .(which looked like a Suzuki FX my family used to own at that time)…RIP Qazi sahab…Recommend

  • Umer


    JI was a party of intellectuals who wrote books and actually provided a great service to Islam

    Ha ha one. You will believe anything if you believe this.Recommend

  • Sane

    Qazi Hussain Ahmed was a man of character, dignity and honesty. You may differ him about his philosophy and political wisdom, but not as person. A noble man.Recommend

  • Other-side

    JI is the only party that chooses its leader in a democratic way, i.e. by holding party elections. Other parties are still going by Kingship.Recommend

  • Sane


    Is it the same Qazi who supported dictators and Taliban or are we discussing a different Qazi?

    Before such comments you need to have political wisdom. And above all truth not propaganda.Recommend

  • Ali Khan

    Man of Character! RIP Qazi Sb :-(Recommend

  • Muhammad Qasim

    Qazi Hussain Ahmed was a great political & religious figure for Muslim world. He did a lot for unity of Muslim and development of Muslim world through establish Islamic political organization in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt & KSA. He stared the one of the biggest Pakistan humanity serving NGOs while he was ameer of JI Pakistan, Alkhidmat foundation. Thats has now 350 free hospital and 2400 free school and playing its vital role in serving the poor community of Pakistan and also in other part of world. May Allah bless him Jannah and forgive his mistakes in life. May allah bless us courage to support and contribute of his mission that is continue in form of JI and other 72 organization in Pakistan and all over the world. Recommend

  • Mj

    Hitler was also elected democratically, but it means squat if the political ideology is out of touch with reality and sanity.Recommend

  • Syed Moeez

    its about the Qazi who stood against the dictator Musharaf and as a result was put in Jail.
    He never supported Pakistani Taliban but those who are fighting against USA in Afghanistan. Recommend

  • Usman

    A man of Sincerity and honesty. May Allah Bless rest his soul in peace. AmeenRecommend

  • Sane

    I never had and never will expect ET to publish a comprehensive article on Qazi Sahib and his political achievements. This article clearly shows the non-seriousness and biased mindset of the editorial board.
    Qazi Sahib was a dynamic leader, a versatile personality who could read and write six different languages and influential to bring together different schools of thought in MMA. He was a hope for many pro-democratic forces. He broke many political taboos and brought in the protest methodology to Pakistani politics – the Qazi’s dharna, as we all know. Under his leader ship Jamaat approached masses and through Alkhidmat Foundation many poor souls found relief. RIPRecommend

  • Abbas

    those accusing Qazi Hussain Ahmed of supporting dictators are oblivious. Qazi Hussain Ahmed unlike Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif was not in cabinet of any dictator nor he was manufactured by any dictator. he was self made humble,dignified,honest leader of the only party in Pakistan. which has elected leadership. he resigned from the leadership of party in 2009 which is also un think able and supports of tyrannical hereditary groups like PPP PMLN whose leaders like Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif who adopted undemocratic and autocratic policies shamelessly accuse him and JI of being anti democratic. no wonder where we are one we deny the truth.Recommend

  • Usman

    I will not mince my words. Qazi saab was one of the most hypocritical men produced by the country. Took money from the Americans in the 70s and 80s. Turned against them when the cash flow stopped. He would go around chanting “Death to America” while at the same time many of his family members were enjoying the good life in the USA. The only time he won the elections was when it was rigged by Musharaf’s government. Even though he came to power in KPK unfairly, he was the leader of the MMA government and had a chance to do something for the province. But what it resulted in was one of the darkest periods in KPK’s history. MMA literally took the province 50 years into the past. The only thing that their government achieved during their 5 years in power was that the Maulvi Saabs of many mosques who earlier used to own just a bicycle. Now they were more powerful than every and were now travelling in convoys of land cruisers and body guards. No wonder no one in the province voted for them in the 2008 elections.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Of all the wrongs JI has done in its history, destroying Punjab University is one of the biggest. Qazi Sahib & Liaqut Baluch will be remembered for demolishing such a great University.Recommend

  • Irfan Tariq

    Qazi sb symbol of justice , honesty & Respect, Man of dignity & his words. Very big loss. RIP Qazi sbRecommend

  • Umer

    @Syed Moeez:

    its about the Qazi who stood against the dictator Musharaf and as a result was put in Jail

    Are you kidding? It was Qazi who brought Musharraf in via 17th amendment. Jamaat Islami should stop trying to re-write history all the time.Recommend

  • Qureshi

    I clicked the title in hope to read a comprehensive list of Qazi sahib’s achievements, goals, contributions, way of driving the party, his principled stances and how he stuggled to keep Ummah together.

    Instead I got see a piece of incident about how a budmuash was tackled with budmuashi.Recommend

  • shehzad sadiq

    the story just wasted my time. how in the first place this article got selected for publishing.Recommend

  • Ali

    Nice write but they hardly cover and reflect his ideology and struggle for a democratic and islamic country. Qazi Hussain was a man having peace and harmony feelings beyond the borders. He used much of his time working and bring closer the muslims of different geographical locations.He visited Iraq in 90’s alongwith delegate of scholars and tried his best to persuade Saddam Hussain to stay away from Kuwait occupation. He had several times visited Sudan for resolving differences of the muslims there. He played a focal and vital role for uniting freedom fighters against the Russian aggression then.

    In Pakistan, Qazi Hussain founded MMA and Milli Yakjahti Council and brought Closer the different imp sects like Deobandi,Barelvi,Shia,Ahle hadees and made them to ignore their petty disputes. It was only his charismatic feagure that was able to accomplish such a mission impossible, a cause, that will be missed very much after his sad demise.His funeral prayers were largely attended by Scholars of all school of thoughts.Pakistan will be missing such Clean and transparent political persons.Recommend

  • ab

    Qazi Sahab ,a man with a great vision for Pakistan and Islam. will surely be missedRecommend

  • qudsia

    and at what u believe
    can u tell us what do u have to blv on this land of sacrifice and humanity?Recommend

  • qudsia

    great. u have done good job, Recommend

  • qudsia

    to publish this article u show us that leader like Qazi hussain Ahmad are point to be discuss, what a manner u are showinf here. He was the leader of Love and Humanilty in this land. He always try to tie all Muslim political parties in one knot. His main attention was to see Islami Inqelab but he cant see it. but i think u r showing only some pics of his life,. i think u should show all pictures of his life in your article.Recommend