New Delhi gang rape: Who can change the attitude of such men?

Published: December 31, 2012

Sexual violence against women has long been a characteristic of both Pakistan and India. Our culture is flawed. PHOTO: AFP

By now most of you know that the victim of the New Delhi bus gang rape in India has died. Along with the Indians, a lot of people across the world are still reeling from the shock of the cruelty and utter barbarianism that was meted out to her.

A lot of people are still wondering why…

Let’s just remind ourselves what happened to her exactly. On December 16, she, along with her fiancé, was coming back after watching a movie. The couple wanted to go to Dwarka, a place in southwest Delhi when they were tricked into boarding a bus by some men.

What happened then is a tale of truly horrendous proportions.

Six men raped the girl for almost an hour. As if that wasn’t enough, they then assaulted her with an iron rod tearing out her intestines. They then threw the girl and her fiancé from the moving bus out onto the road. She was then flown to Singapore where she faced multiple organ failure resulting in her death. A 23-year-old life, snuffed.

Terrible as it is, the pertinent question here is indeed, why?

Sexual violence against women has long been a characteristic of the subcontinent (both India and Pakistan). Men have traditionally held a dominant position in society. When and where their dominance has been challenged or threatened, they have turned to harming innocent women.

At the same time, the people who are supposed to prevent such incidents from taking place (the police and state agencies) are usually controlled and run by men, creating a closed loop of dominance, violence and subjugation.

Because the society as a whole has failed to educate and evolve, the male mindset in India and Pakistan is hard coded into laying the blame squarely on the victim.

In this case, however, the backlash has been strong and unusually robust. The degree of cruelty exhibited has resulted in protests that the government of India has failed to stave off. Any remedial measures will only serve as a band aid – a temporary fix. Even if the six accused are found guilty and hanged, the failed policies and mindset that resulted in this nightmare will continue to chew away at the fabric of society.

So how can change be introduced?

Chemically castrating sex offenders for example, is not going to stop the rape of women.

Hanging culprits might silence the large number of protestors, but it will not end the stressful lives women have to endure in our part of the world.

The dead honest answer is, change will come through education.

We see these heinous crimes take place because as children, these men were never taught to respect women, or told that by defiling women’s bodies they do not somehow establish their superiority. If the concepts of right and wrong, of equality of the sexes, of respect, kindness and forgiveness are instilled in children from the get go, then society will gradually begin to change.

Of course, there is the fact that while there is talk of some change taking place in India in response to this abhorrent incident, the same cannot be said for Pakistan where women are buried alive and senators stand in the galleys of the parliament and say that it is our custom and no one has the right to dispute it.

It saddens me immensely that people only raise their voices in the subcontinent after innocent lives have been taken.

In India, it had to be that nameless 23-year-old medical student who was going back home after watching a movie.

In Pakistan currently, it is the 20-year-old Shahzeb Khan who was going to visit his friend.

In both cases, the voices for change came too late, and the mindset that needs to be changed has not been addressed.

How long before the voices die out and we’re back to square one?

Hamza Malik

Hamza Malik

An MBA candidate at Willamette University by day, blogger hobbyist by night.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Parvez

    Have to agree on all what you have said. Especially the bit about change coming about in India but very hard to see that happening in Pakistan. In India the platform has been established a long time ago and is headed in the right direction. Sadly in Pakistan we still have to establish a platform let alone head it in the right direction. People may not like this comment but it is the truth as I see it.Recommend

  • Furqan

    Rightly said. Education is one of the source reducing such violence and inhuman acts. But it is rather a gradual step. Punishing them in public is the solution as the religion rightly lays down the lines. To some it might be violent but then what they did is humane neither. May the sisters around the world stay protected. Ameen.Recommend

  • De

    Education along with death for rapists is the answer. We can’t wait for an entire generation waiting to see change. Hence education is important for the long run and to bring immediate fear in the minds of SOME rapists atleast there should be death penalty.Recommend

  • AA

    It is hard to digest by india but the reality is that Bollywood is the main reason for such violent acts. Look at the way these rapists have acted, seems like a scene of a bollywood film.Recommend

  • Surjit Grewal

    Education, education, education… parents, neighbourers, community, whole village, TEACHERS, religious institurions and media–who is responsible too. Indian police system is very very corrupt, how long we are going to tolerate. Bring Kiran Bedi to teach them.DO not make Dehli—LANKA OF RAVAN.Recommend

  • Satish Chandra

    (Dec. 29, 2012): RAW has used the gang rape of the 23-year old Delhi girl and countrywide outrage to divert attention from my press releases this month about the “Anglo-American enforcement of their ownership of India”, from the killing of over ten million Indians in just the ten years after 1857 by the British to enforce their will to the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan to drone attacks on Pakistan to the trafficking of Indian children to be used as food — RAWsTraffickingOfIndianChildrenDOTblogspotDOTcom — and the total possession and rape of India by the Anglo-Americans and their white friends in economic, military and all spheres with CIA’s rule over India via RAW that I have described at WhatYouShouldKnowAboutRAWDOTblogspotDOTcom. Like keeping Indians and Pakistanis fighting each other rather than their white oppressors, this is meant to keep Indians focused on rapes of Indians by Indians and not on their incomparably more violent rape and domination by the white countries and all the Indians participating in this RAW-sponsored event are participating in the enforcement of Anglo-American ownership of India, in the rape of India. JoinIndiaWarOfIndependenceDOTblogspotDOTcom

    In service of its white masters RAW has committed innumerable terrorist acts in India taking part even in the Mumbai attack of 2008, carried out train accidents killing hundreds in each incident, sabotage of India’s defence equipment, spreading AIDS in India to provide the white countries a population of guinea pigs for vaccine development, murders including those of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, etc., etc. The minor who has been arrested at first was reported to have assaulted only the victim’s male friend but not taken part in the rape but later was assigned the responsibility for, by himself, having mutilated her intestines and other internal organs with an iron rod, because a minor can get away with confinement in a juvenile facility for a couple of years no matter what the crime. These may have been RAW operatives who committed the crime. There were no reports of the serious injuries to the victim’s internal organs until about two days after she had been admitted to the hospital. The injuries to her internal organs may have been inflicted on her by a member of the hospital staff at RAW’s behest, even under the pretext of doing surgery, or by a RAW operative who gained access to her after she had been admitted to the hospital.

    (Dec. 31, 2012) A surgeon named Shiv Shankar Sastry in Bangalore on the defence board Bharat-RakshakDOTcom using the handle “shiv” who is a RAW operative directed the mutilation of the above victim. An Indian physician who uses the handle “gakakkad” on Bharat-Rakshak and was apparently doing a fellowship in cardiology in the United States until recently works for CIA-RAW and participated in the above crime. Documentation of K. Subrahmanyam coming on line, along with the CIA Director Michael Hayden, on August 9, 2008 and offering to transfer one crore rupees into my bank account within 48 hours if I agreed to work for the CIA — which shows Indian governments, in the present and in the past, to be proxies for the CIA — can be seen via HaydenSubrahmanyamDOTblogspotDOTcom .

    Satish ChandraRecommend

  • Nitish

    @AA: Sir,we cannot kill our cinema like what you did and moreover this is not the solution either.We r modern and progressive society and incidence like this put hurdle in our way and discourage us.We young generation want to be globalized and so the reform in the law is the demand of hour.Unfortunately our leaders r themselves involved in rape crime.So they want this issue to be dumped here and move a head with same archaic laws.We r fighting for the change in law and this time it will be very difficult for them ignore the issues.Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    Ive been keeping up to date with the Delhi case and last night I cried a lot for her, There was a comment in one of the articles : “Why do men do such wrongs to the very gender who gives him birth?” Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Satish Chandra or whatever your name is, you need help man!Recommend

  • manish

    It may appear as if the bollywood is the real culprit.
    But going into depth, you will find that even if we stop these things in bollywood, people wood
    Learn it from some other ‘wood’. The real culprit is society and our system’s failure to overhaul itself, and provide justice to the victim.
    The key is to strengthen law and order and making sure the
    Culprits do get punished, no matter what clout they enjoy in society.Recommend

  • Rumaisa

    Very well said. (Y)Recommend

  • Indian

    Dear Brothers and sisters,

    Please pause for a while…..

    A humanitarian response from the follower of the Prophet of Humanity, do read it for a thoughful insight on this mind burning issue.

  • Cynical

    Name one bollywood movie past or present where you watched a scene similar to the Delhi incident.

    Please, stop being naive. You are as simplistic as @AA.
    He thinks films are the problem. You think tougher laws will solve the problem.
    Who will draft these laws you have in mind? Law makers in Parliament. Who will elect them? ‘Us’. Then who will act upon those laws? The police and the judiciary. Where do they come from? From within ‘Us’.And finally, the rapists do not come from another planet, they are very much among ‘Us’. Makers of the law, custodians of the law and subjects of the law, all cohabit within the same milieu. Fixing the blame on any one of them will not fix the problem. Actually the existing laws are tight enough to tackle this menace, problem is in its implementation. System is corrupt because we love short cuts and ready to pay for it. The point is, we need to change ourselves. First, we admit that there is a problem with us and second, we take responisibilty. Blaming the law and the police is lazy.
    Bottom line is, *rape happens because men rape. * Not because the politicians promote it or police and courts are indifferent. No one ever raped anyone on the strength of a permit issued by the authorities. Recommend

  • Dixy

    Brilliant read. Education and harsh justice are the two ways forward for the sub-continent. Empowering women is a must for any nation looking to progress and be prosperous. I pray to Allah that our men can overcome their barbaric ideologies and give our sisters the rights and respect that they deserve, Amen.Recommend

  • Nitish

    @Cynical: agree with you that problem exist with in us.But current law is highly incompetent with many flaws.First of all rape is not a non bailable offense.So within a day or two after rape accuse comes out.It takes 10yrs or even more to serve the justice.After such a long period of time victim herself wants to forget the heinous crime committed on her.If you see the last yr data out of 600 cases only one case was solved and the conviction was awarded..Worst happened when our president pratibha patil pardoned death penalty awarded to 5 men found guilty of rape and murder.Would you believe this? existing system encourages rape of a woman.Police harass and discourage victims in indifferent way so that they wont register the case.Police themselves do the rape.Whole system is messy coz of the involvement of politics.There is a need of immediate shift of power to judiciary.Rape should be made the non bailable offense and conviction should be awarded with in three month as proposed.Goons r in every part of the world.Even developed western countries r not spared off.But they have strong law to deal with crimes like rape and molestation.we r also demanding that.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Such Brutality existed long before Bollywood did and will unfortunately continue onwards. Blaming the entertainment industry or ‘western culture as many do is in essence useless, and inaccurate. Disrespect of women and human life in general is NOT simply a western issue or something people learn from the movies. As others and the author have said; education is the way to counter that. Recommend

  • Nitish

    @Indian: Will you stop painting the incidence with religious color……….India is a secular country ..Islam and sharia have no relevance here….Recommend

  • Nobody

    Unnecessary response and childish jab at an even more childish comment. Why validate it with a response?

    Youth can only bring about change if it manages to change those who make the decisions at this point in time. Recommend

  • Sab33N

    I have recieved a picture of a beautiful Indian girl in a grey saree and her distorted face covered in tubes on a hospital bed on FB claiming that its the Delhi victim. I have been following this case via internet and if the picture is that of the victim then I cannot even imagine what must have happened to that poor young girl. Such beauty and grace .. mutilated by barbarians. I strongly recommend that Indian Youth should not let this go easily. They should make sure that the culprits involved in this heinous act are punished and punished grossly. If it were upto me, I would have settled for nothing less then mutilating thier sensitive areas just like they did to her and then these barbarians should be hanged in public. Fortunately for them, its not upto me but it is upto the Indian Youth to demand and get justice for the victim.

    The uprising in India gives me hope that someday, youth in Pakistan will also stand up against injustice and attrocities being carried out against innocents. We have started with Shazaib Khan and hopefully the movement would not stop without getting justice!Recommend

  • Nitish

    @Nobody:Sorry ,i just get angry at the ridiculous argument that attire of a woman and Bollywood provoke rape…..Recommend

  • Khan sahab

    whatever happend with that girl is really very condemnable. That was such a barbaric and inhuman act. But what about those thousands of helpless kashmiri girls in India, who are brutally raped by coward Indian army ?
    why didn’t anyone condemn yet? where are their sympathies? arn’t those kashmiri girls a human being. There is no news on media in support of them. or rather the media tries to hide it. thats really shamefull. Recommend

  • Shafqat

    Really an asshmed Incident has had happened in New Dehli that is really horrible and frightened to me to know about the victim. in my opinion it is the failure of law in both countries India and Pakistan that the man behaviour with woman is regardless and there is no repect of woman in both these countries. There must be rule of law and the law enforcing agencies should do some positive acts like in other countries and also the Parliament of both the countries must make such Laws which gives the lesson to the rapists what so ever and who so ever in my opinion the rapiests are most dangerous then any criminal and there must be death punishment for that crime like in case of death with weapon as defined in section 302 of Indian Penal Code and Pakistan Penal Code.
    In the end I must say that it is really shamefull act and the actual culprits must hang till death but not the innocent who did not done such act as in these countries the actual culprits are move freely and the inncoent are hang over in different cases as the police did not caught the actual culprits and arrested some other persons to ans the public and Govt.Recommend

  • Ash

    @AA: Gajani that isRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Stop making scapegoats of Bollywood/Hollywood western influence. Bollywood is a reflection of our mindset. The mindset is the problem not Bollywood. Saying that Bollywood objectifies women is like saying that tail wags the dog.

    We have always been objectifying women.Mujras used to happen much before Bollywood. Women were treated as sex objects by the feudal lords much before Bollywood came into existence. A number of vulgar songs were being sung at rural gatherings much before Bollywood stole them and adapted to Bollywood.

    Teach your sons to respect women and stop trying to find excuses when they misbehave.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Understandably. I too get furious at such ridiculous comments! Proves there is no shortage of misinformed idiots. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Midhat: I disagree with you. Media follows he society’s value of objectifying women and is not the cause for it. If it were, there would have been no rapes before Bollywood. Also unclear which are the progressive societies you are thinking of where women are not objectified – were you thinking of Saudi Arabaia? BEcause most Western countries do have advertisements which use sexy women to sell products.

    If KSA is your role model, I as an Indian have to say, keep your role model we do not want such role models.

    Yes rape is a heinous crime and an all round effort (including change in social mindset, better policing, laws and prosecution) needs to be made to reduce its occurrence and when it occurs ensure that the victim does not suffer but rather the tormentor is made to suffer.Recommend

  • Gratgy


    The society needs to change and bollywood will change by itself. The media will never dare show something that is unacceptable by the society.

    A recent example- Honey Singh’s concert got cancelled due to the vulgar lyrics. Till a few days back these very same lyrics were deemed acceptable enough that the organisers planned a concert. After the rape incident now the society finds the lyrics unacceptable and hence the concert has been cancelled. Even bollywood producers have asked him to be banned due to the vulgarity in his songs.

    Hence the society has the power to make a change. The mindset needs to change and the media will follow. Recommend

  • Gratgy

    @Khan Sahab

    But what about those thousands of helpless kashmiri girls in India, who are brutally raped by coward Indian army ?why didn’t anyone condemn yet?

    How can anyone condemn something that happens only in your dreams?Recommend

  • gp65

    @Gratgy: “Teach your sons to respect women and stop trying to find excuses when they misbehave.”

    You are the man. Sorry I could recommend your post only once.Recommend

  • Nitish

    You r a girl and I m a boy,yet I m fighting for the rightful cause of women.Think about it.We cannot put restriction on our cinema.Movies r well under censor board agreement ,so i dont find any problem with it.At the same time,I m equally proud of bollywood.But you r wrong if you think that rape is happening because of objectification of women.India is going through the period of reforms.Plenty of jobs r there for women to explore.After indias economic boom,more and more woman r coming to join the work forces.They r working independent women and exercises their freedom.If you look at the fate of india 65 yrs before,indian society was largely doomed.Women had no right.They were mere a house wife,obseve purda, archaic practices like sati,widow sytem,illitercy and even so girls were not allowed to enter into kitchen or worship places at the time of period.We came long a way.we abolished all evil practices.But it seems that a section of society is still living in dadi-nani era.They want to exploit the freedom of women.This trend is not healthy.Only solution to this menace is strict law and stringent punishment.these goons r to be tracked dawn and marred away.Banning bollywood or moral policing of woman sends a society into dark age.As a woman ,you have moral obligation to fight for their right .Pl change this orthodox mindset.These sentiments have no place in modern and progressive society.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Nitish: In the past I have disagreed with some of your opinions based on caste and religion but on this issue, I agree with you a 100%. It is good to see young students like you with this progressive mindset towards women.Recommend

  • Yash Kansal

    It is amazing that the biggest culprit Bollywood, which apparently stayed silent, including the big STARS (except for insignificant few), which said it all. The Swami Ram Dev & ANNA HAZARE who are hoping to bring about changes in Indian obscene corrupt politicians are equally quiet on this issue.

    One wondered is INDIA had reverted back to uncivilised society of dark ages!Recommend

  • sdg

    I must take this opportunity to compliment our friends from Pakistan who have stood by us and expressed solidarity in this hour of grief . Thanks to the Tribune as well for being sensitive to the cause .The day is not far when the conscientious citizens of India and Pakistan join hands for a common cause and raise this subcontinent into the league of developed nations . Recommend

  • Anoop

    Shameful incident. The culture of treating women as objects has to change.

    Delhi and surrounding states have woefully low male-female ratio and this also contributes to the objectification of women.

    In states where there are more women or a healthier percentage of women – like in Kerala or Karnataka – there is less misogyny.

    Education is the ultimate answer, yes, but a liberal, open, secular education is the key. Recommend

  • Maryam

    There cannot be just ONE cause for this heinous crime. The evils of rape have stemmed from various roots. To say that bollywood is the DIRECT cause is stretching it abit too much. While I agree that objectifying women as sex symbols and cashing in on that has been projected for way too long and way too many times, other factors must not also be ignored. Male domination is a classic characteristic of India & Pakistan. Biological drive for sex and pleasure (legit or otherwise), social fabric of the families, lack of education and awareness, lack of CONSCIENCE, lack of fear of prosecution, the list goes on and on. Honestly, education and only education is the way out, which, if coupled with law enforcement AND implementation, may yield faster results. The fact that cases like this are now being discussed/debated in such forums and peaceful protests are being carried out by the youth is an indication that the tides of change have begun. Recommend

  • Indian

    @Nitish: it is not mentioned anywhere in the article that, india is not a secular nation. It is a secular nation. And it has been and will be a secular nations. But, if the security of women folk is in danger, and if someone has a solution, then what is the problem in adopting that.

    The demand of Youth in New Delhi (death to the criminals) is the command of the creator. And as a matter of justification it is been said in the article that, Islam says the same, which is the code of human safety and prosperity.

    Pls have a look on this
    ( snc6/1906933879855379574431467116173_n.jpg)

    No where in the article it is trying to give a religious flavor. And it not intended too, the point here is be a open minded person and try to get real knowledge based information rather than outer and incomplete information.
    Pls read it again don’t judge quickly.

  • Midhat

    How does protesting against the culture of objectification of women make me an orthodox, or against women’s freedom. The idea of gross potrayal of women as sex objects to get male attention is regressive and not the other way around. Bollywood has done well even without it. Having said that I dont blame bollywood as the reason for RAPE! but I agree with “Yogurt lover” that media has a lot of contribution in influencing, educating or curroupting our mindsets. And while every segment of the society should go for corrective measures, media should also take some responsibilty and contribute in educating people!

    @Gratgy: Media has evolved a lot.hopefully it does further in the right direction!

    Sir, why are you singling out a country here which has no relevance to the post? Saudia Arabia was not responsible for making Dehli as the rape capital of the world! and when did I say KSA was my model? Its time we correct our society first rather then finger pointing other societies which are not responsible for our shortcomings!Recommend

  • gp65

    @Indian: Please do not use a horrendous rape incident to proselytize your religion.Recommend

  • harpat

    The points you make seem technically correct. Rape existed long before Bollywood. But you can look at it from another angle. As you try to change human behavior through education, Bollywood may be sending the wrong message that this is all normal behavior, don’t try to control your hormones. This would counteract the progress in education during the last decades. Although many normal people may not be affected by the sex and violence so endemic in Bollywood, it seems reasonable to think that the not so normal people (and there are so many of them) would be instigated to commit these type of heinous acts in Bollywood style. So this may be one step forward in education and two steps backward. I have personally seen lewd behavior in many youths influenced by Bollywood.

    One example. I once got off a bus in Amdavad to get some paper signed at a police station and there was a teen age girl being teased/harassed by a young men singing some lewd Bollywood song into the girls ears. The girl was scared stiff. Fortunately there was a stout head of the police department who was watching this show. He dragged that guy by his ear into the police office and gave him a thrashing that he deserved and I was watching it. There was a lot of amusing verbal exchange between the guy and the police head but I will not go into that detail.Yes stopping Bollywood will not solve problems by itself but it will make educational progress very difficult. Educating is people is good thing but it is very difficult to achieve. How do you decide who is going to educate who when there are so many deviants in the society at all levels.Recommend

  • harpat

    The call for education seems like a good one because education in itself is a good thing. But it is not likely to be achieved anytime soon by a democratic process. An autocratic process is not acceptable and it may implement wrong values under a wrong leadership.
    The basic problem is how do you educate 1.2 billion people and decide who needs education and who should be educating. We have not even succeeded in keeping much of our governing apparatus free of corruption and misdeeds by the very people entrusted to take care of that. Even in more developed societies this is a difficult thing to do because of public apathy,the profit motive of the educators and countervailing effects of the pornography, gambling, prostitution, entertainment, firearms industries. People don’t even agree on what is good and bad under the brainwashing done by vested interests. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Midhat: “@gp65:
    Sir, why are you singling out a country here which has no relevance to the post? ”

    You are the one that said that in advanced societies women are not objectified. Since this objectification certainly exists in US and Western Europe, I wanted to guess who you meant when you were referring to advanced societies.

    Certainly I am horrified by this incident and in general unhappy with the inadequate empowerment of women in my country – India. More so because I am a woman myself. I would not have brought another country into the discussion. But it was in fact you who brought other countries in not me. I simply responded to you.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Education is necessary however the education system needs to evolve to incorporate social and moral and maybe a bit of sex education too. I studied in a boys school in Delhi and we had sex education in a very mature way in class 11 and 12 (around 15 years back). We did not understand the importance then, but now I do.

    We even had a lecture by one of the teachers husbands (who was a nuclear physicist by the way) on AIDS which was a new disease then. I remember one sentence he said.

    “It is the responsibility of Us men to stand up for our women..”

    Mere education for the sake of scoring marks is simply not enoughRecommend

  • gp65

    @Gratgy: I do not believe that education can solve the problem. In US illiteracy is almost non-existent and age appropriate sex education the norm. Rapes still happen. It is the societal values that need to change. SOme of the changes needed to reduce rape (it can never be eliminated) are:

    Zero tolerance in society for acts of violence against women (which rape certainly is) regardless of the position of the person criminal or victim. In our subcontinent VIP culture, all too often well heeled people escape punishment. Also if the rape victim happens to not be either elite or part of some special interest group, her story will be unheard. Would a case like Dominique Strauss-Kahn be treated the same way in our subcontinent as it was in USA? HEck we do not even dare to call daily occurrences of sexual harassment by its proper name and use terms like eve teasing which makes it seem so harmless because you know ‘boys will be boys’.

    The other aspect is the treatment of rape victim in our society. Far too many people blame the victim and think that she has brought shame and dishonour to the family and hence the rapes are not reported. The family would worry not just that the girl herself may never get a suitor but that her sisters too may never find a match if news about the rape gets out.This has to change.

    The notion that ‘Westernised women’ are asking for it and only modest women have a right to expect or talk about dignity also is widely prevalent or else Abhijit Mukherjee would not have said what he did. Thank God for the outrage that followed.

    Finally the police and prosecution need better training to handle such cases.

    There is also a larger issue of pendency in our courts which needs to be resolved since it allows all manner of criminals not just rapists to have confidence that they can delay punishment not by a week, month or year but decades – if not evade it all together using dilatory tactics.

    The social changes we need can only happen through open discussion and debate of the kind that we are witnessing now. It needs to happen in media and families and among friends. The silence has to be broken.This needs to be ongoing over a period of time and not limited to the 24 hour news cycle. I am heartened by the anger and dialog this case has generated. I hope it does not dissipate too soon.Recommend

  • Indian7

    This is what it is not being understood. I am not trying to proselytize my religion.

    Do look over internet about Ma­du­­rai Adheenam, suggesting to adopt purdah. So, what is he trying to say. If it is taken in a narrow sense (as this one), then it is a very big statement, which means all of Indian women become Muslims. But obviously he doesnt mean that.

    Then what does he mean. He means to adop the modesty as in Islam, and also he is in a sense pointing towards the de-“sex”-izing the atmosphere which is done through bollywood, hollywod, all those rubbish woods, and also through the worst from of human Degradation “the pornographic industry”. and like wise…. which is casuing a craze in the adultrated men to go for this horrific crime. So, keep a limit on this.

    This is what, it is being trying to convey. Islam is an humanitarian religion (it is being mis interpretted with false representations and accusations, so it the mistake of any observer to make any impression based on that). As our great indian culture is in threat, we are attesting that this is why Islamic principles are for. To keep humans as humans.

    So, dont try to make any impressions, or ideology and get frustrated about Islam based on incomplete, wrong and unauthoritative representations of ISLAM which are being promoted only for humanity not to benifit from it (Again, please Benifitting from Islam, it doesnt mean to become muslims). Please be open minded and honest is studying ISLAM and then judge it.Recommend

  • Gratgy


    I agree education will not solve the problem, Education is just one tool to change the attitude of the society. To prevent crimes however, we need deterrence. Zero tolerance is a must for all types of sexual misbehaviour right from “eve teasing”. An eve teaser today could graduate into a rapist tomorrow. There is no place for any kind of sexual harassment in any society.

    The reason why the victim is blamed is because we were afraid to fight for her and it is easy to reason that she somehow “deserved” it. But now when the society is ready to stand up for the victim, we no longer need to hide behind this excuse

    When I see the change in the society, which has always mutely accepted crimes as “yeh to hota rehta hai” to a society that feels for the victim and is ready to fight for justice, I see hope. What we need is the surety of punishment rather than the severity of the punishment. What is the point in having a death penalty when no one gets convicted?

    Its an uphill task but a lot has been achieved in last few days. We still have a long way to go (VIP culture, legal procedures etc).

    A war is won, one battle at a time.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Indian7: Sorry the notion that the woman needs to be modest to avoid rape is unacceptable at least in India. This amounts to blaming the victim. Secondly, I do not think I have bad mouthed Islam even once based on complete or incomplete information. But I have no desire or need to explore it since my faith gives me what I need. Just as I am not asking you to explore Hinduism because Islam may already give you what you need. When you are asking me to consider the teachings of Islam, you are in fact proselytizing. As long as I am not interfering in your faith, you should not interfere in mine. I will repeat that using a heinous rape to proselytyse is not OK.
    @Gratgy : I saw your response to my post I feel we are on the same page. I think the most significant statement you made is that surety of punishment is more important than severity of punishment in the statute books. So true.Recommend

  • javaid bashir

    The question asked is who can change the attitude of these men is if they want to rape women The answer is sinple the society, the parents , the social norms, and strict laws and their implmentation in letter and spirit. The parents training is the major factor in such men’s attitude that causes this type of insensetive behavior
    This brutal incident has exposed the Indian socity to the world, This naked aggressuon is unacceptable The governmet should provide safety and security to the women who are at great peril outside of home The sex crime can be stopped by ounishment and society’s stand against such criminals
    SEx is a great problem in closed society where it is considered a taboo to even talk about it. There are no out leys available to these se crazed persons who desire sex all the time,
    Attorney at lawRecommend

  • Rex Minor

    The author makes a strange comparison. A gang rape agaist a woman in India versus the killing of a man in Pakistan to protect the honour of a woman? 93, 000 pening rape cases in India which represent 10% of the cases reported, 90% unreported victims. Hindustan woman reporter comes on France 24 cable network and complains about Hindu God which degrades the status of a women and want women to be burnt alive with their husbands, whereas the Indian democracy which gives equal rights to men and women. There is a conflict of Hinduism with the laws of the secular India.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • gp65

    @Rex Minor:
    “A gang rape agaist a woman in India versus the killing of a man in Pakistan to protect the honour of a woman?”

    Gang rapes happen in every country and society. If they happen in India, they also happen in Pakistan because every society has some horrible people. IT is what happens after that, which determines how the society thinks. Please read the last paragraph of this OpEd by Anwer Mooraj–were-in-for-another-tsunami/

    ” 93, 000 pening rape cases in India which represent 10% of the cases reported, 90% unreported victims”.

    Where are you getting the number of 90% of rapes are unreported? Though undoubtedly there is a level of underreporting in our subcontinent due to perceived honour’. But rest assured the underreporting is likely to be much more in a country where 4 male witnesses are required to report rape or else the poor woman is thrown in jail for committing zina. The purpose of protests in India is to change the societal norms so that instead of the woman being ashamed, it is the man who needs to feel ashamed thereby driving up the number of women who feel comfortable reporting rape incidents.. Also India has a 30% conviction rate for rapes which is low and Indians are demanding the necessary changes in law and proscution methods to improve this rate. But this rate is much better than the prevailing 1% rate in Pakistan. So instead of gloating over a heinous crime in India, please focus on improving things for women in your country. We will leverage our democracy and the voice it gives us to make things better.

    ” Hindustan woman reporter comes on France 24 cable network and complains about Hindu God which degrades the status of a women and want women to be burnt alive with their husbands, whereas the Indian democracy which gives equal rights to men and women”.
    Please provide url. Anyway, it is unclear what this reporter was complaining about – the fact that the law gives equal rights to men and women or the practice of sati? If she was complaining about the practice of sati, you should know that there have been no instances of sati in India in the last 32 years. This heinous practice was a social corruption and certainly not something prescribed in Bhagvad Geeta or something that any Hindu God ordered. You are saying factually incorrect nasty things about a religion you simply do not understand. Oh and by the way, my country is called India or Bharat.

    “There is a conflict of Hinduism with the laws of the secular India”.

    First of all I am not aware of any such conflict as a Hindu. But if there is any conflict, it is the law of the land which will prevail – which is as it should be. Surely you do not think that is a bad thing?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    @Rex Minor

    Please do not bring religion into this. Those in glass houses do not throw stones at others. If others replies in the same vein as you, you will then start burning your cities to show your loveRecommend

  • javaid bashir

    where is my cimments Recommend

  • stranger

    I feel she should have been cautious and careful and not boarded that unknown / non – public- transport bus at night.Recommend

  • javaid bashir

    I did post an earlier comment but i do not see it hereJhe train thought is messed up by tis sort ofthingI am not going to write a detailed comment u,ess this is posted.Sincerely


  • javaid bashir

    Gang Rape of women has been carrie out byb the sadists to seek and satisfy their instinct to torture help less victim. The parents are responsible for their chilren’s behavior at least if not responsible for the act. they act in consort as they are afraid. They enjoy the crime and have no regrets.
    If some one does the same to them , how would they feel. Perhaps they will commit suicide,They are parasites and worms and a burden for the society. They must be given maximum punishment for the crime. No leniency be afforded to them. They must be locked in the solitary confinement to rot for the rest of their lives.Recommend

  • http://google ROOPAL

    i suppose that stricter laws will change the mindset of the society .nevertheless we are the youngsters to see the changesRecommend

  • javaid bashir

    The readers interested in kmowing more about Rape Incidents and Philosophy, must readmy articles entitled : GAng Rape Victim Succumbs to injuries ” . Delhi the most unsafe Capital for Women, ” Facts Of Rape, ” THe Rising Incidence Of Rape” Publishe in The Lahore Times News paper.
    Javaid BashirRecommend