Uncanny resemblance: Is Balochistan the next Bangladesh?

Published: December 16, 2012

What began with disputes over royalty and rental payments for extraction of natural gas from Dera Bugti district of Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and by area constitutes 47% of the country.

It has been 41 years today. 41 years ago, Pakistan was broken up into two parts, the former West Pakistan and Bangladesh. Apart from a distance of around 1000 miles separating the two parts of Pakistan, there was enough resentment on part of East Pakistani populace that manifested in a demand for provincial autonomy.

East Pakistan supplied so much of revenue to the federation but got little development in response. Moving the capital from Karachi to Islamabad and limited participation of East Pakistanis in the bureaucracy were some other contentious issues. In the national elections held in 1970, Bengali Nationalist Party, Awami Party, won majority of seats in the National Assembly. Following palace intrigues and a military operation, there was no transfer of power and after the military’s defeat in December, 1971, Bangladesh came into being.

I am reiterating all this today because I am extremely worried about another part of Pakistan following a similar fate. There is little to no understanding or national dialogue on the issue of Balochistan, what our state has done there and what lies in the future.

Let’s talk a little about Balochistan today. I’d like to start with brief history of the province and then the problems it has faced.

The term ‘Balochistan’ is a Persian origin word made of ‘Baloch’ and ‘Aastan’, which means ‘The place of the Baloch (people)’.

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and by area constitutes 47% of the country. Before the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Balochistan primarily comprised of four ‘princely states’ and a ‘British Baluchistan’ province during the British Raj that were later amalgamated to form the Pakistani province of Balochistan later. These states were, Kalat, Lasbela, Makran and Kharan.

The periods of 1948, 1958, 1962-69, and 1974-77, and the current post-2000s eras are pertinent where political tensions have led to varying degrees of violence in Balochistan. Nationalist elements allege of a forced accession of the old Baloch princely states of Kalat and its vassals in March 1948, as well as crackdown on nationalist activity throughout the last 64 years as cause of deepening animosity towards Pakistan among the Baloch.

Khan Abdul Karim Khan’s rebellion, with nearly a hundred followers over Kalat’s controversial accession to Pakistan, was the first phase of conflict in Balochistan until he was apprehended and jailed by the authorities. The second phase was over the dissolution of the Balochistan States Union and its incorporation into the ‘One Unit’ system of West Pakistan in 1958. This phase began by the arrest of the Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, by the regime of General Ayub Khan, and reached its peak with the Jhalawan disturbances led by a Khan of Kalat loyalist, the elderly Nawab Nauroz Khan Zarakzai and his Zehri tribal militia.

He and his followers were later arrested and incarcerated for life.

The third phase was led by the Baloch Peoples Liberation Front (BPLF) of Sher Muhammad Marri against the Ayub regime. The fourth phase was in wake of the dismissal of the National Awami Party (NAP) government in Balochistan by Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and the arrest of NAP leaders. This caused a large scale rebellion by various Baloch tribes against Pakistan and the military was called in to quell the rebellion with added help from Iran. It only ended when Bhutto was deposed in a military coup by General Zia-ul-Haq in 1977 and general amnesty was announced to Baloch rebels to end the hostilities.

After a lull period for nearly 25 years, different militant groups like the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had started to utilise the power vacuum in Afghanistan to launch sporadic attacks inside Pakistani Balochistan.

However, the recent phase of conflict escalated due to the killing of former Balochistan Chief Minister and prominent tribal chief Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti during a military operation against his armed militia in 2006.

What initially began with disputes over royalty and rental payments for extraction of natural gas from Dera Bugti district of Balochistan, spiralled out of control and became an armed insurgency.

The comparisons with Bangladesh are apparent.

Balochistan is providing the rest of Pakistan with natural gas and coal and has abundant mineral reserves at Saindak and Reko Diq. According to the Pakistan National Human Development Report 2003, Balochistan and its districts were assessed to be the worst off in Pakistan. Amongst the top 31 districts with the highest HDI, Punjab had by far the largest share at 59 per cent, while Balochistan lagged far behind at nine per cent.

According to the Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC),

“An overview of the development scene in Balochistan is appalling and the extent of relative deprivation in the province is unspeakable”.

92 per cent of Balochistan’s districts are classified as ‘high deprivation’ compared to 50 per cent in Sindh and 29 per cent in Punjab.

The story at the population level is equally grim. The Pakistan Integrated Household Survey 2001-02 revealed that Balochistan had the most poor (48 per cent of the province’s population) and the worst level of rural poverty (51 per cent).

Balochistan has the highest infant and maternal mortality ratio in South Asia; 25 per cent of the population has access to electricity (national average, 75 per cent) and the male literary rate is 18.3 per cent and the female literacy rate, a mere seven percent.

For a lot of apolitical/recently political youth of Pakistan, there is a lot to be known about Balochistan and even now, it’s not too late. Balochis are as equally Pakistanis as the rest of us. They need to be given equal share of attention as is given to insane political feuds in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. In the progressive circles, sympathy with Baloch nationalists is a fashion statement. The only news we get from Balochistan is bad news.

Target killings, missing persons, sectarian trouble and dumped corpses are the only few issues that are deemed important by national media to be discussed in Balochistan’s perspective. Superficial steps including the Balochistan Rights Package have improved nothing. I believe that until youth in other provinces start taking interest in the affairs of Balochistan and what is happening there, very little is going to change.

We can’t afford another Bangladesh and for that not to happen, we need to learn about Balochistan. For starters, we need to talk about it.

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Abdul Majeed

A final year medical student with interests in history, political economy and literature. He blogs at abdulmajeedabid.blogspot.com/ and tweets as @abdulmajeedabid

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Maria

    I think that people need to remember that a minority of anti state agents working for Pakistan’s enemies do not represent the majority of Baluchis. Yes Baluchistan deserves more funds for development as do all regions of Pakistan but the writer should not be sucked into feelings of negativism. The reality is that most Baluch are pro Pakistani save a few tribal chiefs who are the payroll of foreign governments. That’s why Baluch in Karachi and outside the province always tell me that they support Pakistan. Further, Baluch are signing up to join Pakistani military in record numbers. The other thing to remember is that a large segment of Baluchistan’s population is Pashtun who remain staunchly pro Pakistani despite the criminality which comes from across the border in Afghanistan where India has many bases disguised as consulates.Recommend

  • Muhammad Zeeshan

    No one cares about,talks about the systematic ethnic cleansing of Punjabi civilians in Balochistan.Hundreds have been brutally murdered,thousands more forced to flee their homes and businesses because of ethnic terrorists.Where is the media coverage for the airport manager at Panjgur,Yasir Arafat,who was gunned down for his crime of being Punjabi,where are the hashtags for him? He had been receiving death threats from ethnic terrorists who threatened to kill him off because he was Punjabi.
    Why no talkshows,no outrage on social media for the systematic ethnic terrorism being waged against Punjabis?Recommend

  • akt

    Baloch will gain freedom from Pakistan if their genuin demand ignored by Pakistan ,.Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    Forced accession of Baluchistan may be a fact but is not the major reason for a revolt. Local people every where want to govern themselves and not be dominated by settlers. The Baloch feel they have never had a say in how their Province or country has been governed. It is also felt that outsiders have exploited their resources and not invested in the development of the province or in the empowerment of locals. A heavy influx of outsiders has reduced the Baloch to a minority in their own land and is a major source of friction.
    Pakistan must ensure that it wins over the hearts and minds of the Baloch people and this can never be achieved by force of arms or accusing them of being agents of some foreign Power. Those tactics never worked in East Pakistan and unlikely to work in Baluchistan or anywhere else for that matter. This false propaganda of Baloch working for some foreign agenda must be expeditiously dropped, keeping in mind that Intelligence Agencies who have spread this canard have not been able to produce a shred of evidence. The Government must withdraw all Army units as well as FC from the State while simultaneously strengthening the Police and Law and Order machinery. Giving the State full political freedom and control over all its resources is the second step. The policy of picking up people, torturing them and making them disappear is a recipe for disaster.
    Make Love, not War ! Recommend

  • The Khan

    Even as a Proud Pakistani, i still want a referendum in Balochistan. They should decide whether to remain part of the union or not. Just like there should be a referendum in Spain (Catalan and Basque), Canada (Quebec), Turkey/Iran/Iraq/Syria (Kurdistan), Italy(Northern Part), Russia (Chechaniya), India (Moaist etc) Recommend

  • Naveed Anwar

    @Muhammad Zeeshan:

    No one cares about the ethnic cleansing of Punjabis in Balochistan because the punjabis don’t care it about themselves.When any shia,ahmadi is killed,there’s immediate outcry and hashtags on twitter and tickers on news channels but when Punjabi civilians are killed in balochistan,there is a deafening silence.The airport manager had been receiving threats that he should leave balochistan and go to punjab,but the authorities didn’t provide him any protection,nor did the media and twitterati mourn his death the way they mourn any shia,baloch seperatist or ahmadi death.Recommend

  • True Baloch

    Despite the several problems in Pakistan never ever think about the freedom from Pakistan. Balochistan is the province of Pakistan and we are proud to be Pakistani. We will live with Pakistan and we will die for Pakistan. Stop watching with the one eye open the other also to realize that Baloch are patirots. The ones who are asking for the freedom are playing on foriegn agiencies hands. Sooner they will realize that they are wrong and first they are Pakistani then Baloch. Pakistan Zindabad.Recommend

  • M Ali Khan

    The day all the plethora of nationalist Baloch factions unite under a single platform regardless of their tribal, political, regional, and personal differences, will be the day Balochistan gains independence. BNP and its factions, BSO and its factions, NP, BNM, BNF, BLA, BRP, BRA, BLF, BLUF, etc etc etc.

    That day will also see hell freeze over. Good luck with that.Recommend

  • ishrat salim

    The problem in Baluchistan is geniuen but, cannot put entire fault on the govt of the day….the rulers in Baluchistan are living like a King ( outside Baluchistan most of the time ) while subjecting their poor people under them to work as slaves.They have themselves deprived their own people of education ( only sending their kids to best schools in Pakistan & abroad ) & development.They receive development fund & all are eaten up by them as ministers & then they blackmail successive govts…I have heard Akber Bugti on TV during Gen M period about his demands….& he accepted that the govt pays him Rs 12 crore a year as royalty….he could not answer the anchor as what he did when he was CM…he could not answer as CM did he contruct even one school in Dera Bugti…he said NO….that is with all the Sardars & Jagirdars in Pakistan….unless we exposes acts of these Sardars, Baluchistan will never improve, we have to name & shame them in the eyes of the people only then they will serve their people…..Recommend

  • R. A. Jewel

    Dear Majeed,

    Well written. If there is such a situation as 1971, then Baloch people will gain their independence anyway, Pakistani’s will never know how did it happen? as the people of Pakistan didn’t know anything about what was happening in Bangladesh during the war of independence in 1971.Recommend

  • aslam

    you told the truth Majeed bhai. It is the time to take right step of Pakistani government for the Baluchistan people.Recommend

  • sars

    Balochistan is a beautiful part of pakistan , with lots of natural resources and lovely people, who are suffering due to their so called leaders, many of whom dont care about pakistan, except the money they get from it.

    In short whats wrong with balochistan is whats wrong with the rest of the country.Recommend

  • sumon

    Dear Abdul,
    The fact u realise now it was recognised 41 years ago by legendary baluch leader Ahmed Bughti. He was fought for your freedom but couldnt achieve that. He told (Cant remember his name) one of the first captain of 2nd Bengal regiment (Now Bangladesh army) in 1972, that though u going bangladesh tell Sheikh Mujib that He is lucky to get freedom against those scoundrell but god knows when we get freedom against those (Punjabi Politician) specially Bhutto. I Can say Ahmed Bughti is a Baluch William Wallace. So many people can say so many thing, just update ur social structure Specially Education. Your future generation will be safe. Punjabi leaders never think about u, they just busy with their future, money, alcohol woman etc. I dont wanna advise u anything but request u that learn from past as u did. Take my cordial salute Abdul and goodluck for all Baluch.Recommend

  • baloch lover

    [email protected] I being a Pakistani knows why you even cant give ur name, There is no sense in belonging in nomad tribal culture. But unfortunately, now you people are within the territorial boundaries of Pakistan and you have to recognize Law of the Land. Some of your rich and spoiled sardars brats are misleading you. You people are following them due to that blind allegiance of nomad culture. Where do you think you will go after separation, on one side is Iran, who are too ruthless and will sort you out well and proper. On other side are Afghans/ Talibans who will tight you like screws and in south is bay of hurmaz from where worlds 40% oil flows. No world power will ever let you nomads near that source. So cool down and think straight. And as for as writer of this blog is concerned i think the topic should have been ” uncanny effort to resemble Balochistan with Bangladesh” suits. ET, i hope my point of view is published please.Recommend

  • akt

    @Maria ,and The Khan ,

    Both of you talking about of the ground realities but failed or ignoring the global realities . The fact is very clear but not visible to people like you . Any way the ship is sinkinng , better save what you can , and don’t look any where else . It is an international resolve to make a different Pakistan . We also want a different Pakistan on the world map as happened in 1971 , as an ultimate solution to many present and pending local and global problems .Recommend

  • akt

    @ Baloch lover , ” The economics of war ” has suggested us . Though we are still not in a position to take a final solution yeilding approach but ofcourse the options are limited before us ,as well as before the US NATO alience .Recommend

  • kaiqubad

    @Maria: its not Baluchi…. its Baloch… Recommend

  • kaiqubad

    oooooooh……. people of pakistan… open ur minds…. sardari system is existing because of the establishment… all sardars are the stooge of government… the baloch voice has turned into a mass movement,,, this is the right time to stop it… not with foolishness like the army and governmnet have been doing since the forced merger of kalat… it id to give greater autonomy…. there is no other result……. otherwise wait and seeeeee…..Recommend

  • Azad

    Balochistan had been part of Emirate of Afghanistan till it was forcefully annexed by British . Balochistan is a distinct ethnic homeland which is split between three countries of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan because of British imperialism . They have genuine claim for recognition as a separate nationality just like Kurds whose homeland was split between Iran, Iraq and Turkey.
    Khanate of Kalat which constituted major portion of Balochistan was forcefully incorporated into Pakistan . In uncanny resemblance to events which run parallel to Kashmir accession to India , Khan of Kalat signed instrument of accession agreement under coercion when the Kalat assembly had decided on independence as a distinct nation .
    The solution for Balochistan is
    1) Recognition of distinct ethno liguistic character of Balochistan
    2) Granting of autonomy and incorporation of the articles in constitution
    3)Agreement on royalty for the natural resources which are extracted. Royalty to be spent on education and social welfare schemes by elected Balochi organizations
    4) Special Residence permit for people migrating into Balochistan . This is to protect the local population being swamped and becoming minority
    5) Implementation of land reforms
    6) Open borders between contiguous areas in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan which have Balochi majority
    7) Policing to be done by Balochi recruited officers and withdrawal of armed forces

    Balochis face existential threat that they will become a minority in homeland because of continuous migration from other areas of Pakistan which are overpopulated . to solve the issues it needs a different mode of thinking in Pakistani polity which still relies on a single unit philosophy Recommend

  • dr shabbir baloch

    u do not know balochistan,we are baloch ,there is no word baluchi,this word is insulting for us.the insurgency is for freedom of balochistan,time will prove it so dont worry we will get freedom from barbaric pokistan,Recommend

  • Yasser

    Out of 30 distrcits, only 3 are creating minor issues for Pakistan, rest are very peaceful and in complete harmony. Baloch lover is absolutely right about some rich and spoiled sardars brats misleading all of us.

    I am shocked to see why wikipedia have replaced the details it provided a couple of year back about Sardar Nawab Akbar Bughti where it mentioned earlier he was geting £1 million commission per annum for Sui Gas Installations as well as fee for security @ £15000 per month of these installations.

    Fortunately the repleca of this Wikipedia’s article is available at: http://www.humpaki.com/forums/f21/nawab-akbar-bugti-balochistan-63532/Recommend

  • chengiz

    Pakistanis leave Balochistan.Recommend

  • Arif Rahman

    Pakistan’s main enemy is Pakistan army. Because of them created Bangladesh No media created Bangladesh. All goes to punjab first then rest of the province will get. Can’t be run country like that.Recommend

  • Mohsin Khan

    @Author: Thank you for bringing forth our plight. I would really like to meet so called balochi commenter above who claims themselves to be Balochi. I would like to take them for a walk in my town to see the plight of people and meet the relatives of those whose family member have been kidnapped by army. In all honesty the situation is not different from Kashmir. What makes me sad reading the comments is how come this very people voice against the suppression of muslims in Kashmir and still have no heart for what we suffer in hands of army. This so called Balochi commenter are certainly not local Balochis living in Balochitan. Partition will not be a happy solution for both Balochistan and Pakistan. We should find some meaningful resolution for future of our children. The way Pakistan is handling and ignoring Balochistan will certainly lead to another partition. Recommend

  • Bashy Quraishy

    The US wants to establish permanent military bases in Afghanistan and a direct unimpeded rout from Arabian Sea, through Baluchistan and Afghanistan into Central Asia, an important source for oil and gas for the future. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to see an economically weak and politically destabilized Pakistan that would be willing to give up Baluchistan or at least barter away the natural gas and mineral rights of Baluchistan to offset IMF debts. In order to realize full benefit from Baluchistan, it would be highly desirable for the US to carve the province out of Pakistan’s map and install a few local puppets as the leaders just as has been done in Pakistan, Afghanistan Iraq and Libya. Regarding Baluchistan, the American imperial designs may be similar to what the British East India company adopted in mid 18th century in Bengal, the eastern province of India.
    There is evidence that the Indian intelligence agency RAW is funding and training saboteur in Baluchistan from their various consulates in Afghanistan. There are only a handful of Baluch Sardars (chieftains) who are demanding for separation. A very large percentage of Baluchistan population is illiterate and traditionally follow their tribal chieftains. The Pashtoons and others who make up 45% of Baluchistan’s population do not support the separation movement.
    It is important to bear in mind that the Baluch make hardly 3% of the total population of Pakistan. They cannot be allowed to blackmail the 97% of the total population in their secessionist movement at gun-point in an attempt to carve out 43% of the total Pakistan land mass. It is nevertheless, important to pay attention to their grievances and reasonable demands; they should be dealt with fairness as any other segment of Pakistan’s population in any other province. There are no parallels between Baluchistan and East Pakistan.Recommend

  • Baloch

    For the pakistan only good Baloch is dead baloch, listen all balochs if you follow the pakistan will be treated like Akbar Bughti. Akbar bughti follow the pakistan he was killed with his all family. all baloch realize and stand against this terroist state like pakistan and fight of indepent, one day you will die why not for good case , you are son will leave like son of the soil of balochistan, now baloch is the servant of servant, even pakistan doesnt deserve to be a country. pakistan army hate baloch. baloch never will be treated same like punjabi. if we all baloch willnot take decision our new generation will be slave of these punjabis and pakistan will genocide all of the baloch for the resouces of baloch.Recommend

  • zoro

    @Muhammad Zeeshan

    Why does the Punjabi dominated army has killed and brutalised the local Baloch up till now ??
    The result is there to see…
    32 drill holes in the head of a Baloch and killing of Baloch professors and doctors will give you the same result as what u getting now…Recommend

  • Parvez

    Big difference between Balochistan and Bangladesh is the demographics and geography involved. Recommend

  • Manir

    The attitude expressed by most of the commenter is reminiscent of the views expressed by the Pak government in 1971 (views that were accepted and echoed by the educated class of West Pakistan in general). The misgivings of the local populace are fanned by foreign agents, the leaders of nationalist parties are in the payroll of foreign (read Indian) secret service, the locals are equally to be blamed for killing Urdu-speakers/Punjabis, the economic disparity is real to some extent but there are problems elsewhere in Pakistan (so this cannot be a valid cause for discontent in any specific geographic region). If such an attitude of denial exists, no doubt Baluchistan, given able leadership, will go the way of Bangladesh.Recommend

  • khan of quetta

    there you go media negative reporting has had a major impact on balochistan tourism industry places like ziarat were jam packed during snowfall but media is scaring away tourist visit balochistan to know what is really there keyboard warriors are liersRecommend

  • khan of quetta

    [email protected] my uncle was killed by mukti bahini terrorists in Bengal he was a school teacher but no coverage is given to the fact why on earth did the army go there in the first placeRecommend

  • baloch lover

    @dr shabbir baloch:

    Mr, you cant even talk straight because of your hatred, how you will think straight for the balochi people. If you are not loyal to your country how you will be loyal to your people. Very few of you are creating extreme violence and killing barbarically. You must come out of medieval mindset and see the world with educated and liberal way.Recommend

  • Manir

    @khan of quetta:
    I am sorry about your uncle. Many innocent people on both sides were killed. Though the death of even a single person is one too many, for every innocent Urdu-speaker slain, thousands of Bengali civilians (including some of my family) lost their lives. The scales are simply not comparable; the massacre of Bengalis was state-sponsored genocide. There is ample documentation of the killings on the Internet if you care to browse through them.Recommend

  • Umar Saad Jiskani

    Mark my words, Balochistan will be free from Pakistani rule. We will not tolerate any human rights abuses by the Pakistani army/military. To Pakistan we are nothing but second class citizens. Inshallah people of Balochistan will rise. Down with Pakistan. Recommend

  • Zalmai


    “The other thing to remember is that a large segment of Baluchistan’s population is Pashtun who remain staunchly pro Pakistani despite the criminality which comes from across the border in Afghanistan where India has many bases disguised as consulates.”

    The only thing Pashtuns are staunch about is their own autonomy, they don’t care about being Afghan or Pakistani. Have you been to Afghanistan to corroborate the existence of Indian bases disguised as consulates. Baseless accusations without a shred of evidence. As a matter of fact, most of the Balochi separatist movements are supported by the ISI, which encourages them to fight each other and keep them divided.

  • akt

    ” Pakistan on the cross road ”Recommend

  • Alex

    @M Ali Khan:
    It is vital all parties to unite for common purpose-freedom at any cost.Recommend

  • Umar Farooq Khawaja

    @Azad: The kind of thinking you are displaying isn’t unique to Baluchistan/Pakistan. In the UK, Scotland is having a similar discussion and for similar reasons.

    I wholeheartedly agree that Balochistan should be further developed. In fact, I think Balochistan could prove to be the saviour of the entire Pakistan. It could power development throughout the entire country. Can you imagine how many jobs could be created if the resources that lie unused in Balochistan could be properly utilized and it the coastline could be developed to serve as the gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia? How many infrastructure projects are just awaiting conception and implementation in Balochistan.

    However, Pakistanis as a whole and each province individually would need to recognize and embrace the fact that we are all in this together. Being part of a prosperous larger country is better than being a small, poor country.

    Finally, I am rather shocked that you want open borders with Iran and Afghanistan but want Pakistanis from other provinces to require permits to relocate to Balochistan. What is this unnatural fascination with ethnic purity? I found this part of your argument offensive. It is fundamentally against what I believe in. To understand my disgust, please reread the Prophet’s Last Sermon, especially the parts relating to equality between people vis-a-via skin color (i.e., ethnicity). Furthermore, if more people from other parts of Pakistan move to Balochistan, it is only going to put pressure on Govt. of Pakistan to develop Balochistan. It isn’t going to usurp the rights of Balochis.

    Rather than be divisive on this issue, be inclusive. Other Pakistanis should be supporting Balochistan anyway because it is the right thing to do, but this cause isn’t helped by raising walls between Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ian Graham, UK

    You’ve said “In uncanny resemblance to events which run parallel to Kashmir accession to India , Khan of Kalat signed instrument of accession agreement under coercion when the Kalat assembly had decided on independence as a distinct nation.”

    The similarity ends there.

    The difference is that Pakistani guerrilla militants invaded the princely state of Jammu & Kashmir when it had a standstill agreement with both Pakistan & India. So that is what prompted the ruler to accede to India in response for military help.

    Both Balochistan & J&K were coerced to join Pakistan by Punjabi mafia, who were also responsible for the secession of BangladeshRecommend

  • stevenson

    @Zalmai: I guess you don;t know that most of the FC fighting the foreign agents in Baluchistan are Pashtuns or that the last Pashtun Governor of Baluchistan blamed the violence on Indian agents based in Afghanistan who were supported by their Afghan lackeys? You really need to speak to Pashtun in Pakistan to get an idea about what they do or don’t stand for becuase I find Afghanis always try to speak for Pakistani Pashtun without realising that most of us don’t think much of the Persian dominated leadership of Afghanistan and its subservient population of other groups who bow down in front of Dari speakers!Recommend

  • David

    @The Khan ..I pity on your ignorance. Maoist issue is not related to separatism at all.Recommend

  • Zalmai


    Most Afghan Pashtuns speak Dari and they are the leaders of Afghanistan and that is what you Pakistanis don’t understand. We don’t think much of the Punjabi dominated leadership of Pakistan, which tries to keep Pashtuns down in both countries. Your politicians, Pashtuns included sing the songs written by the deep state and they will never hold it responsible for fostering proxies that prey on its own people. Recommend

  • Alz

    Truly and honestly it really hurt when I heard about the uproar and separation of Balochistan. Being true and patriotic pakistani I wouldn’t say my sympathies because this will probably hurt Baloch people’s feelings more as they dont need sympathy they need respect and life with dignity. To be honest with open heart and mind we need to apologise them and accept them with open heart and mind as our brothersً. Now coming back to the issue it’s government responsibility to open the doors for mediation and bilateral talks with all the stakeholders. Accepting their legal and fundamental rights we shall not think hypocritically but to give them what they deserve and what we owe them. Packages with no actions would not work in any case actions with fruitful agreements and mutual understandig from both parties would take us to prosperous Baochistan. People who are in hurry to seprate Balochistan from Pakistan wouldn’t get anything same in case of Banglsdesh where sectarian and violence is continuously happening. Baloch as nation they only need respect and honour as what they famous for give respect, honor and dignity we will die for you. So why can’t we have same formula in the case of Balochistan where no one is loser both both are the winners and keep their pride.Recommend

  • Jagozai

    Over my dead body will Balochistan become independent. Recommend