No, you cannot wear Shalwar Kameez in Pakistan!

Published: January 6, 2013

Lastly after having written this, I am afraid of bumping into a general (any guy with brass pips), who might tell me off with a cigar tucked in his teeth. ILLUSTRATION: IMAAN SHEIKH

“What a country! What a country!”

These were the signature lines of ‘Gora Saab’, a character of a TV show aired on PTV in the late 80s. The show was a sequel to hugely popular puppet show Kaliyan.

Gora Saab would spontaneously utter these lines when he would come across bizarre and weird ways of our society. The character is as relevant – if not more – today as it was couple of decades ago.

I need not elaborate any further; it would suffice to just say that everything, ranging from mobile services being shut down on festive occasions to the serpentine queues at CNG stations, are ‘what a country’ moments.

Without digressing further I state the specific reason of going down memory lane and bringing Gora Saab right back. A golf course at Bhurban are a hill resort near Murree are the main culprits behind this rant. Like all ‘businessmen’, men in our army like golf a lot, and that is why this golf course is under control of the Pakistani Army.

For a long time even under the army’s control, this golf course was open to the general public. One could have a leisurely stroll in the beautiful walkways surrounding the greens, but later restrictions were put on those who entered. Now the golf course is not accessible to the general public the way it used to be.

Not many things are more distasteful than the sight of a fully armed uniformed commando from the Pakistan Army guarding the greens of a golf course. The two just do not go along; still like most Pakistanis I acquiesce to khaki authority and don’t object even to that.

However, the statement on the signboard at the entrance of the said golf course disturbs me at many levels.

The signboard arrogantly states that;

“Follwing dresses are not allowed- Barmuda shorts, shalwar kameez.”

Such restriction would be understandable if it had been limited to players only but barring visitors in shalwar kameez, which happens to be our national dress, is akin to self-abusing. The statement is as derogatory as that of British masters of the pre-independence era who outside their exclusive clubs, would put signboards stating “locals and dogs are not allowed”.

The British could be forgiven for such snobbery because they were not the servants of the state and their sole purpose was to rule.

Some would argue that the army develops and maintains the golf course, so it has every right to keep it exclusive. Perhaps such men, at their best, can think only as far as their nose and as deep as their skin. What they miss, however, is an obvious fact that the army is sponsored by the taxpayers of this country and as far as business ventures it is involved in go, they also make use of authority and influence that is prerogative of a state institution.

I would suggest such men to read Dr Ayesha Siddiqua’s “Military Inc”, at least twice for a better understanding.

Ironically, the golf course in question was not even developed by the Pakistan Army; it was developed by the British Army back in 1932.

I am not sure what changes or improvements the army has made since it took over the place but one thing is for sure – the signboard under the spotlight was not erected by the British. Had it been done by them words like ‘following’ and ‘Bermuda shorts’ would have been spelled right (refer to the photo above for a good laugh).

It amuses me to imagine how they must have been held to think of ways to keep the local hicks out of their elitist facility. An officer must have been given the task to make sure to erect a signboard stating this in English as if to please the ‘Brown Saabs’ desperate to ape and hopelessly in awe of the Gora Saabs of yesteryear because had the purpose been only to get the message across to local audience, Urdu would have been a more appropriate choice. The board would have been finally erected. Lo and behold! They could not even write a single correct sentence in the language of the people they are so desperate to ape. Perhaps this is nature’s way of mocking their snobbery.

Lastly after having written this, I am afraid of bumping into a general (any guy with brass pips), who might tell me off with a cigar tucked in his teeth.

Gentleman, your objection is misplaced. Haven’t you read the poem by the English poet John Keats ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for generals only’?

Despite my best effort, ‘What a country! What a country!’ might slip out of my mouth.

Syed Saadat

Syed Saadat

A civil servant and development practitioner. Syed Saadat is also a freelance columnist and blogs at

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

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  • Sohaib Irshad

    I feel for you Mr. Civil Servant. Ask your bosses who helped Military alot what it is now. Stop crying! Recommend

  • kanwal

    I cant belive this picture in the blog! Really DID make my day… LOLRecommend

  • http://hyderabad varuag

    ROTFLMAO at the signboardRecommend

  • Yusuf

    Faujis doing what they do best, being a kabza group and antagonising the ‘bloody civilians’Recommend

  • Asad

    you did all this research/writing for this sign? Seriously?
    Why are you so upset?
    Were you wearing shalwar kameez that fateful day?
    Were you stopped at the entrance?
    Do you even play golf?
    Do you even play golf in the snow?
    Im not an army fan either but bashing them in this context is a DRAG…
    “Barmuda” / “Bermuda” … not funny really…
    you could have summed it all up in a nice facebook post, or a tweet… not a blog…
    Best of Luck.

  • Op

    yar cha gaye ho..really master piece..i second you completely. these brown sb just consider us bloody civilians Recommend

  • fauji

    BlockquoteThe British could be forgiven for such snobbery because they were not the servants of the state and their sole purpose was to rule.

    Unfortunately these new uniformed “Brown Saabs” continue the legacy of imperial British. They consider, and now after 65 years, have fairly established that they have inherited this piece of land from the imperialist government just to continue their legacy. You can find boards restrcting access ordinary citizens nearby every cantonment area and military controlled residential or commercial complexes. My friend dear author you forgive British because they were not supposed to serve and rule but you forget that the same applies to these new Sahib loags. They also consider themselves RULERS, KINGS or sometimes EMPERORS but not at all the public servants. No matter they are fed on public money in terms of salaries and each and every perquisite they avail from their position (I am deliberately not mentioning the looted public wealth in which they always get a good share of them). They have completely forgotten that they were hired by the state to serve the nation and defend it from potentional dangers. British used to hire local soldiers to fight off external approaching enemies such as Japan. These locals were sent to fuel the battlefields for British hence saving their own manpower. Same our new Brown Saabs do.
    They hire from their subjects as they did in East Pakistan in the name of Razakars or they did in Kashmir by hiring Hurriyat Pasands and use them in battlefields. The difference is that the British used to pay some salaries for their locally hired soldiers and the Brown saabs are lucky enough to get these soldiers as volunteers. Now when these volunteers fight, we as a nation, are told that our Armies are kicking the enemies in their butts with full zeal and when these volunteers exhaust or fail in their mission, some General simply signs a surrender document before Arora or appeals the PM to get help from US to get them out of self created hell. (The volunteers never get such concession and always are embraced Shahadah…. gumnaam shaheeed off course)………………… and then Generals again face their attention to rule their real subjects ……. and it continues Recommend

  • Saira

    This sign doesnt work in many ways, the people from tribal areas will never be able to enter but they will enter by force anyway!Recommend

  • Maleha Ahmad

    I absolutely fail to understand as to why civilians turn so irrational when the topic comes down to ‘Pakistan Army’. Just wanted to highlight that it is the ONLY institution left in Pakistan that atleast has the right direction to follow, unlike all other civilian and government bodies. I’m sorry for being blatantly truthful but that’s true. For God’s love, CIVILIANS, do not endeavor clutching it ‘your’ level. Let it be UP THERE, kindly. It looks pretty there :)Recommend

  • Op

    i still remember the days when my O&A levels exam center was in Army Public School, inside cantonment. and the way they behave with us (students) was so pathetic and ridiculous, i feel that till now and i hate army for the very this reasonRecommend

  • Saad

    fauji ne ‘fun’ nhi kerne diya… humne blog post likh daala. (insert meme accordingly.)Recommend

  • Naseer Khan

    @Maleha Ahmad: Army is also the only institution that think it owns Pakistan. :)Recommend

  • R


    The army is responsible for most of the mess we are in right now. Politicians are not saints but the their actions pale before our armed forces´.Recommend

  • Mj

    Different places and occasions have different dress codes. Golf courses and country clubs have a requirement for suitable attire in pretty much the whole world, not just in Pakistan at army-run establishments. I wouldn’t complain If I weren’t allowed to wear shalwar kameez during hajj or at a graduation ceremony.Recommend

  • Dr. Ashraf Khan

    Good blog, wonderful observation. For those who consider this as Army bashing, please get a life- Army is also a part of Pakistani population. Most of generals, colonels, wear Shalwar Kameez and they are true Pando of Pakistan.
    Dr. Ashraf Khan Recommend

  • Parvez

    You have drawn a great picture here and so right. The credibility of our politicians is in the negative zone and they are least bothered. This is termed as being shameless.
    The issue with our armed forces is that they have failed to live up to the expectations of the people and due to the paucity of original thinking they are unable to correct this. It is necessary for them to take corrective measures as they still have the capacity to think as opposed to the politicians who’s thought process is dead. Recommend

  • English teacher

    there is nothing wrong with the sign. one does not play tennis in shalwar kameeze either.. i perfectly accept that there must be a dress code and it should be strictly enforced. Clubs and resorts around the world have dress codes and they are strictly enforced. Army run institutions are better run than under government. We all have already seen the performance of the current Democracy.. However national dress can be allowed in the restaurants and cafes of the golf course.Recommend

  • Usman Hyder

    Great blog, but why forgive the Britishers and their snobbery. Insulting our people, comparing them to dogs, even back then is ridiculous and unforgivable.Recommend

  • Aatif alvi

    This is not about shalwar qameez, it shows the mentality of the supreme command and our leaders…..

    Oh yes , wearing shalwar qameez is a crime now in Pakistan. Imagine yourself walking around near parliament house in shalwar qameez and i bet you will be stopped by any police guy somewhere…… and the cherrie on the cake would be if u have a beard…Recommend

  • Haider

    It’s amazing how a segment of our society will go to any extent to blame everything on the army. In this case the writer has an issue with the dress code on a golf course. I am confused that an educated person would not know that golf courses all over the world have a dress code and it is very strictly adhered to.
    As far as Army’s management of this course is concerned, well the best course in Washington DC is the Army Navy course managed by the US Armed Forces. I find all this a deliberate effort on part of a small segment of our society to create a rift between the nation and its Armed Forces. It is most unfortunate and plays right into the hands of the enemies of Pakistan. Any Armed Forces cannot perform without the support of the nation.
    We must be weary of people trying to push this dangerous narrative. God bless Pakistan and Pakistan ArmyRecommend

  • H.

    it’s a private club, they can choose who to and who not to give service to omfgRecommend

  • jamshed kharian-pak

    Pakistanis folk attention please English Bandits are here!Recommend

  • antifauji

    @Maleha Ahmad: yes the only institution that put this country into this hell position… ayyub, yahya, zia, musharraf and now kiyani came from Civil servant… u did some research all ur life…right????Recommend

  • Khurram

    @H What private place you are talking about??? This all land is taken away by Pakistani Army from Civilian Government on the pretext that it is necessary for defense of Pakistan. This is not the private club but the Club made on Land given by Pakistani people to the Pakistani Army and now they think they are like owners of everything. Pakistan Army have no right to tell us that they will first took land from us and then tell us that it is their private property and it is their right to exploit us and look down upon the general public.Recommend

  • Umar Khan

    Guys, there is a dress code for every sports, take a break!!!Recommend

  • Golfer

    Dress codes are for players and this sign board bars even visitors so “thumbs down” for the restriction

    Source: Have played around the worldRecommend

  • Baba Ji

    very right … I am for the dress code … you want to wear shalwar qameez and play Golf too ?
    Shabaash Pak Army … our nation needs “dandda” and you are capable to provide that … please feel free to use it on this “nation” ! it is your dandda which makes DHA the best living place here, it is your dandda which makes Askari safest place to live, your dandda ensures good Askari banking, etc etc …. Pak fauj ko salaam ! keep the shabbily shalwar qameez clad paindoos out of decent places …. no hard feelings you paindoos !!!Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    And so the army apologetics and Brown Mem’s come to the defence of a sign-board while the Brown Saab’s play golf. Recommend

  • kanwal

    @maleha ahmad
    Are you sure the army has been efficiently doing its job : the job they are supposed to do, for example defending the country and the bloody civilians. The reason i m asking this bcoz the last time i checked, there were terroriist-puking seminaries used as strategic assets mushroomed all o er the place and more than 40k dead pakkistnis to boot. All of this done in the rules of two very “efficient” generals in the country. Better get ur stats right. Otherwise, if u are talking about any other kinds of efficiencies, i will have to point out that armed forces are paid to defend us, not build industrial (military) complexes unfortunately. Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ud Din Khattak

    Wonderful Article, This is one of the sad image and story of pakistan that what ever army wants they will do it without even thinking of its impact on civil society.What does it means that those wearing shilwar kameez are not allowed to enter the premises?

    Voailation of human rights should never be called as DANDA ! It does not make any sense that they shall not be asked of their acts and operation in Pakistan. They are our defenders and shall must work for the betterment of our living standards.

    Someone has given example of DHA being the best township in Pakistan, I am askin him some Questions what else is gona happen more worst killing of Usama Bin Laden in military township Abat Abad, Salala check post attack from US forces, Raimand killed two ISI agents in daylight, Sucide boom blasts, Drone attacks, PESHAWAR, KAMRA, KARACHI airbasses were attacked ??

    We are not feelin safe in pakistan, Who is responsible for this uncertainty found in Pakistan? We civilians are not supposed to make plans and strategies for peace But its Our Army and intelligence agencies to make sure we are livin with comfort.Long say short ARMY IS EQUAL TO CIVILIANS AS THEY ARE FROM AMONG OF US. Recommend

  • salmanzq

    @Khan Gul: why don’t you google golf courses and see what is widely acknowledged as the attire on golf courses. I’ve seen this all over the world. If people are educating you and the blog writer on a basic flaw in the whole piece, why can’t you be a bit humble and realize that this is the real reason behind the rule? Recommend

  • Humanoids

    The golf course in Rawalpindi has such nuisance too! They dont allow “jeans” for visitors!!!!! I went with my friend who wanted to show me around and play 3 holes. All the people playing were retd army officers, serving officers and businessmen. A general with full fledge 4 armed guards around him as he was playing!!!! So we told the golf person that I am a visitor and I am not going to play. He flatly refused. Right next to it a general was practicing while smoking. I asked them loudly that smoking is allowed while a visitor cannot watch wearing a jeans? A retired army officer heard me and said “Baita wait until a general comes here in jeans and it would be allowed like smoking is”
    I had my answer and we left!Recommend

  • Historian 1

    @ Author: If you are so concerned about ” national dress” I.e shalwar kameez, why are you writing your blog in gora saab language, English?……hypocrite!!!Recommend

  • gujranwala789

    Our army has a lot of feminine qualities and hence their favorite game is also feminine golf.Recommend

  • A. Khan

    Nobody blames everything on the Army. In my opinion, Army is a big factor in the issues affecting Pakistan. You cannot have one very large and public institute of the country literally being above the law. The sooner everybody realises this the better. Its not just a question of the army conquering their own country every few years. With all due respect to the jawans and officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice, I would like to see the Army win a war. If not, they should be packed up as obviously they are not up to the task.

    Having fancy golf courses, uniforms, staff cars, foreign bank accounts, not to mention the “gifted” golf kits from foreign vendors, does not win wars. Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    @salmanzq: Don’t assume everybody to be dumb (which is a typical trait of you know who). The issue is not about the accepted dress-code for golf. And since you asked, I found the following pictures so you can rest assured that bermuda and chaddi’s are perfectly okay for playing golf, yet the fodgee’s don’t allow it.

    I have a personal experience of wearing shalwar-kameez to a golf course in Abbottabad. At first I was not allowed to go in but when I used the name of a contact, not only did I get in but I took the clubs and balls and tried some shots. In my one hour stay 3 random guys approached me and asked me questions upon questions. Who am I. Where am I from. What am I doing in abbottabad. Whose reference did I use. Come on yar, it’s a golf-club, not a nuclear missile silo. No national security is at risk if I play golf in bathroom slippers and shalwar kameez. The bottom-line is that they did not want me there. I looked like a low-class shalwar wearing paindoo civilian to them.Recommend

  • Mona

    No where in the world will be a person be allowed to wear shalwaar qameez and play golf so please find something else to get mad about!Recommend

  • Questioner

    @Maleha Ahmad:
    Whenever someone presents this logic of “only institution remaining…” he/she should remember that this only institution have been ruling more than half of time of Pakistan’s existence directly and other half indirectly. So they might be good because their competent rule allowed them to enjoy plunders while destroying other institutionsRecommend

  • Haven’t lost my sanity

    Yet another Army bashing article!!! lolz!
    Army isn’t your enemy; treat them with respect. After all, these guys are more than willing to sacrifice their lives for our motherland.
    The board in the pic must have been painted by a Sepoy, so give him a margin for error keeping in mind his education level. While studying in a private university, I get to see graduates who can’t write their own names properly; what to talk of being able to write proper English.
    As far as the actual content of the article is concerned; I think it’s a non-issue and there was absolutely no need to vent your anger by writing a whole piece on it. If you were not allowed to enter because you were wearing Shalwar Kameez, then show some open-mindedness by respecting the rules they have put in place.
    By the way, since it’s a pointless article from the very beginning, so I did not even read it till end. I am sure you could have utilized your time in doing something more worthwhile. :-)Recommend

  • Tariq

    civilian you cant understandRecommend

  • O2

    So why don’t you write an article that we Pakistanis can’t play cricket or hockey, at international level & domestic level, in a Shalwar Kameez? I hope this would clear up the minds of many people in here who love to bash anything in Pakistan without giving a thought into it :)come up with something better next time Mr Syed Saadat :) P.S yeah Pakistan Army is just awful, lets put the Police in charge of this country, & hey why don’t you guys stop living in DHA or Cantt or stop using the roads built by FWO???Recommend

  • salmanzq

    @Khan Gul: now go online and google bermuda shorts. Those are not bermuda shorts. Recommend

  • O2

    @Khan Gul:
    why don’t you ask PCB to make our team wear a Shalwar Kameez? if you can’t follow a rule in a particular place then don’t go there! find some sports complex where you can swim,play cricket, hockey, football etc in a Shalwar Kameez :) put some sense behind your argument’s. No one watches golf here in Pakistan, then how on earth you (author) feel enraged about visitors not being allowed to enter without a dress code when there are none ??? I guess you hate the red light on a signal too, since its a rule.Recommend

  • Haven’t lost my sanity

    Ask any uniformed guy if he considers civilians as ‘bloody civilians’ and trust me he will laugh at you. I am yet to come across a Man in Uniform with that kind of mentality. For some odd reason, SOME of the civilians assume and blame that Army walas think like that. Again, not fair with people who are willing to get killed for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Agreed . When i was student i have to pass Army cant on my way to School. I remember their misbehavior with students. Some time they did not allow us to pass then we have to take a secondary route which was 5 to 6 KM longer.Any body can tell this experience better who ride bicycle in noon’s of summer & mornings of winter in Southern Punjab.

    I think now we should change our national dress.Because now Shalwar Qameez in our country represent Terrorists & Illiterate.Recommend

  • samar

    I agreed 100%. Shalwar kameez is our national dress, and putting restriction on it anywhere is like self-abusing. Like some European countries ban Hijab – I condemn both.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    This picture is from a possible skiing resort and mentioning flowing dresses is only because people would wear such dresses and start skiing on the slopes and as a result face serious injuries… dont make it such a big deal.. see the context…Recommend

  • sherrry

    @Dr. Ashraf Khan:
    no sir , this is bashing army in every sense, author totally deviated from the topic and portrayed complete military set up negatively on the basis of one sign board .Recommend

  • sherrry


    its the way u look at things,
    should i start telling you about the welfare projects being run in FATA ,swat and balochistan by the same army , perhaps i should not because people like you can never get into something positive.Recommend

  • Read&Agreed

    Such restriction would be understandable if it had been limited to players only but barring visitors in shalwar kameez, which happens to be our national dress, is akin to self-abusing. The statement is as derogatory as that of British masters of the pre-independence era who outside their exclusive clubs, would put signboards stating “locals and dogs are not allowed”.Recommend

  • gujranwala789

    Why some people make a big fuss about sacrifice of Army, as far as my knowledge is concerned they have always let down the nation , they have always proved to be cowards on the battle ground in all wars and bye the way they are not a national army, they are just an extension of north west units of imperial british army and the only difference is that now they are headed by kaala sahabs as compared to gora sahabs before 1947. Recommend

  • Muhammad Saleem Usmani

    Actually they left out “Bloody Civilians” in the sign. After all you cannot bite the hand that feeds you! But an interesting observation. So I am assuming that barring our national dress, which apparrently is a cuase of shame for our own army (or is it?), “Barmuda” and “Shorts”, one can actually play in an Arabic Kondora since it is not explicitly banned :-). They should think of a rank as “Dress Master Sergeant” and the job should be to append the board as soon as clothes unworthy of the place spring up in his noble mind. LOLRecommend

  • Muhammad Saleem Usmani

    Wow! someone actually believes that. What a surprise! Keep it on buddy. After all this nation has only given you a nationality.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saleem Usmani

    @Maleha Ahmad:
    Yep Maleha…The army has conquered their own country 4 times and civilians none- so 4-0 to army…Only “institution” left? is debatable at best. I hope you are mot referring their invasion and overthrow of an elected PM by an out of job general!Recommend

  • sattar rind

    yes shalwar kamiz is our national dress and above all its against civilian norrms /civilzation that one should assume any ones’ dress inferior Recommend

  • Asjad

    Good to read people atleast reading about it…thus far u havent been accused as a raw ka agent…thank goodness :)Recommend

  • huzaifa

    Well! A sign board wrongly spelled inside an institutions perimeters gave a lot of people a chance to vent out their frustration. Actually, Army has always been a institution apart, since old days the warriors and soldiers were always looked upon as nobles and with awe. Even at that time, the “bloody civilians” use to envy the soldiers and warriors for their wealth ( the war booty got in the battle) attitude and the flair. In Pakistan, mostly the civil servants are jealous and critical to the army fan and fair as they think that only they are the Lords left after British Raj. These poor civil servants had been under Army rule since long therefore as and when they get the chance to vent out their jealousy and hate, they do it like this.
    By the way MR WRITER, are you a civil servant? Recommend

  • Smj

    This board was installed to stop terrorists when Pak Army is busy playing golf and politics.Recommend

  • Amer Ali Shah

    Lucky you didn`t get shot while trying to take photos of a sensitive locationRecommend

  • Mona

    I’m sick of mummy daddy’s with their gelled up hair criticizing the military – either join the military and fix it or shut it! The only reason you can still sit in your cafes and drink mocha lattes in the city while wearing jeans is because these soldiers are deployed in the tribal areas. You should have taken a picture of the other side of the sign board as well which is probably in Urdu! Recommend

  • Paki

    @Asad: bro u may not be a army lover but u r related to somebody in army. Recommend

  • Paki

    @Maleha Ahmad: u must be wife, sister or daughter of army officer . Just tell me what actually army has done for our country except for killing our own people and creating jahadis .
    U should read habib jalibs poem . Jin ko Dakha ke galyon ma jootay paray. Recommend

  • Paki

    @sherrry: current situation in FATA , Swat , balochistan is because of this army Recommend

  • Historian 1

    Shalwar kameez is a funny dress.Recommend

  • aa

    Every sports has its own attire Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Can somebody stop bloggers….freedom of speech doesnt mean you “must” write 200 words on any topic without any meaningful idea.

    OK OK why I read it and why am commenting on it…..don’t know, but why Gerry Springer and for that matter our Shaista Wahidi and her bro are sought after while they are most hatred and most follish people on media……I dont make any sense?? does this blogger and 100 comments make any at all?Recommend

  • Muzammil

    Why would any sane person in his right mind would WANT to wear shorts or shalwar kameez in this freezing cold?Recommend

  • MAK

    @Mj: here in dubai we have signature golf courses where international tournaments are held. But no one has the guts to stop an Emarati spectator from entering in a kandoora (their national dress). Where are the golf course attire retrictions then?Recommend

  • Umar Khan

    MAK, Arabs didn’t rule us, British did!Recommend

  • MAK

    @ahmed: if it’s possibly a skiing resort then this sign is for the insane because only such ppl would wear bermudas or shorts to go to a skiing resortRecommend

  • Ahmed

    @ MAK
    We have alot of those around in this country… This is from a skiing resort I think…Recommend

  • sherrry

    have you ever been to those areas?????Recommend

  • Brand Manager of Uth Oye

    heck, I go through this at banks and malls too. Wearing ShalKameez = security checks while western wear results in a smile+greeting and no security checks.Recommend

  • PakiKaka

    Army is not supposed to run welfare projects either, it’s the responsibility of the state. Just another example of Pakistan’s army breaking the law.Recommend

  • PakiKaka

    Ask the army why are they not fighting the Taliban in the north waziristan. Because your beloved army considers them their strategic assets and refuse any action. They are the brainchild of your beloved army. It’s the poor low grade soldier that dies while you high class army office scorn at shalwar kameez clad ordinary PakistanisRecommend

  • Tanzeel

    Golf is a gentlemen’s game.Recommend

  • Mona

    If it wasn’t for the Pakistan army (my beloved or not is besides the point) Pakistan would have been taken over by the Taliban – and all you mummy daddies would have been forced to grow beards and wear shalwaar qameez. So like I said either join the army and fix it or shut it! What have you done for your beloved Pakistan? Recommend

  • sherrry

    m speechlessRecommend

  • sherrry


    “It’s the poor low grade soldier that dies while you high class army office scorn at shalwar kameez clad ordinary Pakistanis”

    let me inform you that in most armies of the world one common method of judging critical leadership element in the battle field is to calculate the death rate of officers against soldiers, usually 1 : 7 is considered as satisfactory in this regard.
    during recent conflicts in swat and FATA ,PAK army ratio was 1 : 4. i,e one officer against four soldiers, which is highest in last 3 decades all across the globe.

    pata hota nai ha kuch , aewain mama bn’ne ka shok hota ha bsRecommend

  • pmbm

    I have seen women golfing at Lahore Gymkhana golf course wearing shalwar kameez, and playing well.Recommend

  • Shahab Nasir

    I’ll be surprised if they even let you enter even if you were properly dressed. My father took retirement from Army back in 1998. We happened to be in Bhurban a few years ago and decided to hang out at the beautiful golf course. But we couldn’t. At the gate “the commando bhai” refused to let us in. The amazing reason he gave to my dad was, “today General sb is playing golf”. I fail to understand what on earth does a Retired Col. of Army and his family has to to do with a General playing golf? I never knew one person could hit balls in all 18 holes at the same time. Must be the dad of Tiger woods! But i would still not blame Army for everything. They may have some funny reasons to act like that but I never expect Army to develop public/tourist areas for the entire nation (though that golf course was once a public place). I firmly believe it is the government’s responsibility to create recreational activities for the public.Recommend

  • Umar Khan

    @ Everyone!
    You are talking about not permitting you in the golf course, this is nothing, I had the worst experience, even though my father served in Army

    All 8 tyres of 2 of our cars were punctured by Army men just because the cars were parked “near to the wall of the course”, actually there was no sign board and the cars were parked 100% off the road on mud.

    Worse thing was, all of us with kids, babies and old folks, had to wait till midnight to get all 8 tyres fixed.

    This is the face of our Army, like it or not. I don’t blame them, I blame the weak politicians for letting them do this to us, as we voted for them to safeguard our rights. Of course we voted for wrong as time tells (wink)Recommend

  • Asad Javed


    Your mind is wrapped around technicalities that serve no purpose. The man is simply trying to tell you about hypocrisies in society. If you cannot understand that then you might be in the army then. Recommend

  • Callum

    Aw, this was a really nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to make a great article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and don’t seem to get anything done.Recommend

  • Cry Me a River

    Is it for players or visitors ?

    If it for the visitors then people should watch the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Golf Tournament.

    Racecourses have strict dress code for the high end patrons (mostly western suits) but the Emirates have customised it to their own needs on their own turf.

    Been to the Chandigarh & Delhi Golf Club they have a Dress code for Players and Visitors using the Main Bar & Dining Room but it clearly states National Dress is allowed in those areas.I was wearing Shorts & Polos.

    Next time I’ll try wearing a Kurta Pajama off the green :like a boss: …… lets see what happens?

    PS – Got nothing to do with golf,was there stalkin a sheila :pRecommend

  • Adv.Siddiqui

    @Naseer Khan Army not only own but also shows that Pakistan is its Sole propritorship property. :( and we civilan are tenatsRecommend

  • jojo mahar


  • shahzain

    fully agreed with Syed Saadat!Recommend

  • arshama

    It’s just ridiculous not allowing the national dress in the country.Recommend

  • Citizen


    It’s much less the clothing restrictions on the sport, much more the general attire restrictions which are intriguing. By decreeing that golf is “a gentleman’s game”, you’re basically subscribing to the notions which are both self-injurious and hypocritical. Observers/visitors not playing the sport should be allowed to wear what they want, if not on the grass. You can’t determine a “gentleman” from anyone else just by the attire. Your regressive, hypocritical and superficial thinking is shameful.Recommend

  • maheen

    Do you wear shalwar kameez 24/7? After all it is our national dress. With so much going on in this country all you care about is who is allowed in Army golf course. When you could not find anything else to criticize about, the issue you raised was spelling mistakes. Maybe all the civilians are 100% literate and have perfect english and grammar.
    For the love of god, golf is a game and it has a dress code. Do u see people swimming in shalwar kameez? I don’t think so.
    Just because certain place comes under the jurisdiction of army, does not mean you have to complain as to whether someone is allowed entry or not. Many clubs like royal palm or gymkhana have reserved rights of admission, I see no one raising any questions. Why? Because they are for the elite civilian class? Throughout Pakistan, general public is not even allowed to enter the streets where politicians’ reside. Is it fair? They have been chosen by the public and they are public servants!!! So why is army always questioned when it comes to defending our beloved Pakistan.
    If army does make an effort to maintain what has been allotted to it, even that is not acceptable to you. Swat, Naran, Kaghan etc, I see no development there. You should’ve done something, it’s not army owned and also it’s open to “civilians”. Why not build a public golf course there? Please make some effort in doing that.
    Last but not the least, now you are finding problems with Army Public Schools. @Op. Have you ever been to any Government school? Do you find it in immaculate condition with saintly staff? NO!!! But you would never hold any grudge against it, why, because our Government is already taking care of that, right?
    Stop finding faults in everything and stop blaming army for everything. Do something worthwhile instead!!! Recommend