December 21, 2012: The end of the world?

Published: December 14, 2012

Apparently, if the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, it has been decided that so will the world. PHOTO: REUTERS

With exactly seven days to go, the air is booming with buzz about an impending doomsday set to fall on December 21, 2012.

I’m sure you already know what the fuss is about, but for the uninitiated, here goes.

It is predicted by historians, astrologers, astronomers, the Mayans, scientists and even internet wizards that the world is going to end this December. Yes, that’s right this very month, even before Christmas and the New Year holidays!

Now, let me share with you a few fascinating historical revelations that, for some, point towards the end of the world as we know it.

 1. The Mayan calendar

You must have heard about the Mayans. If you haven’t here is a brief historical recap. The Mayans herald from a Mesoamerican civilisation and were famously known for their renowned art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems. The one piece of art that evidences their mathematical and astronomical genius, and is relevant to our topic today, is the Mayan calendar.

The interesting part is that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, and thus awakens the prophecy of imminent disaster for the world. Apparently, if the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, it has been decided that so does the world.

Interestingly, it is stated that as the 5,125 year long cycle of the “fourth world”- on which humans were placed by the gods – ends on December 21, the world as we know it will come to an end; kind of like approaching an expiration date.

However, many historians and even Maya experts have pointed out that the end of the calendar meant to be apocalyptic; in fact, it is said that even the Mayans themselves did not see the end of the calendar as the end of time itself.

What is believed, contrary to the appealing conspiracy theories we are attracted to trust, is actually quite sweet. According to the Mayans, the end of the calendar signifies the beginning of a fresh new cycle. It is a new beginning and the rebirth of a new world; we enter what is called the ‘Age of Aquarius’. In fact, in modern circles, there is a song that even celebrates the arrival of the Age of Aquarius that goes something like this;

“When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”

This barely seems to signify the end of the world.

2. Planet X

This particular prophecy is my personal favourite.

‘Nibiru cataclysm’, as it is commonly known, is allegedly a much larger planet that is gearing itself to meet earth in a catastrophic collision, on December 21, 2012; this will, apparently, kill all of mankind. Claimed to be just outside our solar system, this planet is, according to Nancy Lieder, meant to either collide or closely miss a disastrous encounter with planet earth- shattering it into non-existence.

Nancy Lieder, who brought forth this prophecy in 1995, argues that she has the ability to receive messages and contact extra terrestrial beings on other planets that have forewarned her of the disastrous happenings of December 21, 2012. This word of caution is given testimony through the works of astronaut Zecharia Sitchin who wrote, in 1976, a book titled “The Twelfth Planet”, identifying a planet, Nibiru, orbiting the sun every 3,600 years. This planet has been identified as Planet X by Lieder, who insists that it will collide with earth on the said date, ending all of mankind’s existence in the solar system. Sitchin, however, denies that his work has any connection with the psychic analysis drawn by Lieder.

She had, however, predicted a date in May 2003 as well, and seeing that nothing happened then and I am still alive enough to have written this post, the date, as predicted was pushed back.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), however, has also denied the existence of any heavenly body orbiting the solar system and rejected the idea as an internet hoax.

In my opinion, Ms Lieder should use her psychic connection, implanted in her brain by the way (movie- Independence Day- recap anyone?), to maybe deter these ‘aliens’ from engaging in the war against the worlds and come pay a visit to our homeland- we do have great tourist appeal. In the meantime, these photographs make for great desktop wallpapers!

3. The Web Bot project

Moving more towards the ‘techie’ side now, computer science has also given in to the prevailing theories and couldn’t stand back without proposing their own version/prediction of the dark cloud of doom that now hounds us earthlings.

This Web Bot tracks and monitors various web pages for keywords and other significant text. It then gathers the information, clumping it with the human tension and emotions felt over the internet to predict the future. Initially, it was just used to predict the trends of the stock exchange. However, not much later the founders Clif High and George Ure, ‘The Time Monks’ as they refer to themselves, started predicting various events that were to take place in the future. With some misses and many hits, this is the only predictive form that is actually scary.

Along with the attack on the World Trade Centres, they have claimed to have predicted Hurricane Katrina and its devastation, the Tsunami of 2004, blackouts in parts of the US and the fall of space shuttle Columbia.

Now although this may seem to a bit much to digest, with every hit comes a miss and predictions are always a gamble. That’s exactly what they are – just predictions, just a gamble. Some pay off some don’t.

Whilst they have predicted unimaginable catastrophe to hit the earth in 2012, their notions lie on nuclear based attacks that cause devastation. They too, however, have steered clear from claiming that the world may be coming to an end. They have however, provided mankind with theories and solutions to help escape or survive the looming disaster.

“2012”, the movie, depicts this interestingly enough.

Weird news sells!

I really have no clue what the fate of 21.12.12 is, but if the next day falls I’ll make sure to update my blog with the next doomsday prediction.

Stay safe y’all, here comes the end… of my blog.

See you on December 22, 2012!

Do you believe that December 21, 2012 will bring forth the end of the world?

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Ali Awais Amin

Ali Awais Amin

A LUMS Electrical Engineering Graduate 2012, Ali loves to follow the tech world.

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  • GrimmJow

    Here you go:

    link textRecommend


    Salam, its interesting to read the mayans n other theories regarding end of the world on 21st of Dec 2012, but i dont thing so that its gonna happen. If ne one has ne doubt check this oage on 22nd Dec 2012, reality will b in front of u, m 100% sure Nothing gonna happen xcept the end of mayans calendar.Recommend

  • Al-chemisto

    Wow…Engineer from a Management University!!…so cool!Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    Hahaha …. guess what? I had no idea about this whole situation though all my friends keep making a big deal about the world ending … thanks for giving the details on this! Hope we re all here on the 22nd. :) Im not ready for death … yet.Recommend

  • http://facebook june

    The world will not end on December 21,2012 so shut up about it goshRecommend

  • http://facebook june

    Your scarying my grand daughterRecommend

  • cas greenhalgh

    I really do not think that the world is never going to end on the 21st of December….Recommend

  • Sultan Mehmood

    That was interestingly informative. Good Job, Ali.Recommend

  • http://yahoomail janeth pacatan cuaresma

    for me, to believe is not on my vocabulary. no one can exactly tell when would the earth end…only God i suppose. Recommend

  • A.ARUL

    I’m not sure this informationRecommend

  • Salima Khan

    If the world is going to end, it better be something interesting like a Zombie attack! :pRecommend

  • mansour

    I believe it.Recommend

  • Anoop

    What if we are really part of Matrix and the servers are scheduled to reboot on 21st Dec and the Mayan Calendar is a way of the Matrix to warn us of the impending harm?

    See you in the next boot.. Hope the systems init me(Programming jargon). Recommend

  • Baji Please

    So the world is going on end on 21st December 2012? I must rush to terminate my Twitter account first thing.Recommend

  • Div

    Really very interesting… I beliv it. . . Al r waitin for dat day wat ll happen?Recommend


    Natural of world?Recommend

  • aamir shehzad

    world will not end and Allah will keep every thing rightRecommend

  • chin chin grace

    garbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! end of the world! is that true?????????Recommend

  • Nosheen

    I dont believe in the Mayan’s theory and the World ending on 21.Dec!! As a Muslim I believe in the return of Hazrat Imam Mehdi, arrival of Hazrat Issa (A.S), Dajjal, Yajooj Majooj, Rising of Sun from the West, which will lead to the end of acceptance of our Tauba, and many more other revelations leading to the Day of Judgement!!!Recommend

  • http://nothingistruebutquranso........... musa

    GUYS NOTHING IS TRUE BUT QURAN………………!! so u must pray to ALLAH and dont need worry about all this blunder !!Recommend

  • Anoop


    How do you it is the truth? I am very curious.. People disguise themselves as saints and god-people all over the world. How do you say this time its real, especially when considering it happened 2 millennia ago, when people were very gullible?Recommend

  • Bhikamsingh Bhardwaj

    I had no idea about this but it might be complite one rotation of the circle of nature and will be going to next rotation So … It might Happan !Recommend

  • salman

    Only GOD knows when the world will end.Recommend

  • Kt

    Really. Tell me about it. I advise whoever believe this u should hurry spend all your money and donate whatever u have to poor and homeless people. So they can have few happy daysRecommend

  • Veena M

    My movie is to be released on that day.Recommend

  • Leon-iraj

    Utter nonsense! I fail to understand why people start digging-in to such made-up stories backed by completely weighless theories. Isn’t it rightly and clearly meantion in the Quran that that day, is no-doubt is scheduled, but it would be in a flash of a second plus not a single being in this very universe has the slightest of the idea about its occurance. More importantly, I wouldn’t want to die a virgin.Recommend

  • freshsoomro

    Whatever anybody believes about 21 December 2012. The one interesting point is that in some countries (specially in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya), Hotels are ready for the end of the world parties as they are marking the date with special Maya-themed deals and packages embraces Maya culture themed shows with authentic music, stunning backdrop of the Sea’s turquoise waters, plenty of sunshine, and white-sand beaches. May ALLAH protect us. Aameen.Recommend

  • Pessimist

    There’s this cute girl I like and I can not find the courage to go talk to her. This end of the world thing is just the ice breaker I need. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!!Recommend

  • http://na shoaib dar

    the world will end but no body knows when ??????????
    that is our believe and this should be our believe nothing more then that . regard to every oneRecommend

  • Nandani Perera

    World will not end on the 21st of December 2012. God created this world. His creation is wonderful and he took six days to create the world. Do you think he will destroy what he created within one day. But he might punish people for their sins. This message for all the mankind. Repent for your sins, keep praying, truly ask pardon for your sins from God. nothing is impossible with God. God loves us very much. God loves us so muchRecommend

  • Nandani Perera

    [strong text][1]Recommend

  • Human


    Good Luck :)Recommend

  • http://yahoo mohamad d. alonto

    it is not true allah knows what will happen so pray to allah world will not end and allah will keep us aliveRecommend

  • saqib ali

    our exams are starting on 21st…so the theory is true to some extent :-DRecommend

  • Bala

    Accept as it isRecommend

  • Saeed swabian

    So i am going to sell out all my property.Recommend

  • Bert

    My work Christmas party is on the 21/12/12.
    Does anyone know what time it will end cause I don’t know what to wear or if I should book a taxi home.
    Any thoughts?Recommend

  • oneWhobelievesunisastar..

    ummmmm…Sun used to be a star until i was studying .Guess they have an explanation for it to be called a ‘star ‘…Recommend


    I dont thing so god simply will not destroy the history of the earth , 90 % will not
    happen , should not happen if at all god propsed cannot dispose by humans, their will be some major effect in few places let us celebrate happy birth day on 22nd dec 2012 for all humans, atleast hearing this people has change bad mentality, who jelous, finding mistakes on sub ordinates, avoid cheating, knownigly doing some wrongthings from 22nd,
    especialy politician of india should be honest and truthful to india, and they have declare
    their swiz funds government also should not punish them atleaset from 22 nd we can save lot of things one year is enough to grow the countryRecommend

  • ghvjbgf


  • Neelofer Ahmed

    Lets go to the moon, shall we? :pRecommend

  • Aru

    It won’t be the ‘end’, but something will happen really soon.Recommend

  • sab

    Matthew 24:36 – But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    no one knows even jesus christ only our FATHER in heaven …..
    just trust FATHER GOD!!!!

    GOD BLESS . Always read the bible everyday ….Recommend

  • Debbie

    Only God knows when the world will end. If it’s 12-21-12 so be it. Meanwhile live your life in service to our creator and be kind to one another!Recommend

  • Kanwar

    2012 is fake, its a scam, yes a scam. Videos, book are being published to profit those who are weak, seeking help to survive the apocalypse. This is insane, and i feel embarrassed, total stupidity.Recommend

  • pastor alan

    i am a pastor and the world will not end on dec the 21 my bible says but of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven,but my father only. so read our bibles get out the kjv and go to matthew ch24 v51 and it will tell you god bless yall.Recommend

  • Sadie

    We are doing a poll right now to see whether or not our readers (who are debating this issue) think the world will end. Right now “NO” is leading by a landslide. Vote now at: Recommend

  • Atif

    Come on Yaar ET..
    btw I hope it will. cheap cure of all problem and miseries. :PRecommend

  • Ethan.warren

    I personally think that the world will not end but a catastrophic disease will shorten the amount of us on this planet and not the planet itself.Recommend

  • Brian

    don’t believe…………………Recommend

  • scott

    I think the myans should start chipping away at a new calender.Recommend

  • MARH


  • bhatti bhatti

    just eagerly waiting for that day coz its my birthday… Recommend

  • mahadi

    my believe, nobody knows that the world will end, only god knowsRecommend

  • Ben

    This might be a hoax, but there is even an off-world backup service that has been created. Even if you don’t survive the apocalypse, at least your data will.Recommend


    NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE WORLD IS GOING TO END, ONLLY GOD so stop with this nonsenseRecommend

  • krishnamoorthy and Senthilrajan

    Nothing the world? It always false onlyRecommend

  • krishnamoorthy and Senthilrajan

    Nothing the world? It is always false onlyRecommend


    People who believe that the world will end on December 21, 2012 are those who do not believe and do not have Faith in GOD, or they might have believe but did not know what GOD has installed for HIS people. I encourage you to read the Bible were the most accurate prophecies are written according to GOD’S order, and that includes the prophecies on how this world will be in eternity.
    May the Lord our GOD give us a clear understanding of HIS will.
    To GOD be the Glory…Recommend

  • dennis

    its flukeRecommend

  • huma

    My project deadline is 21st. Earth – why u no understand?Recommend

  • Sgt savage

    It will not end! If you believe in the bible and trust in gods word he said after noah’s flood he would never again destroy the earth again. Thats not saying men won’t though. Also it is written that when the apocolypse does eventually come nobody but god will know when it happens, so why are we all so fortunate to know ? Or the myans for that matter? And for those who are thinking hang a sec the apocolypse will destroy the world , no it wont it will destroy our way of life but not life itself. Thats my view anyway. Merry christmas to all and enjoy the holidays see you again next year ;)Recommend

  • Vivian

    I back up to you:)@Baji Please: Recommend

  • shuja ul islam

    what interests me is that if end of the world does not occur (which will not)…what will all the theorist do…that is really going to be embarrassing..i can already feel pity for them..bit i ll love to go gangam style on them on 22 dec 2012..!!Recommend

  • imogen123

    the thing is….. the world has developed so much that we are smarter than the world, i mean we can predict the weather but not the day the world will end. if we could do that that means we could make life on mars bring people back to life. control natural disasters that may seem crazy but scientifically speaking thats what your saying we can do if we can predict the day of the worlds death

    id be very amused if it did happen…

    imogen123 Recommend

  • bho

    the world will end within a month from the 21st kiss ur children go see ur parents say ur prayers and embrace the new world order or dieRecommend

  • Muhammad Saad Khan

    End of the world is surrounded with different ideologies, beliefs and convictions conferred upon mankind by the Religions or by the long held beliefs driven by the wheel of History. I think that response to the notion like ‘End of World’ excites humans due to their beliefs about this world and about their own lifes shrouded by the variety of fears, feeling of contingent loss and vulnerability of this cosmic life. These feeling are part of human nature. Nonetheless the beliefs prevail over feelings in particular when the different religions predict the end of life in various ways and associating such end contingent on various events happened already or yet to happen. Keeping in view the aforementioned assertion, response to the notion like ‘End of World’ will have different responses and for most of inhabitants of this world such prediction will be useless as people perhaps will not agree with Mayans because they perceive their history from the balcony of their very own window of ideology.
    Muhammad Saad Khan
    Writer is a Lawyer.Recommend

  • richard

    only one can tell when the world will be end…….Recommend

  • Harman

    Only God knows when the world will end. If it’s 12-21-12 so be it. Meanwhile live your life in service to our creator and be kind to one another!Recommend

  • kalai

    i think that the world is not going to end………………. if happens accept it……… but my prayer is the world should not end………. so love every person in the world…………Recommend

  • Gongo

    Cmon guys, am getting married on the 22nd. Should I tell my wife?Recommend

  • http://frontiernet mady

    the world aint gonna end watever your theries are the world is gonna stay the same but there is no such thinmg as aliens and those stupid mayas they dont know nothing the only one thing i belive is nasa said that there is gonna be 3 dayas of darkness and that will be fine cause the world aint gonna end so have a nice fricken day byeRecommend

  • Connor Watson

    As a catholic I believe in Jesus Christ. I read the Bible and no I’m not a ‘Bible Basher’. I just read it. Now there is one thing to understand. 2012 is a HOAX. Nibiru does not exist now as linking the bible to this I believe that Jesus said that no-one knows when the world will end. Jesus also states and after I have written the state I will explain it. Jesus states ‘no one knows that of when the world will end, only GOD knows.’

    The mayans lived before Jesus Christ and so they could never pinpoint exactly when the world will end. They never even prophisised the end of the world. The Mayan could predict when a new world will start or if you want a knew age. They did this by using the solar system and pinpointing any time when the world (Age) will end and as that it is the end of the Long Count, now if the Earth were to end it would have done it in 1912, 1812, 1712, 1612 and so on. That means every 100 years the Earth would end and have restarted.

    So what is so special about 2012 I mean we would be able to see the ‘Non-Existant’ Planet Nibiru. If you have seen Nibiru or you think you have then it is a HOAX because if it is non existant it, it means that there is an interference between the sun and you eyes. Sometimes Camera lenses and Human body eyes make double planets making it look like two suns. Sometimes during this interferance it fades away making it look like it just went through a worm hole.

    But there is another possibilitly for the Earth to end with out Jesus Christ helping us. Large Hardon Collider. This could dreate mini Black Hole that live for a fraction of a second. But what if something goes wrong? Will Jesus Christ beable to save us from the Error that might happen? Only the ones who worship him shall be saved but there is a good point if it does happen. The scientist will be able to shut it down. In honesty I do think its a good Idea but alway have faith, my friends.

    If it doesnt end, see you on 22nd of December 2012Recommend

  • Victor Sensei

    The world does not end on Dec. 21, 2012, and the Mayan calendar doesn’t –and never — said it would. For the past decade and earlier, the Mayan elders have repeatedly corrected this western-style, media-driven, highly dramatic claim, which has sold many books, conventions, retreats, guns, underground real estate developments, and so on. Dec. 21 is the end of the 4th cycle of a five-cycle calendar, totalling 26,000 years. The Mayan calendar makers has 5200 years left before the arithmetic ends. And this is only the Cholkin calendar — the Mayans had many other calendars, and some of them are for planets other than earth. So, settle down, and recheck your facts and take care of your blood pressure. Recommend

  • hanif

    y so serious .,.,. ,!! jst buckle up for another day guys ;)Recommend

  • hanif

    Y so seri0us .,.,!!!Recommend

  • Cameron Hoppe

    It was actually recently discovered that the world we live in is really a simulation!

    The only way to escape the simulations is Camerontology. Just join before sunset on December 21 2012.

    Find freedom!


  • Filipi Filipi

    I really do not believe in this……….no one knows when the world will end, but only GOD……’o Le Atua na te silfia le taimi e uma ai le lalolagi…..Recommend

  • Filipi Filipi

    I don’t believe thisRecommend

  • bleach

    lets see like this, i live in very remote areas which language, culture ect totally differ.i have something to tell you, so i draw an ecliph, than after 1000 years later…you found the ecliph.The question is… do you really know what did im tried to tell you.Let me answer to you, NO. the more we learn about world more easy to make us lost. We believed we know more, but actually more we did’t.I believed the mayan calender is just same as our calender. its mean NEW YEAR FOR MAYAN HAS COME. Recommend

  • bleach

    I HAVE A [email protected]:
    There is a snctist. He do an xperiment to a frog on how far the frog could jump. before that he trained the frog to jump. when the frog become very cleaver he do the xprmnt. when the first time he measured the lenght, he saw the frog jump so far. then he cut 1 frog leg. He ask the frog to jump. the frog jump but less than the first time. Then he cut another leg. He ask the frog to jump. Frog jump but lesser than the second. And the result is more less than before in every time he cut one frog leg. When all the frog legs gone, the frog wont jump even the sntist so hard to ask the frog to jump. so at last he make a cnclusion. ” THE FROG MANAGE TO JUMP FAR IF IT HAS MORE LEGS. BUT IT BECOME DUMP IF WE CUT ALL HEIR LEG”. what im triying to tell here is the more we feel we’re very cleaver actually the more dump we become. Recommend

  • Bahaa Mahdi

    Listen idiots Allah only knows so if your Muslim read the Quran and its says the world ends when it’s up to Allah (God) FYI of it happens go to the boats to chinaRecommend

  • bonny bee

    The day and the hour unknown… Matt 24 V 36 no one knows about that day or hour not even the angels in heaven nor the son but only the FatherRecommend

  • http://NA U Kumar

    First of all human is not a god,so they predicts that means they are not sure,but this is true that every thing has an end but any thing which comes to an end always gives a signal if you noticed that. So i will tell that earth is totally safe

    U KUMAR Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Whoa! I love u God!Recommend

  • ann

    no big deal with the date.. if it comes to an end, it ends..funny how those people predicted the future of all and not theirs..Recommend

  • Piet Berg

    i saw yesterday a documentary about The Mayan calendar on National Geographic and they found date’s that go further then 21.12.2012

    Signature: Facebook CoversRecommend

  • John allen

    The world will not end on dec the 21 my bible says but of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven,but my father only. so read our bibles get out the kjv and go to matthew ch24 v51 and it will tell you god bless you all.Recommend

  • John allen

    the world will not end on dec the 21 my bible says but of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven,but my father only. so read our bibles get out the kjv and go to matthew ch24 v51 and it will tell you god bless yall.Recommend



  • something true

    waste of time. nothing true in it.Recommend

  • Shirish

    I don’t believe that life on earth will end so soon…Recommend

  • ijaz pasha


  • Sane

    This is just attempt to drift away minds of people so they do not look or think ‘evils’ underway with the world. Only and only ALLAH the ALMIGHTY knows when there would be doomsday.Recommend

  • Vijay

    I dont think so. How come a Finance company will offer me a loan with 3 years repayment, if the world is going to end on 21st May, 2012.Recommend

  • andlics77

    for me i dont believe there is the end of the world when you heared of read and the that says of the bible of the prayer “the world without end” that is the Word of the Lord God… but that it means all the living thing of the earth is end you as a human you end of this world and live the world that you have endless life…Recommend

  • Mairaj Pirzada

    I neither believe nor says oppositely made stuff.
    Simply, it doesn’t matter.
    You’re made to live and die … what else you do in between is what means actually and should always matter.Recommend

  • ahasan

    @june: she probably gets scared of you Recommend

  • Elison

    I’m just a person, and like you I believe on end of the world….
    Some people saids that no one knows the end of the world and only one who knows when it happens, and that our true almighty god.The one who created us, the one who create all things.
    So means I dont want you to suffer or take your second death in hell.but I want you to save
    Theres only one way to save you, and the only way is to join on the only religion that can make us save the (CHURCH OF CHRIST).
    after the end of the world..
    there’s a new world that waiting on us, there’s a home, and a new life with our hero/savior out Jesus, and our almighty god.
    but Im a kind of person that wants you to save, and i cant just let you to take your 2nd death or go on hell.
    it is not to late…
    Im not insulting your beliefs, and Im respect it.
    But I cant just or we cant let you suffer,and we want you to save..
    We want you to take your true life , on our true world,and there’s no more pain , problems etc.
    We also Respect on Your religion or Beliefs.But I hope that this message sent you the truth.Recommend

  • Rich

    Come on people !! The world was flat when the Mayan Calendar was produced. What a load of nonsense. All you need to believe in is yourselves and worship your family as they are REAL and not words in books !! How many religions are there ?? They can’t all be right, can they ? I sick of the way religious beliefs are pushed at every opportunity.Recommend