On Shane Warne’s outburst against Aleem Dar

Published: November 28, 2012

Australian spin bowler Shane Warne tosses his hat to umpire Aleem Dar during an Ashes match in Sydney in January, 2007. PHOTO: AFP

For any Test match lover, the last week has been heaven’s prototype model. Tests pitting Australia against South Africa, India against England, Sri Lanka against New Zealand and Bangladesh against the West Indies; for the third time in cricket history, four Test matches were played on a single day (Sunday).

Shane Warne was in India, commentating in Mumbai for Star Sports. The on-field umpires Tony Hill and Aleem Dar had a bad game. They made some bad decisions which were spread out over the four days, from Friday to Monday.

Here’s what Shane Warne tweeted, after the game culminated in England’s victory:

It is interesting to note that of the four games, the Decision Review System (DRS) facility was available only for the Test match being played in Australia. DRS permits each team to make two unsuccessful referrals to the 3rd umpire for every innings. Cricket boards of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka usually opt out citing cost overruns.

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) however, opts out on arrogance. Yes they do present a reason for their stance against the DRS; but frankly it makes absolutely no sense.

Aleem Dar, before the awards of 2012 in which he was highly tipped to win by the way, has won three consecutive Umpire of the Year awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011. If Shane Warne’s comments were deemed to be true, for a start it would say more about the lack of competence of the rest of the umpires in ICC’s Elite Panel, rather than Aleem Dar.

One must question what prompted Shane Warne to make such a controversial statement, without solid backing. People have suggested it is a brilliant publicity stunt, though given Warne’s already famous persona, I find it a little hard to believe.

It is also a known fact that Shane Warne and Aleem Dar have had many tiffs in the past in Test matches they’ve been involved in. Aleem Dar’s on-field personality has always been strong and firm – perhaps Shane Warne the superstar didn’t take kindly to that?

Don’t forget that Warne is already notorious for post-retirement outbursts against colleagues and officials he did not like; case in point would be Adam  Gilchrist and Australian coach John Buchanan.

When discussing a modern day umpire’s performance, it should be taken into account that the human brain remains one of the greatest examples of adaptation, and displays both its advantages and disadvantages. Before the technology of replays was introduced, the public never knew whether a decision was good or bad. After the advent of replays, we were able to judge better a decision given by an on-field umpire. For run-outs, after the introduction of third umpires, better decisions were made on close run-out calls.

Did it automatically grade earlier umpires who had made close run-out errors bad?

Similarly, with the introduction of the DRS, a lot of umpires have become bolder in giving decisions of doubt. An umpire’s mind has become more relaxed, with the knowledge that the batsman itself is able to prevent a howler by referring a decision. My point being, that most umpires’ minds have adapted to the comfort of the DRS.

It is the ICC’s prerogative to ensure members comply with the DRS requirements to keep the standard of umpiring consistent. Even the public viewing it has become comfortable with it. Hence, in the absence of the DRS, the howlers made by umpires are likely to be accentuated and publicised more, than a howler that is prevented through the DRS.

The best examples I can give are the two bad decisions given by Billy Bowden at the final day of the Australia vs South Africa Test on Tuesday. In the first session, Faf Du Plessis, the South African debutant was given an out in the 66th and 68th over of the innings.

In one of the decisions, an LBW had been given when the ball hadn’t even hit the pad!

Du Plessis used the DRS to reverse both decisions. Without the DRS, Faf Du Plessis wouldn’t have written his name into cricketing folklore by playing a match-saving innings of a lifetime! And all hell would have broken loose on Billy Bowden.

I think we would all agree that Aleem Dar has been below par in the Test series being played in India, especially given the high standards he has set for himself. But to call him a poor decision maker and a poor umpire on the basis of a single series is grossly unfair, and what is eerily worrisome is that Warne chose a game involving India to make this statement.

Would the statement have been the same had Warne not been in India for the game?

After all, he’s commentated before in games involving Aleem Dar. I can’t imagine Warne being so vocal on umpires while commentating for Sky Sports in England.

Perhaps he recognised and utilised the opportunity of a public more receptive to his thoughts against a Pakistani, to vent a long borne frustration?

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Hamza Ahmed Khan

Hamza Ahmed Khan

A risk consultant by profession, cricket-crazed human by heart and a wanderer by choice, Hamza breathes cricket and supports Dr. Aur Billa. He blogs at www.spatoutvicious.wordpress.com and tweets as @GumbyAKhan twitter.com/GumbyAKhan

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  • http://India Feroz

    Aleem Dar is a good umpire who like all humans can commit a mistake. What Shane Warne or anyone else says is their opinion and they are free to express it. We are of course free to reject it.Recommend

  • Alina

    I agree, just on the basis of one series we can not call Aleem Dar a bad umpire! How can we forget, Aleem Dar is the one who got 3 consecutive awards for being the “Best” umpire!
    And about Warne making that comment, I’m shocked too. He can’t be saying that just to gain publicity! He is a well known Australian bowler, why he need to do that?Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Would the statement have been the same had Warne not been in India for the game?
    Perhaps he recognised and utilised the opportunity of a public more receptive to his thoughts against a Pakistani, to vent a long borne frustration?

    The lines above would have made sense if warne had said what he did about DAR on television because the audience would have been primarily Indian.
    But he didn’t say the words on TV. He made the statement over twitter where his followers are not just Indians but people of different nationalities. Besides, this is not the first time Warne has lashed out at a Pakistani umpire. Remember the incident with Asad Rauf years ago?

    From the various reports i’ve read in the media, it does seem as though Warne has some scores to settle and so after Waugh and Gilly , it’s Aleem Dar’s turn to bear the brunt. Aleem Dar is a world class umpire so Warne’s words serve no purpose other than expose his pettiness. Dar doesn’t seem to be in his element currently – hopefully things will sort themselves out soon ! Recommend

  • Pessimist

    The only reason you wrote this article is because Mr. Dar is a Pakistani, and he was criticized by an Aussie. Everyone has the right to free speech. Did Shane Warne insult Aleem Dar? Has he called for his umpiring license to be revoked? Does he want him banned? No. He just pointed out his error in the game, which I’m sure Aleem Dar knew. Right now Shane Warne is a spectator, just like any one of us, who is pointing out a flaw in umpiring. I sometimes criticize athlete performances on Twitter, why not write an article about me? Stop over reacting.Recommend

  • Haseeb Talal Khan

    These Australians will never stop complaining, be it involves any other person or team particularly from Sub Continent….They dont want to discuss about their own umpire Derryl Heir, what he had done to bring shame towards the sports…even their own players had infights and sledging problems…..They will always remain jealous and show their own colour….they cannot see a Paksitani beating their own umpire, big time…Any ways Shane Warne knows it if he would give a controversial statement in Sub continent, he will receive an uproar and lots of lamenting…he should be given a chance in Big Boss season 6 as a candidate…he has all the skills to compete Imam Siddiqui…big loosers….Recommend

  • omair shahid

    every one has there ups & downs but it doesnt mean u can judge a person on the basis of one test match where every one know how good aleem dar is with his decisions. calling aleem dar a bad umpire is shocking. Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    I love how everyone is very understanding of Dar as having an off day, which is true. But had the shoe been on the other foot, people here would be shouting bias as they are against Shane Warne for having an opinion.

    Hypocrisy. Recommend

  • AD


    hahaha lolzz u gotta b kiding me let me help remind u sumthing he is shane warne a cricketing star who criticized on twitter how in the world u can compare urself with him Obvously someone famous not like u comment on twitter ppl do care thats y article is being written

    Anyway my stance on this its only the BCCI who are stubborn on adopting to DRS so y crying now everyone make mistakes Aleem Dar having a bad series no doubt but only on 1 series he cant be rated as poor umpire by SHane Warne who always had something to catch media attention Recommend

  • Nandita.

    I don’t think the author is over reacting at all. Warne is way out of line when he alleges that Dar has always been a bad decision maker or that he is a bad umpire. Warne strikes below the belt – a tactic he’s used against his own team mates in the past. Warne has every right to express his opinions but this recent statement reeks of some pent up frustration he’s harbored against Dar. Aleem dar is recognized for his umpiring skills the world over for crying out loud.

    I don’t think being in India has anything to do with Warne’s remarks about Dar, Indians, who understand the nuances of cricket and genuinely love and follow the game, admire Aleem Dar as well. And Warne is brash and bold enough to not care about who his audience is anyway. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    My previous comment was for @PessimistRecommend

  • murtaza

    an umpire is a human being bound to make mistakes……but amongst all without a doubt ALEEM DAR AND TAUFEL stand above all…..shane warne was a great leg spinner but that doesnt give him the license to speak rubbish about such a highly rated ICC umpire…..even last year for no reason at all aleem daar didnt get the award which he deserved so very much…..OF ALL THE UMPIRES IN THE WORLD TO MY GREATEST SHOCK IT WAS KUMARA DHARMASENA :P……..DAR IS THE BEST UMPIRE AROUND AFTER TAUFEL HAS RESIGNED……although i do agree he made some extremely silly errors but INDIA is a tough place for this job…..where there is a lot of noise and lot of pressure….

    all the best ALEEM DAR


  • Rija

    Maybe you should reconsider about the overreaction part becuz it looks like you yourself are doing a little bit of it at your end.
    Defending Pakistanis (specially the very few who are truely magnificent at what they do) is not at all a crime and it would be done not only by a paki author, but by an international author too nonetheless.Recommend

  • Pessimist

    Perhaps I did not word my first comment carefully but this is what I wanted to say:

    Warne has criticised Umpire Dar. He has not made any personal attacks on him or called the ICC to revoke his license. He’s merely stating his opinion. You can either agree or disagree. But to say ‘he is out of line’ or call it ‘an outburst’ is ridiculous. People have different ways of interpretting things.
    I didn’t say anything about India. In fact I don’t even know where Warne is now. Was he commentating on the match? When I saw a session it was Ravi Shahstri, Paul Collingwood and Sunil Gavaskar.
    What Warne said was on twitter. Had he said this on live air, or as an official of the ICC, then it would be immature and out of line. Let’s be honest, sportstars are not the brightest of people. Why the general population expects them to be politically correct is beyond me. It’s Warne’s account and he can say whatever he wants, just dont think of it to be a final word.
    People mention Warne has often turned on his teammates. I beleive sometimes most sportsmen do this. I recall Shoaib Malik’s antics. People are just using this trait of Warne as ammunition to support their unjustified attack on him.

    I stand by what I said. Recommend

  • Faizaan Khan

    Warnie has been an off the field idiot, thurky, involved in phone sex and what not. I believe he needs to see a psychiatrist assessing Aleem Dar has a bad umpire who happens to be the winner of best umpire in the world for 3 consecutive years. Good luck WarnieRecommend

  • Faisal

    I hadn’t read Warne’s tweet and I am shocked at the that little rant by the great man!! Calling Aleem Dar a poor umpire and that he was always a poor decision maker is just poor taste by Warne! Yes Aleem Dar had a poor couple Tests, so what? I have lost count in how many poor tests Darllyl Harper, Billy Bowden as very recently Simon Taufel had , ALL AGAINST Pakistan I may add!!! So Shae Warne may have been the greatest bowler of all time but his analysis of the game has ALWAYS been poor and biased! I am disappointed by his remarks!!Recommend

  • Pessimist

    ET totally botched up the format for my last comment. Not cool guys. I wrote my comment in points, now it looks all messed up.

    Defending Pakistanis (specially the very few who are truely magnificent at what they do) is not at all a crime and it would be done not only by a paki author, but by an international author too nonetheless.”

    It’s all about perception. Maybe I crossed a line when I mentioned nationalities, I apologise for that. Read my previous comment where I try to clear things up. Cheers!Recommend

  • Ansari


  • Nandita.


    It’s not about Warne being politically correct.
    He has every right to speak his mind and express his opinion but he’s out settling personal scores and it reflects badly on him– an international cricket star and on the game of cricket as well. Shoaib Akhtar has pretty much gone down the same road and that’s probably why no one takes his words seriously anymore. Warne now comes across as a grumpy cry baby for questioning the credibility of an ICC umpire who has received accolades from all quarters.

    I grew up idolizing Warne – one of the greatest leg spinners the world has ever seen.I don’t think I missed any Australia one day matches in the 90’s and early 2000s. I still have great admiration for the man but his conduct leaves me baffled. His rant on twitter is very unbecoming of one of cricket’s greatest legends. He may have used twitter to air his views but the views are still his, aren’t they? Apparently tweets are taken very seriously in the cricketing world.Kevin Pieterson was fined by ECB for his comment on twitter, if you remember. Not sure if I agree with that but i do feel it’s out of line to use any medium to vent your anger on a person who you may have some grudge against. These matters should be solved behind closed doors. Sledging on the field or engaging in verbal duels with players/umpires on the ground is acceptable but taking to twitter to rant against players/umpires is pitiful esp when warne’s words have no substance and he’s just out settling some personal scores.

    The ‘India’ part of my comment was not directed at you. I was just stating my opinion. Recommend

  • Tiger911

    Shane Warne…who?? Ahh cricket player who was banned from cricket for testing positive for a prohibited substance, charged of bringing the game into disrepute by accepting money from bookmakers, and sexual indiscretions. POOR PERSON indeed!Recommend

  • Nandita.
  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate E.T.

    go home? Recommend

  • Pessimist

    For Nandita:
    There is bound to be animosity amongst athletes. It’s just that with the advent of social media, we can now personally see their animosity. Back in the 90s it was all hushed up with players speaking to the media only after instructions from team management. That has now changed.
    Let’s be frank, Warne is a talented athelte, but that does not translate to a good person. As people have commented, the man has been involved in many scandals, plus he looks like a freaking wax doll these days.
    I’m saying that people shouldn’t read too much into Warne’s twitter rant. Let him rant. Move on with life. Aleem Dar is an excellent umpire and I don’t think this twitter post will have any effect on his reputation. There was no need to go into his umpiring history, his awards and the BCCI DRS fiasco.


  • ABCD


    He has not made any personal attacks on him

    Yes he has. Warne’s exact words : Aleem Dar is a bad decision maker, poor umpire. players get dropped for poor form, aleem dar has had two shockers in india.

    What’s he implying? Aleem dar deserves to be dropped. Is this not a personal attack?Recommend

  • Hamza A Khan


    The last peice I wrote for ET was against a Pakistani player, who accused the establishment and English courts for an unfair trial. I had plenty of ammo there, if I had wanted to raise an US versus THEM debate. Also, u must have read I have myself admitted to below par umpiring in this series by Aleem Dar.

    My point however, remains that Warnie’s got a long history of holding grudges and settling them publicly, and he may have done the same here in a disgraceful manner. You may criticise the umpiring but to call him a poor decision maker and umpiring will always raise eyebrows. You wont see the same reaction if suppose someone called Ejaz Butt a poor administrator or Shoaib Malik a poor team man. I think that much is pretty much understood.
    The other point I make, remains more open for debate, is the place he chose to do so. I stick to my point that a receptive public may have fuelled the need.

    You may choose to differ ofcourse, on both counts :)Recommend

  • Muhammad Hassaan Bhagat

    Is there any code of conduct for commentators? Because I have never heard a commentator giving such clear opinion about a wrong decision of umpire?. Aleem dar is undoubtedly the finest umpire in the ICC’s panel and judging him by one or two controversial decisions in the series is not right.Recommend

  • sensible

    Billy bowden made most bizarre decisions in Aus vs Sa test, but his skin was saved thanks to DRS. I understand that Aleem Dar made some shocking decisions but everyone has bad day, for the warne i would say that he has his personal grudge aganist Dar because he has given so many spot-on decision during 2006 ashes mostly that luckly went against aussies, also warne has no credibility to criticize Dar, it’s alot easy to critize on TV after seeing replys than to give decision on field.Recommend

  • Pessimist

    Does ET intend on publishing my comments at all!?Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Beauty is subjective. I may think Brad Pitt is the hottest man alive on earth, some one else might not agree.

    But umpiring is a different ball game,isn’t it ? Here you look at the accuracy of decisions taken by an umpire – &(number of good decisions Vs the erroneous ones) and on that scale Aleem Dar is an outstanding umpire. His record speaks for himself.

    So that makes one question the basis on the statements made by Warne. Warne is entitled to his opinion but what is the reasoning behind the opinion? There’s definitely no logic behind it.Recommend

  • jatt

    I am an indian and I was upset over some of the decisions by aleem dar just like any cricket mad fan but to be honest I personally belive warne is wrong and his comment is just daft and I would always want aleem and taufel to umpire indias games because they are a class above all the other umpires and lets be honest aleem is a human he is bound to make a mistake
    also umpiring in such a big game isnt always easy due to the high amount of presurreRecommend

  • Nandita.


    There is bound to be animosity amongst athletes.

    Yes, animosity is a part of the sporting world but the point is – why talk about disputes/grudges in public? Why vent frustrations on twitter or on any other public platform? As Hamza said, Warnie has a history of holding grudges and settling them in public. That’s not the behaviour spectators expect from cricketing legends.
    Nobody in the cricketing world or otherwise is going to dwell on Warnie’s statements but it’s fun analyzing and discussing the goings on in the cricketing world nevertheless.

    I didn’t speak about DRS,BCCI, etc – I guess your statement was for the others who commented here or for the author.

    Thanks. I enjoyed the discussion.
    Cheerio. :-)

    PS – ” he looks like a freaking wax doll” I laughed at your words ! lol. I propose a small change – ” he looks like a freaking emaciated wax doll” ;) But, I do admire Warnie.Recommend

  • Hella

    Before he sits down to write the author needs to decide his point of focus, India or Shane Warne. Either one rants against India for rejecting the DRS or cribs about Shane Warne’s tweets against umpire Aleem Dar. Else one ends up with a mixed-up article like this one, with the icing on the cake being the conspiracy theory that Shane Warne did something like this only because he was/is in India. Sheesh, what next, Shane Warne had a tiff with Asad Rauf (a few years ago), so that it would make him more popular in India or better still would get him selected as captain of an IPL team.Recommend

  • Deb;India

    I read this piece only by half, and no comments at all. But that doesn’t stop me from saying, that Aleem Dar is one of the finest umpire who has graced a cricket pitch. Anyone can have a bad day in the office. A Brian Lara or a Tendulkar can have a bad day, a Mcgrath or a Murlitharan can go wicket less in all of five days; and Shane Warne is picking on Aleem Dar for two bad calls in two tests. In all the tests I watched where Dar has officiated, the thing that struck me most is the respect he command from the cricketers on the field, including Indians. That says a lot. Ignore Shane’s comment, enjoy cricket. The game is bigger than the team and the individuals involved (player, commentator, curator and officials).

    Aleem Dar. Respect.Recommend

  • Eli

    @Hamza A Khan:
    “the place he chose to do so. I stick to my point that a receptive public may have fuelled the need.”

    Are you saying that Twitter is India? Never thought of twitter as a “place”. Strange logic. Maybe your prejudices got the better of you there.Recommend

  • Pessimist

    For Hamza A Khan:

    I’ve already explained my views on this matter, and I guess we have a difference in opinion. I mentioned in my previous comment that I perhaps overreacted (irony!) and brought nationalities into the argument. I apologize. Cheers! ;) Recommend

  • Daniyal S M.

    Is it wrong to defend a fellow Pakistani, especially one who is one of the world’s best in his field. We are proud and like to defend our people. Thank you come again.Recommend

  • Anas Tanveer

    Ahh…. Shame Warne ;)Recommend

  • Hamza


    Thank you for your comments Nandita. I think the medium of expression was well thought out. Sure speaking on commentary would be far more damaging, but he wouldn’t be governed by the commentary code of conduct on Twitter.

    My focus was ‘a game involving India’, because let’s not kid ourselves, Pakistanis and Indians are specially emotional when it comes to cricket and it’s easy to rile one against the other. This would probably hold true for any reverse situation, for example someone trying to criticise an Indian in cricket matters involving Pakistan. Warne tried to capitalize on it.Recommend

  • murtaza

    @ PESSIMIST…..
    Why would some one write an article on your comment…..WHO ARE YOU :P WHO KNOWS YOU :P…….what shane warne says makes a diff as he is a legend in the world of cricket…….so he just cant comment any thing like that…….

    I dont think so that hamza has written it just bcoz dar is a pakistani…..he would have done the same had RAMEEZ RAJA COMMENTED THIS WAY ABT SIMON TAUFEL….(another great umpire)……Recommend

  • Zubair Umar

    @ Pessimist…I hope you realize the irony in saying that Warne is just exercizing his right to an opinion and at the same time saying that the author is over reacting by writing this pieceRecommend

  • Nandita.


    I disagree. Warne’s twitter followers comprise of Indians,Pakistanis and people of various other nationalities. Twitter is NOT confined to India so he stands to gain nothing by alienating followers from various countries.Besides, Indians support Aleem Dar themselves. Dar is an outstanding umpire and we recognize that. As a fellow Indian above said most Indian cricket fans prefer Aleem Dar over other umpires – and that is the truth. Don’t let your own prejudices blind you Hamza.
    Some Pakistani cricketers, on account of their conduct,may not enjoy a lot of support in india but we give credit where it’s due and Aleem Dar will always remain a well respected man in India.
    This is a bad sample – but I can’t help thinking that all the three Indians who commented on this thread – Jatt,Deb and I – spoke out strongly in support of Dar whereas some of your own countrymen defended Warne. Ironic , isn’t it ?
    This was a good discussion !
    Au Revoir !Recommend

  • ab

    i really don’t know what the Aussies has against the team of Indo Pak especially Pak and SL . it is some sort of a superiority complex which is speaking in his tweet .nevertheless he was a great player . he too has some bad series , same as Aleem Dar. saying him a bad umpire will not make him one. He seems to forget the cricketing world has recognized him for his work.

    really good work Hamza Ahmed Khan . we will not defend our umpire on just being a human then who will.Recommend

  • Kamran

    Actually freedom of speech is only for you mr if we will say simple thing you will say this is our insult and you are getting action from ICC but stupid Australian players insulting umpires on field but no ICC taking action no freedom of [email protected]: Recommend

  • Sudheer

    Stupid article and equally stupid comments as well. Shane warne criticized Aleem Dar on merit. Dar gave erroneous decisions and he deserves brickbats for that. If he can be honored as best umpire of the year for his outstanding performance as an umpire, then he deserves to be taken for task for his professional failures too. Why such an outrage at Warne’s comments by the faithfuls across the border? So much so that some of the faithfuls even went on to remind us of Warne’s escapades with phone!!! Wow! such a love for a fellow faithful! Author and Pakis imply……Warne is biased…. Phew! Pot calling the kettle black!
    Warne is Warne….. good or bad, at least he is not going to change. But what about Pakis? Don’t be surprised if a nice and normal looking paki….turns out next day with a huge beard and the mustache missing!!
    It happened with Imran Khan, though, I am waiting for his beard to appear….”nakli hi sahee!!Recommend

  • Sam Uncle


    Mr Dar gave erroneous decisions and he deserves brickbats for that.

    Mr Dar gave a couple of erroneous decisions. People shouldn’t go around calling him a poor umpire or a bad decision maker on the basis of a few games. Using a little bit of logic before commenting will help.

    Whatt Shane Warne does on the phone or anywhere else is his PERSONAL BUSINESS. For the rest of the world he is still a legend. Legends making such statements will always attract attention.
    The world loves him for his cricketing abilities. We are not going to judge/shun/hate him for his personal matters – but you clearly can go ahead and do that.Recommend

  • Sam Uncle


    A player’s sexual escapades off the field do not undermine or lessen his credibility on the field and in the cricketing world. People will continue respecting Warne for his bowling action. So deal with it.
    Your comments are written without thinking right ?Recommend

  • Ashley

    Shane warne criticized Aleem Dar on merit. Dar gave erroneous decisions and he deserves brickbats for that. If he can be honored as best umpire of the year for his outstanding performance as an umpire, then he deserves to be taken for task for his professional failures too.

    Sudheer Uncle, If Warne had criticized aleem dar for his umpiring in the past few games where his umpiring has been off the mark, then it would have been alright. But warne’s exact words were,” He has always been a bad decision maker, a poor umpire ” How can Warne label Dar as a poor umpire or a bad decision maker on the basis of just a few games ?? Dar has been a awesome umpire till date, barring a few games so warne’s criticism is exaggerated and unnecessary. Warne’s comments were illogical and so is your comment. Recommend

  • UHS

    Does ET intend on publishing my comments at all!?

    Maybe when you become an Optimist mate :)Recommend

  • Sudheer

    Sudheer Uncle, If Warne had criticized aleem dar for his umpiring in the past few games where his umpiring has been off the mark, then it would have been alright.
    Oh! dear son, you missed my point. To err is human, I am not contesting this human aspect. Dar can be excused for giving wrong judgements, but, only if he errs professionally and not on the basis of newly discovered piety. There has been a long and “glorious” tradition in the Pakistani cricketing community where a decent cricketer turns overnight into a over enthusiastic faithful and it doesn’t end there but he starts looking at everything through the new found prism……
    Curse me as much as you want….but to me Dar is a suspect until proven otherwise!
    @Sam Uncle
    Ok Uncle, the above reply directed at you too. By the way, I couldn’t understand your lecturing me on not bringing a player’s sexual escapades while judging his professional career. Did I do that?Recommend

  • manoj thaker

    Can not imagine one tweet of less than 140 characters would invoke such a massive reaction..or can we say over reaction..!Recommend

  • Muralidaran Ramesh Somasunderam

    For Shane Warne if anyone is his own cup of tea so to speak it fine. That is why he wants Rob Quiney to be in the Australian team when this player has problem to play the back foot defensive stroke correctly from a technical perspective. That is why he failed in the Second Test Match against South Africa in the most recent three Test Match series. My view is Warne is a biased person like most human beings, but like to put an external frontier of what he is not, and that is that he has insular attitudes, which if he is a selector will greatly hamper a team’s selection based on objectivity. Therefore his burst on Aleem Dar is also based on subjectivity, even though Dar made some blatant errors in the last Test Match, India v England, which was played in Bombay, which England won handsomely by ten wickets. Recommend

  • crazy martian


    Read Nandita’s comments again and again. Let them seep in. Slowly at first and then they will make you understand what it means.

    That tweet was below the belt. Yes it was. PERIOD!

    Next should we care? No. Its twitter and its shane warne. A maestro who just can’t except the fact that he is retired. He should just take care of Miss hurly and leave cricket to the officials now. Recommend